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  • Cath Cauc: Catholics ‘not permitted to adhere to the pope’s novel teaching’: expert

    12/06/2017 5:06:18 PM PST · 4 of 11
    tomsbartoo to ebb tide

    As an older Catholic who witnessed the changes taking place during my early military days, I confess that neither I, my siblings, nor my sainted parents saw it coming. We believed then that the Church was always right no matter what. How wrong we were.

    Today, my siblings are faithful Catholics worshipping in Novus Ordo parishes. My wife and I woke up and abandoned the Conciliar Church years ago, at which time we became members of an SSPX Chapel. The Mass we witness, and the sermons we hear preached are indistinguishable from the Mass and the teaching we witnessed in our youth. We are also political “conservatives” (Trump-Moore supporters), and hold the same spiritual and moral views on issues like homosexuality, sex outside marriage, artificial birth control, that we did in the 1950’s.

    My siblings will only engage us in discussions about the weather, the kids, grandkids etc. Religion and politics are absolutely off the table. It didn’t happen all at once, but over a relatively short period of time we found out that we completely disagreed all of the above subjects and countless others. One of my siblings, at an earlier time in life, divorced and remarried––after obtaining an “annulment”, of course. So the issue of Communion for the divorced-remarried does not directly impact them.

    And notwithstanding the report in LifeSight News, my siblings (and many more modern Catholics as well) have already accepted the teachings of Amoris Laetitia as approved Catholic teaching. That horse has long left the barn. The heretical teaching in Amoris Laetitia will not be reversed. Like Communion in the hand, it will simply become another fait accompli. What we are witnessing in the Church today is nothing more than a head fake on the part of some modern Catholics that want to give the impression that their faith is actually not Protestantism. But it is, and those who care about what is going on in the Church and the world today can only pray.

  • Qatar, accused of supporting terrorism, hires ex-U.S. attorney general

    06/10/2017 2:23:55 PM PDT · 21 of 25
    tomsbartoo to HarleyLady27

    Actually, this is a classic case of what has gone on on the “swamp” that President Trump has promised to drain when he was campaigning. My wife and I attended 10 pre-election day Trump rallies, and neither one of us can recall a single rally that he did not promise us he would “drain the swamp”.

    So John Ashcroft, as one of the early swamp creatures, learn the ropes on how to “get things done” in Washington. So today, for a sizable fee (#2.5M) he’s going to prove he still has the “connections” to lead clients safely through the swamp to the other side.

    This is President Trump’s chance to show the American people that he says what he means and he means what he says. I don’t care if those rag heads give Ashcroft $100M; but I do care that Qatar straighten up and fly right. That’s what Trump has demanded so that’s what we should all expect Qatar to do.

  • Pope Francis says he will stand up to Donald Trump on immigration and climate change

    05/14/2017 4:41:30 PM PDT · 54 of 69
    tomsbartoo to 2ndDivisionVet

    That banner headline of the Independent “Pope Francis says he will stand up to Donald Trump on immigration and climate change: is outrageously misleading.

    If one doesn’t bother to read just this story they would be left with the false impression that the Pope (who I personally believe has done as much as he could to destroy the Church) was challenging Trump o a fight. Not true.

    What he essentially said is that he was not going to pre-judge Trump, and that he expects Trump to stand up for his beliefs much as he (the pope) will stand up for his own beliefs.

    Oh yeah, and what wasn’t in the Independent article to which this post was linked, was the fact that the reporter who asked the question of the pope, prefaced her question with a set-up that attempted to invite the pope into attacking Trump. The pope demurred, however, and responded in a reasonable and responsible way.

    Like I said, I have no use for this pope and I’m totally in President Trump’s corner (my wife and I did 10 rallies during the primary); but all of us are very foolish if we allow the FAKE NEWS media to lead us around by the nose.

  • Everything You Need to Know about Fatima (Part 1) [Catholic Caucus]

    05/09/2017 11:25:42 AM PDT · 4 of 10
    tomsbartoo to BlessedBeGod

    I’ll be interested to read CNA’s account of the “secrets” in the second part of this series. What has been set forth in this first part has, generally, never been controverted by the modern popes and bishops.

    For those readers who may be unaware, CNA is not the best source at all fro the truth on the Catholic Church. They carry the line of the modern popes and bishops who are in lock-step with the heretical teachings of Vatican II. I’d be greatly surprised to see anything change.

    But, of course, if the Second Vatican Council is your cup of tea, than I’d say you’d be pleased with the second part. In fact, it can actually be summed up with the phrase, “nothing to see here folks, move right along”. You see the position of the modern popes and bishops is quite simple: the 2nd secret (Consecrating Russia to her Immaculate heart) has been completed as requested; and the 3rd secret ha already been revealed––and there was actually nothing that important in it anyway.

    Of course none of what these Modernist Catholic leaders are saying is true, but you certainly won’t get “all you need to know about Fatima” from this CNA story, that’s for sure. There are actually a number of publications that have done much to get out the truth on this important Apparition, but at least one reference that comes to mind for me is “Twilight at Fatima”. It is detailed, footnoted and pulls no punches.

  • The Masons Are Rooting For Bergoglio. But He Views Them Like the Plague.

    05/04/2017 2:44:19 PM PDT · 13 of 13
    tomsbartoo to GraceG

    No, you didn’t add the sarc tag, but so what. If you have to explain to someone that it’s sarcasm, it loses its punch.

  • The Masons Are Rooting For Bergoglio. But He Views Them Like the Plague.

    05/03/2017 4:46:46 PM PDT · 8 of 13
    tomsbartoo to GraceG

    Grace, that was one of the funniest comments I’ve read all day. I’m anxious to use it myself somewhere––but with no attribution of course.:-)

  • The Masons Are Rooting For Bergoglio. But He Views Them Like the Plague.

    05/03/2017 4:20:03 PM PDT · 6 of 13
    tomsbartoo to pbear8

    I believe you’ve nailed it. If he were sincerely in opposition to Freemasonry, he would have taken steps to roll back the liberalizing Freemason language of the 1983 changes to the Canon Law.

    Still, what puzzles me about this story is that it’s published by Sandro Magister, a generally reliable Catholic writer who is usually able to see through such nonsense.

  • Ten reasons millennials are backing away from God and Christianity

    05/01/2017 7:42:27 AM PDT · 41 of 71
    tomsbartoo to Morgana

    So, let’s try to figure out when this all started to really ramp up. Oh yeah, in the late 60’s and early 70’s when the aftermath of Vatican II began to kick in. It was at that time that the popes and bishops of the Catholic Church decided that they would abandon that old-fashioned notion of adoring God and preaching against sin. In it’s place the Modernist bishops began to promote the redistribution of wealth and the deification of man.

    And yes, I realize that many might say that their actions only affected Catholics, but those that do could not be more wrong. When the Modernist popes and bishops instituted their false “ecumenism” in the late 60’s, many of the Protestant religions followed these diabolic men over the same cliff. Today, the “savior” for almost everyone of these so-called “religious” leaders (Catholic and Protestant alike) is the secular media. Globalization and saving the planet from “climate change” are now their shared goals.

    This is not to say that the “ten reasons” set out in this article have no validity, because many seem to make some sense. But the ten reasons listed did not materialize on their own; they were borne out of a societal abandonment of God. Until the leaders of the Catholic Church returns to their true mission of leading all mankind to salvation, we will only see everything getting much worse.

  • Maybe The Snowflakes Are Right?

    04/29/2017 7:03:09 AM PDT · 55 of 153
    tomsbartoo to RFEngineer

    Well stated. There may be some validity to what this author is saying, but I’m more inclined to support your view––especially your observation about the lack of motivation. In fact, I’m inclined to think that is the real issue.

    Much has happened to our society over the past few decades, and almost all of it hasn’t been good––unless one believes that a godless, dependent and globally-oriented socialist society is what we should be seeking. It is my contention that this relatively new mindset has been created and nurtured by three societal influences: the mainstream media, the educational system and Hollywood.

    As you so correctly observe, in my judgment, our society, especially the youth, has been almost completely indoctrinated into this belief system. As a result, most are lacking any serious, independent motivation to achieve some measure of success on their own. In short, they expect it to be handed to them. When it’s not, they go home to mommy.

    I, personally, assign almost complete responsibility for this societal failure to the leaders of the Catholic Church who, historically, pushed back against those institutions. Today they have all but joined them. Their position on illegal immigration and the redistribution of wealth are but two examples. Protestant and Jewish religious organizations still generally reject all of this diabolical thinking, but due to the fact that they’re so splintered renders them less effective in resisting it.

  • Boy, 11, dies after 'severe beating by staff' at a religious school

    04/27/2017 4:56:40 AM PDT · 2 of 45
    tomsbartoo to LSUfan

    It was not a religious school––it was Muslim school. Islam is not a religion, it is a diabolically-inspired ideology masking itself as a religion.

  • The Catholic Church is in de facto schism: What’s to be done?

    04/19/2017 5:16:28 AM PDT · 91 of 92
    tomsbartoo to daniel1212

    My apologies. I thought you were a practicing modern Catholic.

  • The Catholic Church is in de facto schism: What’s to be done?

    04/18/2017 10:43:36 AM PDT · 88 of 92
    tomsbartoo to daniel1212; ealgeone; DuncanWaring; metmom; piusv

    For your information, I assist at an SSPX Chapel where the exclusive Bible used is Douay Rheims. I, like many other traditional Catholics who have resisted the heretical teachings of the Second Vatican Council, continue to acknowledge that Pope Francis is, indeed, the pope––despite his disgraceful and seemingly heretical teaching––ergo Amoris Laetitia. We are confident that through our prayers, the Church will one day overcome this terrible nightmare that she has been subjected to for at least the past 50 years.

    But before you caution me on what I should be doing with respect to the authority of the USCCB, you would be wise to first carefully read and properly understand the Council documents––especially as they relate to so-called “Collegiality”––that created the USCCB. Not to suggest for a moment that Collegiality is the only destructive aspect of Vatican II, but since you raised the question of “obeying” the teachings of the USCCB, it is the only one of importance in this response. The adoption of this change in authority (Collegiality) within the Church can be found in the Council document, Lumen Gentium, of course, but there are many subsequent discussions on the horrific damage this has caused the Church since that time. You should seek them out and understand what you are advocating.

    Nevertheless, and without getting into the specifics of this great error, I’m curious as to your thoughts on this “authority” that Vatican II accorded to the episcopal conferences which you suggest disapproves of the Douay Rheims Bible. Specifically, apparently you believe that a Catholic should follow the teachings of the USCCB here in America, but if you moved to Ireland, would you then follow the teachings of the ICBC (Irish Catholic Bishop’s Conference)? Or if you moved to Germany, would you then feel obliged to follow what the German Bishops Conference dictated? You must know that all the conferences have very different points of view on a long range of topics. Indeed, in Germany you might well be refused Holy Communion if you disagreed with the State of Germany’s position on Islamic refugees. You will also be refused Holy Communion if you refused to pay your “Church Tax” to the government. But, of course, if one were a homosexual they would have the benefit of the priest “blessing” their union. Communion for the divorced/remarried is a fait accompli, while the preforming of homosexual marriages is all but a done deal. Can the USCCB be far behind? And you say this is what I should “follow”?

    As for the website Catholic Culture, and I say this with appropriate respect, Jeff Mirus is one of the last persons I would look to for the truth about the Catholic Church. He is a squishy “conservative” Catholic at best, who more often than not has been little more than an apologist for virtually every Modernist and Modernist-leaning pope and prelate of the Church.

    Although you are obviously unaware of what is truly happening in the Church, there are many Catholics (both modern and traditional) who are acknowledging that the Church has sadly, but unquestionably, entered into soft schism. And, interestingly enough, much like the political liberals who have been completely indoctrinated by the secular media to follow their “teachings” without engaging anything that might remotely resemble “critical thinking” (they are taught to look only to liberal TV and liberal print journals for their “news”, and completely avoid all “conservative” opinion), the modern Catholics (including priests and prelates) have been similarly indoctrinated by the false and diabolic teachings of Vatican II. But pointing that out to you, I suspect, would be like pointing out to a political liberal that Donald Trump is actually trying to improve the country; it would be a futile effort because the recipient would have long closed their mind.

  • Cardinal Burke: Another Pointless Interview

    04/17/2017 10:08:15 AM PDT · 22 of 28
    tomsbartoo to BlessedBeGod

    Your comments are well taken. I’ve been following AKA Catholic for a number of years and have noticed that Louie, who has always had somewhat of a snarky, caustic way of telling a story, has gotten noticeably more strident in recent times. It seems like he places his faith in various “men”, and when they disappoint him by not following the path he would have chosen, he uses his site to castigate them. Unfortunately, he has enough sycophant followers to urge him on regardless of how far out he may drift.

    Still, his recent rants against the “Dubia Brothers” and the SSPX really appear to be over the top. I’m sure he knows he’d catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, but I he must believe there’s simply no room for anything but the truth; which is fine, but the “truth” in his mind, is what “he” believes is the truth. If you disagree with his interpretation of anything Catholic, you’re wrong. I realize you are more inclined to support Burke than I, but His attacks on him haven’t particularly bothered me because I’m not that much of a Burke fan. Burke may be far more “conservative” than most of the others, but he’s still a Vatican II supporting modern bishop. When he musters up the spiritual courage to condemn the heretical aspects of that Council I’ll think more positively about him.

    But his attacks on the SSPX are very disturbing. It seems that an SSPX priest posted an analysis of Amoris Laetitia that greatly annoyed Louie––because he didn’t believe like Louie believed. While the priest did acknowledge that the included teachings on marriage and Holy Communion were heretical, the priest concluded that Pope Francis could not be deemed a formal heretic on the strength of Amoris Laetitia. Consequently, in his own way, Louie through the entire SSPX under the bus. I’m sure he’s left himself enough wiggle room to be able to deny much of the import of what he’s said against the Society, but by attacking the SSPX because they might fail to reason as he does is unwarranted. More importantly, but writing as he does he’ll end up misleading a number of less-informed traditional Catholics with his talk.

  • The Catholic Church is in de facto schism: What’s to be done?

    04/17/2017 5:12:05 AM PDT · 79 of 92
    tomsbartoo to ealgeone

    Apparently you are unaware of the fact that Jimmy Wales (the co-founder and CEO of Wikipedia) is not only a committed globalist and “climate change” loyalist, he is a confirmed atheist. Those so aware recognize that virtually all religious “information” presented by Wikipedia is invariably so skewed so as to militate unsuspecting readers into accepting anti-Catholic, anti-Christian and pro-secular points of view––especially on the more esoteric subject matters. His “religious” moderators subtly promote the Modernist, secular point of view and are completely unreliable.

    That being said, you may either accept the information I have offered to you or reject it. I really don’t care. One thing is for certain, however, I have absolutely no interest in debating it with you.

  • The Catholic Church is in de facto schism: What’s to be done?

    04/16/2017 7:48:50 AM PDT · 70 of 92
    tomsbartoo to ealgeone

    The “Note” added by Douay Rheims that I have included at the bottom of the quoted scripture. It says the exact opposite of what you are saying.

    The D/R Bible (which is, essentially, the original translation of the Latin, Greek and Arabic texts by St Jerome) was the “Catholic Bible” up until the Second Vatican Council. In the early 1970’s, the Modernist pope (Paul VI) and Modernist bishops abandoned that Bible and adopted the “politically correct” New American Bible.

    The original word “fornication” in that specific scripture passage was re-interpreted and re-written as “(unless the marriage is unlawful)” which fit nicely into the Modernist view of so-called “Catholic annulments”. There has been over 50,000 per year since that time.

    As noted, the Douay Rheims Bible acknowledges precisely what Jesus actually said––and meant. One may separate from your spouse over fornication, but they may not remarry while their spouse is alive.

    Both Bibles are online.

  • The Catholic Church is in de facto schism: What’s to be done?

    04/15/2017 10:25:46 PM PDT · 59 of 92
    tomsbartoo to ealgeone

    Perhaps you should actually read the note.

  • The Catholic Church is in de facto schism: What’s to be done?

    04/15/2017 8:08:56 PM PDT · 57 of 92
    tomsbartoo to ealgeone

    Douey Rheims:

    And I say to you, that whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and he that shall marry her that is put away, committeth adultery.

    Note in D/R says as follows: “Except it be”: In the case of fornication, that is, of adultery, the wife may be put away: but even then the husband cannot marry another as long as the wife is living.

  • De Mattei: It Is a War of Religion

    04/13/2017 4:23:20 PM PDT · 8 of 8
    tomsbartoo to Parmy

    Actually, that is precisely what Jesus Christ told us to do. It is called faith. You may recall that Jesus told us that if we had the faith of a mustard seed we could command a giant oak to be uprooted and cast into the sea.

    In fact, in a great many of the miracles performed by Jesus, the person cured was first asked by Jesus if they had the faith that Jesus could perform the miracle. Jesus also told us that He could not perform very many miracles in His home town of Nazareth because they lacked faith.


    04/12/2017 6:08:17 PM PDT · 17 of 33
    tomsbartoo to NYer

    The bishop is right on this point, of course, but while acknowledging that it is, indeed, profane for one to receive Holy Communion “in the hand while standing”, he says not one word about the laity distributing the Holy Eucharist to the faithful. Think about that. Is it even logical?

    If Bishop Morlino truly believes that it is profane for a Communicant to receive in their “unconsecrated” hand while standing, why is it not just as profane for the so-called extraordinary ministers who distributes the Host with “unconsecrated” hands? And of course it is. It is unclear to me, therefore, why this bishop is taking this stand at this time and in this way?

    Does anyone really believe that tBishop Morlino is actually starting a crusade to encourage all faithful Catholics to return to the true, pre-Vatican II teachings of the Church, and that this is but the first step of a great many we will all see in the very near future? If they do, they have not been carefully watching what these modern popes and bishops have been doing to the Church over the years.

    I’m suspecting that this bishop is seeing, like the rest of us, the dramatic decline in the number of Catholics since the Second Vatican Council, and believes that maybe a small turn back toward “conservatism” will help stem that tide. And since the USCCB and the Catholic Church these days are almost exclusively about the collection of money and the distribution of wealth, retaining membership is critical. If you don’t have the people, you won’t collect the money.

    As a member of an SSPX Chapel, I am not faced with the prospect of receiving Holy Communion in the hand. Holy Eucharist is only distributed by a priest, on the tongue while kneeling at the altar rail. The SSPX is also not faced with the prospect of losing members (the growth in membership is actually astonishing). Yet it is far from a “liberal environment”. In fact, modern Catholics would call the SSPX Chapels very “conservative”. Faithful Catholics who attend these Chapels simply call it the truth.

    Nevertheless, while the modern popes and bishops have done everything in their power to destroy the SSPX, they have not only failed in that regard, but recognize that it is the traditional Catholicism that is attracting the faithful to SSPX Chapels, and is the very reason why the Chapels are growing geometrically. I’m quite sure Bishop Morlino must see this as well, so perhaps his reasoning for his action is simply to look a bit more “conservative”. It can’t hurt things, and it might help.

  • Trump Supporters Rally to Bannon on Social Media

    04/08/2017 9:01:41 AM PDT · 11 of 63
    tomsbartoo to bert

    He ( dp0622) is not alone!