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  • LIVE on C-SPAN2: Senate Session

    09/30/2013 6:20:28 PM PDT · 39 of 430

    I don’t understand why Republicans don’t just fund the sections of the budget they agree with like they did for military pay. Pass separate appropriations bills and the impact of a government shut down wouldn’t be noticed by most people.You don’t have to fight on the Democrats’ terms by talking about defunding. If it turns out you never get around to funding HHS, EPA, and the federal education department, well, that would be a shame...

  • Video/Governor Palin: “[Crony Capitalism] Is What We Must Defend Our Country Against”

    10/09/2011 9:00:57 AM PDT · 34 of 48
    OwatonnaNative to BCrago66

    “Even Romney - and I’m not a fan - is far better than Obama”

    When you see videos like the one above it is not clear that Romney is better than Obama. The Democrats have been winning the battle for big government by shaping the Republican field. Liberal Republicans have blurred the line between what should be the conservative party and the democrats, resulting in many who sit out of the election process. Romney means there is no choice in government; either we get a Democrat that pushes us toward collapse at full speed or we get a Republican like Romney that pushes toward collapse at a slightly slower speed. Either way big government wins, and we the people, lose. The only way to change the political environment is to reject liberal candidates so the American people can finally have a clear choice between socialism or American democracy as envisioned by our founding fathers.

    Romney is a useful tool for democrats to push for bigger government and to ensure the blame gets placed evenly on both parties when it ends badly.

  • Organizing for Palin

    10/01/2011 10:51:13 AM PDT · 13 of 138
    OwatonnaNative to Danae

    “Didn’t she say she would be announcing her decision by the end of September? Just sayin...”

    Aaah...No, Sarah Palin never said she would announce by an specific date. And Erick, when you think something up in your own mind it doesn’t mean it becomes another persons commitment. Just saying....

  • I think the primaries are being moved up to force Palin to declare sooner than she intends...

    10/01/2011 10:38:50 AM PDT · 106 of 339
    OwatonnaNative to Conservativegreatgrandma

    “But she said she would let everyone know one way or the other by the end of Sept. Today is Oct. 1.”

    Is that you Erick? Governor Palin has never set a definite deadline for making her decision, she has only talked about time frames and some of the filing dates. Governor Palin will announce when she is ready. Her team (O4P, C4P, TS, ETC) will be ready in each state when she announces.

  • Daily Presidential Tracking Poll (9/25/2011 "Marchin' Shoes" Hussein at -23)

    09/25/2011 8:08:06 AM PDT · 16 of 23
    OwatonnaNative to 3Fingas

    If the Republican candidate wins the states that John McCain won in 2008 they will net 14 additional EC points based on census adjustments. With those additions the Republican candidate is at 187. Add traditional Republican states Florida (29), North Carolina (15), Virginia (13), Ohio (18), Indiana (11), and Nebraska (1)gets 254. Then you need 16 from Iowa (7), Pennsylvania (21), Nevada (5), Colorado (9), New Mexico (5), New Hampshire (4), Wisconsin (11), Minnesota (10), and Michigan (17). Given Obama’s failure more states could be in play such as Oregon and Washington.

    Still not easy, but the road is much more difficult for Obama this time around based on the census changes. The fact that he cannot effectively pretend he is a conservative this time around will also make things difficult for the incompetent idiot.

  • After watching this debate is it any more evident that we need Sarah Palin in this race?

    09/22/2011 8:26:41 PM PDT · 33 of 120
    OwatonnaNative to Soul Seeker

    “Then she’ll lose and we’ll still have Romney after you all have worked to destroy Perry. Thank you “conservatives”.”

    The only person who can destroy Perry is Perry. He just isn’t all that strong of a candidate. As my governor, I would support Perry if it comes down to him or Romney, but I hope for a candidate that I can support based on enthusiasm for their policies. Palin is still the best choice given Perry’s weak performance so far.

  • Romney: Palin Candidacy ‘Would Be a Good Thing’

    09/22/2011 9:42:38 AM PDT · 3 of 66
    OwatonnaNative to Grunthor

    “OR; she might be smart enough to see through the thinly veiled strategy by the NE uber-Rino and stay out of the race.”

    OR, she will look at the Perry polls and conclude we need a conservative that can win, and enter the race.

  • Poll finds Obama losing ground to Republicans (Gov. Palin gains over 15 points, now almost tied)

    09/20/2011 6:42:39 PM PDT · 105 of 273
    OwatonnaNative to PSYCHO-FREEP

    The link you cite has was posted on Thursday, December 16, 2010.Would you like to try again?

    If you want to cite polls from that far back, how about this poll? PPP conducted a poll during that same time frame that asked, who’s views are closer to your own, Barack Obama or Sarah Palin? Results — Palin 52% — Obama 40%

    Or, perhaps you could look at the PPP poll from North Carolina from two weeks ago. It showed Palin winning independents by 14 points over Obama. That coincidentally, is a similar result to the latest poll; independents in North Carolina and nationally are turning to Palin in fairly large numbers.

    So, who is your candidate? Where have their polls gone in the past few weeks? If your candidate is subjected to the pounding that Palin has taken for the last three years will they survive? And, make no mistake the eventual Republican nominee will get the Palin treatment; why should we nominate someone that we cannot be sure will hold up under the attacks?

  • Poll finds Obama losing ground to Republicans (Gov. Palin gains over 15 points, now almost tied)

    09/20/2011 6:06:34 PM PDT · 56 of 273
    OwatonnaNative to PSYCHO-FREEP

    You accuse Palin supporters of cherry picking polls and then you ignore the latest poll to cite one that was conducted NINE MONTHS ago?


  • Poll finds Obama losing ground to Republicans (Gov. Palin gains over 15 points, now almost tied)

    09/20/2011 6:01:16 PM PDT · 47 of 273
    OwatonnaNative to InterceptPoint

    “Sarah takes votes from Perry not Romney.”

    Is that you Karl? The polls I see show Palin taking votes from all of the other candidates but most from Bachmann and then Romney. Bachmann was done in by Ed Rollins and is no longer viable and Romney needs to be defeated because he is a leftist weenie.Sarah Palin in the race will ensure Romney is forced to defend his liberal policies and will ultimately lead to his collapse. I suspect the Republican establishment knows Romney has a glass chin and is trying to find a replacement. Palin just needs to sit back and hold off on announcing until it is too late for another RINO to enter the race.

  • Texas Gov. Rick Perry To Arrive In NYC Monday

    09/18/2011 8:37:25 PM PDT · 32 of 48
    OwatonnaNative to GunRunner; DRey

    “Don’t wast your breath on a Palindrone. They’re just trying to keep hope after the Bob & Mark show fiasco from Friday.”

    Actually, that was a joke played by the hosts to get the Palin haters all worked up....It obviously worked!

    Perry met with Trump hoping to get an endorsement but Trump said he wouldn’t endorse anyone until Palin announces. (

    I guess Trump is a Palindrone too....

  • I think Palin's unfavoribles are wide, but less than an inch deep

    09/18/2011 7:31:44 PM PDT · 217 of 277
    OwatonnaNative to ari-freedom

    Tell me who you support and I will gladly compare them to Palin on all of the issues you raised.

  • I think Palin's unfavoribles are wide, but less than an inch deep

    09/18/2011 7:22:22 PM PDT · 213 of 277
    OwatonnaNative to CA Conservative

    “You folks really need to get over the Reagan analogy. It does not even come close to applying to Sarah’s situation”

    The Reagan analogy comes from Palin’s policy beliefs. Name the Republican among the current field who’s views are closer to Reagan. I will gladly compare and contrast their views with Palin and Reagan.

    But again, you keep coming back to polls, telling us that we shouldn’t support Palin because her polling is lower. Well, the latest PPP poll has Obama at 47 percent against Palin and 46 percent against Perry - not a big difference. PPP also released a poll 2 weeks ago that has Palin up over Obama by 14 points among independents in North Carolina. How does your candidate stack up? Rasmussen conducted a poll and asked who’s views are closer to your own, Obama or Palin...results - Palin 52% — Obama 40% — all before Obama’s polls tanked.

    Tell us who you support so everyone can judge for themselves.

  • I think Palin's unfavoribles are wide, but less than an inch deep

    09/18/2011 7:12:28 PM PDT · 205 of 277
    OwatonnaNative to normy

    “Now in order for Palin to be President her supporters will try to destroy Perry, the Lt.Governor and the Texas Speaker?”

    Palin supporters are not trying to destroy Perry and my guess is that if Sarah doesn’t run many will support Perry over Romney. That being said, Perry simply does not have the same conservative credentials as Palin. I live in San Antonio so I believe I am qualified to point out concerns with Perry. His support for the TTC just smacks of cronyism. His mindless support for toll roads, on roads that tax payers have already paid for just to raise more taxes is simply a bad decisions that shows his true political beliefs. The Gardasil thing has been done to death but that too shows he has a knee jerk, big daddy government side that comes out in weird circumstances.

    Now, if you want to tell me where you disagree with any policy publicly supported by Palin, I and most of her supporters would be happy to engage in that debate. Perry and the rest of the field simply don’t match Palin’s consistency and reliably conservative governance.

  • I think Palin's unfavoribles are wide, but less than an inch deep

    09/18/2011 6:56:58 PM PDT · 196 of 277
    OwatonnaNative to Lazlo in PA

    Reagan was clearly the weakest opponent when measured against Carter ( This poll and others like it convinced Carter that Reagan would be the easiest opponent to beat. You seem to be saying that presidential polls more than a year before the actual election are unmovable and we should just nominate the person that matches up the best in the early going, which is Romney if you believe the polls. I do not. Reagan was behind by 29 points one year before the election. According to your logic he should not have been our nominee. Your premise doesn’t hold up and we can do better than Romney. Whether that is Palin or another true conservative, I am tired of having to vote for loser establishment RINO’S like Romney, McCain, Dole, Bush Sr., Ford, and Nixon. We are heading toward the abyss at a hundred miles an hour with Obama. Changing to Romney or some other liberal Republican leaves us going toward the abyss at a slightly slower pace, but we are still headed for disaster. We need someone who has a history of changing the system; someone who has a history of exposing corruption, even if it is found in their own party; someone that leads from a desire to see their country do well, instead of someone who is “the next in line”.

  • I think Palin's unfavoribles are wide, but less than an inch deep

    09/18/2011 4:13:25 PM PDT · 59 of 277
    OwatonnaNative to Lazlo in PA

    “can you show me were rank and file GOP voters ever jumped out on a limb to nominate someone like Palin?”

    Reagan was that type of candidate. He was viewed as the weakest opponent by the Carter administration. The press tried to paint a picture of him that ranged from a tottering old fool to the inept Bedtime for Bonzo guy. Every time a conservative runs they will be attacked and a bunch of nervous Republicans will end up nominating a Democrat-light candidate in their place; Dole, Bush Sr, Dole, and McCain. These candidates end up losing because the base sits home and the Democrats paint them as having the same policies. Republicans need conservative Democrats to believe there is a true difference between the candidates before they will support a Republican. Nominating a RINO never ends up working out the way Rove and company tell us it will....

  • Constitution Day Came and Went...No Sarah

    09/17/2011 7:00:13 PM PDT · 186 of 366
    OwatonnaNative to FromTheSidelines

    RE: PA “it’s going to take someone a bit more centric than Palin or even Perry”

    Like McCain, or maybe Romney, or maybe we can bring Bob Dole back from his retirement sleep...that would be a winner for sure!!!

    OR, maybe we go with a true conservative,some one who’s views the American people side with by 52 percent versus Obama’s 40 percent...Sarah Palin. By the way, the last Republican to win PA was not a RINO, it was Ronald Reagan. Learn from history or you will forever be on the losing side.

  • Constitution Day Came and Went...No Sarah

    09/17/2011 6:02:58 PM PDT · 102 of 366
    OwatonnaNative to NittanyLion

    “She can’t win, and she knows it. Her unfavorables are too high in key swing states.”

    Yet, Obama polls nearly the same against Palin as he does against Perry (47 vs 46). I might also add that there is only a few points difference with all of the current Republican candidates. This is after the left, the Republican establishment, the entertainment industry, and the so called “news” media has spend three years trying everything in their power to destroy her. Who among the Republican field can withstand those kinds of attacks; and make no mistake, whoever finally gets the nomination will ultimately get the Sarah Palin treatment. As for me, I will go with the person who has been able to withstand the attacks and still maintain a clear lead when it comes to support for their views. Rasmussen did a poll that asked, who’s view is closer to your own, Barack Obama or Sarah Palin? Obama got 40 % to Palin’s 52% - and this was before Obama’s poll numbers crashed. PPP released a poll from North Carolina just a week or two ago, a state that Obama won easily in 2008 - again, Palin polls well, leading among independents by 14 points. The polls will take care of themselves for Palin but whether any of the other candidates can withstand the attacks is still an open question.

  • Perry comes under fire at the CNN/Tea Party Debate

    09/12/2011 8:30:46 PM PDT · 49 of 236
    OwatonnaNative to DRey

    Not really a way to gain favor for your preferred candidate; attacking other candidates who’s supporters you will need later on down the road. Hmmm...maybe the tag line is a ruse... Just like saying you didn’t become a member until 2009 when a quick search of FR shows you first posted in September of 2008, just around the time Romney was making behind the scenes attacks on Palin. Curious...

  • Greta Interview with Palin and Bachman: Disgusting innuendo about Perry

    09/12/2011 8:13:49 PM PDT · 91 of 271
    OwatonnaNative to muawiyah

    We already paid for the roads through out gas tax. Why should we then be forced to pay to use them? If the toll road vendor is a private contractor who is going to use his own money to build a new road and then charge for that product, I am all for it. That was not the case here. They wanted to make HWY 281 a toll road after we the taxpayers had already purchased the product. That is theft and thuggery - pure and simple...

  • Greta Interview with Palin and Bachman: Disgusting innuendo about Perry

    09/12/2011 8:06:15 PM PDT · 72 of 271
    OwatonnaNative to indianrightwinger

    I am personally more concerned with Rick Perry pushing toll roads here in San Antonio and bullet trains statewide(a boondoggle if there ever was one, especially here in Texas - NO ONE is going to give up their own vehicle). Even after he was smacked down by San Antonio voters he continued to push the toll road idea. Belatedly, he agreed that toll roads are not the way to go but he sure was hard headed about it.

    I instinctively have a distrust of former Democrats who become Republicans to win (including Perry and Bachmann). As my governor, I would agree Perry isn’t all bad, but he definitely has some shortcomings as a conservative leader (Gardasil, toll roads, bullet trains, and amnesty).

  • What is Palin doing and why is she letting us down

    09/12/2011 7:28:33 PM PDT · 75 of 161
    OwatonnaNative to DRey

    So taglines are founded on immutable truths? The type of attacks you use against Palin are the same as we saw coming out of the Romney camp at the end of the 2008 campaign. Just saying...

  • What is Palin doing and why is she letting us down

    09/12/2011 7:22:28 PM PDT · 67 of 161
    OwatonnaNative to DRey

    And, you “know” she isn’t running how? Thought so...
    I predict she will announce on September 17th - on September 18th you will expose yourself as a Mittens supporter by attacking her. I would rather take the risk of losing with Palin than allow conservatism to be destroyed by a RINO like Romney. Whether Palin is the next Reagan, or the next Goldwater that leads to the next Reagan, anything would be better than Romney.

  • What is Palin doing and why is she letting us down

    09/12/2011 7:14:39 PM PDT · 57 of 161
    OwatonnaNative to se_ohio_young_conservative

    Reagan did not announce until November 13th. Were you also “disappointed” with him? Bill Clinton didn’t announce until October. Strategy is lost on those who simply cannot see the whole picture...

  • Debt Deal update: $2.4T in cuts and ceiling hikes — both in two parts (Will Obama Sign It?)

    07/31/2011 10:32:32 AM PDT · 8 of 42
    OwatonnaNative to smoothsailing

    “If I’m reading this right, Obama and the dems will own the downside, and pubs will own the upside.”

    You can safely assume you have misread anything that would produce that result. Ain’t going to happen.The hidden component of the deal was let out of the bag when Chucky Schumer admitted that the second increase component could result in “revenue” increases. If the commission cannot agree on cuts then defense gets slashed by 50 percent, which Republicans cannot accept. The democrats will then use the across the board cut mechanism, aimed at the defense budget, as a way to force republicans to give in on tax increases.

    I say NO...Stick with cut, cap, and balance; or, stay with the original Boehner plan. The Boehner plan is better than this new bait and switch offer from Obama because it places deficit and debt debates at the center until the 2012 elections.

  • How to Defeat Sarah Palin

    06/12/2011 8:30:11 AM PDT · 10 of 29
    OwatonnaNative to jimjohn

    Same thing that happened with Reagan. The media and the lefties spent so much time making personal attacks against him instead of engaging on the issues that Reagan was able to get his ideas out there free of the Media filter. Then all of the personal attacks began to backfire (teflon president) because the American people realized Reagan’s ideas were in sync with their beliefs. If the media says the person who agrees with you is an idiot you begin to take those slights personally and rally to the person being attacked.

    Oh, by the way, check out these polls. It kind of illustrates the point, and the liberal’ sense of deja vu.

    Barry gets 24% support for his political views:

    Palin’s views versus Obama’s views (52,40):

  • Number one reason not to raise the debt limit

    06/09/2011 5:44:26 PM PDT · 14 of 43

    #1 Reason to NOT raise the debt ceiling?

    Population in 1987 - 242 Million
    Budget in 1987 - $1 TRILLION

    Population in 2011 - 308 Million
    Budget in 2011 - $3.9 TRILLION

    Rate of population growth since 1987 - 27%
    Rate of growth in government spending since 1987 - 390%

    How in the world can we be in a position where government spending is increasing 15 TIMES faster than population growth - and still politicians tell us they cannot cut anything?

  • Poll: Obama's losing support; Romney would beat him now [Romneybot zot!]

    12/13/2010 1:35:24 PM PST · 38 of 83
    OwatonnaNative to Poundstone

    No, Romney is a weasel and engages in liberal weasel like behavior. He is not acceptable under any circumstances.

  • TLC and why Palin will never be president -- part 2 [liberal propaganda zot]

    12/12/2010 12:00:19 PM PST · 142 of 343
    OwatonnaNative to onyx

    earlJam posting his usual Palin attack on a liberal, pro-homosexual site. I will say again, he is a liberal RINO piece of crap.

    Part way through the show, even though I had fast forwarded through the reality show fluff, I found myself shouting, “HIRE A DAMN NARRATOR!!!!”

    My wife yelled at me for using the “d” word in front of my daughter. Shortly after that, she said to me under her breath, “Yea, she’s getting on my nerves, too.”
    62 posted on Tuesday, November 23, 2010 3:32:48 PM by earlJam

    You would think that if he was trying to pretend to be a “concerned” Republican that he could at least use a different name on the left-wing websites that he posts on.

    earlJam - epic fail, RINO, big steaming POS

  • TLC and why Palin will never be president -- part 2 [liberal propaganda zot]

    12/12/2010 11:43:10 AM PST · 123 of 343
    OwatonnaNative to earlJam

    Who is earlJam? Well, a look at one site he posts on should be instructive.

    He posts on a site called FirstDraft (

    The site seems to be an anti-Republican site:

    Site also has many links to liberal web sites including The Daily KOS

    Also seems to be a pro militant homosexual site:

    Seems like earlJam is a lefty RINO who is quietly working in the Republican party structure to push his liberal politics. I would call him a POS....

  • TLC and why Palin will never be president -- part 2 [liberal propaganda zot]

    12/12/2010 11:17:52 AM PST · 102 of 343
    OwatonnaNative to earlJam

    “Matt previously worked for the Republican National Committee for three election cycles, initially as part of the team assembled by then Chairman Hailey Barbour to develop the Republican Party’s first national voter database.
    Matt has also worked for internationally renowned pollster Frank Luntz and the election administration and redistricting firm, Election Data Services, Inc.”

    So maybe he isn’t a mittens zombie but rather a Barbour cheerleader?

    Either way, to try to say Sarah Palin isn’t electable but either of those two are is just plain funny.

    Earljam appears to be Free Republic’s own personal lurker from the Republican insiders club.

  • TLC and why Palin will never be president -- part 2 [liberal propaganda zot]

    12/12/2010 10:36:22 AM PST · 28 of 343
    OwatonnaNative to earlJam

    I suppose you believe that Sarah Palin should act like mittens; IE, be so boring and tedious that no one wants to pay attention to you.

    Of course, if you want a more objective picture of what Sarah Palin’s documentary means, you could try Huffington post or one of the other liberal sites. They are clearly frightened that Sarah is connecting with the American people in a very effective manner. How do we know this is happening? A recent poll by Rasmussen showed that 52% of the American people say that Sarah Palin’s values are closer to their own. In the same poll only 40% said the current bench warmer in the White House was closer to their views.

    And, it should be noted that no amount of shilling will make Romney acceptable. Period.

  • Opinion: History Says Mitt's the Man for 2012

    11/30/2010 3:38:43 AM PST · 18 of 140

    Let’s make this real clear for the Republican insiders who continue to push RINO’s like mittens...........

    Mitt Romney is a POS!!! If supporting Obamacare lite in Massachusetts doesn’t disqualify him, his constant pandering just to gain political power should make him DOA.

    Pushing Romney is like beating a dead horse; of course, the dead horse has a more pleasing personality than Romney. A more lively one also.

  • (Flashback) Palin: Mortgage plan not a handout, but hand up

    11/27/2010 8:47:14 AM PST · 194 of 200
    OwatonnaNative to Grunthor

    Romney will claim to have “changed” on anything. Every position is up for preemptive capitulation with this guy.

    He is a soulless ghoul who is only interested in political power for the sake of that power. He is bereft of any core beliefs, easily swayed by leftist screeching, and based on his behind the scenes attacks on others, he is a coward. I could live with most of the other Republicans being talked about, but Romney is wholly unacceptable.

  • (Flashback) Palin: Mortgage plan not a handout, but hand up

    11/27/2010 7:38:31 AM PST · 191 of 200

    Really? the Romneybots are now attacking Palin for supporting the campaign positions she HAD to support? Misconstruing and twisting the words of Sarah Palin is not going to help mittens. He is a pro-abortionist (anyone can watch his debates for governor on youtube), he not only supported Obama-care light in Massachusetts but he was the driving force behind the fiasco, and he continues to work behind the scenes to take pot shots at others in the Republican party that might challenge his run (he is a real POS). Romney is a backstabbing, power hungry RINO - if he is the nominee I will work to convince Sarah Palin to run as a third party candidate - the Republican party would be effectively dead if the Romney idiot becomes the candidate.

  • Don't Run Sarah!

    11/25/2010 10:59:36 AM PST · 99 of 215
    OwatonnaNative to nwrep

    ahhh.. finally a refreshingly candid answer. You would rather have a RINO president who would implement the same policies that Obama and the Democrats are pushing only at a slightly slower pace? We are at a point that our country is at great risk - we can no longer afford two political parties that push the same failed centralized, bloated government. I would rather take a chance on Palin, knowing for certain that she has the backbone to stand up to the entrenched powers. Nothing will change with the RINO’s - NOTHING...

    The 2012 election may be the last chance we have to correct the course we are on before our economy and our currency fail completely. Palin is the only person being talked about that I trust to do what is needed.

  • Don't Run Sarah!

    11/25/2010 10:02:21 AM PST · 77 of 215
    OwatonnaNative to nwrep

    Mitch Daniels is a full blown RINO who wants to capitulate to the liberals on all social issues so we can work “cooperatively” to bring about even more left wing economic policies.... Sheeeesh he might even be worse than mittens. And, while Christie is at least somewhat conservative on the economic side he is still suspect. His support for gun bans and his support for RINOS’s like Mike Castle should be giant warning flags to take a wait and see attitude with him.

  • Don't Run Sarah!

    11/25/2010 9:29:09 AM PST · 26 of 215

    Mark McKinnon is a democrat but he chose to work with Bush. Now, we are to believe that this democrat just has Sarah’s “best interest” in mind in writing this? When democrats are trying to knock you out of the race early it is a clear indication that you are the candidate that they fear the most. I believe most of the fear on the left that gets directed toward Palin is rooted in her personal integrity. The left doesn’t believe Romney when he says he will cut spending; they do believe Palin when she says it. They don’t believe Huckabee when he says he will devolve power to the sattes; but, they do believe Palin would do everything in her power to do so. As for me, I will vote in the Republican primary for the first time and that vote will be for Palin.

  • Update: Chris Coons Campaign Denounces ‘Despicable, Cowardly, Reprehensible’ Gawker Story

    10/30/2010 9:20:26 PM PDT · 8 of 23

    Coons would not be puting out this statement if his campaign wasn’t getting hammered by the voters. Just like the Aqua Buddha ad, this smear has the power to change the election overnight. The American people do not put up with this kind of crap.

  • Man Suffocates in Rabbit Hole

    10/16/2010 3:49:00 PM PDT · 28 of 49

    Reminds me of the Monte Python is the rabbit!!!!

  • Looking for Lyrics for a Song (Yes, It's A Vanity Post)

    09/26/2010 8:48:49 PM PDT · 15 of 59
    OwatonnaNative to MplsSteve

    Carolina in the Pines - Michale Martin Murphy

  • Levi Johnston Files To Run For Office

    08/24/2010 9:28:16 AM PDT · 16 of 54
    OwatonnaNative to inflorida

    As I understand, you have to be 21 years old or older to run for mayor. The douche isn’t 21 yet. Should be fun to see what happens when his application is rejected. He truly is an idiot...

  • Palin blames media for unfavorable rating

    08/01/2010 10:33:35 AM PDT · 23 of 34

    I wish she would have replied with the following:

    A 50 percent disapproval rating with moderates? I bet Mr. Obama would kill to have an approval rating like that with moderates!!!

  • Sarah Palin: Americans Must “Learn From (Reagan’s) Mistakes” On Illegal Immigration

    07/11/2010 12:09:01 PM PDT · 56 of 118
    OwatonnaNative to BfloGuy

    “Every one of you should get used to the idea now.

    The very best that can happen is that we assure that the border is enforced before agreeing to what form the amnesty will take. Americans will never — never — agree to watching millions of people forcibly removed from the country. “

    That is why Palin’s approach is a close to perfect as we as conservatives are likely to find. Close the border, strengthen the I9 process, makes all illegals register or face deportation, create a guest worker program that sets a specific termination date, then deport when that time is elapsed. eliminates the liberal grandstanding and prevents the illegals from getting the right to vote or to stay indefinitely. I will say again, Sarah Palin is the only politician that understands this. To try to force deportation of 12 million people at once will make amnesty a near certainty. Slowly bleeding off the illegals through a guest worked program that expires their say will not solve the problem instantly but will reduce the odds of amnesty being granted. Palin is a shrewd politician.

  • Sarah Palin: Americans Must “Learn From (Reagan’s) Mistakes” On Illegal Immigration

    07/11/2010 11:35:58 AM PDT · 51 of 118
    OwatonnaNative to alicewonders

    Ronald Reagan not only endorsed George Bush sr., he nominated him to be his vice president. Remember Richard Schweiker? Reagan nominated that RINO to be his vice president in 1976 as well.

    This is not to castigate Reagan, it is to castigate you for the obvious obsession you have in bringing up Sarah Palin’s endorsement, even on threads that have nothing to do with John McCain. Sarah Palin is going to support his reelection bid, deal with it. I don’t like McCain but Sarah Palin has a right to endorse him if she chooses. If you believe this is such an egregious decision on her part then explain to me and the rest of FR why you are not making the same points about Reagan when he clearly endorsed and chose to run with people who were RINO’S. The bottom line is no politician will make every choice that we would like them to make. Reagan didn’t and Palin won’t. Now either tell us who you support so we can evaluate their endorsement record or explain why Sarah Palin is the only person you are applying this standard to.

  • Sarah Palin: Americans Must “Learn From (Reagan’s) Mistakes” On Illegal Immigration

    07/11/2010 10:31:59 AM PDT · 34 of 118
    OwatonnaNative to klb99

    All good points; but, an immediate deportation of 10+ million just won’t happen. Once we have a worker program in place political pressure will reduce the number of people granted work visa’s when our economy is struggling as it is now. That in the end makes those lower paying jobs available for citizens when they are willing to take them.

    I am with those that would like to simple deport everyone but we have to keep in mind how the political battle will play out. Sarah Palin’s approach to me makes a lot of sense with that in mind.

  • Sarah Palin: Americans Must “Learn From (Reagan’s) Mistakes” On Illegal Immigration

    07/11/2010 10:14:12 AM PDT · 20 of 118
    OwatonnaNative to 9YearLurker

    “That’s so misleading as to be a misquote. The only illegals she was advocating being deported were those who didn’t register for amnesty. (Though she wouldn’t call it ‘amnesty’.)”

    No, Sarah Palin does not support amnesty of any kind. She wants to force people who are here illegally to register. If they don’t register she supports immediately expelling them. If they do register they become part of a work program that has a specific end date. At the end of that period they too must leave. I believe this is a brilliant strategy; it denies the left the opportunity to use sob stories about people being thrown out with out warning. It also allows the government to identify where these people live and where they work, making it easier to deport them when their work visa expires. That approach combined with a streamlining of the existing I9 process (enter everything into a database so you can cross reference SSN and names) so it can be used to identify people who are using fake identification documents and you have a solution to our immigration problem that is efficient, effective, and hard for the bleeding heart agitators on the left to attack.

    Sarah Palin in my opinion is one of the few Republicans who has a handle on this issue and who has enough of a backbone to make it happen.

  • In Defense of Sarah Palin

    05/16/2010 11:20:37 AM PDT · 40 of 70
    OwatonnaNative to Hostage

    “As to your attempt to drive a wedge between FR conservatives and a beloved historical leader of theirs in history, you are wasting your time.”

    No one here is attacking Reagan. Many are however pointing out that the attacks on Palin over endorsements and other made up controversies are counter productive. No candidate agrees with us 100% and if that is our standard then Reagan, as has been pointed out by the author of this thread and others, would have been destroyed before he was given a chance to govern and move our country in the right direction. This is a cautionary tale of destroying our chance to once again have influence as we had under Reagan; attacking Sarah Palin (the attacks go beyond just policy disagreements or disagreements over decisions) because she sees the political opportunities differently than we do will ensure our defeat. Do I wish she would have opposed John McCain’s relection? Sure, but I can understand why she made her choice. I can also understand backing Fiorina to deny Campbell (a true RINO) the nomination and to ultimately have the best chance to defeat Boxer. Some here see those as unforgiveable: they are the same people who would have turned on Reagan simply because they could not understand his decisions at the time.

  • In Defense of Sarah Palin

    05/16/2010 10:07:29 AM PDT · 25 of 70

    Finally, a little perspective on the world of politics that at least attempts to maintain contact with reality.

    Reagan was the greatest president since Lincoln. Yet, he pushed amnesty for 3 million illegals, he nominated a RINO as his VP, and he supported many candidates that would today be considered RINOS. Reagan negotiated with the devil (Tip O’Neil) and made an ill-fated agreement to raise taxes with the promise of future reductions in spending. Quite frankly, he would have been savaged by the same group that is going after Sarah Palin from the right side today. There are many reason why Reagan compromised and in the end he was successful in bringing a more conservative nation for 20 years through those compromises. It really is hard to call them compromises; instead, like Palin’s forays into areas that are counter to her conservative principles, these “compromises” are really an attempt to coopt those that might not be supportive to gain power. Only then will she have the ability to influence as Reagan did. I know we have been burned by false conservatives in the past, but Sarah Palin is not the false conservative some here would try to portray her as.

  • Sarah Palin's Political Bandwagon Is wobbling Under The Weight of Contradictions [Fiorina Backlash?]

    05/15/2010 2:05:57 PM PDT · 43 of 318
    OwatonnaNative to gunsequalfreedom

    “I hate to say it but it was not the media that offered an endorsement to Fiorina. Palin did that all on her own.”

    I hate to say it but it was not the media that offered the vice presidency to George Bush I. Reagan did that all on his own.

    Palin like Reagan know when it is better for conservative to win an 80% friend than to help elect a 100% enemy. Her endorsements have shown a clear understanding that you will never have a majority unless you coopt the seats that your ideology might never win. It just proves Sarah Palin is far and away the best advocate for conservative victory that we have.

    Now go back to DU or KOS - or wherever you came from