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  • ESPN Insider: Suspensions Creating "Minefield" For Shout Show Hosts

    08/13/2014 6:20:19 AM PDT · by C19fan · 19 replies
    Deadspin ^ | August 13, 2014 | Dave McKeena
    Education reformers often cite reducing suspensions in our nation's schools as a top priority. Lots of recent studies show that this form of punishment does more harm than good. They might do well to read some of those studies over at ESPN's Bristol campus, where the lords of discipline are now handing out suspensions at a rate that would make even an old school junior high principal wobble. Pundits tasked with discussing controversial topics on cue—and, above all, inspiring a reaction—are now worried not just about doing their jobs, but about not saying the wrong thing, even if no one...
  • When is the Correct Time to Burn Fallen Trees?

    11/11/2013 5:11:28 PM PST · by MosesKnows · 22 replies
    11/11/2013 | MosesKnows
    When is the Correct Time to Burn Fallen Trees? Has the forest benefitted from government interference with Mother Nature? When the government does not allow the forest to burn off naturally the result is uncontrollable fires in the future. I think they may be a correlation between all misguided government endeavors and the outcomes. The government interferes with the natural order of the economy and the economy remains broken. The government interferes with the world’s absolutely finest most advanced health care delivery system and chaos results. The government attempts to correct poverty results in more poverty. The government borrows money...
  • New “Politically Correct” Army Manual Defends Jihad

    12/21/2011 2:34:22 PM PST · by Nachum · 21 replies
    Pat Dollard ^ | 12/21/11 | Judicial Watch
    (Judicial Watch) — In this new era of political correctness, the U.S. Army has published a special handbook for soldiers that appears to justify Islamic jihad by describing it as the “communal military defense of Islam and Muslims when they are threatened or under attack.” Because radical Muslim groups consider Islam to be perpetually under moral, spiritual, economic, political and military attack by the “secular west” they consider military jihad a “constant necessity” and use it as a “rallying cry to resist and attack all this is un-Islamic,” according to the new Army manual. The handbook was created to help...
  • Google Cuts Churches Out Of Nonprofit Program

    08/27/2011 6:50:11 AM PDT · by daniel1212 · 30 replies
    Christianity Today ^ | d 8/25/2011 | Matt Branaugh
    Brian Young had big plans for his church's IT strategy. But his vision suffered a serious setback this summer after Google Inc. altered its nonprofit program to prohibit all churches and religious organizations from participating. For years, the search and software giant individually offered some of its products—including its office software and popular Gmail—for free or discounted use to qualifying nonprofits. Eligibility requirements varied by product, but churches and faith-based groups were welcome to use some. All of that changed in mid-March when the company launched "Google for Nonprofits." The new initiative united a robust set of Google's tools into...
  • Bad Schools Bad Society

    08/15/2011 6:36:56 AM PDT · by Illinois Rep · 7 replies
    Great little read by C.B. Picco a conservative public school teacher discussing the failure of American Public Schools and Society--how they are interconnected. Great read, places the blame on political correctness, a failing system of tenure, lack of discipline in the school, parents, says, "If it takes a village to raise a child then it also takes a village to raise an idiot!" and we are raising a lot of idiots. Really great read. I enjoyed it!
  • Political correctness will kill us!

    07/28/2011 7:01:07 AM PDT · by TheBombshellProject · 24 replies
    BizPac Review ^ | 7-28-2011 | Alan Bergstein
    When I try to have a peaceful, non-political chat with my liberal, leftist acquaintances, why does it always end up with them shouting and cursing at me about my stupidity and obvious hatred for others? It always begins with them saying something like, "I don't want to get started in on politics, but why did Allen West attack Debbie Wasserman Schultz like that? After all, she's a woman and a breast cancer survivor." When I try to explain that he was merely defending himself from her baseless charges, the stuff hits the fan. "You're as stupid and as biased as...
  • Hanukkah Is Not Supposed to Be a Politically Correct Holiday

    12/01/2010 6:01:47 PM PST · by Nachum · 49 replies · 1+ views
    Big Government ^ | 12/1/10 | Jeff Dunetz
    Today is the first day of Hanukkah, Chanukah and/or חנוכה the Jewish holiday that is spelled a hundred ways in English. Along with the joy of the holiday is the sadness that this minor holiday is continually hijacked by the ACLU and other liberal groups who have no idea what the holiday means.
  • Christian Leaders See Problems With Being Politically Correct

    04/28/2010 11:46:47 AM PDT · by alleyesonCHRIST · 4 replies · 296+ views
    alleyesonCHRIST ^ | 4/28/2010 | Charles C. Matthews
    This is a strange day and time to be a member of the United States military. At a time when special interest groups beg a sympathetic President to allow gays in the military, the military is taking a hard line stance on Christian speakers. In the past two months the armed forces have rejected public speaking engagements featuring two of America's most prominent Christian leaders. First, Tony Perkins the president of the Family Research Council was dis-invited to speak at Andrews Air Force base. On the heels of that decision, the Pentagon dis-invited Franklin Graham to speak during the National...
  • Sarah Palin: Warning: Subject to New Politically Correct Language Police Censorship

    03/28/2010 2:50:01 PM PDT · by conservativefunhouse · 73 replies · 1,902+ views ^ | 3/28/2010 | Sarah Palin
    March Madness battles rage! My family and I join millions of Americans enjoying college basketball’s finest through March Madness. Underdogs always get my vote as we watch intense competition bring out the best in these accomplished teams. The Final Four is an intense, contested series (kind of like a heated, competitive primary election), so best of luck to all teams, and watch for this principle lived out: the team that wins is the team that wants it more. To the teams that desire making it this far next year: Gear up! In the battle, set your sights on next season’s...
  • Political correctness runs amok as Mass. governor snubs men-only club

    12/07/2009 2:38:21 PM PST · by noozguy1 · 13 replies · 699+ views ^ | 12/7/09 | Niall O'Dowd
    Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts refused to appear at the Clover Club, an Irish American group of businessmen and community leaders in Boston over the weekend because it is a men-only club. Deval was dead wrong. I hope he will similarly cancel visits to the National Organization of Women for the same reason.
  • conspiracy

    09/08/2008 5:06:35 AM PDT · by His Royal Majesty · 118 replies · 424+ views
    the sub conscious intergrated truely evolved newspapers ^ | ongoing dates | his royal majesty Buonaparte
    started at point of origin on Oct.1996
  • Duke University Math

    03/24/2007 8:18:24 PM PDT · by Reform Canada · 15 replies · 1,240+ views
    Dateline: USA By: Billy Mitchell From: The Honor Network Duke University Math Priority News Exchange Program News Item (PNEP) As many are well aware of the Duke University lacrosse team fiasco it may come as a surprise to you what other things have transpired there, for most of the mainstream media (MSM) seem to not want to dig any deeper. The 88 professors that sign a condemnation of the innocent boys before any court case, or even the completion of the investigation, are now refusing to retract their signature and apologize. Many might have heard of to date as well....
  • Is Hollywood too timid for the war on terror?

    02/01/2007 8:50:12 AM PST · by Navy Patriot · 32 replies · 849+ views
    Los Angeles Times ^ | January 26, 2007 | Andrew Klavan
    I RECENTLY attended "FBI 101," a G-man seminar for Hollywood writers. I do this kind of thing a lot: law enforcement seminars, ride-alongs, citizen academies and the like. It's a simple deal. The writers get information and research contacts; the lawdogs get a fighting chance at being portrayed realistically and maybe, on occasion, even sympathetically. Now, in my case, the federales were preaching to the converted. Any agency with a record of battling gangsters, communists and dirty pols can show up as good guys in my work anytime. And never mind just their record. Since 9/11 — chastened by blunders...
  • 1984 ROMAN CATECHISM KOs Botched US Catholic Consecration Formula

    01/11/2007 3:02:29 PM PST · by Dennis Paul Morony · 5 replies · 463+ views
    The Roman Catechism: Translated and Annotated in Accord with Vatican II and Post-Conciliar Documents | 1984 | Bradley, Robert I., SJ. and Kevane, Eugene
    "The alternative expression, FOR ALL, was properly omitted, because here it is only the fruit of the Passion which is spoken of; and for the elect only does the Passion bear the fruit of salvation." page 224
  • Imams told to correct false Koran use

    09/16/2006 12:23:50 AM PDT · by LibWhacker · 17 replies · 866+ views
    The Age ^ | 9/16/06
    Australia's Islamic clerics have been told they must draw on the teachings of Islam to condemn terrorism, and preach in English. The federal Parliamentary Secretary for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs Andrew Robb called on more than 100 Australian imams and Muslim leaders attending a government-sponsored conference to denounce extremist misrepresentations of Islam. "We live in a world of global terrorism where vile acts are regularly being perpetrated in the name of your faith," Mr Robb told the two-day conference. "Because it is your faith that is being invoked as justification for these evil acts, it is your problem. "You cannot...
  • Superman did a conservative message sneak in? (Warning: Full of Spoilers)

    06/28/2006 7:06:21 PM PDT · by Sentis · 44 replies · 2,499+ views
    Alot of people are harping on the Liberal undertones of the new Superman movie. I see something else. I see conservative values creeping into Hollywood. This Lois is no slut. She has been getting knocked around for being an unwed mother but lets look at the facts of the story. In Superman 2 Lois and Clark get married and have sex while he is human. Lois' memory of those events are wiped clean and Superman leaves (Superman 3&4 never happened). Ok Lois ends up pregnant and the man that made her that way is gone. What does she do? Does...
  • Canadian Cowardice

    06/16/2006 6:54:48 AM PDT · by Starve The Beast · 24 replies · 949+ views ^ | June 16, 2006 | Rachel Marsden
    TORONTO - Seventeen alleged Islamic terrorists were arrested in Canada recently, leaving approximately 50 more terrorist cells to go, according to federal spy agency sources. But even with authorities acknowledging that more arrests are inevitable, there’s one thing that could hinder further takedowns: political correctness. Since the terror busts, some Canadian journalists have been busy spitballing accusations of ethnic insensitivity at each other from the nation’s editorial pages. Obviously, they’d rather be picking the lint out of each other’s navels than worrying about the folks who want to kill us. Meanwhile, the political climate here is so charged that politicians,...
  • Student Suspended Over Chewing Gum (Pittsburgh)

    05/26/2006 4:16:23 AM PDT · by beyond the sea · 68 replies · 1,196+ views ^ | 5/25/06 | unknown
    LOWER BURRELL, Pa. -- A Lower Burrell school student is facing a three-day suspension for sharing gum with a classmate. Jolt chewing gum has caffeine and ginseng. The Lower Burrell school superintendent said consuming and passing out the gum violates the school's drug awareness policy. That's because caffeine is considered a stimulant. Parents told Channel 11 they did not understand the suspension. Resident Elizabeth Grombacher said, "I think it's stupid. Everything's getting too politically correct it's so wrong." "It's probably just like Mountain Dew or something like that. If it's got a lot of caffeine in it and they probably...
  • Bill would ban illegal immigrants from count that determines House seats

    05/23/2006 9:49:37 PM PDT · by 11th_VA · 39 replies · 1,125+ views ^ | 23 May 2006
    HELENA Representative Denny Rehberg has introduced legislation that would exclude illegal immigrants from the population counts that determine the number of U-S House seats each state receives. Rehberg says counting illegal immigrants as part of the population skews Congressional representation. His bill is the House companion to similar legislation introduced in the Senate earlier this month by Senator Conrad Burns. Rehberg says Montana is the largest congressional district in the country, based on population, with 940-thousand residents. The average House district has 650-thousand residents. The bill, if passed, would shift House seats from growing border states to smaller states with...
  • Low-IQ Debate -- It’s silly season on gender differences. But then when isn’t it?

    08/30/2005 6:48:56 AM PDT · by ReleaseTheHounds · 11 replies · 626+ views
    National Review Online ^ | Aug. 30, 2005 | Carrie Lukas
    The battle of the sexes is back. According to a study set for release in The British Journal of Psychology this fall, men's IQs exceed women's by an average of five points. The disparity is more pronounced at higher levels, with three men for every woman scoring above 130 and more than five men per woman above 145 IQ. As you might expect, the study is being derided as sexist and dismissed as an inappropriate line of inquiry. Jessica Valenti, executive editor of the popular feminist blog "Feministing," wrote>A: "Excuse me if I don't take this very seriously... You can't...
  • D.C. Watson: WWE’s Hassan character too accurately portrayed to succeed

    07/23/2005 7:41:34 PM PDT · by Piledriver · 15 replies · 763+ views
    07232005 | D.C. Watson
    D.C. Watson: WWE’s Hassan character too accurately portrayed to succeed It appears to be a done deal. Mark Copani, who, for World Wrestling Entertainment plays the disgruntled Arab-American wrestler Muhammad Hassan, has tentatively been released by the WWE, and will be reporting to Ohio Valley Wrestling for “repackaging.” So, let’s see if we have this straight. A wrestling character, “Muhammad Hassan”, a Muslim character judging by the name, who during interviews, insults the United States, while also spending time interrupting interviews being conducted with other wrestlers, demanding the “special time that he deserves”, relying on his manager’s constant interference to...
  • Of Heros And Hatred - (Ollie says, "Call them what they ARE! - Terrorists!")

    07/14/2005 9:21:41 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 5 replies · 344+ views
    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In the midst of one of the greatest challenges we have ever faced, we in the Western world have developed a serious communications problem. In this era of hyper-sensitivity and political-correctness, words no longer have meaning. Those who are good are too often portrayed as evil; indefensibly wicked acts are made less so by the way they are described. Words like "hero" and "hatred" have lost definition. In the midst of a struggle for survival, the inability to discern attackers from allies, friends from foes and heroes from cowards is potentially catastrophic. Earlier this week, Scotland Yard...
  • Bolton and Syria - Missile tests show he was right about Damascus

    06/05/2005 10:09:42 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 14 replies · 856+ views
    OPINION JOURNAL.COM ^ | JUNE 6, 2005 | Terry Teachout
    On Thursday, Samir Kassir, a prominent Lebanese newspaper columnist and long-time critic of Syria, was murdered in Beirut when a bomb exploded under the hood of his car. The following day, we learned that Syria had test-fired three missiles the previous week--one Scud B, with a range of 190 miles, and two Scud Ds, with ranges of 400 miles. The missiles, of North Korean design, are configured to carry chemical warheads, according to Israeli security sources; they can hit any target in Israel along with U.S. military installations in Turkey, Iraq and elsewhere in the region. There are several lessons...
  • The Lost Art of Discrimination

    05/04/2005 8:09:26 AM PDT · by MikeEdwards · 7 replies · 381+ views
    CFP ^ | May 4, 2005 | J.B. Williams
    As is often the case these days, offensive language or behavior is defined in the eye of the beholder. It depends on whether one subscribes to old school or new age definitions of words that have been around for centuries. This word discrimination used to be a compliment of sorts, as in "one has discriminating tastes" based on the old school definition "To make a clear distinction; distinguish: discriminate among the options available. To make sensible decisions; judge wisely." Of course the new age definition is much less flattering, "to treat one person or group worse than others or better...
  • Open Letter to Duke Law: Respect Richard Nixon and Restore His Portrait

    04/21/2005 10:37:33 AM PDT · by MikeEdwards · 1 replies · 353+ views
    CFP ^ | April 21, 2005 | John Plecnik
    Much to the chagrin of my elite and oh, so liberal law school, the most famous alum to take a degree from the Duke University School of Law is none other than President Richard M. Nixon (Class of 1937). On a side note, some would say that Kenneth Starr (Class of 1973) is the runner-up. Regardless, our legendary alum served as a two-term congressman, senator, two-term Vice-President and two-term President. Oh, and he lost a gubernatorial and presidential race…and had to resign from the presidency. But, that’s American history. Simply put, Nixon loved Duke, but Duke never loved Nixon. As...
  • Rick Santorum is a FAKE!

    04/11/2005 1:10:23 PM PDT · by NraFreedom · 76 replies · 1,931+ views
    vanity | 04/11/2005 | Duane Call
    It would appear that Rick Santorum is trying to make himself appear as a closet Liberal. According to cited sources, he has "proposed raising the minimum wage; suggested that the death penalty be reserved for the most dangerous of killers; voted with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., on curbing sex and violence in the media; and sided with Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., on a bill protecting religious freedom in the workplace." Of course his real turn coat action of late has been his suggestion Sunday that "embattled House Majority Leader Tom DeLay needs to answer questions about his ethics and...
  • Injustice

    03/21/2005 6:23:42 AM PST · by MikeEdwards · 204+ views
    CFP ^ | March 21, 2005 | Klaus Rohrich
    I never thought I’d say this, but I kind of miss the days when there were genuine injustices. Injustices, such as segregation in the southern U.S. or apartheid in South Africa or the exclusion of Canadian Indians from liquor stores or bars were all issues that could raise one’s blood pressure. Today’s injustices tend to be a lot more trivial and benign. I believe that a lot of so-called injustices are merely acts of thoughtlessness or extraordinary rudeness and the only reason that they are considered injustices is because many people are too easily offended. Click Here! As a culture...

    03/20/2005 3:36:51 PM PST · by freeholland · 6 replies · 979+ views
    There has always been bigotry, and sadly there always will be bigotry. Call it the ugly side of human nature, or the worst angels of our race, but some of us will always be consumed with hatred and intolerance for those who are different. Bigotry is a mental disorder if you ask me, a form of delusion where one person can not accept that someone else looks, talks, dresses, or prays differently than they do. It is truly pathetic to watch or listen to a bigot spewing their rank stupidity and generally making a public nuisances of themselves. Perhaps the...
  • 2005: The Year of the Revisionist (Bible revision)

    03/16/2005 7:11:35 AM PST · by MikeEdwards · 47 replies · 998+ views
    CFP ^ | March 16, 2005 | Judi McLeod
    Welcome to 2005, `Year of the Big Revisionist’. The Ides of March, 2005 was the first day consumers could purchase one of the world’s most widely read Bibles, the New International Version–fully "revised". Archaic language in the Holy Book must have been getting to the tragically hip. So much so that a team of 15 American and British scholars were sent to parse and modernize it. Would it be too politically correct to say what the scholars really did? They watered the offensive Bible down and whitewashed its words under the time-wasting guise of only wanting to modernize it. The...
  • AAR... Ward Churchill protest

    03/02/2005 12:15:34 PM PST · by Thunder90 · 30 replies · 3,156+ views
    We did it... We protested churchill. There was a collection of pro-Churchill moonbats that showed up, and we protested them as well.
  • More trouble for Ward Churchill

    02/27/2005 7:37:24 AM PST · by alienken · 95 replies · 4,406+ views
    TROUBLE SPEAK Ward Churchill copied 'original' art piece Takes a swing at TV reporter who confronted him -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted: February 26, 2005 1:00 a.m. Eastern © 2005 Professor Ward Churchill Adding to a growing list of allegations, controversial University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill appears to have violated copyright law by claiming a reknowned artist's work as his own. Churchill, whose integrity has been challenged since news broke earlier last month of his paper blaming victims of 9-11 for the attacks, made an Indian-theme serigraph in 1981 called "Winter Attack" and printed 150 copies. But one of the buyers,...

    02/23/2005 4:14:46 AM PST · by MikeEdwards · 38 replies · 1,300+ views
    Toronto Sun ^ | February 23, 2005 | Kathleen Harris
    CRITICS ARE calling it "craziness" that the Correctional Service of Canada is disqualifying candidates for parole officer jobs because they're white. An Ontario job-seeker received a rejection letter recently, advising that only aboriginals and visible minorities need apply. "Please be advised that effective immediately the Ontario region of the Correctional Service of Canada is no longer maintaining an inventory for parole officer applications from the general public," the Feb. 19 letter reads. "Due to staffing resources we will continue to accept applications from aboriginal and visible-minority candidates only." CSC is committed to having a "skilled, diversified workforce reflective of Canadian...
  • 24’s disclaimer ("stereotyping" muslims)

    02/18/2005 8:58:56 AM PST · by MikeEdwards · 96 replies · 1,653+ views
    CFP ^ | February 18, 2005 | Arthur Weinreb
    The television show, 24, contained a storyline about agents seeking to stop a Muslim terrorist sleeper cell from attacking the United States. Despite the fact that the show had featured non ethnic bad guys as well as those from other ethnic groups in the past, the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) accused the Fox Network of stereotyping Muslims and helping to escalate Islamophobia throughout the United States. After a meeting last month between CAIR and Fox execs, the network agreed to read a disclaimer before the offending show was aired. The following was read at the beginning of the program:...
  • Denying Terrorism

    02/08/2005 6:28:30 AM PST · by stevejackson · 4 replies · 565+ views ^ | February 8, 2005 | Daniel Pipes
    Editor's note: Readers may also be interested in New Jersey: An Islamic Murder of Coptic Christians?.Anyone following the investigation into the mid-January slaughter of the Armanious family (husband, wife, two young daughters), Copts living in Jersey City, N.J., knows who the presumptive suspects are: Islamists furious at a Christian Egyptian immigrant who dares engage in Internet polemics against Islam and who attempts to convert Muslims to Christianity.The authorities, however, have blinded themselves to the extensive circumstantial evidence, insisting that "no facts at this point" substantiate a religious motive for the murders.Somehow, the prosecutor missed that all four members of this...
  • FREEP!: Put some pressure on Ward Churchill, the U of Colorado prof who called 9/11 victims “Nazis”

    02/06/2005 3:25:54 PM PST · by forty_years · 26 replies · 1,046+ views
    PUT SOME PRESSURE ON PROF CHURCHILL AND U OF C ACT NOW: Please express your concerns about Professor Churchill by sending POLITE AND THOUGHTFUL emails to the Department of Ethnic Studies - The University of Colorado, Boulder, to UC’s Board of Regents, to UC’s Interim Chancellor, and to Colorado’s Governor. Please also contact Colorado’s state house members and U.S. House and Senate reps. Remember, being rude and hurling insults will get you nowhere. Intelligent and thoughtful comments will have an impact. For more info, click here.
  • Chris Rock Hip-Hops Into Oscar Gig

    01/27/2005 10:16:42 PM PST · by ajolympian2004 · 2 replies · 618+ views
    Drudge Report link to story on Yahoo! News ^ | January 27th, 2005 | Beth Harris
    Chris Rock Hip-Hops Into Oscar Gig Thu Jan 27, 9:45 PM ET By BETH HARRIS, Associated Press Writer BURBANK, Calif. - Chris Rock's eyes darted around the room, studying the chattering group of international print journalists. He licked his lips, clasped his hands ... and only dropped one F-bomb as they questioned him in a variety of accents. "I'm never proper or careful, but I never curse in front of my mother, either," Rock told the writers. So he's not worried about getting bleeped on worldwide TV when he hosts the Feb. 27 Oscar ceremony. "I don't think people are...
  • Al-Kut, Iraq: After-Battle Report

    01/10/2005 3:39:30 PM PST · by forty_years · 8 replies · 1,172+ views ^ | 1/10/2005 | MEQ
    In April 2004, followers of Iraqi Shi‘ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr launched a well-coordinated uprising across southern Iraq. While Western media focused on events in Sadr City, Najaf, and Karbala, violence occurred elsewhere as well. A Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) source forwarded the following after-action report regarding violence in the town of Al-Kut, the capital of the Wassit governorate and home to the Ukrainian contingent.The unclassified report, written by a coalition security contractor, highlights dysfunction between regional coalition offices and the Coalition Provisional Authority headquarters in Baghdad, as well as tension between diplomats and security officers. The summary faulted a British...
  • Happy New Year…is that politically correct?

    01/04/2005 11:41:14 AM PST · by CHARLITE · 4 replies · 404+ views
    Ah, another season of madness has passed. Our belts have been loosened- as our girth spreads and flops over our pants. The garbage can is full of politically correct wrapping paper and boxes. Bright colored ribbons bounce over the edges of our garbage cans- as the refuge containers line our neighborhood curbs- awaiting their garbage day pick-up. The refrigerators are filled with leftovers and our ovens are in desperate need of cleaning. Our closets and garages hold the over abundance of unneeded wants and desires. Smartly, we’ve scheduled our community second hand store pick-up to arrive soon, so that we...
  • Guardian angel of the downtrodden under attack by politically correct

    12/16/2004 8:24:20 AM PST · by MikeEdwards · 4 replies · 413+ views
    CFP ^ | December 16, 2004 | Judi McLeod
    Politically correct times have silenced the bells of Christmas in the latest attack on Salvation Army bell-ringers. A presence in Small Town America for the last century, Salvation Army bell-ringers are as much as part of the Christmas scene as holly and mistletoe. Even the busiest holiday shoppers, burdened down with parcels and in a hurry to get home, don’t have the heart to pass by the lonely Salvation Army bell-ringer. Braving winter cold and standing outside for hours, bell-ringers send shoppers plumbing through pockets and purses for a few coins. Politically correct times have the assassination of the Christmas...
  • Killing Christmas

    12/14/2004 8:47:45 AM PST · by MikeEdwards · 6 replies · 578+ views
    CFP ^ | December 14, 2004 | Alan Caruba
    It’s a curious thing. Mel Gibson’s film, The Passion of the Christ, broke box office records this year, but as we move closer to Christmas, the date designated as the birth of Jesus, one can hardly look anywhere without reading or hearing about a politically correct retreat from the simple fact that it was, it is, and it will always be a religious holiday. Indeed, the word “holiday” is a retraction of “holy day.” For 61 years I lived in a lovely northern New Jersey suburb that was so picture-perfect a Meryl Streep movie was once filmed there. It is...
  • Insult to the Free World

    11/29/2004 2:33:48 PM PST · by MikeEdwards · 3 replies · 424+ views
    CFP ^ | November 29, 2004 | Judi McLeod
    Memo to: Professor of Law Michael Mandel, Osgoode Hall, York University, Lawyers Against War (LAW) activist Gloria Berger et al: In your bullying tactic of threatening the editors of Canada Free Press (CFP) with jail time for supporting President George Bush, we are setting it straight for the record, that we do not, as you charge in your signed letters, despise anti-Bush protesters. (CFP by "its tone" shows "obvious despisal" for anti-Bush protesters.) CFP editors do not despise the anti-Bush protesters. Plain and simple, CFP is ashamed of them. It’s a free country and CFP believes in freedom of speech,...
  • Intolerance at work: A look at nouveau fascists (Lawyers Against the War)

    11/29/2004 7:01:33 AM PST · by MikeEdwards · 3 replies · 608+ views
    CFP ^ | November 29, 2004 | Klaus Rohrich
    The letter arrived via email with little fanfare, but the content gave a rare glimpse at what the liberal left is really all about: "If you don’t agree with us we’ll throw you in jail!" That’s the gist of the letter received by Canada Free Press on November 27. Written by Gloria Bergen the letter’s introduction was straight and to the point, if not reflective of a less than stellar education or intellect, given the grammatically challenged lack of nuance: "Re: your article in the free press. (By your tone, and obvious despisal (sic) of the anti-Bush protestors, you and...
  • Has America Learned from 9/11?

    11/02/2004 10:12:46 AM PST · by stevejackson · 4 replies · 246+ views ^ | November 2, 2004 | Daniel Pipes
    As Americans pick a president, one key criterion is how the war on terror is going. Is President Bush correct in his positive view or Senator Kerry in his negative one?This same debate, interestingly, is also taking place within conservative circles, where analysts sharing the same basic outlook - that Americans are fighting for their very existence - come to dramatically different conclusions. Consider the contrasting views of two important voices on the right, Mark Helprin and Tod Lindberg.Mr. Helprin, author of such powerful novels as A Soldier of the Great War and Winter's Tale, writes a despairing analysis in...
  • Two FL Lawyers on Diversity (one good, one stuck in 2000)

    05/26/2004 12:47:25 PM PDT · by longtermmemmory · 153+ views
    Florida Bar News ^ | May 5, 2004 | Lawyers in FL
    May 15, 2004 Letters Diversity So, the entire Florida Bar is off on the road to diversity. Reminds me of the Bob Hope and Bing Crosby movies of comedic knights — errant on their way to some exotic location, except, of course, that Bob and Bing were a lot funnier than The Florida Bar, and had a better idea of where they were going. The Florida Bar leadership has been in lock-step, tooting its diversity horns and banging its diversity drums for the last 20 years, and the parade has gone nowhere. So, that having failed, they have resolved to...
  • Hunley Burial; Why Did No Southern Governers Attend?

    04/22/2004 11:06:01 AM PDT · by tamcraft · 48 replies · 549+ views
    The Southern Spectator ^ | 4/22/04 | Southern spectator
    The Hunley Burial This site does not engage in rebel flag waving nor does it have any intention of refighting the Civil War. That being said, we have the utmost respect for the men, women (yes, there were) and children who stood up for their right to freely exit a union they freely entered. This past weekend, the crew members of The Hunley, the first submarine to ever successfully sink an enemy ship were laid to rest in Charleston, SC. Fourteen governers from the south were invited to attend. A grand total of zero showed up. While some cited scheduling...
  • They say Trevor made a mockery of MLK Day say guilt-ridden liberals and white apologists

    01/24/2004 8:31:11 AM PST · by PoliticsInCT · 104 replies · 502+ views
    Radiofree West Hartford ^ | January 24, 2004 | David M. Huntwork
    Trevor is a junior at Westside High School in Omaha, Nebraska. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day Trevor, along with a couple of friends, decided to orchestrate a campaign that he be named the recipient of the "Distinguished African American Student Award" for next year. In the best American political tradition, they printed and plastered throughout the school about 150 posters showing a smiling Trevor giving a thumbs up and encouraging votes for him. The award has been given for eight years on Martin Luther King Jr. Day to a senior selected by teachers. There was only one slight problem....
  • Iditarod officials decide to reconsider blind musher's petition (What's next?)

    07/30/2003 8:11:32 AM PDT · by AlaskaErik · 26 replies · 420+ views
    Anchorage Daily News ^ | July 30, 2003 | ZAZ HOLLANDER
    <p>WASILLA -- After putting off a decision in June, Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race officials will reconsider special accommodations for a legally blind Oregon teenager bent on competing next year.</p> <p>Iditarod Board president Rick Koch has scheduled a special meeting for Sept. 19 with an agenda focused on two questions, Koch said Tuesday.</p>
  • Children flee from abuse of mother and lesbian lover (pc media blackout)

    05/07/2003 9:32:17 AM PDT · by longtermmemmory · 49 replies · 657+ views
    Beacon Journal ^ | May. 06, 2003 | Andale Gross
    Pre-dawn call brings abuse to light Man alerts Akron police after seeing three boys walking toward I-77 By Andale Gross Beacon Journal staff writer Jeff Russell did a double take when he drove past three children a week ago in the chilly pre-dawn hours walking toward the highway. Three boys dressed in T-shirts, the smallest riding on the shoulders of one of the older boys, were heading north on East Avenue near Interstate 77, about a mile away from their Florida Avenue home in Kenmore. They had walked past houses and car lots and were near a gas station. Russell,...
  • Noam Chomsky: Fake Linguist

    03/15/2003 4:29:32 AM PST · by ultimate_robber_baron · 164 replies · 8,530+ views
    Pariah Against A Prophet By Marc Miyake, Amritas.Com Many conservatives regard Chomsky as a linguist who falters out of his field. Unfortunately, they are giving Chomsky too much credit. Chomsky's linguistics are as warped as his politics. As someone with a PhD in linguistics, I think I am qualified to judge his professional credentials. Prior to Chomsky, linguists engaged in a lot of data collection to understand the diversity of human language. I'm vehemently anti-PC, but in this case, I think the word 'diversity' is justified. There's a lot out there, and someone's got to catalog it. However, Chomsky...
  • Politically correct: Its finest moments

    12/24/2002 2:28:13 PM PST · by knighthawk · 23 replies · 326+ views
    National Post ^ | December 24 2002 | Gillian Cosgrove
    Our take on 2002 AD (make that CE, copy desk!) is that it was a signal year for the advocates of political correctness, with the thought police trampling on the individual rights of many. (Eat your heart out, Naomi Klein.) And the usual handful of insensitive idiots did just plain dumb things for all the wrong reasons. - At the Royal Ontario Museum, the system of dating exhibits from AD and BC was shelved in favour of the Christ-denying labels CE and BCE, whatever they may mean. And this was done --get this Monty Python! -- even as the ROM...