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  • White House: Transferring Internet control is limited government

    09/23/2016 7:35:10 PM PDT · by bushwon · 120 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | 9/22/16 | Nicole Duran
    The White House mocked GOP nominee Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz for trying to prevent the Commerce Department from transferring technical oversight of the Internet to an international body. "It doesn't withstand scrutiny," President Obama's spokesman Josh Earnest said on Thursday. "It also strikes me as a curious position for a self-described small government conservative to shut down the government to ensure that the federal government can continue to control the Internet," Earnest said of Cruz. "It doesn't make any sense." Cruz is trying to stop the multi-year transition that will leave the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and...
  • Stop Obamaís Internet giveaway [Washington Times]

    09/18/2016 4:49:44 AM PDT · by Arthur Wildfire! March · 48 replies
    Washington Times ^ | Jenny Beth Martin
    Russia, China and Iran donít have a First Amendment, and their governments regularly clamp down on free speech. So why would we want to end American protection of the open Internet and transfer it to Moscow, Beijing and Tehran instead? On Oct. 1, the Obama administration plans to end the U.S. Government contract with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN. Doing so would kick off a transition that could irreparably harm the open Internet, leading to censorship abroad that could, quite realistically, lead to censorship right here in the United States. Under this transition of Internet...
  • Feds to make a ruling over politicking on the Web

    09/14/2016 5:56:05 AM PDT · by Enlightened1 · 15 replies
    A political action committee is looking to figure out whether it can safely use the Internet to support national political candidates, or whether the Federal Election Commission might seize the opportunity to impose the kind of regulations Democrats have been striving to attain. The request for an advisory opinion, filed on behalf of Citizen Super PAC, asks the FEC whether it would be permissible to email supporters of a candidate's campaign, or whether that would cross a line prohibiting coordination with candidates.
  • Did Twitter Exec Censor #WhichHillary In Advance of Sunday Fundraiser, Key Primary?

    02/26/2016 10:06:50 PM PST · by Fhios · 5 replies
    /. ^ | 2/26/2016 | Unknown
    In a truly egregious move yesterday, Twitter suspended the account responsible for #WhichHillary, activist @GuerrillaDems. Twitter also removed #WhichHillary from trending status, which is odd, considering the hashtag received more than 450,000 tweets in less than 24 hours. Twitter now says the suspension of @GuerillaDems was a mistake. Although this may just be a coincidence, it isn't the first time Twitter has exerted political control. Many users think it is a demonstrable conflict of interest, in light of Twitter Executive Chairman Omid Kordestani's Sunday, 2/28 fundraiser with Clinton.
  • Google To Censor US Search Site For European Users

    02/11/2016 5:55:37 AM PST · by Enlightened1 · 13 replies
    Forbes ^ | 02/10/16 | Emma Woollacott
    Google GOOGL +0.83% is removing the loophole allowing European users to sidestep the ‚Äėright to be forgotten‚Äô ruling that censors their search results. After the European Court of Justice ruled two years ago that people could ask for search results to be removed if they contained inaccurate or ‚Äėoutdated‚Äô information, Google attempted to strike a compromise. It complied with the order ‚Äď but only for European versions of its website. This meant that European users wanting to see uncensored results have only to log on to to get the unedited version; and plenty do. This state of affairs, as...
  • Trump Filter- Google Chrome extension will filter all Trump-related articles while users surf web

    12/31/2015 8:43:26 AM PST · by gwgn02 · 42 replies
    Inquisitor ^ | 12/31/15 | Val Powell
    Just recently, an app that filters any mention of the Kardashian-Jenner clan on people‚Äôs newsfeed made its debut. Now, it seems that some people also wish to delete Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump from the Internet, as a new Google Chrome extension that promises to eliminate all references to the outspoken businessman has been created. Dubbed as the ‚ÄúTrump Filter,‚ÄĚ the Google Chrome extension will filter all Trump-related articles while users surf the Internet. The extension is described as ‚Äúpart of the antidote for this toxic candidacy.‚ÄĚ The extension will identify parts of a web page that contain Donald Trump...
  • Good grief! Kentucky school district censors religious lines from 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'

    12/16/2015 9:56:50 AM PST · by doug from upland · 48 replies
    wash times ^ | 12-2015
    A Kentucky school district is being urged to reconsider after censoring "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and other programs by removing all references to religion. The Alliance Defending Freedom weighed in Tuesday after Johnson County Schools officials agreed to modify its holiday programming in order to avoid a potential lawsuit, a move prompted by a complaint from a parent about the classic Peanuts play.
  • Here‚Äôs An Inside Look At China‚Äôs Frightening New Move To Control Social Behavior

    11/10/2015 8:12:29 AM PST · by Enlightened1 · 22 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 11/08/15 | Jacob Bojesson
    The Internet has become a tool for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to keep its citizens in place. Through the web, the government surveils their every move and puts them behind bars if their online behavior is not in line with Beijing’s sentiment. Recently, Chinese officials began developing a social credit system in which the government keeps what amounts to an Internet credibility score on each citizen. Experts discussed the system during the ongoing China Forum in Washington, D.C., which they say reveals a real-world 1984-style totalitarian state in the making. “It will mark the rival of an unprecedented information...
  • 19 Muslim Men Killed Over 3000 People September 11, 2001, But We Did Not Censor the Quran

    06/24/2015 6:17:21 PM PDT · by Enlightened1 · 24 replies
    Why is the the Confederate Battle Flag/culture under 1st Amendment attack (the Right of free speech) because 1 lone nut killed 9 people in a church? However, these same "brave" politicians/media DO NOT HOLD THE SAME STANDARD..., to the culture that killed over 3000 people on September 11th, 2001? Oh I know... because we cannot blame an entire group of people for what happened by 19 nuts on September 11th, 2001. Okay so then why are we now blaming an entire group of people for 1 lone nut? Just saying....
  • Fascist Al Gore Wants to ĎPunishí Climate Change Deniers

    03/20/2015 2:41:01 PM PDT · by TBP · 41 replies
    Godfather Politics ^ | March 17, 2015 | Gary DeMar
    Everywhere we turn the Democrats are sounding more like Benito Mussolini every day. Theyíve become the fascist party. Fascism is a system of government where the party in power forcibly suppresses opposition and criticism. Weíre seeing over the issue of same-sex sexuality, Ďgay rights,í homosexuality, whatever you want to call it. Any opposition will be shut down, fined, and put out of business. The call for toleration is the foot in the door to political, economic, and social repression, and once the objective has been achieved, toleration discarded. The ideological door is now shut. No more debates, and you will...
  • FEC latest front in Democratsí multi-pronged assault on internet freedom

    02/11/2015 10:07:18 AM PST · by Jim Robinson · 17 replies ^ | February 10, 2015 | by Noah Rothman
    The internet is under assault. At the Federal Communications Commission, regulators are hard at work crafting a plan that would turn the internet into a taxable utility. In Congress, lawmakers are determining whether and how best to tax the sales that occur on the internet. And over at the Federal Election Commission, the regulation of political speech that takes place on the internet is back on the table. In October, then FEC Vice Chairwoman Ann M. Ravel promised that she would renew a push to regulate online political speech following a deadlocked commission vote that would have subjected political videos...
  • Figures. Obama Admin Censored Press Reports for Years, Lapdog Media Meekly Acquiesced

    09/23/2014 9:54:31 PM PDT · by Nachum · 31 replies
    The Gateway Pundit ^ | 9/23/14 | Kristinn Taylor
    It has taken five-and-a-half years to learn that the Obama administration has been censoring White House print pool reportsóand that the media has quietly acquiesced until now. The Washington Postís Paul Farhi reported Tuesday evening that the Obama administration has abused its role as distributor for the print pool reports by exercising prior restraint on the reports. Farhi cites numerous instances where the Obama press office refused to release pool reports until changes demanded by Obama operatives were made. Farhi reports several examples of reporters acquiescing to Obamaís censorship of the media. Farhi reports on the Washington Post caving twice...
  • Christian Group Demands Release of Secret Deal IRS Made With Atheists to Censor Houses of Worship

    08/12/2014 3:18:45 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 13 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 08/12/2014 | BY LEONARDO BLAIR
    The Faith & Freedom Coalition demanded Monday the release of a secret legal agreement between the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Justice and atheist organization, the Freedom From Religion Foundation charging that it is likely to censor churches by "potentially infringing upon their First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and association". The agreement was reached on July 17 in federal court to settle a lawsuit filed by the FFRF in 2012. The group celebrated it as a victory last month. "We're proud that FFRF's litigation should ensure that the IRS will now resume enforcing the law, and go...
  • Google censoring DíSouza movie

    07/08/2014 9:22:55 AM PDT · by Paul46360 · 18 replies
    Young Conservative ^ | 7-8-14 | Joshua Riddle
    "I just Googled ďAmerica showtimesĒ and got one hit towards the bottom which redirects you to a different site that makes you have to click another couple times before finding showtimes. For pretty much every other single movie you google the title and showtimes and the first hit is showtimes at the theaters nearest you."
  • Picture searches on crime victims and perpetrator.

    11/10/2013 8:01:04 AM PST · by Usagi_yo · 5 replies
    11/10/2013 | Vanity
    I have an OCD -- Whenever I read a story about a particularly gruesome or senseless crime I have a compulsion to search the names and check their race. I've been doing this for years. Now all a sudden, I'm having difficulties getting hits on the names to get the pictures up. Bing and Google have been problematic in that they aren't returning valid results, just usually hodgepodge of unrelated pictures. Anybody else experiencing similar? And if anybody else has a similar compunction, what search techniques do you think are best?
  • LA Times bans letters from climate skeptics

    10/18/2013 1:00:53 PM PDT · by Berlin_Freeper · 36 replies ^ | October 18, 2013 | FOX
    The Los Angeles Times is giving the cold shoulder to global warming skeptics. Paul Thornton, editor of the paperís letters section, recently wrote a letter of his own, stating flatly that he won't publish some letters from those skeptical of manís role in our planetís warming climate. In Thorntonís eyes, those people are often wrong -- and he doesnít print obviously wrong statements.
  • City bans 'God Bless America' signs (FL)

    10/04/2013 7:17:40 AM PDT · by ruralvoter · 26 replies
    Fox 13 News Tampa Bay, FL ^ | 10/4/13 | Anjuli Lohn
    It's a small sign with a big message, but Bartow residents are now being ordered to uproot their "God Bless America" yard signs. About 300 of the signs were handed out at First Baptist Church of Bartow following a Fourth of July sermon. But three months later, City of Bartow Code Enforcement says the temporary signs have worn out their welcome. Residents have three days to pack it up or pay a minimum fine of $25 a day. "Being a veteran, I felt like I was just kicked in the gut. I couldn't believe it, that I couldn't display my...
  • Conservative Leaders Demand Networks Stop Censoring Gosnell Trial

    04/04/2013 2:24:32 PM PDT · by Morgana · 10 replies
    life news ^ | Steven Ertelt
    He brutally killed unborn babies by jamming medical scissors in the back of their necks, but the major network television stations have engaged in a blackout of coverage of his murder trial. To response, 20 prominent leaders of the conservative movement have joined Media Research Center President Brent Bozell in demanding the broadcast networks stop censoring coverage. They are also upset at the lack of coverage of the Florida Alliance of Planned Parenthood Affiliates lobbyist who testified in favor of allowing the killing of children who survive botched abortions. MRCís Culture and Media Institute finds that ABC, CBS, and NBC...
  • French Twitter Lawsuit Pits Free Speech Against Hate Speech

    01/22/2013 7:58:22 PM PST · by Theoria · 2 replies
    NPR ^ | 22 Jan 2013 | Eleanor Beardsley
    A French judge will decide this week if Twitter must hand over the identities of users sending anti-Semitic tweets. The case, brought against Twitter by a Jewish student organization, pits America's free speech guarantees against Europe's laws banning hate speech.The controversy began in October, when the French Union of Jewish Students threatened to sue Twitter to get the names of people posting anti-Semitic tweets with the hashtag #unbonjuif, or "a good Jew.""If I type 'un bon Juif' ... I can see it was full of tweets against Jews," says Eli Petit, vice president of the Jewish student organization. "It was...
  • Twitter Censors Users for the First Time

    10/18/2012 10:40:33 AM PDT · by bgill · 2 replies
    The Atlantic Wire ^ | October 17, 2012 | Adam Clark Estes
    For the first time ever, Twitter censored a controversial account at the request of local government earlier this week. It was run by neo-Nazis. The ban, which is the first of its kind under a relatively new Twitter policy that gives the company "the ability to reactively withhold content from users in a specific country -- while keeping it available in the rest of the world." As such, the ban is only effective in Germany.
  • CAIR: Censor or Free-Speech Champion?

    09/01/2012 5:05:42 AM PDT · by Servant of the Cross · 4 replies
    National Review ^ | 9/1/2012 | Andrew C. McCarthy
    The group opposes a law curtailing Jew hatred.Breaking news: CAIR, perennial agitator for language purges and ďhate speechĒ regulation, is suddenly the champion of First Amendment free expression. It proves, once again, that Islamists and leftists are just like defense lawyers. A defense lawyer who has a good case can be very persuasive. If the defendant really is innocent, or if the prosecutionís case really is flawed, defense counsel can take one main line of defense and pound away at it relentlessly. That is how doubt is sown, which is the defense lawyerís objective. A credible story that the prosecutor...
  • Trampling Freedom of Speech: State Tries Censoring Online Advice Column

    06/01/2012 7:32:13 AM PDT · by Paladins Prayer · 2 replies
    The New American ^ | 31 May 2012 | Selwyn Duke
    As far as diet goes, I believe you should adhere to the old adage ďeverything in moderationĒ and avoid extreme regimens of all kinds. I donít know what you think of this counsel, but North Carolinaís position seems to be the following: I just broke the law. Blogger Steven Cooksey found this out the hard way ó when the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition ordered him to take down part of his diet-advice website. The 51-year-old resident of Stanley, North Carolina, became passionate about nutrition after a 2009 hospitalization during which he learned he had Type II diabetes and was...
  • Who's Afraid of a Big Bad Hacking Story?

    05/08/2012 4:24:39 AM PDT · by ShadowAce · 5 replies
    Linux Insider ^ | 7 May 2012 | Katherine Noyes
    It's been a cheerily good spring for FOSS fans here in the Linux blogosphere, so we may perhaps be forgiven for our utter shock and disbelief at the affront recently committed against us by a certain brick-and-mortar purveyor of books and magazines. Yes, that's right -- it's Barnes & Noble (NYSE: BKS) Linux Girl is referring to; specifically, its decision to yank the very excellent Linux Format magazine from its U.S. shelves -- apparently because of a cover story on the topic of "hacking.""We've just learned that issue 154 of Linux Format, the one with 'Learn to Hack' on the...
  • Two Christians Prosecuted for Reading the Bible in Public

    03/29/2012 4:20:27 PM PDT · by sreastman · 36 replies
    Faith issues ^ | 3/29/2012 | Christian Newswire
    Two Christians Prosecuted for Reading the Bible in Public Faith Issues/Christian Newswire Yesterday, a trial court in Riverside County, California, heard arguments why the prosecution's case should be dismissed in the case of People v. Brett Coronado. Advocates for Faith & Freedom are defending Pastor Brett Coronado and Mark Mackey on misdemeanor charges after they were arrested in front of a California DMV while Mr. Mackey was reading the Bible out loud. The incident took place on February 2, 2011, in front of a group waiting for the DMV to open for business. This case has generated national news, such...
  • Marine Faces Dismissal For Anti-Obama Facebook Posts

    03/22/2012 9:40:06 AM PDT · by Fennie · 99 replies · 20+ views
    Fox News ^ | March 22, 2012
    A Marine sergeant who started a Facebook group that is openly critical of President Barack Obama and posted comments saying he will not follow the unlawful orders of the commander in chief is facing possible dismissal from the Corps.
  • Pittsfield radio station drops Limbaugh over remarks

    03/05/2012 8:53:08 PM PST · by ruralvoter · 74 replies · 1+ views
    Berkshire Eagle (MA) ^ | 3/5/12 | Staff
    A local radio station has yanked the Rush Limbaugh Show from its airwaves in response to remarks in which the controversial talk-show host called a female law student a "slut" and "prostitute" over her support of health insurance coverage of birth control. On Monday, AM 1420 WBEC , along with KPUA in Hilo Hawaii, dropped the weekday syndicated program because of Limbaughís offensive remarks last week toward Sandra Fluke. "Certainly his comments were outrageous," said WBEC General Manager Peter Barry. "Thereís no reason to resort to derogatory comments." WBEC and KPUA are the first of the 645 stations that air...
  • A Glimpse Of The Future Under SOPA: Warner Bros. Admits It Filed Many False Takedown Notices

    11/10/2011 5:14:18 PM PST · by LibWhacker · 6 replies
    techdirt ^ | 11/10/11 | Mike Masnick
    A Glimpse Of The Future Under SOPA: Warner Bros. Admits It Filed Many False Takedown Notices from the is-this-what-we-want? dept While entertainment industry execs still continue to pretend that it's obvious when things are infringing, they continually ignore the very real concerns raised by many of us about SOPA/PROTECT IP/ICE seizures. The concern isn't about taking down the infringing content. It's about the overreach of these efforts, and how it can and will be used to take down other, legal content. This is not some hypothetical scenario. We hear about bogus DMCA notices being issued all the time, and...
  • Rep. Jim Moran (D-Virginia) Bill to Outlaw Transportation of animals

    11/06/2011 3:10:21 PM PST · by railroader · 33 replies
    Feld Entertainment ^ | Nov. 2, 2011
    November 2, 2011 - - The baseless legislation introduced today by Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) discriminatorily targets traveling circuses, including Representative Moranís own constituent Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, the largest traveling circus in the United States. The bill is designed to censor entertainment and remove the right to let the American public choose for itself whether Ringling Bros. Circus, a 141-year old American institution, can continue to operate. In this day and age, when businesses are failing, the economy is struggling and families are worried, Congressman Moran is busying himself with legislation that immediately threatens to end...
  • My ripples will continue (Facebook censored Honduran crime reporting)

    10/23/2011 6:25:46 AM PDT · by Texas Fossil · 6 replies
    La Gringa Blogicito ^ | October 22, 2011 | La Gringa
    How does an 'activist' blogger know when she's doing a good job? When people try to stop her or intimidate her. censorship Reporters without Borders (RWOB) ranks Honduras as 143rd of 178 countries in their 2010 Press Freedom Ranking. While RWOB often sites government intimidation, many journalists and bloggers freely admit to self-censorship for various reasons, including personal safety, job security, business or organizational interests, and others. I use the pseudonym 'La Gringa' for obvious reasons ó and note that this is very different from an anonymous poster who could be one of millions of anonymous posters. 'La Gringa' is...
  • Facebook in the tank for Barry

    09/15/2011 8:36:27 AM PDT · by greylurker · 28 replies
    I have tried to place a snarky comment about obama and attackwatch several times on facebook, for some odd reason the comment never appears, wOw
  • VA cemetery accused of censoring religious speech

    06/28/2011 6:18:33 PM PDT · by ruralvoter · 8 replies
    The Houston Chronicle ^ | 6/28/11 | Lindsay Wise
    Local veterans and volunteer groups accuse Department of Veterans Affairs officials of censoring religious speech ó including the word ďGodĒ ó at Houston National Cemetery. In one example cited in documents filed this week in federal court, cemetery director Arleen Ocasio reportedly told volunteers with the National Memorial Ladies that they had to stop telling families, ďGod bless you,Ē at funerals and that they had to remove the words ďGod blessĒ from condolence cards. ďItís just unfair that somebody would ask us to take God out of our vocabulary,Ē said Cheryl Whitfield, founder of Houston National Memorial Ladies. ďI couldíve...
  • What the Internet is hiding from you

    05/19/2011 10:03:50 AM PDT · by ruralvoter · 11 replies
    CNN ^ | 5/19/11 | Doug Gross
    Eli Pariser made his mark on the Internet as the executive director of MoveOn.Org, the liberal group that was perhaps the first to turn the Web into a tool for massive political action. Now he's worried the Internet is becoming too polarized, politically and otherwise, because of tools used by some of the technology and social-media world's biggest players. His new book, "The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding from You," details the ways Facebook, Google, Aol and numerous other online hubs quietly are personalizing the Internet for their users.
  • As The Left Continues Their Disgusting Exploitation Of Murder, The Call For Censorship Gets Louder

    01/12/2011 7:11:51 AM PST · by Starman417 · 17 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 01-11-11 | Curt
    What goes through the mind of the lefties when they bring up crap like this? Rep. Chellie Pingree (D-ME): A good place to start a more civil dialog would be for my Republican colleagues in the House to change the name of the bill they have introduced to repeal health care reform. The bill, titled the ĎRepeal the Job Killing Health Care Law Act,í was set to come up for a vote this week, but in the wake of Gabby's shooting, it has been postponed at least until next week.Ē ~~~ ďÖis it really necessary to put the word Ďkillingí...
  • The 19 Senators Who Voted To Censor The Internet

    11/20/2010 10:46:57 AM PST · by Libloather · 113 replies
    Techdirt ^ | 11/19/10
    The 19 Senators Who Voted To Censor The Internetfrom the free-speech-isn't-free dept This is hardly a surprise but, this morning (as previously announced), the lame duck Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously voted to move forward with censoring the internet via the COICA bill -- despite a bunch of law professors explaining to them how this law is a clear violation of the First Amendment. What's really amazing is that many of the same Senators have been speaking out against internet censorship in other countries, yet they happily vote to approve it here because it's seen as a way to make many...
  • Australia Delays Plan for Mandatory Web Filter

    07/12/2010 10:00:55 AM PDT · by James C. Bennett · 2 replies
    ZeroPaid ^ | 9 July 2010 | ZeroPaid
    Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, says the govt. needs time to review the Refused Classification guidelines that determine what will and will not be blocked. The process is expected to take at least 12 months.Merely days after Australia‚Äôs new Prime Minister, Julia Gillard,¬†reaffirmed¬†her govt‚Äôs commitment to impose‚Äúvoluntary mandatory‚ÄĚ ISP filtering of all ‚Äúinappropriate content‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúoffensive and illegal material,‚ÄĚ the country‚Äôs Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, has announced that the govt will now delay the plan for at least a year as it conducts a series of transparency...
  • TSA Backs Off Censoring 'Controversial Opinion' Sites

    07/07/2010 8:12:15 AM PDT · by OL Hickory · 15 replies
    FoxNews ^ | Published July 07, 2010 |
    After intense media scrutiny, the Transportation Security Administration on Tuesday backed off a new policy that would have restricted employees from visiting "controversial opinion" sites at work.
  • Purdue University, the next fight for the Constitution

    11/19/2009 6:55:36 AM PST · by mshoffner · 23 replies · 1,132+ views
    Huntington Political Examiner ^ | 11/19/2009 | Mark Shoffner
    Bert Chapman, a faculty member at Purdue University, has drawn a lot of resentment and protest since writing a blog last month. Mr. Chapman blogs at Conservative web page His views are extremely conservative, and his blog posting of Oct. 17, 2009 is no different. In the post, Mr. Chapman shows his opinion on homosexuality, citing his disagreement with the lifestyle based upon religious principle. Throughout the article, he brings in statistics on the costs of treating AIDS, the problems of tainted blood supplies, the forcing of medical personnel to treat STDs. All of these he seems to throw...
  • Pro-life student forced into isolation on Day of Silent Witness

    10/24/2009 12:59:54 PM PDT · by SWAMPSNIPER · 13 replies · 942+ views
    CHRISTIAN TELEGRAPH ^ | October 24, 2009 | swampsniper
    16-year-old high school student Jennifer Rankin fully intended to unite her voicelessness with that of the unborn as part of the annual Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity when she arrived at school yesterday, reports Bill Henry of Sun Media, reports Patrick B. Craine, She was impeded, however, by her school principal, who stated that the right to free speech does not apply on school property and who forced Rankin to remain in isolation for the entire day as long as she participated in the event.
  • Filmmakers and writers seek to censor Israeli film

    09/06/2009 9:25:21 AM PDT · by Nachum · 4 replies · 418+ views
    Jerusalem Post ^ | 9/6/09 | Alan M. Dershowitz
    A group of hard-Left filmmakers and writers from around the world have been using their celebrity to try to coerce the Toronto International Film Festival into banning Israeli films. Their petition, which is filled with misstatement of facts and rewriting of history, describes Israel as "an apartheid regime." It focuses not so much on Israel's occupation of the West Bank since 1967, but rather on Israel's very existence since 1948. It characterizes Tel Aviv, a city built by the sweat of Jews largely on barren coastal land, as illegitimate.
  • Panel Erases Slain Deputy's Words From Memorial

    09/02/2009 11:24:18 AM PDT · by SWAMPSNIPER · 16 replies · 1,585+ views
    POLICELINK ^ | Sept 02, 2009 | swampsniper
    CHIPPEWA FALLS, WI Ė The middle tablet in the Jason Zunker memorial at the Chippewa County Courthouse must be removed within 30 days. The Chippewa County Buildings and Grounds Committee voted unanimously Tuesday morning to order the tablet removed, and the two remaining smaller tablets be pushed closer together.
  • Google, Yahoo Censor Obama Citizenship Searches

    07/25/2009 6:12:42 AM PDT · by JoeSeales · 25 replies · 1,546+ views
    Dr. Michael Savage interviewed Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily on the July 24th broadcast of "The Savage Nation". It appears that search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing are collaborating with the Obama administration to censor posts about the Obama Birth Certificate/Citizenship issue. Farah tells Michael Savage that within a period of 24 hours, all of WorldNetDaily's stories about the Birth Certificate/Citizenship issue had been buried deep in the search results of all three search engines.
  • Nation's Talkers Meet on "Imminent Threat"

    04/27/2009 4:52:11 PM PDT · by patriotgal1787 · 2 replies · 713+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | April 27, 2009 | World Net Daily
    WASHINGTON Ė Putting aside their own competitive interests, representatives of more than two dozen of the nation's top talk shows held an unprecedented private meeting over the weekend to brainstorm strategies against what they agreed are government plans by to squelch critical political speech on radio.
  • Founding Bloggers Files DMCA Counter-Notice Against CNN

    04/25/2009 9:37:23 AM PDT · by Milhous · 11 replies · 798+ views
    The Jawa Report ^ | April 24, 2009
    Update on: CNN Cries Copyright, YouTube Pulls Founding Bloggers Susan Roesgen Video I wish them luck.Yesterday, we officially filed our DMCA counter-notice in the matter of CNNís censorship of Founding Bloggersí coverage of the Chicago Tax Day Tea Party. A copy of the counter-notice is available at Ben Sheffnerís blog Copyrights & Campaigns, where heís been devoting much of his valuable energy toward documenting and publicizing what CNN has tried to do in this case. Read the restTheir new in depth report:
  • Any Conservative Truckers out there? The liberal, political bias at is out of control

    04/13/2009 10:32:58 AM PDT · by off-roader · 9 replies · 740+ views roundtable ^ | 4/13/2009 | Me
    I stumbled on the political forum at the " Roundtable Forum" and witnessed a lopsided representation of todays events and issues by a few liberals on the forum. To add a little balance, I created and had an account activated with the login id of "Ophir". I posted 3 or 4 articles that were critical of the present administration and was immediately banned from the forum. The administrator came up with ridiculous claims of "racism" and "using multiple logins". I have asked the admin to call me directly. No reply has come back. The forum can be found at
  • Huffington Post Calls on Obama's FCC to Silence the Right

    03/19/2009 9:03:00 AM PDT · by redk · 24 replies · 1,585+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | 3/19/09 | Seton Motley
    In today's Huffington Post is Joseph A. Palermo's "Cheney, Rove, and Fleischer and the Importance of Net Neutrality." Net neutrality, you see, is yet another way the Left hopes to silence their opposition -- and Palermo calls on Obama's Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to do exactly that. I guess he gets partial credit for honesty. And if this latest example of the Left's rush to suppression via Obama's FCC makes you think of the old Censorship Doctrine or any of the new ones -- "localism," "diversity in media ownership" and serving the "public interest" -- well, it should.
  • Aussie internet-net will be drawn wider-Comms minister expands on site blacklist

    02/25/2009 12:17:30 PM PST · by BGHater · 6 replies · 321+ views
    The Register ^ | 25 Feb 2009 | John Ozimek
    The Australian government is already planning to block legal internet content when its "great firewall" eventually goes live. That is the fear expressed by some of the most trenchant critics of this scheme, including Senators Simon Birmingham (for the Liberal Party) and Scott Ludlam (for the Greens) following another shift in emphasis by Communications Minister Stephen Conroy in evidence to the Environment, Communications and the Arts committee on Monday. The Australian government launched a trial of its filtering software on 11 February, in association with a number of ISPs, including Primus, Tech 2U, Webshield, OMNIconnect, Netforce and Highway 1. The...
  • Google's Gatekeepers

    11/29/2008 4:13:22 PM PST · by CE2949BB · 5 replies · 912+ views
    The New York Times ^ | November 28, 2008 | Jeffrey Rosen
    In 2006, Thailand announced it was blocking access to YouTube for anyone with a Thai I.P address, and then identified 20 offensive videos for Google to remove as a condition of unblocking the site. ĎIf your whole game is to increase market share,í says Lawrence Lessig, speaking of Google, Ďitís hard to . . . gather data in ways that donít raise privacy concerns or in ways that might help repressive governments to block controversial content.í In March of last year, Nicole Wong, the deputy general counsel of Google, was notified that there had been a precipitous drop in activity...
  • Google's Final Assault on Right-Wing Blogs - Has The Left Won It All?

    11/28/2008 7:33:31 AM PST · by Bill Dupray · 30 replies · 1,419+ views
    The Patriot Room ^ | November 28, 2008 | Bill Dupray
    The MSMís nauseating, pro-Obama bias during the campaign was almost too much to bear. The Libs won, and the un-Fairness Doctrine is on the front burner, once again taking aim at right-wing talk radio. The fallback position for Conservatives has always been, ďwell, we always have the right-wing blogs.Ē Now it appears that Google is trying to finish off the right-wing blogosphere once and for all. More . . .
  • Video: Tito the Builder - What a Guy! He's not Holding Anything Back About Obama

    11/03/2008 12:42:01 PM PST · by Robert Drobot · 12 replies · 1,058+ views
    RightWingIt and YouTube ^ | 03 November 2008 | Editors
    Video: Tito the Builder - What a Guy! He's not Holding Anything Back About Obama
  • China to censor Internet during Games - organisers

    07/29/2008 9:14:30 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 39 replies · 73+ views
    AFP on Yahoo ^ | 7/29/08 | Charles Whelan
    BEIJING (AFP) - Foreign reporters will not have complete access to the Internet during the Beijing Olympics, Games organisers said Wednesday, reversing a pledge to bring down the Chinese firewall of censorship. Sites linked to the banned Falungong spiritual movement and other unspecified ones would remain blocked for the thousands of foreign reporters covering the Games, organising committee spokesman Sun Weide told AFP. "During the Olympic Games we will provide sufficient access to the Internet for reporters," said Sun Weide, spokesman for the organising committee. However "sufficient" access falls short of the complete Internet freedoms for foreign reporters that China's...