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  • Trump's Road Ahead!

    04/18/2016 7:53:59 AM PDT · by Ohioan · 61 replies
    April 18, 2016 | William Flax
    Forgive my vanity in suggesting the best way for Donald Trump to counter the negatives that the Leftist media & globalist business interests appear bent on exploiting, to defeat his candidacy in November. But there is a relatively simple way for him to accomplish several goals with one relatively simple stroke; several goals simply by the effective use of program length television & radio. Consider the false narrative being promoted by various business groups, insistent on an imagined need for their version of both "free trade" & "liberal immigration" policy; a false narrative being given great currency in the media....
  • Trump: Metaphor For American Conservatism

    02/26/2016 12:49:01 PM PST · by Ohioan · 115 replies
    Truth Based Logic ^ | February 26, 2016 | William Flax
    With a few bold stokes of historic significance, Trump has single-handedly broken the hold that "politically correct" bullies have long exerted over the vast bulk of those euphemistically described as "public servants." Thanks to Trump, it may never again be quite so easy to intimidate dissent in America. With a few unpleasant, yet effective, strokes on the platform in Presidential debates, Trump has easily derailed the plans of political bullies & the incredibly wealthy users of those political bullies, who were trying to force the nomination of another globalist, Neocon influenced, candidate on the Republican Party; clearly demonstrating the tactical...
  • Conservative Or Egoist? (Our Support For Trump & Cruz)

    02/06/2016 12:35:32 PM PST · by Ohioan · 56 replies
    Truth Based Logic Website ^ | February 4, 2016 | William Flax
    There is no real litmus test for Conservatism; as should be obvious to anyone on brief reflection. Conservatism is--and always has been, as the term connotes--about preserving what one considers important, in a social, cultural, historic & genetic heritage. One person may be more focused on one aspect, another on another. There is no natural law that demands that all have the same focus--indeed, the notion flies in the face of the concept that man is Blessed with Free Will; with freedom to decide priorities--and, of course, bear the consequences. Conservatism is about preserving social--both cultural & material, as well...
  • A "Gift" That Keeps On Taking

    05/05/2015 1:05:16 PM PDT · by Ohioan · 10 replies ^ | May 1, 2015 | William Flax
    Almost everyone has heard the phrase, "a gift that keeps on giving"; a reference to a charitable undertaking that encourages beneficiaries in the direction of self-reliance & personal responsibility. Such a gift is likely to involve recognition of important aspects of human nature--a concept or concepts that encourage individuals to identify & employ actual talents--that inspire beneficiaries to solve real problems, rather than look to others to solve those problems for them.
  • Compassion Or Compulsion--Egalitarian Argument Analyzed

    07/31/2013 1:49:22 PM PDT · by Ohioan · 30 replies
    Truth Based Logic ^ | July 1, 2013 | William Flax
    Egalitarian rhetoric, once largely confined to revolutionary movements, such as French Jacobins & Marxist Communists, now appears accepted by many in the political & social mainstream. Thus, there is scarcely a ripple among affluent viewers when major "Liberal" broadcast media air programs discussing the "need" & methods to "narrow a gap between the rich & poor," despite the unspoken, yet obvious, implications. Thus a former American President, who claimed to be a "Compassionate Conservative," voiced a similar objective, with scarce notice in a generally hostile media, which had no problem in mislabeling him & the like-minded, as "right wing." The...
  • Implied Powers? Clearly Implied Limitations!

    04/04/2013 11:12:46 AM PDT · by Ohioan · 24 replies
    Truth Based Logic ^ | April, 2013 | William Flax
    We would suggest that it is impossible to read the United States' Constitution through, fully in context, and not see that any major implications beyond the clear specifics set down, clearly favor a limitation on, rather than an extension of, the specific functions ("powers") granted to the Federal Government. While this may be counter to what many of you have been taught by theorists in contemporary American education--or promoted by a partisan & unobjective media--we will demonstrate our point with specific reference to Article I, Sections 8, where most of the actual functions entrusted to Congress, are set forth; Section...
  • Compounding Disintegration--Sure Path To Destruction

    03/08/2013 9:02:19 AM PST · by Ohioan · 2 replies
    Truth Based Logic ^ | March 1, 2013 | William Flax
    Most readers are aware of the concepts of compounding interest & compounding growth rates; concepts fundamental to analysis of portfolio formation, economic growth & capital building. . . . But that is only an illustration of a dynamic concept--the long term effect of a compounding trend, feeding upon itself--which is our subject. This is not about thrift, frugality, providence & positive investment. It is about the absolute antithesis of provident behavior; the consistent, even accelerating, trends that are dismantling the social infra-structure, which once enabled thrift, frugality, providence & constructive behavior, to build an ever better & more satisfying life...
  • The Missing Link To An Armed Citizenry!

    02/01/2013 10:41:17 AM PST · by Ohioan · 12 replies
    Truth Based Logic ^ | February 1, 2013 | William Flax
    While the present Administration ignores both Washington's wise counsel & his clear understanding of male psychology, President Obama's Secretary of Defense, denies both the role of Congress, the Chivalric Code & all human experience in a bizarre January order for all branches of the Armed Forces to place women in combat units by 2016. Will further eroding a sense of male responsibility serve any constructive purpose, in dealing with any contemporary problem? Will trashing what have always been constructive male roles--the responsibility of young men to defend their society--contribute anything positive toward dealing with the rash of atrocities committed by...
  • Whither American Conservatism?

    12/06/2012 8:49:30 AM PST · by Ohioan · 45 replies
    Truth Based Logic ^ | December 5, 2012 | William Flax
    Can The Republican Party Yet Serve Conservative Purpose? The answer depends on whether we can resolve questions of purpose, priority & tactics, with far more clarity than we have in the last twenty-one years. Politics have always been about winning & the art of the possible; but to the true Conservative (which in the American context has always involved a major libertarian component), "winning" means preservation of a Constitutional heritage, never merely electing people with a particular label, nor those primarily identified with a single cause or the demands of any special interest. Winning is about preserving the multi-generational...
  • Obama Or America--Clarity On Irreconcilable Differences

    11/16/2012 8:18:49 AM PST · by Ohioan · 16 replies
    Truth Based Logic ^ | November 15, 2012 | William Flax
    From a Conservative perspective, the election, November 6th, was a disaster. This American, as literally tens of millions of others, spent several days in near despondency, not only over the result, but over a successful methodology employed to distract, undermine, smear & intimidate, to provide victory to a man whose whole adult life has been an exercise in disrespect for our principles, customs, heritage & peoples. Yet the fog cleared, and with it any doubt about the road ahead.
  • Why & How To Support Romney/Ryan

    08/31/2012 10:47:15 AM PDT · by Ohioan · 23 replies
    Truth Based Logic ^ | August 31, 2012 | William Flax
    From Virtual Endorsement To Active Support Our "virtual" endorsement was primarily premised upon two concepts: 1. The critical need to arrest the loss of Liberty, heritage & the remaining fruits of eight generations' labor. 2. The reality of Gov. Romney's demonstrated ability as a "problem solver"--the implied ability to look at all aspects of a situation. The suggestion was that we could move Romney to the right by working on his strengths; by polite, patient & persistent appeal for him to use that perceptual ability, employed to succeed in business & in saving the Winter Olympics, a decade ago,...
  • Social Reform: Confusion or "Unintended Consequences?"

    08/01/2012 7:54:17 AM PDT · by Ohioan · 6 replies
    Truth Based Logic ^ | July 31, 2012 | William Flax
    Social Reform: Compulsion, conspiracy & misguided idealism stimulate mass movements demanding change, yet are not ultimate cause for societal breakdown. Primary disaster mechanism, the 'unintended consequences,' results from conceptual confusion. Understanding confusion caused by conceptual myopia--the inability to see the forest for the trees--that is destroying the West. Essential difference between Social Reformers (Marx, Lenin, Hitler, Obama) & Political Reformers (Reagan, Thatcher & the Founding Fathers).
  • Romney & American Conservatism

    05/31/2012 11:10:05 AM PDT · by Ohioan · 48 replies
    Truth Based Logic Domain ^ | May 31, 2012 | William Flax
    History is replete with examples: Politicians tend to follow popular trends, rather than lead. To the extent that segments of the public can be pushed in our direction, we increase constructive pressure on all candidates, who are not compulsion driven ideologues, to be more conservative. The Reagan era is a case in point; the reverse was true in the leftward shift of many formerly conservative Democrats in the early "New Deal." This does not imply lack of personal involvement. Our obvious interest has led to careful consideration of the merits, deficiencies & reasonable possibilities related to each candidate. While Governor...
  • World Government? Norman Cousins & Surrender By Subterfuge!

    03/01/2012 8:24:06 AM PST · by Ohioan · 9 replies
    Truth Based Logic Domain ^ | February 29, 2012 | William Flax
    To any American, dedicated to the promise of the Founders to secure the "Blessings of Liberty" to their posterity, a surrender of what those brave men achieved on the battlefield can never be acceptable. But that is not the only fundamental flaw in the Cousins "argument." There is an implied premise, in the claim that we must have World Government to prevent the Nations of the world from savaging one another, that there is no effective alternative, or alternatively that a World Government would be more likely to prevent the horrors of modern war than would, for example, the traditional...
  • Debt Default In America

    09/09/2011 8:14:42 AM PDT · by Ohioan · 11 replies
    Truth Based Logic Domain ^ | August 31, 2011 | William Flax
    In recent weeks, there has been some discussion over how to handle the soaring public debt of the United States; how that debt--its extent & the method by which it is managed--affects the credit worthiness of the United States & the likelihood of default on that debt; finally, the effect of such phenomena on the future economic well being of the people of the United States. There was also a hue & cry, when a popular financial rating agency issued a minor downgrade of the quality of that debt. In this essay, we will focus on the question of debt...
  • Gold & Money In America

    06/10/2011 8:37:32 AM PDT · by Ohioan · 31 replies
    Truth Based Logic Domain ^ | June, 2011 | William Flax
    The Founding Fathers established a gold standard, . . They specifically forbad the States (Constitution, Article I, Sec. 10) from making anything but gold or silver an acceptable medium for the discharge of debt. Comparing the present fiat "dollar's" performance against gold, then, is both fair & particularly American. In a separate Addendum, "Capital Gains Tax," to our February, 2009 Feature on "The Function of Money," we calculated that at an $860 an ounce price, the fiat dollar had depreciated at a compound rate of 4.18% per year against gold over the then 75 years since Roosevelt had confiscated America's...
  • Gold & Money In America

    11/30/2009 11:30:26 AM PST · by Ohioan · 25 replies · 820+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | November 30, 2009 | William Flax
    America, as synonymous with the people who created the Federal Union known as the United States of America, was born to a gold standard; was intended, always, to remain on a gold standard! No reading of Article I, Section 10, of the Constitution, coupled with key provisions of Article I, Section 8, can lend itself to any other interpretation. The first paragraph of Section 10 reads in relevant part: No State shall . . . make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.Note, there is no exception provided. Contrast that paragraph with the second...
  • Health Care Or Armageddon?

    09/01/2009 11:18:03 AM PDT · by Ohioan · 32 replies · 1,122+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | August 29, 2009 | William Flax
    There is no "Crisis" . . . Throughout medical history, the concept of medical insurance was unknown. Nor does the present availability of insurance, create an inalienable right to be provided with same... What is any form of insurance, but an expense incurred to narrow the parameters of future risk. Health insurance does not reduce the amount of money Americans spend on "health care"; in a macro sense, it actually increases such. The benefit to an individual is simply in narrowing parameters of what he or she might have to spend in some future contingency. . . To suggest taxing...
  • The Economics Of A Sociopath

    03/31/2009 10:49:08 AM PDT · by Ohioan · 20 replies · 1,419+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | March 30, 2009 | William Flax
    By any rational or civilized standard, John Maynard Keynes was a totally amoral scoundrel. Keynes At Harvard, a well documented study by Zygmund Dobbs, first published by Archibald Roosevelt's Veritas Foundation (Conservative Harvard Alumni) in 1962, thoroughly exposed Keynes as a Fabian Socialist sociopath, deliberately seeking to undermine free market Capitalism. Dobbs also showed Keynes to be a notorious homosexual pedophile, who predated NAMBLA, advising other wealthy & depraved British Leftists where, in the third world, they might expect the best price for "bed & boy." This vile bit of history is not, of course, our point. We intend to...
  • Addiction--An Economy Dependent Upon Easy Credit

    03/03/2009 9:52:34 AM PST · by Ohioan · 18 replies · 402+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | March 1, 2009 | William Flax
    What stands out most clearly, amidst all the panic inducing talk and extravagant promises, lately spewing from the mouths of Federal office holders & Central Bankers, is of a desperate need to keep America dependent upon credit--easy credit;--that what is most feared, in the seats of economic power in contemporary America, is a period in which people restrain expenditures for new goods and services, pay down debt and actually try to provide for the cyclical, as well as disaster driven, downturns that have always been part of the economic history of human nations. The boom can last only as long...
  • Keynes At Harvard; Economic Deception As A Political Credo

    02/06/2009 9:25:34 AM PST · by Ohioan · 33 replies · 460+ views
    Keynes At ^ | 1959, 1969 & February, 2009 | Zygmund Dobbs
    It has been 40 years since a revised edition of the Veritas Foundation publication of Keynes At Harvard in the late 1950s, exposed the unholy roots and purpose of Keynesian economics. Now with the new President, Democratic Congressional leadership, and the Left leaning media establishment all screaming for more and more expensive extravagance and waste, in the name of economic stimulus, it is a great benefit that the classic expose' of Lord Keynes, the Fabian Socialist guru behind the fatuous economics of Governmental waste as a solution to economic problems, has been republished as an e-book. A bit of background...
  • Obama & Political Sleight of Hand!

    10/26/2008 9:41:07 AM PDT · by Ohioan · 27 replies · 552+ views
    October 26, 2008 | William Flax
    The Obama response to any discussion of his involvement with a former Weatherman leader, engaged in radical revolutionary tactics in the 1960s, has been that he (Obama) was only eight years old at the time of the Ayers involvement in acts of overt sedition, and that he has since denounced those actions. This, of course, is irrelevant to the issue of whether or not Obama and Ayers share a common Marxist ideology--a common vision of a new monolithic totalitarian Socialist America. Ayers may have changed his tactics, that does not mean that he has changed his goals. When Lenin and...
  • Politicians Who Just Don't Understand Reality!

    10/25/2008 1:08:13 PM PDT · by Ohioan · 3 replies · 228+ views
    October 25, 2008 | William Flax
    The saddest thing about the present political campaign is the demonstration of abysmal ignorance of the Constitution, the dynamics of social & economic interaction, and the realities of human nature, by most candidates for Federal Office. Let me illustrate by looking at Senator Obama's stated views: Take the subject of Federal involvement with civilian education. Consider what he has said and what he has not said. You have not heard Obama even try to explain what in the Constitution, he was sworn to uphold, authorizes any Federal Role in Education. Yet he discusses a Federal Role as though there was...
  • Congress & The Regulation Of Commerce

    10/17/2008 10:33:24 AM PDT · by Ohioan · 13 replies · 613+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | October 16, 2008 | William Flax
    With renewed controversy over the nature & extent of any proper Governmental role in the regulation of economic decisions that influence or control commercial activity, some comments are in order. Unfortunately, a background in which America may be on the cusp of economic chaos, is not a time when sober & reflective analysis is the "order of the day." The recent panic in Washington has set a tone both here and abroad; and while the focus there, notwithstanding the imposition of new "regulations" in financial markets, has been primarily on creating more liquidity by "appropriating" new funds out of fiat...
  • Obama: Community Organizer

    10/15/2008 7:19:11 AM PDT · by Ohioan · 13 replies · 302+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | September 27, 2008 | William Flax
    Much has been made of Senator Obama's post-collegiate experience as a "Community Organizer" in Black (Negro) areas of the vast Chicago Southside. At the Republican Convention, the mere concept obtained some 'mileage' as a source for humor. The idea of an Ivy League College boy coming, full of the Leftwing theories & notions so popular in certain Colleges and Universities in post McKinley America, to tell those living in a large ethnic community how to organize that community is, admittedly, inherently funny. It is not humor in any way peculiar to the racial makeup of south Chicago; indeed, no different...
  • An Unfortunate Milestone--The Accidental American

    08/19/2008 1:46:26 PM PDT · by Ohioan · 10 replies · 145+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | July 30, 2008 | William Flax
    I have been debating for three weeks, whether to post my August Feature on the Obama Phenomenon at Free Republic. It raises issues that some Republicans would rather ignore, yet it is very relevant to the survival of America. The Obama acceptance, despite the absence of traditional American roots--indeed, he is really here by accident, as his father was neither a settler nor an immigrant, but merely passing through, and his mother could not wait to run off to Indonesia, after the Kenyan left her--speaks to a condition of the public conscience that is being applauded on the Left. But...
  • An Open Letter To Senator Lindsey Graham

    06/15/2007 10:19:42 AM PDT · by Ohioan · 136 replies · 2,291+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | June 15, 2007 | William Flax
    South Carolina's Senator Lindsey Graham recently referred to those of us who oppose the Kennedy/Bush Immigration Bill as "bigots." This is our response. June 15, 2007 Hon. Lindsey Graham United States Senate Dear Senator Graham: It has been reported that you have seen fit to refer to those of us who oppose extensive immigration by third world peoples into the United States, as "bigots." You did not offer to debate issues fundamental to the very concept of a nation; rather, you chose to asperse the motives of those Americans, who sought such a debate. This suggests that you may be...
  • Responsibility Factor

    06/04/2007 9:47:09 AM PDT · by Ohioan · 7 replies · 246+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | May 30, 2007 | William Flax
    One of our recurrent themes has been the general failure of political leaders in the West to display either a clear or adequate understanding of why the "Market Economy" out-performs all others, or a comprehension of the relevance of the principles involved to virtually every other facet of human inter-action. With the economic collapse of European Communism, even World Socialists began to accept the superiority of a Market driven economy. Yet neither they, nor most Capitalists, have shown any grasp of the actual dynamics. Rather, evident phenomena have been treated much as a correct recognition of the benefits of herbal...
  • Four Of A Kind: Foundations For An American Future

    02/28/2006 12:00:09 PM PST · by Ohioan · 6 replies · 287+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | February 27, 2006 | William Flax
    Answer To Last Month's "Full House For Disaster" Four Of A Kind: Foundations For An American Future March, 2006 Feature--Return Of The Gods Web Site SynopsisThe four foundation blocks for a Conservative American Future, one that returns to the wisdom of the Founders: Integrity, Identity, Responsibility & Respect. Last month we discussed a metaphorical "poker hand from Hell," reviewing a "full house" of egregious errors in addressing social goals and in understanding the causation for social phenomena. In a discussion of error in addressing societal goals, we described serious mistakes in assigning responsibility in the approach to Public School...
  • A Full House For Disaster (What Went Wrong In America In The 20th Century)

    02/04/2006 9:09:01 AM PST · by Ohioan · 23 replies · 821+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | February, 2006 | William Flax
    A Full House For Disaster There is an old saying that "the Devil is in the details." Here, we suspect, the Devil was the dealer. SynopsisThree kindred errors in understanding or assigning Responsibility: Education, Public Safety & Welfare. Two kindred errors in the comprehension of Causation: Denial of nature as cause for success or failure & observed aspects of comparative group dynamics; & a trivialization of human sexuality. A Poker Hand From Hell There have probably been no truly new ideas in the field of human group dynamics in the past thousand years. Social "innovation" consists largely in a rephrasing...
  • Primary 2006!--Tactical Tips For Conservative Candidates

    12/01/2005 12:21:01 PM PST · by Ohioan · 9 replies · 447+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | November 30, 2005 | William Flax
    The purpose of this essay is to offer practical suggestions for prospective Conservative candidates, considering entering the lists for the coming 2006 Primaries. While this entire web site--with the partial exception of our Literary Corner--is intended to serve as a resource center for Conservative youth, willing to challenge the prevailing Socialist/Egalitarian dogma in the schools and on the campuses of America and other Western Nations, many of the pieces may be too keyed to that parochial purpose to be ideal for the sometimes even more emotionally driven battles on the political hustings. This article will be campaign specific in purpose,...
  • Profiles In Political Courage

    03/23/2005 10:24:14 AM PST · by Ohioan · 58 replies · 771+ views
    Calendars Classified Forums Sports Weather Yellow Pages Profiles in political courage A Times Editorial Published March 23, 2005 The vulgar politics of life and death that surround Terri Schiavo have produced a form of emotional extortion, one in which compassion in end-of-life cases is equated with conspiracy to murder. Leave it to a genuine conservative like state Sen. Jim King, R-Jacksonville, to refuse to succumb. "All we're doing is what we think is our right and our obligation, not necessarily as Republicans, but as human beings," King told reporters Monday. "I have a personal feeling about what's right. I think...
  • George Washington Debates George W. Bush

    02/26/2005 11:16:52 AM PST · by Ohioan · 112 replies · 1,992+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | February 26, 2005 | William Flax, As Moderator
    George Washington Debates George W. Bush "Should The United States Promote Democracy In Every Land?" William Flax, Moderator Moderator: Welcome to our debate between the current President and the first President of the United States. The subject is, "Should The United States promote Democracy In Every Land?" George W. Bush speaks via his Second Inaugural Address, January 20, 2005. General George Washington speaks via his Farewell Address, September 17, 1796. Since Mr. Bush has proposed an increased involvement of the United States in the domestic affairs of other peoples, in variance to specific policies recommended by General Washington, he has...
  • The 'Neo-Con' Phenomenon

    01/29/2005 8:16:02 AM PST · by Ohioan · 2 replies · 257+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | January 27, 2005 | William Flax
    The "Neo-Con" Phenomenon .... day dreams of grandeur--without understanding of how human societies ... actually function. . . . we had never heard--or at least never paid enough attention to have noted--the term "neo-con," before the inauguration of George W. Bush in January, 2001. We understood that the President, who called himself a "compassionate conservative," was not really Conservative on many issues. But we took him at his word . . . Our first notice of the "neo-con" phenomenon came . . . after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks . . . The first impression was of a...
  • Washington's Farewell Address

    02/22/2004 7:14:13 PM PST · by Ohioan · 17 replies · 330+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | September 17, 1796 | George Washington
    The link above will take you to the Address. It was thus that Washington, early in the effort, defined his purpose:Here, perhaps, I ought to stop. But a solicitude for your welfare, which cannot end but with my life, and the apprehension of danger, natural to that solicitude, urge me on an occasion like the present, to offer to your solemn contemplation, and to recommend to your frequent review, some sentiments; which are the result of much reflection, of no inconsiderable observation, and which appear to me all important to the permanency of your felicity as a People. These will...
  • Ohio At 200--Have We Abandoned Reason

    02/25/2003 8:51:49 AM PST · by Ohioan · 54 replies · 480+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | February 25, 2003 | William Flax
    I have posted an alert at my web site, and have sent copies to several of our State Legislators in Ohio. The beginning of the article will explain its subject: March 1, 2003 is the 200th anniversary of Ohio Statehood. We had intended to draft a brief historical review, tracing settlement in the Northwest Territory; discussing the Virginia roots for the southern seventy-seven Counties, while acknowledging the New England origin for the eleven in the north, what had been the Connecticut Western Reserve. We had wanted to acknowledge the special contributions of the Virginians, with Jeffersonian values, who settled Ross...
  • The Trent Lott Affair--Anatomy Of A Smear The Trent Lott Affair--The Anatomy & Context Of A Smear

    12/20/2002 11:30:10 AM PST · by Ohioan · 18 replies · 329+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | December 20, 2002 | William Flax
    I have just posted the first complete draft of a study and analysis of the recent Lott smear, in the context of established Leftist tactics and how to answer them. As always, comments are invited. There may not be time to specifically answer them, but they will be considered when I revise the post into its final form. The essay may be pulled up at Trent Lott Affair--The Anatomy & Context Of A Smear. William Flax
  • Thanksgiving Day Project

    11/21/2002 2:40:03 PM PST · by Ohioan · 4 replies · 155+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | Original Publication--November, 1998 | William Flax
    Every year, I try to encourage parents to have copies of the original proclamation of the Thanksgiving Day Holiday by George Washington, distributed in local public schools, on the day before the holiday. The link Thanksgiving Project, will take you to the Proclamation and a description and explanation of the proposed project. I recognize that in most large cities, with a known ACLU presence, few school personnel are going to rush out and embrace this. But perhaps in some of the small towns, it could become an annual occurence. Only positive things would result. William Flax
  • Suggested Tactic--Fall Campaign I

    07/29/2002 12:04:19 PM PDT · by Ohioan · 2 replies · 12+ views
    Self ^ | July 29, 2002 | William Flax
    This is a suggestion for Conservative candidates, seeking office this fall. It may be followed from time to time by other suggestons, intended to have major impact for money spent. Consider the ripple effect from running a radio spot--aired only on stations with a high rush hour rating, during rush hours: Are you enjoying this morning's traffic flow? For Forty years, "Liberals" have pursued immigration policies which assumed that America was still underpopulated. We weren't and aren't! For representation which believes in facing reality and thinking ahead--for dealing with problems before they smack us in the face--I, (name, offer to...
  • The Big Truth

    05/13/2002 5:02:32 PM PDT · by Ohioan · 18 replies · 437+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | May 14, 2002 | William Flax
    I have just posted the article, which I have been working on for the past several days, prompted by the recent vicious turn in Leftwing politics in Europe. It is called The Big Truth, and basically suggests that Conservatives trying to defend their respective traditions in the various nations under attack from the Left--including America--should answer their foes by a simple iteration of basic truths. Comments are invited. Suggested revisions will be carefully considered. William Flax
  • George Washington's Farewell Address

    02/22/2002 9:04:02 AM PST · by Ohioan · 13 replies · 216+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | September 17, 1796 | George Washington
    For the text, Washington's Farewell Address.
  • An American Foreign Policy

    01/11/2002 3:57:46 PM PST · by Ohioan · 5 replies · 2+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | January 11, 2002 | William Flax
    I have now posted Chapter Eighteen of The Conservative Debate Handbook, although it is only linked to about 10 other urls at the web site, thus far. The subject is An American Foreign Policy, and it compares some of the outrages committed by such Leftists running the American Foreign Service as Dean Rusk (the Kennedy/Johnson Secretary of State), and President Clinton, with the sound, patriotic, pragmatic, ethical and effective policy established by Washington and Jefferson in the early days of this Republic. It is intended to show how far we have sometimes drifted, and what we should have done. But ...
  • Myths & Myth Makers In American "Higher" Education.

    12/18/2001 2:52:47 PM PST · by Ohioan · 10 replies · 175+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | December 18, 2001 | William Flax
    We posted Chapter 16 of the Conservative Debate Handbook, today. It deals with some of those who were most successful in promoting facets of the Fabian Socialist assault on our heritage on American College and University campuses, during the Century just past. It is offered as an aid in fighting back against a continuing onslaught that threatens almost every thing that is important to American Conservatives. You may go directly to the essay at Myths & Myth Makers In American "Higher" Education. As always, comments are invited. William Flax
  • Immigration & The American Future

    11/23/2001 2:41:54 PM PST · by Ohioan · 10 replies
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | November 23, 2001 | William Flax
    I have now posted the Chapter of the Conservative Debate Handbook, that deals specifically with Immigration. It may be accessed at Immigration & The American Future.. While I have in the past invited direct Email comments, my email has been under viral and worm attacks, so I have had to abandon email communications, until such time as I can be certain that new protective measures are working as they are supposed to. You can, email me, but there will not be an answer for now. The other side of this is that if any one reading this has recently had ...
  • WAR 2001! The Shortest Path To Victory.

    10/13/2001 3:56:48 PM PDT · by Ohioan · 6 replies · 1+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | October 13, 2001 | William Flax
    I have just published the first complete draft of an article suggesting the correct focus for the War on Terrorism, at my Conservative web site. Comments are invited, before I revise the draft into final form. The basic suggestion is that we focus more attention on the Internationalist aspect of the enemy than on his own pretenses of theological roots. But there is more to it than that.
  • How To Recognize The Bigot In The Argument!

    08/13/2001 10:32:20 AM PDT · by Ohioan · 387+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | August 13, 2001 | William Flax
    I have now posted Chapter Thirteen of the Conservative Debate Handbook at my web site. It is entitled How To Recognize The Bigot In The Argument, and directly confronts the false pretensions of such organizations as the NAACP, ADL, People For The American Way and Southern Poverty Law Center, to be supporters of tolerance and understanding. The Chapter is still undergoing revision, and hence has an "under construction" tag. But it is near enough to a final version that I am posting this link here to invite friendly criticism, before putting the last touches on it.
  • The Flip Side Of Insult

    05/19/2001 2:51:10 PM PDT · by Ohioan · 9+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | May 19, 2001 | William Flax
    I have just published the comments that I promised in a couple of threads, last week, on the Cincinnati riots, at my web site. Since the article contains some information that has not been generally reported in the news, I am offering it under the Government section, rather than as purely personal opinion. (Of course, it does contain my very definite opinions on the subject matter.) In case the link in the Source listing does not work, here is the article: The Flip-Side Of Insult.
  • For Washington's Birthday: George Washington's Farewell Address

    02/22/2001 7:03:51 AM PST · by Ohioan · 236+ views
    Return Of The Gods Website ^ | 1796 | George Washington
    269 years ago, today, a man was born in Virginia who grew into the most famous American of all; a man whose character--his strength, integrity, fairness, objectivity, reverence and wisdom--came to be more clearly and widely accepted as exemplifying the very best in the American character, than any other American, before or since. That man was our First President, First Soldier, First Statesman, George Washington. While it is to our shame that this day is no longer one of our principal American Holidays, it will be noted by many of us nonetheless. As a personal commemoration, I urge as many ...
  • Politics 2001--Lesson 2000

    02/08/2001 10:11:51 AM PST · by Ohioan · 8+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | February 8, 2001 | William Flax
    We have finally gotten around to posting a commentary on the recent election, with recommendations for how we should address the political future. It is not quite what we wished for; but it is more important to encourage a discussion of the various issues than to achieve rhetorical niceties. It may be found at Politics 2001--Lesson 2000, and the critical comments--favorable or unfavorable--of all are invited. It will be revised further--although not softened--after we evaluate the reaction.
  • What To Do While The Polls Are Still Open!

    11/07/2000 11:42:35 AM PST · by Ohioan · 9+ views
    Return Of The Gods Web Site ^ | November 7, 2000 | William Flax
    While the polls remain open, it is folly to sit glued to sites that are reporting exit poll data. There is still time to influence the actual poll data. Now is the time to be posting on the gut issues at forums frequented by the enemy. Now is the time to be trying to make people leaning to Gore--who have not yet voted--think twice. Each of us will have his own slant on the campaign. Mine has been pushed for a month here. (Campaign 2000--The Tactics Of Victory.) During the interval since I visited here this morning, I have posted ...