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  • "I Got Your Back" (semi vanity)

    12/13/2008 3:33:21 PM PST · 1 of 7
    "I Got Your Back"

    I am a small and precious child, my dad's been sent to fight. The only place I'll see his face is in my dreams at night. He will be gone too many days for my young mind to track. I may be sad, but I am proud. My daddy's got your back.

    I am a caring mother; my son has gone to war. My mind is filled with worries that I have never known before. Everyday I try to keep my thoughts from turning black. I may be scared, but I am proud. My son has got your back.

    I am a strong and loving wife, with a husband soon to go. There are times I'm terrified, in a way most never know. I bite my lip, and force a smile, as I watch my husband pack. My heart may break, but I am proud. My husband's got your back.

    I am a soldier serving proudly, standing tall. I fight for freedom, yours and mine, by answering this call. I do my job while knowing, the thanks it sometimes lacks. Say a prayer that I'll come home soon. It's me who's got your back.

  • Navy isn’t playing games with Johnston

    11/27/2008 11:51:25 AM PST · 57 of 57
    Yench500 to A.A. Cunningham

    Let me revise & extend...McCallum & Robinson finally wised up to serve their commitment...albeit with a bit of whine...Staubach of course served with distinction during Vietnam. The Navy, in their infinite wisdom, thought McCallum and Robinson would be more useful to the Navy as reserve officers with more notoriety because of their athletic prowess. Is that unfair to the young midshipman who gets with the program and serves in the Fleet? Life, like the military, ain’t fair.

    Neither McCallum & Robinson, IIRC, would have bumped ADM Halsey from the history books as a great naval tactician.

    The point here is that Johnston needs to wise up and serve the rest of his commitment, whether he takes the examples of McCallum/Robinson or (as we’d all hope) Staubach as an example to emulate.

    Young lieutenants do make mistakes—

  • Navy isn’t playing games with Johnston

    11/27/2008 5:17:45 AM PST · 30 of 57
    Yench500 to antiunion person

    Do the names David Robinson, Napoleon McCallum and Roger Staubach ring a bell? Seems to me they also graduated from the US Naval Academy, and were professional athletes of some repute—yet they were able to balance their commitment with their athletic careers. Johnston has yet to enter that class. I’d hope some crusty old Chief Petty Officer will have a heart -to-heart talk with the LT to advise him of his error.

    That said, I’m thankful for all of the Naval Academy grads who embody the Navy Values of Honor, Courage and Commitment.

  • Top 10 Things President Bush Should Do Before Leaving Office

    11/25/2008 4:24:58 AM PST · 20 of 31
    Yench500 to flattorney

    “send private message to Ehud Barak in Israel, subject: Why isn’t Iran a sheet of glass yet?”

    “send an an order to the SOCOM commander to plan and execute a strategy to neutralize Iranian senior leadership in place by January 19 at 2359 hours Zulu”

  • Obama’s win a nightmare for al-Qaida (barforama)

    11/23/2008 7:54:49 AM PST · 14 of 28
    Yench500 to Oshkalaboomboom

    Cynthia Tucker=Another colossal jewel of ignorance who typifies the “Peter Principle” (promotion is a function of incompetence).

  • Frum is frightened for the GOP

    11/23/2008 4:35:27 AM PST · 110 of 110
    Yench500 to pissant

    Yet another colossal jewel of ignorance, Frum.

    I’d bet Duncan Hunter would eviscerate Frum and any other sniveling twit RINO who shares that philosophy in any forum (written or oral) which required the exchange of ideas and principles. The GOP, as it is constituted today, has few, if any of the latter, and even fewer of the former. I believe the GOP can be reconstituted with the prodding of a lot of us who share similar views. We need bold leadership..not just old leadership.

    And as for the youth...see Hillsdale College...and any Young Republican club at a institution of higher learning run by the whack job libs. Bottle that frustration and enthusiasm...blend it with a message of God, country, constitution as it was written, not interpreted, security (strong cops, strong borders, strong military), free markets, domestic energy independence using all our resources, low tax rates, back to basics education, roll back of politically based regulation, and an emphasis on personal responsibility rather than expansion of a nanny state and this message will win.

  • Bun appetit! The best, and worst, fast food values

    11/21/2008 10:28:23 AM PST · 37 of 39
    Yench500 to Plywactwo Glowa

    Had to get from Las Vegas to Travis Air Force Base one time...started at the location on Tropicana in Glitter Gulch (double-double animal style with unsweet ice tea) real hungry and ordered a 3X3 animal style (triple meat & cheese) in Kettleman City...and didn’t have to eat (it seemed) until I arrived back on the East Coast.

    The location on Sepulveda Blvd. down from LAX and LA Air Force Base is burned in my memory...I can get there by the aroma itself!...and it is the first stop I make on the West Coast, when I get to LA.

    Enjoy all of the “Quality You Can Taste” whenever you can!

  • Bun appetit! The best, and worst, fast food values

    11/20/2008 5:53:31 PM PST · 19 of 39
    Yench500 to pbear8

    With cheese, carmelized onions, tomatoes, and special sauce.

    I-N-O does not use frozen beef...and they do not use frozen french fries...but the freshly peeled Idaho kind that they cook fresh.

    That’s the best description I can give...I hope you can get to do some first hand research.


  • Bun appetit! The best, and worst, fast food values

    11/20/2008 5:34:49 PM PST · 13 of 39
    Yench500 to Ouderkirk

    Upstate NY ping!

    Hoffman’s also makes a white hot dog which is really good—especially when you get them at Heid’s in Liverpool, NY

  • Bun appetit! The best, and worst, fast food values

    11/20/2008 5:31:34 PM PST · 11 of 39
    Yench500 to Coleus
    I'd like to nominate the In-N-Out Double Double Combo--$5 and mid change--the best fast food in California, Nevada and Arizona...Get it animal style! Another honorable mention is Five Guys...where they aren't scared to give you a good portion of fresh cut french fries...and the burger is hand formed and fresh cooked. Just my .05 (.02 with Obamanomic tax increase)
  • National Popular Vote bill introduces another way to choose a leader

    11/17/2008 2:30:04 PM PST · 38 of 39
    Yench500 to gwilhelm56

    Let me revise and extend...

    The RhINOs in the New York Republican Party are (unfortunately) found mostly in our Senate and Assembly. Our county organizations are as useful as mammary glands on a male pig. The only reason for this is that we Republicans from the people’s republic of New York grew up with Nelson Rockefeller as a role model. We’d have done better with Barry Goldwater, and most assuredly with Ronaldus Magnus.

    But we are out there.....

  • National Popular Vote bill introduces another way to choose a leader

    11/16/2008 2:50:27 PM PST · 3 of 39
    Yench500 to presidio9

    Senator Griffo typifies the kind of Republicans we have in the People’s Republic of New York—those who resemble thick skinned four legged animals with a prominent horn—a RhINO.

  • Dance at Mass?

    11/16/2008 2:47:24 PM PST · 16 of 78
    Yench500 to NYer

    His Eminence is correct.

    Dancing has no place at Holy Mass. Neither does hand-holding.

    We’re called to holiness when we receive this sacarament.

    These are outrages against the Holy Mass, perpetrated by those who want to water down the core beliefs to attract more people. The more faithful the church, the stronger it seems to be.

  • Porn director says he has "wiggle room" in $3 million offer to Sarah Palin

    11/14/2008 6:06:12 AM PST · 24 of 64
    Yench500 to Loyalist

    If Gov. Palin can shoot and field dress a moose...

    this colossal jewel of impudence might be best advised to be careful...

  • Bidens to Visit The Cheneys Today

    11/13/2008 12:38:15 PM PST · 51 of 58
    Yench500 to SmokingJoe

    Biden—one year of experience, repeated over 35 years, still equals one year of experience.

    Biden is an ignoramus, and a sniveling twit.

  • Bidens to Visit The Cheneys Today

    11/13/2008 12:38:15 PM PST · 50 of 58
    Yench500 to SmokingJoe

    Biden—one year of experience, repeated over 35 years, still equals one year of experience.

    Biden is an ignoramus, and a sniveling twit.

  • Police Department demands removal of Marine Corps flag from taxicab

    11/12/2008 2:13:47 PM PST · 9 of 96
    Yench500 to dcwusmc

    Thanks for your service...happy belated birthday.

    Let’s try sending e-mail to this link:

    Officer’s name/nature of the complaint/dates

    I’m thinking if enough people are as angry as we are...the officer will see the error of his ways.

  • Pete Sessions Takes a Swipe at Cole's NRCC Fundraising (Sessions making his case for NRCC)

    11/11/2008 5:23:20 PM PST · 11 of 23
    Yench500 to St. Louis Conservative

    My radar went off when I saw the original by-line (by Jackie Kucinich).

    Is the author related to one Dennis Kucinich? If so, is this a Democrat psywar piece trying to influence the GOPs business?

    Reading through it...seems like there’s a Boehner subtext.

    Just my .05 (.02 adjusted for Obamanomics)

  • Put California in Play

    11/11/2008 3:53:16 PM PST · 23 of 34
    Yench500 to americanophile

    Let not your heart be troubled....

    I can’t quite recall where...but I read a piece by a gentleman named Jesse Romero. Romero (Catholic Lay Evangelist, asserted that Catholics almost HAD to vote Republican for some of the reasons stated in your referenced article.

    There are Hispanics who get it...Romero does.

  • Steele Likely to Seek RNC Leadership Post

    11/11/2008 2:20:42 PM PST · 25 of 272
    Yench500 to St. Louis Conservative

    I’m hoping the GOP will tell the MSM to FOAD when they (MSM) start meddling in the selection process for RNC National Chair. That didn’t work out for us so well with open primaries.

    Agenda items, IMO

    Get rid of open primaries

    Read the Riot Act to RINOs in Congress and on the State Level (either they change or get left in the dust...)

    Dust off the late Lee Atwater’s playbook and update it with input from Mike Pence, Duncan Hunter, Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin, Thad McCotter, Mark Sanford, Jim DeMint, Haley Barbour

    And never forget Barry Goldwater & Ronald Reagan.

  • XM Radio to Drop Fox Business Network

    11/10/2008 3:24:43 PM PST · 23 of 40
    Yench500 to outfield

    The reasons may not be so nefarious. I suspect some of that is a factor, but:

    Since the XM/Sirius merger, management is starting the process of getting the products merged so eventually there will be one receiver for the Sirius/XM products. The channel where it lives (for now) may become part of a “Best of Sirius” promotion.

    I’m kinda partial to Sirius Channel 144 my own self...but that is not part of the best of Sirius yet.

  • Newt Considers a Run for RNC Chairman

    11/06/2008 6:05:31 PM PST · 363 of 475
    Yench500 to indiana_gop

    What you said, and:

    Even though he is not the RNC chair, Newt should sound the alarm right now, to get some help for the Republicans who are facing runoffs, need volunteers to observe recounts, etc. He has enough personal cachet to do this...and it would demonstrate that he has the best interests of the party at heart.

    This will also mean that a heart to heart talk should be had with the senators involved, reminding them that the only RINOs (sp) in Washington will, hence forth, live at the National Zoo. Lee Atwater could get that message across—Newt (or whomever is chosen) must communicate that message to the minority.

    What was the 11th commandment (according to Ronald Reagan)?

  • Newt Considers a Run for RNC Chairman

    11/06/2008 1:55:37 PM PST · 194 of 475
    Yench500 to truthluva

    Mr. Hunter has impressive credentials—so much so, that I believe he’d make a fine SecDef. T’were that the case...John Bolton would make a fine Secretary of State.

    Good choices!

  • The McCain Classless Cowards

    11/06/2008 4:42:17 AM PST · 63 of 178
    Yench500 to growingpains


    I think we ALL need to re-read Barry Goldwater’s “Conscience of a Conservative”. Once you do, you can recognize the principles—Reagan had them, Mike Pence, Duncan Hunter II, Bobby Jindal, Michael Steele, JC Watts (and more) have them and can articulate them. Where Sarah Palin is concerned, is that she may not articulate those beliefs as eloquently as some of us might like, but she LIVES those principles and can talk about them them with conviction and sincerity—as did Ronald Reagan. She inspires by action, where the RINOs/intelligentsia try to inspire by words. Words without conviction are just words. To make our party the refuge for Americans who believe in God, country, free markets, and a limited government who remembers that it is the servant of the people—and not their masters—we need that conviction and sincerity.

    Real Republicans walk the walk AND talk the talk. Sarah Palin is a real Republican. Game. Set. Match.

  • The McCain Classless Cowards

    11/06/2008 4:10:27 AM PST · 26 of 178
    Yench500 to DocT111

    Palin/Malkin 2012

    Aside: I wonder how the “intelligentsia” would have dealt with Ronald Reagan—seems to me that Ronaldus Magnus was slimed as well after too Barry Goldwater after 1964.

    A Palin/Malkin ticket would infuriate the “intelligentsia” (bleep the intelligentsia and the democrat donkey they ride in on); but it would very likely take the Republican party back for us conservatives, all but assure us of the motivated volunteers and donors and punditry we need to return true Republicans to a working majority in Congress; and make for some great fun and battles in the next four years.

    To RINOs: Mess with the (pit) bull and you WILL get the horn.

  • How do I convert MP3 files so I can listen on home CD player ? VANITY

    11/05/2008 4:27:51 PM PST · 10 of 21
    Yench500 to sushiman

    Your best and most cost effective way ($0.00) would be to download Audacity, and the LAME (yes, that’s what they call it) encoder from Audacity can convert mp3 files to .wav files and with the LAME encoder, vice versa.

    I use it to make .wav files and then you can use the CD burner program (as described in other posts) to make audio CD’s that will play in audio CD players. When you drag and drop mp3 files to a’re essentially making a data disc.

    Let me know if I can help.

  • Tribute to an American Knight (Colonel John Ripley)

    11/05/2008 3:28:37 PM PST · 5 of 7
    Yench500 to Pyro7480

    May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

    Thanks for the inspiring post.

  • Tribute to an American Knight (Colonel John Ripley)

    11/05/2008 3:28:29 PM PST · 4 of 7
    Yench500 to Pyro7480

    May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

    Thanks for the inspiring post.

  • My Commitment to Conservatism and my fellow FReepers/Friends (Vanity)

    11/05/2008 12:28:13 PM PST · 32 of 47
    Yench500 to Uncledave

    Let’s keep it small & annual donation (like those for the FReepathon) should be a qualifying criteria.

    My sense is that the entries should just be limited to the Screen name of the FReeper, a clickable link to either the business web site/contact page or e-mail address, and a short (30 or fewer) key word entry of the business capabilities.

    The simpler this is, the more time we have to do business with our fellow FReepers who can benefit from our assembled talents. I’d bet we have many talents here.

    (Let’s remember what Scripture says about burying talents...)

  • My Commitment to Conservatism and my fellow FReepers/Friends (Vanity)

    11/05/2008 12:13:19 PM PST · 29 of 47
    Yench500 to Andy'smom

    I’m thinking that if we could get expert advice/permission from Mr. Robinson, we could get us a thread going here and lock it so it can only be added to by members or a moderator. We should make it easy for members to find other members who are in business.

    One of the things I do for a living is voice over narrations for commercials. So if, for instance, a member who needed that service wanted to contact me, they could do so by getting the information in the thread.

    A simple user name and website or spam proof e-mail address would do the job, IMHO.

  • My Commitment to Conservatism and my fellow FReepers/Friends (Vanity)

    11/05/2008 11:56:18 AM PST · 20 of 47
    Yench500 to Glacier Honey

    Wonder if any of the moderators could offer some advice on how we might start such a forum, or would it be better served in a thread with names/contact info for FReepers in business? Just a screen name and website/or e-mail address could reap us all benefits. Why should we give ad money to MSM and liberal outlets to reach conservative businesses?

    Just another way to build some community.

  • My Commitment to Conservatism and my fellow FReepers/Friends (Vanity)

    11/05/2008 11:28:14 AM PST · 7 of 47
    Yench500 to Glacier Honey

    You’ve identified a possible service for FReepers...a directory of businesses, here, where people like us (small business owners) can interact and keep the business where it can do the most good—for us and what we believe. I’d darn sure rather send $$ to a coffee roaster I find here...than the effete Starbucks...our “friends” on the left network...why not us?

  • Let's go to work: Senate Elections 2010: 50 State Strategy. Here we go!

    11/05/2008 7:35:24 AM PST · 22 of 32
    Yench500 to watsonfellow

    Good cogent analysis.

    We need to get our objectives focused...and that’s a pretty darn good look through the telescope. Here in the people’s republic of upstate NY, Mr. King isn’t known as well as he should be. I’d like to see (and maybe it’s a Shays-like choice) Mayor Giuliani run against Chucky Schumer. Giuliani has enough of a reputation and coattail that we might do something about the Executive Mansion and the Legislature (we need Republican legislatures, too), and I think he’d relish fighting that sniveling twit of a senior senator from NY—maybe Rudy’s 80% of what we need—but maybe that 80% is enough?

    Just my .05 (inflation and Obama tax policy effect on .02)...

  • So What's Next -- Why We Lost & What To Do About It!!!

    11/04/2008 8:09:27 PM PST · 53 of 119
    Yench500 to CWW

    What you said, and:

    “16”—Keep our best, most eloquent and feisty conservative spokespeople on speed dial so they may ram the “Fairness Doctrine” down the throats of the MSM once it is returned.

    B-1 Bob Dornan/Duncan Hunter/Tom Tancredo/Sarah Palin come most directly to mind...along with Michael Steele, J. C. Watts, Bobby Jindal.

  • So What's Everybody Drinking Tonight?

    11/04/2008 7:40:41 PM PST · 10 of 100
    Yench500 to manapua

    Michelob, at least until I run out.

    I think I’ll start the Wild Turkey tomorrow morning when I see exactly what happened.

  • FReeper Canteen ~ Should You Live in a Red State or a Blue State? ~ November.05.2008

    11/04/2008 6:17:12 PM PST · 26 of 284
    Yench500 to Mrs.Nooseman

    Red, though I live in the People’s Republic of upstate NY.

  • Rush Limbaugh LIVE Radio Thread - Election Day Tuesday 11/04/08

    11/04/2008 9:59:57 AM PST · 103 of 296
    Yench500 to rightwingintelligentsia

    You gotta “feed the bulldog”...and here’s the link to the Kerrville paper re: Rush buying the GM car:

    The only way El Rushbo will stay on the to do the job for his advertisers, by reaching us. SO let’s tolerate that commercial—at least we (unlike NPR) believe in free markets and free minds.

    Dittoes to the all seeing, all knowing Maharushi!

  • Schumer Compares Talk Radio to Pornography When Advocating Fairness Doctrine on Fox News

    11/04/2008 8:04:11 AM PST · 10 of 31
    Yench500 to Fox_Mulder77

    A lesson here:

    Chuckie Schumer is the result when you elect slip and fall public sector lawyers to Congress then the Senate.

    Here in my Congressional District, I not only have to deal with Sen. Clinton and this colossal jewel of ignorance...his House Counterpart is the mendacious moonbat Maurice “un-Fairness Doctrine” Hinchey.

    Both of them will have some major ‘splainin to do when they are called to account for their actions against the people of the Empire State. The Judge who hears that defense won’t be impressed by law degrees.

  • Ohio not asking to see ID to vote

    11/04/2008 5:18:16 AM PST · 53 of 78
    Yench500 to dascallie

    Why don’t all us FReepers have our ID’s in hand—even if we aren’t asked to display them—when we approach the polls? T’would be a sign that a few of us are out and about... I did that earlier this morning in the upstate People’s Republic of NY. It would not cost us any extra $$...and it just might give pause to those who might be gaming the system.

  • Is this good news or bad news? Long line at my poll...

    11/04/2008 3:48:16 AM PST · 17 of 68
    Yench500 to for-q-clinton

    Just got back from voting at my precinct in the Peoples Republic of Upstate NY...there was a line, which was attributed to the old voting machine needing some last minute maintenance. Once the machine was reset...the 10 or so person backlog shrank. I showed the poll worker my retired Army ID card (as was suggested in another thread), pulled the lever for all those soldiers who have our backs in Iraq, Afghanistan and anywhere else freedom is threatened, and went back to my office, where I’m posting this thread.

  • Waco radio station pulls controversial political portion of restaurant ad

    11/03/2008 5:04:56 PM PST · 14 of 24
    Yench500 to LA Woman3

    The question that has yet to be asked: Did Mr. Citrano see any increased business because of that part of the ad? If in fact he did, the Station Manager did a disservice to Mr. Citrano.

    Mr. Denton, however, acted like an ignoramus when he made those comments.

  • Post your optimism here!

    11/03/2008 4:47:05 PM PST · 78 of 96
    Yench500 to thirdgradeteacher

    I live in the people’s republic of Upstate NY...(Moonbat Maurice “un-Fairness Doctrine” Hinchey is my congress-critter)...and you can deduce who my senators are.

    At the grocery store Saturday morning...I saw a gentleman with a McCain/Palin hat. I complimented the gentleman for his taste in headgear. Very modestly, he said “My wife picked it out”, and we exchanged a I went down another aisle...I said to the gentleman “That’s even more reason to get your wife some flowers”...

  • Is "The Big Talker" heading to Washington, DC?

    11/03/2008 1:55:13 PM PST · 6 of 18
    Yench500 to raccoonradio

    They are missing the “Talkmaster”, a/k/a Neal Boortz...”The High Priest of the Church of The Painful Truth” needs to return to DC. What would you bet that CBS might try to use an HD channel on one of its FMs to compensate for the puny nighttime signal?

  • Palin On Democrats: "Do They Think The Terrorists ... Are The Good Guys?"

    11/03/2008 12:29:01 PM PST · 14 of 16
    Yench500 to pissant

    Being a Blue Star mother kind of puts that all in focus, too. Limp wristed marxist pansies (see LBJ & Jimmy Carter) tend to make policies that get too many of our soldiers killed.

  • Catholics. Please ask Our Lady for a good outcome to the elections! [Catholic Caucus]

    11/02/2008 6:15:56 PM PST · 43 of 119
    Yench500 to big'ol_freeper

    May the Divine Assistance remain with us always, Amen. And may the souls of the faithful departed **, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

    **—our troops who died so we can do things like this, our family members, the souls in Purgatory and for all the souls of the little babies who never got a chance thanks to Roe v Wade and selfishness.

  • Rep. Charlie Brown (D-CA4) Joins Anti-War Rally To Hang US Soldier Effigy…in uniform. (Digg it!)

    11/01/2008 5:51:32 PM PDT · 8 of 8
    Yench500 to Operation_Shock_N_Awe

    Thanks—I’m glad there are people like you who have our backs.

    I wonder if retirees could bring a UCMJ charge against Lt. Col. Brown. I’d take pleasure in building a case against this sniveling twit.

    I guess he and John Murtha forgot the bond and trust that the people of the US confer on its commissioned military officers.

  • Fighting Lindsey down here, so America doesn't have to fight him up there [Gramnesty]

    10/30/2008 8:05:32 PM PDT · 9 of 47
    Yench500 to rabscuttle385

    Pity. DeMint is the real deal—I wish you could clone him.

    Are the Republicans at State level in SC RINOs like Gramnesty or like Jim DeMint?

    I’m thinking about relocating in SC and that is an important factor for me.

  • Catholic Caucus: Person Receiving Communion Dishonestly Violates Rights of "Faithful" Catholics

    10/30/2008 12:53:59 PM PDT · 7 of 7
    Yench500 to topher

    I’m wondering whether some CINO churches have forgotten the example of St. John Vianney—who, it was reported, heard confessions for hours.

    As a sinner, I’m fortunate that some churches in my area of NY will offer the Sacrament of Reconciliation before Holy Mass every day.

    If the churches would figure a way to get back to the basics (offering the Sacraments, praying the Rosary before each Holy Mass) rather than the warm and fuzzy social teachings, (easier to do) we would see overwhelming conversion because of the Holy Spirit that would, by its very nature, see the “social teachings” included spontaneously as a gift of the Spirit.

  • The Dismantling Of America: Abolish Income Tax, Presidential Polls & Obama

    10/30/2008 10:58:32 AM PDT · 4 of 7
    Yench500 to Strategy

    Wonder if that proposal includes some of the Fair Tax concepts developed by the “Talkmaster” (a/k/a Neal Boortz)and Rep. John Linder?

  • Gene's Gay (Catholic) Get Together (Part 1 of 2 Posts)

    10/30/2008 10:39:34 AM PDT · 7 of 15
    Yench500 to NYer

    Great job NYer with this and the female “priest”.

    I’ll dedicate one of the mysteries in the Nine Day Novena to all us “brothers & sisters of St. Peter” here on FR tonight