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  • This Muslim Threw a Brick at Two German Shepherds… What Happened Next is Just Crazy

    09/08/2014 3:55:02 AM PDT · by Enlightened1 · 44 replies
    Long story short: shirtless Moroccan throws bricks at a foreign man walking two German Shepherds. The second man walks away, but the first keeps throwing bricks. Ultimately, the dogs are released.
  • Suspect Arrested In Canton Brick Attack That Fractured Victim’s Skull

    01/26/2014 5:05:03 AM PST · by csvset · 29 replies
    WJZ TV ^ | January 24, 2014 | Meghan McCorkell
    BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A violent attack in what’s considers one of the city’s safest neighborhoods. Now police have made an arrest in the brutal robbery in Canton that left one man severely injured. Investigators say they were able to identify the suspect after he was caught on surveillance camera using the victim’s credit card. Mustafa Eraibi, 19, could spend the rest of his life behind bars, accused in a violent attack in Canton. “Now today, for the Canton area, you can sleep well. This guy is in custody,” said Commissioner Anthony Batts, Baltimore City Police Department. Baltimore Sun Editor John...
  • Knockout Game: Louisiana Style?

    11/29/2013 9:05:53 AM PST · by topher · 23 replies
    Overheard Victim talking about injuries | November 29, 2013 | Vanity
    This has got to be a 'bizarre' incident, even for the 'KNOCKOUT GAME'. Or maybe it was just a 'racist attack'. The victim was attacked in August. I overheard his conversation in October when he was well enough to be out on the streets. He was riding his bicycle, when an black man came up from behind (also on a bicycle), and hit him with a 'brick'. That's right. The victim was struck by a brick while riding a bicycle by a black man coming up from behind on who was also on a bicycle. The victim (white man) thought...
  • 'There are downsides to looking this pretty': Why women hate me for being beautiful

    04/03/2012 11:01:39 AM PDT · by servo1969 · 99 replies
    Daily Mail Online ^ | April 2, 2012 | Samantha Brick
    On a recent flight to New York, I was delighted when a stewardess came over and gave me a bottle of champagne. ‘This is from the captain — he wants to welcome you on board and hopes you have a great flight today,’ she explained. You’re probably thinking ‘what a lovely surprise’. But while it was lovely, it wasn’t a surprise. At least, not for me. Throughout my adult life, I’ve regularly had bottles of bubbly or wine sent to my restaurant table by men I don’t know. Once, a well-dressed chap bought my train ticket when I was standing...
  • Bed-Stuy Granny clings to Life After grandson hits her in her head brick during Rock Throwing

    12/16/2011 6:53:07 PM PST · by SMGFan · 21 replies
    New York Daily News ^ | December 16, 2011 | BY ROCCO PARASCANDOLA & SARAH ARMAGHAN
    A grandmother was clinging to life in Brooklyn Thursday night after her grandson bashed her in the head with a brick during a fight in the middle of the street, fire and police sources said. Read more:
  • BREAKING: Another GOP Office Attacked in Ohio– Window Smashed

    04/03/2010 5:08:41 PM PDT · by Pride_of_the_Bluegrass · 92 replies · 2,308+ views
    First Things ^ | Gateway Pundit
    Another GOP office was attacked in Marion, Ohio last night. The vandals left a threatening note in purple ink saying, “Stop the Right Wing.” The Marion Star reported: Two Republican party officials were shocked to hear someone had thrown a brick through a window at their headquarters downtown — with a message directed at stopping conservatism. “Stop the right wing,” was written in purple ink on a piece of notebook paper. “The bottom was torn off of it, maybe like they made a mistake or something when they were writing it the first time,” said Kenneth Stiverson, president of the...

    03/25/2010 1:54:27 PM PDT · by illiac · 46 replies · 1,644+ views
    Current ^ | 2/16/10 | Current
    Can you actually believe this crud? Okay, I get it Democrats, you don't like Republicans because they oppose your social ideology - so just have your leftist media promote violence against them?.. Are you really showing your true colors (SEIU purple?) as the progressive and tolerant political party which you claim to be ?
  • Kristallnacht Redux Continues as Brick Shatters Mich. GOP HQ Window

    03/30/2010 6:17:01 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 12 replies · 589+ views
    Flopping Aces ^ | 03-30-10 | Mike's America
    And left wing fascists shout down Karl Rove speech! All to distract from jobs and health care!The latest: From the Detroit Free Press, March 29:A brick hurled through the window of the Michigan Republican Party’s office in Howell has the words ”Long Live the USA” and “God Bless the USA” scrawled on it, according to Livingston County Sheriff’s investigators. Karl Rove shouted down in California: [VIDEO AT SITE] This follows on reports earlier of threats to kill a Jewish Republican member of congress, an obscene racist phone message to Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) and more bricks thrown through windows at...
  • Brick Hurled Through GOP Office Window in Michigan

    03/29/2010 5:33:50 PM PDT · by Nachum · 30 replies · 746+ views ^ | 3/29/10 | staff
    A brick was thrown through the window of the “Fix Michigan Center” in Genoa Township over the weekend in what they are calling “politically-motivated violence.” (WHM1) A brick smashed through the office today of the Michigan Republican Party in Howell. reported: A brick hurled through the window of the Michigan Republican Party’s office in Howell has the words ”Long Live the USA” and “God Bless the USA” scrawled on it, according to Livingston County Sheriff’s investigators. The vandalism was discovered this morning by staff at the GOP’s Fix Michigan Center office, according to state GOP spokesperson Jennifer Hoff. No...
  • Lib Media Claims Rock Was Thrown Through Rep’s Office Window..... On the 30th Floor!

    03/26/2010 9:54:05 AM PDT · by Justaham · 45 replies · 1,667+ views
    Gateway Pundit ^ | 3-26-10 | Jim Hoft
    The Seattle Times reported today on another horrible political attack. The Times claimed that liberal democrat Rep. Steve Driehaus had a rock thrown though his office window: Protesters have been demonstrating at Driehaus’ Ohio home, said Tim Mulvey, a spokesman for the anti-abortion Democrat who joined Stupak in voting for the health bill. A rock was thrown through the window of Driehaus’ Cincinnati office Sunday, and a death threat was phoned in to his Washington office a day later, Mulvey said. “It’s getting out of hand,” Mulvey said. As Glenn Reynolds noted… Rep. Driehaus’ office is in the Carew Tower...
  • Vandalism at Democratic Headquarters

    03/22/2010 8:56:01 AM PDT · by ironwill · 101 replies · 1,975+ views
    Rochester YNN News ^ | Monday, March 22, 2010 | By: Kristen Schaertel
    The Rochester Police Department is investigating a case of vandalism at the Monroe County Democratic Committee headquarters on University Avenue. A Democratic spokesman tells YNN something smashed into the office's front door sometime between 3:30pm Saturday afternoon and noon on Sunday. No one was in the building at the time and no one was injured. The committee filed a police report Sunday evening. Police are not sure what caused the glass doors to shatter. There was a similar attack at Democratic Representative Louise Slaughter's office in Niagara Falls on Friday.
  • Brick thrown through Rep. Slaughter's office window

    03/20/2010 8:59:44 AM PDT · by Columbia · 169 replies · 3,207+ views
    The Buffalo News ^ | 3/19/10 | Staff
    Gee, isn't that too.....bad? I hear the Founding Fathers threw a few "bricks" of their own.
  • Police: Brick thrown through window not hate crime ("Keep Eastside Black. Keep Eastside Strong.")

    07/25/2009 6:54:32 PM PDT · by LA Woman3 · 52 replies · 442+ views
    The Austin American-Statesman ^ | 7/25/09 | Juana Summers
    Early Friday morning, Barbara Frische said she woke up to the sound of glass breaking inside her East Austin home. She called police but didn't learn what had shattered the double-paned window in her 4-year-old son's room until after police arrived. Officers showed her a brick with a note attached: "Keep Eastside Black. Keep Eastside Strong." "It's the first time anything like this has ever happened to me," said Frische, who is white. She has lived in her house on 13th Street for about 10 years. The incident doesn't fall under the hate crime category, which is a classification of...
  • Russian Fortress of Brick Icicles and other cool photos[Warning! Mega Graphic Heavy!]

    02/18/2009 9:05:28 AM PST · by BGHater · 14 replies · 1,187+ views
    Live Journal ^ | 16 Feb 2009 | Live Journal
    The reason for it to have such a strange look is because it was used later by Russian army to test the influence of Russian alternative to napalm inside of the brick houses. Due to very high temperature of napalm the bricks started melting just like ice melts in the spring forming the icicles, but those icicles are of red brick.
  • After Protests, Backlash Grows

    05/02/2006 9:28:39 PM PDT · by HoldFast · 144 replies · 3,591+ views
    Washington Post ^ | 5/3/06 | Darryl Fears
    While a series of marches focused much of the nation's attention on the plight of illegal immigrants, scores of other Americans quietly seethed. Now, with the same full-throated cry expressed by those in the country illegally, they are shouting back. Congressional leaders in Washington have gotten bricks in the mail from a group that advocates building a border fence, states in the West and South have drawn up tough anti-immigrant laws, and ordinary citizens, such as Janis McDonald of Pennsylvania, who considers herself a liberal, are not mincing words in expressing their displeasure.
  • Send a Brick to Congress

    04/12/2006 7:23:06 AM PDT · by Dead Corpse · 204 replies · 5,690+ views
    ARFCOM ^ | 4/11/2006 | Elite-Soldier
    Donate a 8" block and ship it to DC and you are in. Originally Posted By axl: Donate a 8" block and ship it to DC and you are in. Do you realize how cool it would be if every person p*ssed off about this sh*t (illegal Aliens/wide open borders) actually shipped a cinderblock to the capitol? just a thought After some quick and sketchy looks like it would cost around $10.00 to send one brick via USPS. A cinderblock would be cool but expensive. 1000's of bricks showing up in the capitol mailroom would be fricken awesome! More...
  • MIERS MUST BE STOPPED Another More Qualified Nominee Is Proposed

    10/13/2005 9:53:08 PM PDT · by rodomila · 115 replies · 12,733+ views
    Opinion ^ | 10-13-05 | rodomila
    <p>I am a 52 year old unknown stockbroker and am a ssure I would have been a better pick than Harriet Miers. First of all I would be CERTAIN to vote with Scalia and Thomas 99.9% of the time. I have the same judicial experience as her (zero), the same law review experience (zero) and have written just as many published articles on constitutional themes as she (zero). I went to more highly regarded schools than her, have a twenty year record of speaking out publicly on Pro-Life matters including being an officer in Pro-Life organizations and publisher of Pro-Life newsletters. You KNOW I would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade and Kelo. I'm a life member of the NRA, and a non-lawyer member of the Federalist Society. I can show can prove through cancelled checks that in the last twenty years I have supported scores of Pro-Life conservative candidates, and numerous organizations supporting property rights, right to work, religious freedom, ACLJ, Focus on the Family, military support organizations, Immigration reform groups etc. In short I have been taking a conservative stand and supporting conservative conservative causes for over 25 years in ways that are easily documented. I am not unique. Most Freepers can make the same claims and thus would also be superior nominees to this cypher of a woman, Harriet Miers, who has gone through life without ever taking a documentable stand on anything of importance. I was NOT a registered Democrat thoughout the entire Reagan Presidency like she was. In 1988 she was writing checks to pro-choicer Al Gore for his Presidential run. She was telling gay groups she supported gay rights in her Dallas city council race. In 2005 we are told she's a super conservative for Bush and supposedly pro-life. Then W tells us that she won't change for the NEXT 20 years. Huh? How can he assure us of that? Sounds like Souter II to me. (actually he sounded more conservative and had better credentials when nominated). Bush tells us we must support her because she is an evangelical Christian. That is undeniably a plus but it is no guarantee. Jimmy Carter is too but you wouldn't want him on the SCOTUS. I have been outraged by this nomination since the minute I heard it. Conservative legal icon Robert Bork calls the pick "a disaster on every level". I am a guy who was involved in both Bush campaigns in Florida and my wife and I were in the thick of the recount battles of 2000. We have defended W for seven years even through the out of control spending and the outrageous presciption drug fiasco but this nomination was a stabb in the back. I am astounded that so many Freepers who ought to know better are defending this disgraceful insulting pick. Bush had a chance to make history but he squandered it on a crony whose only qualification for this critical appointment is that she's been kissing his butt for ten years. We elected him President, not King. This is an affront to all the lawyers who have dedicated themselves to constitutional law. Defeating this nomination and replacing her with someone who has earned the spot in ways other than sucking up to the boss (Luttig, Estrada, Brown, Alito, Edith Jones, Clement, McConnell) would be the best thing that could happen for Conservatism in America. Having shown enough clout to derail a SCOTUS nomination the Republican party might stop taking us for granted and realize who gave them their cushy jobs. I urge all of you to get out as many emails and letters to Senators as possible. If we keep up the pressure WE CAN DERAIL THIS NOMINEE. We must do it to ensure to the future of conservatism in the US.</p>
  • First cell phone was a true 'brick'.

    04/11/2005 3:29:42 PM PDT · by Certified Horticulturist · 138 replies · 7,766+ views ^ | Monday, April 11, 2005 Posted: 10:28 AM EDT (1428 GMT) | AP
    CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- "The brick" weighed 2 pounds, offered just a half-hour of talk time for every recharging and sold for $3,995. Clunky and overpriced? Not in 1984, when consumers lined up in droves to buy the first cellular phone as soon as it hit the market. And certainly not to Rudy Krolopp, lead designer of the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X. Krolopp, now 74 and retired, still gets a "warm fuzzy feeling" thinking about the DynaTAC and knowing that "a handful of us did something that was really significant."
  • Vanity: Full Video of Brick Township Students Aguired

    03/04/2005 9:13:57 AM PST · by sonrise57 · 3 replies · 266+ views
    03/3/05 | sonrise57
    I have just aquired the full 10 minute video of the teacher "outrage" incident that was featured on the Bill O'Reilly Show, Sean Hannity and other media outlets. The video is over 170 mbs. Does anyone know how to compress it and where I can post it for general consumption? People need to see the whole thing in order to understand the context for this teacher's outrage.
  • Vanity: Brick Highschool Video Takes an Ironic Turn

    03/04/2005 5:21:31 AM PST · by sonrise57 · 15 replies · 986+ views
    Figuring Out the Future ^ | 03/3/05 | sonrise57
    Click here to read the this local's perspective on the continuing saga of some of the Jersey Shore's wayward youths. It includes some interesting links I discovered related to the story. Be sure to check out the started yesteday by Coleus.