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  • The paradox that divides black America

    10/09/2005 5:55:34 AM PDT · by JZoback · 74 replies · 1,905+ views
    The Observer ^ | Sunday October 9, 2005 | The Observer
    Ghetto poverty has troubled white consciences. But a gulf just as deep and persistent separates middle-class and poor blacks, reports Paul Harris in Atlanta Sunday October 9, 2005The Observer It was once a street so rich and central to black America that Atlanta's Auburn Avenue was known simply as 'Sweet Auburn'. It was the site of America's first black-owned daily paper and first black radio station. It was here Martin Luther King was born. It was here King preached freedom from the pulpit of Ebenezer Baptist Church.In the 1960s, as the civil rights struggle raged, Sweet Auburn was wealthy and...
  • When it Raines it pours

    06/03/2004 4:40:11 AM PDT · by JZoback · 21 replies · 116+ views
    Boston Herald ^ | Thursday, June 3, 2004 | Herald wire services
    NEW YORK - Former New York Times Executive Editor Howell Raines has has written a column for the The Guardian in London excoriating John Kerry [related, bio] as ``pompous'' and ``ponderous,'' and saying he looks like the character Lurch from the ``Addams Family'' TV show.      ``The TV camera is an X-ray for picking up attitudinal truths, and Kerry's lantern jaw and Addams Family face somehow reinforce the message that this guy has passed from ponderous to pompous and is so accustomed to privilege that he doesn't have to worry about looking goofy,'' Raines wrote. ``It's as if Lurch had gone...
  • China's Long March to a leaner army

    09/13/2003 4:27:24 AM PDT · by JZoback · 6 replies · 14+ views
    BBC News World edition ^ | Thursday, 11 September, 2003, 13:22 GMT 14:22 UK | Tim Luard
    China says it is cutting 200,000 troops from the People's Liberation Army as it moves to change the world's largest army into a more modern and streamlined military machine. Chinese leaders have long recognised the need to trim down and sharpen up a 2.5 million-strong force that has traditionally relied on sheer weight of numbers. This year's American-led invasion of Iraq, with its use of precision firepower and information technology, has only served to remind them just how far behind they are. The latest cuts, announced last week, will focus exclusively on China's ground forces, according to Dr David Shambaugh,...
  • Why Do So Many Africans Get AIDS?

    05/31/2003 7:46:46 AM PDT · by JZoback · 117 replies · 2,083+ views
    DISCOVER ^ | June 2003 | by Josie Glausiusz
    Every major campaign against AIDS in Africa has been based on the premise that heterosexual sex accounts for 90 percent of transmission in adults. Yet safe-sex efforts have not stopped the spread of the epidemic, which now affects 30 million people. Economic anthropologist David Gisselquist therefore suspected that HIV might be spreading primarily by another route. After analyzing 20 years of epidemiological studies, he and his colleagues concluded that unsafe injections, blood transfusions, and other medical procedures may account for most AIDS transmission in African adults. Their analysis indicates that no more than 35 percent of HIV in that population...
  • Wife-subduing air raid siren confiscated

    04/19/2003 4:50:33 AM PDT · by JZoback · 20 replies · 224+ views
    Reuters ^ | Sat, Apr 19, 2003
    BERLIN (Reuters) - A 73-year-old man who used an air raid siren to stun his wife into submission has had it confiscated by German police.   "My wife never lets me get a word in edgeways," the man identified as Vladimir R. told Mannheim police. "So I crank up the siren and let it rip for a few minutes. It works every time. Afterwards, it's real quiet again." A police spokesman said neighbours had complained at the noise from the 220-volt rooftop device, believed to be an old-fashioned air raid siren. Rosina, Vladimir's wife of 32 years, said she sometimes...
  • Judge orders man's leg cut off

    01/12/2003 5:55:38 PM PST · by JZoback · 60 replies · 318+ views
    The Mercury ^ | January 7, 2003 | By Goddy Ikeh
    Lagos: A Muslim court in northern Nigeria has ordered that a 45-year-old man's leg be amputated as punishment for doing the same to his wife. The Upper Sharia in the town of Bauchi made the order against Adamu Hussaini Maidoya, who cut off the right leg of his wife, Amina. He accused her of infidelity, after "over exposing" herself to a doctor to get an injection. Judge Alhaji Abdu Yerima ordered that the convict's right leg be amputated at the knee and that the person or doctor who executes the sentence should not administer anaesthetic or painkillers. The judge quoted...
  • Family turns grandma into diamond

    01/04/2003 10:14:38 AM PST · by JZoback · 118 replies · 360+ views
    CNN OFFBEAT NEWS ^ | Tuesday, December 31, 2002 Posted: 10:12 PM EST (0312 GMT) | CNN LIBERAL
    <p>TORONTO, Canada (AP) -- The cremated remains of 80-year-old Edna MacArthur from Alberta have been presented to her family in the form of a diamond stone, the first delivery of this kind in the world, a funeral services official claimed Tuesday.</p>
  • Muslims aren't alone in breeding intolerance (Barf Bag Alert)

    11/24/2002 7:59:56 AM PST · by JZoback · 56 replies · 13+ views
    St. Petersburg Times ^ | November 24, 2002 | PHILIP GAILEY (Moron)
    Things were a lot simpler before Osama bin Laden replaced our own Muhammad Ali as the face of Islam in this country. Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, many Americans, myself included, have been wrestling with the question of what to make of the religion of Islam. Is it, as President Bush says, a "religion of peace" that has been perverted by extremists? Or is it, as some conservative Christian leaders assert, a force for evil? The Rev. Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, has called Islam "a very evil and wicked religion." He later explained he was condemning Islamic extremists,...
  • Johnson pledges to repay Indians

    11/10/2002 6:19:08 PM PST · by JZoback · 26 replies · 214+ views
    Argus Leader ^ | 11/10/2002 | Peter Harriman
    <p>In the weak light of dawn Wednesday, Rep. John Thune clung to a narrow lead in the U.S. Senate race that the traditional Republican West River stronghold had delivered late the night before.</p> <p>Three hours later, however, Sen. Tim Johnson was re-elected by a 528-vote margin.</p>
  • Democrats Pledge Cooperation After Defeat

    11/09/2002 9:33:14 AM PST · by JZoback · 18 replies · 113+ views
    Yahoo ^ | 1036858042 | Reuters
    Democrats Pledge Cooperation After Defeat WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democrats "suffered a disappointing defeat" in Tuesday's congressional elections and will work with Republicans to get things done, a rookie Democratic representative said on Saturday. Reuters Photo However, he criticized President Bush (news - web sites) for underfunding education. "As hard as humanly possible, Democrats will seek bipartisan achievement to get things done by working with the Republican Congress and this President," Kendrick Meek, a newly elected U.S. representative from Florida, said in the first Democratic radio address since Tuesday's elections. Beating Democrats in key races, Republicans regained control of the Senate...
  • The Lonely Republican

    11/08/2002 6:01:59 PM PST · by JZoback · 12 replies · 7+ views
    Janice is a sixtysomething Election Day volunteer. She and about six other silver-haired ladies work in my old polling place in Santa Monica, California. Every two years or so, they set up shop in an old surf shop and sit behind a long table with stacks of unpunched ballots and a master list of all registered voters in the district, checking people in, crossing them off the list, handing them their ballot and, every so often, doling out oatmeal cookies and lemon squares.Outfitted in their tennis dresses and sun visors, they cheerfully herd their electorate through the American rite of...
  • Beauty for Ashes

    10/10/2002 3:52:03 PM PDT · by JZoback · 8 replies · 230+ views
    Gospel for Asia ^ | September/October 2002 • Vol 22 Number 5
    The greatest challenge for a woman in Asia today is to simply survive through a normal life span. From birth — and even before birth — to death, a burden of oppression follows her through all the stages of her life, threatening her very existence. What would it be like? Imagine living as a woman in Asia … There is no rejoicing on the day you are born. To your parents’ and relatives’ deep disappointment, you are a girl. Boys are highly valued in your Asian culture and much more desirable than girls, because they are a sort of...
  • G.O.P. Is Seen Ahead by Nose in House Races

    09/28/2002 6:34:45 AM PDT · by JZoback · 8 replies · 5+ views
    New York Times ^ | Sept. 26 | By ADAM CLYMER
    With six weeks to go, Republicans appear to hold a slight edge in this year's fight for control of the House, according to interviews with politicians and analysts around the country and examinations of local polls. Republicans have about 10 more seats safely in their hands than the Democrats do. So even if they won fewer than half of the approximately 40 races that are truly competitive, they could still keep control of the House. That unusually small number of competitive districts means that the Democrats have fewer opportunities to achieve the net gain of seven seats they need to...
  • The Perils of Pro Football Follow Some Into Retirement

    09/27/2002 2:05:38 PM PDT · by JZoback · 23 replies · 346+ views
    The New York Times ^ | September 26, 2002 | By MIKE FREEMAN
    Mike Webster, who was the kind of football player who treated pain as if it were an insignificant pest, was considered indestructible by many of his teammates. He was a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1974 to 1988 and played the frenetic and extremely violent position of center. Known as Iron Mike because he played six straight seasons without missing an offensive down, Webster endured numerous shots to the head, sustaining multiple concussions, but seldom took a game off.When Webster died Tuesday, at age 50, in the coronary care unit of a Pittsburgh hospital, much of the focus was...
  • Reparations: A different perspective

    08/30/2002 8:59:47 PM PDT · by JZoback · 158 replies · 335+ views
    8/30/02 | Myself
    Reparations: A different perspective Though in principal I disagree with the concept of one man paying for another man’s transgressions, especially ones transgressions that happened a long, long, time ago and had nothing to do with myself or my family. My family came over to the states in the 1880’s, we never owned slaves, did not own land or had servants, maids or butlers. I have about as much to do with slavery as I have to do with the Gettysburg address. I have come to the conclusion that reparations should be paid to those who’s can demonstrate their ancestors...
  • Record number on disability pension

    08/04/2002 7:35:04 AM PDT · by JZoback · 16 replies · 110+ views
    Norway Post ^ | 29. Juli 2002 | Rolleiv Solholm
    More than 10 per cent of the Norwegian work force is receiving disability pension. Only in the Netherlands is there a higher percentage of recepients of disability benefits, Aftenposten reports. At the end of June, there were well over 288,000 disability pensioners in Norway, the highest number ever. (Pop. 4.5 mill.) Social Security Director Arild Sundberg says to Aftenposten that it is a problem for our society that there are so many disability pensioners.
  • Job Bias Case Tests Religious Privacy Rights

    07/20/2002 2:09:58 PM PDT · by JZoback · 10 replies · 15+ views ^ | Friday July 19, 1:58 am Eastern Time | Jonathan Groner
    Job Bias Case Tests Religious Privacy Rights A case percolating in federal court in Washington, D.C., poses a tangled question that few federal courts have ever grappled with: Can a worker's claim of job discrimination trump the First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of religion? The unusual issue arises in a case in U.S. District Court against The Washington Times, which through various subsidiaries is owned by the Unification Church, founded by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Pamela Johnson, a personnel specialist for the newspaper from 1989 until 1998, is alleging that she received a much lower raise than a co-worker...
  • PROPHET Jesus (ISA) (peace be upon him)

    06/23/2002 11:45:00 AM PDT · by JZoback · 10 replies · 102+ views
    Islam 101 ^ | 7 th Century | A Liar
    The Israelites had settled in the blessed land, Palestine.  They ruled for a long time.  They had a vast kingdom.  Allah, the Almighty chose many prophets from among them.  They followed the Holy Book, the Torah.  The Prophet Dawud (peace be upon him) and his son Prophet Sulaiman (peace be upon him) won great popularity as kings and commanded high respect.  Their followers believed in God and led noble lives.  As the time passed by, they began to pay less attention to the teachings of God.  They forgot the Divine favours.  They made alterations in the Holy Book according to...
  • Dousing wife with acid brings life term

    06/17/2002 8:00:01 PM PDT · by JZoback · 13 replies · 163+ views
    Orlando Sentinel ^ | June 8, 2002 | Rene Stutzman
    SANFORD -- Calling it the most malicious crime he's seen in 25 years on the bench, a judge on Friday sentenced a former TV repairman to life in prison for shooting his estranged wife twice and pouring acid on her face. Stephen Herrick Smith, 53, said he did it because he suspected she had begun a romance with someone else. When rescuers got to Teresa Peterson the day she was attacked, Nov. 11, 1998, she was on the floor of the couple's home near Casselberry, bleeding from the gunshot wounds and blind from the acid. Deputies said smoke was rising...
  • Conspiracy theories laughable

    04/28/2002 5:01:57 AM PDT · by JZoback · 12 replies · 5+ views
    Townhall ^ | April 24, 2002 | Kathleen Parker
    Just because you don't think you have a mind-control chip in your brain doesn't necessarily mean that at this precise moment 10 white men aren't seated at a round table in an ice palace 500 miles beneath the Arctic Circle controlling your every thought. I mean, they could be. And George W. Bush could have orchestrated the events of 9-11. And an American man jailed in Canada, ostensibly on credit-card fraud charges, could really be a former intelligence officer who warned jail guards last August of the planned "terrorist" attacks. And Osama bin Laden could have met with a CIA...
  • Thousands gather for Rome protest

    03/24/2002 6:11:13 AM PST · by JZoback · 4 replies · 6+ views ^ | March 23, 2002 Posted: 2:37 PM EST (1937 GMT)
    <p>ROME, Italy --Hundreds of thousands of Italians have protested at government labour reforms in Rome.</p> <p>Police said just under one million people had gathered for the mass protest, while union organisers put the estimate at closer to 2 million.</p> <p>Central Rome was blocked off to all traffic and there was a heavy police presence as more than 9,00 buses and 60 trains had brought members of Italy's largest union, the CGIL, to the capital.</p>
  • All Talk of an Alliance Is Definitely Premature (Russia)

    01/23/2002 4:31:05 PM PST · by JZoback · 6 replies · 8+ views
    The St. Petersburg Times (Russian) ^ | Tuesday, January 22, 2002 | Vladimir Frolov
    It cannot be seriously disputed that, since the tragic events of Sept. 11 and President Vla di mir Putin's statement two weeks later, the tone of the U.S.-Russia relationship has considerably improved. Both countries seem to have finally found at least one common objective: fighting international terrorism. Moscow has all but renounced a zero-sum approach vis-a-vis the states of the former Soviet Union. Washington has decided to "feel Russia's pain" regarding Chechnya. And pundits in both capitals have been bubbling with excitement over the pending U.S.-Russian strategic alliance. Such talk is at best premature. A U.S.-Russian alliance, although conceivable and ...
  • With a blush, church accepts strippers' collection of gifts

    12/23/2001 5:37:26 AM PST · by JZoback · 21 replies · 239+ views
    St. Petersburg Times ^ | December 23, 2001 | SUSAN THURSTON
    TAMPA -- In the end, it came down to the children. Leaders of Without Walls International Church in Tampa decided Saturday to accept gifts gathered by strippers at a Brandon club who flashed their breasts for a toy donation. "We do not condone the way that they were collected . . . but we appreciate the donation," church spokeswoman Jennifer Mallan said. "We'll bless it and we'll distribute it." Church officials didn't know what to do after learning Friday how the gifts were collected. Radio disc jockey Bubba the Love Sponge Clem promised them a truckload of toys, but they ...
  • Somalia Draws Anti-Terrorist Focus

    11/04/2001 5:31:44 AM PST · by JZoback · 3 replies · 102+ views
    Washington Post ^ | Sunday, November 4, 2001; Page A01 | By David B. Ottaway and Thomas E. Ricks
    The Bush administration's internal debate over where to take the anti-terrorism campaign next has begun to focus on terrorist centers in Somalia, regarded as one of the most likely alternative havens for Osama bin Laden if the accused mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks flees Afghanistan. While Iraq has been mentioned most frequently as a possible target for U.S. forces in the next phase of the campaign, government agencies are debating possible actions in several other nations that the administration believes harbor terrorist organizations. The countries include not only Iraq, but also Indonesia and the Philippines, officials said, underscoring the ...
  • No plans of mass conversion: Dalai Lama

    11/01/2001 3:48:13 PM PST · by JZoback · 13 replies · 252+ views
    NEW DELHI: Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama has no plans of mass conversion of Hindus to Buddhism, his office said on Thursday. Terming as "untrue and totally irresponsible" media reports that the Lama planned to convert one million Hindus to Buddhism, Samdhong Lobsang Tenzin, chairman of Kashag, said such "baseless" news was being planted by vested interests. "I would like to state here categorically that his holiness the Dalai Lama has never converted any Hindus into Buddhism at any point of time and will not convert any Hindus to Buddhism in the future," Tenzin said in a statement here. "The ...
  • Study Examines Why Young Urban Women Have Sex

    06/08/2001 8:18:09 PM PDT · by JZoback · 368+ views
    Journal of Adolescent Health ^ | Friday June 8 5:34 PM ET | Keith Mulvihill
    NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - According to a new study, teenage girls are making decisions about whether or not to have sex based on their own personal beliefs. In fact, the vast majority of young women who participated in the study report that they have sex because they ``like'' or ''love'' the person they choose to have sex with. About one-third said the main reason that they had sex was that they ``liked having sex.'' Lead researcher Dr. Jan E. Paradise, of Boston University School of Medicine, in Massachusetts, told Reuters Health that she hopes the study provides insight on ...
  • Draft Dodger Coward Wakes up from Denial (Repost)

    05/06/2001 10:39:50 AM PDT · by JZoback · 2+ views
    Forbes ASAP ^ | 10.02.00 | Pat Conroy
    The true things always ambush me on the road and take me by surprise when I am drifting down the light of placid days, careless about flanks and rearguard actions. I was not looking for a true thing to come upon me in the state of New Jersey. Nothing has ever happened to me in New Jersey. But came it did, and it came to stay. In the past four years I have been interviewing my teammates on the 1966-67 basketball team at the Citadel for a book I'm writing. For the most part, this has been like buying back ...
  • My Heart's Content (The man I should have been)

    05/05/2001 5:15:57 AM PDT · by JZoback · 146+ views
    Forbes ASAP ^ | 10.02.00 | Pat Conroy
    The true things always ambush me on the road and take me by surprise when I am drifting down the light of placid days, careless about flanks and rearguard actions. I was not looking for a true thing to come upon me in the state of New Jersey. Nothing has ever happened to me in New Jersey. But came it did, and it came to stay.In the past four years I have been interviewing my teammates on the 1966-67 basketball team at the Citadel for a book I'm writing. For the most part, this has been like buying back a ...
  • Alarm Over Calif. Syphilis Outbreak

    02/25/2001 4:15:55 AM PST · by JZoback
    Associated Press ^ | Friday February 23 1:21 AM ET | ERIN McCLAM, Associated Press Writer
    An outbreak of syphilis in Southern California last year has provided alarming new evidence that gay and bisexual men are lowering their guard against AIDS (news - web sites), the government said.More than half of the syphilis cases in a four-county area during the first half of 2000 were in men who reported having had at least one male sex partner - up from 26 percent a year earlier.Health officials said Thursday that the numbers are a signal that gay and bisexual men, encouraged by news of powerfully effective drug cocktails and longer lifespans for AIDS patients, are worrying less ...
  • Courage Overlooked

    02/17/2001 6:13:06 PM PST · by JZoback
    FEE. ^ | February 2001 -- Vol. 51, No. 2 | Donald J. Boudreaux
    Courage is universally admired and rightly so. One reason is that a courageous person says what he truly feels regardless of the consequences. A result is that those who deal with a courageous person know where they stand with him. Another reason for admiring the courageous is that they can be counted on to get things done. Trepidation does not deter brave men and women from making hard choices or undertaking difficult actions.Of course, being courageous does not alone render someone admirable. We do not admire an armed robber just because he knowingly put his life in danger to steal, ...
  • There are no human races ( We are all Brothers after all )

    02/11/2001 6:38:44 AM PST · by JZoback · 213+ views ^ | Sunday February 11 8:20 AM ET | Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent
    The first in-depth look at the human genetic code has revealed much less than anticipated -- about half to a third the number of expected genes, scientists will announce on Monday.They said their findings so far made it clear that far from being a blueprint, the human genetic code was only a guidepost. The true directions for what makes a human being lie not in letters of code but in what the body does with that code.They have found a few interesting tidbits.Most of the variation -- the mutations that underlie evolution and bring gradual change -- is on the ...
  • Spanking Common Form of Discipline

    01/26/2001 8:08:46 PM PST · by JZoback · 2+ views
    Reuters/Zogby ^ | Thursday January 25 2:09 PM ET
    UTICA, N.Y. (Reuters/Zogby) Spanking appears to be a common form of punishment to discipline children, according to a nationwide Zogby survey of 1,205 adults.Some 50% of survey respondents said that they were spanked when they seriously disobeyed their parents or guardian. Another 21% said they lost privileges, 19% said they received a stern lecture, and 2.4% said they received no discipline.Those who consider themselves very conservative ranked among the top at being spanked. Two thirds (67%) of very conservative respondents said they were spanked, substantially more than moderates (47%) or liberals (49%).African Americans said they were spanked the most as ...

    12/28/2000 4:54:18 PM PST · by JZoback · 183+ views
    12/28/00 | SELF
    I am about to go shopping for my first set of hand guns for my wife and I.What I am looking for is something both my wife and I can use for self protection and carry/conceal.We are not afraid of something with some punch. Could some of you fine freepers firearm expert post some suggestions on what you use and why. As of right now money is not a huge issue, but we want to get a "bang "for our buck.
  • Century-Old Law Is Key to Supreme Court's Decision to Rule on Recount

    11/27/2000 7:45:39 PM PST · by JZoback
    Yahoo ^ | Monday November 27, 9:35 am Eastern Time | Tony Mauro (American Lawyer Media) --
    Inside a rented mansion in Miami&#44; away from the constant flow of e-mail&#44; Harvard Law School professor Laurence Tribe is fashioning the strategy he will use on behalf of Vice President Al Gore on Friday in the U.S. Supreme Court argument that could determine the 2000 presidential election.On the other side of Bush v. Palm Beach County Canvassing Board&#44; No. 00-836&#44; the epicenter appears to be the D.C. offices of Gibson&#44; Dunn &amp; Crutcher&#44; where partner Theodore Olson is coordinating a team of lawyers crafting arguments on behalf of Gov. George W. Bush.But while the key lawyers prepare&#44; uncertainty about ...
  • French Court Establishes Second-Class Status for Disabled

    11/21/2000 5:05:26 PM PST · by JZoback
    Human Life International ^ | Tuesday November 21, 6:38 pm Eastern Time
    ``The whole idea of a 'wrongful birth' turns the stomach. To say that you wish someone had never been born -- that he or she had been aborted instead -- is widely regarded as a vicious insult. To rest an entire lawsuit on that same claim does more than just bring immaturity and irresponsibility to a whole new level. It is a codification of second-class status. A wrongful-birth claim asks the court to single out an entire class of people as an accident. The recent case in France brings this insidious discrimination into clear focus. A couple that claimed that ...
  • Breeding contempt: Zero tolerance, zero respect

    07/04/2000 4:09:22 AM PDT · by JZoback ^ | 07/02/00 | WILLIAM RASPBERRY
    It was a few days after Christmas when 12-year-old Ewing shot and killed a young girl. He says the weapon, an old rifle he found in his father's attic, went off accidentally. But at least one eyewitness said the boy pointed the gun at the girl's forehead and pulled the trigger – apparently convinced that the old .22 was empty When Ewing was convicted of reckless endangerment and involuntary manslaughter, the sentencing judge said that under the state's zero-tolerance policy he had no choice but to....... Never mind. There's not a word of truth to the second paragraph. Young Adlai ...
  • Los Alamos nuclear lab reports 2 more possible security breaches

    06/24/2000 12:16:54 PM PDT · by JZoback
    CNN.COM ^ | June 24, 2000
    Los Alamos nuclear lab reports 2 more possible security breaches LOS ALAMOS, New Mexico (AP) -- An inventory of all classified data at Los Alamos National Laboratory, taken in response to criticism over the disappearance of two top-secret hard drives, has found two more possible security breaches, a lab official said Saturday. Two 10-year-old floppy disks containing classified information were reported missing Wednesday at the nuclear weapons lab. However, they were found a day later, attached to a paper report in a nearby, secured area. And apparently no classified information was compromised, lab spokesman Jim Danneskiold said. This and the ...
  • Thanks, Dad: (You S.O.B.)

    06/18/2000 10:53:33 AM PDT · by JZoback · 13+ views
    Vanity | June, 18th | JZoback
    Thanks, Dad: (You S.O.B.) Ten years old and head of the house. How did that happen? Mom working three jobs to keep us feed and under a roof, a newborn little sister and four sibling to look after. The year is 1969, height of the hippies movement. Every thing is groovy. Dad gave us his farewell speech, be strong for your mother and don’t cry. He told us Mom gave him his walking papers. He left for an eighteen-year-old. She was having his baby. Man, to be 35 years old and finding the joys of smoking dope and free sex. ...
  • The Penalty of Motherhood

    06/14/2000 5:58:55 PM PDT · by JZoback · 2+ views
    americanpartisan ^ | Monday, June 12, 2000 | Stephanie Herman
    When Al Gore vowed in April to end the Social Security &quot;motherhood penalty,&quot; the National Organization for Women uncharacteristically swooned. It turns out that NOW's own Kim Gandy and Jan Erickson had made similar benefit recommendations, just days before, in a Social Security report compiled by the Institute for Women's Policy Research; they considered Gore's vow an implicit compliment. Still, the whole thing struck me as odd; I remember when feminism was the motherhood penalty, when Simone de Beauvoir warned that children did nothing for a female but depress her, and that we weren't truly &quot;women&quot; until our first abortion... ...
  • Bushes Hold Surprise Party

    06/11/2000 4:01:55 PM PDT · by JZoback · 2+ views
    Associated Press ^ | Sunday June 11 2:55 PM ET | DAVID SHARP
    Former President Bush learned how to keep a secret as director of the CIA. But a surprise birthday party he planned for his wife was nearly compromised when a retired senator telephoned to apologize for being unable to attend.Bush planned Saturday night's fete for his wife Barbara, who turned 75 on Thursday. All five of their children and all 14 grandchildren attended the party at the River Club.``Senator (Alan) Simpson is the guilty party,'' Bush said in a lighthearted moment Sunday, referring to the Republican from Wyoming. Mrs. Bush knew her family was attending, but was surprised to find ...
  • Bushes Hold Surprise Party

    06/11/2000 3:55:52 PM PDT · by JZoback
    Associated Press ^ | Sunday June 11 2:55 PM ET | DAVID SHARP
    Former President Bush learned how to keep a secret as director of the CIA. But a surprise birthday party he planned for his wife was nearly compromised when a retired senator telephoned to apologize for being unable to attend.Bush planned Saturday night's fete for his wife Barbara, who turned 75 on Thursday. All five of their children and all 14 grandchildren attended the party at the River Club.``Senator (Alan) Simpson is the guilty party,'' Bush said in a lighthearted moment Sunday, referring to the Republican from Wyoming. Mrs. Bush knew her family was attending, but was surprised to find ...
  • It’s the Margin that Counts (Diamonds, Water, Wrestlers and Nurses)

    06/10/2000 1:55:14 PM PDT · by JZoback
    F.E.E ^ | June 2000 | Dwight R Lee
    Economists, like everyone, have opinions about how the world should be. And it would be disingenuous to claim that economists never let their opinions influence their conclusions and recommendations. But the power of economics is in fundamental concepts that prevent economists from letting their imaginations obscure reality. They may wish that scarcity didn’t exist, that agonizing tradeoffs could be avoided, that people would subordinate their private interests to the public interest, or that world peace and global cooperation could be achieved by all joining hands and singing “We Are the World.” But economists don’t let such fantasies pollute their analysis ...
  • Gutting Babies Like Fish: Some Objections

    06/09/2000 6:35:28 PM PDT · by JZoback · 2+ views
    American Partisan ^ | Thursday, June 8, 2000 | Dave Munger
    Looking over my previous Partisan columns, I am dismayed to see that I haven't devoted any to abortion. Rather than repeat my arguments against Roe v. Wade and in favor of legal restrictions on abortion (which I believe are covered on my old homepage: How To Vote Right ), I'll bring up some of the loose ends which should be dealt with. To me a fetus is obviously human, and I will continue to believe so until proven otherwise. Pro-choice arguments, however, are based on the assumption that the fetus is not human. Several points follow from this assumption: The ...
  • Can the Free Market Provide Public Education?

    06/08/2000 6:22:51 PM PDT · by JZoback
    F.E.E. ^ | January 12, 2000, | Sheldon Richman
    The short answer, of course, is: yes, look around. Right now, private enterprise and nonprofit organizations provide all manner of education—from comprehensive schools with classes in the traditional academic subjects, to specialized schools that teach everything from the fine arts to the martial arts, from dancing to dieting, from scuba diving to scrutinizing one’s inner self. If we define “public education” as “what the government does now,” then it’s a trick question. Every school serves members of the public. For the sake of this discussion, we can ignore that the word “public” has been corrupted to mean “coercively financed through ...
  • Inequality of Wealth and Incomes

    06/06/2000 6:16:20 PM PDT · by JZoback · 194+ views
    "The Foundation for Economic Education" ^ | April 2000 | by Ludwig von Mises
    Editor’s Note: Last January the Economic Policy Institute and the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities released a study decrying the growing income inequality in America and calling on government to rectify this alleged injustice. "The economic prosperity of the 1990s has not been shared equally," wrote the authors. There is no better response than what Ludwig von Mises (1881-1973), the great economist of the Austrian school, wrote in Ideas on Liberty in May 1955. The market economy—capitalism—is based on private ownership of the material means of production and private entrepreneurship. The consumers, by their buying or abstention from buying, ...
  • Gore Haunted by Campaign Promise

    06/05/2000 6:46:49 PM PDT · by JZoback
    Fox.News ^ | Monday, June 5, 2000 | Steve Brown
    Gore Haunted by Campaign Promise Monday, June 5, 2000 Steve Brown&nbsp;&nbsp; "Out of this entire country, I think East Liverpool is the one city that Al Gore is afraid of," Sandy Estell, a homemaker and lifelong resident of East Liverpool, Ohio, told Fox News standing outside her home last week. AP/Wide World Officials from East Liverpool, Ohio, wait for Vice-President Al Gore's procession to pass in February in Cleveland While the city may not scare the presidential candidate, the hazardous waste plant, visible through the trees in Estell's backyard, might. Estell, husband Bob, and their five children have lived ...
  • W. House Has Disk With Lewinsky E-Mails - Report (The dog didn't eat my floppy disk)

    03/29/2000 1:09:10 AM PST · by JZoback
    Reuters ^ | Wednesday March 29 12:27 AM ET
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House possesses a previously undisclosed computer disk with e-mails from former intern Monica Lewinsky to two grand jury witnesses while her affair with President Clinton was under investigation, the Washington Times reported on Wednesday. U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth was told on Monday of the existence of the disk by Justice Department lawyer James Gilligan, and will decide when and if it will be released, and to whom, the paper reported. The paper quoted Gilligan, who represents the Executive Office of the President (EOP), as saying the White House had no information or knowledge about ...
  • Text of Sen. John McCain's concession speech ( If you missed it )

    02/20/2000 12:55:59 PM PST · by JZoback
    N.Y. Times ^ | 02/19/00 | Sore Loser
    Following are excerpts from Sen. John McCain's concession speech in Charleston, S.C., on Saturday night, as transcribed by The New York Times: I'm going to fight with every ounce of strength I have, but I'm going to keep fighting clean, I'm going to keep fighting fair, and I'm going to keep fighting the battle of ideas. And my friends, we are going to win. I will not take the low road to the highest office in this land. I want the presidency in the best way, not the worst way. The American people deserve to be treated with respect by ...
  • Our American Flag

    02/16/2000 3:45:50 PM PST · by JZoback
    Email ^ | 02/16/00
    In Beirut on April 18th 1983, a suicide driver crashed his explosives loaded pickup truck into the lobby of the American Embassy and punched out. The Marine manning Post Number 1 was no farther than 25 feet from the truck when it went up in smoke. The blast literally wiped the bottom floor of the Embassy out. It looked like someone had gone through with several bulldozers raking things aside, blowing entire concrete and steel columns out with the walls into the street. Though I had lived and worked inside the Embassy for many, many months, I could not for ...
  • Court in a Political Vise ( Real Eye Opener )

    02/14/2000 3:41:58 PM PST · by JZoback
    Legal Times ^ | Monday February 14, 8:31 am Eastern Time | Carrie Johnson
    A child succumbs to paralysis after a routine vaccine shot. A Native American tribe learns it's being cheated out of proceeds from oil wells located on its land. A defense contractor nearly goes bankrupt after the government refuses to pay for a shipment of planes.That's a day in the life of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims&#44; which has the unique mandate of presiding over nothing but cases against the United States. It's at once the nation's most neglected and politically charged court. Just a block from the White House&#44; the court's judges conduct their business in relative anonymity -- ...