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  • The Ghost In The White House

    10/02/2014 3:25:25 AM PDT · 7 of 15
    wayoverontheright to servo1969

    To label Obama’s performance as “lazy”, “disinterested”, or “aloof” is dangerous, because it obscures or forgives the real problem...

    The character flaws are there, but the operative problem is his worldview.

    Obama opposes America, he is on the side of our enemies. That’s the problem.

  • ISIS Troops One Mile from Baghdad

    09/30/2014 4:25:10 AM PDT · 20 of 27
    wayoverontheright to No One Special

    We either put boots on the ground, or Baghdad falls. Obama’s true allegiance is being exposed.

  • Ukraine as Strategic Stepping-Stone

    09/22/2014 9:52:16 AM PDT · 3 of 8
    wayoverontheright to No One Special

    If crude oil keeps dropping, Vlad not only isn’t going to have the money to annex Ukraine, it’ll be all he can do to hold Russia together.

  • It's Time To Wake Up And Move On From Sarah Palin

    09/20/2014 4:04:03 AM PDT · 19 of 48
    wayoverontheright to 2ndDivisionVet

    It’s simple.

    To hold the view that killing a baby is ok, while attempting to simultaneously occupy the moral high ground is a psychological high-wire act...for all liberals.

    Here comes Sarah, who, among other things....HAS THAT CHILD.

    She destabilizes their sense of self-worth, makes them feel dirty. Sarah Palin literally drives them crazy.

    Thus the vitriol.

  • Team Obama Bans Press Cameras from White House Congressional Picnic

    09/17/2014 10:32:17 PM PDT · 10 of 19
    wayoverontheright to Nachum

    This was probably a request of the attendees, who wants to have their picture taken with this guy now?

  • Obama Administration A Mess After ISIS War Declaration

    09/16/2014 7:48:30 AM PDT · 16 of 20
    wayoverontheright to LeoMcNeil

    On both the immigration and war fronts, Obama is clearly acting reluctantly. Who demanded action?

    We still have no explanation for the abrupt interruption of his Martha’s Vineyard vacation. Did he fly to Washington at the behest of those who hold the puppet strings? He’s literally destroying the Democratic Party, did some of the party leaders participate in this meeting? Was he given an ultimatum at that time?

    His actions and demeanor since that Washington visit seem to indicate something like that happened.

    If that’s true, it’s just a matter of time before he’s told he must contract a mysterious illness that won’t permit him to serve out his term.

  • Benghazi Bombshell: Clinton State Department Official Reveals Details of Alleged Document Review

    09/16/2014 2:32:01 AM PDT · 34 of 44
    wayoverontheright to Nachum

    Maxwell sensed that Mills and Sullivan were setting him up to take the fall, his instincts turned out to be correct. So here we have Hillary’s chief of staff and deputy chief, conspiring to destroy evidence.

    They will be subpoenaed by Gowdy, will they plead the fifth? Let’s remember, they are loyal to Hillary and not Obama, and may say that Hillary knew nothing, and their orders came from the White House. Obama gets thrown under Hillary’s (campaign) bus.

    This was at a time when Hillary and Obama were proffering the video as the cause of the uprising, conspiracy at the highest levels.

    This is a big effin’ deal, it’s either Hillary or Obama. Or perhaps we get a two-fer.

    ‘Wouldn’t want to be Maxwell, or a State Department hard drive, right about now.

  • There Is A Conservative Wave Coming In November

    09/15/2014 7:13:15 AM PDT · 38 of 45
    wayoverontheright to Starboard
    This may sound absurd, but if Obama is perceived as severaly damaging the Democrat party, believe me they will take whatever actions they have to (short of impeachment) to remove him to put out the fire.

    It is not absurd, and the "preference cascade" may already have begun.

    Remember when Obama abruptly flew to Washington during the first days of his Martha's Vineyard vacation? It's still a mystery as to why he did this. Perhaps there was a meeting in which prominent Democrats asked him to a)start to deal with ISIS, and b)back off the immigration amnesty issue?

    He is destoying the party, clearly, maybe it took them this long to realize it. At any rate, if I'm right and such a meeting occurred, then it's just a matter of time before he's asked to contract some mysterious illness that won't permit him to continue in office.

  • Left, right slam Obama's new ISIS strategy

    09/12/2014 4:07:26 AM PDT · 14 of 23
    wayoverontheright to Ray76

    People are angry about the beheadings, and this “strategy” will come up short in satisfying the emotions.

    It should be clear to all now that Obama favors Islam, which is why he must declare ISIS, “not Islamic”. He literally tied himself in knots with this speech.

    It will be a big political backfire.

    He is destroying the Democratic Party, and if they know what’s good for them, they will visit him and ask him to contract a mysterious illness that prevents his completing his term. I’m not so sure this couldn’t happen now.

  • The Democrats' (and Media's) Obama Problem

    09/11/2014 4:39:37 AM PDT · 8 of 28
    wayoverontheright to DakotaGator

    I so agree, and I wonder if liberalism itself, Obama being it’s principal purveyor, isn’t suffering a bit. Obama becomes collateral damage to the people’s realization of the bankruptcy of the policies.

    Liberalism sounds so good on bumper stickers, but when put into practice, as Obama has succeeded in doing, all the down-stream repercussions that Conservatives warned about are coming to the fore, for all to see.

    Conservatism has far more to gain if the focus is on the ideology itself, instead of Obama. If liberalism is deemed the culprit, then liberals will be severely weakened beyond Obama. Yes, meaning Hillary.

  • Feeling rested? Smiling president returns to the White House after relaxing in Martha's Vineyard

    08/25/2014 5:10:25 AM PDT · 5 of 27
    wayoverontheright to Zakeet

    Obama’s rested and the country is exhausted.

    The Democratic Party is scared out of its wits.

    Liberalism is now proved to be harmful to us all.

    In foreign policy, even uniformed voters sense that “kinder-gentler” is endangering us all.

    The world is tired of Obama, but he’s “rested”.


  • What is really going on in Ferguson, Missouri

    08/21/2014 8:44:01 AM PDT · 36 of 68
    wayoverontheright to Jeff Head

    I think this kid was on PCP.

    The cigars he robbed from the convenience store are generally used to smoke marijuana laced with PCP. If the tox screeens show the presence of PCP, then it can also be true that generally he was the “gentle giant” that those who knew him describe.

    PCP can turn the least violent into the most violent.

  • Why Is Obama Hiding ObamaCare Enrollment Data?

    08/20/2014 4:47:56 AM PDT · 4 of 13
    wayoverontheright to IBD editorial writer

    Liberal friend of mine, age 45, favored Obamacare after its passage. Last night she tells me it’s a farce. Her private policy before called for $250 per month premium, with a deductible of $1500 per year. The best she can get from ACA is $420 per month, with $2800 deductible. She makes about $65k per year, so I imagine no subsidy.

    She’s beginning to see Obama for what he is. She still calls herself a liberal, focussed solely on social issues, but I could see her pulling the lever for a Republican.

  • The American Flag Daily: Hiroshima

    08/07/2014 6:54:36 AM PDT · 5 of 5
    wayoverontheright to Master Zinja

    I visited Hiroshima a few years ago. I was curious about how the Japanese there viewed Americans.

    To my surprise, I could find no animosity. I was told by a tour guide that Japanese school children were taught pretty much the truth, that their own out-of-control military was to blame. I was also told that older Japanese, those who lived through the war, would be the only ones who still harbor animosity. I never found any.

    I participated in the Hiroshima ceremony, right outside the museum, in which every year one Japanese citizen and one American citizen is chosen to walk ceremoniously up the quad and ring the “Peace Bell”. I was that American on that day.

  • Not News in NJ: Cop Claims Police Don't Have to Follow Constitution Because Obama Doesn't

    08/07/2014 6:38:31 AM PDT · 16 of 16
    wayoverontheright to upbeat5

    The border patrol is a good candidate to defy the Feds and just begin, on their own, to take illegals back across the border. Two can play this lawless game, no?

    They would be cheered as heros, so arresting them would only make Obama look worse. Just a thought.

  • Dems talk about impeachment 20 times as much as Republicans

    08/07/2014 4:51:57 AM PDT · 5 of 16
    wayoverontheright to Cincinatus' Wife

    They want him out, hell, he’s killing the Dem party. They’re hoping we’ll do it for them.

  • Chris Matthews: Obama's Amnesty Will Be His 'Emancipation Proclamation'

    08/07/2014 4:32:37 AM PDT · 26 of 37
    wayoverontheright to 2ndDivisionVet

    He won’t do it.

    Obama is getting all the desired benefit by merely threatening to grant amnesty. It benefits him to wait until the last minute, and then he will play small ball. It’s a bluff, and we’re all falling for it.

    Also, it would be the final nail in the coffin of the Democratic Party.

    The Democrats are the ones who should be thinking of getting him out of office, we shouldn’t offer to do it for them.

  • Obama studying executive action options on tax inversion

    08/07/2014 4:19:58 AM PDT · 7 of 11
    wayoverontheright to Citizen Zed

    Another mess in the making. The solution of course is a reduction in corporate taxes.

    But no, Obama will utilize punitive measures to outlaw the exit. My guess? Hit the CEO’s on their personal taxes if they move their corporations overseas.

    Oh, and it will be targeted. Those corps already “contributing” to the party will be exempt.

  • Democrats' Impeachment Fixation

    07/30/2014 5:12:14 AM PDT · 5 of 34
    wayoverontheright to Kaslin

    It’s the Democratic Party that needs to get him off the stage. He may survive, but will they?

  • Bracing for Amnesty

    07/28/2014 4:34:53 AM PDT · 12 of 36
    wayoverontheright to markomalley

    Not that I want this illegal influx to continue, but I have lived in Latin America, and I smell backfire for the Democrats in what is happening here. For several reasons.

    I am not sure about Salvadorans, but Hondurans and Guatemalans will not necessarily embrace liberal political views as readily as everyone seems to believe. They will share an awful lot with Cubans that came here in the fifties and sixties. Their culture will be naturally averse to government attempts to enslave them and their social beliefs align more with conservatives.

    They are coming here for different reasons than Mexicans, for the most part, and will not be eager to embrace the entrenched Mexamerican establishment.

    It’s a matter of percentages, not all will embrace liberal politics.

    Already we see red states rejecting, and blue state blacks are beginning to perceive a very real threat.

    Just my two cents.

  • Why The Russians Are Panicking Over Flight 17

    07/22/2014 4:51:34 AM PDT · 5 of 29
    wayoverontheright to right-wing agnostic

    Vlad: First, send the black box to Lois Lerner. Announce you heard about it by reading it in the papers.

    Next, announce a full-scale investigation, and now that it’s under way, you cannot comment. Go on a two week vacation.

  • Rival Claims Over Crashed Malaysia Plane’s Recorders

    07/18/2014 8:05:39 AM PDT · 10 of 10
    wayoverontheright to Biggirl

    This just in!

    In the negotiations between the Russians and the Ukrainians over the custody of the black box in question, the Russians have just now offered a compromise.

    They have agreed for the black box to be sent to the United States IRS 501-c tax compliance division. Attention Lois Lerner.

  • Chicago Resident: Obama Will Go Down as Worst President Ever

    07/15/2014 4:49:27 AM PDT · 6 of 16
    wayoverontheright to GrandJediMasterYoda

    Wow. He’s destroying the Democrat Party. Deliberately. Following the Hugo Chavez model, no?

    Pass the popcorn.....

  • No, What Are You Going To Do About Him?

    07/14/2014 8:44:33 AM PDT · 1 of 36
    No doubt hard to do, but we have to start somewhere.
  • Jason Riley to White Liberals: Please Stop Helping Us! -

    07/14/2014 4:18:51 AM PDT · 7 of 16
    wayoverontheright to ilovesarah2012

    I saw the Jason Riley interview on C-Span yesterday. He’s a young Thomas Sowell. The interviewer was a female, black former Clinton operative. She attempted to put forth the usual liberal talking points, and he shot her down at every turn.

    Example: (Paraphrase) Question from interviewer: “So what would you propose we do to help blacks in this country?”

    Answer: “As the title of my book says, it’s not what we should do, it’s what the government should stop doing.”

  • Democrats changing their Immigration Mix Tape

    07/12/2014 10:48:26 AM PDT · 2 of 9
    wayoverontheright to Noremac

    Well, yes.

    It’s going to dawn on democrats pretty soon that Obama has no qualms whatsoever about destroying the Democratic Party. If he’s going to achieve supreme power, sooner or later they have to go too.

  • Teachers Union Abruptly Breaks Rank On Common Core

    07/12/2014 4:42:10 AM PDT · 8 of 16
    wayoverontheright to lilyramone

    What with blacks a bit miffed about illegal immigration, the young revolting against Obamacare, construction unions peeved about failure to hookup Keystone, and now the teachers unions dissatisfied with Common Core, one could almost conclude that Obama, in addition to attempting to destroy capitalism and the Republican Party, is also hellbent on destroying the Democrat Party.

    When the Democrats realize that they are in his crosshairs too, it will be too late for them.

  • The Signs of Dictatorship

    07/11/2014 5:06:38 AM PDT · 18 of 29
    wayoverontheright to markomalley

    It’s obvious that for the last six years Obama has been attempting to destroy capitalism in America, and the Republican party. Overtly.

    He has underestimated capitalism. After 250 years of freedom, American capitalism is truly like a weed, very difficult to eradicate completely. The private sector has absorbed the many blows to credit, capital formation, and onerous regulations by adjusting. By working harder, by improving productivity, and with a huge, immeasurable underground economy.

    The Republican party meanwhile, is in the process of being altered from the ground up, by the people. What is forming as a reaction to Obama’s policies is most certainly not dead.

    This leaves the Democratic Party as potential collateral damage.

    When he goes around Congress, he goes around both parties. Obama shows no more loyalty to the Dem Party than he does to Israel or the UK.

    I’m not so sure it isn’t deliberate. For Obama to become dictator, the Democratic party must be destroyed too.

    When Democrats finally realize what he’s doing to them, it will be too late.

  • Friday, July 10 2014; the Meltdown Begins

    07/11/2014 4:31:19 AM PDT · 7 of 10
    wayoverontheright to NOBO2012

    Ok, so Republicans are for shutting down the border. Obama refuses to enforce the laws that are in place, the borders are being overrun, and Republicans are to blame. Yup.

    I respect the power of the MSM, but I don’t think they have the power to carry the day on this particular lie.

    If I were a liberal, I’d be wondering if Obama isn’t trying to destroy both parties.

  • Watch Mika Get Verklempt Over Obama Impeachment Talk

    07/10/2014 4:55:14 AM PDT · 36 of 36
    wayoverontheright to governsleastgovernsbest

    “It really scares me”.

    As it should, Mika.

    Sarah’s message was meant to scare you. Sarah Palin knows there’s no stomach for impeachment within her party, her statement clearly includes the words “any politician”. It was directed largely at democrats, who had better give this guy the hook before he completely destroys not only the party, but liberalism itself.

    It wouldn’t scare you Mika, if you knew that removal from office wasn’t deserved. What’s really scaring you Mika, and other democrats, is, it is slowly dawning on you that Barack Obama considers the Democratic Party as part of the problem too. His penchant for “going around Congress” includes going around the Democratic Party.

    His worldview requires that the whole thing comes tumbling down.

    The Democratic Party is just as much his enemy as are the Republicans.

    And by the time you people realize this, it may be too late for you.

  • White House warns Dem rep to shut up (Henry Roberto Cuellar)

    07/10/2014 3:55:53 AM PDT · 5 of 14
    wayoverontheright to Libloather

    Obama sees the Democratic Party as part of the problem too. It may be too late for them once they realize this.

  • Why Republicans Should Ignore Palin’s Call to Impeach Obama

    07/10/2014 3:43:20 AM PDT · 24 of 54
    wayoverontheright to afraidfortherepublic

    The best case scenario, of course, would be that the powers within the Democrat Party would pay Obama a visit, and ask him to step down. With her statement, Sarah is betting that there’s some thought being given to this within the party.

    Notice the careful choice of the words “any politician”. She could have just directed her statement to those within the party she represents, but no, she said “any politician from either party”.

    Obama is destroying the Democratic Party, and more importantly, allowing everyone to see the wrongness of liberalism itself. We would be doing the democrats a favor by yanking him off the stage. No, I don’t thing that’s what she’s after. This is a message to democrats that they’d better give him the hook, and she knows there are some within the party wishing to do so at this point in time.

    Her reasoning here, I believe, is to precipitate a revolt within the party. We already can see there are some within congress, even in the Senate, who may be thinking clearly now about damage control. More importantly, potential donors need to think about where Obama is taking the party.

    No, this wasn’t a message to Republicans, her statement was designed to get liberals to begin to think logically, and move to cut their losses.

    Make no mistake, they won’t tell us what they’re thinking, but privately they must be considering removing Barack Obama before he takes them all down.

    Who has the most to gain, politically, by removing Barack Obama from office? It’s not Republicans, not any more.

  • WH trying to pre-empt sticker shock on September premium increases

    07/08/2014 7:47:33 AM PDT · 9 of 9
    wayoverontheright to 2ndDivisionVet

    Premium increases are coming, and will have a negative effect on Obama, the Democratic party, and liberalism itself. But premium increases aren’t as problematic as when those who have subsidized policies find out that they really have no insurance at all.

    Five and ten thousand dollar deductibles will break the back of Obamacare.

  • Costco removing D'Souza's 'America' from shelves

    07/08/2014 4:27:42 AM PDT · 9 of 58
    wayoverontheright to null and void

    This action is just one more piece of evidence that even the adherents of this demonstrably failed ideology don’t believe it can stand up to a book.

    Even liberals know that their beliefs are underpinned by lies, or else they wouldn’t fear....a book.

    They fear the truth, as they must.

    Liberalism is being exposed by Obama as the pipedream it has always been.

    I see this as an acknowledgement that they know they’re wrong.

  • Best News Ever: Obama is Worst Ever!

    07/07/2014 6:23:06 AM PDT · 11 of 32
    wayoverontheright to Kaslin

    I remember during the Bush administration getting into arguments with my lib brother. On occasions when I would get him to concede I was right, his reply would be something to the effect of “but the polls show the people think Bush is wrong, and that’s what matters”.

    It is a psychological imperative for the libs to occupy the moral high-ground, and so their leaders need to be popular. When polls show they are not appreciated for their “altruism”, it’s a significant emotional event for them.

    This poll is rocking Obama’s world, make no mistake.

  • Physicist Offers $30,000 Reward To Anyone Who Can Disprove Climate Change

    07/03/2014 5:05:45 AM PDT · 25 of 69
    wayoverontheright to Oldeconomybuyer


    Of the approximated one degree increase in global average temperature during the 20th century, three-fourths of this increase occurred prior to 1940.

    Case closed.

  • Poll: Obama worst president since WWII

    07/03/2014 12:49:49 AM PDT · 33 of 33
    wayoverontheright to Cincinatus' Wife

    Make no mistake, these polls are a serious problem for the liberal psyche. Polls serve a much more important purpose for liberals than they do for conservatives.

    Liberals require constant affirmation for their beliefs, because events and consequences of these beliefs consistently prove them wrong. A warped worldview needs lies to sustain itself.

    This is why the MSM exists, to sate the constant psychological craving liberals have for affirmation of these beliefs. Someone has to provide the lies that prop up their tenuous hold on sanity.

    It is also imperative for liberals to maintain the moral high-ground, so they literally go nuts when polling shows they’re not popular. It really shakes up their world.

    It’s not a good time to be a liberal.

  • Government Audits Reveal Vast ObamaCare Failures

    07/02/2014 4:49:55 AM PDT · 4 of 13
    wayoverontheright to IBD editorial writer

    Great editorial.

    Here we have further evidence of what most of us predicted would come to pass. It’s tempting to blame Obama and Obama only for the healthcare fiasco, but perhaps liberalism itself is endangered here, and it is a much bigger prize.

    It seems to be sinking in now that those who are suffering the most as a result of the ACA are Democratic party constituent voting blocs. The young, by design, the poor in general and blacks in particular. The subsidies are a mirage because of the high deductibles.

    Obamacare, even with all the other scandals emerging, still affords us the most important political ammunition, with which to actually banish liberalism from the public sphere-for a time, of course, because it will never go away.

    I could use a few decades of life in America with liberalism out of power, and that’s where Obamacare is taking them, IMHO.

  • Obama vows to act alone, taunts Republicans ["So sue me"]

    07/02/2014 3:30:02 AM PDT · 9 of 46
    wayoverontheright to markomalley

    We already gave you infrastructure money, Bub. Remember the stimulus? We have immigration laws now that you won’t enforce.

    I sense desperation in the content of this bluster, let alone the tone.

    I know staunch liberals who don’t like this “I’m going to go it alone” threats and actions. Liberals have always been opposed to executive power, and they’re beginning to see the writing on the wall, IMHO.

    Bluster is how Obama compensates for what he must be seeing as embarrassing defeats. The tough talk may be satisfying a personal psychological need, but it’s not benefitting him politically.

  • PRUDEN: Hillary’s air of ‘inevitability’ evaporating; Stumbling on road to White House

    07/01/2014 7:50:20 AM PDT · 46 of 57
    wayoverontheright to Liz

    I think both Evan Bayh and Mark Warner will opt to run.

  • Ministers split on military response to teens’ killings

    07/01/2014 6:09:24 AM PDT · 16 of 17
    wayoverontheright to Star Traveler


    Yes, I wasn’t referring to a military response, boots on the ground etc. Surely there are ways to do them harm, in some way, and frame it unabashedly in punitive terms. One of the boys was an American citizen, and somehow it doesn’t sit well with me that since Israel will assuredly retaliate, somehow that exempts us from any response.

  • Ministers split on military response to teens’ killings

    07/01/2014 4:53:40 AM PDT · 9 of 17
    wayoverontheright to Star Traveler

    Lost in the conversation is the fact that one of these kids was an American citizen. To me, this requires a punitive, retaliatory response from the US.

    Once again, the first duty of the President is to protect our citizens. Anything short of a punitive response is abdicating this duty, and inviting further transgressions against our citizens, IMHO.

  • Valerie Jarrett Won't Rule Out Run for Office

    06/30/2014 7:00:34 AM PDT · 21 of 30
    wayoverontheright to MeshugeMikey

    There can be no better evidence that the Democratic Party is on its last leg than the “talent” they seem to be putting forth to lead them post-Obama.

  • Smoking Gun Trail To White House – Possible IRS Bombshell

    06/29/2014 2:54:37 AM PDT · 9 of 69
    wayoverontheright to sheikdetailfeather

    Cue megaphone: “Now listen up, this is Eric Holder of the Department of Justice. Now, I know I’m in there, and if I don’t come out with my hands up, I’m coming in after me.....”

  • An Opportunity For Congressman Issa

    06/28/2014 6:31:20 AM PDT · 17 of 22
    wayoverontheright to Kaslin

    That’s tax payer money with which the IRS paid the fine. I realize the DOJ will do nothing, but doesn’t the fact that this is tax payer money give “standing” for any citizen to sue?

    Always in new legal territory with this crowd.

  • House panel drags White House attorney to testify on missing IRS emails

    06/24/2014 9:03:35 AM PDT · 12 of 41
    wayoverontheright to Nachum
    Rep. Darrell Issa forced a White House attorney to testify.....

    Well, the White House was politely asked, refused, and so Issa had to issue a subpoena.

    It should be pretty clear to her that her boss didn't want her to testify, so the conclusion that she is a "hostile witness" is not without foundation. She was "forced" seems to me to be a poor choice of words. "Subpoenaed" would be more truthful, and less questioning of Issa's motives, IMHO.

  • Obama Should Have Seen Iraq Unrest Coming, Experts Say

    06/17/2014 7:27:36 AM PDT · 35 of 40
    wayoverontheright to Rennes Templar

    It is clear that Obama wants Iraq to fail, after all, it’s Bush’s war.

    After announcing that there would be “no boots on the ground”, Obama reversed course the next day. I imagine the conversation went like this:

    “Mr. President, we have some people there at our embassy that need protecting, if they are overrun and killed, this will reflect badly on you”.

    Obama-”Well, if you are saying we need a few boots on the ground to accomplish this, then ok, but I want the minimum to protect these people, not enough of a force to actually repel the Islamists. How many would that be?”

    “Dude, I would say around....4 to 5 hundred?”

    Obama-”Then send in 300-no, make it 275, more precise, sounds like we know what we’re doing.”

  • Obama Sending 275 Troops To Protect U.S. Embassy In Iraq

    06/17/2014 4:03:14 AM PDT · 16 of 21
    wayoverontheright to LibertyOh

    Ok, good point. I was assuming that the private military contractors there, with only air assistance, could get our people out. You too suggest insubordination, that is, defying this president at this time, in order to do what is right. We should either go in with full force or not at all.

    With the VA scandal and the Berghdal release, the President is clearly at war with the military, now would be a good time to take a stand, but yes, our people at the embassy should be kept from harm’s way, and for me, 250 soldiers doesn’t accomplish this.

  • Obama Sending 275 Troops To Protect U.S. Embassy In Iraq

    06/17/2014 1:49:58 AM PDT · 10 of 21
    wayoverontheright to WhiskeyX

    This would be the time for the military to take a stand, and refuse to deploy.

  • Does This Mean Osama Bin Laden Has Won?

    06/14/2014 7:31:02 AM PDT · 32 of 43
    wayoverontheright to TigerClaws

    The first mistake we made was when we framed our actions post 9-11 in defensive (Afghanistan) and altruistic (Iraq) terms, instead of unabashed punitive and retaliatory ones. This turned out to be a minor mistake because the persecution complex that Islamists possess, caused them to see everything as punitive and retaliatory anyway, especially when, unlike during the Clinton presidency, we were willing to put boots on the ground and shed blood. I think this cowered them a bit. Until.........

    ....the second mistake was made-electing a Democrat. Liberals are afraid of our enemies, and don’t understand that respect can only be achieved by making them fear us. Obama has squandered all the respect that was gained by our willingness to shed blood to punish our enemies. He believes, as all liberals do, that showing we are harmless will protect us, when it only emboldens them further.