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  • Iraq, WMDs and Troubling Revelations

    05/26/2006 4:48:53 AM PDT · by unionblue83 · 5 replies · 486+ views
    Front Page Magazine ^ | 26 May 2006 | Jamie Glazov
    Just recently, Saddam Hussein's former southern regional commander, Gen. Al-Tikriti, gave the first videotaped testimony confirming that Iraq had WMDs up to the American invasion in 2003 and that Russia helped removed them prior to the war. His testimony confirms numerous other sources that have pointed to Russia's secret alliance with Iraq and the co-ordinated moving of WMDs before the American liberation. Today we've invited three experts on this subject to discuss the details of Al-Tikriti's testimony and its larger significance. Our guests today are: John Loftus, president of the Intelligence Summit, a non-profit, non-partisan charity to support our intelligence...
  • Islam's March Against the West

    03/26/2006 12:24:03 PM PST · by MILESJESU · 26 replies · 997+ views
    2006 Voices Magazine ^ | 3/26/2006 | SOLDIEROFJESUSCHRIST
    | Voices Magazine | I was ten years old when my home exploded around me, burying me under the rubble, drinking my blood to survive, as the perpetrators shouted Allah Akbar.
  • Document: Zarqawi in Iraq Long Before the War Started (See translation and interesting finds)

    03/17/2006 10:37:56 AM PST · by jveritas · 34 replies · 7,355+ views
    In regards to the Iraqi intelligence documents that discussed Al Zarqawi presence in Iraq, as posted on the Foreign Miliarty Services Office (FMSO) website (document ISGZ-2004-019920 ) it appears that the some in the Iraqi intelligence apparatus provided the accurate information about Zarqawi presence in Iraq with attached pictures of him, but when the information reached the Director or a Director of the Iraqi intelligence he dismissed it as not accurate. This is interesting since it seems there was an intended cover up by this top Iraqi Intelligence officer about the presence of Zarqawi in Iraq despite the much stronger...
  • ABCNews: New Documents from Saddam Hussein's Archives Discuss Bin Laden, WMDs

    03/16/2006 11:11:32 PM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 112 replies · 11,209+ views
    ABC News International ^ | March 17, 2006 | staff
    U.S. Government Releases Papers From Saddam's Reign March 16, 2006 — Following are the ABC News Investigative Unit's summaries of four of the nine Iraqi documents from Saddam Hussein's government, which were released by the U.S. government Wednesday. The documents discuss Osama bin Laden, weapons of mass destruction, al Qaeda and more. The full documents can be found on the U.S. Army Foreign Military Studies Office Web site: Document titles were added by ABC News. "Osama bin Laden and the Taliban" Document dated Sept. 15, 2001An Iraqi intelligence service document saying that their Afghani informant, who's only identified by a...
  • Documents confirm Saddam Hussein government knew Zarqawi headed Al Qaeda cell in Iraq in August 2002

    03/17/2006 7:44:21 AM PST · by Calpernia · 131 replies · 5,480+ views ^ | March 17, 2006 | By Laura Mansfield
    March 17, 2006: Documents confirm Saddam Hussein government knew Zarqawi headed Al Qaeda cell in Iraq in August 2002 Documents released Thursday by the US government show that less than a year after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, Saddam Hussein’s government had identified at least one active Al Qaeda cell in his country. Among the Iraqi documents collected by U.S. intelligence during the Iraq war amd released Thursday is a document, released only in Arabic, which the US government describes as follows: 2002 Iraqi Intelligence Correspondence concerning the presence of al-Qaida Members in Iraq. Correspondence between...
  • Newly released document links Saddam to al-Qaida (Free Republic mention/link)

    03/17/2006 3:49:47 AM PST · by pookie18 · 66 replies · 4,685+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | 3/17/06 | WorldNetDaily
    Indicates regime was cooperating with bin Laden group to strike U.S. Saddam Hussein on Iraqi TV prior to the war Among the pre-war documents posted online yesterday by the Pentagon is a letter from a member of Saddam's intelligence apparatus indicating al-Qaida and the Taliban had a relationship with the regime prior to the 9-11 attacks. The letter by the member of Saddam's Al Mukabarat to a superior, dated Sept. 15, 2001, reports a pre-9/11 conversation between an Iraqi intelligence source and a Taliban Afghani consul. The documents were released yesterday at the direction of National Intelligence Director John Negroponte....
  • President Bush Orders Saddam Tapes Release

    03/13/2006 8:14:37 PM PST · by Carl/NewsMax · 85 replies · 2,520+ views, Weekly Standard ^ | March 13, 2006 | Carl Limbacher
    President Bush has ordered that critical evidence confiscated by U.S. forces after they liberated Iraq be made public - including 3,000 hours of audiotapes of Saddam Hussein chairing his Revolutionary Command Council before the war and 48,000 boxes of records documenting his regime's military activities. "This stuff ought to be out," Bush told National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley last month, according to the Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes. "Put this stuff out," the president reiterated. The president made similar statements during three separate meetings with congressional Republicans and several senior national security officials, the Standard said. Bush's initial order came on...
  • Bush wants to release the Saddam files but his intelligence chief stalls

    03/11/2006 9:22:21 AM PST · by kimosabe31 · 193 replies · 3,638+ views
    THE WEEKLY STANDARD ^ | 03/20/2006 | Stephen F. Hayes
    On February 16, President George W. Bush assembled a small group of congressional Republicans for a briefing on Iraq. Vice President Dick Cheney and National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley were there, and U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Zalmay Khalilzad participated via teleconference from Baghdad. As the meeting was beginning, Mike Pence spoke up. The Indiana Republican, a leader of conservatives in the House, was seated next to Bush."Yesterday, Mr. President, the war had its best night on the network news since the war ended," Pence said."Is this the tapes thing?" Bush asked, referring to two ABC News reports that included excerpts...
  • Help, need to find a transcript (vanity)

    03/07/2006 5:24:53 PM PST · by Jewels1091 · 14 replies · 541+ views
    3/7/06 | FOX
    This morning on my way out the door to work, Fox and Friends had an UK intelligence officer or some specialist on. He is reading and listening to the Saddam tapes and reading the boxes of papers foiund. He said that there is tapes that tell where, when and how the WMD was moved, where exactly, and who helped (The Russians). But here's where I had to leave and really what I wanted a transcript of...he says that there are tapes of Saddam and UBL!!!!!!!!
  • Islam's March Against the West

    03/04/2006 8:29:25 PM PST · by FFforFreedom · 170 replies · 2,613+ views
    Islam's March Against the West By Brigitte Gabriel Excerpted from Brigitte Gabriel's speech delivered at the Intelligence Summit in Washington DC, Saturday February 18, 2006. We gather here today to share information and knowledge. Intelligence is not merely cold hard data about numerical strength or armament or disposition of military forces. The most important element of intelligence has to be understanding the mind set and intention of the enemy. The west has been wallowing in a state of ignorance and denial for thirty years as Muslim extremist perpetrated evil against innocent victims in the name of Allah. I was ten...
  • Saddam's WMDs Were Real, Experts Say

    02/22/2006 11:40:16 AM PST · by pissant · 112 replies · 2,367+ views
    CBN ^ | 2/19/06 | staff
    WASHINGTON - Ever since the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003, the Bush administration has come under heavy criticism for its inability to find Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction. Now some experts are saying that those WMDs did exist, but that they are not in Iraq anymore. The 2006 Intelligence Summit, a three-day event held this weekend outside Washington, D.C., featured a who's-who of counter-terrorism and national security experts. One of them, Bill Tierney, worked as a U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq. On Saturday, he provided translations of tapes featuring Hussein and other high-ranking Iraqi officials discussing Iraq’s secret...
  • Saddam Translator: ABC Re-interpreted Tapes

    02/17/2006 10:45:00 AM PST · by areafiftyone · 123 replies · 4,280+ views
    NewsMax ^ | 2/17/06
    The FBI translator who supplied the 12-hours of Saddam Hussein audiotapes excerpted by ABC's "Nightline" Wednesday night now says the network discarded his translations and went with a less threatening version of the Iraqi dictator's comments. "What you heard on ABC News was their translation," former U.N. weapons inspector Bill Tierney told ABC Radio's Sean Hannity on Thursday. "They came up with something different on a key element regarding terrorism in the United States," Tierney insisted. In the "Nightline" version of a 1996 recording, Saddam predicts that Washington, D.C. would be hit by terrorists. But he adds that Iraq would...
  • 'Bush Was Right'(Saddam's WMD)

    02/21/2006 5:38:24 PM PST · by kellynla · 154 replies · 4,792+ views
    Investor's Business Daily ^ | 2/21/2006 | staff
    WMD: The quote above is that of a former UNSCOM member after translating and reviewing 12 hours of taped conversations between Saddam Hussein and his aides. So what's on the covers of Time and Newsweek? Funny thing about dictators and tyrants: Very often they are meticulous record keepers. The fall of the Third Reich, the Soviet Union and Saddam Hussein's Iraq all produced treasure troves of information. In Iraq's case, there were so many documents and records that even now only a small fraction have been translated and analyzed. Among them are 12 hours of conversations from the early 1990s...
  • “He Shall Direct Thy Paths to the Weapons of Mass Destruction.”

    02/21/2006 3:01:23 PM PST · by april15Bendovr · 40 replies · 1,924+ views
    National Review ^ | February 20, 2006, 7:20 a.m. | Byron York
    February 20, 2006, 7:20 a.m. “He Shall Direct Thy Paths to the Weapons of Mass Destruction.” The former U.N. inspector behind the “Saddam Tapes” says God revealed WMD sites to him. William Tierney, the former United Nations weapons inspector who unveiled the so-called "Saddam Tapes" at a conference in Arlington, Virginia, Saturday, told National Review Online that God directed him to weapons sites in Iraq and that his belief in the importance of one particular site was strengthened when a friend told him that she had a vision of the site in a dream. In his presentation at the so-called...
  • Ex-Official: Russia Moved Saddam's WMD

    02/20/2006 11:29:29 PM PST · by Thunder90 · 84 replies · 3,548+ views ^ | February 19, 2006 | Kenneth R. Timmerman
    A top Pentagon official who was responsible for tracking Saddam Hussein's weapons programs before and after the 2003 liberation of Iraq, has provided the first-ever account of how Saddam Hussein "cleaned up" his weapons of mass destruction stockpiles to prevent the United States from discovering them. "The short answer to the question of where the WMD Saddam bought from the Russians went was that they went to Syria and Lebanon," former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense John A. Shaw told an audience Saturday at a privately sponsored "Intelligence Summit" in Alexandria, Va. (
  • Saddam Tapes: What They Don't Prove (NBC's Trick?)

    02/15/2006 11:14:29 AM PST · by excludethis · 28 replies · 1,821+ views
    Newsweek ^ | Feb. 20, 2006 | Mark Hosenball and Michael Isikoff
    Government investigators are trying to determine how 12 hours of tape recordings of Saddam Hussein and his aides, acquired by U.S. personnel in Iraq, got into the hands of the organizers of a private "intelligence summit" to be held in D.C. next weekend. John Loftus, a former government prosecutor and self-described whistle-blower, claims the tapes "will be able to provide a few definitive answers to some very important—and controversial—weapons-of-mass-destruction questions." At one point Saddam muses how vulnerable D.C. would be to a "biological" attack, but adds that Iraq wouldn't do it. House Intelligence Committee chairman Pete Hoekstra is reviewing transcripts...
  • Media Ignore Saddam's Uranium Bombshell

    02/20/2006 6:15:06 AM PST · by conservativecorner · 27 replies · 1,957+ views
    News Max ^ | Feb. 20, 2006 | Carl Limbacher
    Tape recordings released over the weekend show that Saddam Hussein had an active nuclear weapons program at least as recently as 2000 - but the press has decided the bombshell development isn't newsworthy. Speaking at the Intelligence Group Summit in Arlington, Va., Saddam tapes translator Bill Tierney revealed that in one recorded conversation, the Iraqi dictator can be heard discussing a plan to enrich uranium using a technique known as plasma separation. Though U.S. weapons inspectors found that 1.8 tons of Saddam's 500 ton uranium stockpile had been partially enriched, they failed to turn up any evidence of an ongoing...
  • Bill Tierney on Fox & Friends to review Iraqi Nuclear Plasma Program(Saddam Tapes)

    02/19/2006 2:54:35 PM PST · by Alex Marko · 18 replies · 909+ views
    Bill Tierney will appear on Fox & Friends Monday Feb. 20 at 7:15 am with taped recordings of Saddam convesations along with english text related to Iraq's Nuclear Plasma Program linked to their Atomic programs. In a clear confession, Saddam along with 2 previously unknown scientist's discuss Iraq's ongoing Plasma Program.
  • Ex-Official: Russia Moved Saddam's WMDs

    02/18/2006 11:21:08 PM PST · by Tut · 112 replies · 3,184+ views
    Newsmax ^ | Feb. 18 2006 | Kenneth R. Timmerman
    Ex-Official: Russia Moved Saddam's WMDs A top Pentagon official who was responsible for tracking Saddam Hussein's weapons programs before and after the 2003 liberation of Iraq, has provided the first-ever account of how Saddam Hussein "cleaned up" his weapons of mass destruction stockpiles to prevent the United States from discovering them. "The short answer to the question of where the WMDs Saddam bought from the Russians went was that they went to Syria and Lebanon," former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense John. A. Shaw told an audience Saturday at a privately sponsored "Intelligence Summit" in Alexandria, Va. ( "They were moved...
  • Intel summit overshadowed by fund concern (Conference Iraq WMDs)

    02/19/2006 2:44:21 AM PST · by Anti-Bubba182 · 5 replies · 584+ views
    UPI ^ | Feb 18, 2006 | Shaun Waterman
    WASHINGTON, DC, United States (UPI) -- U.S. intelligence officials are being warned about attending a conference this weekend where organizers plan to release audio tapes of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein discussing his illegal weapons programs -- because of concerns about one of the event`s underwriters. The Intelligence Summit, a privately organized conference and exhibition being held this weekend in Arlington, Va., boasts that it 'is intended to be the most prestigious world conference on international studies, intelligence policy, terrorism, and homeland security.' Until recently the event had two former CIA directors on its board of advisors, and touted a number...
  • Copies of Saddam tapes available

    02/18/2006 11:46:39 AM PST · by Alex Marko · 62 replies · 1,676+ views
    Copies of Saddam's meetings are available for listening. 12 hours worth of Meetings along with english text. It can be found here at: (powerpointe presentation w/ english text)
  • The Saddam Tapes: Gentlemen, Start Your Spin Machines!

    02/16/2006 4:22:37 PM PST · by Nasty McPhilthy · 258+ views
    The Powers That Be/MND ^ | Thursday, February 16, 2006 | Doug Powers
    A bit of a row has developed among the organization releasing the secret recordings of Saddam Hussein (other than the battle between those who want to put the tapes out in their pure analog form, and those who want to digitalize the audio and create an extended dance mix) : CAIRO, Egypt - Two former CIA directors have resigned from the board of the organization planning tomorrow to make public secret recordings of Saddam Hussein and his advisers. In the last week both John Deutch and James Woolsey abruptly left their positions at Intelligence Summit, according to its president, John...

    02/16/2006 1:16:45 PM PST · by pissant · 47 replies · 1,801+ views
    NRO ^ | 2/16/06 | Byron York
    This morning the New York Sun has a new report on the so-called "Saddam Tapes." The article, entitled "Furor Erupts Over Recordings of Saddam," reports that two former CIA directors, James Woolsey and John Deutch, have resigned from something called the Intelligence Summit, run by a former federal prosecutor named John Loftus. The Intelligence Summit is scheduled to release the Saddam tapes tomorrow. Loftus has been a moving force behind the appearance of the tapes; last week, the Sun reported that the House Intelligence Committee was studying the tapes, which "were provided to [the] committee by a former federal prosecutor,...
  • Intelligence Summit to Air 'Saddam's WMD Tapes'

    02/15/2006 9:55:42 AM PST · by Jeremiah2911 · 20 replies · 1,132+ views
    CNSNEWS.COM ^ | February 15, 2006 | Staff Writer
    ( - Reportedly armed with 12 hours of Saddam Hussein's audio recordings, the organizers of an upcoming "Intelligence Summit" are describing the tapes as the "smoking gun evidence" that the Iraqi dictator possessed weapons of mass destruction in the period leading up to the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. The U.S. House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which according to the New York Sun has already authenticated the Saddam tapes, has reopened its investigation into the possible existence and location of the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction (WMD). But some long-time liberal skeptics are showing no inclination to change their minds....

    01/12/2006 1:49:59 PM PST · by Alex Marko · 4 replies · 966+ views
    A former military intelligence analyst, who currently works as a civilian contractor, believes he has found a cache of extremely confidential--and very shocking--audio recordings of Saddam Hussein's office meetings. The audiotapes, which had apparently been overlooked, were found in a warehouse along with many other untranslated Iraqi intelligence files. These tapes are extremely significant, since they may be the best evidence yet of Saddam's secret intentions concerning weapons of mass destruction. Before 9/11, many intelligence experts were convinced that a very strong and important Iraqi WMD connection existed, only to change their minds when no concrete evidence of that connection...
  • New evidence on Saddam's WMDs?

    01/07/2006 2:19:04 PM PST · by Gribbles141 · 21 replies · 1,980+ views
    WND ^ | 1-7-06
    Posted: January 7, 2006 1:00 a.m. Eastern © 2006 WASHINGTON – A former intelligence analyst currently working as a civilian contractor will unveil publicly what he believes to be recordings of Saddam Hussein's office meetings discussing his program of developing weapons of mass destruction at an International Intelligence Summit in the nation's capital next month. The highly confidential audio was overlooked when it was found in a warehouse along with many other untranslated Iraqi intelligence files, according to the contractor. The recordings are very significant because they may contain audio of Saddam's secret intentions regarding weapons of mass destruction,...
  • Intelligence Summit 2006

    07/26/2005 9:15:11 PM PDT · by GunnyBob · 8 replies · 444+ views
    There is a continuous interest among Freepers in gathering accurate intelligence regarding the war on terror. To that end, the Intelligence Summit ( is set for Feb 2006 in DC. Lots of high-speed speakers will deliver presentations, including former DCI James Woolsey. My presentation will be titled "Countermeasure Methodology: Defeating Terrorists in the Reconnaissance Phase of the Operation." If any of you attend, please intro yourself to me. --Gunny