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  • Deleting Online Jihad on Twitter: The Case of British Jihadi Anjem Choudary - Tweeting...

    11/06/2011 12:07:25 AM PDT · by Cindy · 18 replies - Report ^ | November 4, 2011 | Steven Stalinsky
    SNIPPET: "British Jihadi Anjem Choudary Tweets On March 19, 2011, British jihadi Anjem Choudary, spokesman for the banned Islam4UK organization, co-founder of Al-Muhajiroun, and spiritual advisor to the UK Islamist group Muslims Against Crusades (MAC),[18] launched a Twitter account and began tweeting. MAC made headlines last week for threatening a British MP who subsequently called on their activities to be closely monitored by law enforcement.[19] According to his Twitter account, Choudary is "a Muslim who believes that Islam is something we must believe in (Tawheed), live by (Shari'ah) and struggle and sacrifice for (by way of Daw'ah and Jihad)."[20] In...
  • Al-Qaida suspect tied to U.S.-UK jihad group

    06/21/2004 10:12:46 PM PDT · by JohnHuang2 · 7 replies · 144+ views ^ | Tuesday, June 22, 2004 | Aaron Klein
    Tuesday, June 22, 2004 WAR ON TERRORAl-Qaida suspect tied to U.S.-UK jihad groupAlleged sleeper agent nabbed by FBI part of cell operating in Queens, N.Y. Posted: June 22, 20041:00 a.m. Eastern By Aaron Klein © 2004 An American citizen living in Queens arrested by the FBI, and who has admitted to being a sleeper agent for al-Qaida, has ties to a British-based Islamic extremist organization with still more agents operating in the New York borough, WorldNetDaily has learned. Mohammed Junaid Babar, a naturalized citizen from Pakistan, was secretly taken into custody in April and is being held at the Metropolitan Correctional...
  • Muslim Leader On ABC's This Week: Islam Will Conquer the White House

    10/03/2010 9:12:54 AM PDT · by kristinn · 194 replies · 1+ views
    Sunday, October 3, 2010 | Kristinn
    ABC News' Christiane Amanpour has done a great service today with her panel discussion on whether America should fear Islam. Thanks to guests Franklin Graham, Robert Spencer and Peter Gadiel refusing to submit to Allah and political correctness, and the brashness of Anjem Choudary, Americans watching broadcast television have learned more about Islam in the hour long show than many have in the nine years since 9/11.Franklin Graham was unapologetic in his stance on Islam, however he differentiated between Islam the religion and Muslim people. Gary Bauer and Ayaan Hirsi Ali also deserve credit for speaking truth to Islam on...
  • Hizb ut Tahrir is not a gateway to terrorism, claims Whitehall report

    07/26/2010 1:43:29 AM PDT · by Cindy · 11 replies ^ | Published: 7:30AM BST 25 Jul 2010 | By Andrew Gilligan
    "Hizb ut Tahrir is not a gateway to terrorism, claims Whitehall report" SNIPPET: "The Government has opened the way for official links with Muslim extremists after civil servants said radical groups could be a "safety valve" for those tempted by terrorism." By Andrew Gilligan Published: 7:30AM BST 25 Jul 2010 SNIPPET: "The groups specifically named - in documents leaked to The Sunday Telegraph - include al-Muhajiroun, which has praised 9/11 as “magnificent” and Hizb ut Tahrir, which wants to turn Britain into an Islamic dictatorship under sharia law. In the classified papers, presented last week to Coalition ministers on the...
  • Alan Johnson bans Somali 'terrorist' group Al-Shabaab

    03/01/2010 8:34:40 PM PST · by Cindy · 2 replies · 352+ views
    BBC NEWS ^ | Page last updated at 12:57 GMT, Monday, 1 March 2010 | n/a
    SNIPPET: "The home secretary is to designate the Somalia-based group Al-Shabaab as a terrorist organisation and ban its operation in the UK. The Home Office says the group is committed to violence, deploys terror tactics and has been implicated in attacks on Somali citizens." SNIPPET: "In a statement released in February, the group said that the "jihad of Horn of Africa must be combined with the international jihad led by the al-Qaeda network". Recently, Mr Johnson has also banned Islam4UK, the group run by al-Muhajiroun founder Anjem Choudary, and which had threatened to march through Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire."

    11/14/2009 11:55:44 PM PST · by Cindy · 44 replies · 1,918+ views - from THE SUNDAY TIMES ^ | November 15, 2009 | Nicola Smith in Rawalpindi
    SNIPPET: "An Irish jihadist living in Pakistan’s Swat valley says he is preparing to wage war against British and allied troops in Afghanistan. Khalid Kelly, a former altar boy from the Liberties area of Dublin who used to be known as Terry, told The Sunday Times he is undergoing weapons training in Pakistan’s mountainous tribal region in order to fight jihad against the enemies of Islam. His dream is to face a British soldier in combat, although he would “settle” for an American, he said. “I’m already on the path to jihad. I’ve already picked up a gun and done...
  • It's Burkh-ingham Palace: Hate preacher calls for the Queen to wear full Muslim dress

    10/30/2009 8:24:40 PM PDT · by C19fan · 28 replies · 1,517+ views
    Daily Mail ^ | October 31,2009 | Sam Greenhill
    The Queen forced to wear a burkha and Buckingham Palace turned into a mosque - that was the vision of Britain under Sharia law proposed by a Muslim firebrand today. Preacher of hate Anjem Choudary even showed mocked-up photographs of the palace sporting a golden dome and Nelson's Column as a minaret. He was speaking ahead of a demonstration calling for Sharia law planned for Central London tomorrow, which it is feared could descend into violence. Police are working to avoid a clash between moderate Muslim groups and far-right mobs who have organised rival demonstrations.
  • Anjem Choudary filmed "converting" 11-year-old boy to Islam on British street

    06/29/2009 6:49:52 PM PDT · by Cindy · 5 replies · 464+ views
    SNIPPET: "A young schoolboy was “converted” to Islam on the streets of Birmingham by a radical Muslim preacher, the Sunday Mercury can reveal. The bewildered-looking 11 year-old, who gives his name as Sean, was filmed repeating Arabic chants and swearing allegiance to Allah. The white schoolboy is prompted throughout by controversial cleric Anjem Choudary, a follower of exiled hate-preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed.
  • They're Baaaack: British Terror Supporters Re-launch al-Muhajiroun...

    06/13/2009 9:38:22 PM PDT · by Cindy · 7 replies · 454+ views
    THE JAWA REPORT ^ | June 11, 2009 11:55 AM | by Rusty
    "They're Baaaack: British Terror Supporters Re-launch al-Muhajiroun, Dedicated to "Raising Flag of Islam over Downing Street"" SNIPPET: "A group of terror supporters in the UK have relaunched an organization dedicated banning criticism of Islam, beheading "blasphemers", and killing adulterers. The new and improved al-Muhajiroun will once again be led by Anjem Choudary, chairman of the Society of Muslim Lawyers. The organization was originally founded by Omar Bakri Muhammad who was recently convicted in absentia by a Lebanese court of helping train al Qaeda's local affiliate. He has also been banned from reentering the UK. The group disbanded after a conference...
  • Hate Cleric Bakri on Strict Diet to Breed More ‘Jihadi’ Recruits

    05/27/2009 12:50:47 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 10 replies · 1,316+ views
    Sindh Today ^ | 5/24/09
    Infamous Islamic hate cleric Mullah Omar Bakri Mohammed has been following a strict diet so that he can breed more ‘jihadi’ recruits. The 50 year old cleric shunned his former wife, and married Lebanese beauty Ruba almost half of his age, and is now planning to start another family with her. “Inshallah (God willing), I will have more children. My wife is still young and we would like to start a family together,” The Daily Star quoted Mohammad, as saying. One of Mohammad’s friend said: “His dream is to produce more children, all committed to following his jihadi cause.” In...
  • Threat Matrix: September 2008

    09/03/2008 6:13:02 PM PDT · by nwctwx · 926 replies · 12,869+ views
    How The West Was Won The rapid and unexpected decline of the Sunni insurgency in Iraq was officially recognized this week, when Maj. Gen. John Kelly, commanding the Marine Expeditionary Force, turned operational control of Anbar Province over to the Iraqi army and police. Anbar, a vast expanse of desert the size of North Carolina, had been the stronghold of the Sunni insurgency. For years, foreign fighters loyal to al-Qaida had sneaked across Iraq's northwestern border with Syria, into Anbar and down a "rat line" of safe houses in Haditha, Ramadi and Hit. From Fallujah, the arch terrorist Zarqawi...
  • Threat Matrix: March 2008

    03/05/2008 5:59:39 PM PST · by nwctwx · 1,515 replies · 23,048+ views
    Petraeus: Al Qaida Trying to 'Come Back In' U.S. military officials said there will be no significant reduction in coalition troops in the Baghdad area as part of an effort to stop the Al Qaida offensive in northern Iraq. They said Al Qaida was trying to reenter Baghdad and reverse its losses in 2007. "Al Qaida is trying to come back in," U.S. military commander Gen. David Petraeus said. "We can feel it and see it, and what we're trying to do is rip out any roots before they can get deeply into the ground." Read More Militants Assert...
  • Go to hell

    07/22/2006 8:37:54 PM PDT · by Lorianne · 48 replies · 2,175+ views
    Sunday Express ^ | 21 July 2006
    EXILED Islamic fanatic Omar Bakri Mohammed made an outrageous bid to flee bombed-out Beirut on a Royal Navy warship yesterday. But the people of Britain told him to go to hell. The Muslim cleric who once preached hate-filled rants against the UK and praised the 9/11 atrocities as "magnificent" begged to be allowed aboard one of the vessels ferrying Britons to safety. His plea, made only a few months after he quit Britain under pressure, fell on deaf ears. But Bakri still had the cheek to complain and wrote to embassy officials in Lebanon pleading to get back to the...
  • Islamists Down Under (Vy Interesting Read)

    04/23/2006 2:50:03 PM PDT · by Dark Skies · 13 replies · 804+ views
    FrontPageMagazine ^ | 4/24/2006 | Lowell Ponte
    “[T]he conflict is so clear, so stark there is no middle ground,” said Usman Badar, who in 2005 was President of the Muslim Student Association at Sydney University. “How do you come to middle ground on whether sovereignty belongs to the people or to Allah? You can’t.” Schools down under have begun welcoming Badar and other speakers who, as Sydney Morning Herald reporter Miranda Devine wrote on Sunday, “appear to be fully assimilated, second-generation Australians” who wear conventional Western clothing and speak fluently in “broad Australian accents” as well as Arabic. “But they belong to a political group called Hizb...
  • (British) Terrorists came from Finsbury Park Mosque in London (Al-Muhajiroun, American connections)

    07/18/2005 9:39:27 AM PDT · by Stultis · 16 replies · 1,670+ views
    Terrorists came from Finsbury Park Mosque in London  Militant Islam Monitor .. You will pay ..Bin Laden's on waySickening sight .........Abdul Rehman Saleem of the Al-Muhajiroun, burns the Union Jack and warns of bloodshed on the streets of London Richard Reid (shoe bomber) and Germaine Lindsay( London Subway bomber) went to the Finsbury Mosque in London, it appears that Zacarias Moussaoui and James Ujaama of Seattle WA also attended the Finsbury Mosque along with the two suicide bombers who attacked Mike's pub in Israel last year. British police have released the former leader of the Finsbury Park Mosque Abu...
  • Time to leave Europe, cleric urges Muslims- (keep the powder dry something maybe up)

    09/25/2005 5:14:52 PM PDT · by Flavius · 40 replies · 1,769+ views
    herald sun ^ | 26sep05 | na
    FIREBRAND Islamist cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed -- banned from Britain since August -- has urged Muslims to leave Europe. Mr Bakri, a Lebanese national of Syrian origin who was living in Britain since 1986, was interviewed by France 3 television in Beirut. He has been based there since the British Government stripped him of his residency in its campaign to rein in radical Islamist leaders. "There must be two distinct camps and so all Muslims must leave Europe," said Mr Bakri, declaring that he was convinced "the Islamic flag will fly one day over Downing Street". Mr Bakri is head...
  • British Islamists Threatened Violence

    07/08/2005 3:22:21 AM PDT · by familyop · 15 replies · 1,410+ views ^ | 08JUL05 | Daniel Pipes
    Terrorism usually comes like a bolt from the blue, but not so the four explosions yesterday in London, killing at least 37. Some British Islamist leaders have been warning for months that such violence was imminent. An Islamist British group called Al-Muhajiroun (Arabic: “the immigrants”) for some time publicly stated that the United Kingdom was immune from Islamist violence because of its acceptable behavior. In an April 2004 conversation, the 24-year-old head of Al-Muhajiroun’s Luton branch, Sayful Islam, announced that he supports Osama Bin Laden “100 percent” in the quest to achieve “the worldwide domination of Islam.” Toward this end,...
  • Al-Muhajiroun site down-Group planning tribute to the 9/11 attacks, supports Beslan type abductions

    09/08/2004 7:44:04 PM PDT · by Land_of_Lincoln_John · 12 replies · 599+ views
    September 8, 2004 | Me
    It's been down since this afternoon (I've been checking, or click here I have the right address, and I "googled" for it just in case I somehow didn't. Too much traffic? Did the web host boot them? Here are a couple of FR posts,about al-Muhajiroun. one from today, the other from yesterday. British Muslim Leader Justifies Chechen School Attack AndMuslim Radicals Plan Tribute to 9/11 Attacks
  • Cleric supports targeting children

    09/04/2004 6:15:26 PM PDT · by NavySEAL F-16 · 182 replies · 4,115+ views
    The Telegraph ^ | 5 September 2004 | Rajeev Syal
    An extremist Islamic cleric based in Britain said yesterday that he would support hostage-taking at British schools if carried out by terrorists with a just cause. Omar Bakri Mohammed, the spiritual leader of the extremist sect al-Muhajiroun, said that holding women and children hostage would be a reasonable course of action for a Muslim who has suffered under British rule. In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Mohammed said: "If an Iraqi Muslim carried out an attack like that in Britain, it would be justified because Britain has carried out acts of terrorism in Iraq. "As long as the...
  • Terror leaflets found at mosque [San Jose Website Incites Murder of British People]

    08/19/2004 10:03:58 PM PDT · by JohnathanRGalt · 85 replies · 3,950+ views
    ic ^ | Aug 15 2004 | Jeanette Oldham
    San Jose Website Incites Murder of British PeopleBritish Muslim leaders angry: Terror leaflets found at mosqueBy Jeanette Oldham, Sunday Mercury, Aug 15 2004 _______ Hundreds of leaflets urging Muslims to become terrorist fighters have been distributed at a Midland mosque.Police have been called in to investigate after the flyers were found at Birmingham Central Mosque last week.The leaflets urge worshippers to become Mujahideen fighters and ask them to 'pray for death and decay to be visited upon the West'.The literature bears the name of a group called Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamah, which mosque officials say is often used as an...