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  • Mahatma Gandhi's grandson blames prejudice in St Louis for Michael Brown shooting in emotional-

    10/24/2014 6:13:25 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 33 replies
    The London Daily Mail ^ | October 19, 2014 | Mia De Graaf
    Mahatma Gandhi's grandson has blasted the shooting of Michael Brown and 109 other people in St Louis this year. Addressing hundreds of mothers gathered at a silent march today, Dr Arun Gandhi condemned prejudice in the city as a source of the violence, which has seen a 30 per cent leap in the number of annual homicides this year. His words came amid fresh outcry over Michael Brown's shooting as it emerged the police officer who killed him has presented a favorable account of his actions - in a move that could see him escape charges. 'We have looked at...
  • Gingrich: As soon as 2016 is about substance, Hillary starts losing support, literally, overnight

    03/23/2014 2:16:48 PM PDT · by Din Maker · 51 replies
    Real Clear Politics ^ | March 23,2014 | Newt Gingrich
    NEWT GINGRICH: First lady, Senator, Secretary Clinton is very famous for being famous and as long as she can continue to be famous, she will be famous. Now, you're in the middle of a mess in Russia, her reset, which by the way was mistranslated and actually said in Russian overcharge and had apparently been taken from a jacuzzi or a swimming pool from a Geneva hotel. The reset -- the fact is as Secretary of State, she reset our relationship with Russia so well that you currently have the occupation of Crimea and the potential occupation of Ukraine. So,...
  • Obama compares Nelson Mandela to Gandhi, King and Lincoln during eulogy

    12/10/2013 4:10:10 AM PST · by Tailgunner Joe · 73 replies
    AP ^ | December 10, 2013
    Obama is urging the world to act on Mandela's legacy by fighting inequality, poverty and racism. He says progress in the U.S. and South Africa mustn't cloud the fact there's still work to be done. He says South Africa shows us that we can change.
  • Mahatma Gandhi - The Man, The Myth, The Gas Station Attendant by Hillary Clinton

    01/07/2004 5:38:04 AM PST · by Sub-Driver · 41 replies · 423+ views
    Mahatma Gandhi - The Man, The Myth, The Gas Station Attendant by Hillary Clinton 1/7/2004 - Marni Malarkey -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Senator Hillary Clinton has apologized if a comment she is reported to have made at an event on Saturday offended anyone, but has said she was "misquoted by the vast rightwing conspiracy in the press." The New York Democrat made the remark at a fund-raiser in St Louis, during which she allegedly introduced a quote from Mahatma Gandhi by saying: "You all know Gandhi. He ran a gas station down in St Louis." Americans of South Asian descent have protested Senator...
  • Churchill on Indians Gandhi and Islam (Churchill's Profound Insight, Prescience Regarding Islam)

    07/25/2013 11:08:15 AM PDT · by lbryce · 37 replies
    Patriot's Forum ^ | May 14, 2013 | Staff
    Winston Churchil Disliked Indians particularly Gandhi . His most famous quote on Gandhi reveals his bias : It was while addressing the Council of the West Essex Unionists on February 23, 1931, that Churchill remarked of how, to him and most likely to much of his audience, it “was alarming to see Mr. Gandhi, a seditious Middle Temple lawyer, now posing as a fakir of a type well known in the East, striding half-naked up the steps of the Viceregal Palace, while he is still organising and conducting a defiant campaign of civil disobedience, to parley on equal terms with...
  • Why Margaret Thatcher connected with Indira Gandhi

    04/10/2013 7:29:44 AM PDT · by James C. Bennett · 3 replies
    PTI ^ | April 10, 2013 | PTI
    There was a lot in common between former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and her British contemporary Margaret Thatcher as the two had struck up a close rapport and both felt the loneliness of high office. Besides being the first women to take charge of a largely male-dominated political world of their respective countries, the two women had an almost identical steely resolve on difficult issues. They may not have always agreed with each other and are believed to have had a number of fiery exchanges, but there was a grudging respect on both sides. "But in spite of everything...
  • US defence secretary nominee backs Pakistan against India

    02/26/2013 5:06:48 PM PST · by ravager · 17 replies
    The Times of India ^ | Feb 27, 2013, 01.06 AM IST | Chidanand Rajghatta
    WASHINGTON: American conservatives trying to torpedo the confirmation of Senator Chuck Hagel, President Obama's nominee for US defence secretary, have pulled out an "India card". Hagel has been accused of fingering India for its alleged disruptive role against Pakistan in Afghanistan. A shocked New Delhi, which sees Hagel as a friend, angrily denied any suggestion that India is a troublemaker in the region. The provocative remark, in which Senator Hagel accuses New Delhi of "financing problems" for Pakistan in Afghanistan, was dredged out by a conservative publication on the eve of his confirmation hearing which his former Republican colleagues have...
  • Gandhi and Guns: The Mahatma Championed Right to Bear Arms

    02/05/2013 12:15:31 PM PST · by ubipetrusest · 1 replies
    The College Fix ^ | January 20, 2013 | Kushagra Aniket
    At a time when President Obama has announced severe gun control proposals, it might come as a surprise to note that Mahatma Gandhi, one of the greatest champions of non-violence and someone whom the president counts among his personal inspirations, actively campaigned for the right to bear arms during the Indian freedom struggle. Today it is often argued that a large part of the purpose behind the Second Amendment—protection against the prospect of government tyranny—is unjustified or irrelevant. But this argument is strikingly similar to the one advanced by the British colonialists who presented themselves as the redeemers of their...
  • Gandhi and Guns: The Mahatma Championed Right to Bear Arms

    01/22/2013 9:25:32 AM PST · by Brad from Tennessee · 12 replies
    The College Fix ^ | January 20, 2013 | by Kushagra Aniket
    At a time when President Obama has announced severe gun control proposals, it might come as a surprise to note that Mahatma Gandhi, one of the greatest champions of non-violence and someone whom the president counts among his personal inspirations, actively campaigned for the right to bear arms during the Indian freedom struggle. Today it is often argued that a large part of the purpose behind the Second Amendment—protection against the prospect of government tyranny—is unjustified or irrelevant. But this argument is strikingly similar to the one advanced by the British colonialists who presented themselves as the redeemers of their...
  • Facebook bans Gandhi quote as part of revisionist history purge

    12/27/2012 6:04:29 PM PST · by Nachum · 70 replies ^ | December 27, 2012 | Mike Adams
    (NaturalNews) The reports are absolutely true. Facebook suspended the Natural News account earlier today after we posted an historical quote from Mohandas Gandhi. The quote reads: "Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest." - Mohandas Gandhi, an Autobiography, page 446. This historical quote was apparently too much for Facebook's censors to bear. They suspended our account and gave us a "final warning" that one more violation of their so-called "community guidelines" would result in our account being permanently deactivated. They then demanded we...
  • Let’s All Go Rogue – Palin & Gandhi Style

    12/17/2012 7:28:35 AM PST · by RobaWho · 1 replies
    Rob Cunningham USA ^ | December 17, 2012 | Rob Cunningham
    “At its most basic level conservatism is a respect for history and tradition, including traditional moral principles. I do not believe that I am more moral, certainly no better, than anyone else, and conservatives who act “holier than thou” turn my stomach. So do some elite liberals. But I do believe in a few timeless and unchanging truths, among those is that man is fallen. This world is not perfect, and politicians will never make it so. This, above all, is what informs my pragmatic approach to politics. [...] We don’t trust utopian promises from politicians. The role of government...
  • Did Romney Read Gandhi?

    09/29/2012 7:26:35 AM PDT · by James C. Bennett · 6 replies
    The American Thinker ^ | September 28, 2012 | Ed Kaitz
    Mitt Romney has hit a nerve. The mainstream media are indignant and downright apoplectic over Romney's "47 percent" comment. But as Eric Hoffer once observed, "we are least open to precise knowledge concerning the things we are most vehement about." In fact, the Obama administration's long term strategy is to create a permanent class of federally dependent citizens tipping over 50 percent in order to suffocate the very atmosphere that gives life to intellectual and political diversity in America. As James Madison said, there are "two methods of removing the causes of faction: the one, by destroying the liberty which...
  • Did Romney Read Gandhi?

    09/28/2012 7:12:11 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 5 replies
    American Thinker ^ | September 28, 2012 | Ed Kaitz
    Mitt Romney has hit a nerve. The mainstream media are indignant and downright apoplectic over Romney's "47 percent" comment. But as Eric Hoffer once observed, "we are least open to precise knowledge concerning the things we are most vehement about." In fact, the Obama administration's long term strategy is to create a permanent class of federally dependent citizens tipping over 50 percent in order to suffocate the very atmosphere that gives life to intellectual and political diversity in America. As James Madison said, there are "two methods of removing the causes of faction: the one, by destroying the liberty which...
  • Kandahar ‘chief’ hijacker behind plot to abduct Rahul Gandhi

    11/19/2007 4:51:26 AM PST · by sukhoi-30mki · 4 replies · 61+ views
    The Indian Express ^ | 11/19/2007 | Pranab Dhal Samanta
    Kandahar ‘chief’ hijacker behind plot to abduct Rahul Gandhi Pranab Dhal Samanta Terror: Three held in UP say they got ‘personal guidance’ in Pak from Ibrahim Athar, Jaish boss Masood Azhar’s brother NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 18: Eight years after he had India on tenterhooks for a week, IC-814 principal hijacker Ibrahim Athar, referred to as “chief” during the hijack, has reappeared on the Indian terror scene as the mastermind, facilitator and trainer of the foiled Jaish-e-Mohammed operation to abduct Rahul Gandhi. Younger brother of Jaish head Maulana Masood Azhar, the dangerous Athar is learnt to have imparted training to the...
  • Gandhi and India's economy

    01/25/2012 8:44:36 AM PST · by yinandyang · 21 replies
    They also fail to understand Gandhi's rationale for spinning his own cloth, and why he advised others to do the same. Mohandas Gandhi appreciated that importing cloth from England to India only helped the factories in the UK and hurt tax payers in India. By spinning his own clothes, he hurt England where it mattered - in the pocket. Similarly, Mr. Kyle fails to understand Gandhi's brilliance in the Dandi salt march. The English taxed salt, and by making his own salt, Gandhi was revolting against taxation without representation. He was also freeing the poor in India from the English...
  • 'Face of Gandhi' Found On Google Mars

    06/15/2011 2:26:18 AM PDT · by LibWhacker · 23 replies ^ | 6/13/11 | Natalie Wolchover
    , A Martian surface feature, as seen on the Google Mars database, that one man says looks like the profile of Mahatma Gandhi. CREDIT: Matteo Ianneo/ESA/Google Maps/Before It's News View full size image Now that Google Mars, a new online map pieced together from satellite images of the Red Planet, is up and running, space enthusiasts the world over are finding interesting objects on the Martian surface. The latest is a face found by an Italian named Matteo Ianneo, who has also claimed to have found vegetation, entrances to underground tunnels and city ruins on Mars in the past few...
  • The Real Mahatma Gandhi (Hitchens Weighs Gandhi)

    06/14/2011 9:51:35 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 21 replies
    The Atlantic ^ | July 2011 | Christopher Hitchens
    JOSEPH LELYVELD SUBTLY tips his hand in his title. The word Mahatma (often employed in ordinary journalistic usage without any definite article, as if it were Mohandas Gandhi’s first name) is actually the Sanskrit word for “Great Soul.” It is a religio-spiritual honorific, to be assumed or awarded only by acclaim, and it achieved most of its currency in the West by association with Madame Blavatsky’s somewhat risible “Theosophy” movement, forerunner of many American and European tendencies to be found in writers, as discrepant as Annie Besant and T. S. Eliot, who nurture themselves on the supposedly holy character of...
  • Tricknologist: The Gandhi I Never Knew

    05/24/2011 6:16:51 PM PDT · by AustralianConservative · 17 replies
    Weekend Libertarian ^ | May 25, 2011 | B.P. Terpstra
    Gandhi. Leftists have embraced him as their Jesus figure. Gore is an admirer. They can keep him. He was the vegetarian Neville Chamberlain of his day. From Andrew Roberts in The Wall Street Journal: Joseph Lelyveld has written a generally admiring book about Mohandas Gandhi, the man credited with leading India to independence from Britain in 1947. Yet “Great Soul” also obligingly gives readers more than enough information to discern that he was a sexual weirdo, a political incompetent and a fanatical faddist—one who was often downright cruel to those around him. Gandhi was therefore the archetypal 20th-century progressive -intellectual,...
  • Fatah-Hamas (aka Fatas) is no peace movement

    05/23/2011 7:58:32 PM PDT · by forty_years · 3 replies
    netWMD ^ | May 23, 2011 | Gary Gerofsky
    ... So please do not be fooled by the new "Obamerica" that is seeking to back the Muslim Brotherhood as an overall non-democratic solution to leadership voids and violent regimes in the region. Do not be fooled when Palestinians tell us that they subscribe to peaceful tactics imitating Gandhi or Martin Luther King. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasralla is no Martin Luther King; Fatas leaders Mahmoud Abbas and Khaled Mashaal are no advocates for Ghandi's methods no matter how strenuously the leftist press labors to create that image. In the real world, murder is murder -- unlike the underworld of terrorists...
  • Bamboozled: Two Recent Biographies Shed New Light on Liberal Icons (Gandhi and Malcom X)

    05/11/2011 10:22:57 AM PDT · by mojito · 58 replies
    Pajamas Media ^ | 5/8/2011 | John Boot
    Did you hear that ripping sound? Two liberal icons known by their silly stage names — Mahatma Gandhi and Malcolm X — have just been torn down from their sanctified perches thanks to a pair of massively researched but finally damning new biographies. Both men, it turns out, were at pains to take on phony identities. Each hid his homosexuality, each was racist, each took pains to manufacture favorable coverage, each was driven by petty hatreds instead of shining ideals — each of these supposedly principled figures was an out-and-out phony. Perhaps the most delicious irony of this myth-busting is...
  • Gandhi Reconsidered: When Paganism Met Progressivism

    04/18/2011 8:59:40 AM PDT · by Paladins Prayer · 9 replies
    The New American ^ | Monday, 18 April | Selwyn Duke
    When an Indian-born man I knew a couple of decades ago expressed an intense dislike for Mohandas Gandhi, I found it a bit surprising. Wasn’t the “Great Soul,” that quintessential 20th-century icon, India’s George Washington? That certainly is the narrative created by historians — who, history has taught us, can tell a lie — and works such as Richard Attenborough’s award-winning 1982 film Gandhi. But there is a reason why Indian-born novelist Salman Rushdie responded to that movie by lamenting, “Deification is an Indian disease. Why should Attenborough do it?” And with Gandhi back in the news owing to a...
  • Gandhi loved Jewish architect, biography says

    04/15/2011 12:34:44 PM PDT · by robowombat · 17 replies
    JTA ^ | March 28, 2011
    Gandhi loved Jewish architect, biography says March 28, 2011 (JTA) -- Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi left his wife for a German-Jewish architect and weight lifter, a new biography says. The new book, "Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and His Struggle with India," by former New York Times executive editor Joseph Lelyveld, reports that Gandhi was in love with Hermann Kallenbach, for whom he left his wife in 1908. Kallenbach was born in Germany but moved to South Africa, where he became a busy architect. He reportedly lived with Gandhi for two years in a house he built in South Africa, according...
  • Gandhi, India's God-Like Founding Father, Was Bisexual, According to New Book (also a racist)

    03/30/2011 12:30:05 PM PDT · by presidio9 · 24 replies
    ABC News ^ | March 30, 2011 | SUSAN DONALDSON JAMES
    Was Mahatma Gandhi gay? A new book by Pulitzer- Prize winning author Joseph Lelyveld claims the god- like Indian figure not only left his wife for a man, but also harbored racist attitudes. Gandhi, who led India to independence and is a universal symbol of peaceful resistance, had another side -- a more human one. In a biography that hit stores this week -- "Great Soul: Mahatma Gandhi and his Struggle With India," former New York Times reporter Lelyveld insists that Gandhi was gay, or at least bisexual. His lover was Hermann Kallenbach, a German-Jewish architect and bodybuilder. The couple...
  • Nothing Worth Fighting For?

    10/13/2010 9:16:42 PM PDT · by stolinsky · 3 replies ^ | 10-14-10 | stolinsky
    President Obama imagines a world without nuclear weapons, but he does nothing while fanatics in Iran build nukes. On the contrary, Obama reversed longstanding U.S. policy, promising not to retaliate with nuclear weapons against an attack using chemical or biological weapons. We do not have chemical or biological weapons, so the threat of nuclear retaliation was the most effective deterrent we had. What is the result of Obama’s peaceful imaginings? He made chemical or biological attacks more likely, while doing nothing about the ongoing nuclear threat. Liberals confuse imagining something good with actually doing something good. In this, liberals resemble...
  • Claim that Catholic schools teach 'Gandhi is burning in Hell' illustrates lawmakers' incomprehension

    06/21/2010 12:46:00 PM PDT · by Alex Murphy · 21 replies · 2+ views
    The Telegraph ^ | June 21st, 2010 | Gerald Warner
    Fruitcake of the Month award must surely go to Lord Lucas, a Conservative hereditary peer, for his remarks in the Lords’ debate on the Academies Bill. On the topic of faith schools, Lord Lucas delivered himself of some opinions and claims that can only be described as mind-boggling: Although I am not religious myself, I would happily send my children to faith schools. However, if we pay for them as state schools, they should be open to all. We should not see in the bill a rowing back from the commitment to include the wider community in faith schools that...
  • I'll be more than happy to go to prison to fight for my freedom ( obamacare )

    04/11/2010 2:55:28 PM PDT · by Halfmanhalfamazing · 94 replies · 2,170+ views
    Tom Ashbrook - On Point Radio ^ | March 22nd | random caller
    Caller: I'm very frustrated about what happened they didn't listen to the people at all. I don't know if you happened to hear what Michelle Bachmann said about peacefully not complying with obamacare? I think that's going to be me. I have read the bill and I know about the provisions that will throw me in prison and really I don't care. I'll be more than happy to go to prison to fight for my freedom. Host: How do you see your freedom on the line here? Caller: They are taking our money by fiat. They are taking our money...
  • Resisting ObamaCare, Gandhi Style

    03/24/2010 11:43:10 AM PDT · by Freedom_Is_Good · 10 replies · 539+ views
    Forbes ^ | 03.24.10, 12:01 AM EDT | Shikha Dalmia
    President Barack Obama came into office promising hope and change. But he might get more change than he hoped for. By foisting ObamaCare on a deeply unwilling country he might have set the stage for the largest civil disobedience movement since the civil rights era, which, if it plays its cards right, could undo his legislation and his legacy. . . .
  • Gandhi's views on the state

    03/15/2010 11:31:56 AM PDT · by psamtani · 4 replies · 267+ views
    Unfortunately, many people have the wrong idea about Gandhi, and believe that he was, in modern terms, a Statist. This could not be further from the truth. It is true that he held racist views in the beginning of his law career, which he discarded as he grew older and gained a deepened understanding of the world. Here are some quotes illuminating his real view of the state: It is my firm conviction that if the State suppressed capitalism by violence, it will be caught in the coils of violence itself, and fail to develop nonviolence at any time. The...
  • Why Wasn't Gandhi bestowed With the Nobel Prize?

    10/15/2009 11:16:59 AM PDT · by nickcarraway · 19 replies · 802+ views
    DNA ^ | Sunday, October 11, 2009
    Many ardent fans of Mahatma Gandhi have won the Nobel Peace Prize with the latest being US president Barack Obama, but why was not the 'Apostle of Peace' bestowed with the honour despite being nominated five times? Though he was shortlisted thrice, the selection committees had given different reasons why Gandhi was not conferred the honour, like "he was too much of an Indian nationalist" and that he was "frequently a Christ, but then, suddenly an ordinary politician". One of the committees was also of the view that he was "no real politician or proponent of international law, not primarily...
  • U.S. owes a lot to Gandhi: Obama

    10/02/2009 6:19:45 PM PDT · by underthestreetlite · 53 replies · 1,369+ views
    WASHINGTON: An ardent admirer of Mahatma Gandhi, U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday joined Indians in praising the ‘apostle of peace’ on his 140th birth anniversary. In a special message on Gandhi Jayanthi, Mr. Obama said: “We must renew our commitment to live up to his ideals and to celebrate the dignity of all human beings.” “Gandhi’s teachings and ideals, shared with Martin Luther King Jr. on his 1959 pilgrimage to India, transformed American society through our civil rights movement,” Mr. Obama said. Noting that Americans owed a lot to Gandhi, Mr. Obama said the “America of today has its...
  • Van Jones is Gandhi's reincarnation, Obama is Lyman Trumbull's.

    09/03/2009 11:05:48 AM PDT · by machogirl · 34 replies · 754+ views
    Deccan Chronicle on the Web ^ | June 25, 2009 | Deccan Chronicle
    New Delhi: Did you know that Mahatma Gandhi has been reincarnated as Van Jones, the celebrated American civil rights and environmental activist who was named Time magazine's "environmental hero" in the US in 2008? "Objective evidence that forms the basis of past life studies prove that Jones is the reincarnation of Gandhi," world's leading past life researcher and best-selling author from the US Walter Semkiw told IANS in an interview. Jones' facial bone structure and features are the same as that of Gandhi's, Mr Semkiw said. "His manners and body language are also similar to that of the Indian freedom...
  • Microsoft’s Gates Gets Indira Gandhi Prize

    07/25/2009 8:35:08 PM PDT · by Steelfish · 8 replies · 211+ views
    AP Report ^ | July 25th 2009
    Microsoft’s Gates gets Indira Gandhi Prize Foundation has committed nearly $1 billion to India for health projects NEW DELHI - Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on Saturday received the Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development from India's president, a government statement said. The prize recognizes his work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It is awarded annually to individuals or organizations for creative efforts that promote peace, development and a new international economic order. As of this month, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation had committed nearly $1 billion for health and development projects in India. Most of...
  • Low-Key Singh Wins High-Profile Indian Victory

    05/16/2009 6:30:15 AM PDT · by sukhoi-30mki · 4 replies · 403+ views
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | MAY 16, 2009 | PAUL BECKETT & VIBHUTI AGARWAL
    Low-Key Singh Wins High-Profile Victory By PAUL BECKETT and VIBHUTI AGARWAL NEW DELHI--In January, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh handed over the reins of power to a deputy as he underwent heart bypass surgery. It seemed an apt metaphor for a leader struggling to deal with the aftermath of the November terrorist attacks in Mumbai and a rapidly slowing Indian economy. On Saturday, however, Mr. Singh was firmly back in control as his Congress Party turned in a surprisingly big victory in national elections that were held over the past month. The triumph virtually assures Mr. Singh a return to...
  • Mahatma Obama

    02/18/2009 8:26:43 AM PST · by governsleastgovernsbest · 14 replies · 1,607+ views
    FinkelBlog ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    The screencap sums things up nicely. It portrays Joe Scarborough’s reaction to the news that Pres. Obama reminds the New Yorker’s Hendrik Hertzberg of . . . Gandhi. It was the president’s bi-partisanship in the face of Republican partisan hostility that made Hertzberg think of the non-violent Indian leader in a column in the New Yorker’s current issue. For good measure, the New Yorker editor claimed to see a parallel—in the way Pres. Obama has reacted to Rush Limbaugh—to Martin Luther King, Jr.’s interaction with . . . Bull Connor [though Hertzberg was careful to state he was not claiming...
  • (Vanity) Theme song for 01-20-09

    01/18/2009 2:08:20 PM PST · by JRios1968 · 4 replies · 330+ views
    Living Colour ^ | Living Colour
    This song should be on continuous loop this coming Tuesday with the Usurpation by The One. Cult of Personality
  • When Mahatma Gandhi donned a British army uniform (volunteered in ambulance unit)

    01/05/2009 6:57:59 PM PST · by Cronos · 4 replies · 968+ views
    Thaindian news ^ | January 2nd, 2009 | IACNS
    The fact that Mahatma Gandhi, who used the tools of truth and non-violence in the fight for India’s freedom, donned an army uniform may startle many. But it is true that Father of the Nation wore the British Army’s uniform in 1899, although as a member of a voluntary ambulance unit during the Anglo-Boer War.The Mahatma, then known as Mohandas Karamchand, along with fellow Indians in South Africa decided to join the voluntary ambulance unit. The little known fact, reported in the magazine ‘Sainik Samachar’ (Soldier’s News), formerly called ‘Fauji Akhbar’, has been archived in the coffee table book “Soldiering...
  • Hillary Clinton and Gandhi (or: Bad time to be Sec of State)

    12/02/2008 4:32:38 PM PST · by AynN08 · 5 replies · 260+ views
    Anyone remember this? It's from a few years ago, but hopefully it's still relevant to some people. Hillary Clinton: "Mahatma Gandhi... He ran a gas station down in, uh, St. Louis... Lot of wisdom comes out of that gas station." Find the link to the video here.
  • Gandhi’s Love Letters to Hitler

    09/19/2008 11:58:53 AM PDT · by Victory111 · 5 replies · 214+ views
    Cross Action News ^ | 9-19-08 | Seth Frantzman
    On September 25, five American religious organizations plan to host a Ramadan dinner for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during his upcoming visit to the United States. These include the Mennonite Central Committee, the Quakers, the World Council of Churches, and Religions for Peace. How is it that these Christian “peace” organizations are willing to break bread with a declared warmonger and Holocaust denier? An answer lies in the troubling history of these organizations – a history that includes a shameful alliance with Nazi Germany during World War II.
  • Gandhi and the Jews

    02/08/2008 7:07:11 AM PST · by forkinsocket · 17 replies · 73+ views
    Prospect Magazine ^ | February 2008 | Salil Tripathi
    Should the Jews, as Gandhi counselled, have submitted willingly to their Nazi oppressors? Sixty years ago, on 30th January, Mohandas Gandhi was assassinated in New Delhi. In May, Israel will celebrate the 60th anniversary of its controversial creation. These two narratives got unintentionally intertwined last month, raising questions about the universality of Gandhi's message as well as his views about Jews, the nature of the state and the limits of freedom of expression. The vehicle for this reflection was Gandhi's grandson, Arun, a mild-mannered 73-year-old writer and peace activist, who until recently ran the MK Gandhi Institute of Peace and...
  • Gandhi: Talk to the Snakes(Let the NAZIS kill you)

    01/18/2008 8:45:26 AM PST · by Para-Ord.45 · 63 replies · 384+ views ^ | 01/17/08 | Rabbi Avi Shafran
    In a 1938 essay, Mohandas ("Mahatma") Gandhi, the spiritual and political leader of the Indian independence movement, counseled Jews in Nazi Germany to neither flee nor resist, but rather offer themselves up to be killed by their enemies, since their "suffering voluntarily undergone will bring them an inner strength and joy." When all hope is lost, a Jew about to be killed al Kiddush HaShem - as a Jewish martyr - is indeed to reach for serenity, even happiness, at the opportunity to give up his life because of who he is. When Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman, the great Lithuanian Jewish...
  • Gandhi’s grandson creates religious stir

    01/18/2008 4:20:41 AM PST · by Sammy67 · 7 replies · 137+ views
    By Bryan Roth, staff writer Brighton-Pittsford Post Thu Jan 17, 2008, 01:05 PM EST Brighton, N.Y. - To Pittsford resident Judy Braiman, remembering the Holocaust has always been an important part of her Jewish heritage. Despite the atrocities related with it, she believes it’s something nobody — Jewish or not — should ever forget. “Why should you give that up?” asked Braiman, who had family relatives who were killed in Germany during the Holcaust. “If we don’t remember the terrible things that happen, it will happen again. Everybody should remember terrible things to learn by it.” So, when she saw...
  • Victor Davis Hanson: Nonviolence Nonsense. Gandhi, again

    01/14/2008 7:39:01 AM PST · by Tolik · 37 replies · 174+ views
    NRO ^ | January 14, 2008 | Victor Davis Hanson
    Those who do not necessarily associate the name Gandhi with either humanitarian brotherhood or wisdom, and those who remember Mahatma’s idiotic thoughts about those facing the Holocaust ought to examine the latest Gandhi take on “the Jews” in the online edition of the Washington Post, this time from one Arun Gandhi. He is self-identified as the “President and co-founder of the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence” and “the fifth grandson of India’s legendary leader, Mohandas K. “Mahatma” Gandhi. He is president and co-founder of the M. K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence, now at the University of Rochester in New York.”...
  • Mahatma Gandhi's grandson says that Jews exploit the Holocaust (BARF ALERT)

    01/09/2008 9:49:09 AM PST · by DFG · 52 replies · 864+ views
    Washington Post ^ | 01/09/08 | Arun Gandhi
    Jewish identity in the past has been locked into the holocaust experience -- a German burden that the Jews have not been able to shed. It is a very good example of a community can overplay a historic experience to the point that it begins to repulse friends. The holocaust was the result of the warped mind of an individual who was able to influence his followers into doing something dreadful. But, it seems to me the Jews today not only want the Germans to feel guilty but the whole world must regret what happened to the Jews. The world...

    12/29/2007 11:35:27 PM PST · by herecomesthesun · 11 replies · 142+ views
    Harijan ^ | July 6, 1940 | Mohandas K. Gandhi
    TO EVERY BRITON In 1896 I addressed an appeal to every Briton in South Africa on behalf of my countrymen who had gone there as labourers or traders and their assistants. It had its effect. However important it was from my viewpoint, the cause which I pleaded then was insignificant compared with the cause which prompts this appeal. I appeal to every Briton, wherever he may be now, to accept the method of non-violence instead of that of war for the adjustment of relations between nations and other matters. Your statesmen have declared that this a war on behalf of...
  • Nixon Called Indira Gandhi an 'Old Witch'

    Nixon Called Indira Gandhi an 'Old Witch' By ANNE GEARAN, AP Diplomatic Writer Tue Jun 28, 6:59 PM ET WASHINGTON - President Nixon referred privately to Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi as an "old witch" and national security adviser Henry Kissinger insulted Indians in general, according to transcripts of Oval Office tapes and newly declassified documents released Tuesday. Nixon and Kissinger met in the Oval Office on the morning of Nov. 5, 1971, to discuss Nixon's conversation with Gandhi the day before. "We really slobbered over the old witch," Nixon told Kissinger, according to a transcript of their conversation released...
  • Sri Lanka Sank 6 N. Korean Ships Carrying Weapons between this Feb. and Oct. (w/ US help)

    12/15/2007 2:23:53 AM PST · by TigerLikesRooster · 72 replies · 267+ views
    VOA News ^ | 12/14/07 | Sohn Ji-heun
    Sri Lanka Sank 6 N. Korean Ships Carrying Weapons between this Feb. and Oct. 12/14/2007 Sohn Ji-heun /begin my summary Six N. Korean ships were sunk by Sri Lankan Navy between Feb. 28 and late October of this year. They were shipping weapons for Tamil Tigers, which were designated as a terrorist organization by U.S. State Dept. Both N. Korean crews and Tamil terrorists were aboard the ships. They were all presumed to be killed. Sri Lankan Navy was able to sink them with the help of U.S., which passed on intelligence on the location of (N. Korean) ships in...
  • Ramchandra Gandhi found dead in IIC

    06/13/2007 8:15:10 AM PDT · by Calpernia · 12 replies · 707+ views India ^ | June 13, 2007
    New Delhi: Dr Ramchandra Gandhi, a grandson of Mahatma Gandhi and renowned philosopher and writer, was found dead at the India International Centre, Delhi, on Wednesday. His body was found in Room No 15 of the IIC. The cause of death was reportedly natural. Ramchandra was 70 years old. "As there was no response despite several calls, the room was broken open and he was found lying on the ground. Perhaps he died of a cardiac arrest," IIC secretary Venugopal said.
  • Hillary Clinton 'Truly Regrets' Gandhi Joke. Remarks Called Stereotypical, Racially Insensitive

    08/21/2007 6:17:55 PM PDT · by Laissez-faire capitalist · 48 replies · 1,712+ views ^ | 1/7/2004 | Staff
    Sen Hillary Rodham Clinton apologized for joking that Mahatma Gandhi used to run a gas station in St. Louis, saying it was "a lame attempt at humor." ...The director of a U.S. center devoted to Gandhi's teachings called the remarks stereotypical and racially insensitive...
  • With God in His Sights [Hitchens takes on Gandhi, Billy Graham and the Big Guy]

    05/05/2007 6:38:11 PM PDT · by jdm · 18 replies · 555+ views
    Newsweek via MSNBC ^ | May 05, 2007 | Jerry Adler
    May 14, 2007 issue - The psalmist writes, "the fool has said in his heart, there is no God." It takes a certain sang-froid to quote this verse in a book promoting atheism, butto the journalist Christopher Hitchens it's an opportunity to remind his readers that in the iron-fisted Kingdom of Judea, "it would perhaps have been a fool who did not keep this conclusion buried deep inside." Today the risks associated with heresy are smaller, although not negligible. Just ask the novelist Salman Rushdie, who spent a decade under fatwa of death for apostasy—or Hitchens himself, who was warned...
  • Gandhi And Fred Thompson

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    The former senator and "Law and Order" actor Fred Thompson is being mentioned as a possible presidential candidate. Mr. Thompson has said he will keep an open mind about a 2008 campaign. In a recent interview, he blasted the reputation of Mahatma Gandhi, the most overrated man in the 20th century and one whose name now graces a building at James Madison University. Sen. Thompson noted that the anti-war group Code Pink had unveiled a giant paper mache model of Gandhi at one of their peace rallies, so gave this bit of history. "During World War II, Gandhi penned an...