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History (Bloggers & Personal)

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  • BASKETBALL: REMEMBERING WES UNSELD (March 14, 1946 – June 2, 2020)

    06/03/2020 6:51:07 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 9 replies
    Powerline Blog ^ | 06/03/2020 | Paul Mirengoff
    When people ask me to name my favorite athlete of all time, I give two names: Wes Unseld and Sonny Jurgensen. If pressed, I go with Big Wes because he delivered a championship to Washington, D.C. and because of what he meant to the community off the court. Unseld died today at the age of 74. The cause of death was “complications from pneumonia.” You have to be really old to remember Unseld as a basketball superstar. In his senior year at Louisville, he averaged 23 points per game, with a .613 field goal percentage, and led Louisville to...
  • WATCH: BET Founder Worth $550M Wants $14T in Reparations for Slavery

    06/03/2020 9:16:31 AM PDT · by JV3MRC · 45 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | 6/3/2020 | Joseph Vazquez
    The hypocrisy of mega-rich celebrities calling for reparations for slavery is astonishing. Black Entertainment Television Founder Robert Johnson, as summarized by CNBC, said that the “U.S. government should provide $14 trillion of reparations for slavery to help reduce racial inequality.” He’s currently worth an estimated $550 million.
  • Democratic Party -- this party is a riot, man

    06/03/2020 8:30:15 AM PDT · by Peter ODonnell · 12 replies
    original to Free Republic | June 3 2020 | Peter O'Donnell
    The party affiliation of U.S. big city mayors tells an interesting story. The list can be viewed on wikipedia if you google "U.S. mayors 50 biggest cities" ... unlike metropolitan area populations, this list goes strictly by the populations within the cities. Democrats are mayors in 35 of these cities, Republicans in thirteen and independents in two. Rather than listing all the cities run by Democrats, it is all but these: Republicans are mayors in San Diego, Jacksonville, Fort Worth, El Paso, Oklahoma City, Fresno, Mesa, Colorado Springs, Omaha, Miami, Tulsa, Virginia Beach and Arlington TX. Independents are mayors of...
  • 1886: Twenty-two Uganda Martyrs

    06/03/2020 6:57:28 AM PDT · by CheshireTheCat · 2 replies ^ | June 3, 2013 | Meaghan Good
    On this date in 1886, thirteen Catholic men and boys, as well as nine Anglican Christians, were burned alive in Buganda, a kingdom in modern-day Uganda. Most of them pages at the royal court, they had been martyred for their faith. The kingdom of Buganda came in contact with Europeans in the 1860s; Arab traders had been doing business there a few decades before that. Christian missionaries arrived in Buganda in 1879. In the next few years many court officials converted. King Muteesa I tolerated Muslims, Catholics and Protestants and played them off against other for political gain, but his...

    06/02/2020 12:54:06 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 13 replies
    Powerline Blog ^ | 06/02/2020 | Paul Mirengoff
    Heather Mac Donald writes about the pandemic of violence that spread across America after the killing of George Floyd. Her excellent article includes this statistic: Between 2012 and 2015, blacks committed 85.5 percent of all black-white interracial violent victimizations (excluding interracial homicide, which is also disproportionately black-on-white). That works out to 540,360 felonious assaults on whites. Whites committed 14.4 percent of all interracial violent victimization, or 91,470 felonious assaults on blacks. Blacks commit around 70 percent of black-white interracial homicides. I take it that, as a statistical matter, the “expected” number is 50 percent for all forms of black-white...
  • 1810: Leatherlips, tomahawked

    06/02/2020 6:09:39 AM PDT · by CheshireTheCat · 6 replies ^ | June 2, 2013 | Headsman
    On this date in 1810, Ohio’s Wyandot (aka Huron) tribe executed Leatherlips by tomahawk. This evocative name,* and his proper Wyandot name of Chief Shateyaronyah, appears among the signatories of the Treaty of Greenville — a pact secured after military action ceding Ohio to white settlers. It’s just an early installment of the rolling continental conquest with its familiar Hobson’s choice for natives: resist or accommodate? Leatherlips was a leader of the accommodationist strand, advocating peacable relations with neighboring whites. And in a few years, this would become a very big problem for the leader of the resistance camp —...
  • America's Kristallnacht the "Blue" rebellion of 2020: 5 Things that must be clearly pointed out!

    06/01/2020 8:13:29 AM PDT · by FiddlePig · 7 replies
    RedNeckoBlogger Blog ^ | 6/1/2020 | RedNeckoBlogger
    A counter true narrative must be offered! Media noise and Big Tech censorship makes it a challenge... but it must done! Our future as a free country is at great risk! Five things that must be clearly pointed out! Must be clearly pointed out #1: "Systemic racism" and "police brutality" is largely a Democrat "Blue" city problem!!! They try to blame Trump and conservatives, but in reality this is a rebellion by largely Democrat constituents against THEIR own mayors, governors and reps It's by far in "Blue" cities not "Red" ones! Must be clearly pointed out #2: Dems have spent...
  • 1962: Adolf Eichmann

    05/31/2020 10:23:08 PM PDT · by CheshireTheCat · 9 replies ^ | June 1, 2008 | Headsman
    On this date in 1962, the architect of the Final Solution received such justice as could be meted to him on earth at Israel’s Ramla Prison. Adolf Eichmann, the vacuum cleaner salesman turned SS Obersturnbannfuhrer, remains the only person judicially executed in the history of modern Israel, whose intelligence services kidnapped him from Argentina where he had settled after the war.
  • George Floyd Riots Are a Warning to Autocratic Governors

    05/31/2020 4:47:36 PM PDT · by kathsua · 9 replies
    Janitor's view ^ | May 31, 2020 | Reasonmclucus
    The George Floyd rioters may identify with Floyd because they feel that state or local government is kneeling on their necks. The claim that Floyd died of strangulation ignores the fact he was able to say "I can't breathe!" The fact Floyd could speak means he could exhale air through his throat. Thus the statement "I can't breathe!" probably indicates he could not expand his lungs so he could draw in air. He would have had trouble expanding his lungs lying face down with a man on his back. If the men involved in Floyd's death are typical of those...
  • History Matters: Riots on Familiar Ground

    05/31/2020 9:36:18 AM PDT · by CheshireTheCat · 6 replies
    Ricochet ^ | May 30, 2020 | Clifford A. Brown
    ....So, we have a truly diverse, when it comes to ancestry, history of domestic street mob violence. Through our first 200 years as a nation, it may be that people who felt unrepresented by the results at the ballot box eventually turned to street violence. It appears, however, that the class makeup has shifted, starting with the late 1960s radical college student movement. Instead of poor and working-class men alone, it appears that there has been a shift towards people with more resources, including more ability to network, coordinate, and travel greater distances in support of street violence and threats....
  • 1622: Not quite Squanto (Tisquantum), Pilgrim befriender

    05/31/2020 9:02:14 AM PDT · by CheshireTheCat · 7 replies ^ | May 31, 2010 | Headsman
    On this date in 1622, or very close to it, the Patuxet Native American Tisquantum (better known as Squanto) was about to be yielded by Plymouth Colony Governor William Bradford to Wampanoag chief Massasoit for immediate execution … when the unannounced appearance of a strange ship fortuitously saved him. Squanto is most famous as the Indian godsend who saved the Mayflower Pilgrims at the Plymouth Bay colony from starvation by teaching those pious wayfarers how to live off the land in the New World. In that capacity, he made possible (and participated in) the “First Thanksgiving” harvest gorger in 1621...
  • MELTDOWN: Lemon Goes on Insane Rant Defending Riots as ‘Mechanism’ for Change

    05/31/2020 6:57:22 AM PDT · by kevcol · 34 replies
    Newsbusters ^ | May 31, 2020 | Curtis Houck
    CNN Tonight host Don Lemon suffered a meltdown for the ages Saturday night, spending almost 11 minutes unloading his disdain for America in 2020 and, except for a mealy-mouthed condemnation, giving support for the rioting and other criminal acts supposedly done to mourn the Monday death of Minneapolis African-American man George Floyd. Lemon’s defense? Apparently, this will all serve as a “mechanism for a restructure of our country or for some sort of change,” ostensibly in our criminal justice and political system seeing as how so many feel as though they “have nothing to lose.” And for those upset with...
  • Video: BLM Rioter Sets Himself On Fire With A Molotov While Trying to Light A Historic Building On Fire

    05/31/2020 4:16:56 AM PDT · by USA Conservative · 75 replies
    Conservative US ^ | 05.31.2020 | Alex Hall
    he protest, which began at 3 p.m., was in addition to a protest that started around 1 p.m. in Durham. Another protest began at 5 p.m. in Raleigh. As protests over the death of George Floyd happen all over the country, one was underway Saturday afternoon in Fayetteville. The protest later moved to downtown Fayetteville and remained non-violent until about 6:45 p.m. Protesters then broke into the Market House. A U.S. flag was also burned just in front of the Market House. Several windows were also broken at the Market House as protesters surrounded the structure. By 7:15 p.m., the...
  • Dont let Totalitarian Socialists anywhere distort Western traditions and institutions to build police states.

    05/30/2020 8:11:08 PM PDT · by Ozguy1945 · 1 replies
    If I am not mistaken, the two great Catholics in Australian history, in terms of seniority as Catholics, are Cardinal George Pell and St Mary of The Cross. I don’t think what was done to Pell was as bad as what the English and their fellow travelling freedom haters did to Joan of Arc., but there are interesting parallels. If you know the story of Ned Kelly, you will know how Victoria Police have always had an English anti freedom streak deep within them. The police force of the Socialist Left Government of Premier Daniel Andrews elevated the corrupting PC...
  • 1431: Joan of Arc

    05/29/2020 11:29:34 PM PDT · by CheshireTheCat · 6 replies ^ | May 30, 2008 | Headsman
    On this date in 1431, Joan of Arc (also Jeanne d’Arc, even though d’Arc wasn’t really her name at all) was burned at the stake for heresy in the marketplace of Rouen, France. Very much has been written and said about this strange figure, the Maid of Orleans — not quite so much larger than life as she seems otherworldly to it: in her mystical exaltation, in her unthinkable elevation from the illiterate peasantry to military command (and bizarrely effective intervention in the intractable Hundred Years’ War). Apotheosis to the ranks of France’s national heroes is the least of it;...
  • Warning: Just because socialist governments make rules to destroy the economy, dont expect the socialists to actually obey their own rules.

    05/29/2020 3:07:31 PM PDT · by Ozguy1945 · 2 replies
    Beware America. The nanny state is real in Victoria, Australia. They think government can replace freedom. They employ ten people to do work that didnt need ten people and then those people get in everybody's way and break their own laws. They want a utopia where there is no death, but if God sends a plague people are going to die. I am not saying that getting the balance right between "safety" and the economy is easy. But I believe in freedom. The false safeties of socialist parasites make me sick.
  • Russia Investigation Blatantly Unconstitutional

    05/29/2020 12:40:14 PM PDT · by kathsua · 3 replies
    Janitor's view ^ | May 28, 2020 | Reasonmclucus
    [Is the Bill of Rights a Bad Joke? pt. 2] . Attorney General William Barr should send a letter to the Supreme Court stating that the 2016 election investigation violated the Constitution because it was based in part on an unverified dossier provided by a British MI6 agent who conceded that it might only be 70% to 90% accurate. Most people don't understand that the Bill of Rights provisions regulating law enforcement weren't added to the Constitution to protect killers and thieves. The provisions were added to the Constitution to prevent corrupt law enforcement agencies from misusing the criminal justice...
  • Do You Remember the MASS RIOTS AND LOOTING After Black Muslim Cop Mohamed Noor Shot Justine Damond Point Blank in the Chest in Minneapolis?

    05/29/2020 11:43:27 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 32 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | 05/29/2020 | Jim Hoft
    Somali American police officer Mohamed Noor shot Aussie Justine Damond in July 2017. Damond called the police to report a possible assault down the alley behind her home.When she went out to meet the police car in her pajamas Noor reached over his partner and shot her dead.Mohamed was the first Somali officer in his precinct. Damond was shot and killed while wearing her pajamas and speaking to another police officer. Damond called 911 that night to report a possible assault in an alley behind her home on July 15, reports The Minneapolis Star-Tribune. Noor’s partner was described as “stunned”...
  • One Month Later: Top Israeli Mathematician Predicted COVID-19 Peaks After 40 Days With or Without Economic Lockdowns — And He Was Right!

    05/28/2020 9:23:36 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 25 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | 05/28/2020 | Jim Hoft
    Israeli mathematician Isaac Ben-IsraelTop Israeli mathematician Isaac Ben-Israel predicted in mid-April (April 15) that the deadly COVID-19 virus peaks after around 40 days independent of the society locking down their economy or not. Via Ned Nikolov. A leading Israeli math Prof. compared the evolution of #COVID19 epidemics in different countries and found that the virus follows the same pattern regardless of the mitigation measurements adopted by Governments, i.e. an economic lockdown has NO effect!— Ned Nikolov, Ph.D. (@NikolovScience) April 15, 2020 The Times of Israel reported: A prominent Israeli mathematician, analyst and former general claims simple statistical analysis demonstrates...
  • 1503: A banderaio and an executioner

    05/28/2020 9:20:56 PM PDT · by CheshireTheCat · 1 replies ^ | May 29, 2018 | Headsman
    Courtesy of Emotions in the Heart of the City (14th-16th century), we travel to Florence during its between-Medicis republican interim* for a very emotional execution: On the morning of 29 May 1503, outside the city’s great Gate of Justice,** a young flag-maker (banderaio) was put to death for having murdered another banderaio. In a scene that struck the throng of spectators as an outrage, the executioner had failed to cut off his head even after three blows of his sword. The sight must have been grisly, for the attending mounted captain was next forced to move in and club the...