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    09/02/2015 7:15:18 PM PDT · by Amntn · 166 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 9/2/15 | BREITBART NEWS
    On Wednesday, Dr. Ben Carson said America’s borders must be sealed to protect against terrorism and told a prominent group of Latino elected officials that he also supports giving illegal immigrants a path to legalization and eventual citizenship. Addressing the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) in Nevada, Carson said that “the reason that I think we need to seal our borders completely… all of our borders–north, south, east, and west–is not so much because I’m afraid of somebody from Honduras.” “I’m afraid of someone from Syria who wants to bomb us, who wants to do bad...
  • THE THIRD WAY Politics Of The Radical Center

    02/27/2015 11:59:34 AM PST · by Eva · 42 replies ^ | Ecumenical News International
    The "Third Way" ideology is much more than just 'another way' of doing things. Rather, it is the specific ideology of the political elite and their multinational industrial paymasters. And, if you study this ideology closely, you may soon learn the real reason behind all those very oppressive laws, rules and regulations coming out of Washington these past few years. Simply put, the intent of the "Third Way" ideologues is to design a classed society -- made up of us worker serfs and our elite controllers. To do that, it is necessary that the elite have general control over money,...
  • Judge Orders ‘Compassionate Release’ Of Jailed Former Civil Rights Lawyer

    12/31/2013 4:29:17 PM PST · by Nachum · 38 replies
    cbs ^ | 12/31/13 | cbs
    <p>NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) –A federal judge in Manhattan ordered a “compassionate release” Tuesday from prison for a dying former civil rights lawyer.</p> <p>The U.S. government requested the release earlier in the day for Lynne Stewart, who was convicted in a terrorism case from prison. Prosecutors say Stewart, 74, suffers from recurrent stage-four breast cancer. She was not scheduled to be released until August 2018.</p>
  • 5 Myths Liberals Have Created About Themselves (Part 2)

    12/14/2012 4:48:04 AM PST · by Kaslin · 9 replies ^ | December 14, 2012 | John Hawkins
    Greek mythology, with its tales of Zeus, Apollo and Hera doesn't have a thing on the mythology that liberals have created around themselves. There's Bubba, the President who can feel your pain, BO the leader who has the ability to never be blamed for anything and, of course, the wronged woman Fluke who the gods granted free birth control for the rest of her life for not being allowed to speak to a committee...or something. Still, as you're about to see, the real face of liberalism looks a lot more like Medusa than Aphrodite. 1) Liberals are pro-capitalism: Many liberals...
  • I Think I Owe an Apology to George W. Bush.

    11/16/2012 6:47:24 AM PST · by Kaslin · 100 replies ^ | November 16, 2012 | Jonah Goldberg
    William F. Buckley once noted that he was 19 when the Cold War began at the Yalta conference. The year the Berlin Wall came down, he became a senior citizen. In other words, he explained, anti-Communism was a defining feature of conservatism his entire adult life. Domestically, meanwhile, the right was largely a "leave me alone coalition": Religious and traditional conservatives, overtaxed businessmen, Western libertarians, and others fed up with government social engineering and economic folly. The foreign policy battle against tyrannical statism abroad only buttressed the domestic antagonism toward well-intentioned and occasionally democratic statism at home. The end of...
  • The Holy Trinity of Liberalism

    03/02/2012 4:01:51 PM PST · by grumpa · 5 replies
    Off Grid Blogger blog ^ | March 2, 2012 | Off Grid Blogger
    Our primary interest with this blog is to explore the liberal mind. Liberals have been successful in deceiving people into thinking that they are moral, compassionate, tolerant, just, and logical. Nothing could be further from the truth. First, consider this list of priorities for liberalism: •Desire for control. This desire is ultimate; Nietzsche taught that there is no truth—that power is everything. •Desire for freedom from moral authority. Beneath their rhetoric you ultimately find a demand for free sex and drugs without consequences. How else can one explain their insistence on abortion even in the face of modern sonogram technology...
  • For Gingrich, Amnesty No Impediment to Nomination

    01/27/2012 5:26:34 PM PST · by rmlew · 63 replies ^ | 1/27/2012 | Linda Chavez
    One thing was missed in Newt Gingrich's victory in the South Carolina primary: Conservatives embraced a pro-amnesty candidate without batting an eyelash. This should come as a wake-up call to those who've been pushing a hard-line anti-illegal immigrant position in the Republican Party. Granted, Gingrich didn't spend a lot of time discussing his position, which favors amnesty for those illegal immigrants who have been here for a long time, have deep family and community ties, and have paid taxes and avoided breaking other laws. But that's the point. He didn't have to spend a lot of time defending his position...
  • Newt the Compassionate (He's not as mean as some people think he is)

    12/07/2011 7:05:11 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 29 replies
    National Review ^ | 12/07/2011 | Jonah Goldberg
    Newt Gingrich wants to pay poor kids to clean toilets. And all of the right people are horrified. The Nation says Gingrich is running on “a platform that seems to have been written by the unreformed Ebenezer Scrooge.” The editors of the Newark Star-Ledger proclaim Gingrich wants to “bring back the days of Oliver Twist.” The host of “Meet the Press,” David Gregory, suggests Gingrich’s take on the inner-city poor is a “grotesque distortion.” This controversy started last month at Harvard, when Gingrich suggested in a speech that perhaps the best way to break the cycle of poverty in inner...
  • Mark Steyn scolds Perry on illegal immigration: 'Cheap racism demagoguery'

    09/23/2011 11:11:24 AM PDT · by Rufus2007 · 106 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | September 23, 2011 | Jeff Poor
    As the rest of the 2012 Republican presidential field ganged up on Texas Gov. Rick Perry during Thursday night’s GOP debate, illegal immigration was the evening’s hottest-button issue — particularly the granting of in-state tuition rates to children of illegal immigrants in Texas. Now Perry’s defense seems to have struck nerve with National Review columnist Mark Steyn. Filling in for Rush Limbaugh on his radio program Friday, Steyn, the author of “After America: Get Ready for Armageddon,” took issue with Perry’s response to those attacks. Rick Perry “has basically adopted the Democratic line now on the whole illegal immigration issue,”...
  • Rick Perry has Distanced Himself from George W. Bush's Brand of Conservatism

    08/29/2011 6:46:20 AM PDT · by DRey · 193 replies · 1+ views
    Washington Post ^ | August 29, 2011 | Perry Bacon Jr.
    Texas Gov. Rick Perry, like most of the other the GOP presidential hopefuls, says his campaign is about undoing the decisions of President Obama. But Perry also presents a stark alternative to the last Republican to occupy the White House, his fellow Texan George W. Bush. In his writings and speeches before he entered the race, Perry shared the view, widely held among conservatives, that Bush’s government spending habits in office were a betrayal of the GOP’s core fiscal principles. But Perry went further, dismissing “compassionate conservatism,” the central tenet of Bush’s domestic policy, as just more overreach by the...
  • The Rise of Uncompassionate Conservatism

    06/21/2011 9:23:31 AM PDT · by Servant of the Cross · 59 replies
    National Review ^ | 6/21/2011 | Rich Lowry
    The Republican noncandidate flavor of the week is Texas governor Rick Perry. If you squint just right, you could mistake him at a podium for his predecessor, George W. Bush. Except for his message. There might be no more powerful symbol of the death of compassionate conservatism in the Republican party than Bush’s successor and former running mate in Texas stomping all over it with cowboy boots emblazoned with the words “Freedom” and “Liberty.” Bush rose from Texas to the national stage in 1999 talking of his federal education agenda, the courage of single mothers, the power of drug and...
  • The Real Reason Why Johnny Can’t Read

    10/12/2010 9:20:47 AM PDT · by Michael van der Galien · 21 replies · 1+ views
    It is news to no one that our educational system sucks. American students are consistently out-performed by students in other countries year after year. Why? Liberals, progressives, socialists, communists, “compassionate” conservatives (i.e., neocons, RINOs, liberal Republicans) , teacher unions, and other leftist groups would like you to believe that it is some combination of bad schools, teachers, and financing. The solution, as they see it, is to engage in a game of Three Card Monty where students are shuffled from schools that are “failing” them, to schools that will allow them to “succeed” –as though success is a magical elixir...
  • "Common Sense Conservative" is the new "Compassionate Conservative"?

    05/10/2010 12:43:18 PM PDT · by pissant · 67 replies · 642+ views
    PA Times | 5/10/10 | Pissant
    Conservative does not need any qualifiers to make it sound more enlightened. If you are going to use one, the classic "rock-ribbed" is what it should be. Of course, those folks are few and far between, it appears.
  • 1 Peter 3:8. Is Compassion Disappearing?

    03/10/2010 7:08:48 AM PST · by stillafreemind · 1 replies · 189+ views
    Associated Content ^ | March 10-2010 | Sherry Tomfeld
    You can teach compassion, as Peter tried to do in 1 Peter 3:8. But you cannot demand compassion. You cannot force people to be compassionate. You cannot write a law. People either are or they are not.
  • Huckabee Helped Set Rapist Free Who Later Killed Missouri Woman (Huckalong Huckabee)

    11/30/2009 11:28:35 AM PST · by tobyhill · 41 replies · 1,398+ views
    ABC ^ | 11/30/2009 | MARK SCHONE
    Any political ambitions of former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee could be hurt by his role in freeing Maurice Clemmons, the gunman suspected in the execution murders of four police officers in Washington State -- especially since Clemmons would not be the first criminal Huckabee helped to free who later committed murder. Clemmons was serving 95 years when Huckabee, then governor of Arkansas, commuted his sentence in 2000. Clemmons is now being sought in the murders of four Lakewood, Wash. police officers, who were ambushed and shot in a coffee shop Sunday morning. Four years earlier, Huckabee also pushed for...
  • Crazy Cat Ladies (The strange and strong bond between women and cats)

    10/18/2009 6:58:40 PM PDT · by Dysart · 128 replies · 4,602+ views
    Forbes ^ | 10-15-09 | Kiri Blakeley
    Courtney Kistler is a 28-year-old single gal who lives in New York City. She's sociable, outgoing and attractive. But that hasn't stopped Kistler's mother from worrying that her daughter, a freelance marketer, will never catch a husband--because she owns three cats. "[My parents] think it's a little weird," she says of her multiple cat ownership. In fact, Kistler's mother has been known to ask her cat-loving daughter: "What if you want to bring a guy home? What would he think?" While Kistler's last boyfriend wasn't too fond of her felines (he refused to pet them), the two men she dated...
  • Breaking Up Is Hard to Do ("Bush Destroyed the Republican Party" -- Drudge Headline)

    01/26/2008 5:57:27 AM PST · by fightinJAG · 245 replies · 205+ views ^ | Jan 25, 2008 | Peggy Noonan
    [snip] On the pundit civil wars, Rush Limbaugh declared on the radio this week, "I'm here to tell you, if either of these two guys [Mr. McCain or Mike Huckabee] get the nomination, it's going to destroy the Republican Party. It's going to change it forever, be the end of it!" This is absurd. George W. Bush destroyed the Republican Party, by which I mean he sundered it, broke its constituent pieces apart and set them against each other. He did this on spending, the size of government, war, the ability to prosecute war, immigration and other issues.
  • Huckabee Pardons Under Scrutiny (Note: 2x The Total of 3 Predecessors' Combined)

    12/10/2007 4:07:14 AM PST · by AmericanInTokyo · 80 replies · 322+ views
    AP News Via Yahoo ^ | 10 December 2007 3:00 a.m. EST | Andrew DeMillo
    By ANDREW DeMILLO, Associated Press Writer Mon Dec 10, 3:10 AM ET LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - As governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee had a hand in twice as many pardons and commutations as his three predecessors combined. The case he's asked about most concerns the parole of a castrated rapist who later killed a woman. Although the Republican presidential contender plays down any personal involvement in that release, Huckabee granted 1,033 pardons and commutations in his 10 1/2 years as governor of Arkansas. The acts of clemency benefited the stepson of a staff member, murderers who worked at the governor's...
  • Postings from Afghanistan -- A Kandahar Journal -- Civilian surgeons

    07/17/2007 4:33:53 PM PDT · by Clive · 5 replies · 281+ views
    National Post ^ | 2007-07-17 | Richard Johnson
    Civilian surgeonsStarted my day without much direction. I had arranged to go and draw helicopters on the runway at 9 a.m. Any photography of flight lines or hangars is strictly prohibited so I had to set up a specific time to visit. I chose first thing in the morning because I figured if I was sitting on the runway, I didn't want to be doing it when the day really heated up. The helicopters used by Canadian forces belong to the United States or the Dutch. This includes the helicopters used for casualties and it was these I was most...
  • Lincoln Chafee's Compassionate Conservatism Blog

    04/01/2007 6:00:35 PM PDT · by Dawnsblood · 11 replies · 893+ views
    Right Wing News ^ | 4/1/07 | John Hawkins
    Hello everybody! It's me, former Senator Lincoln Chafee here. After I lost my re-election, I realized that it was because a lot of you people don't really understand what conservatism is all about -- and it's not your fault that you don't get it. After all, it's men like me who've actually been in government and had experience, who have a responsibility to teach everyone else about governing -- but we haven't lived up to our obligations. In the interim, hucksters like the former owner of this blog and Rush Limbaugh have stepped into the gap and filled your heads...
  • The Compassion Gap: Conservatives give more to charities than liberals do—by a long shot.

    01/19/2007 12:00:14 PM PST · by freedomdefender · 11 replies · 804+ views
    City Journal ^ | January 19, 2007 | Howard Husock
    REVIEW OF: Who Really Cares: America’s Charity Divide—Who Gives, Who Doesn’t, and Why It Matters by Arthur C. Brooks (Basic Books, 250 pp., $26.00) It’s tempting to say that Arthur Brooks, in his definitive new book on American charitable giving, has shown that there is nothing oxymoronic about the term “compassionate conservative.” That, at least, is the conclusion that critics have drawn from Brooks’s demonstration that conservatives, despite the myth that they lack compassion, give significantly more to charity than liberals do. But in fact Brooks has shown something even more significant: that “compassionate conservative” is not only overly defensive,...
  • When Christian Socialists Attack

    01/14/2007 4:13:46 AM PST · by cinives · 36 replies · 828+ views ^ | 1/12/2007 | Jurgen Reinhoudt
    Michael Gerson helped create “compassionate” conservatism. Now he’s attacking the small-government ideal—and inadvertently highlighting America’s need to learn from Europe. In what may be the most aggressive attack on small-government conservatism in years, highly influential former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson writes: “What does antigovernment conservatism offer to inner-city neighborhoods where violence is common and families are rare? Nothing. What achievement would it contribute to racial healing and the unity of our country? No achievement at all. Anti-government conservatism turns out to be a strange kind of idealism—an idealism that strangles mercy.” Gerson’s arguments, though flawed to the core, present a...
  • The Republican Identity Crisis

    12/21/2006 2:57:12 PM PST · by Small-L · 59 replies · 1,684+ views
    Newsweek ^ | Dec. 25, 2006 | Michael Gerson
    ... This reaction previews a broader, high-stakes Republican debate as we head toward the 2008 election. One Republican Party—the Republican Party of movement conservatives on Capitol Hill and in the think-tank world—will argue that the "big government Republicanism" of the Bush era has been a reason for recent defeats. Like all fundamentalists, the antigovernment conservatives preach that greater influence requires a return to purity—the purity of Reaganism. But the golden age of austerity under Reagan is a myth. ... As antigovernment conservatives seek to purify the Republican Party, it is reasonable to ask if the purest among them are conservatives...
  • Compassionate Conservatism: Dead Or Alive?

    12/11/2006 2:51:23 PM PST · by vadum · 34 replies · 811+ views
    Capital Research Center ^ | December 2006 | Martin Olasky
    “Look on the bright side,” conservative John Derbyshire declared the morning after the GOP’s November nightmare: “The good ship U.S.S. Compassionate Conservatism just took a torpedo in the magazine.” Derbyshire, irritated by the Bush administration’s spending spree, and equating that with compassionate conservatism, just doesn’t get it. Compassionate conservatism, properly understood, is not a cause of the GOP’s downfall. Instead, it’s the ticket to helping the poor, decentralizing social services, and saving Republicans from their traditional identification as green-eyeshade, mean-spirited, royal-purpled people eaters. Let me explain. One of the effective Democratic ads before November 7 quoted North Carolina basketball coaching...
  • Philanthropy Expert Says Conservatives Are More Generous [while godless Libs moan]

    11/16/2006 11:17:28 AM PST · by Incorrigible · 72 replies · 3,168+ views
    Newhouse News ^ | 11/14/2006 | Frank Brieaddy
      Philanthropy Expert Says Conservatives Are More Generous BY FRANK BRIEADDY SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Syracuse University professor Arthur C. Brooks is about to become the darling of the religious right wing in America -- and it's making him nervous. The child of academics, raised in a liberal household and educated in the liberal arts, Brooks has written a book that concludes religious conservatives donate far more money than secular liberals to all sorts of charitable activities, irrespective of income. In the book, to be released later this month, he cites extensive data analysis to demonstrate that values advocated by...
  • Compassionate Conservatism Lost

    11/09/2006 7:25:30 AM PST · by Small-L · 98 replies · 1,493+ views ^ | Wednesday, November 8, 2006 | Herman Cain
    Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, likely new House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and the media will portray Tuesday's takeover as a repudiation of President Bush's leadership on the war in Iraq. The public's media-tinted perception of U.S. progress in Iraq, and its subsequent willingness to vote for Democratic House and Senate candidates does not, however, fully explain the switch in party control. No explanation of the Democrats' takeover is complete without laying partial blame on President Bush's so-called compassionate conservative agenda. The term compassionate conservatism was coined by University of Texas professor and...
  • Republicans - The Party Of Appeasement

    10/14/2006 9:32:42 AM PDT · by technomage · 38 replies · 681+ views
    10/14/2006 | Technomage
    In conservative circles, much is made of the lefts willingness to appease terrorists, to appease rogue states. And this what they are, appeasers. But, the Republican party cannot be left off the hook. They too have become a party of appeasement. For some time now, the Republicans, be it the leadership or individual congressman, have been trying the appeasement route with disasterous affects. Republicans in Congress and leadership have themselves become the appeasers, trying to appease Congressional Democrats and the media. They have gone the appeasement route with the liberals in the Congress. No matter the results, which were absolutely...
  • US refused to kill 190 Taliban at funeral

    09/13/2006 6:13:58 AM PDT · by pabianice · 158 replies · 3,986+ views
    Fox News | 9/13/06
    Haven't seen this posted yet. Fox is reporting that recently one of our UAVs filmed in live time a Taliban funeral in Afghanistan at which 190 Taliban leaders were shown lined-up in ranks. Fox is showing the photo and reporting that US policy forbids the killing of Taliban in cemetaries and thus the US watched the funeral but took no action to kill the 190 murderers attending. If this is true -- tough question here -- how is Bush any better than Clinton regarding the war on terror?
  • ANDREW E. BUSCH: After Compassionate Conservatism

    08/01/2006 7:15:19 PM PDT · by NutCrackerBoy · 15 replies · 373+ views
    Wall Street Journal Editorial Page ^ | Tuesday, August 1, 2006 12:01 a.m. EDT | ANDREW E. BUSCH
    On the surface, the Republican Party appears to be better poised now than at any time since Calvin Coolidge. Republicans have controlled both houses of Congress for more than a decade (interrupted briefly by Senator James Jeffords's defection in mid-2001), occupied the White House for the last five years, and held a majority of governorships since the 1994 elections. In short, the GOP has come a long way since 1968 or 1980.So why are Republicans feeling so sour in 2006? Having now held power in Congress for over a decade, there is a sense that the corruption-fighting revolutionaries of 1994...
  • To That Stupid Liberal Lurker - I Got Zapped

    06/24/2006 9:21:32 AM PDT · by tough decision · 238 replies · 6,388+ views
    One look at you tells me all I need to know about you. I am so tired of liberals that think they are so brilliant. You are such a stupid jackass. You are so stupid you probably believe that the Bush administration orchestrated the attacks on 9/11. Every time you go on the internet, every time you make a bank transaction, or pay a bill, every time you try to email a congressman or senator they are getting so much information off of you. Of course it is all a conspiracy by the Bush administration. I have screwed around by...

    06/23/2006 2:33:07 PM PDT · by Gatemouth · 213 replies · 4,986+ views
    Kos | Gatemouth
    Here's something for you to ponder over... Any thoughts?

    08/16/2002 7:39:49 AM PDT · by Merchant Seaman · 735 replies · 30,137+ views
    Annoyed Reader
    The purpose of's multiple message boards is to limit the topics for each board to particular topics. Posting the same message on all the boards defeats the purpose of multiple-boards for special topics. It is very annoying to see the same message on every bulletin board. PLEASE! DO THE READERS A FAVOR. STOP CROSS-POSTING YOUR MESSAGES!
  • What is compassionate conservatism?

    04/27/2006 6:06:38 AM PDT · by ElPatriota · 21 replies · 366+ views ^ | Apr - 26 - 06 | Marvin Olasky
    What is compassionate conservatism? Apr 27, 2006 by Marvin Olasky ( bio | archive | contact ) Email to a friend Print this page Text size: A A Columnist Peggy Noonan recently quoted a journalist saying that the expansion of federal entitlement spending during the past five years should come as no surprise, since George W. Bush "ran as a compassionate conservative." Noonan's frustrated reaction: "This left me rubbing my brow in confusion. Is that what Mr. Bush meant by compassionate conservatism?" I don't think so, judging by several conversations then-Gov. Bush and I had in Texas during the 1990s....
  • Dick Cheney Donates Millions to Charity

    04/14/2006 9:37:44 PM PDT · by Carl/NewsMax · 41 replies · 5,864+ views ^ | April 15, 2006 | Carl Limbacher
    In one of the largest sums ever donated to charity by a U.S. public official, Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife Lynne gave away nearly $7 million last year to help the poor and to medical research. According to income tax information released by the White House on Friday, the Cheneys' adjusted gross income in 2005 was $8,819,006. The sum was largely the result of Mr. Cheney's stock options from Halliburton and royalties from three books written by Mrs. Cheney. The Cheneys gave more than three-quarters of their income - $6,869,655 - to several charities, including George Washington University's...
  • A special message from the Department of Troll Control, come and get it!

    01/12/2006 8:39:35 AM PST · by dhls · 6,335 replies · 37,707+ views
    Department of Troll Control | Another Ignorant Troll
    Fellow Americans, there comes a time every mans life when we must give up ourselves before we are worthy to recieve. There comes a time in this war on terror when in order to protect liberty, we have to give it up in the mean time for safty. That's right folks. Today, Americans have forsaken the creator for the creation and have decided that they would value our "civil liberties" than protecting western civilization and rich white people from the tender mercies of radical Islamic terrorists. Selfish liberals insist and whine that Bush has no right to spy on Americans...

    12/27/2005 10:42:05 AM PST · by proud republican woman · 569 replies · 16,623+ views
    Freeper | December 27, 2005 | Proud Republican Woman, zotted by Archpriestess Helga, Church of the Viking Kittens
    After reading all of the crap that people have been saying regarding Adult Private Social Clubs, I felt that I had to post an article and give my opinion. I am sick and tired of all the religous groups that are saying that there are drugs, prostitution, minors, non-consenting people, and just immoral people at these clubs! First of all, who do these people think they are to decide what is morally right or wrong for me? I believe that I have a good set of morals. I am a law abiding, tax paying citizen, I work full time and...

    06/12/2005 3:45:18 PM PDT · by marblehead17 · 12 replies · 476+ views
    Federal Review ^ | 06-12-2005 | marblehead17
    This is one amazing woman. She takes the time to play piano for the sick grandaughter, Charity Sunshine, of Rep. Tom Lantos (D CA). Ms. Sunshine is a soprano that suffers from pulmonary hypertension, which can be fatal, and there is no cure."An Evening of Music, Friendship and Awareness" and hosted by Lantos, she drew the secretary of state to play selections by Verdi, Mozart and Jerome Kern. Read more HERE
  • Minutemen spread, and too much "compassion", not enough "conservative".

    05/19/2005 6:00:36 AM PDT · by Smite · 22 replies · 467+ views ^ | 5-19-2005 | Seton Motley
    Border vigil planned for California (05/19/2005 © Washington Times) Minuteman organizer James T. Gilchrist, whose 850 volunteers shut down the flow of illegal aliens along a 23-mile section of Arizona-Mexico border last month, has joined forces with another citizens group to help organize a new border vigil in California -- beginning in August. >>> Maybe if the federal government ignored welfare like they ignore border security, people would get jobs. Bush: New Corps to Help Countries in Crisis (05/19/2005 © Fox News) President Bush, seeking to put muscle behind a promise to support young democracies, said Wednesday the administration is creating a...
  • Compassionate Conservative or Cowboy Capitalist? - (great pro-Bush piece!)

    04/17/2005 4:25:23 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 18 replies · 1,099+ views
    CITY-JOURNAL.ORG ^ | Spring, 2005 Edition | Myron Magnet
    Whatever happened to compassionate conservatism? Despite the Bush administration’s focus on the war against terror, the idea didn’t disappear. But as White House thinking developed, it got incorporated into a larger, more profound domestic theory. Yes, we need a safety net, the current view seems to go; but we don’t need a European-style welfare state. What’s called for is the traditional American opportunity society, as much a boon to the poor as to everyone else. Implicit in compassionate conservatism was an epochal paradigm shift that is now all but explicit. Taken together, compassionate conservatism’s elements added up to a sweeping...
  • Drudge: Liberals Sell DeLay Suicide T Shirt

    04/11/2005 9:52:40 AM PDT · by woofie · 63 replies · 3,399+ views
  • Communism and human nature (Bolshie Mod sez, Arise ye kittens of the earth!)

    04/05/2005 10:50:57 AM PDT · by Sammy sam · 153 replies · 8,234+ views
    Many argue that communism will never be possible because of "human nature". The essence of this false argument is the belief that a communist society would consist of an all-powerful central government that would tell everybody what to do--and would therefore undermine the creative initiative of individuals and the search for happiness. • This argument is based on two false assumptions: (1) It assumes that a communist society will look like the former Soviet Union, or the current China, North Korea, etc (ie: corrupt police states with a feudal-style ruling class) (2) It assumes that people will only work in...
  • Bush Photo with Teen Shows Conviction and Compassion

    10/16/2004 6:31:14 PM PDT · by UncleHambone · 13 replies · 436+ views
    The Washington Dispatch ^ | May 10, 2004 | CK Rairden
    It started out as a fluke. Lynn Faulkner had been offered an extra ticket to a Bush campaign event by his neighbor Linda Prince. Mr. Faulkner decided to offer it to his 15-year old daughter Ashley who he expected would decline, as she would have to miss some school to attend. But his daughter surprised him. Ashley reminded her dad how four years ago they attended a similar event when then Texas Governor George W. Bush visited the same spot on the campaign trail. Ashley remembered attending that event with both her father and her mother Wendy Faulkner. It was...
  • Attempt to dump [forced universal] mental screening fails

    09/10/2004 2:56:29 PM PDT · by familyop · 16 replies · 780+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | 10SEP04 | WorldNetDaily
    An amendment offered by Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, in the House of Representatives yesterday that would have remove from an appropriations bill a new mandatory mental-health screening program for America's children failed by a vote of 95-315. Paul's amendment would have removed the program from the Labor, HHS and Education Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2005. Ninety-four Republicans and one Democrat sided with Paul, while 118 Republicans, 196 Democrats and one Independent voted against the amendment. As WorldNetDaily reported, the New Freedom Initiative recommends screening not only for children but eventually for every American. The initiative came out of the...
  • Bush on Saturday consoled families of local soldiers lost in Iraq

    08/03/2004 4:00:36 AM PDT · by ResistorSister · 60 replies · 1,877+ views
    The Repository (Canton, Ohio) ^ | Tuesday, August 3, 2004 | ED BALINT Repository staff writer
    CANTON -- Julie Barkey waited for a sign from her late son, Michael Barkey, a soldier who died in Iraq last month. Last week, she had a conversation with Michael as if he were still alive. “I said, ‘Mikey, I need a sign from you. I just want a sign that you’re OK in heaven.’ ” “If I could just shake the president’s hand,” Barkey recalled saying, “I would take that as a sign.” Barkey got that sign. After his address at the Memorial Civic Center on Saturday, President George W. Bush met privately with Barkey and two other local...
  • FTAA -- Giant step toward world government

    07/29/2004 9:37:57 AM PDT · by B4Ranch · 26 replies · 801+ views ^ | 07.26.2004 | Debbie O'Hara
    Millions of Americans are frustrated over the direction our country is taking. They know something is drastically wrong, but find it difficult to grasp what the real problem is. They think every crisis somehow boils down to Liberal vs. Conservative or Democrat vs. Republican. People suppose if they could just get the "right" political party into the White House, our country would be saved. I wish it was that simple, but our problem goes much deeper than that. Positive changes in our nation cannot come about unless the American people will accept the ugly truth that it doesn't matter whether...
  • Kerry: Bush Not Compassionate on Finances

    06/15/2004 6:21:21 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 12 replies · 153+ views
    Yahoo! News ^ | 6/15/04 | Nedra Pickler - AP
    CINCINNATI - Democrat John Kerry (news - web sites) said Tuesday there's no compassionate conservatism in the Bush administration's economic policies, which prompted the president to respond that the economy is strong and growing. "I guess if you want to find something to be pessimistic about, you can find it," President Bush (news - web sites) said. "I'm optimistic," Bush said during a news conference with Afghan President Hamid Karzai in the White House Rose Garden. He described the economy as strong and continuing to improve. "I have seen what we have come through. We've been through a recession, a...
  • Too Quiet on the Home Front

    03/20/2004 8:06:15 PM PST · by OESY · 17 replies · 129+ views
    New York Times ^ | March 20, 2004 | DAVID BROOKS
    Compassionate conservatism never really had much of a life, but its collapse has had a debilitating effect on the Bush presidency. Compassionate conservatism started out, remember, as a way to salvage the Republican Party from the wreckage of the Gingrich revolution. Newt Gingrich vowed to slash government, an approach that struck voters as entirely too negative. So Bush rejected "the destructive mind-set that if government would only get out of our way, all our problems would be solved." Instead, compassionate conservatism was designed as a positive governing philosophy. It would revive responsible citizenship with more community and national service, more...
  • the Month Before Christmas or Account of the Socialization of Medicine in the USA

    11/28/2003 8:28:36 AM PST · by putupon · 2 replies · 167+ views
    11-25-03 | putuon
    the Month Before Christmas or Account of the Socialization of Medicine in the U.S. of A. by putupon 'Twas a month before Christmas, in the Senate and House RepublicRATs were scheming, led by the White House; “Conservatism?” they asked, “Geezers’ votes aren’t there, Santa Bush has the answer; we’ll steal HillaryCare®!” As a taxpayer I had nestled all snug in my bed, Republicans ruled, I had nothing to dread; Conservatives in charge. Oh, how I did gloat; I put them in office, with my money and vote. But in the press there now arouse such a clatter, I read in...
  • Jeb Bush 'fails' Terri

    10/18/2003 1:18:21 PM PDT · by joesnuffy · 36 replies · 369+ views | October 18, 2003 | Sarah Foster
    STARVATION DAY 4 Jeb Bush 'fails' Terri No action yet to save handicapped woman, despite 10 e-mails per second urging his help Posted: October 18, 2003 1:41 p.m. Eastern By Sarah Foster © 2003 With Terri Schindler-Schiavo's judge-ordered starvation well into its fourth day, it is clear to her family and supporters that Florida Gov. Jeb Bush probably will not step in and prevent her death, despite indications earlier this week. The family's mood ranges from despair to slow, burning rage at the court system and the refusal of the governor to take charge when a disabled woman's life...
  • Fla. Governor Jeb Bush on Hannity Radio Show Now!!!

    10/09/2003 1:17:14 PM PDT · by freeparoundtheclock · 46 replies · 449+ views
    Hannity Radio Show | 10-09-03 | freeparoundtheclock
    Governor Jeb Bush of Florida is joining Sean Hannity this afternoon. Please ping your pals who are interested in Florida politics.