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    03/17/2002 1:24:23 AM PST · 133 of 193
    Mercuria to VinnyTex
    I can take the heat plenty, boy, and I've taken it.

    I'm not complaining at all.

    But if you are SO SCARED of the management seeing your noble attempts to disrupt threads where the Evil Racist-Linker Mercuria resides, that's YOUR heat and YOUR kitchen of your OWN MAKING, little man.

    Hell, I don't want this thread pulled at ALL. I've got it saved to hard drive where I will be MOST HAPPY to resurrect it elsewhere to let people decide for themselves whether Merc or VinnyTex is the "extremist".

    Good night.


    03/17/2002 1:16:49 AM PST · 131 of 193
    Mercuria to VinnyTex; Bob J; Jim Robinson

    If you've decided to make it your mission on FR to spam whatever thread I'm on because you believe yourself so much superior to SPLC and DIFFERENT in your determination of what constitutes a "hater" and a "hatesite" (HOW exactly are you different from Morris "Sleaze" Dees? i must have missed it), and if you're too cowardly to call those in charge to attend to your noble efforts and why...hell, it's MY reputation on the line.

    Allow ME to "alert" those in charge of the Forum and the Network. I'm sure they will be most grateful for your glorious mission and will appreciate your ignoring the rules of this board in order to lead them to the light.


    BTW...are you so mannerless and frothing that you have no idea how RUDE it is for you to bring unrelated issues into someone else's thread?

    Go ahead.

    Tell Jim Robinson.

    Tell Bob J.

    Tell the MODERATORS, for all I care.

    I'm sure they'll ALL appreciate your attempts to disrupt threads in order to attempt to get a link of which you don't approve off the board.


    03/17/2002 1:03:49 AM PST · 127 of 193
    Mercuria to Bella_Bru
    LOL!!! No problem, and no argument, she IS bitchy!!!

    It's interesting to watch, though, isn't it?

    People who had been hollering about Abuse Of Power and Censorship and the evils of guilt-by-association practiced by the Clinton Administration have become exactly what they professed to hate.

    How DID that happen?


    03/17/2002 1:01:47 AM PST · 125 of 193
    Mercuria to VinnyTex
    Hell, why don't you just FReepmail Bob J and express your "concerns"?

    What's stopping ya, boy?

    Go for it.


    03/17/2002 12:54:33 AM PST · 121 of 193
    Mercuria to Bella_Bru
    Merc, you know I love ya, but some of the stuff on that page is a bit much.

    I agree with you!

    Her essays on Jesse Jackson and Hillary Clinton are hilarious, but no, I do not see eye-to-eye with her on issues of race and Judaism.

    However, I reserve my right to link to a page where I DO NOT have 100% agreement with the author.

    And being a bit perverse, I'm less likely to be convinced (or BULLIED) into withdrawing a link because it is "offensive" or even at times "extreme"...especially when being browbeaten and insulted and threatened by the pathetic Thought Police who have no other power in their lives except to slime people via Guilt By Association.

    And would you REALLY have me any other way?



    03/17/2002 12:44:37 AM PST · 113 of 193
    Mercuria to Texas Dissident

    Gad...he just must HATE it when that happens. Hehehe...


    03/17/2002 12:40:40 AM PST · 108 of 193
    Mercuria to VinnyTex
    Once again...

    ...if you cannot provide anything I MYSELF HAVE SAID THAT CAN BE CONSTRUED AS ANTI-SEMITIC (and you WON'T, because I'm NOT), then shut your trap and blow away.

    You are disrupting this thread with an attempt at a personal attack. There STILL exists a couple of rules here about that sort of behavior.

    I don't intend to push the abuse button, because there is nothing you can allege about me personally that can't be refuted.

    So why don't you just stick to the subject and quit stalking me like some kind of frothing Thought Policeman?

    I thought you were less of a creep than that, FreedomWins.

    (BTW, why DID you change your screenname?)


    03/17/2002 12:33:57 AM PST · 104 of 193
    Mercuria to VinnyTex
    Excuse me, but please point out WTF has that got to do with ANYTHING on this thread.

    If you can't, shove off.

    You've already tried this "guilt-by-association" crap. Sorry, kid, it won't work.

    Now quit acting like a total LIE-BERAL jerk and behave yourself.


    03/17/2002 12:31:08 AM PST · 103 of 193
    Mercuria to VinnyTex
    So you've decided to become a complete scum-bucket, complete with a threat to falsely ascribe 100% Carol's viewpoints as mine, as well as signing my name to it?

    Says more about you, culero, than it does about me.


    03/17/2002 12:23:35 AM PST · 99 of 193
    Mercuria to Snow Bunny
    Hi, Snow!!!

    I've NEVER believed it should be too much to ask of Bush supporters (and even Bush cynics like me) - conservatives, generally - to HOLD THE PRESIDENT'S FEET TO THE FIRE on issues.

    It is NOT "anti-American" or "Bush-bashing" to call him to task when he's issuing bad judgment calls.


    03/17/2002 12:20:19 AM PST · 98 of 193
    Mercuria to weikel
    Better have a good read-through of that Patriot Act.

    We shouldn't be excusing the passage of such a horror simply because "we're already abused by RICO".


    03/17/2002 12:19:16 AM PST · 97 of 193
    Mercuria to bybybill
    Some of us STILL have a reason to bitch...even with Bush in office instead of Gore.

    And mainly because those who are trying to make excuses for the President's Gore-like accession to the Democrats' vision of "compassion" DO believe that President Bush walks on water...and not because he can't swim...if you catch my drift?


    03/17/2002 12:16:47 AM PST · 94 of 193
    Mercuria to sweetliberty
    Why does everybody have to be labeled either a Bushbot or a Bush basher? Why can't we just support our president, but challenge him when we believe he is wrong? It is a far more loving thing to correct errors, or at least try to, than to ignore them and and instead allow them to drive a wedge between people. Why should this be any less true for the president than for anybody else we care about?

    I know people who THINK they know my positions will just drop in a faint, but I pray for our President continually.

    And it is our DUTY as FREE CITIZENS to correct our Administration when we believe it is doing wrong, and to use our Constitutional rights AND our power as a voting populace to register our disapproval.

    Does a loving parent give a child anything they want?

    It might come as a shock to people...but WE are the loving parent, not the President.

    As I've said, I have MANY Bush-supporting close friends! I certainly do not call them "Bushbots", nor do I call anyone that except those who will not tolerate debate on his decisions one iota without a flamefest.

    Granted, there are some dissenters like me who are more provoking than thought-provoking.

    But then again, we're not the ones running around here trying to paint everyone who disagrees with the President as a traitor.

    Gets hairy.

    But as always...I hope for the best, and expect the worst.

    Keeps me from going extreme OR burying my head in the sand and pretending that a President with an (R) designation after his name means everything's just gonna be okay from now on. **g**


    03/17/2002 12:09:05 AM PST · 91 of 193
    Mercuria to DoughtyOne
    LOL!!! Cut me a major break, wouldja? **g**

    03/17/2002 12:08:10 AM PST · 90 of 193
    Mercuria to Dan from Michigan
    "Dance with the one that brung ya."

    The question being...who was it, exactly, that introduced Dubya and "brung" him in the first place?

    Those are the ones he'll dance with.

    That will reveal a lot.


    03/17/2002 12:05:20 AM PST · 88 of 193
    Mercuria to StopDemocratsDotCom
    He also signed that amnesty deal.

    But while Bush has been in office, he's supported the Patriot Act, let President Fox pretty well off the hook about supporting his OWN citizens, stated in his campaign website that he would SIGN A BILL if passed for mandatory gun locks (or Safety Restriction Devices, as I call them), supports environ-MENTAL-ist provisions of CARA, et c.

    And Campaign Finance Reform.

    If he passes that, would you support him in 2004?

    What happened to the Incremental Shift To The Right that the Bush presidency guaranteed us, according to his hardcore supporters?

    That DOESN'T mean signing a token tax refund while ignoring other issues. It isn't ALL about $300 to some of us.

    The Constitution and my rights mean more to me than a $300 check.

    And anyone who sees that $300 as justification for everything else Bush does that is most definitely NOT conservative...well, let me put it this way...that's an awfully cheap price to sell out your freedoms.


    03/16/2002 11:57:34 PM PST · 84 of 193
    Mercuria to joyce11111
    Come on...even when I was most peeved at Rush, I wasn't telling him to "shut up"!

    He has a listenership and a following.

    I myself am not among them.

    I suggest you turn the dial and find yourself a nice Bush-Right-Or-Wrong talkshow host if you're going to get yourself in a snit with one of Rush's rare disagreements with our President.

    Not to worry, there are PLENTY of them out there.


    03/16/2002 11:54:50 PM PST · 79 of 193
    Mercuria to StopDemocratsDotCom
    You are too kind to me, I'm sure. **g**


    ...Rush WARNED us about Bush before he went can I say this?...GOP Shill Mode during 2K...

    ...and when HR 1885 passed, Rush criticized Bush!

    "See, I Told You So Before I Campaigned So Hard For Bush In 2000!"

    Rush shouldn't be toying with us like that.

  • USO Canteen FReeper Style....St.Patrick's Day...-03-17-02

    03/16/2002 11:51:26 PM PST · 20 of 318
    Mercuria to Snow Bunny
    Top o' the mornin' to ye!

    A wee bit of Irish jokeism...

    Two Irishmen walk past a bar...


    . COULD happen!

    (But I doubt it on St. Paddy's Day...slainte to all!)


    03/16/2002 10:27:07 PM PST · 37 of 60
    Mercuria to Sabertooth
    Gonna be there??