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  • “If you have wrongthink, you will not be allowed.”

    04/06/2018 1:47:01 PM PDT · by Voption · 11 replies
    Behind the Black ^ | April 6, 2018 | Robert Zimmerman
    The fascist, intolerant, and oppressive nature of today’s leftist culture has now gotten so bad that The Atlantic, a liberal publication long considered a reasonable intellectual voice from the left, can no longer tolerate for more than two weeks the hiring of a conservative, even though that conservative, Kevin Williamson, was also a vehement opponent of Donald Trump....Williamson’s firing is only one example of a legion of similar stories. There is the fascist intolerance of modern academia for example. Or we can talk about the hateful scapegoating of innocent NRA members...Or maybe we should mention the hate and violence committed...
  • Tiny Crowded Israel

    02/26/2018 9:48:50 AM PST · by Voption · 6 replies
    Behind the Black ^ | February 26, 2018 | Robert Zimmerman
    Much of the world’s political troubles are centered on the question of Israel in the middle of the Middle East....I have just returned from spending two weeks in Israel, a trip I do somewhat regularly to see family. Each of these visits has given me an on-the-ground close-up look at the situation there, something that is difficult to get from the typically shallow media coverage of the region. And from each of these visits comes at least one essay, something I think is required because of Israel’s significance in much of the world’s political turmoil.... This year, we took a...
  • Joe Scarborough Wonders If President Is Illiterate: ‘Can’ Trump Read?

    01/04/2018 6:43:09 PM PST · by Kaslin · 56 replies ^ | January 4, 2017 | Chris Reeves
    In the wake of the immense political conflagration that Michael Wolff’s upcoming book Fire and Fury has caused, Thursday’s Morning Joe was almost entirely consumed by discussion of all its salacious claims and their implications for the Trump White House. Even though multiple guest panelists on the show admitted to the shaky factual foundation for Wolff’s book and the unproven nature of many of his assertions, they nevertheless largely treated his testament as gospel. Much of Morning Joe’s coverage focused on dissecting the purported comments of Breitbart News Executive Chairman and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. However, co-host...
  • Keeping Things Right: The Daily Ledger [my vanity] . . .

    02/25/2017 5:50:42 PM PST · by righttackle44 · 4 replies
    February 25, 2017 | RightTackle 44
    Even when Graham Ledger is wrong, he's right. He tell us that every day when he signs off his One America News Network commentry, interview, and analysis show, The Daily Ledger. which airs at various times through out the 24 day. Ledger, an Emmy Award and Golden Mike award recipient, brings a right-side look at the political news, spilling out analysis, commentary, and humor, usually at the left's expense. His is biting commentary and observation, and exposes the progressive/liberal weaknesses, fallacies, and outright lies while nailing down the political right point of view. This link,, takes you to The...
  • Fired as a teacher for political commentary to students and this guy lectures Pence? Oh, hell no...

    11/19/2016 8:52:28 PM PST · by MeneMeneTekelUpharsin · 8 replies
    Life Experience | 19 November 2016 | Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin
    I know a teacher who was fired for political commentary to STUDENTS in a public school setting. And this guy Dixon believes he has the right to lecture a VP-elect, or President, for that matter? Oh, hell no... this can not be allowed to stand. You can NOT have your cake and eat it too. If someone would fund this teacher, he would sue every school system that did that to him and use this "Hamilton" case as a precedent to win.
  • Diamond/Silk-Comey & FBI investigation-Trump rushed off the stage-Trump new deal for Black America

    11/08/2016 2:12:54 AM PST · by Freedom'sWorthIt · 8 replies
    Diamon and Silk via you tube ^ | 11/6/2016 | Diamond and Silk
    Diamond and Silk talking about many different topics including Clinton Crimes, encouragement to vote in droves, Comey was either paid off or is scared off. Hillary can't pass a background check. Talking about how Obama was out there encouraging illegals to vote and how Senator Jeff Sessions is demanding Obama clarify his encouragement for these illegal votes. Lots on Trump's plan for black neighborhoods, inner cities.
  • Dead Woman Walking (vanity)

    10/30/2016 3:15:45 PM PDT · by RetiredTexasVet · 56 replies
    10/30/16 | RetiredTexasVet
    Huma A. Weiner, dead woman walking. Huma had learned that with the Clintons an insurance policy was a must. The 650,000 emails were her insurance policy and retirement income program. Unlike Vince Foster, who had stupidly stored his insurance in his office safe which was retrieved before his body was cold, Huma hid her insurance where no one would suspect .... on the laptop she shared with her perv part-time husband. Unfortunately for Huma, her idiot husband managed to screw something other than a 15 year old ... the rest of her life. Seems like Huma A. Weiner best "make...

    08/20/2016 8:41:12 AM PDT · by knarf · 27 replies
    youtube ^ | Mar 4, 2016 | Admiarl "ACE" Lyons
    “Why would an American President embrace the Muslim Brotherhood?” 20 minutes of easy listening from a wise and knowledgeable man
  • Trump’s Ascent Has Conservatives Wary

    05/06/2016 11:21:43 PM PDT · by Innovative · 103 replies
    Wall Street Journal ^ | May 6, 2016 | Gerald F. Seib
    As Donald Trump emerged victorious in the race for the Republican presidential nomination this week, the loudest cries of anguish heard in Washington may well have come from one section of his own party—from those in its conservative movement. “Conservatives had their party hijacked from them in the 2016 primaries,” wrote Jonathan S. Tobin in Commentary, a leading platform for conservatives. He added: “The consequences for individual liberty and restraint of government power, not to mention America’s foreign-policy interests, will be incalculable.” Meanwhile, Leon H. Wolf, writing on the conservative site, proposed what many conservatives would consider a radical...
  • I voted for Trump to destroy the GOP

    03/09/2016 9:35:38 AM PST · by smokingfrog · 93 replies
    CNBC ^ | 3-4-16 | Bruce Bartlett
    We have a very serious political problem in this country. Our system of government works best when it is balanced between roughly equal political parties, one on the center-right and the other on the center-left. Unfortunately, what we have is a centrist Democratic Party and a far-right Republican Party. Therefore, the system is out of balance, creating gridlock even as the public cries out for action on serious problems such as our deteriorating public infrastructure, epitomized by that in Flint, Michigan. I believe that Republicans made a deal with the devil in 2009 when they embraced the Tea Party, a...
  • The Goldwater-Mondale Candidate

    03/02/2016 12:23:33 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 44 replies
    Commentary Magazine ^ | February 29, 2016 | John Podhoretz
    The supporters of Donald Trump believe he might awaken a sleeping giant -- a cohort of white working-class voters that will propel him to the presidency. His more politically-minded opponents insist he will summon a colossal electoral disaster on Republicans that will not only secure the presidency for the Democrats but lose the GOP the House and Senate. I'll let the Trumpkins make the case for their man. I want to look at the potential for Republican disaster here. John McCain got roughly 60 million votes in 2008. Mitt Romney got roughly 61 million in 2012. Barack Obama secured 70...
  • Future Letter From a Socialist to President Trump

    02/12/2016 12:03:03 PM PST · by Nacho Bidnith · 41 replies
    TAKI'S MAGAZINE ^ | February 12, 2016 | by Gavin McInnes
    It's 2019 and the fact that you and Vice President Cruz have decided to run for a second term deeply disturbs those of us who still care about this country. Like many true patriots, my wife and I voted for Sanders in 2016 and considered moving to France when you and that creepy Canadian won. We stayed and we regret it.
  • A Bad Day for Preferred Narratives, (Democrats)

    01/08/2016 2:19:58 PM PST · by KeyLargo · 9 replies
    Commentary Magazine ^ | Jan 8, 2016 | Noah Rothman
    A Bad Day for Preferred Narratives Noah Rothman Everything was going as planned at President Barack Obama's Thursday evening town hall on gun control when the unexpected occurred. A woman, a mother, a victim of sexual assault in college, someone who according to the overly simplistic center-left perspective should be sympathetic both to Democrats and stricter gun laws, stood up and defended firearm ownership. It was a moment that demonstrated the fragility of narratives and stereotyping. It exposed just how rapidly worldviews predicated on a naĂŻve and one-dimensional typecasting - a trap into which political demographers easily fall - can...
  • Rubio Support for Article V Convention Causes Establishment Heartburn

    01/01/2016 7:10:39 PM PST · by JSDude1 · 42 replies
    Conservative Review ^ | Jan 1, 2016 | CR Wire
    Senator Marco Rubio's recent support for an Article V Convention of the States is causing some folks heartburn. Noah Rothman at Commentary calls Rubio's support for a Convention of the States a Pander for the Ages. Rather than taking Rubio at his word and assuming this is a principled stand, Rothman argues that Rubio's support for the Convention of the States is a politically strategic rouse. As a political maneuver, Rubio’s latest is a deft one. Hardened by influential talk show hosts who have spent months inveighing against his support of a 2013 immigration reform bill, Rubio will need to...
  • Music Video - In support of TRUMP

    12/24/2015 12:41:43 AM PST · by Hanna548 · 3 replies
    @C4Constitution and @BoudicaRides ^ | Dec 23, 2012 | @C4Constitution
    We just wanted to do something fun that everyone could enjoy. My friend C4 has a beautiful voice so we made use of her God given talent:)
  • 'You got a big one!'

    12/12/2015 3:12:01 PM PST · by Utilizer · 11 replies
    today: 9 news aus ^ | Uploaded on Aug 31, 2011
    Lisa's offhand comment about the size of a plane takes on a whole new meaning, leading to a lot of laughter, and stirring from Karl.
  • The Tragedy of Rand Paul

    09/19/2015 7:26:27 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 21 replies
    Commentary Magazine ^ | September 18, 2015 | Noah Rothman
    You don’t have to agree with all or even most of Senator Rand Paul’s brand of libertarianism to concede that his candidacy once held so much promise. Paul entered the race buoyed by what seemed like a burgeoning libertarian moment. From the conduct of the global war on terrorism to massive comprehensive reform packages, American political culture had grown suspicious of the federal government’s ability to avert the unforeseen negative consequences of its good intentions. For several weeks in the summer of 2014, Rand Paul led a field of nine prospective Republican presidential candidates in the polls. It was a...
  • What Egyptians think of Obama

    10/22/2015 12:01:24 PM PDT · by Kozy · 22 replies
    You Tube ^ | 5/20/2015 | Unknown
    Don't know if this has been seen before. These Egyrtian commentators don't think to highly of Obama. They laugh at him, his body, his wife and how no one can trust him.
  • How to Roll Back Russia

    10/08/2015 1:22:17 PM PDT · by elhombrelibre · 108 replies
    Commentary ^ | 7 Oct 15 | Max Boot
    28 Shares A Every day seems to bring an escalation of the Russian military involvement in Syria. First it was airstrikes from more than 30 warplanes that Russia has positioned in Syria. Now it’s cruise missile strikes from warships in the Caspian Sea. Soon, if hints from Moscow are to be believed, Russian “volunteers” — a.k.a. “Little Green Men” — will be showing up in Syria to engage in ground combat alongside Iranian and Assad forces. President Obama can pretend that this is no big deal and that Russia is getting sucked into a quagmire, but this is a serious...
  • The Modern Left’s Moral Rot

    09/22/2015 2:15:39 AM PDT · by goldstategop · 6 replies
    Commentary ^ | 9/21/2015 | Evelyn Gordon
    In one short sentence, [Amira Hass] neatly encapsulates the moral rot at the heart of the modern multicultural left: “We don’t rate suffering.” .... No one has the right to compare in any way the suffering of peoples and human beings, or to quantify it, rank it, calculate it … We don’t quantify. We don’t rate suffering. This, in a nutshell, is the moral abdication at the heart of today’s multicultural left: In its ostensibly noble desire to ensure that no suffering goes unnoticed or unattended, it has abandoned the very essence of morality – the ability to draw distinctions,...