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  • Heated bra aims to save the world

    11/09/2005 6:58:06 AM PST · by Millee · 63 replies · 1,024+ views
    BBC News ^ | 11/9/05 | Staff
    A leading lingerie company has joined Japan's fight against high fuel use, unveiling a heated bra for winter. The fluffy creation contains special pads filled with an eco-friendly gel that can be easily heated in a microwave or with a hot water bottle. The design also includes a furry boa designed to double as a winter scarf. Lingerie giant Triumph unveiled the bra months after PM Junichiro Koizumi urged Japan's office workers to ditch ties to save on air conditioning. Being padded, the new bra packs a little more bulk than most regular designs, but the Japanese arm of Triumph...
  • War protesters sue for right to bare breasts

    11/04/2005 1:50:47 PM PST · by ElkGroveDan · 118 replies · 3,299+ views
    The Sacramento Bee ^ | November 4, 2005 | Denny Walsh -- Bee Staff Writer
    A hearing is set over CHP warning that nudity at a Capitol rally will lead to arrests. Mendocino County women who have been baring their breasts at various venues to protest the war in Iraq are in Sacramento federal court seeking an order prohibiting the California Highway Patrol from arresting them during a planned noon demonstration Monday at the Capitol. The women's group, Breasts Not Bombs, is suing CHP Commissioner Mike Brown and two of his officers over a warning that if the women demonstrate while topless, they will be arrested and charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.
  • Bill Clinton Starts Breast Cancer Fund

    11/03/2005 9:39:20 PM PST · by kromike · 24 replies · 597+ views
    NewsMax ^ | Thursday, Nov. 3, 2005 10:24 p.m. EST | With Carl Limbacher and Staff
    Adding breast cancer to the list of health causes he champions, former President Bill Clinton is establishing a fund in honor of his mother, who died of the disease in 1994. "She had a very upbeat attitude and never thought of herself as dying from the disease but living with it," Clinton said in a telephone interview Thursday with The Associated Press. "She was totally at ease with her own mortality and yet ferocious in fighting against the disease." The Virginia Clinton Kelley Fund will be part of the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund. Clinton and leaders of the advocacy...
  • Breasts Not Bombs

    09/28/2005 6:59:28 AM PDT · by Digital Disaster · 44 replies · 7,617+ views
    The Peace Moonbeam Chronicles ^ | Sept 5, 2005 | Peace Moonbeam
    September 5, 2005 Berkley, California Hello all. As Peace Mother Sheehan (PMS) has broken camp and hit the road on her bus tour, it was time for me to come home. I wanted to go along, but unfortunately the last bus available was needed for PMS’s makeup staff, publicist, agent, film crew, acting coach, and spiritual guide. Anyway, being back home isn’t so bad as there are many things I can do here to end this war, promote gay marriage, save our environment, promote reproductive rights, ban guns, eliminate illiteracy, stop nuclear proliferation, save the whales, outlaw SUVs, dismantle the...
  • Women: Caretaker of famous gorilla pressured us to bare our breasts

    08/15/2005 12:32:16 PM PDT · by OESY · 80 replies · 3,927+ views ^ | Aug. 12, 2005 | Lisa Sweetingham
    Two former caretakers for Koko, the famous gorilla who communicates with humans using sign language, say they were continually pressured to show Koko their breasts or face the consequences. Nancy Alperin and Kendra Keller are suing Koko's primary caretaker, Dr. Francine "Penny" Patterson, because she allegedly asked them to "perform bizarre sexual acts with Koko" — namely, taking off their tops — to bond with the five-foot-tall, 280-pound female gorilla. "Patterson would interpret certain hand movements made by Koko as a 'demand' to see exposed human nipples," the suit alleges. "[Patterson] made it known to Keller and Alperin that if...
  • Dukes of Hazzard: A Bikini Top and Cutoffs Makes Hollywood "Wicked Pleased"

    08/05/2005 6:54:26 PM PDT · by HallowThisGround · 17 replies · 1,499+ views
    Opinion Times ^ | 8/5/05 | Jim Pfaff
    Well stated review of the new 'Dukes of Hazzard' movie by the Denver Post:Once upon a time, the Box Office Fairy sewed together a form-fitting pair of denim cutoffs. No one knows if the Box Office Fairy is good or evil; she merely casts her spells and lets the market sort out the details, sordid or sublime. Hollywood mortals discovered the denim shorts and asked Jessica Simpson to try them on. They were wicked pleased with what they saw, and commissioned a script. Two bikinis, a halter top and assorted pairs of 4-inch heels later, we have "The Dukes of...
  • FDA Moves Closer to Approving Return of Breast Implants

    07/29/2005 9:34:27 AM PDT · by TheOtherOne · 23 replies · 1,011+ views
    AP ^ | AP-ES-07-29-05 1222EDT
    FDA Moves Closer to Approving Return of Breast ImplantsBy Randolph E. Schmid The Associated Press Published: Jul 29, 2005 WASHINGTON (AP) - After a 13-year ban, silicone-gel filled breast implants are another step closer to returning to the market. Following the recommendations of an advisory panel, the Food and Drug Administration told Mentor Corp. on Thursday that its implants can be approved under certain conditions. "We are very encouraged by this communication from the FDA, and view this letter as a positive sign for women and their surgeons that another option will soon be available," said Joshua H. Levine, president...
  • Woman Bares All In Court

    07/18/2005 8:12:36 PM PDT · by Westlander · 54 replies · 2,441+ views
    Woman Bares All In Court MIAMI -- It was a rather unusual moment in Miami-Dade County bond court Friday morning when a woman waiting to approach the judge bared all. Nicole Babb stripped off her clothes, raised her hands in the air and then got down on all fours as those in court looked on. Eventually, bailiff's approached her, covered her and escorted her away. Babb's bond was set at $5,000. She is accused of identity theft.
  • Must be bad news for local beauty pageants...

    07/13/2005 7:41:23 AM PDT · by Dashing Dasher · 138 replies · 31,912+ views
    My Way News ^ | Jul 13, 8:24 AM (ET) | Staff
    RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (Reuters) - Armed bandits in Brazil robbed a vehicle carrying more than 400 breast implants, officials said on Tuesday. "It happened last week, but we only learned about it recently as our clients started complaining. It is the hottest period of the year in terms of implant sales," said Margaret Figueiredo, director of silicone implant manufacturer Silimed. A spokesman for the state Postal Service confirmed that assailants, apparently men, robbed the postal van with implants on Thursday night in Rio de Janeiro. Each Silimed breast implant costs nearly $400. The popularity of Brazil's plastic surgery pioneer...
  • SF:Baring their anti-war feelings Fighting in Iraq is indecent, not their nakedness, they say

    07/06/2005 5:43:28 AM PDT · by Alia · 27 replies · 1,628+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 07-01-05 | Meredith May
    A dozen anti-war activists from Mendocino County took their tops off at high noon in San Francisco's Union Square shopping district Thursday, using what they said was their best weapon to get the public's attention. ... Members of the Breasts Not Bombs contingent, which included seven women, three men and two young girls, said the war in Iraq is indecent, not their nakedness. After more than two years of opposition to the war, protesters are having a hard time grabbing headlines, said Sheba Love, size 40D...."Hey! Explain this to me!" said an agog visitor from Florida, approaching San Francisco police...
  • Bare-Breasted Activist Arrested - (wants to "decriminalize" bare-breastedness!)

    07/03/2005 9:15:17 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 113 replies · 7,501+ views
    DAYTONA BEACH -- Elizabeth Book stood near four bare-breasted Grecian muse sculptures on Peabody Auditorium's wall. Accompanied by one supporter Saturday, she held a protest flag that read "Sic Semper Tyrannis," -- Greek for "thus occurs to tyrants" -- and a portrait of a woman warrior with one breast bared. Book's eyes full of fear, she stood fully aware of the consequences of what she was about to do. Then, gradually, she pulled down her tube top exposing her breasts to an audience of a couple of bystanders, a reporter and a photographer. Two unmarked and one marked police vehicles...
  • Bigfoot tape to be shown today

    05/04/2005 11:49:08 AM PDT · by djf · 167 replies · 6,824+ views
    May 4, 2005 | A Current Affair
    There is apparently a spectacular new video tape of a bigfoot, that was shot in Manitoba, Canada. It will be shown today on Foxes "A Current Affair", along with commentary by bigfoot researchers. Supposedly people who are in total denial about Bigfoot have walked away after watching the tapes convinced that Bigfoot is real. I have seen a computer enhanced version of the Patterson video. The creature is clearly a female, with swinging breasts. Anyways, just a placemarker for interested folks.
  • Panel opposes silicone breast implants

    04/12/2005 5:20:07 PM PDT · by pissant · 11 replies · 706+ views
    business week ^ | 4/12/05 | staff
    Thirteen years after most silicone-gel breast implants were banned, federal health advisers on Tuesday narrowly rejected a manufacturer's request to bring them back to the U.S. market, citing lingering questions about safety and durability. Inamed Corp. had argued that today's silicone implants are less likely to break and leak than versions sold years ago. But the Food and Drug Administration was skeptical, and its advisers voted 5-4 that the company hasn't provided enough evidence about how long the implants will last -- and what happens when they break and ooze silicone into the breast, or beyond. Without that information, "How...
  • Three Sudan resolutions to be discussed by Security Council (Warning Graphic!)

    03/24/2005 3:32:04 PM PST · by denver larry · 10 replies · 517+ views
    Al-Jazeera ^ | 3/23/2005 | Staff
    The U.S. circulated three Sudan resolutions Tuesday in the hope of breaking a Security Council (SC) deadlock on the issue and move to impose sanctions and deploy peacekeepers in the region. It's hoped that by breaking up the single resolution it has been pushing since mid-February, Washington would set aside the divisive issue of punishing alleged perpetrators of crimes in the Darfur region. The council has increasingly come under strong international pressure to act quickly especially over the issue of Darfur, where a two-year conflict has escalated and where a U.N. commission has said crimes against humanity have occurred
  • New Study: Breast size determines personality

    02/23/2005 5:58:17 AM PST · by KidGlock · 225 replies · 9,721+ views
    Annanova ^ | 2/22/05
    Breast size determines personality An Italian sex researcher claims he can tell a woman's personality from the size and shape of her breasts. According to German newspaper Bild sexologist Piero Lorenzoni said: "A woman's breasts denote a woman's character, just like her star sign." He has categorised breast types according to fruits and says men can draw up their own horoscope-type chart that indicates what a woman's chest size says about her. The fruity chart starts naturally with the traditional melon. According to Lorenzoni, a woman with large, round breasts like a melon may appear motherly, but is far from...
  • The National Association for Small Breasted Women.

    01/05/2005 7:13:48 AM PST · by thebiggestdog · 2 replies · 711+ views ^ | 1-5-04 |
    Why is it than when anyone tries to have fun, some left-wing radicals go ballistic. Such is the case with a few radio stations who held a contest entitled "Breast Christmas Ever" in which thirteen women got boob jobs. Nobody was exploited, no animals or rain forests were injured, just good old-fashioned naughty fun. It is not like the radio stations had to twist women's arms either. Over 91,000 entries were sent to the Tampa station holding the promotion. Thirteen women got bigger hooters, and I say God Bless America.
  • TSA Changing Pat-Down Policy (No more touching women's breasts)

    12/22/2004 6:56:42 PM PST · by wagglebee · 96 replies · 4,287+ views
    WTOP News ^ | 12/22/04 | J.J. Green
    A lot of people are making their way through airports during this holiday season. And it appears changes are on the way for airline travelers going through airport security. Sources at the Transportation Security Administration confirm they're changing the way they conduct pat-downs. Some women have complained bitterly recently that the more thorough pat-downs to check for explosives just went to far - especially in the breast area. Federal News Radio AM 1050/WTOP has learned the examination in that area, and possibly other areas, will be tempered. People have been searched more intensely, including in intimate areas, since September, after...
  • Pam Anderson leads KFC boycott

    09/09/2004 7:18:57 PM PDT · by traumer · 110 replies · 3,658+ views
    MSNBC ^ | Sept. 8, 2004
    Actress’ image will appear on PETA billboards Updated: 6:35 p.m. ET Sept. 8, 2004LOS ANGELES - Actress Pamela Anderson, always game to ruffle a few feathers in the name of mistreated fowl, has lent her famous face to a billboard campaign calling for a boycott of the KFC chain of chicken restaurants. The billboards, which were created by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, feature a photo of the television star next to the words: “Boycott KFC — Pamela Anderson.” Underneath are the words: “Live Scalding, Painful Debeaking, Crippled Chickens” and the address of a Web site attacking the...
  • "Be All You Can Be" - Bigger breasts for free: Join the Army (guess who pays for them)

    07/23/2004 5:35:16 AM PDT · by Libloather · 12 replies · 1,068+ views
    Express India ^ | 7/23/04
    Bigger breasts for free: Join the Army Reuters Posted online: Friday, July 23, 2004 at 1315 hours IST New York, July 23: The US Army has long lured recruits with the slogan "Be All You Can Be," but now soldiers and their families can receive plastic surgery, including breast enlargements, on the taxpayers' dime. The New Yorker magazine reports in its July 26th edition that members of all four branches of the US military can get face-lifts, breast enlargements, liposuction and nose jobs for free -- something the military says helps surgeons practice their skills. "Anyone wearing a uniform is...

    06/14/2004 8:09:42 AM PDT · by KMC1 · 35 replies · 908+ views
    Crosswalk / New York Post ^ | 6.14.2004 | Kevin McCullough/Jeane McInstosh
    Parents giving breast implants to their 18 year old daughters as graduation presents. I think THIS is freaky. But beyond that I think it shows an incredible inability by parents to determine for themselves much less help their children - especially their daughters decipher what is "best".