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  • Trump lifts year-round ethanol restrictions, could lower gas prices

    06/02/2019 10:44:40 PM PDT · by Boomer · 74 replies
    Fox Business ^ | May 31, 2019 | Brittany De Lea
    The Trump administration on Friday announced that it would allow for the year-round sale of gasoline with higher concentrations of ethanol. The action addresses a rule the Environmental Protection Agency had in place preventing the sale of so-called E15 fuel, which contains 15 percent ethanol and 85 percent gasoline, between June 1 and Sept. 15. The purpose was to prevent air pollution and curb dependence on foreign petroleum, but the ban has stopped some retailers from selling E15 at all because of the need to change out pumps.
  • Rare Earth Metals: China’s ‘Nuclear Option’ In The Trade War

    05/26/2019 7:39:09 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 75 replies
    Oil Price ^ | 05/25/2019 | By Tsvetana Paraskova
    A simple visit to an obscure factory by Chinese President Xi on Monday is all it took to raise the specter that China could be contemplating cutting off supply of critical materials to the U.S. and potentially crippling large swathes of its industries. Also, fueled by political innuendo in Xi’s recent call for a new “Long March” in reference to a key founding tenet of the Chinese Communist Party, speculators are growing increasingly wary of Chinese export restrictions to the U.S., including rare earth minerals. As the world’s largest producer, the Middle Kingdom has a vice-like grip on rare earths...
  • Are California Gasoline Prices Being Manipulated?

    05/20/2019 7:44:14 AM PDT · by bananaman22 · 41 replies ^ | 05-20-2019 | Irina
    Market manipulation could be behind the fact that California drivers pay more for gasoline than the rest of the country, the Lost Angeles Times reports, citing a statement by the California Energy Commission. “The Energy Commission has identified a number of possible causes that could explain the residual price increase in California, ranging from refinery outages to potentially market manipulation,” the statement, sent to Governor Gavin Newsom, said. The commissions said it has identified several possible reasons for the fact that as of Friday, drivers in California paid an average of US$4.05 per gallon of gasoline, which was US$1.20 higher...
  • Gas prices continue to rise in L.A. County, surpassing $4 per gallon

    04/15/2019 10:12:25 AM PDT · by lowbridge · 24 replies
    Fox News ^ | April 15, 2019 | Mary Stringini
    The average price of a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline in Los Angeles County rose 1.3 cents Sunday to $4.065 -- its highest amount since July 31, 2015. The average price has risen 35 consecutive days, increasing 70.6 cents, including 2.7 cents Saturday, according to figures from the AAA and Oil Price Information Service. It is 19.9 cents more than one week ago, 69.6 cents higher than one month ago and 46.6 cents greater than one year ago. The Orange County average price rose 1 cent to $4.032, one day after rising 2.5 cents to surpass the $4-a-gallon mark for the first time since...
  • US producer prices post the biggest increase in 5 months [Inflation under control]

    04/11/2019 8:29:45 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 6 replies
    CNBC ^ | 04-11-2019 | Staff
    U.S. producer prices increased by the most in five months in March, but underlying wholesale inflation was tame. The Labor Department said on Thursday its producer price index for final demand rose 0.6 percent last month, lifted by a surge in the cost of gasoline. That was the largest increase since last October and followed a 0.1 percent gain in February. In the 12 months through March, the PPI rose 2.2 percent after advancing 1.9 percent in February. Economists polled by Reuters had forecast the PPI would climb 0.3 percent in March and increase 1.9 percent on a year-on-year basis....
  • Parents Dump Gas on Wet Baseball Field to 'Dry' It Out, $50K in Damage and No Game

    04/09/2019 6:49:54 PM PDT · by Rebelbase · 91 replies
    A baseball field in Connecticut is in shambles after 25 gallons of gas were dumped on a wet infield and set on fire in order to dry it out. The hope to dry out the infield before a Saturday Ridgefield High School baseball game resulted in flames shooting 15 feet into the air and an estimated $50,000 worth of damage. Tarps now dot the field at Governor Park since Ridgefield was subsequently forced to hire a spill crew to spend most of Saturday and all of Sunday removing the contaminated soil. It appears that about 15 to 20 parents took...
  • Why much of the country is headed for $4 gas

    04/08/2019 5:25:45 PM PDT · by John W · 91 replies ^ | April 8, 2019 | Martha C. Wright
    A consortium of oil-producing countries has taken more than a million barrels a day off the market — and that’s the least of the problems plaguing American gasoline prices. Across the U.S., regular gas averaged $2.77 a gallon, up 7 cents on the week and 29 cents on the month, according to GasBuddy. Last year, gas prices topped out at $2.98 at the outset of Memorial Day weekend. Oil prices are climbing, but that only accounts for about one-quarter of the recently higher gas prices American drivers have been facing. A bigger issue is that this is around the time...
  • EPA pushes forward plan to increase ethanol mix in gasoline

    03/12/2019 6:33:55 PM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 55 replies
    The Hill ^ | 03/12/19 03:19 PM EDT | MIRANDA GREEN
    President Trump on Tuesday advanced a plan that would expand the use of ethanol in gasoline across the U.S., a move pushed by corn farmers but expected to draw ire from the oil and gas industry. The latest step pushes forward a proposal that would allow the year-round sale of gasoline blended with up to 15 percent ethanol, known as E15. Previously, E15 was restricted under air pollution requirements between June 1 and Sept. 15, as science shows burning ethanol in warmer temperature leads to heightened ground-level ozone pollution and smog. The new plan will effectively lift those sales barriers....
  • Four Things to Know About E15

    03/13/2019 10:53:26 AM PDT · by Signalman · 23 replies
    Popular Mechanics ^ | 2/13/2013 | Ben Wojdyla
    E15 fuel has been certified for sale in the United States and is slowly beginning to show up at filling stations. Here's a quick rundown of what you need to know about this new fuel option. What is E15 and why should I care? E15 is shorthand for gasoline blended with 15 percent ethanol. The reason it's a big deal is that ethanol is fairly corrosive to rubber and certain metals, so it can cause damage to vital components. Ethanol also attracts and bonds with water from the air, and that water can separate out inside the tank due to...
  • Study finds gasoline is more important than healthcare For Americans

    02/15/2019 6:48:29 AM PST · by mac_truck · 6 replies
    GasBuddy ^ | 2/12/2019 | staff
    2019 Consumer Sentiment on Gasoline Study reveals Americans more dependent on and frustrated by fuel purchases than ever before Americans collectively spent $388 billion on gasoline in 2018, averaging to 34 million fill-ups a day. Our 2019 Consumer Sentiment on Gasoline Study that finds that the necessity, perception, and price of gasoline adversely impacts Americans across all age groups and income brackets, with a staggering 86 percent of Americans depending on gasoline for their everyday lives. The study found that respondents categorized gasoline as a household expenditure that is more important than other major expenses such as healthcare and savings/emergency...
  • Gasoline Overproduction Leads To Negative Margins

    01/25/2019 10:20:01 AM PST · by bananaman22 · 12 replies ^ | 01-25-2019 | Irina
    Excess supply of gasoline coupled with slow demand has pressured refiners margins, Reuters reports, noting refining margins for the fuel in the United States sank to US$45.70 a barrel yesterday. The drop follows the fourth weekly increase in gasoline inventories in the U.S., all of them quite hefty, leading to an all-time high of gasoline supplies, at 259.6 million barrels as of January 18. Over the last four weeks, the Energy Information Administration reported gasoline inventory builds reaching a combined 26.6 million barrels. However, the United States is not the only large gasoline hub where inventories are rising as demand...
  • Mexicans scramble for gasoline as stations run dry

    01/07/2019 7:31:13 AM PST · by BenLurkin · 18 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 01/06/2018 | Amy Guthrie
    Mexicans are scrambling for gasoline amid long lines at gas stations and widespread shortages prompted by a change in distribution methods aimed at stemming fuel theft. State oil company Petroleos Mexicanos said the use of more secure transportation methods has resulted in delays for fuel delivery to gas stations in the states of Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Jalisco, Michoacan, Mexico and Queretaro. It is urging consumers not to panic or hoard gasoline, promising that supply will soon stabilize. Pemex is trying to stem billions of dollars in losses from criminal gangs that tap pipelines to steal gasoline by instead transporting the fuel...
  • The Global Carbon Tax Revolt

    12/04/2018 2:23:24 AM PST · by reaganaut1 · 30 replies
    Wall Street Journal ^ | December 3, 2018
    France’s violent Yellow Vest protests are now about many domestic concerns, but it’s no accident that the trigger was a fuel-tax hike. Nothing reveals the disconnect between ordinary voters and an aloof political class more than carbon taxation. The fault line runs between anti-carbon policies and economic growth, and France is a test for the political future of emissions restrictions. France already is a relatively low-carbon economy, with per-capita emissions half Germany’s as of 2014. French governments have nonetheless pursued an “ecological transition” to further squeeze carbon emissions from every corner of the French economy. The results are visible in...
  • The Great Biofuel Swindle

    10/23/2018 2:16:55 PM PDT · by bananaman22 · 10 replies ^ | 10-23-2018 | Haley
    Over the past decade, “biofuel” has been a major buzz word in the world of clean energy and environmental science. As the topic of advanced biofuels continued to trend over the years, investments and studies ballooned accordingly. Now, however, with a bit of hindsight it has become clear that the vast majority of chatter and speculation about the “next big biofuel” set to change the energy landscape was just hot air. Many claims made by energy startups, blogs, and think tanks were a bit short of credible, to put it lightly. A laundry list of companies over time claimed that...
  • Average Retail Price Chart 2008-2018, (The Obama Years (Avg High 2012 $3.62; Avg Low $2.12)

    09/27/2018 7:05:17 AM PDT · by xzins · 11 replies
    Gas Buddy ^ | current | Gas Buddy
    2009 = $2.35 2010 = $2.78 2011 = $3.52 2012 = $3.62 2013 = $3.51 2014 = $3.36 2015 = $2.43 2016 = $2.14 Avg. = $2.96 Gas prices hit highest Average ever in 2012
  • Inflation Adjusted Gasoline Prices

    07/02/2018 3:14:00 PM PDT · by FreedomNotSafety · 50 replies ^ | 2016 | Tim McMahon
    It is interesting to note that in January 2016 prices for gasoline on an inflation adjusted basis are actually much lower than they were during the depression.
  • Keep it in the Ground … By Blocking Pipelines

    06/30/2018 7:39:15 AM PDT · by rktman · 10 replies ^ | 6/30/2018 | Paul Driessen
    You can understand their frustration, as the steady stream of radical environmentalist successes during the Obama years has been replaced with endless setbacks. Oil, gas and coal leasing, permits and production have risen significantly. Big Green just lost its first Big Cities v. Big Oil climate change shakedown lawsuit. President Trump pulled the USA out of the economy-wrecking, all-pain-no-gain Paris Climate Treaty and will soon nominate another Supreme Court justice. So, all these rabidly anti-fossil-fuel actions in Oakland and New York and across the USA will have no effect on global emissions or even theoretically on Earth’s climate. It’s all...
  • Repeal of the EPA regulations mandating unwanted portable gas container nozzles

    05/07/2018 8:30:57 PM PDT · by Blood of Tyrants · 67 replies ^ | 5/7/2018 | Self
    I hate the gas cans the way they are made with a "spill-proof" nozzle and no vent hole. The first thing I did with my new EPA-compliant can is destroy the anti-spill crap and drill a vent hole in them, and plug the vent hole with a screw. Please sign my petition and share it on your social media pages.
  • GOP Lawmakers Refuse to Help Fund Gas Tax Repeal Effort

    04/18/2018 1:02:44 PM PDT · by HKMk23 · 14 replies
    Reform California ^ | 4/18/2018 | Self
    As Californians are painfully aware, the Democrat Stronghold of Sacramento this year levied upon them an additional gasoline tax that soaks motorists for nearly twenty cents per gallon. Yes, on its face, it's "only" twelve cents per gallon, but nothing in Sacramento is as it appears. Democrats inserted language that alters the way that tax is calculated, and that little bit of typical Democrat chicanery accounts for the difference between what they say, and what drivers actually pay. As fewer Californians know, Reform California, with Carl DeMaio as Chairman, is leading the push to place an Initiative on the November...
  • Pain In The Pump: Gas Prices On The Rise

    04/03/2018 1:05:55 PM PDT · by Red Badger · 38 replies ^ | 04-03-2018 | Staff
    BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The cost of gas is up across the country, including in Maryland, and is inching toward the highest price in three years. Gas is going up about a penny every other day — 15 cents in the past month. “We’ll be paying the highest prices for this time of year since 2014,” said Christine Delise with AAA. Gas companies are changing over to a different summer blend. To do so, some refineries shut down, leading to the classic market principal of supply and demand. A tighter supply means they can demand more for your fuel. Demand is...