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  • Face the Flag

    06/14/2005 5:57:01 AM PDT · by mommadooo3 · 17 replies · 695+ views
    cyberdenis website ^ | unknown | John Wayne
    THERE is a fad that springs up now and then in America of considering it fashionable to deplore our flag as just a symbol. Well, that's absolutely right. It is a symbol. The only fault that I can find with the pseudointellectuals who therefore discount it is that they live by symbols and apparently aren't even aware of it. I would like to ask them a few questions. For example, why do they stop their cars when they see a red light at an intersection? It's just a symbol. The answer is obvious. The least unpleasant thing that could result...
  • Excerpts From 101 Things To Do 'Til The Revolution

    06/03/2005 1:00:44 PM PDT · by mommadooo3 · 46 replies · 2,179+ views
    FreeRepublic 'locked' threads ^ | 1997 | Claire Wolfe
    Excerpts from 101 THINGS TO DO 'TIL THE REVOLUTION Posted on 05/14/2000 21:47:37 PDT by arcane Excerpts from 101 THINGS TO DO 'TIL THE REVOLUTION By Claire Wolfe -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "This book is dedicated to you, the enemy of the state." From the Forward: America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards. .... On the road to tyranny, we've gone so far that polite political action is as useless as a miniskirt in a convent. But most people are still standing around numb and confused, knowing something's wrong...
  • How To Observe Memorial Day

    05/27/2005 4:46:48 PM PDT · by mommadooo3 · 6 replies · 1,117+ views
    US Memorial ^ | unknown | unknown
    How To Observe Memeorial Day "Let us, then, at the time appointed, gather around their sacred remains and garland the passionless mounds above them with choicest flowers of springtime....let us in this solemn presence renew our pledges to aid and assist those whom they have left among us as sacred charges upon the Nation's gratitude,--the soldier's and sailor's widow and orphan." --General John Logan, General Order No. 11, 5 May 1868 The "Memorial" in Memorial Day has been ignored by too many of us who are beneficiaries of those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Often we do not observe...
  • Bizzare Horse Deaths

    03/02/2005 5:50:42 PM PST · by mommadooo3 · 153 replies · 3,884+ views
    Ohio Horse ^ | 3/2/05 | John Holland
    Please Read and Disseminate If you are a veterinarian, please do not assume you know what this is until you have read this entire report. Horses are dying of this infection in as little as 12 hours, and multiple deaths on a farm are the norm. THIS IS NOT MOLD RELATED, IT IS CLEARLY BACTERIAL What's new.... This is more alarming by the minute. The vast majority of the cases have occurred in the last 60 days and the area is increasing. The extent of this has grown to include Minnesota, Wyoming, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee,...
  • FReeper New Year's Recipes and Traditions (vanity)

    12/29/2004 2:08:02 PM PST · by mommadooo3 · 174 replies · 2,209+ views
    n/a ^ | 12/29/04 | mommadooo
    We've had threads for Thanksgiving, Christmas recipes/traditions. It's been this FReeper family sharing the special recipes/traditions of their 'real life' families/heritage. I know that we have MANY FReepers who come from various ethnic/religious backgrounds. And I thought it would be neat to share the ways we all celebrate New Year's.
  • Cowboy Up... Congress Approves Mustang Slaughter

    11/26/2004 5:37:54 PM PST · by mommadooo3 · 206 replies · 2,579+ views
    Yahoo HRB/etc ^ | n/a | n/a
    Congress Approves Mustang Slaughter PLEASE HELP, PLEASE PASS ON....................... Stealthily tucked within a much larger appropriations bill (HR 4818) while no one was watching, Congress approved measures this weekend to end 33 years of Federal protection for an America Treasure, our "Living Legends" - wild free-roaming horses and burros on public lands. This bill seems to have broadsided everyone, including many BLM personnel, who had drafted their own plans to handle the problem, and thought their plan would work. Since both House and Senate have already passed it, the only hope left is to get Bush not to sign it...
  • A Vanity Dedicated to Our Vets, Present and Past

    09/29/2003 2:09:08 AM PDT · by mommadooo3 · 8 replies · 108+ views
    Bucyrus, Ohio ^ | 9/29/03 | me
    In this mural, Lady Liberty cradles a dying soldier in her arms, remembering the sacrifices in life and death, made by so many to secure liberty for all. 284 faces of Crawford County, Ohio veterans were painted to look as though they were carved in the stone of the columns and back wall. This mural was designed in the year 2000. Painting began in May 2001 and finished Nov. 2001. Mid-way through the project, the World Trade Centers were attacked on Sept. 11th. Eric put up a banner the day after that read, "Her torch still shines, Our flag still...
  • If I Die Before You Wake

    03/26/2003 10:17:55 AM PST · by mommadooo3 · 11 replies · 722+ views
    Dustin Evans website ^ | n/a | Dustin Evans
    Back home now, I know you're probably sleepin' Over here it's the middle of the day I finally found some time to write a letter Sittin' here a half a world away I heard about all them folks protestin' As if I really want this war But that don't stop me from believin' There's just some things worth fightin' for (chorus) And if I die before you wake, I pray the world will take A good look at what God's given us That we could only understand , everything is in His Hands All we need is a little faith...
  • FReep This, Education/Truth Needed? (Shameless Vanity for FReeper 'help')

    03/12/2003 7:25:50 PM PST · by mommadooo3 · 7 replies · 239+ views
    WCL radio BB ^ | 3/12/03 | mommadooo
    AbsoluteJust Wants War not Facts -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted By: GM Posted Date: March 12, 2003 (9:22 PM) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Message: Since you want to start arguing about war, I'll start a new thread just for you, war monger boy. You want facts? You won't like them. Facts on the Gulf War: "The number of Iraqis who died in 1991 from effects of the Gulf war or postwar turmoil approximates 205,500." "The UN calculated that between 3,500 and 15,000 civilians died during the war (plus between 100,000 and 120,000 Iraqi troops)".,3604,884289,00.html The fact is that the lying Repugs who kill all...
  • FBI Arrests Ohio Man

    03/07/2003 5:14:18 AM PST · by mommadooo3 · 55 replies · 1,251+ views
    WHIZ tv ^ | 3/7/03 | n/a
    3/6/2003 - FBI Arrests Ohio Man The FBI converged on a rural house in Kilgore, Ohio Thursday and arrested a man on charges of providing false I-Ds to help illegal aliens get into the U-S from Canada. FBI agent Mitchell Marrone said the agency was tipped off by CNN after the television network received anonymous e-mails stating that someone in Ohio was helping illegal aliens enter the county. There was even an allegation in the e-mails that the person had Sarin gas and was planning a terrorist attack. The FBI is not saying what it discovered at Fernwalt’s house when...
  • Vanity, Seeking Help Locating WTC Memorial Image

    01/03/2003 4:07:36 PM PST · by mommadooo3 · 6 replies · 208+ views
    n/a ^ | today | mommadooo
    I've been looking for an image, that I'm fairly sure was a 'FReeper original', made after the WTC attack. As a memorial, the image was of an eagle head...had the American flag 'super-imposed' over it...and at the bottom, it said,' Let's Roll'. Like I said, I believe it's a FReeper who did it, because I can remember the thread, and the FReeper had the flag 'backwards'. Then he 'fixed' it.
  • Citizens Can't Carry Concealed Guns Yet

    04/27/2002 6:05:07 AM PDT · by mommadooo3 · 20 replies · 7+ views
    Columbus Dispatch ^ | 4/27/02 | Liz Sidoti
    Citizens can't carry concealed guns yet Saturday, April 27, 2002 Liz Sidoti Associated Press The Ohio Supreme Court on Thursday said police in Hamilton County once again can enforce Ohio's ban on concealed weapons. The justices agreed to delay the 1st Ohio District Court of Appeals' April 10 ruling that declared the ban unconstitutional and allowed people to carry concealed weapons in Hamilton County, which includes Cincinnati. Ohio Attorney General Betty D. Montgomery, on behalf of the state, county and city, had asked the Supreme Court to stop the appeals court's ruling from going into effect to allow time for...
  • Vanity Request?Advice on Student Loans

    03/22/2002 7:01:13 AM PST · by mommadooo3 · 4 replies · 345+ views
    the blonde's brain ^ | 3/22/02 | mommadooo3
    Once again, I am turning to the wise and knowlegeable freepers for ideas/advice...concerning student loans. Hubby has decided he wants to take a step at acquiring a 'second career'. He wants to become a licensed farrier. (hoof caretaker/shoer) Our farrier told him to go to the local JTPA office because they would pay his tution for the schooling. (JTPA is some program run by the unemployment bureau) The JTPA woman just called and said that the farrier school is not on the 'approval list'. Hubby seems to think that the reason they don't have it as an 'approval' is because...
  • Vanity Request/Ideas on Student Loans

    03/22/2002 6:19:59 AM PST · by mommadooo3 · 8 replies · 29+ views
    3/22/02 | mommadooo3
    Ok. Once again, I'm asking our wonderful and intelligent freepers for ideas/recommendations. Hubby has decided he wants to take a step at acquiring a second 'career'. He wants to become a 'licensed' farrier.( hoof caretaker) He has gone to the local JTPA, and they just told him the schooling is not on their 'approval list'. (JTPA..Job Training Placement Act) Our farrier is the one who referred him to that place. Also, our farrier said that he will take Mark (hubby) on as an apprentice and do the hands on training to gain his degree. I just did a google search...
  • Little Darby Creek wildlife refuge proposal is dead, U.S. official says

    03/13/2002 4:47:04 PM PST · by mommadooo3 · 10 replies · 275+ views
    Columbus Dispatch ^ | 3/13/02 | Michael Hawthorne
    Little Darby Creek wildlife refuge proposal is dead, U.S. official says Wednesday, March 13, 2002 Michael Hawthorne Dispatch Environment Reporter The Bush administration yesterday confirmed what local landowners and lawmakers have known for months: There won't be a Little Darby National Wildlife Refuge west of Columbus. In the end, three years of studies, hearings and rallies were boiled down to a few paragraphs sent to the local members of Congress who pressured the Interior Department to scuttle the project. "We believe that conservation of the agricultural and natural resources of the Darby watershed is important,'' wrote Craig Manson, assistant Interior...
  • Little Darby Area Farmer Happy to Sell Bottomland to State

    01/10/2002 3:36:27 AM PST · by mommadooo3 · 8 replies · 3+ views
    Columbus Dispatch ^ | 1/10/02 | Michael Hawthorne
    Little Darby area farmer happy to sell bottomland to state Thursday, January 10, 2002 Michael Hawthorne Dispatch Environment Reporter Farmers and federal lawmakers scuttled a proposed national wildlife refuge along the Little Darby Creek, but they can't stop property owners from selling land to help preserve the state and national scenic river. Though nothing close to the proposed 49,000-acre refuge is under consideration, bits of land along the Little Darby and nearby Big Darby Creek are steadily being purchased by conservation-minded government agencies. John Blatter is the most recent farmer to sell. For years, city dwellers flocked to his 55 ...
  • A Soldier's Christmas

    12/20/2001 5:24:39 AM PST · by mommadooo3 · 88 replies · 1,093+ views
    an e-mail I received ^ | 12/7/00 | Michael Marks
    A Soldier's Christmas The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight. My wife was asleep, her head on my chest, my daughter beside me, angelic in rest. Outside the snow fell, a blanket of white, Transforming the yard to a winter delight. The sparkling lights in the tree, I believe, Completed the magic that was Christmas Eve. My eyelids were heavy, my breathing was deep, Secure and surrounded by love I would sleep in perfect contentment, or so it would seem. So I slumbered, perhaps I started to dream. ...
  • Heads up Columbus, Ohio Freepers

    09/20/2001 5:30:28 PM PDT · by mommadooo3 · 8 replies · 7+ views
    self and hubby ^ | 9/20/01 | mommadooo3
    Reporting some strange traffic 'sights' hubby saw on his way home tonight. He works in Columbus and was on his way home @ 6:30, traveling I-70. Heading west on I-70, going towards Columbus, was a semi truck, and it had written 'Special Task Force One' written on the rig. It was being escorted by the escort car, 2 sheriffs, State Highway Patrol, followed up by 2 more sheriffs and another State Highway Patrol. For @ 20 miles, at each exit, heading East towards Granville/Kirkersville, there were fire trucks sitting with their lights going. (the direction they were going is towards ...
  • Missent Birth Data Were For Adults, Not Babies (NOT my title)

    09/07/2001 4:18:06 AM PDT · by mommadooo3 · 2 replies · 5+ views
    Columbus Dispatch ^ | 9/7/01 | Jon Craig
    Missent birth data were for adults, not babies Friday, September 7, 2001 Jon Craig Dispatch Statehouse Reporter Concerns about 11,500 birth certificates wrongly sent to Sri Lanka heightened yesterday when state officials determined that the information pertains to Ohioans in their 40s and older -- not newborns. Ohio Department of Health officials said confidential portions of birth and adoption records -- recently e-mailed to the island country -- could be used for identity theft and illegal immigration. Aurora The Imaging Co. of Dublin is accused of breaching its state contract by misusing birth certificates that include family medical histories. Aurora ...
  • Freeper Advice Needed For Schooling/Hatch Letter

    08/27/2001 3:41:44 PM PDT · by mommadooo3 · 9+ views
    It's with great anguish that I have to return my kids to the public school setting, this year. This family is in a situation where I have to find a job to help pull us out of the bind we are in. THAT or go on food stamps, etc.(puke,gag) Hubby's job has taken a massive nose-dive, and we cut as many corners as we could. I enrolled the kids in the local school, here in SE Ohio. And with the paperwork I filled out, I forwarded copies of the Hatch Amendment letter.(copy goes to principal, teacher, superintendent) For those unfamiliar ...
  • Computer Wants to Take a Flying Leap

    06/27/2001 3:14:37 PM PDT · by mommadooo3 · 483+ views
    self ^ | today | me
    This computer I'm using/owning is getting SOOOO much exercize pushing its luck, that it must be wanting to take a leap over our hill. has a problem and I'm not smart enough to figure it out. So I'm turning to the freeper whizzes! (BTW, before anyone yells at me for posting a help request, you'll notice that I put it in the 'right' category. Hey, I did THAT much right) A couple of days ago, hubby and son were playing a computer game. One of our puppies decided to play tug-of-war WITH the computer's power plug, while the game ...
  • Ohio Coal Executive Accused of Assault

    05/11/2001 6:12:01 AM PDT · by mommadooo3 · 16+ views
    Columbus Dispatch ^ | 5/11/01 | Michael Hawthorne
    Ohio coal executive accused of assault Friday, May 11, 2001 Michael Hawthorne Dispatch Environment Reporter Robert Murray has fought with environmentalists for years over his bid to mine coal underneath a patch of virgin forest in eastern Ohio. The battle over Dysart Woods soon will move beyond lawsuits and news releases into criminal court. Murray is scheduled to be arraigned May 24 in Franklin County Municipal Court on one count each of assault and disorderly conduct. He is accused of holding Athens environmentalist Chad Kister in a bear hug and slamming Kister's head against a wall Dec. 13 outside a ...
  • State Officials Will Enter Fray Over Darby Nature Preserve

    04/20/2001 6:04:15 AM PDT · by mommadooo3 · 12+ views
    Columbus Dispatch ^ | Liz Sidoti/AP
    State officials will enter fray over Darby nature preserve Friday, April 20, 2001 Liz Sidoti Associated Press State officials will enter the debate over the proposed Little Darby National Wildlife Refuge, meeting with opponents to discuss conservation alternatives. Sam Speck, director of the Department of Natural Resources, and Fred Dailey, director of the Department of Agriculture, will talk with Madison and Union county officials about expanding a land-conservation program to include the area west of Columbus where the refuge is proposed. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and environmental groups think the refuge would protect wildlife and prevent urban sprawl. ...
  • Jeremy's Egg

    04/14/2001 7:46:36 AM PDT · by mommadooo3 · 42+ views
    'Ancient' E-mail ^ | also unknown | unknown
    Jeremy Forrester was born with a twisted body, a slow mind and a chronic, terminal illness that had been slowly killing him all his young life. Still, his parents had tried to give him as normal a life as possible and had sent him to St. Theresa's Elementary School. At the age of 12, Jeremy was only in second grade, seemingly unable to learn. His teacher, Doris Miller, often became exasperated with him. He would squirm in his seat, drool and make grunting noises. At other times, he spoke clearly and distinctly, as if a spot of light had penetrated ...
  • Another Prayer Request

    04/10/2001 7:49:31 PM PDT · by mommadooo3 · 182+ views
    n/a ^ | 4/10/01 | mommadooo
    Well folks, I humbly ask if our prayer warriors could find a moment to say a prayer for this family. (sorry to interrupt) Hubby was just taken to the hospital. Aunt K is taking him because he refused the squad. And I'm holding down the fort and trying to keep the littles from freaking out. I almost 'lost it' when they were leaving, and having to stay behind, but our 6 yr. old DID. He has been having severe abdominal the point where he's been barfing since coming home from wotrk. His back is also hurting him bad, pressure ...
  • Boy Scout Camps Beset By Series of Fires

    01/25/2001 6:34:40 AM PST · by mommadooo3 · 12+ views
    1stHeadlineNews ^ | 1/25/01 | Brad Johnson...(Indianapolis Star)
    Boy Scout camps beset by series of fires Blaze in Madison County is the latest of 6 suspicious fires at Midwest locations. By Brad Johnston Indianapolis Star January 25, 2001 A fire that destroyed a nearly completed dining hall at a Madison County Boy Scout camp last week is one of at least six suspicious fires that have caused estimated damages of $1.7 million at Boy Scout camps around the Midwest. Agents from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are investigating some of the fires, which started in February 1999 at Camp Friedlander in southwest Ohio. Four fires ...
  • New Concerns About Mad Cow Disease in Canada

    01/22/2001 8:35:49 PM PST · by mommadooo3 · 14+ views
    1stHeadlineNews ^ | 1/23/01 | ?
    New concerns about mad cow disease in Canada WebPosted Tue Jan 23 00:17:42 2001 TORONTO - The federal government is studying the possibility that mad cow disease could exist in beef by-products that are used in vaccines and cosmetics. Experts say hundreds of products contain ingredients made from bovine by-products, including some common childhood vaccines such as tetanus, polio and diphtheria. Health Canada says it's currently conducting risk assessments on vaccines. It says there is no evidence the risk exists, but it also says it can't be ruled out. Concern about anti-aging creams Cosmetics are also an area of concern ...
  • Man Shot,Killed as He Flees House Fire

    01/19/2001 9:02:36 AM PST · by mommadooo3 · 11+ views
    1st Headline News ^ | 1/19/01 | Johnathon E. Briggs/Sun News, Baltimore
    Man shot, killed as he flees house fire Victim, 26, was on probation in city murder case -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By Johnathon E. Briggs Sun Staff Originally published Jan 19 2001 A man on probation on a murder-accessory conviction was fatally shot and his mother wounded early yesterday - apparently as they fled an arson fire that critically burned another relative living in the townhouse near the southwestern edge of Glen Burnie. The shooting victims were identified as Andre Darnell Samuel, 26, and his mother, Janie B. Samuel, 46. The burn victim, Rhunette J. Fisk, 64, was said by neighbors to be ...
  • Mad Cow Threat to U.S. Blood Supply

    01/16/2001 9:06:40 PM PST · by mommadooo3 · 696+ views
    ABC news ^ | 1/16/01 | Lucrezia Cuen
    Blood Ban Mad Cow Threat to U.S. Blood Supply By Lucrezia Cuen L O N D O N, Jan. 16 — The United States already has “mad sheep,” “mad deer,” and “mad elk,” but the government has issued assurances there is no “mad cow” disease — not yet. However, the spread of mad cow disease across Europe is already having a damaging effect on the U.S. blood supply and the worst may be yet to come. Three flocks of "mad sheep" were diagnosed in Vermont six months ago. A fatal "mad deer" disease is occurring at epidemic levels in deer ...
  • Kin's Story of Shooting Conflicts With Law's

    01/16/2001 10:15:08 AM PST · by mommadooo3 · 201+ views
    1stHeadlinesNews ^ | 1/16/01 | Jay Meisel/ Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
    Kin's story of shooting conflicts with law's JAY MEISEL ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE MAYFLOWER -- Relatives of Carl Wilson said Monday that they don't believe he would have shot at police officers if he had known the men coming into his house on Friday were lawmen. "Carl would have never shot at police officers if he knew they were police officers," said Glenn Wilson, his brother. "He did believe in protecting his family and his loved ones." Authorities, though, said Wilson knew he was dealing with law officers. Wilson's family said the raid by agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and ...
  • Anti-Christ of the Year 2000

    12/31/2000 5:43:12 PM PST · by mommadooo3 · 6+ views ^ | ? | unknown
    January's Anti-Christ of the Year 2000 Don't Let the Screen Door Hit You in the... One of our readers once told us, "There are so many Anti-Christs. You need to do one weekly." While it is true that there are many we could dishonor, if we had done one weekly, we still would have had to feature our 'Anti-Christ of the Year' Bill Clinton about 37 times in the past year alone. Eight years: In the hundreds. And, yes, Hillary Clinton would have been a good choice as Anti-Christ of the Year. But, we have a feeling her time is ...
  • Gunman Steals 700 Blank Birth Certificates

    12/29/2000 8:27:03 AM PST · by mommadooo3 · 16+ views
    FOX news ^ | 12/29/00 | ?
    Gunman steals 700 blank birth certificates 11.42 a.m. ET (1657 GMT) December 29, 2000 WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — A man posing as a telephone repairman stole 700 blank birth certificates at gunpoint from the county Office of Vital Statistics, police said. The numbered certificates, stamped with gold seals, cost Palm Beach County about $1.50 each but could have far greater value on the black market. They could be used to set up false identities for driver's licenses or passports or establish citizenship for illegal immigrants. The holdup man, wearing tan pants and a blue shirt similar to a ...
  • Sheriff-elect Shot Dead in Front of Atlanta Home

    12/16/2000 7:58:00 AM PST · by mommadooo3 · 697+ views
    CNN ^ | 12/16/00 | cnn
    Sheriff-elect shot dead in front of Atlanta home December 16, 2000 Web posted at: 7:22 AM EST (1222 GMT) ATLANTA (CNN) -- DeKalb County Sheriff-elect Derwin Brown was gunned down in front of his home late Friday night after returning from an evening out with family and friends. "Sheriff-elect Brown was gunned down in his driveway. He was gunned down with multiple large caliber weapons. Sheriff-elect Brown was assassinated in his front yard," said Thomas Brown, DeKalb County public safety manager. The sheriff-elect's family had returned home before him and heard shots fired in the driveway. Brown was pronounced dead ...
  • The Secret FISA Court: Rubber Stamping Our Rights

    11/30/2000 8:12:50 PM PST · by mommadooo3 · 30,299+ views ^ | 11/27/00 | Philip Colangelo
    The Secret FISA Court: Rubber Stamping Our Rights By Philip Colangelo Covert Action Quarterly 11-27-00 Seven judges on a secret court have authorized all but one of over 7,500 requests to spy in the name of National Security. They meet in secret, with no published orders, opinions, or public record. Those spied on May never know of the intrusion. Now, Clinton has expanded the powers to include not only electronic, but physical searches. The aftershock of the Oklahoma City bombing sent Congress scurrying to trade off civil liberties for an illusion of public safety. A good ten weeks before that ...
  • The War Secrets Sen. John McCain Hides (VERY long but VERY Damning)

    11/29/2000 9:03:50 PM PST · by mommadooo3 · 497+ views
    APB In-Depth Reports ^ | 4/25/00 | Sydney Schanberg
    The War Secrets Sen. John McCain Hides Former POW Fights Public Access to POW/MIA Files April 25, 2000 By Sydney Schanberg NEW YORK ( -- The voters who were drawn to John S. McCain in his run for the Republican presidential nomination this year often cited, as the core of his appeal, his openness and blunt candor and willingness to admit past lapses and release documents that other senators often hold back. These qualities also seemed to endear McCain to the campaign press corps, many of whom wrote about how refreshing it was to travel on the McCain campaign bus, ...
  • Nerve Gas Bombs Found At Military Site

    11/24/2000 5:54:34 PM PST · by mommadooo3 · 14+ views
    APBNews ^ | 11/22/00 | Keith Coffman
    Nerve Gas Bombs Found at Military Site Army Discovers Cache During Chemical Plant Cleanup Nov. 22, 2000 By Keith Coffman DENVER ( -- Six grapefruit-size bombs believed to contain the deadly nerve gas sarin have been uncovered at a former military arsenal that is being converted into a wildlife refuge, authorities said. U.S. Army officials who are overseeing the cleanup at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, about 10 miles northeast of downtown Denver, said the "bomblets" were found more than two miles from the nearest home and pose no public health threat. "We have two major goals right now. The first ...
  • Mnay Admire Nixon For 1960 Concession

    11/16/2000 7:09:17 AM PST · by mommadooo3 · 395+ views
    Columbus Dispatch ^ | 11/16/00 | Jack Torry
    Many admire Nixon for 1960 concession Thursday, November 16, 2000 Jack Torry Dispatch Washington Bureau WASHINGTON -- It had been one of the closest elections in history and when it was over, those close to Richard Nixon were not ready to concede defeat to John F. Kennedy. Citing reports of voter irregularities in Illinois and Texas, one aide after another urged Nixon to mount a legal challenge. Instead, the morning after the 1960 election, Nixon sent a telegram to Kennedy congratulating him. And one week later, in a private meeting in Florida, Nixon made clear to Kennedy that there would ...
  • Democrats Bring in Legal Ringer

    11/14/2000 4:01:54 PM PST · by mommadooo3 · 16+ views
    Ist Headline News/ FOX ^ | 11/14/00 | Ann Gearan
    Democrats bring in legal ringer 7.12 p.m. ET (027 GMT) November 14, 2000 By Anne Gearan, Associated Press TALLAHASSEE (AP) — Democrats imported a courtroom ringer Tuesday in the seesawing legal battle over Florida's decisive presidential votes. David Boies is a smooth litigator who won the government's antitrust case against Microsoft Corp. and went on to represent the music-swapping firm Napster as it fights to stay in business. Boies, with trademark flyaway hair and rumpled suit, appeared at the microphones in Tallahassee hours after he joined the case. He will argue any appeals in state court, Democratic officials said. Like ...
  • Volusia, The County That Couldn't Count

    11/12/2000 10:05:45 PM PST · by mommadooo3 · 240+ views
    Volusia, the county that couldn't count Malfeasance, lax oversight, poor training -- this Florida ballot fiasco has it all DELAND, Fla. -- Something very strange happened on election night to Deborah Tannenbaum, a Democratic Party official in Volusia County. At 10 p.m., she called the county Elections Department and learned that Al Gore was leading George W. Bush 83,000 votes to 62,000. But when she checked the county's Web site for an update half an hour later, she found a startling development: Gore's count had dropped by 16,000 votes, while an obscure Socialist candidate had picked up 10,000 -- all ...
  • Hundreds of Felons Still on Voting List in Arkansas

    11/12/2000 2:21:45 PM PST · by mommadooo3 · 12+ views
    Hundreds of felons still on voting list in Arkansas JEFF PORTER ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE About 1,400 Arkansas felons who aren't supposed to cast ballots are registered to vote. Under Arkansas law, felons aren't allowed to vote until their sentences are complete, according to an attorney general's opinion issued this year. They must complete both prison and parole time before they can register. But comparing the state's voter-registration list -- about 1.6 million people -- and a list of felons still under their sentences -- about 21,000 -- shows that hundreds are still registered. How big a concern this is is open ...
  • Anti-Christ of the Month/ Drive Thru Voters

    11/11/2000 7:26:11 PM PST · by mommadooo3 · 14+ views
    NewsMinute ^ | ? | ?
    November 2000 Drive-Thru Voters You can say they have been "dumbed-down." You can say they have been misinformed. You can say they have been lied to and misled. But, my friends, you cannot say that American voters have not been warned. In fact: They have been warned repeatedly, constantly and fervently. They have been warned expertly, scholarly and biblically. They have been warned beforehand, during and afterward. They have been warned at morning, at noon and at night. They simply cannot be bothered. Most American voters do not want to give any more time or consideration to who and what ...
  • What Ever Happened to America ?

    11/09/2000 3:56:00 PM PST · by mommadooo3 · 147+ views
    Charlie Daniels ^ | unknown | Charlie Daniels
    What Ever Happened To America? A few days ago as I watched the bodies of the sailors who were killed aboard the U.S.S. Cole in Yemen being loaded on a plane, I wept. I wept for the mothers and fathers, the sisters and brothers, the children who will never know the solace of a heart to heart talk with dad, nor a fishing trip or football game or any of the other things which makes dads so special. I wept for the young wife who will never again know the warm comfort of her husband’s arms, and the husband and ...
  • Scouts Get 1.5 Million Surprize

    11/05/2000 4:31:27 AM PST · by mommadooo3 · 16+ views ^ | 11/5/00...11/3/00 0riginally | Sally Kalson
    Scouts' get $1.5 million surprise Anonymous donor cites backlash over ban on gay leaders Friday, November 03, 2000 By Sally Kalson, Post-Gazette Staff Writer An anonymous donor, citing reports of a backlash against the Boy Scouts of America over its ban on gay troop leaders, has given $1.5 million to Boy Scout operations here. Even though local scouting councils say they have not suffered any loss of financial support over the organization's controversial policy, they welcomed the donation as a sign of support for their mission and ideals. Members of the local gay community, on the other hand, called it ...
  • Couple, 2 Girls Found Dead in Herndon

    11/03/2000 1:48:17 PM PST · by mommadooo3 · 517+ views ^ | 11/3/00 | Tom Jackman...Michael Shear
    Couple, Two Girls Found Dead In Herndon By Tom Jackman and Michael D. Shear Washington Post Staff Writers Friday, November 3, 2000; Two adults and two children were found dead inside a burning Herndon home yesterday, and Fairfax County police are investigating whether one of the adults shot three members of his family, set the house on fire and then killed himself. Firefighters arriving at 8:17 a.m. at the two-story colonial on Bayshire Lane had no idea what was inside. They controlled the blaze in 20 minutes and then found the bodies as they searched the house. Three of ...
  • INS Honors More Law Officers For Roles In Removal of Elian

    11/02/2000 6:25:51 AM PST · by mommadooo3 · 128+ views ^ | 11/2/00 | Alphonso Chardy
    INS honors more law officers for roles in removal of Elián BY ALFONSO CHARDY The accolades continue for the law enforcement officers involved in the nationally televised removal of Elián González from the Little Havana home of his Miami relatives April 22. At a recent U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service event in Orlando, departing INS Commissioner Doris Meissner presented plaques to former Miami Police Chief William O'Brien and former Miami Assistant Police Chief John Brooks for their participation in the controversial episode. At the same event, Meissner also presented awards to supervisory staff of the INS Miami District, one of ...
  • Senate Plans Lame-Duck Session

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    Online news ^ | 11/1/00 | Alan Fram
    Senate Plans Lame-Duck Session Updated 5:18 PM ET November 1, 2000 By ALAN FRAM, Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - Mired in Congress' budget war with President Clinton, the Senate began sending its members home Wednesday for the impending elections and planned a lame-duck mid-November session to complete its work. After initially saying they would follow suit, House Republicans decided instead to stay in town at least until Friday. Six days before the election, they were leery of Democratic accusations that Congress was quitting and leaving the job undone. "We want to keep ourselves from falling into a trap," Rep. ...
  • FBI Frozen Out of Yemeni Investigation

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    APB ^ | 10/31/00 | unknown (AP?)
    FBI Frozen Out of Yemeni Investigation Agents Denied Access to Crucial Cole Evidence Oct. 31, 2000 ADEN, Yemen (AP) -- The Yemeni investigation into the bombing of the USS Cole is focusing on four men believed to be the main plotters and continuing to explore possible links to Muslim militants in Yemen, sources close to the investigation said today. But at the same time, Yemeni authorities are denying U.S. agents direct access to crucial evidence in the case, officials say. The revelations came as the United States pressed Yemen to allow U.S. agents a greater role in the investigation into ...

    10/29/2000 5:11:02 AM PST · by mommadooo3 · 11+ views ^ | today | unknown
    USS Cole Towed From Yemen Port, Heads for Home ADEN (Reuters) - Sailors lined the deck of the USS Cole, saluting a giant U.S. flag to the strains of the national anthem, as the destroyer damaged in an apparent suicide bombing was towed out of Aden"s port Sunday and headed for home. U.S. and Yemeni patrol boats mounted with machine guns escorted the vessel out of the southern Yemeni port amid heightened security imposed since the blast. U.S. helicopters from an aircraft carrier flew overhead. Yemeni warplanes earlier flew overhead as four tugboats, two pulling it from the front with ...
  • Anti-Christ of the Month/Where The Truth Lies

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    ANTI-CHRIST OF THE MONTH Where the Truth Lies It never fails. When deciding the new month's "winner" someone always presents himself as the obvious choice. They "step down" as it were. This month's scalawag has not only stepped down; he just might go all the way and drag down the entire country with him. Provided the American people are dumbed-down enough to actually elect him president. We have to wonder what makes people so incredibly blind to this bald-faced liar named Al Gore. For eight years we have had to put up with the weasely Bill Clinton. The effect has, ...
  • Cole Tragedy Highlights Folly of Clinton-Gore Strategy

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    NY Post online ^ | 10/27/00 | Bob McManus
    COLE TRAGEDY HIGHLIGHTS FOLLY OF CLINTON-GORE STRATEGY Friday,October 27,2000 By BOB McMANUS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IT was little noted -and certainly not long remembered - but a year ago the U. S. Army discovered it had been stretched so thin by basic "peacekeeping" commitments in the Balkans, it had to call out the reserves. The Pentagon still cleaves to its official definition of readiness: The ability to fight two Gulf Wars virtually simultaneously, on opposite sides of the globe. But last November, it was announced that three Army National Guard divisions were needed to join Regular Army units in the Balkans peacekeeping ...