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  • Republican Panic Recedes Senate prospects improve, as do Trump's.

    06/03/2016 3:30:07 PM PDT · by Clintonfatigued · 22 replies
    The Weekly Standard ^ | June 16, 2016 | Fred Barnes
    Donald Trump has achieved two things besides locking up the Republican presidential nomination. The first is widely acknowledged: He now has a real chance of beating Hillary Clinton. Sean Trende, the best of the big-picture political writers, puts the possibility Trump will win the presidency at 30 percent. That sounds about right, for the moment anyway. The second achievement is the effect Trump’s rise has had on the political environment. It's helped Republicans. GOP leaders had feared they'd lose the Senate overwhelmingly, maybe the House too, and lots of governors as a result of a Trump wipeout in November. But...
  • The Delusions Of Dump Trump

    05/06/2016 9:47:39 AM PDT · by OddLane · 27 replies
    American Rattlesnake ^ | May 6, 2016 | Gerard Perry
    I had the pleasure of attending an informal discussion held by writer/political pundit Fred Barnes recently, where the topics ranged from his biography of Jack Kemp-co-written with McLaughlin Group colleague Morton Kondracke-to his thoughts on the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump. Taking place prior to the New York primary, and subsequent devastating losses by Ted Cruz to the now presumptive Republican nominee, it served as a fascinating overview of the internal divisions within the conservative establishment, which are even more pronounced now that the worst nightmare of many has come to fruition. Even as Fred Barnes-like a handful of other...
  • Trump’s Plan to Win Conservative Support

    04/13/2016 1:18:29 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 80 replies
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | April 12, 2016 | Fred Barnes
    Newt Gingrich has been a friend of Donald Trump’s for the past decade. He hasn’t endorsed Mr. Trump’s presidential bid, but they talk frequently. Mr. Trump is anti-left wing and anti-political correctness, Mr. Gingrich says, while acknowledging this: Mr. Trump is not a conservative....
  • Caesarism Comes to the Republican Party

    08/28/2015 9:54:26 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 14 replies ^ | August 28, 2015 | Mona Charen
    Among a very long list of harms inflicted upon the United States by Barack Obama and his party, perhaps the worst was Caesarism. Obama relished the worship of millions in 2008. From his star turn at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, he was treated not as a political candidate, but as a savior. Progressives fell into a swoon, typified by Newsweek editor Evan Thomas' 2008 comment, "I mean in a way Obama's standing above the country, above -- above the world; he's sort of God." Now, a similar kind of unreasoning adulation is greeting (improbably enough) Donald Trump. Fred Barnes...
  • Have Republicans Grown Tired of Supporting the Rule of Law?

    08/28/2015 9:23:50 AM PDT · by Steelfish · 34 replies
    National Review ^ | August 28, 2015 | MONA CHAREN
    Have Republicans Grown Tired of Supporting the Rule of Law? by MONA CHAREN August 28, 2015 Among a very long list of harms inflicted upon the United States by Barack Obama and his party, perhaps the worst was Caesarism. Obama relished the worship of millions in 2008. From his star turn at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, he was treated not as a political candidate but as a savior. Progressives fell into a swoon, typified by Newsweek editor Evan Thomas’s 2008 comment that “I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above — above the world, he’s sort...
  • Among the Trumpies

    08/27/2015 9:17:46 AM PDT · by Hojczyk · 40 replies
    The Weekly Standard ^ | August 26,2015 | BY FRED BARNES
    Here are five things I learned about the Trump constituency:--They view Trump as different from all the other presidential candidates. He’s not just their favorite candidate. Their tie to him is almost mystical. He’s a kind of political savior, someone who says what they think. --They love the Trump swagger and attitude. Luntz asked what they liked the most, the Trump persona or his policies. Persona got 23 votes, policies six. --They cut Trump an enormous amount of slack. They are quite forgiving.They were given a list of 21 “negatives” about Trump and asked to pick the seven they thought...
  • Donald Trump, a One-Man Wedge Issue, Threatens GOP Future

    08/10/2015 6:50:41 PM PDT · by cotton1706 · 71 replies ^ | 8/10/15 | Fred Barnes
    Republicans have been slow in recognizing the real damage Donald Trump is doing to their party. The harm is not to the party’s image. What Trump has done is exacerbate the increasingly bitter rift between the party’s leaders and its grass roots. He’s made the GOP’s future dicey. The quarter of the Republican electorate Trump has attracted consists largely of this alienated group. Since he voices their resentment of Republican elites – especially their arch-enemies in Congress – he’s become their champion. And champions are hard to dethrone. Trump doesn’t have to run as an independent to be a serious...
  • As Goes North Carolina, So go Republican hopes to take over the Senate

    04/19/2014 12:24:58 PM PDT · by Clintonfatigued · 72 replies
    The Weekly Standard ^ | April 18, 2014 | Fred Barnes
    To win the Senate, Republicans must win North Carolina. While it’s mathematically possible to take the Senate without ousting Democratic senator Kay Hagan, the chances of that happening are close to zero. For Republicans, North Carolina is necessary. It’s the key to control of the Senate. Obama Hagan It’s number six on my list. That is, there are five states where capturing Democratic seats appears more likely—West Virginia, South Dakota, Montana, Louisiana, Arkansas. Then comes North Carolina. Assuming Republicans don’t lose any of their own seats, those six pickups would give Republicans a 51-49 majority. And with it, the political...
  • Obama’s War on Growth

    04/09/2013 5:23:31 AM PDT · by RoosterRedux · 3 replies ^ | 4/15/2013 edition | Fred Barnes
    When Dan Pfeiffer, a senior adviser to President Obama, spoke at a Politico event last week, he was asked what would constitute success in 2013 for the White House. One of his answers was making headway to “rebalance our economy.” The goal, he said, is an economy that’s “not top down.” Like their boss, Obama aides often speak in euphemisms. So here’s the translation: The Obama administration will continue to pursue redistribution of wealth and income, taking from the well-to-do and giving to the poor and middle class (at least to the lower middle class). The president has his own...
  • Fred Barnes: Governor Palin the "Most Solidly Conservative Possibility with a Tremendous Following"

    11/21/2010 10:53:17 AM PST · by Brices Crossroads · 66 replies
    Conservatives4Palin ^ | 11/21/2010 | Ian Lazaran
    Fred Barnes seems to have reversed his opinion on Governor Palin's presidential prospects. He said the following at the non-partisan Alabama Policy Institute: When moderator and API president Gary Palmer asked the panelists for their take on potential 2012 presidential candidates, Moore brought up the names Chris Christie, Paul Ryan and Mike Pence. “Moore forgot Sarah Palin!” exclaimed Barnes, who said that Palin is the most solidly conservative possibility with a tremendous following. While he considered Jim DeMint to also be a good potential candidate, Barnes said “Never underestimate Sarah Palin.”
  • The Most Important Race of 2010

    10/10/2010 7:32:56 AM PDT · by p. henry · 3 replies · 1+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | October 9,2010 | Fred Barnes
    If Fiorina beats Boxer, liberalism will suffer a grievous defeat.
  • The Most Important Race of 2010 If Fiorina beats Boxer, liberalism will suffer a grievous defeat

    10/09/2010 7:10:56 AM PDT · by Palmetto Patriot · 36 replies · 1+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | October 18, 2010 | Fred Barnes
    Barbara Boxer under pressure is like a reckless driver in traffic. She’s out of control and extremely careless. “You know, like, I don’t want to go back to the days when thousands of people died every day because they had no insurance,” she declared in a debate in late September. Boxer, as best one could tell, was referring to the era before President Obama’s health care plan was enacted. If true, at least 730,000 people were dying annually in America for lack of health insurance. (To do the math, it’s a minimum of 2,000 deaths every 24 hours multiplied by...
  • Desperate Democrats--The only strategy they have left is personal attacks.

    08/14/2010 9:51:38 AM PDT · by jazusamo · 24 replies
    The Weekly Standard ^ | August 23, 2010 | Fred Barnes
    The Democratic strategy in the 2010 election is simple: Change the subject. And given the subject on everyone’s mind, who can blame them? That subject is the economy and related matters like spending, the deficit, debt, and President Obama. These are the last things Democrats want to talk about. Instead they’d like to reduce each race for the House and Senate to the personal level. Their aim is to emphasize the individual flaws of Republican candidates. In the Democratic game plan, the economy and national issues are taboo. This microstrategy is one of pure desperation. It’s all that’s left when...
  • 'Wal-Mart Moms' Turn on the Democrats

    06/23/2010 10:19:10 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 19 replies
    Weekly Standard ^ | June 22, 2010 | Fred Barnes
    The bad news for Democrats keeps pouring in. Now it comes from Wal-Mart moms -- women with children under 18 who shop at Wal-Mart. They tend to be Democrats and more of them than not voted for President Obama in 2008. But they’re leaning Republican this year. And despite the happy economic talk from the White House, they believe the economy is hurting their families and their situation will be just as bad a year from now. In Washington today, Wal-Mart officials unveiled a national survey of their female customers, who pollsters said amount to 16 percent of the electorate....
  • Democrats at Ramming Speed

    05/04/2010 4:42:20 PM PDT · by SloopJohnB · 5 replies · 656+ views
    WSJ Online Journal ^ | May 4, 2010 | Fred Barnes
    President Reagan had a sign on his desk that said, "It's amazing how much you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit." If President Obama had a sign, it would say, "It's amazing how much you can accomplish if you don't care what the public thinks."
  • No Need to Get Tied Down Yet (GOP Presidential contenders 2012)

    03/06/2010 6:59:09 PM PST · by SmartInsight · 123 replies · 1,317+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | March 15, 2010 | Fred Barnes
    The GOP lacks a standard-bearer for 2012 - but the list of contenders will be growing in the fall. Texas governor Rick Perry's impressive primary victory over Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is a signal. After the midterm election this November, the field of candidates for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012 (or later) is going to get bigger and possibly better. The list is long: Mitch Daniels, John Kasich, Meg Whitman, Bobby Jindal, Haley Barbour, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty, and Jim DeMint. And Perry. You'll notice I haven't mentioned Sarah Palin or Newt Gingrich. They're already national figures....
  • He's No FDR: Barack Obama’s shrinking presidency.

    02/28/2010 5:00:12 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 34 replies · 1,534+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | The March 8, 2010 Issue | Fred Barnes
    President Obama spent seven hours last week acting like a committee chairman, not a president. Rather than preside over the nationally televised health care “summit” of Democratic and Republican members of Congress, Obama was a participant. He big-footed Democrats and responded to Republican statements himself. He talked and talked and talked, considerably more than anyone else and for a total of two hours. When Obama delivered a concluding monologue, the TV cameras panned to a drowsy and bored group of senators and House members, the Republicans especially. Did Obama lower the presidency to the level of mere legislator? Perhaps. But...
  • Obama's Fall

    02/15/2010 4:32:06 AM PST · by kingattax · 25 replies · 1,414+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | February 15, 2010 | Fred Barnes
    How quickly the president and congressional Democrats have turned to tricks and ploys and sham events. --- How the mighty have fallen! Only seven or eight months ago, President Obama and congressional Democrats were on their way to remaking America along liberal lines and positioning themselves for decades of political dominance. Their lopsided majorities in the House and Senate, plus the White House, gave them unassailable command of Washington. Today, they still have those majorities and the presidency, but they’re no longer in command. Their hopes of enacting the most ambitious agenda of liberal legislation since the days of FDR...
  • The Ideologue: Barack Obama’s no Bill Clinton.

    01/30/2010 8:20:31 AM PST · by reaganaut1 · 15 replies · 740+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | February 8, 2010 | Fred Barnes
    President Obama’s greatest need is to escape the ideological grip of congressional Democrats and the liberal base of the Democratic party (they’re one and the same). But he either doesn’t recognize this or, as a conventional liberal himself, isn’t so inclined. This self-inflicted difficulty has put Obama in worse political straits than President Clinton faced after the Republican landslide of 1994. Certainly there was nothing in Obama’s State of the Union address last week to indicate he understands the fix he’s in or has devised a credible way to get out of it. His message, though he didn’t put it...
  • Haven't We Heard This Before? Obama's Shopworn State of the Union Speech.

    01/27/2010 10:06:46 PM PST · by Steelfish · 8 replies · 736+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | January 27, 2010 | Fred Barnes
    Haven't We Heard This Before? Obama's Shopworn State of the Union Speech. BY FRED BARNES January 28 Haven’t we heard that speech before, practically every word of it? Maybe it was a year ago when President Obama first addressed Congress. Maybe it was during the campaign. Maybe it was at one of those town halls? Maybe Obama can’t help himself. His speeches just insist on sounding the same. In any case, Obama delivered the least fresh State of the Union address I’ve ever heard, and I’ve more than 30 of them. It was filled with old ideas, campaign cliches, and...
  • Obama On Brink Of Crackup: His presidency is teetering and only Obama can pull it to safety

    01/27/2010 10:33:18 AM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 42 replies · 2,621+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | January 25, 2010 | Fred Barnes
    In the new movie The Young Victoria, the mother of Victoria and her chief overseer meet with the prime minister, Lord Melbourne, to discuss what role they’ll play now that Victoria has become queen of England. They’ve waged a fierce struggle to retain control over Victoria. Suddenly Melbourne cuts off the chatter and bluntly explains the situation. “You lost,” he says. That’s the situation that faces President Obama and his White House advisers. Months of polls on the president and his policies, the Virginia and New Jersey governor’s elections, then last week’s momentous Massachusetts Senate race – all have sent...
  • Fred Barnes: MA Appointed Sen. Kirk Loses His Vote After Tomorrow

    01/18/2010 3:36:07 PM PST · by careyb · 7 replies · 1,198+ views
    Fox News ^ | 1/18/10 | Fred Barnes
    Pants on the ground.
  • Barnes: Is a GOP Senate Takeover Possible? Senate races, by the numbers.

    01/16/2010 5:41:33 PM PST · by BCrago66 · 50 replies · 1,770+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | 1/15/10 | Fred Barnes
    Republican takeover of the Senate is no longer impossible in 2010. If Scott Brown wins in the special election Tuesday for the Senate in Massachusetts, it would mean Republicans would have to net 10 seats to take control. If he loses, 11 would be needed. Either way, polls in state after state show Republicans have a shot of either capturing the Senate outright or gaining enough seats to be able to block liberal initiatives by denying Democrats the votes to halt filibusters.
  • Obama the Slow Learner (about creating jobs)

    01/16/2010 3:32:06 PM PST · by reaganaut1 · 22 replies · 861+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | January 25, 2010 | Fred Barnes
    President Obama is a slow learner. For all his brainpower, he’s saddled himself with three ideas about the economy and job creation that aren’t working, either substantively or politically. And he appears to be too ideologically rigid or stubborn to consider the evidence and jettison the failed ideas. Instead, he puts himself in embarrassing situations. On the day the Labor Department announced the unemployment rate was stuck at 10 percent and 85,000 jobs had been lost in December, Obama insisted he continues “to explore every avenue to accelerate the return to hiring.” So what did he propose? Tax credits totaling...
  • Unhappy New Year .  .  . for Democrats (Barnes on 2010 elections)

    01/09/2010 10:20:15 AM PST · by reaganaut1 · 4 replies · 546+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | January 18, 2010 (print) | Fred Barnes
    The good news for Republicans in 2010 is they’re ahead in 6 races for Senate seats now held by Democrats and lead or are tied in 6 open seats where Republicans are retiring. In the House, Republicans figure to win a minimum of 20 seats, as things now stand. They’re a good bet to have a majority of the nation’s governors after the midterm elections in November. The bad news? There is no bad news. Okay, the stream of good news is occasionally interrupted. In Connecticut, Democratic senator Chris Dodd, of Countrywide sweetheart mortgage fame, is retiring rather than face...
  • The Facilitating Leaks Act

    12/26/2009 5:18:18 AM PST · by reaganaut1 · 6 replies · 597+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | January 4, 2010 (print) | Fred Barnes
    The title of the legislation is innocent enough: the Free Flow of Information Act. The motivation behind it is a seemingly worthy one. It would give anyone in the media a shield--special protection--against being forced to reveal the names of confidential sources of information. And the result would be more and more information flowing freely to the American people, satisfying their right to know. ... You may wonder why Congress is bothering to create a media privilege in federal cases at this time. It's not as if critical, top secret information isn't flowing to the media at a record pace....
  • Why Obama Isn't Changing Washington

    11/27/2009 4:14:08 AM PST · by reaganaut1 · 21 replies · 1,343+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | November 26, 2009 | Fred Barnes
    ... Washington is more partisan than ever, and more polarized. Even on a purely procedural vote to begin Senate debate on health-care reform this past Saturday, every Democrat voted one way (yes), every Republican the other (no). With rare exception and with no objection from the president, Democrats draft bills with no input from Republicans. In return, Republicans vote in lockstep against Democratic legislation. Every House Republican voted against the stimulus, all but one against liberal health-care reform, and all but eight against cap-and-trade legislation that passed the House earlier this year. Why has the president's publicly expressed vision of...
  • Obamanomics 101: No cheers for capitalism.

    11/22/2009 6:12:26 AM PST · by reaganaut1 · 15 replies · 898+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | November 30, 2009 (print) | Fred Barnes
    ... Obama has his own theory of our current economic situation. His "first job," he told Chuck Todd of NBC News, was to stave off another "Great Depression," save government jobs (police, firefighters, teachers), and "make sure certain sectors of the economy were supported," such as "construction and infrastructure." "We've gotten that job done," he said. "Our next job is to make sure we can accelerate the job growth," he said. "So what we're seeing now is businesses are starting to invest again, they are starting to be profitable again, but they haven't started hiring again." What's the matter with...
  • Fred Barnes: It's like Jimmy Carter never left town

    11/09/2009 11:42:40 AM PST · by smoothsailing · 19 replies · 1,704+ views
    Washington Examiner ^ | 11-9-09 | Fred Barnes
    Fred Barnes: It's like Jimmy Carter never left town By: Fred Barnes OpEd ContributorNovember 9, 2009 Republican conservatives and moderates are at each other's throats. Tea party populists are furious at President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and aren't crazy about Republicans either. Democrats haven't got a clue. There's talk of a third party. The economy is stagnant as unemployment, now 10.2 percent, climbs. It's beginning to look like the late 1970s.This is good news for Republicans -- extremely good news. Today's struggles between conservatives and moderates are mere skirmishes compared with the titanic intraparty battle touched off by...
  • Virginia Gov 2009: Fred Barnes: Virginia turns back to red [McDonnell vs. Obama]

    10/30/2009 4:22:25 PM PDT · by HokieMom · 18 replies · 802+ views
    Washington Examiner ^ | October 30, 2009 | Fred Barnes
    Creigh Deeds, the Democratic candidate for governor of Virginia, has a Barack Obama problem. Obama won Virginia in last year's presidential race -- the first Democrat to do so in 44 years -- but his popularity in the state has plunged since then. Deeds is conflicted. Asked if he was an "Obama Democrat," Deeds said he was a "Creigh Deeds Democrat," whatever that is. And he's skipped two of three Obama appearances in Virginia during the campaign season. His campaign is sputtering, he trails Republican Bob McDonnell by 7 points or more in every poll, and the Democratic base is...
  • There's No Free Health Care. Obamacare will raise costs--and everybody knows it.

    09/20/2009 5:45:07 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 7 replies · 807+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | September 28, 2009 (print) | Fred Barnes
    Give President Obama credit for persistence. And stubbornness. And lack of imagination. He declared again last week that his health care plan "will slow the growth of health care costs for our families and our businesses and our government." And this historic achievement will be accompanied by a dazzling array of new medical benefits that everyone will receive--guaranteed by law. Okay, you've heard this before. But that's the president's story, and he's sticking to it. The question is, why? Does he think we're stupid? His argument has failed to persuade a sizeable majority of the American people precisely because they're...
  • (Fred Barnes:) Virginia Moves Back to the Right

    09/18/2009 7:37:33 PM PDT · by markomalley · 32 replies · 1,311+ views
    WSJ ^ | 9/18/2009 | Fred Barnes
    Virginia has been kind to Democrats as of late. Eight years ago, Democrat Mark Warner captured the governor’s mansion. Four years later, his lieutenant governor, Tim Kaine, succeeded him. In 2006, Jim Webb took one of the state’s U.S. Senate seats away from the GOP. Last year, Mr. Warner took the other as Barack Obama became the first presidential candidate of his party to carry the state in 44 years. But now the Democratic tide is ebbing in Virginia. In January Mr. Obama's approval rating was 62%, according to a Survey USA. By August it had fallen to 42%. This...
  • Obama the Weak( So Obvious it Hurts )

    09/06/2009 11:57:46 AM PDT · by ImJustAnotherOkie · 43 replies · 1,759+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | 09/14/2009 | Fred Barnes
    Last December, weeks before the president took office, House speaker Nancy Pelosi set sharp limits on the role of Obama and his aides on Capitol Hill. A few days later, Democrats ignored the Obama team's desire for a tax credit for small businesses in the "stimulus" bill. It might have attracted Republican support and fulfilled the president's promise to be bipartisan. Post-inauguration, Senate and House Democrats embarrassed the new president by sending him an omnibus spending bill studded with thousands of earmarks. Though he'd criticized earmarks, Obama knuckled under and signed the measure. On the cap-and-trade environmental legislation, House Democrats...
  • Caving to Trial Lawyers -- It's necessary to tie any health-care reform to tort reform.

    08/29/2009 5:09:46 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 15 replies · 796+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | September 7, 2009 | Fred Barnes
    We've always suspected that fear of angering trial lawyers was the only reason President Obama refused to embrace tort reform as a crucial part of achieving his goal of reduced health care costs. Now we know for sure. A moment of candor by Howard Dean, the former chairman of the DNC and an enthusiastic backer of Obama's health reform initiative, confirmed our suspicions. "The reason that tort reform is not in the bill is because the people who wrote it did not want to take on the trial lawyers in addition to everyone else they were taking on," Dean said...
  • Barack Obama must abandon the Kennedy way, or he will fail

    08/28/2009 12:25:50 PM PDT · by Schnucki · 11 replies · 913+ views
    Telegraph (U.K.) ^ | August 28, 2009 | Fred Barnes
    Teddy Kennedy was known as the liberal lion of the US Senate. But in fact, he hadn't roared in decades. Even though his funeral today marks the end of the Kennedy family's political saga, Kennedy liberalism, the brand of Left-wing politics with which the family was identified, died years ago. Kennedy, who served as a senator from the Left-wing state of Massachusetts for 46 years, supported Barack Obama in last year's Democratic primaries in the hope that an Obama presidency would lift Washington to new heights of liberal progress, as Franklin Roosevelt had during the Depression and John Kennedy and...
  • Republicans Have Obama Playing Defense

    08/24/2009 6:27:39 AM PDT · by fiscon1 · 15 replies · 1,023+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | 08/24/2009 | Fred Barnes
    Republicans are discovering just how effective an opposition party can be in Washington. Their strategy is simply to aggressively and relentlessly oppose the liberal agenda of the president and the Democratic Congress. As a result, Barack Obama's agenda is in jeopardy, and the president is disconcerted, less popular and on the defensive
  • Republicans Have Obama Playing Defense

    08/23/2009 4:43:31 PM PDT · by redk · 67 replies · 2,210+ views
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | 8/23/09 | FRED BARNES
    Republicans are discovering just how effective an opposition party can be in Washington. Their strategy is simply to aggressively and relentlessly oppose the liberal agenda of the president and the Democratic Congress. As a result, Barack Obama's agenda is in jeopardy, and the president is disconcerted, less popular and on the defensive. Republican opposition isn't the only reason for this. Mr. Obama did himself no favors by pushing policies far more liberal than voters wanted. But the decision by Republicans to be combative rather than accommodating has played an indispensable role.
  • Death of a Salesman

    08/22/2009 6:27:06 AM PDT · by fiscon1 · 6 replies · 579+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | 08/22/2009 | Fred Barnes
    Between July 20 and July 30, President Obama was a busy man, barely out of the public eye while campaigning furiously for his health care initiative. He did four town hall events, spoke at two hospitals, delivered a radio address, was interviewed on two network TV news shows, and held a prime time press conference--all devoted to promoting his health care plan. On this issue as on no other, Obama personally took his case to the people. Something else occurred during that time frame. The president's job approval rating fell 9 points, from 61 percent to 52 percent in the...
  • The Next Worst Thing (driving small health insurance companies out)

    08/02/2009 2:12:59 PM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 17 replies · 1,261+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | August 10, 2009 | Fred Barnes
    Watch out for Plan B. It's President Obama's fallback position on health care reform. It's Obamacare without the most controversial part, the creation of a government-run, "public" health insurance plan open to all comers at cut rate. And Plan B is something that Obama and the health insurance lobby both agree on. Plan B is no day at the beach for health insurers. By imposing an exhaustive array of regulations and installing a powerful national health commissioner, it would turn health insurers into public utilities. They'd be assured a small profit, but competition among insurers would be gone and bureaucrats...
  • Know-Nothing-in-Chief There's no evidence Obama has even a sketchy grasp of economics.

    07/26/2009 8:07:13 AM PDT · by blueyon · 50 replies · 302+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | 8/3/09 | Fred Barnes
    Is President Obama an economic illiterate? Harsh as that sounds, there's growing evidence he understands little about economics and even less about economic growth or job creation. Yet, as we saw at last week's presidential press conference, he's undeterred from holding forth, with seeming confidence, on economic issues.
  • Know-Nothing-in-Chief (Obama knows nothing about economics)

    07/25/2009 8:04:19 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 68 replies · 1,885+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | August 3, 2009 (print) | Fred Barnes
    Is President Obama an economic illiterate? Harsh as that sounds, there's growing evidence he understands little about economics and even less about economic growth or job creation. Yet, as we saw at last week's presidential press conference, he's undeterred from holding forth, with seeming confidence, on economic issues. Obama professes to believe in free market economics. But no one expects his policies to reflect the unfettered capitalism of a Milton Friedman. That's too much to ask. Demonstrating a passing acquaintance with free market ideas and how they might be used to fight the recession--that's not too much to ask. But...
  • The Triumph of Crony Capitalism

    07/12/2009 6:46:07 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 20 replies · 917+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | July 13, 2009 | Fred Barnes
    First President Bush, then President Obama poured billions into General Motors and Chrysler to keep the companies alive but barely breathing. That was just for starters. Next came Obama's creation of an Auto Task Force to oversee the auto companies. To head the task force, the president picked Steve Rattner, a Wall Street investor with no experience in automaking but lots in raising campaign money for Obama and Democrats. GM and Chrysler were quickly restructured, mostly to the benefit of the United Auto Workers, the union which spent millions in 2008 to elect Obama and Democrats. The UAW now owns...
  • Palin's Prospects (Fred Barnes chimes in)

    07/06/2009 6:09:21 AM PDT · by pissant · 112 replies · 2,558+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | 7/5/09 | Fred Barnes
    Forget about Sarah Palin as the Republican presidential candidate in 2012 and probably ever. She may have no interest in seeking the GOP nomination. But if she does, her chances of winning the nomination have been minimized by her decision to resign as governor of Alaska. She's knocked out one of three legs of the presidential stool and a second one is wobbly. I say this reluctantly because Palin, in my view, is the most exciting Republican figure to emerge in decades. She mesmerizes crowds in a way that no other Republican leader can come close to matching. She has...
  • Fred Barnes: There's No False Choice on Iran

    06/20/2009 6:24:38 AM PDT · by kellynla · 22 replies · 870+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | 06/29/2009, Volume 014, Issue 39 | Fred Barnes
    Rejecting "false choices" is a favorite rhetorical device of President Obama. His speeches are littered with examples. A half-dozen times, he's repudiated "the false choice between our security and our ideals." He's dismissed "the false choice between sound science and moral values." He's not only disposed of "the false choice between securing this nation and wasting billions of taxpayer dollars," he's laid to rest the clash between those who'd "conserve our resources" and those who'd "profit from these natural resources." But confronted by a popular revolt in Iran, Obama has succumbed to a false choice. Either support the democratic forces...
  • An Anti-Business President: Profit is without honor in Obama's view.

    06/13/2009 9:38:44 PM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 11 replies · 735+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | June 22, 2009 | Fred Barnes
    Is President Obama anti-business? The obvious answer is yes. Yet he insists he's a free-market guy who hates "meddling in the private sector" but has been forced to. So in deciding whether he's anti-business, let's be fair and judge Obama by nonideological and nonpartisan standards. I have four criteria: his appointments, his policies, his decisions, and his own words. Democratic presidents are not famous for appointing businessmen, merchants, or entrepreneurs to their cabinet or senior White House staff. These are people who have started or run private businesses, created jobs, met payrolls, and made profits. Thus they might be sensitive...
  • No Energy from this Executive: Watch what Obama does, not what he says.

    06/08/2009 2:46:14 PM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 19 replies · 828+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | June 15, 2009 | Fred Barnes
    "As I've often said, in the short term, as we transition to renewable energy," President Obama stated in April, "we can and should increase our domestic production of oil and natural gas... . We still need more oil, we still need more gas. If we've got some here in the United States that we can use, we should find it and do so in an environmentally sustainable way." Does anyone believe Obama was serious about this? Given his practice of misdirection--saying one thing, doing another--no one should have. Now, nearly five months into the Obama presidency, it's clear he didn't...
  • The Unpersuasive Orator (Obama)

    05/30/2009 2:33:22 PM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 66 replies · 1,908+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | June 8, 2009 | Fred Barnes
    Let's stipulate that President Obama is a wonderful speaker, vigorous in promoting his policies and even eloquent at times. But there's a problem: He's not persuasive. Obama is effective at marketing himself. His 64 percent job approval (Gallup poll) is a reflection of this. But in building public support for his policies, Obama has been largely unsuccessful. You'd never guess this from the laudatory press coverage of Obama. With every major speech or press conference, the media and a sizable chunk of the political community--including many Republicans--assume Obama has carried the day. Actually, he rarely has. The most striking example...
  • An Overleveraged Presidency -- Barack Obama's risky initiatives

    05/23/2009 3:22:46 PM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 15 replies · 1,129+ views
    Weekly Standard ^ | June 1, 2009 | Fred Barnes
    Like a troubled bank, President Obama is overleveraged. When a bank makes risky loans and many of them default, the bank goes bankrupt (or gets bailed out). When a first-term president adopts risky policies and many of them fail, his prospects for sustained public approval and reelection diminish. ... Most presidents propose two or three risky policies in their first year--risky because there's a significant chance of failure to deliver what's promised. In 1981, President Reagan's policies of deep cuts in taxes and spending and aggressively confronting the Soviet Union were dicey. But the economy rebounded 18 months later and...
  • eMeg - eBay Republican Meg Whitman bids to save California

    05/17/2009 8:04:12 AM PDT · by re_tail20 · 32 replies · 1,004+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | May 15, 2009 | Fred Barnes
    Meg Whitman is the most interesting person in American politics and, potentially, a formidable Republican leader at the national level. At age 52 and a year after stepping down as CEO of eBay, she's running for governor of California. Like Ronald Reagan, she's a well-known star from another field--the corporate world in Whitman's case--who has entered California politics at the top and now intends to leapfrog an entire generation of ambitious political strivers. Similarity to Reagan isn't what makes Whitman exceptional. Nor does the possibility she might copy a fellow billionaire, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, and dip into her...
  • Fred Barnes: Be the Party of No ( "It's the route to Republican landslides." )

    05/10/2009 6:10:51 AM PDT · by kellynla · 66 replies · 2,434+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | 05/18/2009, Volume 014, Issue 33 | Fred Barnes
    Republican leaders in Congress have created something called the National Council for a New America (NCNA). It describes itself as "not a Republican-only forum" but one that seeks to "engage people in a discussion to meet common challenges and build a stronger country through common-sense ideas." The expectation--mine, anyway--is those ideas will differ from President Obama's in a way that makes Republicans look fairminded and reasonable. The council's first event at a pizza parlor in Arlington, Virginia, did just that. Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush showed up, media coverage was heavy, and the session was deemed a success. Improving the...