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  • Hannity: Mueller war path shows two-tiered system of justice

    09/23/2017 8:17:53 PM PDT · 15 of 15
    monkeyshine to DaveA37

    Yeah it is a fishing expedition. What I was trying to say was how ridiculous the investigation is. If this was a normal police investigation they would need a Warrant that would name the place and things. But under the special prosecutor they just grab everything and whatever they find they can charge - usually these things end up charging for perjury on unrelated topics which is insane because if they were under the normal rules they would not investigate nor question - the whole thing is a 4th and 5th Amendment atrocity. My guess is they will charge Manafort on something like perjury or a old financial crime which again would also be a 4th or 5th Amendment violation imo. Clinton perjured because “everybody lies about sex” when they were just looking for an old land deal scam. Scooter Libby, same. Strange, Obama must have had the most virtuous administration in modern history not a single investigation!

  • Hannity: Mueller war path shows two-tiered system of justice

    09/22/2017 12:23:59 AM PDT · 5 of 15
    monkeyshine to LeoWindhorse

    I am now confident that Mueller will indict Manafort on something. Maybe not having anything to do with Russian collusion, but possibly something like perjury or an old financial crime, or likely something like not filling out disclosure forms completely. With all that has been revealed, he will be under great pressure to deliver an indictment to justify, ex post facto, the spying at Trump Tower. It would be a shame if he were to be indicted for something unrelated to the primary investigation since that would amount to a fishing expedition.

  • Hannity: Mueller war path shows two-tiered system of justice

    09/22/2017 12:17:05 AM PDT · 4 of 15
    monkeyshine to LeoWindhorse

    Very good opening monologue.

  • Menendez (RAT-NJ) trial: Senator failed to disclose gifts from co-defendent

    09/21/2017 8:46:14 PM PDT · 9 of 12
    monkeyshine to generally

    Yeah you could be right in suggesting they may be after the conviction they think they can get because they can’t muster the evidence on larger schemes/crimes.

    Though the evidence against Jon Corzine (former NJ Senator and former NJ Governor) seems to be a lot stronger and more serious. He clearly broke the law in commingling investor funds to finance his investment company’s bets in the market. And lost. So what gives? (rhetorical question). Corzine was also once a honcho at Goldman Sachs.

    Something about NJ politicians, senators in particular... Corzine, Menendez, Frank Hague (senator), Robert Toricelli (senator), and a slew of mayors and assemblymen over the last couple decades.

  • (URGENT) N.K. FM says 'highest-level' actions in Kim's remarks may be H-bomb detonation in Pacific

    09/21/2017 8:09:56 PM PDT · 80 of 158
    monkeyshine to Helicondelta

    Oh he has no reason to strike anyone, that would be folly. But he will continue to test his technology and march towards nuclear ICBMs since the evidence tells him he will lose if he caves. Hopefully there is a solution that results in the fewest possible deaths.

    It is hard to know what the people of NK think. I know the divide goes back to the US/Japan treaty after WW2 where the north, furious at Japanese atrocities in the decades before the war, refused to make peace with Japan, told us to take a hike, and threw in with the Communists. But that was a long time ago.

  • Menendez (RAT-NJ) trial: Senator failed to disclose gifts from co-defendent

    09/21/2017 6:51:28 PM PDT · 5 of 12
    monkeyshine to Gahanna Bob

    According to the excerpt the crime wasn’t necessarily in accepting them, but rather not reporting them. He is being charged for not reporting these gifts. Again, seems kind of petty especially in that light. It implies that there is nothing wrong with taking them so long as he reports it on a form.

  • Menendez (RAT-NJ) trial: Senator failed to disclose gifts from co-defendent

    09/21/2017 6:49:22 PM PDT · 4 of 12
    monkeyshine to Libloather

    Not to excuse corruption at all, but these seem to be very petty issues. There are many larger corruption scandals I can think of that remain uninvestigated. Makes me wonder if he isn’t being pursued “on a technicality” because he ticked off some higher ranking politicians. I admit I have no followed the case very closely.

  • (URGENT) N.K. FM says 'highest-level' actions in Kim's remarks may be H-bomb detonation in Pacific

    09/21/2017 6:45:53 PM PDT · 41 of 158
    monkeyshine to CMB_polarization; SaveFerris

    It probably is a type of extortion. He is no fool. All he has to do is look around the world. Those countries which have abandoned their nuclear programs under pressure from the west have been toppled. Libya agreed to a program in return for lifting of trade embargoes. He was regime changed. Iraq lost their program in an attack and never restarted. He was regime changed. Pakistan and India developed programs and grew closer to the US. And notably Iran audaciously refused to give one inch, not even to reduce their “remove Israel from the map” rhetoric and we gave them a peace treaty. The then asked for ransom and we paid it!

    So why would Rocket Man back down now?

  • What the Media Get Wrong About Manafort Wiretapping

    09/21/2017 7:59:56 AM PDT · 27 of 32
    monkeyshine to Comment Not Approved

    I can’t help but think it has reached a zenith. But you could be right, it may just be that information is reaching us now more than ever.

    There is a political science theory called “regulatory capture” that basically argues that regulating agencies end up being captive to the industries they regulate because nearly all of their interaction is with they people they regulate, and because there are few other interests lobbying for attention. We see this most obviously in the SEC where regulators serve a few years and then jump into a hedge fund job. Can’t help but think of the opportunities for quid pro quo there; get some dirt on a stock market participant and instead of doing the job leverage it by blackmail into a million dollar career. Even Congress pretty much abdicates everything to the executive branch unless there is a major scandal such as the IRS targeting conservatives, but even in cases like that they just hold hearings but dole out nothing worse than forcing someone to take their pension early. No punishment. No real reform. Those regulated lobby for regulations knowing the ways to avoid them. This is not an argument for regulation rather an argument why it is doomed to fail in the most critical areas while enabling all types of corruption up and down the chain.

    We could rattle off a list of known faults in Congress; that they are exempt from many of the rules and laws, they can do insider trading, they got the inside track on new regulations and can adjust their investments accordingly and this is just in the “grey area” of corruption. I read a story years ago about a couple of swamp things who bought an island from the US government because they were the ones who engineered its sale from the government. I am told Dianne Feinstein traded some desert land which became a federal reserve in return for interest in a gold mine (unverified). And on and on it can and does go. They will never reform themselves. Party politics really only serves to obscure the corruption while ensuring patronage and preventing internal course correction. To move up the ranks in a party you almost have to corrupt yourself along the way.

    And even the little things mean a lot to them. Sugar price supports is an often cited example. If the price of sugar goes up 2 cents a pound it means hundreds of millions to the sugar producers and yet there will be no cry from the people who barely notice the 12 cents per month they have to spend. But the avenues for corruption in that alone are incredible.

    The regulation, compounded with the regulatory capture, compounded by the lack of oversight is open door to corruption. And it sure seems like its gotten worse as more clever ways to exploit any one issue materialize. Like I said above, I cannot imagine how Hillary was able to get away with using office of Sec of State to raise billions in private donations. It may come back around after all (for a variety of reasons and laws broken) but the total lack of resistance to it at the time is mind blowing. Can you imagine anyone, any time before or again, who would be able to do that? And what does the silence really tell us about the feeding frenzy at the trough?

    We have to blow out that candle and start to tie more threads to the Republic. We all have to speak up a little more. It isn’t going to change unless the people demand it. Some in the media are biting around the edges but a lot of the time it reads like controlled opposition, while others unfortunately have a tone that turns people off. I believe there are still some Democrats who are furious - even if they, like many on the right, don’t know where to point their anger. A natural “bi-partisan” coalition is out there imo, if the right message is coolly but relentlessly delivered to the people. We will always disagree on policy but I think most people can agree that the rules of the game need to change. Political power had to be decentralized. While “Obamacare” may never be fully repealed the Senate bill to devolve control via block grants to the states is a small step in the right direction. At some point though the system itself needs to change to where Washington is dispossessed from the idea that they can regulate, tax and spend in any area they choose and any manner they dictate whether it is command & control or “block grants”. The Republic was not designed nor built to be managed in the way it has been over the last two generations and is only now starting to reveal its faults.

  • Schools are banning best friends to protect students' feelings

    09/21/2017 3:09:28 AM PDT · 25 of 34
    monkeyshine to ItsOnlyDaryl

    Schools ban the 1st Amendment. No freedom of speech. No freedom of assembly. No freedom from religious establishment. No freedom of association.

    We used to teach civics and the 1st Amendment in school. It is no wonder they don’t teach it anymore. Kids would get a mixed message.

  • What the Media Get Wrong About Manafort Wiretapping

    09/21/2017 3:06:58 AM PDT · 24 of 32
    monkeyshine to bitt

    It may have been ostensibly legitimate to tap Manafort in 2014, if they thought Russians were using his services illegally or if Manafort was not reporting his services appropriately (I leave Constitutional questions about his freedom to associate for a different debate). Where it gets really troubling is that they stopped the tap, and then restarted it around the time he signed on to the Trump campaign. This smacks of political espionage - using the instruments of state against the political opposition. Because of this, I am certain Mueller will come up with some charge against Manafort no matter how specious it may be. They have to cover for the establishment and try to give legitimacy to what appears to be yet another of the many abuses of power people the Obama administration in which have been involved. This issue cannot truly be isolated since it is just one of many allegations of abuse of power.

    Another interesting twist is how this feeds into the Russia hysteria. How far in advance did the Democrats plan this Trump+Russia canard? I think it was probably just a happy coincidence for Hillary and the DNC. They knew they had this tap on Manafort, and after the DNC emails were leaked they concocted this Russia hacking story knowing they had this weak investigation to point to. If they won, would they have come down on Trump like a ton of bricks? I guess yes, because he flat campaigned on “crooked Hillary” issue and this would have been payback. They lost and found it a useful distraction and political tool to try to weaken the Trump admin.

    A great irony here is how Hillary and the DNC were able to use the instruments of state as a political weapon while accusing Trump of using the instruments of a foreign nation. Both would be technically illegal. The use of wiretaps against political opposition is, imo, a far worse crime against the Republic. Besides the ability to tap the Trump campaign, Hillary had access to endless ream of foreign intelligence thanks to her tenure as Sec of State and connections in the executive branch. But none of that, not even the open collusion with Ukraine and the massive financial contributions she received from Russia and the rest of the world, is even a topic of discussion. The abuse of power in the mere existence of the Clinton Foundation alone should have been disqualifying. Ignoring the issue of financial contributions, the fact that she as the presumptive nominee and next POTUS was using the CF to peddle influence gave her a huge advantage - in money, in media influence, in institutional support and so on. Disgraceful. And I cannot imagine any other candidate at any other time being able to pull that off without reproach. Yet she did, which is very scary in what it implies about corruption in the USA.

  • Denmark makes deal on water with California

    09/21/2017 2:17:47 AM PDT · 11 of 26
    monkeyshine to Olog-hai
    Here is a key sentence in the article: "The deal signed by the ministry will help California to develop law and other initiatives in water technology." Law initiatives? I suppose they mean "legal initiatives" but doesn't that just figure. California has run out of clever ways to tax, fine and regulate the citizens so we have to import some laws.
  • Emails: Hillary Clinton invited Putin to Clinton Foundation gala

    09/18/2017 6:55:46 PM PDT · 20 of 29
    monkeyshine to ForYourChildren

    On a serious note, Hillary spent the first years of her term as Sec of State trying to warm relations with Russia. We had the “reset”, and then the reset of the reset. We negotiated with them on a number of areas and reached some accords.

    Then quite suddenly and quickly, she turned into a Russia hawk even to the point of advocating a no-fly zone over Syria which would have threatened direct armed conflict with Russia.

    Why the sudden turn? I think it is because Hillary had been completely blindsided by Russian adventurism time and again. She was either completely incompetent or blithely preoccupied with raising money and plotting her 2016 campaign that she was caught unawares as Russia moved in Ukraine, and later as Syria invited them in to defend the regime. Syria was a particularly big blunder because the only reason they sought Russian protection was because Obama kept threatening regime change (but never followed through in this case, even back-tracking his red lines). It could have been avoided if diplomatic channels had been kept informed. Thus, Obama and Clinton erased 40 years of keeping Russia out of the Middle East (and mostly out of warm water ports) established by Carter at Camp David in one fell swoop.

    None of this got any real play in the election. IMO it was a major blunder - as important as her failure in Benghazi was for Americans to note, it was emblematic of her general incompetence or inattention across the globe. As far as US strategic interests go, imo Syria was a bigger blunder.

  • Emails: Hillary Clinton invited Putin to Clinton Foundation gala

    09/18/2017 6:43:44 PM PDT · 18 of 29
    monkeyshine to ForYourChildren

    Trump is a racist, sexist, homophobe but that didn’t stop Hillary from attending his wedding. I wonder what she got for the happy couple?

  • Exclusive: US government wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman (BREAKING!!!)

    09/18/2017 6:38:19 PM PDT · 212 of 399
    monkeyshine to KC Burke
    I think part of the reason Trump behaves the way he behaves is that he is a walking example of projection. Whatever he's doing and whatever he thinks is happening he will accuse somebody else of.
              -Hillary Clinton, NPR Interview Sept 18

  • Phil Murphy: I'll bring tuition- free community college to N.J.

    09/18/2017 6:14:05 PM PDT · 11 of 25
    monkeyshine to GuavaCheesePuff

    Te way we teach has not evolved much. Technology provides for enormous improvements and new ways to reach kids who are behind as well as to challenge those who are ahead... and literally to offer a lifetime of learning. And yet it’s still “little house on the prairie” as far as the teachers and politicians go.

  • Immigration Protesters Force Pelosi to End Presser by Chanting ‘You Are a Liar’

    09/18/2017 5:38:10 PM PDT · 38 of 42
    monkeyshine to davikkm

    They created a monster. They should not be surprised that it turns on them.

  • Exclusive: US government wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman (BREAKING!!!)

    09/18/2017 5:35:51 PM PDT · 132 of 399
    monkeyshine to Lurkinanloomin

    Assuming that is true, why? The DNC emails were at worst embarrassing. They showed the DNC was partisan, but anyone with 2 brain cells could tell the DNC was rigged. Bernie never stood a chance and it had nothing to do with collusion and everything to do with the way the DNC counts delegates. The DNC leak did not derail her campaign. I don’t think that the DNC leak even made the list in her book of reasons for losing.

    If they were willing to go to such lengths to cover up a small embarrassment, I shudder to think what they have done over much more important topics.

  • Exclusive: US government wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman (BREAKING!!!)

    09/18/2017 5:26:38 PM PDT · 112 of 399
    monkeyshine to KC Burke

    You raise a good point and allude to something sadly ironic about all this. The POTUS and the Sec of State both had unlimited access to Russia and any other country’s information leading into the campaign. This is all protected by Executive Privilege. Cannot be investigated. Even after she resigned as Sec of State she maintained her clearance and access, not to mention her communications were in her sole custody. All that, yet somehow the wildest of accusations on the slimmest of evidence is enough for the entire establishment to come down like a ton of bricks.

    I know your point was different, and well taken. The number of scandals runs so high that they seem to count on making everyone too dizzy to investigate. The nexus between the CF and the campaign, pay to play, fundraising for private donations while in high office, the use of high office to spy on opposition, abuse of power are just some of scores of alleged crimes for which there is solid evidence to justify investigation. Yet the country is on a wild goose chase.

    I’m wagering that Meuller doesn’t come with a single indictment related to the primary investigation. He’ll get someone for lying, or he’ll have dug up an old financial crime from one of Trump’s cronies. But on the main allegation a) there is probably no crime to charge and b) no evidence even if there were a crime to charge.

  • Exclusive: US government wiretapped former Trump campaign chairman (BREAKING!!!)

    09/18/2017 5:14:08 PM PDT · 91 of 399
    monkeyshine to Red Steel

    What’s it gonna take for the media to either wake up, or just admit to their partisanship? The sad thing is, that is all it is: Partisanship, cheerleading for one party. They seem to have no core principles at all.