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  • Letters from the Synodal Abyss Letter #6: A Sham to the Very End

    10/22/2015 7:39:37 AM PDT · by BlatherNaut
    Fatima Perspectives ^ | 10/22/15 | Christopher A. Ferrara
    With the work of the small language groups done, Phony Synod 2015 moves to the drafting phase in which the Pope's unelected, progressive-dominated committee of ten compose a final document purporting to be the sense of the Synod on the matters before it. This will be unveiled to the Synod Fathers today (October 21) for a mere half day of debate, including a laughable 2.5 hours of general discussion and debate among them this evening. The document produced by this unelected committee is in turn to be based on an Instrumentum Laboris (working document) larded with more than eighty additional...
  • White House lights up rainbow colors to celebrate SCOTUS ruling

    06/26/2015 5:47:38 PM PDT · by Blue Turtle · 144 replies
    The White House on Friday night is splashed with rainbow-colored lights to celebrate a Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage around the country. The light display capped a day of jubilation over the decision at the executive mansion.
  • Hollande and Merkel deliver blow to Cameron (EUSSR in action)

    05/26/2015 11:19:02 AM PDT · by Olog-hai · 1 replies ^ | 26 May 2015 09:34 GMT+02:00 | Ben McPartland
    Germany and France have agreed to forge closer Eurozone ties without reopening the bloc’s treaties, a report in France has claimed. The move is seemingly designed to undermine UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s attempts to renegotiate his country’s ties to the EU. France’s Le Monde newspaper revealed this week that French President François Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have agreed to forge a tighter political union among those countries in the single currency. […] It comes as the UK Prime Minister is due in Paris and Berlin later this week as part of his charm offensive to convince the...
  • Harriet Yeo, former Labour NEC chairwoman, backs UKIP

    02/18/2015 5:21:19 AM PST · by Nextrush · 5 replies
    BBC News ^ | 2/18/2015 | BBC
    A former chairwoman of Labour's ruling National Executive Committee says she has left the party to support UKIP at the general election. Harriet Yeo, a councillor in Kent, said she had become "disillusioned" with Labour's stance on Europe. She said she only trusted UKIP to offer a choice on the UK's membership of the EU. But she will not join the party. Labour said it was united on Europe and than an EU exit would "cost British jobs and influence". Ms. Yeo claimed the majority of Labour's shadow cabinet wanted a referendum on the EU, but "are being told to...
  • In full: David Cameron statement on the UK's future (Partial Excerpt)

    09/19/2014 12:53:38 AM PDT · by goldstategop · 8 replies
    BBC News ^ | 09/19/2014 | Prime Minister David Cameron
    "I have long believed that a crucial part missing from this national discussion is England. "We have heard the voice of Scotland - and now the millions of voices of England must also be heard. "The question of English votes for English laws - the so-called West Lothian question -requires a decisive answer. "So, just as Scotland will vote separately in the Scottish Parliament on their issues of tax, spending and welfare so too England, as well as Wales and Northern Ireland, should be able to vote on these issues and all this must take place in tandem with, and...
  • McDonald's hires 7,000 touch-screen cashiers

    05/16/2014 8:28:54 AM PDT · by Baynative · 142 replies
    cnet ^ | 5/17/14 | Amanda Kooser
    The touch screens will only accept debit or credit cards, adding to the slow death knell of cash and coins. This all goes along with an overall revamp of McDonald's restaurants worldwide aimed at projecting a modern image as opposed to the old-fashioned golden arches with a slightly creepy (to my taste anyway) clown guy hanging around the french fries.
  • Peterson met son for first time after beating

    10/12/2013 3:41:08 PM PDT · by PreciousLiberty · 50 replies
    NY Post ^ | 10/12/2013 | NATALIE O'NEILL
    <p>Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson met his 2-year-old son for the first time while he was on life support, TMZ reports.</p> <p>The football star — whose son died on Friday after his mother’s boyfriend allegedly badly beat him — learned three months ago that he had a child with a woman living in South Dakota, the site reports.</p>
  • Vanity About Vanity: Electronic Exhibitionism?

    11/15/2012 10:50:37 AM PST · by dagogo redux · 51 replies
    11/15/12 | dagogo redux
    I'm curious, among our crowd here, if anyone out there ever engaged in the sort of exhibitionistic shenanigans we keep reading about in the endless stream of scandals in recent years. The appeal of doing so eludes me, and I'd like to understand this growing phenomenon better. Have you ever posted or sent naked or bare-chested photos of yourself to a member of the opposite sex to impress them? Did you think it would impress them? Did it? If unsolicited, did you assume these postings or emails would be well received? Were they? Variations on this theme are also welcome.
  • The Fix Is In: Washington's Planned Social Contract Destruction

    07/24/2011 4:25:11 PM PDT · by blam · 13 replies
    TMO ^ | 7-24-2011 | Stephen Lendman
    The Fix Is In: Washington's Planned Social Contract Destruction Politics / US Politics Jul 24, 2011 - 06:17 AM By: Stephen Lendman The criminal class in Washington is bipartisan, united against working household interests. In fact, lawmakers yield on virtually everything big money wants, notably when banks and other corporate favorites are affected. Last December, Obama capitulated to Republicans, rigging a deal for up to $1 trillion dollars in handouts, mostly to corporate giants and America's wealthy with working households almost entirely left out. They still are, enduring a protracted Main Street depression, stiff-armed by Obama-led bipartisan crooks. In fact,...
  • Feminism Can't Divorce It's Debt To Capitalism

    07/21/2011 7:38:37 PM PDT · by billflax · 15 replies
    Forbes ^ | 07/21/2011 | Bill Flax
    Modern feminism erupted upon Western culture in 1963 with Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique, which smeared suburban households as “comfortable concentration camps.” Friedan was a communist who knew little of housework. Her husband even furnished a maid. Yet she charged that tending the hearth repressed homemakers who would find greater contentment in roles historically filled by men. Were feminists true to their purported ideals — penetrating previously masculine domains and liberating women from reliance on men — they would adore Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. As the world actually turns, conservative women find feminists their shrillest critics. But their achievements,...
  • Signs Warn Of 'Zombie Stripper'

    07/20/2011 3:11:58 PM PDT · by RandallFlagg · 31 replies ^ | 8:20 am MDT July 20, 2011 | Deb Stanley
    PUEBLO, Colo. -- Hackers are hitting construction signs in Southern Colorado. The latest message? An electronic sign that warned "Caution: Zombie Stripper."
  • Third World America

    09/18/2010 2:18:30 PM PDT · by Publius · 32 replies
    Macleans ^ | 14 September 2010 | Luiza Savage
    In February, the board of commissioners of Ohio’s Ashtabula County faced a scene familiar to local governments across America: a budget shortfall. They began to cut spending and reduced the sheriff’s budget by 20 per cent. A law enforcement agency staff that only a few years ago numbered 112, and had subsequently been pared down to 70, was cut again to 49 people and just one squad car for a county of 1,900 sq. km along the shore of Lake Erie. The sheriff’s department adapted. “We have no patrol units. There is no one on the streets. We respond to...
  • Scientists Back Off of Ardi Claims (Evos give climate-hoaxers a run for their money...LOL!)

    12/04/2009 8:07:39 AM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 665 replies · 7,523+ views
    ICR News ^ | December 4, 2009 | Brian Thomas, M.S.
    In May 2009, a remarkably well-preserved extinct primate, nicknamed “Ida,” was hailed as one of the most important fossil finds ever. It had features that some interpreted as a link between two primate body forms. At the time, ICR News suggested that its evolutionary significance was far overblown, predicting that the scientific consensus would offer retractions. Those retractions came three months later, confirming that the fossil―called Darwinius―was really just an extinct lemur variety...
  • Death sentence for torture-murder ringleader

    11/02/2009 10:00:16 AM PST · by jessduntno · 26 replies · 1,227+ views
    oak ridger ^ | today | Duncan Mansfield
    By Duncan Mansfield Associated Press Posted Nov 02, 2009 @ 09:00 AM KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The convicted ringleader in the 2007 carjacking and torture slaying of a young Tennessee couple has been sentenced to death. Memphis native Lemaricus Davidson, 28, showed no reaction after jurors concluded four hours of deliberations and announced the sentence Friday in a case that raised racial tensions and inflamed Internet bloggers because the victims were white and the defendants are black. The same jury convicted Davidson on Wednesday of more than 30 charges, including premeditated murder and felony murder, for the January 2007 attack on...
  • Fish Studies Answer Flood Question

    03/09/2009 9:18:57 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 26 replies · 1,005+ views
    ICR ^ | March 9, 2009 | Brian Thomas, M.S.
    Fish Studies Answer Flood Question by Brian Thomas, M.S.* According to the Bible, the world before Noah’s Flood, including the oceans, must have been idyllic. That was destroyed by the year-long global deluge, during which the earth’s land mass broke into continents, massive amounts of sediment were deposited and then partially eroded, and new and perhaps deeper oceans became more salty from continental runoff. If this historical picture is accurate, then at least one area of confusion needs to be addressed: How did “saltwater fish” live through all that?...
  • Evolution: hacking back the tree of life (can anyone say DEVOLUTION?)

    11/14/2007 4:00:52 PM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 198 replies · 1,223+ views
    New Scientist ^ | June 13, 2007 | Laura Spinney
    Evolution: hacking back the tree of life 13 June 2007 news service Laura Spinney If you want to know how all living things are related, don't bother looking in any textbook that's more than a few years old. Chances are that the tree of life you find there will be wrong. Since they began delving into DNA, biologists have been finding that organisms with features that look alike are often not as closely related as they had thought. These are turbulent times in the world of phylogeny, yet there has been one rule that evolutionary biologists felt they could...
  • Money Matters

    10/03/2007 1:08:22 PM PDT · by bs9021 · 102+ views
    Campus Report ^ | October 3, 2007 | Bethany Stotts
    Money Matters by: Bethany Stotts, October 03, 2007 The numerous problems with the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) have sparked criticism from both liberal and conservative policymakers. The National Education Association (NEA) has pushed for higher teacher salaries, smaller classrooms, and ‘indicative’ longitudinal testing. In contrast, the libertarian CATO Institute education policy analyst, Neal McCluskey, argues for the end of federal and state government intervention in education. Although increased funding has not translated into educational gains, special interest groups continue to push for increased expenditures. According to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) 2006 Education Report Card, between...
  • CU's fight against grade inflation deflates overall GPA

    08/16/2007 6:24:28 PM PDT · by george76 · 2 replies · 275+ views
    Rocky Mountain News ^ | August 16, 2007 | Erika Gonzalez
    The overall grade point average at the University of Colorado has fallen in three years because the school is cracking down on grade inflation... Student GPAs fell from 2.99 in 2004 to 2.94 last year, ... "I think that's a fairly significant change," DiStefano said. "It's going in the right direction." The drop represents the first decline in grades at CU in more than a decade. From 1993 to 2004, GPAs rose 4.5 percent. The drop in GPA isn't because kids are dumber; students today are as bright as those in the past, officials said. CU knows this because it...
  • Can France Be Saved?

    05/06/2007 5:56:02 PM PDT · by shrinkermd · 10 replies · 948+ views
    Commentary ^ | May 2007 | Michel Gurfinkiel
    ....The main contributing factor is probably the disintegration of the family. The divorce rate has grown from 12 percent in 1970 to almost 40 percent in 2005; 20 percent of all French couples are unwed; one third of all mothers are living alone; 40 percent of all children are born to unmarried parents. Indeed, the “recombined family” has become the French sociological and ethical norm, the result of successive unions and separations in which children wander from home to home under arrangements of “shared parental authority” and must learn to get along with a host of similarly forlorn children produced...
  • Study turns human genetics on its head (less monkey...more variations)

    11/23/2006 4:02:06 AM PST · by peyton randolph · 72 replies · 1,954+ views
    Globe and Mail (Canada) ^ | 11/23/2006 | CAROLYN ABRAHAM
    ...Using new technology to study the genomes of 270 volunteers from four corners of the world, researchers have found that while people do indeed inherit one chromosome from each parent, they do not necessarily inherit one gene from mom and another from dad. One parent can pass down to a child three or more copies of a single gene. In some cases, people can inherit as many as eight or 10 copies....
  • How did we get here? (UK sees huge decrease in belief in 'evolution')

    08/15/2006 11:34:34 AM PDT · by gobucks · 225 replies · 2,518+ views
    Guardian ^ | 15 Aug 06 | Harriet Swain
    Evolution is on the way out - more than 30% of students in the UK say they believe in creationism and intelligent design. Harriet Swain reports on a surprising new survey. *snip* This means more than 30% believe our origins have more to do with God than with Darwin - evolution theory rang true for only 56%. Opinionpanel Research's survey of more than 1,000 students found a third of those who said they were Muslims and more than a quarter of those who said they were Christians supported creationism. Nearly a third of Christians and 10% of those with no...
  • Are Stone Age Hunter-Gatherers Evolving or Devolving?

    03/12/2005 6:52:40 AM PST · by DannyTN · 5 replies · 297+ views ^ | 03/11/05 |
    Are Stone Age Hunter-Gatherers Evolving or Devolving?   03/11/2005 Anthropologists typically view stone age tribes as stuck in an eddy from primitive beginnings, never advancing into civilization.  Yet some tribes of hunter-gatherers in Thailand and Laos appear to have been farmers in their past, reports Science Now with apparent surprise: Traditionally, anthropologists thought that modern hunter-gatherer tribes like the Mlabri descended through the ages unchanged.  But an analysis of the tribe led by Mark Stoneking of the Max Plank Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, indicates that these communities are more complex than previously imagined.   (Emphasis added in...
  • DEVO in CENTRAL PARK - Snappy and Smoldering in Jumpsuits and Upturned Flowerpots

    07/31/2004 4:12:26 AM PDT · by weegee · 10 replies · 571+ views
    New York Times ^ | Published: July 26, 2004 | By JON PARELES
    The band members wore uniforms and did some synchronized moves. Their songs had snappy little hooks and robotic drumbeats. They even started their set with an introductory video. But Devo was hardly a boy band when it played on Friday night at Central Park SummerStage, in its first public New York concert since the 1980's. Just in time for the current new-wave revival, Devo, which got started in Ohio in 1972 and released its first album in 1978, returned to prove that its songs still have some bite. Paradoxes have always collected around Devo. It started as an art project,...
  • Black XXIX: "Shed Powers!!"

    07/29/2004 6:51:42 AM PDT · by Mudboy Slim · 530 replies · 4,891+ views
    The MudCave | 29 July 2004 | Mudboy Slim
    "Shed Powers!!" (To be sung to the Rolling Stones' "Dead Flowers") Folks, when you're sitting there, thinkin' 'bout supportin' Kerry... Votin' fer some rich bloke you don't know... Well, Hanoi John LOATHES the FRee...prefers Sosh'list Tyranny!! He's a Massachusetts Lib'ral to the bone!! Devolve Power, Prez'dent Dubyuh!! Devolve Power!! Our Righteous dreams can be real if Bush leads US now!! That's Right...we can devolve Power to individuals... Must devolve Power to the States... States, devolve Power to the Counties... Folks, it's time we Liberate the U.S. of A.!! Now hear me, DemonRATS...Right did Liberate Iraq!! Folks're FRee 'cuz George Dubyuh...
  • Morford: Romeo And Romeo In Hell (why you never, ever want to live in Kansas)

    02/11/2004 2:14:40 PM PST · by presidio9 · 121 replies · 397+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | Wednesday, February 11, 2004 | Mark Morford; rapidly closing in on 42-year life-expectancy
    <p>Kneel down. Put your hands together. Offer thanks right this very moment to whatever deity you desire that that you are not 18 years old and gay and living in the state of Kansas right now.</p> <p>This gratitude, it is a given. This is so much of a given you might not even need to hear why. You just say to yourself, oh my freaking God, I can only imagine.</p>
  • Debate Heats Up On Role Of Climate In Human Evolution

    11/03/2003 7:52:15 PM PST · by blam · 68 replies · 1,286+ views
    Eurekalert ^ | 11-3-2003 | Geological Society Of America
    Contact: Ann Cairns 303-357-1056 Geological Society of America Debate heats up on role of climate in human evolution Boulder, Colo.- Scientists at the Geological Society of America annual meeting in Seattle next week are taking a comprehensive new look at drivers of human evolution. It now appears that climate variability during the Plio-Pleistocene (approximately 6 million years in duration) played a hugely important role. Astronomically controlled climate forcing on scales ranging from 20,000 to 100,000 years down to El Nińos (5-7 years) made a highly unpredictable environment in which generalists with intelligence, language, and creativity were best able to...
  • Devolution

    10/24/2003 12:15:01 PM PDT · by stainlessbanner · 5 replies · 442+ views
    LRC ^ | 24-oct-2003 | C. Wilson
    Equipped with an abundant knowledge of history, Michael Tuggle has cast a discerning eye on the trends of the present. Not the 'trendy' trends but the real ones, those which can guide our steps into the future (as far as the future can be known to us mortals). The trends suggest to him something very hopeful - the probability and suitability of a change in the principle by which human affairs are governed. We have been living for a long time by the organising principle of command from the top down - something the American Founding Fathers decried as 'consolidation'-...