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  • Judge Jeanine Pirro's Opening Statement June 25, 2016

    06/25/2016 7:48:48 PM PDT · by sheikdetailfeather · 82 replies
    You Tube via Fox News ^ | 6-25-2016 | Judge Jeanine Pirro
    Published on Jun 25, 2016 Again the judge is right on the money. We must protect ourselves against jerks like you're going to hear from in the attached link, his boss , the people who back them and all those who're associated with the progressive socialist democratic party of ineptocracy whom this clown is a direct representative of -
  • MUST SEE=> Judge Jeanine Pirro OBLITERATES Mitt Romney: “You Awoke a Sleeping Giant” (Video)

    03/06/2016 5:34:50 AM PST · by Helicondelta · 50 replies
    THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! Her best intro yet… Judge Jeanine rips Republican establishment leader Mitt Romney for trashing GOP frontrunner Donald Trump this week. The establishment is panicked and the former Republican presidential nominee just confirmed it. Judge Jeanine Pirro: There’s an insurrection coming. Mitt Romney just confirmed it. We’ve watched governors, the National Review, conservative leaders, establishment and party operatives trash Donald Trump. But Mitt Romney will always be remembered as the one who put us over the edge and awoke a sleeping giant, the Silent Majority, the American people. Fact. The establishment is panicked. Mitt essentially called for...
  • Judge Jeanine Pirro • One on One • Donald Trump FULL Interview • 8/22/15 •

    08/23/2015 7:03:51 AM PDT · by sheikdetailfeather · 15 replies
    You Tube ^ | 8-22-2015 | Fox News
    Published on Aug 22, 2015 ■■ IT IS TIME FOR LIBERTY TO PREVAIL. ■■ Please SHARE this video! • Judge Jeanine Pirro • One on One • Donald Trump FULL Interview • 8/22/15 •
  • Judge Jeanine SLAMS Hillary: You traded Americans’ security just to line your own pockets!

    07/26/2015 7:43:27 AM PDT · by george76 · 24 replies
    BizPac Review ^ | July 26, 2015 | Carmine Sabia
    When it comes to the Clintons, follow the money — and national security be damned. That was the message Saturday night from Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro when she took former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to task for putting America’s safety at risk by using a private email system to disguise how she used her office for her own financial gain. “You can’t trust her, you can’t believe her, so why even think about voting for the woman?” Pirro said in the “Opening Statement” segment of “Justice with Judge Jeanine.” Last week, inspectors general for the State Department and...
  • Immigration Reform Control Act of 1986 "NOTICE TO CONGRESS BEFORE IMPLEMENTING CHANGES" (Required)

    11/22/2014 4:03:19 PM PST · by xzins · 109 replies
    Government Printing Office ^ | 1986 | US Congress
    "(3) NOTICE TO CONGRESS BEFORE IMPLEMENTING CHANGES.— "(A) IN GENERAL.—The President may not implement any change under paragraph (1) unless at least— "(i) 60 days, "(ii) one year, in the case of a major change described in subparagraph (D)(iii), or "(iii) two years, in the case of a major change described in clause (i) or (ii) of subparagraph (D), before the date of implementation of the change, the President has prepared and transmitted to the Committee on the Judiciary of the House of Representatives and to the Committee on the Judiciary of the Senate a written report setting forth the...
  • Judge Jeanine: Are You Stupid? Obamacare’s Jonathan Gruber Says You Are

    11/15/2014 7:42:29 PM PST · by SWAMPSNIPER · 36 replies
    westernfreepress ^ | NOV 15, 2014 | David Leeper
    Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber says what so many of thought all along — Big Government politicians think we’re stupid enough to swallow the lies they told about Obamacare. And now Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber is giddy with glee over the fraud he helped perpetrate. He uses us, We the People, as the target of his smug, elitist, condescending laugh lines in front of fellow elitists who join him in laughter.
  • Judge Jeanine Pirro Emotional Interview with Pat Smith on Death of Son Benghazi - Fox News - 9-6-14

    09/06/2014 10:15:36 PM PDT · by sheikdetailfeather · 12 replies
    You Tube via Fox News ^ | 9-6-2014 | Judge Jeanine Pirro
    Published on Sep 6, 2014 9-6-14 - ( Fox News - Justice Judge Jeanine Pirro ) - Judge Jeanine Pirro Emotional Interview with Pat Smith on Death of Son Benghazi
  • Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement - Christianity Under Attack - Danger From Radical Muslim?

    08/09/2014 4:59:03 PM PDT · by GrandJediMasterYoda · 15 replies
    Youtube ^ | 7/26/14 | Jeanine Pirro
    Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement - Christianity Under Attack - Danger From Radical Muslim? Published on Jul 26, 2014 Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement - Christianity Under Attack - Danger From Radical Muslim? Justice With Judge Jeanine Are Christian Worldwide In Danger From Radical Muslim
  • ‘You Need to Be Afraid’: Judge Jeanine Says Militants in Iraq Will March Toward the West

    06/15/2014 11:06:11 AM PDT · by COUNTrecount · 33 replies
    Fox Insider ^ | June 15, 2014 | Jeanine Pirro
    Must watch! Judge Jeanine Pirro last night cautioned that Americans must be afraid as “the nation of Iraq teeters on the brink of total destruction.” Watch her opening statement above, and read the transcript below.
  • VA Hospitals Scandal. Civil RICO lawsuits for damages (Savage & Pirro Video)

    06/12/2014 4:41:04 AM PDT · by Opinionatedtoday · 8 replies ^ | Marinka Peschmann
    In an interview last week with Michael Savage on The Savage Nation, Fox’s Judge Jeanine Pirro concluded that the nationwide Veterans Affairs (VA) scandals, constitute a RICO action. Naturally, the Judge is correct. But there is an important distinction to RICO that was not articulated during that short, fast moving radio interview. Criminal RICO versus civil RICO. The most well known criminal RICO that took down members of the Gambino crime family, and encouraged junk bond king Michael Milken to pled guilty to six lesser, non-RICO, securities fraud offenses (he served 22 months in jail and paid $1.1 billion in...
  • Judge Jeanine Pirro: Bowe Bergdahl Fiasco Cries Out for Obama's Impeachment

    06/08/2014 11:52:04 AM PDT · by sheikdetailfeather · 46 replies
    You Tube via Fox News ^ | 6/7/14 | Judge Jeanine
    Published on Jun 7, 2014 June 7, 2014 Judge Jeanine Pirro again calls for Obama's impeachment -- this time for the astonishing exchange of one (alleged) US deserter for 5 top Taliban leaders held at Guantanamo Bay. Judge Jeanine warns that the future atrocities these five perpetrate will be attributable to Barack Obama. Obama didn't "release" these murderers, he"unleashed" them says Judge Jeanine.
  • Bowe Bergdahl Fiasco Cries Out for Obama's Impeachment

    06/08/2014 9:20:27 AM PDT · by lyby · 22 replies
    Western Free Press ^ | June 7, 2014 | Judge Jeannine Pirro
    Judge Jeanine Pirro again calls for Obama’s impeachment — this time for the astonishing exchange of one (alleged) US deserter for five top Taliban leaders held at Guantanamo Bay. Nostrils flaring, she drives home one point after another, like nails in a coffin, as she builds her compelling case.
  • Vanity: Jeanine Pirro EVISCERATES Obama Administration

    04/12/2014 6:38:21 PM PDT · by ConservativeMan55 · 37 replies
    Can anybody get video of her "Opening Statement" tonight about Benghazi.. it should be posted! I could feel her disdain and disgust for the Obama Administration coming through my TV Screen. I want to send this woman some flowers lol!!
  • Judge Jeanine Pirro Skewers Obama’s Feckless Foreign Policy

    03/02/2014 10:26:13 AM PST · by dleeper47 · 13 replies News ^ | 3/2/2014 | dleeper47
    <p>"We dare not tempt them with weakness. For only when our arms are sufficient beyond doubt can we be certain beyond doubt that they will never be employed."</p>
  • Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement - Obama Can Take That Pen and..

    02/04/2014 3:12:48 PM PST · by GrandJediMasterYoda · 14 replies
    Youtube ^ | 2/1/14 | Judge Jeanine Pirro
    Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement - Obama Can Take That Pen &... SOTU, Keystone, Iran, Little Sister
  • Judge Jeanine: President Obama is ‘the Master of Contradiction’

    01/28/2014 10:20:16 AM PST · by GrandJediMasterYoda · 19 replies ^ | Jan 26 2014 // 1:11pm | Jeanine Pirro
    Judge Jeanine: President Obama is ‘the Master of Contradiction’ Judge Jeanine Pirro's Opening Statement this week focused on President Barack Obama ahead of Tuesday's State of the Union. Watch the video above and read the full transcript below. Every year in January, the president addresses the American people on the state of our union. Washington on high alert. Elected politicians all aflutter at the idea of being caught on camera - recognized on national television - each one holding onto the president's hand longer than necessary in order to be identified and in the picture.
  • Judge Jeanine Pirro Crowns Obama as "The Master of Contradiction"

    01/26/2014 12:26:56 PM PST · by dleeper47 · 10 replies ^ | Jan 26, 2014
    VIDEO: HEAR Judge Jeanine hammer Obama for the blatant contradictions between his rhetoric and his policies.
  • Benghazi: Judge Jeanine Pirro Utterly Destroys Hillary Clinton

    01/20/2014 3:53:17 PM PST · by servo1969 · 40 replies ^ | 1-20-2014 |
    The judge nails the coffin shut on Clinton’s duplicity and negligence as Secretary of State:
  • Judge Jeanine to Obama : Shame On You, Mr President!

    01/11/2014 9:13:45 PM PST · by LeoWindhorse · 20 replies
    Sword and Sheild of Hawaii ^ | Jan. 11 , 2014 | Jeanine Pirro
    "Shame on you Mr. President "
  • Furious Judge Jeanine Pirro Nukes Kathleen Sebelius

    10/19/2013 7:31:10 PM PDT · by smoothsailing · 59 replies
    Western Free Press ^ | 10-19-2013 | David Leeper
    October 19, 2013 Furious Judge Jeanine Pirro Nukes Kathleen Sebelius David Leeper In another blistering opening statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro chronicles the disastrous debut of Obamacare, stripping the bark off Kathleen Sebelius, her incompetent management, and her absurd excuse-making for the failure of the website. Hear the story, as only Judge Jeanine can deliver it, in the video below from Fox News Justice with Jeanine Pirro, October 19, 2013... VIDEO AT LINK BELOW
  • Video — A Snarling Judge Jeanine Pirro Declares: Throw Them All Out !

    10/12/2013 8:09:38 PM PDT · by Impala64ssa · 52 replies
    Condemning the stupefying incompetence and callous disregard for the families of veterans who died during the “shutdown”, Judge Jeanine lambastes the Obama administration, the Pentagon, and the whole collection of Washington political hacks. She is especially tough on Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. The judge also decries our gargantuan national debt and the president’s desire to raise the debt ceiling yet again. In the judge’s view, any Congress that leaves us with increased debt should have all members forfeit their entire Congressional pension. Better yet, she says, throw all of them out — both parties, both houses.
  • Judge Jeanine Pirro - Opening Statement - Destroys Obama Admin. On 'Phony Scandals' - 7/27/13

    07/28/2013 8:58:58 AM PDT · by Southern by Grace · 9 replies ^ | Jul 27, 2013 | Judge Jeanine Pirro
    Judge Jeanine Pirro - Opening Statement - Destroys Obama Admin. On 'Phony Scandals' - Exposes The Lies

    07/21/2013 3:45:06 AM PDT · by sheikdetailfeather · 26 replies
    Fox News Video copied onto Right Scoop Blog ^ | 7/20/2013 | Judge Jeanine Pirro
    Judge Jeanine gave a barn-burner of a monologue tonight, blasting Rolling Stone for putting the Boston jihadi bomber on the front cover and for making excuses for his terrorism. Pirro said she doesn’t give a damn why he became a terrorist and he doesn’t deserve our sympathies.
  • Judge Jeanine Pirro SLAMS Florida prosecutor Angela Corey over Zimmerman case (video)

    07/15/2013 4:37:03 PM PDT · by Kolath · 16 replies
    RightScoop ^ | 7/14/2013 | Right Scoop
    Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed Florida Prosecutor Angela Corey for canceling the grand jury and charging Zimmerman herself, noting it looks a lot like she capitulated to public pressure instead of filing legitimate charges. She also blasted Corey for firing the employee who made it known that all the evidence wasn’t given to the defense and making it difficult on the defense to acquire all the evidence.
  • Judge Jeanine: America is being transformed

    06/09/2013 4:10:12 PM PDT · by SWAMPSNIPER · 65 replies
    FOX ^ | JUNE 09, 2013 | FOX
    Founding Fathers' vision is being obliterated
  • Trey Gowdy: Holder has become nothing but a political tool, a sycophant for the progressive movement

    06/02/2013 1:47:31 AM PDT · by sheikdetailfeather · 42 replies
    The Right Scoop via Fox News ^ | 6-1-2013 | The Right Scoop
    Trey Gowdy was on with Judge Jeanine Pirro tonight after her fantastic monologue and noted that during her monologue he was filled with “an overarching sense of sadness that the DOJ has been politicized and is the subject of ridicule and scorn and a lack of confidence.” Then he added this about Holder: And then I think of the top law enforcement official in the country and there are discussions of criminal conduct and he’s become nothing, in my judgement, but a poltiical tool. He’s not a prosecutor, he’s a political sycophant for the progressive movement and it is sad...
  • 'Justice with Judge Jeanine'.. A MUST WATCH TONIGHT!

    05/18/2013 7:03:23 PM PDT · by GeorgeWashingtonsGhost · 45 replies
    FoxNews' Justice with Judge Jeanine ^ | May 18, 2013 | GeorgeWashingtonsGhost
    Fox News' Judge Pirro is on fire tonight, outdoing her performance last week with a stellar analysis of the current scandals rocking the White House. Her show tonight is a MUST WATCH. Perhaps the best commentary I've ever seen on team 0bama, A to Z. BE SURE TO SEE IT!! DON'T MISS IT!
  • Judge Jeanine Pirro: Benghazi whistle-blowers changed everything!

    05/13/2013 8:24:02 AM PDT · by hamboy · 16 replies
    FoxNews Video ^ | May 12, 2013 | FoxNews Video
    Judge Jeanine Pirro: Benghazi whistle-blowers changed everything!If someone lies once you're free to assume they'll lie again!
  • The twelve minute video that could make Jay Carney curl up in the fetal position

    05/12/2013 3:56:45 PM PDT · by neverdem · 169 replies
    American Thinker ^ | May 12, 2013 | Thomas Lifson
    Saturday night on her Fox News show, Judge Jeanine Piro spoke out with eloquence and righteous indignation over the Benghazi affair. It was a tour de force presentation of the issues in bold and commonsense language. I have always enjoyed Judge Piro's work, but in the past few weeks, she has come into her own. Perhaps it is her years as a judge that enables her to speak with such moral clarity about the fundamental issues. This under-12 minute video segement is a must see. For low information voters, it is a primer on why they should be outraged. Perhaps...
  • Fantastic opening statement by Judge Jeanine Pirro on the Benghazi whistleblowers

    05/11/2013 8:29:10 PM PDT · by Kolath · 24 replies
    RightScoop ^ | 05/11/2013 | Jeanine Pirro
    t runs almost 12 minutes but it’s awesome. Judge Jeanine Pirro really puts the Benghazi whistleblower hearing into perspective and, as always, she doesn’t hold back or pull any punches. Watch:
  • Judge Jeanine to 'mother of jihadis': We don't want you here (Video)

    04/29/2013 9:02:45 AM PDT · by servo1969 · 12 replies ^ | Apr 28, 2013 | Judge Jeanine Pirro
    Judge Jeanine Pirro answers the public statements of Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, mother of the two Boston terrorists. Answering the questions, "Why didn't you send him to Guantanamo or whatever? Why did they have to kill him?" Pirro says this is an admission of knowledge that her dead son was a terrorist. Pirro also takes the Obama administration to task for sending a federal judge to read her surviving son his rights and ending an FBI interrogation. And she asks about Gov. Deval Patrick's decision to not "reveal what kind of taxpayer assistance Tamerlan got on grounds of privacy." "Privacy? What privacy?...
  • Judge Jeanine calls out 'The Journal News'

    01/06/2013 5:25:00 PM PST · by sheikdetailfeather · 28 replies
    Fox News ^ | Jan 6, 2013 | Judge Jeanine Pirro
    You're watching... Judge Jeanine calls out 'The Journal News' Pirro: Time for paper to 'face the music' for publishing gun permit map Duration4:44 DateJan 6, 2013
  • Ron Paul and Sarah Palin on the Showdown in D.C.!

    04/08/2011 7:04:40 AM PDT · by curth · 14 replies
    Justcie With Judge Jeanine ^ | 4/8/2011 | Fox News
    What’s really going on behind closed doors? Rep. Ron Paul and former Governor Sarah Palin share insight on the budget battle with Judge Jeanine. Tune in to Justice with Judge Jeanine Saturday at 9p ET!
  • New FNC Show "Justice with Judge Jeanine" First guest, Sarah Palin

    01/07/2011 6:54:02 PM PST · by curth · 18 replies
    FNC ^ | 1/7/2011
    What's the first big move for the Palin camp in 2011? Judge Jeanine gets answers when she sits down with Sarah Palin. If you're asking 'Where's the Justice?' It's right here! 'Justice with Judge Jeanine' premieres January 8th at 9 p.m. ET
  • FREE SPEECH TV: Sotomayor Let Wrongly Convicted Man Languish in Prison

    07/15/2009 8:07:07 AM PDT · by tioga · 30 replies · 1,097+ views
    Word Press Blog ^ | July 15, 2009 | ccartaginese
    One person who is not so thrilled about the prospective elevation of Sonia Sotomayor to the United States Supreme Court is a man named Jeffrey Deskovic. Mr. Deskovic spent 16 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit — the last six years, Deskovic claims, being a direct result of the actions (or, rather, the inaction) of Judge Sotomayor. Surprisingly, he chose to tell his story last night to, of all people, Amy Goodman, the far-left host of Democracy Now!
  • Shut Up Jeanine Pirro - Another "Republican" jerk

    09/18/2008 9:45:38 AM PDT · by dead · 33 replies · 889+ views
    Please pardon the psuedo-vanity. I have no link for this item, because as far as I can tell, it's print only in today's NY Post. Accompanying their article Second Degree Katie Gets Two Days With Palin. NBC Gets Cold Moose Stew” in the print edition, they ask "celebrities" what perky cherub Katie should ask.The questions are pretty much fluff, but then we get this gem from alleged Republican television personality (and former GOP candidate for NY Attorney General and Senator):"The founders of our country made a clear distinction between church and state. Do you feel they made a mistake?" Aaaarrrrghh!...
  • Pirro Attacks, Cuomo Parries at First Debate

    10/16/2006 1:09:14 AM PDT · by neverdem · 5 replies · 497+ views
    NY Times ^ | October 16, 2006 | PATRICK HEALY
    The New York attorney general’s race, one of the most combative and colorful state political contests in recent memory, turned ever nastier yesterday as the two candidates, Jeanine F. Pirro and Andrew M. Cuomo, spent an hour attacking and undercutting each other in their first televised debate. Ms. Pirro, the Republican, went on the offensive against Mr. Cuomo with a prosecutorial zeal. She belittled him as an ambitious politician in search of a job, yet unqualified to succeed the Democratic attorney general, Eliot Spitzer. “My opponent was a junior prosecutor more than 21 years ago,” said Ms. Pirro, a former...
  • Pirro Scandal Has Little Effect on Polls

    10/05/2006 4:01:33 PM PDT · by SmithL · 13 replies · 337+ views
    AP ^ | 10/5/6 | MARK JOHNSON,
    Republican Jeanine Pirro's disclosure that she is under federal investigation for plotting to secretly tape-record her unfaithful husband has had little effect on the New York attorney general's race, a poll released Thursday found. The Quinnipiac University poll found Democrat Andrew Cuomo, a former federal housing secretary and son of former Gov. Mario Cuomo, leading Pirro 56 percent to 37 percent among likely voters. Among registered voters, Cuomo led 50 percent to 31 percent, compared with a 52 percent to 29 percent lead in August. The poll was conducted from Sept. 26 to Oct. 1. Pirro acknowledged on Sept. 27...
  • Foley, Pirro, Allen - Political Set-Ups?

    10/03/2006 9:28:02 AM PDT · by DocFarmer · 74 replies · 2,937+ views
    ChronWatch ^ | 10/03/2006 | Doc Farmer
    Foley, Pirro, Allen - Political Set-Ups? Written by Doc Farmer Tuesday, October 03, 2006 File this article under "Things That Make You Go Hmmm...." First of all, let me make my meaning plain -- Former House Representative Mark Foley is a bastard. He's a scumbag. He's a sleazy pervert. He's a disgrace. I don't care if he laid a finger on any congressional pages or not. His Instant Messages were disgusting, and he had no business using his position of power to "flirt" with underage boys (or girls, if he were so inclined). I do, however, have to ask this...
  • A politician, a sex cheat, a love boat and a hidden bug

    09/28/2006 11:40:26 PM PDT · by MadIvan · 10 replies · 1,072+ views
    The Times ^ | September 29, 2006 | Tim Reid
    WHEN it comes to political scandals, the one that erupted in New York yesterday just about has it all: the candidate, her cheating husband, a plot to record him on an adulterous “love boat”, the city’s disgraced police chief and the Mob.Jeanine Pirro, a Republican and one of New York state’s most high-profile politicians, admitted that she discussed with Bernard Kerik, New York city’s disgraced former police commissioner, the possibility of secretly taping her husband to see if he was cheating on her. Ms Pirro, who last year abandoned plans to run against Hillary Clinton for her New York senate...
  • U.S. Investigating Pirro’s Talk of Taping Spouse

    09/27/2006 8:35:03 PM PDT · by freespirited · 23 replies · 753+ views
    NY Times ^ | 9/28/06 | Patrick Healy
    Federal prosecutors in New York are investigating whether Jeanine Pirro, the Republican candidate for state attorney general, and Bernard Kerik, the former New York City police commissioner, illegally taped conversations of Pirro’s husband last year to determine if he was having an affair. At a hastily arranged news conference yesterday, called because of an imminent television report on the inquiry, Pirro conceded that she had her husband, Albert, followed in the summer of 2005. She said she had discussed bugging the family’s boat with Kerik, an old friend who was then running his own security business. But Pirro, who was...
  • Pirro Takes Husband to Task for Ticket

    09/15/2006 6:23:10 PM PDT · by neverdem · 18 replies · 978+ views
    NY Times ^ | September 15, 2006 | PATRICK HEALY
    Jeanine F. Pirro, the Republican candidate for attorney general, sharply criticized her husband this afternoon for driving 51 miles an hour in a 25-mile-an-hour school zone on Thursday — only the latest instance of Albert J. Pirro Jr. causing trouble for his candidate-wife. “You didn’t want to be in my house last night,” Ms. Pirro said at a news conference. Mr. Pirro’s speeding ticket in White Plains came two weeks after he accepted a plea deal over another ticket, for driving 98 miles an hour on a 55-mile-an-hour stretch of Interstate 95 in July. Mr. Pirro, a lobbyist with many...
  • New York State Attorney General Candidate Pirro: "I Own Guns"

    02/20/2006 11:20:31 AM PST · by neverdem · 53 replies · 1,466+ views ^ | 2/14/2006 | NA
    State attorney general candidate Jeanine Pirro has made a surprising admission. The former Westchester County district attorney told the state's Conservative Party leadership that she owns three guns. Pirro says she believes in tough gun control laws, but doesn't want to take the rights away of gun holders who are legal. Pirro says her main goal has been to keep illegal guns out of circulation, not curtail legal gun ownership. At a Monday meeting in Albany, the GOP candidate told Conservatives, "I have done everything I can to get them off the street, to make them accountable, to increase penalties...
  • Pataki 'Furious' At Pirro Over 'Embarrassing' Senate Fiasco (snicker)

    01/09/2006 4:03:11 AM PST · by Liz · 36 replies · 1,700+ views
    NY Post ^ | January 9, 2006 | FREDRIC U. DICKER
    <p>Bad blood has developed between Gov. Pataki and former Westchester County District Attorney Jeanine Pirro, whose hapless U.S. Senate campaign turned into a national "embarrassment" for the governor.</p> <p>"They haven't had a real discussion in weeks, and the sense is that Pataki is furious at Jeanine," said a source familiar with the situation.</p>
  • Hillary's Next Move

    12/27/2005 4:44:29 PM PST · by ncountylee · 60 replies · 1,662+ views
    American Prospect via CBS ^ | Dec. 27, 2005 | Greg Sargent,
    So what to make of Westchester District Attorney Jeanine Pirro's decision to drop her bid to unseat Hillary? Instant pundit wisdom has it that Pirro's campaign fell apart because of her gaffes on the stump and her failure to raise money. There's some truth to that, of course. But the real reason Pirro collapsed was that it immediately became apparent that her rationale for why Hillary should be removed was not compelling enough — not by a long shot. And that in turn suggests that Hillary has reached something of a milestone: Her public transformation is largely complete. Pirro's disastrous...
  • Pirro Drops Out Of Senate Race & Will Go For A.G.

    12/21/2005 9:20:11 AM PST · by restornu · 6 replies · 246+ views
    CBS NEWS ^ | Dec 21 2005
    (AP) WHITE PLAINS CBS 2 has confirmed that Jeanine Pirro has decided to halt her struggling campaign for the Republican nomination to challenge Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's 2006 re-election bid and will run instead for state attorney general. An announcement from the high-profile Westchester County district attorney could come as early as Thursday. There was no immediate comment from Pirro. One of the Republicans who first spoke to the Associated Press abou this said the knowledge of Pirro's plans came from a direct conversation with the high-profile Westchester County district attorney and that the announcement of the switch was...
  • Spencer Campaign Statement on withdrawal of Jeanine Pirro

    12/21/2005 12:46:39 PM PST · by areafiftyone · 9 replies · 363+ views
    Yonkers, NY: In response to the announcement from the Pirro campaign that Ms. Pirro will run for Attorney General, John Spencer for U.S. Senate campaign spokesman Christian Winthrop had the following statement – “We wish Ms. Pirro well in her race for Attorney General. She is a highly qualified law enforcement official.” “John Spencer is gratified that months of hard work crisscrossing the state and securing grassroots support from Republicans and Conservatives and the financial support of over 15,000 Americans are paying off.” “John Spencer is a tested leader who has run and won difficult battles before and this race...
  • Pirro abandons challenge to Sen. Clinton

    12/21/2005 1:20:21 PM PST · by neverdem · 32 replies · 920+ views
    Seattle Post-Intelligencer ^ | December 21, 2005 | MARC HUMBERT
    ASSOCIATED PRESS ALBANY, N.Y. -- After weeks of pressure from her own party to drop out, Republican Jeanine Pirro abandoned her struggling campaign to unseat Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and announced Wednesday that she will run for New York attorney general instead. "I have decided that my law enforcement background better qualifies me for a race for New York State attorney general than a race for the United States Senate," Pirro, the Westchester County district attorney, said in a statement. With her campaign against Clinton in trouble, Pirro had been under strong pressure from top state GOP leaders to make...
  • Jeanine pirro dropping out

    12/21/2005 8:57:57 AM PST · by hoosierboy · 99 replies · 3,772+ views
    fox news
    Per fox news via the AP she is dropping out according to 2 sources.

    12/21/2005 6:56:31 AM PST · by nycfree · 16 replies · 675+ views
    NY Post ^ | 12.21.05 | Dicker
    PIRRO TO END RACE VS. HILLARY THIS WEEK December 21, 2005 -- EXCLUSIVE ALBANY — Hapless Republican Senate candidate Jeanine Pirro has moved up her timetable and will switch to the attorney general's race tomorrow or Friday, sources close to her campaign said last night. Westchester County District Attorney Pirro is expected to hold a short press conference to make the announcement, and then say she'll officially kick off her new campaign early next year, the sources said. State GOP leaders called on Pirro last week to abandon her effort to challenge Democratic incumbent Hillary Rodham Clinton in the wake...