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  • Commanding general of D.C. National Guard to be removed from post (at 12:01 pm Jan 20th)

    01/13/2017 6:51:57 PM PST · 313 of 339
    CORYDON to DoodleDawg

    NO, he was a George W. Bush appointee!

  • BREAKING – Harry Reid Caught In $2 MILLION Bribery Scheme, Trump Prepares to Investigat

    12/15/2016 8:22:52 AM PST · 38 of 80
    CORYDON to 9YearLurker

    “Thank you” for posting the SLTribune’s link. If people will notice, there is no actual reference in this 12/12/2016 article to “Trump Prepares to Investigate”. Wording the “Title” in this way falls into the “Fake News” category.

    Yes, I DO hope our new DOJ Attorney General Sessions, assists Utah Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings in going after nasty ugly mean spiteful Reid, but let’s keep OUR words factual when posting. It will go a long way in keeping FR’s credibility top-notch.

  • US Civil War reading Recommendations?

    11/23/2016 6:43:22 PM PST · 68 of 690
    CORYDON to Pelham
    Your suggestion of Thomas Fleming's “A DISEASE IN THE PUBLIC MIND” is an exceptional choice as are the others you mention. Something however that is often not mentioned in great detail is the fact that some years before the firing on Fort Sumter, Civil War was already occurring along the dividing line of Missouri and at that point, the Kansas Territory between Kansas Jay-hawkers, Kansas Redlegs and, Missouri pro-southern guerrilla gangs. I won't go into further detail on this but I do suggest you need to include this earlier Civil (war) strife between Missouri slaveholders and eastern Abolitionists who were moving into the Kansas Territory at a rapid rate to keep Kansas slave-free as it was considering statehood, in your study.
    I will also tell you that studying our Civil War can be extremely rewarding and Thomas Fleming's new book (mention before) is truly an eyeopening book.
  • Doris Kearns Goodwin at Gettysburg: A Few Inappropriate Remarks

    07/02/2013 7:44:23 AM PDT · 30 of 50
    CORYDON to Timber Rattler
    I watched the whole Gettysburg coverage on C-SPAN 3, but when she started her rambling speech (almost without taking breaths) about her love affair with all the things that DID NOT apply to this solemn historic occasion (LBJ, etc., etc., etc.) I shut her off. What a horrible disgusting way to end what had been a wonderful overview of a major Civil War battle. Lest anyone forget, it WAS the Democrat Party that wanted slavery to live on. To the persons involved in inviting her to speak, I say "screw you!"
  • Kroger to Slash Hourly Workers to Avoid Obamacare Penalties

    11/12/2012 12:52:45 PM PST · 83 of 177
    CORYDON to sarge83

    YES, MANY Kroger employees (full time) are union. If we knew just how many of the 350,000 employees were union members, we would see just how much of an impact this will actually be. What this will likely do, is put more of a ‘pick-up-the-slack’ burden on the union members who in turn will revolt and go out on strike; and the vicious circle continues.


    10/31/2012 8:32:09 PM PDT · 7 of 93
    CORYDON to SandRat

    I’m PRAYING that it is!


    10/31/2012 8:26:44 PM PDT · 1 of 93
    My oh my. Who will this turn out to be??
  • Obama already knew Kerry Ladka who asked a question about Benghazi at the debate

    10/18/2012 1:09:10 PM PDT · 63 of 83
    CORYDON to The_Media_never_lie

    The FACT that when the question about Benghazi was asked and Romney challenged Obama about it, Obama SAID “CANDY, “GET THE TRANSCRIPT” automatically told me that IT WAS a setup. If it weren’t, WHY would Crowley have had the copy available at her fingertips?

    Further, when watching FOXNEWS and GRETA, yesterday, when they had interviewed the guy who asked that specific question; I watched him very closely. I felt he was truly being VERY COY on how he answered the questions he was being asked for fear of giving away his part of this whole farce. Even the “private’ response to him from Obama after the dabate ended, I’m sure was part of the whole script. He tried to give the impression he hadn’t yet made up his mind as to who he would end up voting for and I felt he was lying through his teeth. He’s a definite Obama man. I wonder just how much he was paid for his act!?!

  • Twitter frowns on Joe Biden's laugh

    10/11/2012 8:33:00 PM PDT · 27 of 83
    CORYDON to eeriegeno
    Biden was RUDE, CRUDE and A TOTAL A_ _ and he was so sickening, I stopped watching it until the very end.
  • Twitter frowns on Joe Biden's laugh

    10/11/2012 8:31:11 PM PDT · 25 of 83
    CORYDON to eeriegeno

    Biden was RUDE, CRUDE and A TOTAL ASS and he was so sickening, I stopped watching it until the very end.

  • Twitter frowns on Joe Biden's laugh

    10/11/2012 8:31:05 PM PDT · 24 of 83
    CORYDON to eeriegeno

    Biden was RUDE, CRUDE and A TOTAL ASS and he was so sickening, I stopped watching it until the very end.

  • Projected high temps tomorrow in Midwest !

    06/27/2012 9:28:10 PM PDT · 54 of 65
    CORYDON to se_ohio_young_conservative

    You bet they are and especially for the the latter part of June! Indianapolis had March in February, then April was like May and geeezzz, June is turning into mid-July and August. Further, everything is burning up because we had no winter snow cover and, NO rain to speak of. Corn and beans, and everyone’s gardens and yards are turning to a crisp and trees are really struggling but, it’s about the same in many other states (except Florida!)

  • Why Senator Dick Lugar is Out

    05/10/2012 7:02:16 AM PDT · 17 of 38
    CORYDON to Kaslin

    As an Indiana voter I can give many reasons why he was (finally!) kicked out of office. He did not have a recorded residential address in the county (Marion) he was ‘registered’ to vote in; County Republican chairmen would ask him to attend various gatherings and his office would arrogantly tell them he doesn’t have to do them anymore; he was more interested in cow-towing to the globalist United Nations AND DEMOCRATS then visiting the State (and voters) who sent him to set in his lofty Senate seat; his own arrogance and holier-than-thou attitude FINALLY got him canned and Indiana, (no matter how the November election goes) is now much better off for it!

  • Desperation time for Sen. Lugar

    04/30/2012 12:17:19 PM PDT · 12 of 30
    CORYDON to ScottinVA

    Wobbly, tottering (RINO) Lugar turned EIGHTY YEARS OLD (80!!) the 4th. of April. He’s so two-faced (most RINO’s are)that he makes me sick to even see him.....same reaction I have every time I see BHO.

    RINO Lugar IS PRO-Illegals; PRO-United Nations, and PRO-Law of the Sea Treaty (if you don’t know what this does to our sovereignty, please look it up).

    RINO Lugar has become Indiana’s Robert Byrd (D-WVA) and this Indiana voter strongly believes he NO LONGER represents the traditional, common sense values and mindset of a majority of Republicans in this state. He MUST BE replaced! Richard Mourdock is our candidate!

    Mitch Daniels has NOT helped himself by showing up in RINO Lugar ads and I’ve lost respect for him.

    Also, how many of you are aware that some employees working for the House of Representatives group known as “the young guns” (Paul Ryan (R-WI), Eric Cantor (R-VA), Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and its’ chairman, Pete Sessions (R-TX), have been running PRO (RINO) Lugar ads in this State? What does this tell us about this particular group of ‘republicans’ who are in leadership rolls in the House?? The honest, true conservative members of the House of Representatives are up against sickening RINO House leadership. This has to be changed!

  • Campaign Poll: Mourdock 42, Lugar 41 [Indiana Primary, May 8]

    04/19/2012 12:01:21 AM PDT · 3 of 7
    CORYDON to Red Steel

    Indiana voters MUST help defeat old wobbly 80 year old Lugar, who for being a Senator has lost his thinking abilities. For ALL the years he’s been in office and he didn’t think he needed to still keep an official residence IN THE STATE he supposedly represented{not!) for 35 years, he MUST be retired!

    WE DO NOT need our own version of an rickety old Robert Byrd!! What an embarrassment that would be.

    The retirement home you mention would of course be in his old home state....of VIRGINIA.

    Heck, with an example like him, Indiana voters could elect someone to be our Senator who was a resident from Noplace, Idaho, or outer Siberia. Hey, the guy who ‘thinks’ he’s an Indiana senator MOVED, lock, stock and barrel to Virginia and has called it home for 35 some-odd years! This character has got to go...for good.

  • In U.S., Many More Dreading Than Anticipating 2012 Campaign [Voters dread 2012 campaign]

    12/16/2011 3:27:43 PM PST · 6 of 9
    CORYDON to formosa

    “The republican house doesn’t seem to be working out too well for us. I’m beginning to wonder if a new president will make much of a difference”.

    formosa, how have they disappointed you?? Have you forgotten that ANY legislation they are able to pass MUST go to HARRY REID’S RAT Senate and that HE hasn’t allowed a Senate up or down vote on any of their work?? Our House Republicans are UNABLE to make any headway because they hit a RAT (Senate) brick wall.

    To change the course this Nation is on, the Senate MUST be cleansed of as many RATS and RINOS as is possible. Otherwise, conservative House Republicans (and this country) will continue to be on a very destructive path. And yes, a GOOD Republican president will definitely help.

  • Herman Cain drops out of presidential race

    12/03/2011 12:01:14 PM PST · 239 of 577
    CORYDON to Beelzebubba

    I too, have been a Cain donor and have not, been hoping for this.

    Now looking beyond Mr. Cain, I would have a very hard time considering Newt-”I am more in the Alexander Hamilton-Teddy Roosevelt tradition of ‘conservatism’-Gingrich. Hamilton, was in favor of bigger government (and a gov’t.-owned bank etc.) and ‘central’ control. Old Teddy, became a leader in the ‘Progressive Movement’ on the RINO side as did (a little later) WOODROW WILSON on the Democrat side, and we ARE STILL living with the burdens of their ‘Progressive’ actions.

    Further, as Newt sees that he is gaining in poll stature, his arrogance and narcissistic personality is ballooning. We are already contending with a very similar personality in our White House. We do not need an Obama-like RINO-Republican replacement for the next extremely important four years.

  • FEMA EAS Test [Live Thread]

    11/09/2011 11:38:02 AM PST · 188 of 338
    CORYDON to wolfcreek

    I am in Indianapolis, have ATT U-verse, was watching FOXNEWS and saw what appeared to be a message but it lasted maybe 5 to 8 seconds at most and, there were no beeps.

    I would have to say we have another FAILED government test!

  • Rush slams Daniels on big tent

    02/14/2011 1:53:29 PM PST · 60 of 106
    CORYDON to lormand

    I live in Indianapolis, and am very familiar with Gov. Daniels. Yes, he favors ethanol and he also favors something else; Indiana has been overrun with Illegal Aliens, and our governor doesn’t seem to have a problem with that. In fact, he, along with our RINO Senator Lugar; (x-Senator Evan Bayh) and current House Rep. Muslim Andre Carson, are all on ‘friendly’ terms with every ‘Latino’ group in the state.

    Mitch Daniels is good with state economics. but beyond that he IS a RINO.

  • Sheehan Showdown on the Circle, Indianapolis September 7, 2005

    09/11/2005 3:43:14 PM PDT · 65 of 66
    CORYDON to Conservatish

    090705. Another wonderful retired soldier helping out!