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Articles Posted by Ernest_at_the_Beach

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  • Carbon and Carbonate (Ocean acidification )

    01/30/2016 8:51:19 PM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 17 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com ^ | January 30, 2016 | Willis Eschenbach
    Guest Post by Willis EschenbachI’ve spent a good chunk of my life around, on, and under the ocean. I worked seasonally for many years as a commercial fisherman off of the western coast of the US. I’ve frozen off my begonias setting nets in driving sleet up in the Bering Sea. I’m also a blue-water sailor with a Pacific crossing under my belt, and a surfer, and both a sport and a commercial diver.Plus I’m eternally curious, so I have read about and studied the ocean all my life.Based on both my experience and my knowledge, I have written...
  • Yet another prediction of doom over Greenland ice melt and the AMOC that we can ignore

    01/26/2016 10:41:53 AM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 9 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com/ ^ | / 4 days ago January 22, 2016 | Anthony Watts
    From the “fresh melt water will disrupt the planet” department, except that this ongoing alarm has already been debunked by NASA, see:NASA refutes Mann and Rahmstorf – Finds Atlantic ‘Conveyor Belt’ Not SlowingIllustration depicting the overturning circulation of the global ocean. Throughout the Atlantic Ocean, the circulation carries warm waters (red arrows) northward near the surface and cold deep waters (blue arrows) southward. Image credit: NASA/JPL Melting Greenland ice sheet may affect global ocean circulation, future climateUniversity of South Florida and international scientists find influx of freshwater could disrupt the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, an important component of global...
  • GISS and NOAA to Announce 2015 “Record High” Global Temperatures in Joint Media .......

    01/20/2016 9:32:28 PM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 5 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com/ ^ | January 20, 2016 | Bob Tisdale
    Guest Post by Bob TisdaleSEE UPDATE 1 AT END OF POST: I’ve provided a link to the slides from the teleconference and updated monthly and annual graphs.# # #On January 15th, NOAA Communications notified the media Wednesday: NOAA, NASA to announce official analyses of 2015 global temperature, climate conditions. WHAT: NOAA, NASA media teleconference call announcing 2015 global climate analyses – brief summary remarks – questions and answers WHEN: Wednesday, January 20, 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., Eastern Time (U.S.) WHO: Thomas R. Karl, L.H.D., director, NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information, Asheville, N.C. and chair of the Subcommittee...
  • How accurate are findings from the frontiers of climate science? ... warming of the oceans??.

    01/20/2016 6:41:18 PM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 16 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com/ ^ | January 19, 2016 | Guest Blogger / Larry Kummer
    Full Title:******************************************************************How accurate are findings from the frontiers of climate science? For example, about warming of the oceans.****************************************************************** By Larry Kummer. From the Fabius Maximus website.Summary: This post looks at an often asked question about climate science — how accurate are its findings, a key factor when we make decisions about trillions of dollars (and affecting billions of people). Specifically, it examines the oceans’ heat content, a vital metric since the oceans absorbing 90%+ of global warming. How accurate are those numbers? The error bars look oddly small, especially compared to those of sea surface temperatures. This also shows how...
  • El Nino turns ‘el mean yo’ for California

    01/08/2016 1:57:11 AM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 27 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com/ ^ | 15 hours ago January 7, 2016 | Anthony Watts
    Over the last few days California has been hit by a series of winter storms that have been driven by an El Nino aimed Jetstream pattern that has pushed further to the south and with more zonal flow than usual.It has been comical to watch some of the television news coverage of these events related to weather especially in Los Angeles. Incidence of minor street flooding and stalled cars from people that were unobservant enough to drive thru knee deep water at road speed turned into almost comical rescue events.On Fox News 11 in Los Angeles there were scenes of...
  • U.N. poised to act against North Korea after latest nuclear test

    01/07/2016 5:08:38 PM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 22 replies
    cnn.com/ ^ | Updated 2:50 AM ET, Thu January 7, 2016 | | Greg Botelho and Euan McKirdy, CNN
    (CNN)The U.N. Security Council is set to implement "significant" punitive measures after North Korea's nuclear test and will begin working on a new resolution "immediately," a statement released by Security Council President Elbio Rosselli says.
  • Drought buster? Up to 10 feet of snow this week for California’s Sierra Nevada

    01/04/2016 9:27:22 PM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 27 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com/ ^ | 18 hours ago January 4, 2016 | Anthony Watts
    Here is some good news for drought-stricken California; the latest forecast model output from WeatherBell suggests that the Sierra Nevada snow-pack will get a fresh dump of up to 10 feet of snow. The Sierra snow-pack has already been reported asabove normal(at136 percent of normal) in the most recent snow survey conducted by the California Department of Water Resources. DWR Director Mark Cowin said the heavy snowfall so far during Water Year 2016 “has been a reasonable start, but another three or four months of surveys will indicate whether the snowpack’s runoff will be sufficient to replenish California’s reservoirs by...
  • 'Inside the Snitch Tank': Read the full story of murder, misconduct and justice delayed

    01/02/2016 9:41:12 AM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 4 replies
    ocregister.com ^ | Jan 1 2016 | Edward Humes, & OC Register staff
    PrologueCh. 1Ch. 2Ch. 3Ch. 4Ch. 5Ch. 6Ch. 7Ch. 8Ch. 9Ch. 10Ch. 11Epilogue Prologue >On his last day of freedom, Scott Dekraai spoke on the phone with his ex-wife. Let’s meet for coffee, he suggested.Michelle Fournier was shocked. A day earlier they had squared off at yet another court hearing in their acrimonious battle over custody of their 8-year-old son. Things had not gone Dekraai’s way at the hearing, and the argument had continued on the phone, until Dekraai brought his ex-wife up short with his suggestion that they meet in person.No way, Fournier responded. She did not want to...
  • Claim: Machine Human Hybrids will Solve Climate Change

    01/02/2016 7:35:47 AM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 33 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com/ ^ | / 8 hours ago January 1, 2016 | Eric Worrall
    Brain Power, author Allan Ajifo, source WikimediaGuest essay by Eric WorrallThe Daily Mail has claimed that the super intelligence of a new race of cybernetic enhanced humans will be able to solve wicked problems such as Climate Change. ‘Superintellingence’ of AI and humans working together could solve climate change and end wars, researchers claim‘Wicked’ problems are difficult to solve due to many interacting systemsThese types of problems include climate change and geopolitical conflictHuman computation merges human intelligence and AI to solve problemsIn the fight against ‘wicked’ problems, computers may be humans’ best allies. Researchers from the Human Computation Institute and...
  • The Value of Petroleum Fuels (Comparing 1840 to 2015 )

    12/28/2015 12:02:26 PM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 21 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com ^ | December 26, 2015 | Guest essay by Andy May
    It is difficult to compare 1840 to 2015, so much of what we have today didn’t exist then. But, they had to move people and goods from place to place as we do now. They had farms then as we do now. They used wagons pulled by horses, mules or oxen. We use cars and airplanes. They used muscle power to farm, we use tractors, combines, grain carts, and trucks powered by petroleum fuels. In 1840 crude oil and natural gas production and use were rare. Coal was used in manufacturing, but steam engines were still in their infancy. So...
  • Lindzen: A recent exchange ... clearly illustrated the ... nature of .... of global warming alarm

    12/26/2015 9:02:07 AM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 20 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com ^ | December 26, 2015 2 hours ago | Guest essay by Dr. Richard Lindzen, MIT
    ************************************Full Title***********************Lindzen: A recent exchange in the Boston Globe clearly illustrated the sophistic nature of the defense of global warming alarm************************* A recent exchange in the Boston Globe clearly illustrated the sophistic nature of the defense of global warming alarm.In the December 3, 2015 edition of the Boston Globe, the distinguished physicist, Freeman Dyson, had on op-ed, “Misunderstandings, questionable beliefs mar Paris climate talks.” His main point, stated immediately, is that any agreement reached in these talks would “likely do more harm than good.” In an otherwise, thoughtful commentary, however, Dyson begins with a common error. He attributes the basis...
  • HuffPost Touts “Economic Benefits” of a $2.9 trillion annual tax hike on Fossil Fuels

    12/21/2015 6:54:06 PM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 21 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com/ ^ | December 20, 2015 | Eric Worrall
    Guest essay by Eric WorrallHuffington Post has a plan to address the as yet unanswered question of who will foot the bill, for the renewable transformation green advocates want, in the wake of the Paris COP21 agreement. HuffPost’s suggestion is a $2.9 trillion rise in annual taxes on fossil fuels. How Can We Pay for the New Energy Economy?Many a great idea has been deflated by a simple question: “That’s nice, but who’s going to pay for it?” That question hovered like a cloud over the international climate conference in Paris a week ago. Simply put, the goal of the...
  • This is how much money exists in the entire world, in one chart (Money and ...?)

    12/18/2015 12:08:16 PM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 36 replies
    marketwatch.com ^ | Dec 18, 2015 2:31 p.m. ET | Sue Chang
    There is $1.2 quadrillion invested in derivatives alone. By SueChang Markets reporter Ever wonder how much money there is in the world?The answer is complicated, which you might expect, but not because of the difficulty of tallying up all the rather large numbers. Rather, it’s more about which parameters are used to define “money.”
  • NASA suggests El Niño will lead to “stronger, wetter” atmospheric rivers to ease... drought

    12/17/2015 8:47:54 AM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 28 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com ^ | December 15, 2015 | Anthony Watts
    Full Title:*********************************************** #AGU15 NASA suggests El Niño will lead to “stronger, wetter” atmospheric rivers to ease California’s drought************************************************ The above images are of Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies (SSTA) of the 1997 (left) and 2015 (right) El Niño. The SSTA are derived from the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) Optimally Interpolated SST that are provided by the Group for High Resolution Sea Surface Temperature (GHRSST) and also use NOAA’s National Center for Environmental Information (NCEI) climatology.The AVHRR instruments have been flying onboard NOAA’s operational polar orbiting satellites since 1981 beginning with NOAA-7 and continuing to present with NOAA-19.To view an...
  • – US Threatens To Walk Out Of Paris Talks If Financial Obligations Made Legally Binding

    12/12/2015 10:38:10 PM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 27 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com ^ | December 11, 2015 | Anthony Watts
    Via the GWPF – Paris Climate Poker On A Knife-Edge£2.3 Trillion: Rich Countries’ Bill For Climate DealBritain and other rich countries face demands for $3.5 trillion (£2.3 trillion) in payments to developing nations to secure a deal in Paris to curb global warming.Developing countries have added a clause to the latest draft of the text under which they would be paid the “full costs” of meeting plans to cut emissions. The amount paid by rich countries is a key unresolved issue at the climate conference in Paris, which is supposed to end tomorrow. The latest version of the text...
  • Climate Skeptics on ‘historic’ UN treaty: ‘Does this mean we never have to hear...

    12/12/2015 9:55:01 PM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 12 replies
    climatedepot.com ^ | Unknown | Marc Morano
    Climate Skeptics on ‘historic’ UN treaty: ‘Does this mean we never have to hear about ‘solving’ global warming again!?’ Climate Depot's Marc Morano: 'Now that the United Nations has officially 'solved' man-made global warming, does this mean we never have to hear about 'global warming' fears again!? Does this mean we can halt the endless supply of federal tax dollars funding 'climate change' studies? Does this mean we can stop worrying about 'global warming's' ability to end civilization and cause wars, and increase prostitution, bar room brawls, rape,airline turbulence, etc.? Can we finally move on to other issues? I...
  • Paris Text out — a quick discussion — More bureaucrats, more money, but there is an exit.

    12/12/2015 9:38:46 PM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 9 replies
    joannenova.com.au ^ | December 13th, 2015 | joanne
    Paris Text out — a quick discussion — More bureaucrats, more money, but there is an exit. The December 12th Draft on UN web site.h/t Andrew McRae and Pat in commentsHere are some rough preliminary thoughts on the latest version of the COP21 document.The Australian ABC news made it sound like Moses was just about to come back from the Mount. “There were tears!”.James Hansen, though called Paris talks ‘a fraud’“It’s a fraud really, a fake,” he says, rubbing his head. “It’s just bullshit for them to say: ‘We’ll have a 2C warming target and then try to do a...
  • Why China, India and Russia want to be bought off for the Paris Climate PR Spectacle

    12/12/2015 9:26:10 PM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 5 replies
    joannenova.com.au ^ | December 12th, 2015 | joannenova
    COP21 won’t get a meaningful agreement, but they will get “breakthrough success” Don’t think China, India and Russia can save us. They won’t give up fossil fuels in a meaningful way, but they all have a price and buying them off is a lot cheaper than you might think. That’s because the goal is not for them to reduce CO2, but only for them to give the appearance of doing so.It’s not about CO2, but about PR Paris is a theatre– a grand show, and China’s Vice Foreign Minister Liu Jianmin said as much. He “laughed when the‘High Ambition Coalition’...
  • 66% of pledges have nothing to do with the climate. Billions in claims “inflated”

    12/12/2015 9:14:02 PM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 18 replies
    joannenova.com ^ | December 12th, 2015 | joanne
    66% of pledges have nothing to do with the climate. Billions in claims “inflated” Everything about Climate Fear is just PR You will never guess. Not only does no one care if carbon credits don’t cut carbon emissions, but hardly anyone cares if so called climate money is even spent on the climate. As many as 66% of climate projects funded by the developed world have nothing to do with “climate vulnerability”.It’s the bragging game — politicians want to make out they are doing a lot for the climate, but there’s barely any accountability to check whether they get value...
  • Quelle Surprise! The #COP21 climate talks are deadlocked

    12/10/2015 10:46:37 AM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 24 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com ^ | December 10, 2015 | Anthony Watts
    From the <“>Josh predicted this<”> department, see stage 5. As Predicted: Paris Climate Talks DeadlockedIndia<’>s crucial role at the climate change talks in Paris has once again been underlined by a high-level outreach by the United States, including a call to Prime Minister Modi from President Barack Obama who hopes to cement his legacy with an ambitious global agreement on curbing global warming.Obama reached out to Modi on Tuesday in an attempt to break the deadlock at the climate summit, where the responsibility of developing countries such as India in tackling rising global temperatures has been a sticking point.He...
  • ..Steyn rebukes democrats in climate hearing: ‘You’re effectively enforcing a state ideology’

    12/10/2015 9:50:08 AM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 63 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com ^ | December 9, 2015 | Anthony Watts
    This is a must watch, share it widely. Mark Steyn demolishes the “science is settled” meme in the Senate hearing yesterday. His ability to argue effectively on the fly is very impressive.
  • Tables turned: Scientist Judith Curry and Author Mark Steyn question, school Sen Markey on climate

    12/09/2015 9:56:03 PM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 18 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com ^ | December 9, 2015 | Anthony Watts
    Hearing: Data or Dogma? Promoting Open Inquiry in the Debate over the Magnitude of Human Impact on Earth’s Climate US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. Dr. Curry ask to respond to “denier” charge from Sen. Markey, and cites IPCC in her testimony. Steyn spars with Sen. Markey while Markey acts like he’s an authoritarian on the issue.More video to follow.
  • Mark Steyn’s illuminating and entertaining testimony to the Cruz hearing on climate today

    12/09/2015 11:28:59 AM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 40 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com ^ | December 8, 2015 | Anthony Watts
    L-R Dr. Judith Curry, Dr. Will Happer, and Mark Steyn at Senate hearing today.STATEMENT TO THE SUB-COMMITTEE ON SPACE, SCIENCE AND COMPETITIVENESS OF THE UNITED STATES SENATEData or Dogma?Promoting Open Inquiry in the Debate over the Magnitude of Human Impact on Climate ChangeDecember 8th 2015My name is Mark Steyn. I am not a scientist. I am an author. My main interest in climate science is that Michael E Mann, the inventor of one of its most notorious artifacts, is suing me for “defamation of a Nobel Prize winner” – a crime that I was not aware existed, especially in his...
  • Claim: positive CO2 feedback from plants due to “warm nights” will flood atmosphere with carbon

    12/08/2015 9:12:06 AM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 23 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com ^ | December 7, 2015 | Anthony Watts
    A study led by Princeton University researchers suggests that hotter nights may wield more influence than previously thought over the planet’s atmosphere as global temperatures rise — and could eventually lead to more carbon flooding the atmosphere. The researchers determined that warm nighttime temperatures, specifically in the tropics, lead plants to release more carbon through a process known as respiration. Average nighttime temperatures in tropical regions such as Manaus, Brazil, (above) have risen by 0.6 degrees Celsius since 1959. Further temperature increases risk turning Earth’s land-based carbon-storage capacity, or sink, into a carbon source. CREDIT William Anderegg, Princeton Environmental Institute.From...
  • California Government Abandons Rooftop Solar, Favors Big Utilities

    12/05/2015 9:03:37 AM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 13 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com/ ^ | December 3, 2015 | Eric Worrall
    California has stunned green advocates, by excluding rooftop solar from their renewable energy mandate.According to the LA Times; California’s aggressive push to increase renewable energy production comes with a catch for people with solar panels on the roof: You don’t count.If a home or business has a rooftop solar system, most of the wattage isn’t included in the ambitious requirement to generate half of the state’s electricity from renewable sources such as solar and wind by 2030, part of legislation signed in October by Gov. Jerry Brown.That means rooftop solar owners are missing out on a potentially lucrative subsidy that...
  • San Bernardino shooting suspect ...., appeared to be living 'American Dream,' co-workers say

    12/03/2015 12:58:01 PM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 48 replies
    latimes.com/ ^ | December 2, 2015 | Jack Dolan, Paul Pringle and Stephen CeasarContact Reporters
    As the holiday gathering got underway Wednesday morning, Syed Rizwan Farook joined dozens of his colleagues from San Bernardino County's public health department. Farook, an inspector, seemed quiet during the early hours of the event, then vanished just as a group photo was about to be taken.Shortly afterward, gunfire erupted at the Inland Regional Center where the employees filled a conference room. By the end of the day, police had identified Farook, 28, as a suspect in the massacre and said he was one of two people shot to death in a gun battle with officers. The other was 27-year-old...
  • House Dem: Obama Could Cause ‘Devastating Nuclear War’ With Russia

    12/01/2015 9:56:44 PM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 42 replies
    nationalreview.com ^ | December 1, 2015 5:15 PM | Joel Gehrke
    PPresident Obama issending an “expeditionary force” of U.S. military special operators to carry out raids against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, a move that expands on their decision to send about 50 special operators to Syria to coordinate air strikes. “In full coordination with the Government of Iraq, we’re deploying a specialized expeditionary targeting force to assist Iraqi and Kurdish Peshmerga forces and put even more pressure on [ISIS],” Defense Secretary Ash Carter told the House Armed Services Committee in announcing the new deployment on Tuesday.
  • Ooops! New NASA study: Antarctica isn’t losing ice mass after all !

    11/03/2015 10:01:52 AM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 21 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com ^ | October 31, 2015 | Anthony Watts
    From the “settled science” department and former chief alarmist Jay Zwally, who for years had said the Arcticwas in big trouble (only to have his prediction falsified), comes this Emily Litella moment in climate science: “Never mind!”. Curiously, WUWT reported back in 2012 about an ICEsat study by Zwally that said:ICESAT Data Shows Mass Gains of the Antarctic Ice Sheet Exceed Losses. I surmise that with the publication of this second study, the original is now confirmed. I suppose John Cook will have to revise his “Denial 101” video on Antarctica now. This map shows the rates of mass changes...
  • US Special Forces, Kurdish troops raid Islamic State prison in Iraq

    10/24/2015 10:13:53 AM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 13 replies
    longwarjournal.org ^ | October 23rd, 2015 | By Bill Roggio
    The Department of Defense announced today that US Special Forces and Kurdish forces launched an air assault against an Islamic State-run prison near Hawijah in central Iraq. One US soldier was killed during the raid, which the military insists was not a combat operation, but part of its advise and assist mission. From the Department of Defense press release: U.S. Special Forces supported an Iraqi peshmerga operation earlier today to rescue about 70 hostages from an Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant prison near Hawijah, Iraq, Defense Department Press Secretary Peter Cook told reporters at the Pentagon this afternoon.American...
  • What Putin and Assad did not reveal after Moscow talks

    10/22/2015 11:23:20 AM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 5 replies
    BBC ^ | 21 October 2015 Last updated at 09:40 BST | Jim Muir
    21 October 2015 Last updated at 09:40 BST Syria's President Bashar al-Assad has held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on an unannounced visit to Moscow. Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that the two leaders had discussed the fight against what he called terrorist groups, the continuation of Russian air strikes and Syria's plans for its troops.But key questions remain about what the men see for Syria's future, as Jim Muir explains.
  • NASA: current El Nio appears likely to equal the event of 1997-98

    10/20/2015 8:55:49 AM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 32 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com ^ | October 19, 2015 | Anthony Watts
    From NASA Goddard and JPL:This visualization shows side by side comparisons of Pacific Ocean sea surface height anomalies of what is presently happening in 2015 with the Pacific Ocean signal during the famous 1997 El Nio. These 1997 and 2015 El Nio animations were made from data collected by the TOPEX/Poseidon (1997) and the OSTM/Jason-2 (2015) satellites. Credits: NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA studying 2015 El Nio event as never beforeNASA/GODDARD SPACE FLIGHT CENTEREvery two to seven years, an unusually warm pool of water sometimes two to three degrees Celsius higher than normal develops across the eastern tropical...
  • Claim: NASA simulation indicates ancient flood volcanoes could have altered climate

    10/14/2015 1:25:29 PM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 27 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com ^ | August 10, 2015 | Anthony Watts
    This is a plume of ash from the Sarychev volcano in the Kuril islands, northeast of Japan. The picture was taken from the International Space Station during the early stage of the volcanos eruption on June 12, 2009. Credits: NASAFrom NASA/GODDARD SPACE FLIGHT CENTER and the maybe they should have checked with Willis first department comes this modeling claim:In June, 1991, Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines exploded, blasting millions of tons of ash and gas over 20 miles high deep into the stratosphere, a stable layer of our atmosphere above most of the clouds and weather. Certain gases...
  • New methane scare off Washington coast begs the question: did anybody look for these before?

    10/14/2015 12:10:08 PM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 52 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com ^ | October 14, 2015 | Anthony Watts
    I have to wonder, before the scientific world went nuts looking for GHG boogymen under every rock and tree, had anyone observed methane venting in this area before? While they enlisted the help of fishermen now, would anyone bothered to have documented these bubble plumes 50-100 years ago? I think not. They claim it is not likely to be just emitted from the sediments; this appears to be coming from the decomposition of methane that has been frozen for thousands of years. yet offer no methodology for how they determined that. I seems to be little more than...
  • Climate Doomsayers Ignore Benefits Of Carbon Dioxide Emissions Now compiled in a new report

    10/12/2015 10:45:26 AM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 13 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com ^ | October 12, 2015 | Anthony Watts
    From the GWPF:London 12 October: In an important new report published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation, former IPCC delegate Dr Indur Goklany calls for a reassessment of carbon dioxide, which he says has many benefits for the natural world and for humankind.Dr Goklany said: Carbon dioxide fertilises plants, and emissions from fossil fuels have already had a hugely beneficial effect on crops, increasing yields by at least 10-15%. This has not only been good for humankind but for the natural world too, because an acre of land that is not used for crops is an acre of...
  • Turkey blast: aftermath of Ankara bomb attack video

    10/10/2015 6:01:55 PM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 1 replies
    theguardian.com ^ | Saturday 10 October 2015 05.42 EDT | Source: AP
    The aftermath of twin explosions outside Ankaras main train station on Saturday morning. The blasts appear to have targeted hundreds of people who had gathered to protest violence between authorities and Kurdish separatist group, the PKK. Turkish government officials said the explosion was a terrorist attack and are investigating the claim that a suicide bomber was responsible
  • Solar Update October 2015

    10/09/2015 11:06:08 AM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 17 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com ^ | October 8, 2015 | Guest essay by David Archibald
    Solar Update October 2015 Anthony Watts / 1 day ago October 8, 2015 Guest essay by David ArchibaldIntroductionWhile Solar Cycle 24 is well into its decline in terms of F10.7 flux and sunspot number, several types of solar activity have risen dramatically over 2015. The solar wind flow pressure, for example, is now at a two decade high. That in turn means that the low in neutron count for this cycle may be more than a year out. This also means that the expected, much-awaited solar-driven cooling could be put off for at least year, with the consequence that the...
  • Tesla Begins Work on the Interior of Its Gigafactory

    10/08/2015 10:35:46 AM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 6 replies
    greentechmedia.com ^ | October 08, 2015 | Stephen Lacey
    Reno Gazette-Journal:Tesla Now Working on Gigafactory Interior Plus Data Center For the past year, the exterior facade of Tesla Motors' Gigafactory 1 received most of the attention online, garnering plenty of images and video as it steadily rose in the high desert just east of Reno. Now the facility's innards will start to get some play, too. Work on the $5 billion battery plant's interior architecture is now underway in full force, as well as a data center to be located on the Gigafactory site.
  • Apple, Intel and IBM get on GloFlo's SOI bandwagon

    10/08/2015 10:03:29 AM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 3 replies
    fudzilla ^ | 08 October 2015 | Nick Farrell
    FinFETs and SOI working in different environmentsSoitec's CEO and board chairman has raised an eyebrow or two when he said that the iPhone 6s has multiple RF chips built on silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrates and that Intel and IBM are using the tech for their silicon photonics push.According to EETimes Paul Boudre, who claimed that SOI is already being used by Apple and Intel even though neither company is broadcasting it.SOI appears to be on track to major market penetration even while the rest of the industry is talking FinFETs.
  • CPV Hopeful Soitec Exits the Solar Business (Jan 2015)

    10/08/2015 9:40:13 AM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 13 replies
    greentechmedia.com ^ | January 25, 2015 | by Eric Wesoff
    The zero-billion-dollar CPV business claims another victim. France's Soitec, one of the last companies with a hope of commercializing concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) technology, has abandoned its solar business. The company will "refocus" its efforts "on its electronics business," according to the firm. The company uses opaque language, but the message is clear: Soitec is exiting this business as quickly as possible. A quarterly earnings letter reads, "Soitec has initiated efforts to realize value of solar energy business combining significant restructuring measures going forward and will assess [the] most appropriate scenario to extract value from its solar-related assets in compliance with...
  • IBM engineers carbon nanotube transistors to replace silicon in computing

    10/02/2015 10:07:16 AM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 23 replies
    venturebeat.com ^ | October 1, 2015 11:00 AM | Dean Takahashi
    Above: IBM's carbon nanotubes have tiny circuits that are fractions of a meter apart.Image Credit: IBM Carbon nanotubes are the leading candidate to replace silicon in semiconductor chips after the decades-long run of silicon electronics runs out. And IBM is hoping to usher along that transition with a new breakthrough being announced today.In the October 2 issue of the journal Science, IBM researchers say they have overcome one of the most daunting challenges around carbon nanotube transistors, which are the building blocks of electronic circuits with dimensions that are measured in billionths of a meter. Carbon nanotubes may be...
  • Michelle Stirling: Paris is about saving green investors, not the Earth

    09/30/2015 11:49:19 AM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 10 replies
    Recently, it was revealed that Volkswagen had been duping diesel-emissions tests on some of its high-end environmentally friendly cars. People were outraged. The CEO resigned. About the same time, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley told the Alberta Chambers of Commerce that her province had better get its environmental house in order or it would have measures imposed upon it. She also said that Alberta has bad air.Really? I challenge that statement. In 2011, Canadas air was judged to be the third highest quality in the world. In 2006, Environment Canada reported that Red Deer was an unusual hot spot for poor...
  • New computer model says human emissions can render Earth ice free

    09/25/2015 10:52:02 AM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 79 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com ^ | September 24, 2015 | Anthony Watts
    From the department of global roasting and theUNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS, where great ideas like this one are formed at Halloween parties, (yes really, see PR) comes this claim:UAF model used to estimate Antarctic ice sheet meltingTo see how burning up the Earths available fossil fuels might affect the Antarctic ice sheet, scientists turned to a computer program developed at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute. The ice would disappear, they found, and that conclusion is making headlines across the world.UAFs Parallel Ice Sheet Model was the perfect tool to find out whether human emissions are sufficient to...
  • Silent Killer: Germany Showcases 4-Barrel Laser Gatling Gun

    09/24/2015 12:29:50 PM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 35 replies
    sputniknews.com ^ | 15:11 24.09.2015(updated 17:34 24.09.2015)
    Europe15:11 24.09.2015(updated 17:34 24.09.2015) Get short URL 3787052822 During this weeks defense and security expo in London German defense contractor Rheinmetall Defense Electronics unveiled a new sea-based anti-drone laser system. Lockheed Martin Lockheed Laser Gun Destroys Truck From a Mile Away The system, unveiled atthe Defense and Security Equipment Industry Expo inLondon, features four high energy lasers mounted onturret, making it look likesome kind oflaser Gatling gun, Popular Mechanics reported. The four 20 kilowatt lasers fire simultaneously, ina technique known assuperimposition which combines them intoa single powerful 80 kilowatt beam.
  • Long-term climate variability in the Northern Hemisphere linked to solar variations

    09/15/2015 2:59:59 PM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 41 replies
    wattsupwiththat.com ^ | September 15, 2015 | Anthony Watts
    From the Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel (GEOMAR)New perspectives for long-term climate predictions? This image shows a time series of solar activity (bottom) and the North Atlantic Oscillation in two model simulations, without (blue) and with (yellow) solar forcing. Credit, GEOMAR. Are climate predictions over periods of several years reliable if weather forecast are still only possible for short periods of several days? Nevertheless there are options to predict the development of key parameters on such long time scales. A new study led by scientists at GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel shows how the well-known 11-year cycle...
  • Study Predicts Antarctica Ice Melt if All Fossil Fuels Are Burned

    09/12/2015 1:51:58 PM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 59 replies
    nytimes.com ^ | SEPT. 11, 2015 | JUSTIN GILLIS
    Burning all the worlds deposits of coal, oil and natural gas would raise the temperature enough to melt the entire ice sheet covering Antarctica, driving the level of the sea up by more than 160 feet, scientists reported Friday.In a major surprise to the scientists, they found that half the melting could occur in as little as a thousand years, causing the ocean to rise by something on the order of a foot per decade, roughly 10 times the rate at which it is rising now. Such a pace would almost certainly throw human society into chaos, forcing a rapid...
  • Single atom thick graphene 'light bulb' demonstrated by scientists (Short Video)

    06/20/2015 9:31:29 AM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 23 replies
    hexus.net ^ | 18 June 2015, 15:36 | Mark Tyson
    Scientists have collaborated to create "what is essentially the world's thinnest light bulb". The development is yet another based upon the pure carbon wonder-material called graphene. Researchers passed current though atom-thin, flexible, transparent strips of graphene which reached temperatures over 2500C, producing bright light visible to the naked eye.
  • Texas bristles at Obamas invasion

    05/11/2015 7:16:39 PM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 14 replies
    ft.com ^ | May 8, 2015 6:16 pm | Demetri Sevastopulo in Washington
    President Barack Obama plans to launch a military operation this summer that will see the special forces which killed Osama bin Laden team up with Walmart to take over Texas. The invasion will also target the Mormon stronghold of Utah and an insurgent pocket in California. But the main thrust will be in Texas where 1,200 special forces Army Green Beret forces to Navy Seals will try to reclaim the state that voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 election.
  • Kerry: Deal Would 'Guarantee' Iran 'Wont Possibly Be Able to Advance' Nuke Program

    05/10/2015 9:48:50 AM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 33 replies
    In aneditorialfor the new issue of THE WEEKLY STANDARD, Bill Kristol notes the "ludicrous" "guarantee" Secretary of State John Kerry made last week regarding Iran's so-called breakout capacity towards nuclear weapons. Kerry told Israelis: I say to every Israeli that today we have the ability to stop [the Iranians] if they decided to move quickly to a bomb and I absolutely guarantee that in the future we will have the ability to know what they are doing so that we can still stop them if they decided to move to a bomb. This is not the first time Kerry has...
  • Boehner: Iran has 'no intention' of keeping its word on nuclear deal

    03/29/2015 3:56:54 PM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 20 replies
    theguardian.com ^ | Dominic Rushe
    Speaker slams Obama, says Iran has never kept their word about anythingPromises new sanctions will come quickly if no agreement reached House Speaker John Boehner says Iran has no intention of adhering to a nuclear deal. Photograph: Andrew Harnik/AP Dominic Rushe in New York @dominicru Sunday 29 March 2015 10.34EDT Last modified on Sunday 29 March 2015 13.13EDT
  • Net neutrality regulations released by FCC; industry lawsuit expected

    03/12/2015 9:48:41 AM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 27 replies
    LATimes ^ | March 12, 2015 | Jim Puzzanghera
    Tom WheelerPablo Martinez Monsivais / Associated Press Federal Communication Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler pauses during a meeting in Washington on Feb. 26 in which the agency approved net neutrality regulations. Federal Communication Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler pauses during a meeting in Washington on Feb. 26 in which the agency approved net neutrality regulations. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais / Associated Press****************************************** The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday publicly released the details of its new net neutrality regulations, which now will be pored over by broadband Internet service providers as they prepare for an expected legal challenge to the rules.The 400-page order...