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  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Illegal Aliens Residing in My District Are ‘My Constituents’

    03/20/2019 5:54:35 PM PDT · by KC_Lion · 19 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 19 Mar 2019 | Katherine Rodriguez
    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-CA) said during a Thursday House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing that illegal aliens residing in her district were her “constituents.” Ocasio-Cortez, who led with a quote from Kansas Republican Secretary of State Kris Kobach, asked Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross about his plan to add a “citizenship question” to the 2020 U.S. Census when she made the remarks about illegal aliens being her constituents. “Mr. Kobach later emailed to you on July 14 writing that the lack of the citizenship question ‘leads to the problem that aliens who do not actually reside in the United States...
  • Iraqi Navy SEAL Interpreter 'Code Name Johnny Walker' to Gain Citizenship, Reveal His Real Name

    03/20/2019 7:17:46 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 23 replies
    PJ Media ^ | 03/20/2019 | Tyler O'Neil
    In a PJ Media exclusive, the Iraqi native turned Navy SEAL interpreter and bestselling author who goes by the code name "Johnny Walker" told his story and made a huge announcement: he will receive his U.S. citizenship on Wednesday morning! At that time, he will also reveal his real name. (This article will be updated with that name when it becomes public.) "It's a big honor," Walker told PJ Media. He is looking forward to posting videos of the ceremony and predicted a beautiful moment where "people from different backgrounds and different religions" will be united by loyalty to the...
  • Trump administration’s citizenship question on 2020 census blocked by federal judge

    03/07/2019 9:04:59 AM PST · by RideForever · 95 replies
    L. A. Times ^ | March 6, 2019 | Sarah Parvini
    Political scientists predicted in court testimony that California would lose billions in federal funds plus at least one and possibly as many as three seats in the House — and the same number of electoral votes — if the citizenship question were to be used next year.
  • Judge rules 'ISIS bride' lawsuit for US citizenship will not be fast-tracked

    03/04/2019 11:15:33 AM PST · by Lurch Addams · 38 replies
    “ISIS bride” Hoda Muthana’s citizenship case will not be fast-tracked, a judge ruled Monday — waving off her family’s fears that the US might withdraw from Syria before her suit is resolved. DC federal court Judge Reggie Walton denied her family’s request to expedite their suit, saying their argument that she could get stuck in Syria or put in danger if American troops pull out involved too much speculation. “The case will need to adhere to the normal course of the flow of litigation” and “proceed on the normal track,” Walton said. Department of Justice attorney Scott Stewart argued Muthana’s...
  • Survey: Exactly One State Has A Majority That Can Pass The U.S. Citizenship Test (Civic Disaster)

    02/18/2019 7:03:05 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 19 replies
    Hotair ^ | 02/18/2019 | AllahPundit
    That one state? Vermont. The same state that sent an avowed socialist to the U.S. Senate.So, really, we’re 0 for 50 as a country on basic civics.We can debate whether immigrants raise the crime rate but there’s no question that naturalized citizens are raising America’s baseline rate of awareness about its own history. You can test your own knowledge at the Woodrow Wilson Foundation’s tabulation page. (Says Drew McCoy, “The idea that an institute honoring Woodrow Wilson is teaching anyone about civics is the real civic disaster.”) The closest I came to a “tricky” question was one which asked...
  • Weekly Update: FBI-Clinton Email Corruption Scandals Exposed

    02/16/2019 10:26:36 AM PST · by jazusamo · 29 replies
    Judicial Watch ^ | February 15, 2019 | Tom Fitton
    FBI Covered Up Potential Violations of Law by Hillary Clinton Docs Show State/FBI Bribery Scandal to Help Protect Hillary Clinton Left Tries to Torpedo Census Question About Citizenship! How the Deep State Colludes with Its Friends in the Media FBI Covered Up Potential Violations of Law by Hillary Clinton As we watch the slow-motion coup against President Trump let’s not forget that at its heart is the Deep State’s desire to protect Hillary Clinton from the consequences of her illicit behavior. Now we have more evidence of their cover-up. We just received 186 pages of records from the Department...
  • BREAKING: Federal Judge Declines to Block Citizenship Question from US 2020 Census

    02/10/2019 10:59:56 AM PST · by E. Pluribus Unum · 94 replies
    The Gateway Pundit ^ | February 10, 2019 | Jim Hoft
    A federal judge ruled on Friday the US government can include citizenship question on the US Census. It makes complete sense so Democrats are against it. It also affects how much federal funding the sanctuary communities will receive from American taxpayers. So, of course, Democrats are against this. Outline reported: A federal judge ruled late Friday she is unconvinced of an immediate need to block a citizenship question from the 2020 census over privacy concerns. US District Judge Dabney Friedrich declined to issue a preliminary injunction requested by a privacy and civil liberties nonprofit group, the Electronic Privacy Information Center....
  • Chris Cuomo Hopes ‘Legit Info’ About Kamala Harris’ Citizenship Will Be Brought Forth Soon

    01/22/2019 12:48:01 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 35 replies
    Hotair ^ | 01/22/2019 | John Sexton
    Do you remember Jacob Wohl? He’s the guy who accused Robert Mueller of being a rapist based on an investigation by a made-up company called Surefire Intelligence. Today, Wohl tweeted that Kamala Harris is not eligible to run for President because…well, it doesn’t really matter: Kamala Harris is NOT eligible to be President. Her father arrived from Jamaica in 1961—mother from India arrived in 1960 Neither parent was a legal resident for 5 years prior to Harris’s birth, a requirement for naturalizationKamala was raised in Canada— Jacob Wohl (@JacobAWohl) January 22, 2019 Here’s the only part that matters in...

    01/16/2019 3:20:23 PM PST · by Dick Bachert · 19 replies
    Self ^ | 1/16/2019 | Dick Bachert
  • How much sympathy for pregnant illegal border-crossers is too much?

    01/16/2019 7:18:22 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 20 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 01/16/2019 | Harry White
    Back on November 26, Maryury Hernandez, a God-fearing pregnant migrant from Honduras, entered the country with her husband and three-year-old son in search of "better lives" for her children and "to keep them safe" (so she makes the hazardous trek north?), says journalist Ruben Navarrette, who is "extremely grateful for his citizenship." The problem is, she entered illegally, which makes her eligible for deportation. "I feel like a criminal," said Maryury. She is a criminal. A pregnant foreigner may go to the U.S. to give birth. She doesn't violate any U.S. laws if she has a visa. Still, U.S. Customs,...
  • Lawmaker’s proposed bill requires high school students pass a citizenship test in order to graduate

    01/13/2019 9:03:33 PM PST · by Eddie01 · 25 replies
    bizpac review ^ | Jan 12, 2019 | Frieda Powers
    An Indiana state senator is recommending high school students pass a citizenship test in order to graduate. Sen. Dennis Kruse is proposing a bill that requires students in public high school to pass a 100-question citizenship test in order to officially graduate, The Journal Gazette reported. The same examination used by immigrants to become legal U.S. citizens would be administered to the students if Senate Bill 132 passes. The same bill proposed in 2015 was defeated by the full Senate. “There is a deficiency in government and civics knowledge, and it’s getting worse,” the Indiana Republican told The Journal Gazette....
  • LATINO Most of us would fail the U.S. citizenship test, survey finds

    01/13/2019 7:23:37 AM PST · by Ancient Man · 54 replies
    NBC News ^ | October 12, 2018 | Allyson Escobar
    The survey, released Oct. 3 by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation with the research firm Lincoln Park Strategies, sampled 1,000 American adults. It showed that only 36 percent actually passed the test. Respondents 65 and older scored the best (74 percent), while only 19 percent of test-takers 45 and younger passed.

    01/02/2019 1:23:10 AM PST · by Yosemitest · 22 replies ^ | Nov 15, 2018 | Rush Limbaugh and Delia
    There were two articles on Rush's show that caught my attention, and both are here in reverse order. First : Rush’s Immigration Answer to a 13-Year-Old Strikes a Chord Nov 19, 2018 RUSH: Northport, New York. This is Billy. Thank you for calling, sir. Great to have you with us. CALLER: Great to be here. Mega dittos, Rush. RUSH: Thank you. CALLER: Rush, last Thursday was a God-awful day in New York with traffic, but I want to tell you something. You made it worthwhile. There was a young girl that called in from Ohio, she was home sick, she...
  • Australia flags removing citizenship from home-grown radicals

    11/21/2018 10:36:39 PM PST · by Olog-hai · 10 replies
    Al-Reuters ^ | November 22, 2018 12:04 AM | Colin Packham
    Australian nationals convicted of terror offenses would be stripped of their citizenship if the government believes they are entitled to apply for residency from another country, Prime Minister Scott Morrison proposed on Thursday. Australia, a staunch U.S. ally that sent troops to Afghanistan and Iraq, has seen a spate of attacks by home-grown militants in recent months, including a stabbing attack in the country’s second largest city less than two weeks ago. Morrison proposed allowing the government to weaken current constraints that permit terror convicts to be stripped of their Australian citizenship only if they are already dual nations and...
  • ‘THIS is how it’s done!’ Billy Idol becomes US citizen

    11/15/2018 8:52:44 AM PST · by C19fan · 42 replies
    Twitchy ^ | November 15, 2018 | Doug P.
    There’s been a lot of talk in recent weeks (and months) about people entering the country illegally, but it’s important to remember that there are many who still do it the right way: Legally. Among the new U.S. citizens this week is Billy Idol:
  • Black Americans Deserve Clarification on Birthright Citizenship

    11/13/2018 5:07:18 PM PST · by Kaslin · 10 replies ^ | November 13, 2018 | Carl Jackson
    How do you undermine America’s long held motto, “E Pluribus Unum,” while systematically destroying America’s sovereignty? One illegal alien at a time. I believe illegal immigrants are more likely to reject assimilating into American culture and instead embrace Democratic class-warfare - a strategy designed by the left to keep a permanent underclass voting bloc that will remain dependent upon some form of welfare. For this reason, I give kudos to President Trump for signing a proclamation that will require migrants to apply for asylum at our legal ports of entry. This is important so that we know who’s coming into...
  • VANITY: Easy Way to Challenge Birthright Citizenship

    11/08/2018 3:48:10 AM PST · by JBird77777 · 17 replies
    November 8, 2018 | JBird77777
    I don't know what President Trump has in mind for his proposed executive order regarding birthright citizenship, but it seems the easiest way is to order that federal government agencies cease treating those claiming birthright citizenship as U.S. citizens. For example, he could order passport applicants to submit not only a U.S. birth certificate, but also evidence that at least one parent was a U.S. citizen. It seems that this wouldn't be an improper attempt for the Executive Branch to make law. Rather, it would be the Executive Branch enforcing the Constitution, as it's required to do. This order would...
  • Law requiring a birth certificate to register to vote advance moves to appeals court

    11/04/2018 5:35:01 PM PST · by jazusamo · 51 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | November 4, 2018 | Rowan Scarborough
    The debate over how to sift out illegal voters from legal ones has reached the federal appeals court level, making it possible the Supreme Court eventually will rule whether a state can demand a birth certificate to register to vote. The case before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver centers on a 2011 Kansas law, the Documentary Proof of Citizenship (DPOC). In June, a district court judge struck down the law, with biting criticism of analysts who contend a large number of noncitizens nationwide vote illegally, tilting close elections to Democrats. Judge Julia A. Robinson said the Kansas...
  • Who is demonizing who?

    11/04/2018 9:01:14 AM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 6 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 11/04/18 | A. Dru Kristenev
    Citizenship in the United States is earned and properly passed down to those born to citizens in good standing, not passersby or illegal aliens A current favorite label used against political foes is “demonize.” If “racist” doesn’t do the trick of marginalizing ideological opponents then commentators, candidates and hacks are quick to defend themselves by complaining they’re being demonized by the opposition. This week, Don Lemon, who is no journalist and hardly regarded as credible by serious news professionals (of which there are less than a few left in the world), managed to hit the height of irony in his...
  • The 14th Amendment Does Not Mandate Birthright Citizenship (Excellent read)

    11/03/2018 12:32:03 PM PDT · by Az Joe · 49 replies
    National Review ^ | 11/03/2018 | Andrew McCarthy
    "It was about removing vestiges of slavery, not regulating aliens."