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Posts by Maelstorm

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  • New evidence that voter ID laws ‘skew democracy’ in favor of white Republicans (barf-ola)

    02/05/2016 10:50:28 PM PST · 13 of 56
    Maelstorm to Olog-hai

    If one doesn’t support a secure verified voting system that guarantees people who are ineligible to vote can not then one supports the minimizing of the vote of the citizen whether it be black, white, hispanic, asian, or whatever.
    The argument that voter fraud doesn’t exist is a lie and because we don’t have a voting system that really prevents it let alone actively seeks to detect it. The left said the same thing about welfare fraud and yet in the 90s they discovered countless cases as states began integrating their welfare databases and low and behold it was found that many people were collecting benefits in multiple counties in multiple states.

    The one thing that is certain is that if people know that no one is watching someone will abuse that fact and its not even very hard to commit voter fraud as has been proven in secret camera attempts.


  • Trump: I’ve always liked Ted Cruz and haven’t ruled him out as VP

    02/05/2016 11:11:34 AM PST · 112 of 146
    Maelstorm to elhombrelibre

    Trump did say Cruz was born in Canada and he was but he had said that he personally believed Cruz was eligible. The problem I have with Team Cruz is the propensity for lies. I always respected and loved Cruz but some of the stuff his team is putting out like the Carson fiasco is totally wrong.

  • Megyn Kelly Decries "Language Like Bimbo" Says Hillary Correct To Call Internet A (Shortened)

    02/05/2016 11:02:42 AM PST · 28 of 101
    Maelstorm to Biggirl

    I’m personally tired of the language censors who never focus on censoring insults to men, Christians, etc. The media have zero credibility when it comes to setting the politically correct rules of decorum. They are merely trying to setup the rules so they can attack anyone who talks like a normal passionate human being.

  • Trump: I’ve always liked Ted Cruz and haven’t ruled him out as VP

    02/05/2016 10:49:13 AM PST · 103 of 146
    Maelstorm to SeekAndFind

    Trump never has said Cruz is not a “Natural Born Citizen”.

  • Trump: People Who Work Their Ass Off, Not Illegals, Are The Backbone Of This Country

    02/05/2016 10:06:19 AM PST · 52 of 143
    Maelstorm to xzins

    This is where he shines.

  • The voter rebellion is on! Who should lead: Cruz or Trump? Both?

    02/05/2016 10:03:29 AM PST · 306 of 313
    Maelstorm to Jim Robinson


  • MSNBC's Clinton-Sanders Democratic debate is lowest rated of the season

    02/05/2016 9:52:39 AM PST · 6 of 28
    Maelstorm to SeekAndFind

    The Democrats have a big problem outside their base and that is a big enthusiasm interest gap. Even in Iowa the GOP blew away the Democrats in turnout in the primary. Also their two candidates have some big flaws that are even bigger than any of the GOP candidates. Clinton is the corruption candidate and its undeniable that she simply sounds mean and comes off as it. Sanders benefits in favorability because most people still don’t know who he is and his history. His critical flaw is that he is at heart Barack Obama on steroids.

  • New Hampshire poll shows Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders with big leads (Trump +26%, Sanders +31%)

    02/02/2016 7:28:07 PM PST · 82 of 84
    Maelstorm to Red Steel

    I think Trump will win South Carolina but he can’t let attacks on his conservatism go unanswered.


  • New Hampshire poll shows Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders with big leads (Trump +26%, Sanders +31%)

    02/02/2016 7:01:52 PM PST · 80 of 84
    Maelstorm to Red Steel

    Trump will win NH. It is true that people will be watching how close the polls are to true. If a pattern emerges of him underperforming polls it will take a toll on his campaign. The key tell will be SC. If Trump wins South Carolina he can recapture momentum. There is also a Nevada Caucus on Feb 23 which he should take. Right now delegates stand at 8 for Cruz, 7 for Trump, 7 for Rubio, 3 for Carson, 1 for Paul, 1 for Bush. 1 for Fiorina, and 1 for Kasich.

  • Donald Trump Comes Out Of Iowa Looking Like Pat Buchanan

    02/02/2016 6:49:35 PM PST · 57 of 61
    Maelstorm to TigerClaws

    I agree. Buchanan was right. Iowa was a wash and more of a empty victory. Cruz deserves credit for proving the worth of his machine. I like Cruz. I don’t even hate Rubio. I just don’t think they will seriously address the immigration issue. Both are receiving so much money for billionaires who don’t want it. Now of course they both will go through the motions but when it comes down to fighting to stop illegal immigration I’m not convinced they will have what it takes. Rubio especially doesn’t have what it takes. Hell he’d been in the Senate no time at all before he was snuggling up to Schumer.

    Trump gets the issues that matter more to the future of this nation than any others. Whether it is jobs lost to bad trade deals or illegal immigration America can not recover while these issues remain unfixed. America as we know it is ceasing to exist. Even in Virginia immigration has transformed the once red state into a purple one. What fools we are if we elect people who will replace Americans with people from cultures who have no desire to assimilate?

  • Iowa Caucus - Free Republic Prediction Thread

    01/31/2016 12:05:18 PM PST · 87 of 109
    Maelstorm to nwrep

    R = Trump-Cruz-Rubio 35,20,17
    D = Clinton, Sanders, O’malley 50,49,1

  • 2016 President – Primaries (latest betting on Iowa caucus)

    01/31/2016 11:50:44 AM PST · 10 of 17
    Maelstorm to entropy12

    I think there is a fairly safe bet that Trump wins. I’ve seen the Cruz camp arguments and I do personally like Cruz but when I went back and looked at the Santorum come from behind win of 2012 there was clear momentum in Santorum’s favor which allowed him to close the 1-5 points separating him and Romney when you take in the last two polls before the caucus.


    Right now Trump is leading anywhere from 5-8 points

    Another reason I think Trump has the edge is because his voters are more committed to him. 71% to 51% and there is clear evidence of increased turnout which will favor him.
    Also Team Cruz made a fairly significant misstep which will play out into tomorrow with the “Voter Violation” mailer which is likely to help turnout but not the way the campaign intended.


    Trump also did himself a favor by effectively promising on his Mother’s bible to evangelicals that he would “...Never let them down.”


    If Trump wins big its very likely Trump will be unstoppable. He will certainly win New Hampshire. The biggest risk of all is that if Trump is weakened Jeb Bush may be given a new lease on life. He has risen to be competitive for 2nd place in New Hampshire. How things realign after Iowa will be interesting but its pretty common for Iowa to have very little bearing on the outcome of the nomination but this year its important because it will give us our first real glimpse into the reality of Trump’s support and real strength of candidates like Cruz and Rubio. However we need to be careful. Reagan lost Iowa to Bush in 1980.

    Key takeaways for me:

    1. Trump has the clear edge. Its his race to lose.

    2. A big Cruz win and significant Trump under performance will wound Trump. The way Trump responds will determine his viability moving forward.

    3. If Cruz is upset by Rubio for 2nd it will hurt him significantly.

    4. A close Trump win or a close Cruz win allows both candidates to continue on and save face. Trump will win New Hampshire. Cruz will logically need to focus on South Carolina.

    5. A big Trump win with him over performing will make him virtually unstoppable. The Trump mythos is defined by one word “winning” if he proves he can do it in Iowa he’s not going to be stopped in New Hampshire or South Carolina which are even more favorable to him. If this happens I believe we will begin to see the formation of a Trumpnami. A wave candidate in a wave election aimed squarely not at just Democrats but at the core of status quo politics.

    I’m really hoping for #5 because I think we need that more than we need a strict conservative. I was hoping for a ticket with Trump and Cruz but we’ll see how well they each can bury the hatchet post the nastiness.

  • Minnesota GOP Rules Change after Ron Paul Delegates Win May Give Donald Trump the Win

    01/31/2016 11:11:36 AM PST · 7 of 14
    Maelstorm to VitacoreVision

    Pretty funny. We have that too. Always trying to change the rules to thwart those dastardly voters. Its good to see they screwed themselves.

  • Trump Winning Over Latinos (beats Cruz, Rubio, Yeb put together!)

    01/31/2016 11:00:39 AM PST · 65 of 76
    Maelstorm to LS

    Trump knows how to drive emotional commitment. Even in my own estimation I often find the GOP to be rather cold. I remember in particular when Gov was elected and I went to the party after a full day working outside the polls with my family. There were a lot of people there but amazingly there was so little celebrating just a lot of people standing together most not even talking to one another. I just found it odd. The best after election party I’ve been to was for Scott Brown in MA. Maybe I’m wrong but too many GOP especially running things just seem to not know how to be welcoming or connect emotionally which is the real reason they don’t connect with minorities in my observation. Its almost as if many have an outright disdain for the idea as if passion and emotion cheapens the purity of their intellectual positions.

  • The 'Magic Number' That Could Decide Trump vs. Cruz in Iowa

    01/31/2016 9:24:10 AM PST · 44 of 107
    Maelstorm to Norseman

    Wait and see. If he wins Iowa he will be unstoppable and his favorable will improve and honestly he hasn’t used a tenth of his arsenal of accomplishments. If he doesn’t come close in Iowa it will hurt him but it may not be fatal Reagan lost IA to Bush in 1980. I’m not worried about his disapproval because he is good at driving others negatives up and controlling narratives. The rest of what you mentioned demonstrates the problem with Republicans and society that confuses submissive effeminate behavior with civility. If you want to continue play Charlie Brown Conservative constantly running and failing to kick Lucy Liberals football then by all means continue to get hung up on demeanor and political correctness.

  • The 'Magic Number' That Could Decide Trump vs. Cruz in Iowa

    01/31/2016 8:55:37 AM PST · 27 of 107
    Maelstorm to SeekAndFind

    I suspect the turnout will be very high. Based on polling history I expect Trump to win. Also team Cruz made a key misstep that that is going to color the race Monday with that stupid mailer. If the turnout is not big it will hurt Trump going forward. If however the results show his support to be not only real but understated it will totally change the dynamic of the race and I expect him to be unstoppable. People like winners and if the Trump phenomenon proves to be real beyond a doubt I think a lot more people will see the value of it as a Trumpnami sweeping away the conventional wisdom and political correctness and Washington DC status quo.


  • Trump: 'If we win in Iowa... we can run the table'

    01/31/2016 8:35:13 AM PST · 26 of 26
    Maelstorm to RightGuy

    I just read that the phones have been ringing off the hook with people inquiring about where they needed to go to caucus.


  • The Jeb Bush Hatchet Man Who Might Accidentally Elect Donald Trump (Mike Murphy)

    01/31/2016 7:45:07 AM PST · 7 of 16
    Maelstorm to jimbo123

    Murphy is the kind of consultant that somehow continues to get hired but he isn’t unique. Its amazing how “conservatives” hire progressive liberals to run their campaigns. John McCain did with Mark Mckinnon. These “cosmopolitan” Republican consultants are largely leeches. Many don’t know a damned thing about marketing and branding and pride themselves on it. That said in this case I have to ask what is Murphy to do?

    Does he waste money attacking Donald Trump when they’ve already spent millions and never even dented Trump’s support? The only hope for Jeb outside of meteor hitting a campaign debate and Jeb Bush being a miraculous survivor is for him to force someone like Rubio out of the race. I’ve seen some of the ads against Rubio and they are effective though less so in selling Bush. Rubio is likely a solid 3rd place in Iowa. Jeb Bush is tied with Huckabee and Paul for 4th in the polls. The question is how far will Bush try to take it. Jeb has a chance for a 2nd place finish in New Hampshire and if I were his campaign manager that is where I would be focusing my attacks and those attacks would be on Kasich who I think has very soft support.

    Jeb only has to pick up a few points to put him in a solid 2nd place in NH. One poll Emerson actually showed him in 2nd place with 18%. I’m not sure I believe that poll but enough polls show he could definitely win 2nd place in New Hampshire which would give him an argument to go further and get donors to give more money. Right now the Bush strategy in Iowa is to hold Rubio down as best they can. They should be attacking Kasich because the sooner they get him out of the race the sooner they can pick up some vote share. I’d have went after him first. You cull the herd by going after the weak.

  • Statement from (Iowa) Secretary of State Paul Pate Regarding Misleading Mailer from Cruz

    01/30/2016 9:12:53 PM PST · 457 of 521
    Maelstorm to map

    The Cruz campaign confirmed this mailer.

    “Cruz’s campaign quickly confirmed the origins of the mailer,”


  • Statement from (Iowa) Secretary of State Paul Pate Regarding Misleading Mailer from Cruz

    01/30/2016 9:11:36 PM PST · 455 of 521
    Maelstorm to springwater13
    I think the mailer was in bad taste. I've been a long time Cruz supporter even though I favor Trump now but sending out a fake official looking mailer is not good. Here is what the mailer looks like.
    Here's a link with more details. This indeed may increase turn out but may hurt Cruz considerably in the end. People tend to respond to this kind of thing in ways contrary to what a campaign desires. Now if it had been an independent group it would be one thing but Cruz confirmed this mailer. I think he's made a very bad misstep which may cost him a solid 2nd place finish.
  • Massachusetts tattoo artist gives away free Donald Trump tattoos

    01/30/2016 8:59:40 PM PST · 11 of 22
    Maelstorm to BenLurkin

    Make America Great Again would be a nice tatoo though I wouldn’t get a tatoo for any candidate.

  • Trump: 'If we win in Iowa... we can run the table'

    01/30/2016 8:57:46 PM PST · 12 of 26
    Maelstorm to drewh

    I fully expect Trump to win the Iowa caucuses which will very likely lock his win in New Hampshire. If he wins both he will likely too strong to derail. They may try in South Carolina but I don’t see it happening. No one will feed off winning more than Trump and those that had been skeptical of him will start warming to him because people like a winner especially a proven one.

    Trump winning Iowa means a big loss for the defenders of the bankrupt political status quo. I expect Huckabee, Carson, and Santorum to be gone from the race after Iowa.
    I think there is a far greater chance of Sanders upset than a Cruz upsetting Trump. Also Rubio based on recent polls could be a wildcard spoiler for Cruz.

    My preferred order of win would be Trump, then Cruz close behind. After Iowa Trump will need to milk it to improve his favorables. He should use his family and show his grace and thankfulness. It will be a big opportunity for him.

  • Trump maintains hefty lead over GOP field

    01/29/2016 7:33:45 AM PST · 43 of 97
    Maelstorm to ScottWalkerForPresident2016

    Trump is a phenomenon and while individual candidate loyalists naturally refuse to understand especially at this point he is not a surprising phenomenon. As far back as Perot we saw a significant desire for an extra political option with a clear anti-Washington DC bent. The GOP recovered from Perot ala Newt Gingrich and the commitment to core principles via the contract with America. The unraveling resumed with compassionate conservative GW Bush and his ultimate betrayal with the “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008”.

    Sen Fred Thompson’s ill-fated primary candidacy was a hint that there was a strong but still controllable desire for a Reaganesque candidate. John McCain of course lost to Obama and Obama’s out the gate excesses when taken with all the other betrayals of the America people fueled the rise of the Tea party which was the beginning of the real and final unmasking of the GOP-E.

    Everytime we won victories like in 2010 by being bold and principled the GOP-E insisted that we must retreat back into the safety of ambiguity and the comfort of the shadow of the premises of the left. The popularity of Herman Cain once again illustrated that there was a huge desire for both an outsider and a Reaganesque candidate and he was beating the odds till awkward revelations concerning giving payments to a lady not his wife finally defeated him. Romney, the proud grandfather of Obamacare, very predictably lost. The postmortum GOP-E analysis insisted essentially that we weren’t liberal enough and accepting enough of liberal values.

    We then went through a period where our House leadership tried to force amnesty on us at the direction of the Chamber of Commerce with the help of the Gang of 8 including Marco Rubio. We saw the rise of Ted Cruz at this point who had just been elected and I think we all know where that led. Now we have Trump who is an outsider like no other. Trump as a movement is the distilled discontent with Washington DC, our soft politically correct culture, and its obscene double standards. Its also a movement rejecting the political status quo not just the squishy moderate status quo but also the impotent elitist think tank conservative status quo which seems to value demeanor over substance. Its also a hopeful movement that really does want to Make America Great Again not simply allow America to continue to blindly submit to internationalism, corporatism, and transformation by illegal invasion.

    Those who don’t get Trump and still under the impression that checking all the boxes on an issues list is going to fix Washington DC or that if only Washington DC had the right management it would get better. Trump supporters know what its going to take to fix Washington DC is to send it someone like Trump who will not be stopped by Washington DC, someone who will go around it and through it and over it. A person who will not think twice about breaking the machine. A Republican FDR who will not be stopped.

  • Should people be denied choices at the end of life?

    01/29/2016 6:38:32 AM PST · 7 of 37
    Maelstorm to wagglebee

    My primary concern is that this “choice” is often not a free one. A good example is the mother of a friend of mine who is 90 and is still competent insists she is not ready to die even though she has some serious health problems but is by no way terminal. My friend has guardianship over her and thankfully she is not of the type who would go against her mother’s wishes. Her sister and other family are almost begging her to force her mother into hospice so that then if she had a medical issue she would not receive care.

    I’m not really concerned about people who are terminal or at end of life deciding to refuse treatment. However when it comes to outright euthanasia it almost certainly will increase the expectation that the infirm and the inconvenient simply be made to choose to die whether they truly desire to or not.

  • Poll: Donald Trump gained 15 points on Ted Cruz in Iowa in two weeks

    01/24/2016 4:41:56 PM PST · 41 of 94
    Maelstorm to LS

    I agree. I also think the Goldman Sachs revelation played a small role. The biggest thing that has hurt Cruz is that he has been receiving too much help ala Beck and National Review. Nothing like a whiny radio host hypocrite who had no problem with Romney a king of changed positions and grandfather of Obamacare going full Trump is Hitler to turn people off. Palin may have came off in her initial endorsement of Trump as if she was speaking some tea party version of pig latin but she didn’t make Trump look like a fool in the process Beck on the other hand with the mock Oath of Office really went off the deep end. I’m not even going to start on the horrible National Review hit issue that was so bad that even the RNC knew they had to do something to separate themselves from it.

    Trump is truly blessed by the sad quality of his enemies.

  • Fox News Poll: Donald Trump Takes Back Iowa with 11-Point Surge

    01/24/2016 3:32:10 PM PST · 31 of 31
    Maelstorm to Nachum

    Great News!

    Too many people ask the wrong question. “Is Trump a conservative?” The question should be “Is Trump conservative enough?”. If John McCain and Romney were conservative enough that answer has to be “Yes”. I would assert even further that based on the criticism of Trump over changing positions on issues that he and Romney are not much different outside of Trump’s clear America First platform, demeanor, and fight. Also Trump never implemented state run healthcare in such a way that it was used as the foundation for Obamacare so in that extent I’d rate Romney the less conservative because he actually proved it in the way he governed.

    If all Trump offered was the standard consultant fed drivel he’d be as impotent as Romney ultimately was. Trump instead has taken substantial risk to his business deals and brand to run for President. He could’ve chosen more politically correct ways to make his statements but instead went full on out the gate attacking illegal immigration directly. He has lost real business because of this he’s been maligned as an xenophobe, racist, and bigot. If there is any measure of genuine conversion to a cause or ideology it is represented by the ability to take on the cost associated with it and Trump indeed took that on not knowing in any real way that his bold approach would work in a society used to receiving politically correct homilies.

    Trump of course is more than conservatism and for any doubts one has about his personal convictions one can not with any credibility attack the conservatism of the policies he’s put forth and the patriotic conservative theme of his campaign “Make America Great Again”. No one can deny his appeal to the millions of Americans who have over time quit believing in America or its dream. They’ve seen their jobs and opportunities drain away to foreign lands as they increasingly must compete for service level jobs with work visa holders and illegals for what amount to stagnate and low wages.

    Trump takes up the plight of the hurting disaffected forgotten men and women, he doesn’t just talk down to them telling them how those coal jobs that the EPA killed were really a good thing or that moving jobs to China is good for America with talk about how it improves wages and profits at the top but leaves the bottom and middle income worker wanting. Trump tells these people that a brighter America is on the horizon that together we can “Make America Great Again”. This message touches the souls of these people and he doesn’t even need to tell he feels their pain.

    When is Trump filling stadiums with thousands many who haven’t voted in years with a clear conservative pro America first message who can find fault with it and call themselves a true conservative? I certainly can’t and its shameful that those who should know better are putting small ball politics above the big picture. Donald Trump is a vessel of a bloodless revolution. He is waking up the long asleep spirit of America triumphant.

    One can criticize Trump all they want on his past but when they attack his pro America conservative message as hate they reveal more about how their conservatism is lacking than Trump’s.

  • National Review Squanders Its Legacy; Disdains Founder Bill Buckley’s Advice

    01/22/2016 2:46:03 PM PST · 127 of 285
    Maelstorm to Albion Wilde

    You hit the nail on the head. I’ve not been a fan of the National Review for a while and after this latest screed against Trump I really doubt I ever will be again. Its like some of the crap coming out of Glenn Beck comparing Trump to Hitler as if conservatism is incompatible with populism and nationalism (loving ones country and wanting it to win).

    Sure Trump has held various positions but that didn’t bother these folks when it was Romney coming late to the prolife cause or when he supported Cap and Trade and then didn’t. They weren’t even concerned that choosing someone who laid the foundations of state run healthcare in Romneycare would be a problem after 2010 and the Democrat rout over Obamacare. That I suppose was different. The only difference I see is one of demeanor and desire to win.

    Romney didn’t always win when he worked at Bain Capital many of the businesses Bain tried to rescue ultimately failed yet these same people who attack Trump who has built a worldwide business empire with wealth rivaling Romney many times over is derided as a mere celebrity. I suppose to be respected by the national review and Glenn Beck pukes you have to look like a Mormon super man and just take a beating from Democrats.

    I remember how many of them made excuses for Romney saying that he had to take certain policy positions to be elected in a Blue state and that it was understandable that he shifted his positions. I suppose Trump shifting from being a business man with a business based in a blue state doesn’t deserve the same consideration given how leftists like to target and shut down those they see as politically incompatible? I think that Trump surely deserves the same respect.

    The part I think really offends those at the National Review is that Trump in the months since launching his campaign has totally taken over the direction of the party.
    He immediately killed out the gate any ideas of comprehensive immigration reform and all anyone talks about now is a wall. He destroyed any hope of the goals of the Chamber of Commerce who for a while behaved as if it were in control of the United States Congress not the people who voted Republicans into power. Trump also has did what no conservative since Reagan has done. He took on the media and he has repeatedly won.

    Trump’s campaign is the only campaign solely focused on issues that put the interests of the American citizen first economically and culturally. If making sure that Americans aren’t replaced by foreign labor, that manufacturing and other business stay in America, isn’t invaded by illegals, and isn’t culturally over run by those who embrace sharia law isn’t conservative then what exactly is conservatism?

    I’m personally tired of a conservatism that behaves as if it has something to be ashamed of and these failures and hypocrites at the National Review and Glenn Beck are really pathetic. The one thing I’m certain of is that they are more the problem than anything Trump is doing. Trump is packing crowds of thousands excited to Make America Great again for Americans. Those who can not see the good in this I am torn between feeling bad for them and see them as absolute traitors to this nation who really have never intended to win. Hell they don’t even know what it means. I suppose they just intended to live out their lives get paid like leeches feeding off a dying nation.

  • One Angry American Responds To: Rich Lowry, Megyn Kelly, Dana Loesch,

    01/22/2016 5:40:42 AM PST · 14 of 79
    Maelstorm to sheikdetailfeather

    I read through a few of the screeds on National review and the telling part was how many of them were stuff that could’ve been written easily by someone like Maureen Dowd at the New York times or some puke at Mother Jones. There was one by some Cato puke claiming to be a libertarian which really heaped on the political correctness crap alleging hate because one knows that not supporting cheap foreign labor and illegal immigration and not wanting to import Sharia believing Muslims is “hate”. I swear I used to respect libertarian groups like Cato but they have transformed into corporatist liberaltarians.

    Some of the others were milder repeating the tried diatribes of how Trump dared not go along with GW Bush and the Iraq invasion and how he was at one time Pro abortion just like Romney our last nominee. Trump merely spoke favorably of socialized medicine something which he totally rejects as an option now I suppose theyd feel better about him if hed actually been a Governor like Romney who set the stage for Obamacare. Maybe if Trump were going around talking about how he was “seriously conservative” these elitist pukes would feel less threatened.

    I know Trump is not perfect, I know he gave huge sums of money to both Democrats and Republicans but of course these detractors are very selective in their reporting of Trumps donations and positions. They also won’t tell you how the Trump family supported both Goldwater and Reagan.

  • Halperin: Trump Poised To Win Iowa, New Hampshire and Then Run The Table

    01/20/2016 8:44:57 PM PST · 42 of 60
    Maelstorm to Awgie

    Thank you!

    I edited up what I wrote into an endorsement for Trump.


  • Halperin: Trump Poised To Win Iowa, New Hampshire and Then Run The Table

    01/20/2016 8:44:21 PM PST · 41 of 60
    Maelstorm to SamAdams76
  • Halperin: Trump Poised To Win Iowa, New Hampshire and Then Run The Table

    01/20/2016 8:43:38 PM PST · 40 of 60
    Maelstorm to Inyo-Mono
  • Explaining Trump is Easy

    01/20/2016 8:41:12 PM PST · 24 of 67
    Maelstorm to EternalHope
  • Halperin: Trump Poised To Win Iowa, New Hampshire and Then Run The Table

    01/20/2016 7:30:26 PM PST · 32 of 60
    Maelstorm to SamAdams76

    Thanks. I just don’t understand. People say they know Washington DC is broken yet they convince themselves it can’t possible work any other way and that only the same types that keep rolling everything forward toward a certain abyss are fit for office. Its insanity. Hopefully people will wake up and come around. All I know is I’m tired of the Hobson’s choice.

  • Halperin: Trump Poised To Win Iowa, New Hampshire and Then Run The Table

    01/20/2016 7:03:43 PM PST · 23 of 60
    Maelstorm to Helicondelta

    I was supporting Cruz but I’m solidly behind Trump now. I’ll still vote for either one and think both are great. That said I think Trump will run the board and I want him to. I want Washington DC to be afraid, to understand that something is coming their way that is going to mess with them like they’ve been messing with us. That’s transform them as they’ve been transforming America. America is rising again and all should be excited about it rather than distracted by the demeanor of the vessel of what is a bloodless revolution.

    I know Trump has held various positions before getting into politics some which are not conservative however if one really looks at the man who like all of us is flawed there is a strength there below the bombast. Many who are born rich take it for granted. Trump never did this. His brother Fred died a drunk so there was no guarantee in riches. Trump wasn’t just a spoiled rich kid he didn’t just milk his Dad’s business and fortune he took it as a launching point and extended to heights even his father who started out poor in the Bronx the son of immigrants never imagined.

    Trump may be a brash flawed man but he is far more accomplished than he is flawed and It is troubling that some Christians/Conservatives feel it is their job to judge this man as if God only blesses those who live in a box of pharisee like piety. The one thing I really like about Trump is that he presents himself warts and all. Sure he gets some things wrong but more importantly he fights for what he has come to believe. He also fights to win at a time when some conservatives behave as if fighting to win is beneath them.

    No consultant in a back room tells Trump what to believe and its sad that some have become so accustomed to the teleprompted leader who reads stuff he never even wrote and probably doesn’t even believe that they recoil at anyone who doesn’t speak in the politically correct verses of the already damned. Those that mock Trump supporters and Trump prove themselves the ignorant ones. Trump has more accomplishment in his little finger than all the other candidates running and if these self styled experts had bothered to research Trump they would find it hard not to be impressed. The man is not a caricature or empty suit. Yes he gave money to Democrats but he also gave more than 600,000 to Republicans and his family were strong supporters of both Goldwater and Reagan. Even Reagan loved FDR at one time and was a Democrat.

    Imagine for a moment if Christ behaved as many Trump detractors do. Its especially sad after many of the same supported a man in Romney who was also flawed and changed his mind and positions even though many excused those flaws because he projected an image and demeanor that also made it hard for him to fight back and so he lost. Now some of these actually say Trump is worse than Obama as if a successful business man who talks about fighting for the American worker, the American Veteran, and the American citizen is worse than a man who never spent a day building anything of note in the private sector and who clearly holds disdain for traditional America.

    There are few times in life you get a chance to be a part of something historic and yet some as if suffering from a Stockholm syndrome behave as if the honor of Washington DC must be protected like it is a virgin bride rather than a pit filled with serpentine whores. I love Ted Cruz and many of the other candidates but you don’t send in the philosophers to argue with vipers. The time for gentle persuasion is over. Its time for a more nuclear option. I want a candidate who will not stand down and will not prostrate themselves but will fight to destroy the enemies of America within and without.

  • Watch: Teenage pop star’s humiliating apology to China for waving Taiwan flag

    01/16/2016 11:32:20 PM PST · 15 of 26
    Maelstorm to TigerLikesRooster

    This burns me but it is what it is. We could’ve killed that red baby China in its crib.

  • It's Starting to Dawn on the Elites That Donald Trump Could Win the Presidency

    01/12/2016 5:52:03 PM PST · 26 of 47
    Maelstorm to mac_truck

    I saw it. It was priceless. The GOP-E whine about Trump but they are like lost puppies who wouldn’t tree a cat even if the cat pissed in their food.

  • It's Starting to Dawn on the Elites That Donald Trump Could Win the Presidency

    01/12/2016 5:11:25 PM PST · 8 of 47
    Maelstorm to Kaslin

    Rush is right. There is a big difference between earning respect like Trump/Cruz and respect that expressed cooing because the left likes the feel of McCain’s lips on their ass. Trump is kicking the media’s butt like no one since Reagan and in some ways that Reagan never could.

  • Thank These Trends for Donald Trump

    01/12/2016 5:05:18 PM PST · 42 of 42
    Maelstorm to LS

    Good to see you are still here LS. Long time no see. I sure hope so. I want a party that is actually proud to be conservative and is bold in its selling of itself and its principles. I’m very tired of the obsequiousness and the choice of Democrat and Republicrat solutions but no “American” solutions. They don’t understand Trump because they no longer even think like Americans and honestly most act like they are ashamed at the idea that we put American interests first where trade, war, and immigration is concerned.

  • How to Caucus for Donald Trump

    01/12/2016 4:29:48 PM PST · 2 of 18
    Maelstorm to Zenjitsuman


  • Thank These Trends for Donald Trump

    01/11/2016 8:24:41 PM PST · 17 of 42
    Maelstorm to jennychase

    The key thing that asshat Matt Lewis (believe me he is a big one) is the absolute failure of those he seems to bemoan as “wise”. They aren’t wise. Their solutions are proven failures. We are not 19 trillion in debt just because of Democrats but also Republicans who act like America is the piggy bank for the whole damn world and every lazy ass neerdowell that knocks on our doors or sneaks across our borders in the middle of the night.

    We have endless wars which we lose not because we must but because our soldiers have to fight with their hands tied in war zones with a pentagon more focused on making lgbt feel welcome in the ranks than winning wars. Its this political correctness that is killing us, its driving us deeper in debt, its allowing an outright invasion on our southern border and now we are importing more crazy ass sharia believing muslims than ever before. Yet these warped orifices of the ruling class expect us to be respectful of these absolute failures who refuse to even follow the Constitution of this land then dare to try to admonish us the taxpayers as if we are the problem. They are lucky we don’t drag them into the streets at night and slather them with burning tar.

    I can’t wait till I see the faces of these smug little pricks aghast at the Inauguration of Trump and Cruz.

  • ARG Iowa (Trump 29-25)

    01/11/2016 4:20:18 PM PST · 237 of 281
    Maelstorm to samtheman

    I would generally agree. Looking at this poll which provides some good breakdowns shows that both Trump and Cruz voters show the greatest enthusiasm with both of them showing that 27% of their voters are certain to vote. Trump is killing it with the independents and younger people. I believe he will win if he gets his people to the polls.

  • 50 years later, disagreements over young Trump’s military academy record

    01/10/2016 9:25:33 AM PST · 45 of 69
    Maelstorm to ladyjane

    Hahahaha Great point!

  • For the Republican Party to Survive, the Establishment Must Take Its Own Advice

    01/10/2016 9:07:30 AM PST · 10 of 14
    Maelstorm to cotton1706

    Most of us have been saying the same thing for a while. The GOP-E likes to have their cake and eat it too. They take advantage of the conservative majority in the GOP and the grass roots volunteers who mostly walk lock step and vote for GOP candidates across the board. Even though much is made of conservatives sitting at home those that sat at home weren’t registered GOP they were voters entirely turned off by the political system who should’ve favored the GOP. No conservative GOP like us voted for Dole, voted for McCain, voted for Romney like good little elephants even if we didn’t like the choices. We even put up with George W Bush’s compassionate conservative crap which was easier because we were winning till the 2nd half of his last term.

    Winning makes it easier to stomach something that isn’t so good. However now that its the GOP-E that is being called on to be loyal little elephants supporting the eventual nominee whether it is Trump or Cruz they are balking revealing what I believe is their true natures.
    One doesn’t have to look very far to find many examples of where the Washington DC GOP have revealed their true natures whether it is the change in tone once they achieved the largest majorities in the House (we did that) where they insisted on acquiescing to Obama’s goals and the goals of ever growing big government even going as far as undoing the sequester the one place were they actually managed to get Obama to concede as their defense contractor donors began screaming. They weren’t really concerned about our military which was still being funded at levels near or above those at the height of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

    In 2013 they began insisting with Rubio in the lead standing alongside some of the most liberal Democrats in Washington that we had to push through comprehensive immigration reform and basically telegraphed that we were going to get it whether we liked it or though the primary loss of Golden boy Eric Cantor derailed these efforts permanently. Even after taking the Senate and growing House Majorities in 2014 instead of Boehner and company learning their lesson they continued purposely passing legislation and funding with Democrat support even when the majority of Republicans in the House disagreed.

    It was during this time that it became clear that the leadership and far too many GOP in the Washington DC bubble not only weren’t conservative but were outright progressives not the least bit interested in standing up to Obama in any aggressive way. They didn’t even send Obama any bills to veto till recently and this was after making sure to give him the power to produce an Iran deal, quadrupling the number of H2B visas and made tax credits for illegals permanent as well as funding 300000 visas for refugees from the Middle East. If they had wanted to fight this they could’ve easily made the case against this to the American public. That they didn’t even try shows their true heart. Its one thing to choose not to fight when you have issues that the public aren’t tuned into but another altogether when you refuse to fight a bill that contains elements that the vast majority of Americans oppose vehemently.

    It comes down to the fact that these guys don’t really want to change the status quo in Washington DC they simply want their turn at the treasury which is of course long empty. They are funding that evil monstrosity on the backs of our grand children who will face an America that we will not even recognize if we don’t get the demographic problems under control caused by illegal immigration and unchecked legal immigration and stop importing individuals who do not appreciate liberty.

  • Jeb Bush: I Imagine Trump Wearing "A Bathrobe And Nice Slippers" When He Phones In TV Interviews

    01/10/2016 8:17:08 AM PST · 9 of 137
    Maelstorm to jimbo123

    Jeb really isn’t helping himself but honestly there is nothing that he can do to help himself. Its out of his hands and out of the hands of the super rich donors. Isn’t that what the media and the so called moderates said they wanted? I swear they were saying that they wanted to take the money influence out of campaigns. :-)

  • Ted Cruz Draws Contrast With Trump On Federal "Deportation Force," "We Don't Live In A Police State"

    01/10/2016 8:15:10 AM PST · 42 of 70
    Maelstorm to Hugin

    He never did. Also enforcing immigration law doesn’t make us a police state it makes us a nation of laws rather than one of the whims of men.

  • Spiteful Virginia GOPe Target Dave Brat for Retaliation…

    01/10/2016 7:51:33 AM PST · 20 of 26
    Maelstorm to cotton1706

    Wade will lose. People in the 7th love Brat.

  • Jeb Bush on Energy Knocks: 'It's the Weirdest Thing in the World'

    01/10/2016 7:49:49 AM PST · 12 of 23
    Maelstorm to jimbo123

    The weirdest thing is that Jeb is still running with the idea that he can be President. Its pretty clear that the grassroots have spoken. NO MORE BUSH in the White House whether it is Hillary or Jeb. :-)

  • 50 years later, disagreements over young Trump’s military academy record

    01/10/2016 7:47:51 AM PST · 10 of 69
    Maelstorm to mandaladon

    Oh my. Talk about desperate. Attacking Trump based on hearsay back when he was in military school? Just lame.

  • Trump: Kim Jong Un deserves 'credit' for taking out rivals

    01/09/2016 10:20:25 PM PST · 10 of 181
    Maelstorm to Cincinatus' Wife

    He wasn’t praising him. He was just observing an obvious fact. Trump understands these people are ruthless and don’t be fooled. He intends to treat them in kind. Its about time we had someone who doesn’t treat the rest of the world as some kind of naive playground where everyone wants democracy and loves us. I’m far more offended by the Republican Congress that has let Obama craft a chump deal with Iran than Trump observing and being amazed that a 26 year old can manage to keep brutal control over a country. Trump I think understands our enemies for what they are. He doesn’t speak to us like we are children who need to have our feelings protected or simply tell us sweet lies about how Islam is a “religion of peace” after a every brutal islamic attack.

  • Trump doesn’t apologize to our enemies, but he does praise them

    01/09/2016 9:12:11 PM PST · 10 of 43
    Maelstorm to arista

    He’s just being honest. He isn’t happy about these guys at least not North Korea but who should you be more wary about a guy that respects the enemy as the tough SOBS they are and knows they are out to screw us or the unswift bunch in Congress including the Republican enablers who helped craft the conditions to push through a sucker ‘deal’ with Iran? Don’t confuse Trump’s respect for his opponents for desire to submit or lose to them. His compliments are often followed closely by the edge of a sword.