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  • Webb Says He's Considering Presidential Run (Va)

    05/21/2014 3:29:44 PM PDT · by EDINVA · 26 replies
    Richmond Times-Dispatch ^ | 05/19/2014 | Andrew Cain
    Jim Webb, who left the U.S. Senate after representing Virginia for one term, said in a Washington radio interview Monday that he’s thinking of running for president.
  • Rick Perry Making Case to Be Taken Seriously in '16

    03/14/2014 8:38:07 AM PDT · by Kenny · 51 replies
    Real Clear Politics ^ | March 14, 2014 | Scott Conroy
    If Rick Perry were to seek a quieter life after leaving office next January, none of his longtime aides and admirers would blame him.Already a grandfather, the longest-serving governor in Texas history will by then have capped off three full decades in public office and will be just a couple of months shy of his 65th birthday.There are weekend tailgates at Aggies games and hunting trips to attend, there’s big-time money to be made in a cushy private-sector job, and an opportunity to kick up his boots a little for the first time in his adult life.But as the end...
  • Talk Radio and Presidential Elections - New Book Illustrates Influence

    10/28/2012 2:26:22 PM PDT · by TeaPartyJakes · 6 replies
    PRBuzz.com ^ | Oct. 11, 2012 | Don Bracken
    Talk radio was paramount in building the conservative movement's role in presidential elections. This can be found with Barry Goldwater, the 1964 Republican presidential nominee and one of the intellectual leaders of the conservative movement. Political minds are wondering if it can help push Romney into the White House. for Romney. The Right Frequency by Fred V. Lucas chronicles talk radio's impact on presidential elections and politics from the days of Walter Winchell to modern day hosts such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. The book is published by History Publishing Company. The author is available for interviews. It was...
  • What would ‘President Romney’ really mean for gun owners?

    09/02/2012 7:56:38 PM PDT · by JohnPierce · 90 replies
    Monachus Lex ^ | September 2, 2012 | John Pierce
    “Deadly assault weapons … are not made for recreation or self-defense. They are instruments of destruction with the sole purpose of hunting down and killing people.” - Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney --IMAGE HERE-- As the Republican National Convention comes to a close, it is time for me to live up to the promise I made when I wrote about Why gun owners should fear a second term for President Obama. That promise was to give the Republican nominee the same skeptical scrutiny that I gave to President Obama. And just as in that previous article, I am limiting my discussion...
  • The Top 5 Silliest Obama Campaign Attacks on Mitt Romney

    07/18/2012 11:06:28 AM PDT · by Sark · 2 replies
    “It’s easy to get caught up in the distractions and the silliness and the tit for tat that consumes our politics.” – Senator Barack Obama, Democratic presidential primary campaign speech following a Pennsylvania loss against Senator Hillary Clinton, April 22nd, 2008. For political junkies, it seems like we’ve always been in the general election season. With Rick Perry imploding, Newt Gingrich dreaming of moon bases, and Rick Santorum failing to create a solid campaign infrastructure, it appeared inevitable that Mitt Romney would eventually win the Republican presidential nomination. In reality, however, the general election didn’t really start until April 10th,...
  • Are Conservatives Really Misrepresenting President Obama’s Remarks on Business?

    07/16/2012 9:47:45 AM PDT · by Sark · 10 replies
    A couple of days ago, I posted a blog criticizing President Obama over remarks that I perceived to be insulting toward entrepreneurs. In particular, I quoted the following excerpt from his speech: “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” Since that time, I’ve witnessed a backlash against my post and those of other conservatives who have made similar arguments. While I don’t intend to respond to every backlash like this, I believe that the arguments being made are credible enough to merit a response in this instance. The people castigating myself and...
  • According to President Obama, Entrepreneurs Don’t Build Businesses

    07/15/2012 11:15:14 AM PDT · by Sark · 42 replies
    Last night, President Barack Obama delivered some telling remarks to a fire station full of people in Roanoke, Virgina. I’ll save you the trouble of reading the (long and uninspired) speech and provide you with the most interesting part: “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.” – President Barack Obama, July 13th, 2012. It would be easy to respond with something along the lines of, “Somebody else made that happen? Who? Who magically imagined the product or service, started the business, built it up, and created the jobs? Who was it? The...
  • A Short Guide to Principled Voting (Or: Why It’s OK to Vote for Romney)

    07/10/2012 1:36:01 PM PDT · by Sark · 31 replies
    One of the most frustrating statements for a politically involved person to hear is: “I don’t care about politics, I never vote. They’re all liars/crooks.” This may be partially true, but it’s certainly not universally true. Most politicians have good intentions and are good people in their own right, even in Washington. Nearly all of them believe that they’re striving for the common good. For a democratic republic, the United States federal government isn’t actually very corrupt. Still, this raises an important question. How should you decide whom to vote for? Do you vote for the morally-dubious person that you...
  • WILL OBAMA'S NAME BE ON THE 2012 BALLOT IN GEORGIA? Court to Hear Formal Case

    01/27/2012 5:25:02 PM PST · by geraldmcg · 72 replies
    www.webtoday.tv ^ | 01/27/2012 | WebToday.tv
    On January 26, 2012, a state court in Georgia is scheduled to conduct an impartial hearing on a case filed against Obama’s natural-born-citizen eligibility for President according to Georgia state law. …This after the judge rejected a motion for dismissal put forth by attorneys for the White House. As a result, the incumbent President running for reelection MIGHT NOT APPEAR ON THE BALLON in the Georgia primary. AND GEORGIA IS A BIG STATE WITH LOTS OF ELECTORAL DELEGATES! How can this happen? Could this be the first of other states to hear similar cases before their primaries? If court decisions...
  • Is Ron Paul Hero Or A Hack?

    12/29/2011 4:52:27 PM PST · by joeclarke · 20 replies
    JoeClarke.Net ^ | 12/29/2011 | JoeClarke.Net
    Yes, Ron Paul has a bead on revamping or dissolving the Federal Reserve (I did read The Creature From Jekyll Island). Lots of corruption, secret undertakings, and opacity dominate the Federal Reserve, but what would be the alternative? A presidential, or congressional commission that oversees the U.S. banking system? No. Elected representatives overseeing the quasi government agency Fed? Not likely. Governments, for eons of time, have been in charge of the coinage, and it cannot be any other way. The Buck does Stop there.Ron Paul has no alternative to the Fed that would guarantee fairness and honesty. Ron Paul...
  • Prediction 2012 Presidential Race

    11/06/2011 10:25:41 AM PST · by YihYthink · 25 replies
    11-6-11 | myself
    As all political junkies, we are all following what's going on in the Republican Party. Also the left's attempt to do what the Tea Party did in 2010, with the Occupied Wall Street hypocrisy.
  • Let's all pray for Herman Cain.

    09/18/2011 1:15:26 PM PDT · by redinIllinois · 29 replies
    Sorry about the trick title - the bible says to pray for those in authority over us. I pray for our president, that God would touch his heart, open his eyes, and that Obama will change his ways, but I'm not holding my breath on that one. So please, even if you don't support Herman as a candidate, keep him in your prayers - let's pray for all our leader's, politicians, and candidates. I posted on another thread that Herman Cain just had an AWESOME interview on Chris Wallace. I hope it gets a separate thread today - I’m technologically...
  • Chris Matthews: Newt 'Is Evil, Looks Like The Devil'

    06/10/2011 3:48:45 PM PDT · by governsleastgovernsbest · 42 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    Talk about demonizing your political opponents, Chris Matthews has literally done it to Newt Gingrich. . . On his MSNBC show this evening, Matthews said that Gingrich "looks like the devil," reminds him of the warlock in Rosemary's Baby, and "is evil." View video here.
  • Your Choice: Democrat, Republicrat, Dummy or Demon

    05/25/2011 1:08:06 PM PDT · by TheConservativeCitizen · 4 replies
    The Constitution Club ^ | 05-25-11 | Jack Curtis
    The fix is in: the choice will be between Obama and someone as different as George Bush was, if the Mighty have their way. And you may have noticed by now that Bush and Obama haven’t beens so different. It’s the two parties versus the tea party; the Dems and Repubs are lined up together with Obama, Romney and now Pawlenty as respectable (meaning members of the club) candidates. The happy couple and their media are working hard to make that happen whether anybody else wants it that way or not. Any promising candidate who isn’t obligated to the party...
  • Palin's Secret Weapon: New Film to Premiere in June

    05/24/2011 9:01:25 PM PDT · by OneVike · 51 replies
    Real Clear Politics ^ | 5/24/11 | Scott Conroy
    Shortly after Republicans swept last November to a historic victory in which Sarah Palin was credited with playing a central role, the former Alaska governor pulled aside her close aide, Rebecca Mansour, to discuss a hush-hush assignment: Reach out to conservative filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon with a request. Ask him if he would make a series of videos extolling Palin's governorship and laying to rest lingering questions about her controversial decision to resign from office with a year-and-a-half left in her first term. It was this abdication, Palin knew, that had made her damaged goods in the eyes of...
  • Gallup survey shows GOP field treading water in presidential race

    05/18/2011 7:47:54 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 36 replies
    Hotair ^ | 05/18/2011 | Ed Morrissey
    Who benefited from the exits of Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump from the Republican presidential nomination race? Gallup’s latest poll suggests that no one has, at least at the moment. The poll only asked about name recognition and approval, not nomination selection; Gallup used its April poll to reallocate nomination support based on second choices from Huckabee and Trump voters. However, the “positive intensity score” for both are lower than Huckabee’s was before he pulled out, and the race still has no breakout candidate: With Mike Huckabee out of the race for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, three well-known politicians,...
  • Lifetime in GOP Culminates With Gingrich Announcement on Fox

    05/12/2011 4:52:16 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 36 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | May 12, 2011 | Matt Towery
    Trust me, when it comes to the 2012 race for the Republican presidential nomination, I am going to be fair in assessing the candidates. Already I have polled for NewsMax, and my early polls placed former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich in fourth place among announced or potential candidates. But before I go into my harsh analyst mode -- which once in a while leads to an "I'm hurt" email from Newt -- let me share my personal feelings about the man who has just announced that he will seek the presidency. Other than the man most call my "other...
  • Where are the Competent Republican Candidates?

    03/29/2011 4:54:05 PM PDT · by TheConservativeCitizen · 21 replies
    The Constitution Club ^ | 03-29-11 | Zazu
    As the nation begins to approach the 2012 presidential race, I continue to be stunned by the names that are being thrown around as potential contenders. The 2010 election saw a new crop of conservative, young, idealistic, uncorrupted, and diverse, candidates propelled into office all over the nation. A record amount of Republicans were elected in blue states and we saw a surge in the amount of African Americans, women, and Hispanics running and winning on a GOP ticket. There is a deep and diverse pool of potential Republican nominees. Florida propelled Allen West to the House. In New Mexico,...
  • Introducing -- presidential hopefuls' immigration grades

    01/18/2011 6:02:34 PM PST · by SharpRightTurn · 22 replies · 1+ views
    NumbersUSA.com ^ | January 18, 2011 | Roy Beck
    INTRODUCING: Immigration Grades For 2012 Presidential Hopefuls Here they are -- brand new: http://www.numbersusa.com/content/action/2012-presidential-hopefuls-immigration-stances.html?jid=830874&lid=9&rid=16026&tid=156552 WHO GETS THE BEST GRADE? It is difficult to label any of the Hopefuls as "best" when the highest grade for the whole lot is "C." Click here to see who gets that mediocre grade, and the seven who do even worse. The choices are pretty bad thus far. Of the 8 Hopefuls, we give: • an F-minus to one • a D-minus to four • a C-minus to two • a C to one • better than C to nobody STANCES ON 12 IMMIGRATION ISSUES...
  • An Interview with Herman Cain, A Common Sense Solutions Candidate in the 2012 Presidential Race

    01/15/2011 10:49:05 PM PST · by iowaguy1972 · 8 replies
    Caffeinated Thoughts ^ | 1/16/11 | Shane Vander Hart
    I was unexpectedly given the opportunity to meet with Herman Cain, former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, conservative radio show host, an associate pastor at Antioch Baptist Church North in Atlanta, and now a prospective GOP presidential candidate in 2012. Cain is one of the first, if not the first, to launch a presidential exploratory committee. I was able to have a sit down with him in his hotel room in downtown Des Moines. He had come to Iowa for various meetings. I stopped by before he was scheduled to be on the radio with Steve Deace on WHO Radio, and...
  • Signs point to Mike Pence bowing out of presidential race to run for governor

    01/05/2011 7:34:36 AM PST · by Lakeshark · 28 replies
    The American Thinker ^ | 15/11 | Ed Lasky
    Pundits have been speculating regarding the plans of my favorite Congressman, Mike Pence, after he won the straw poll for President at the Values Voter conference a few months ago and when he resigned as the Chairman of the Republican Conference late last year -citing plans that would detract from his being able to fulfill the duties of that leadership position. Late last year, he told inquiring minds that he would be making his decision regarding his plans early this year. But now the signs are indicating that he intends to run for the governor's office opening up in Indiana...

    10/08/2008 2:53:14 PM PDT · by Syncro · 33 replies · 2,650+ views
    Ann Coulter Website ^ | October 8, 2008 | Ann Coulter
    PULL THE HAIR PLUG ON THIS GUY October 8, 2008 If Sarah Palin had made just one of the wildly inaccurate statements smugly uttered by Sen. Joe Biden in last week's vice presidential debate, there would have been 3-inch headlines in newspapers across America. (I can almost hear Katie Couric asking me, "Which newspapers?") These weren't insignificant errors, such as when Biden said, "Look, all you have to do is go down Union Street with me in Wilmington or go to Katie's restaurant or walk into Home Depot with me where I spend a lot of time, and you ask...
  • Palin energizes presidential race - again

    10/05/2008 11:12:38 AM PDT · by BenLurkin · 20 replies · 1,096+ views
    Valley Press ^ | Saturday, October 4, 2008.
    If all you knew about Sarah Palin was what you saw on television news and late-night "comedy" shows, you came in for a huge surprise Thursday night. Squaring off against Democratic Sen. Joe Biden in the lone vice-presidential debate, John McCain's running mate on the Republican ticket handled herself with poise and aplomb, with a decent command of the facts and adroit changes of subject on those questions where she was a little less certain. She presented herself as a plain-spoken, regular person, and - in an excellent zinger - said she enjoyed the opportunity to speak to America without...
  • The Bailout Will Pass (And The Effects On The Presidential Race)

    09/29/2008 12:45:28 AM PDT · by YoungRenaissanceMan · 10 replies · 408+ views
    09-29-08 | YoungRenaissanceMan
    ok folks look, we don't have a majority in the house OR senate a bailout will eventually pass and everyone needs to get used to it, HOWEVER there are positive things to be seen here 1- it could have been worse, but McCain went up to DC (i concede now that it hurt him, as much as it's idiotic that it did, but he went from having it tied again to obama going up again), and it allowed house reps to make it less damaging that it could have been 2- we all know mccain was on cruise control towards...
  • Obama is Black, Joe Biden is White - The Song

    08/27/2008 7:20:51 AM PDT · by MarkT · 2 replies · 1,249+ views
    WRNO 99.5 FM ^ | 8/27 | MarkT
    For a cute satirical song, go to www.wrno.com, click the picture of Castner and Walensky and then click song. Enjoy.
  • Without a Prayer: Barf and Profanity Alert (Rolling Stone Magazine)

    08/22/2008 5:38:03 PM PDT · by SeattleTiger · 27 replies · 773+ views
    Rolling Stone ^ | August 7, 2008 | Matt Taibbi
    Without a Prayer Subtitle: John McCain can't stand sucking up to the Christian right. Is this the end of the GOP's unholy alliance? "The Bible-thumpers, mainly working- and middle-class whites with limited educations from the landlocked states of the South and the Midwest, would seem to have had little in common with the archpriests of the neoconservative movement, who as it happened were mainly Jewish academics with fancy degrees from the East and West Coasts. But they did: They shared an almost equal disdain for democracy, free speech and learning, and paradise for both groups was an intellectually mute America...
  • The Top Ten Reasons Barack Obama Should Not Be President

    07/30/2008 12:01:25 AM PDT · by TheConservativeCitizen · 11 replies · 868+ views
    Watchblog ^ | 07-29-2008 | David M. Huntwork
    …Are in fact all provided by quotes from the candidate himself. 1)”The system isn’t working…when communities are terrorized by ICE immigration raids, when nursing mothers are torn from their babies, when children come home from school to find their parents missing, WHEN PEOPLE ARE DETAINED WITHOUT ACCESS TO LEGAL COUNSEL…” – Speech to National Council of La Raza -Cry me a river. As if our immigration and judicial system were not mucked up enough. I guess it really is necessary to provide a taxpayer funded attorney to every illegal immigrant awaiting deportation and to complain vehemently when law enforcement types...
  • Giuliani drops out of GOP race, backs McCain

    01/30/2008 3:25:49 PM PST · by Smogger · 135 replies · 288+ views
    MSNBC ^ | January 30th, 2008 | AP
    SIMI VALLEY, Calif. - Rudy Giuliani dropped out of the Republican presidential campaign on Wednesday and endorsed Sen. John McCain for the nomination. Giuliani made the announcement at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library a day after suffering a debilitating defeat in Tuesday's Florida primary. With McCain at his side, Giuliani said the nation needed "someone who can be trusted in times of crisis." "Obviously I thought I was that person," the former New York mayor said. "The voters made another choice." He noted that he and McCain had managed to compete without running negative ads against each other and said,...
  • Analysis: Quick GOP winner not likely

    01/16/2008 11:14:33 AM PST · by Lucky9teen · 3 replies · 62+ views
    http://news.yahoo.com ^ | January 16, 2008 | GLEN JOHNSON
    SOUTHFIELD, Mich. - One thing about the Republican presidential race is certain — the nomination won't be by acclamation. The fight for the party nod isn't likely to end until well into February — or even beyond — as Mitt Romney, John McCain and Mike Huckabee have divvied up the early states, and no clear front-runner with a burst of momentum has emerged. South Carolina is next up on Saturday. The battle between the top-tier candidates "is going to be like the Bataan Death March," said Ron Kaufman, a top adviser to Romney. So far, each candidate and an array...
  • PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS (search contributions by zip code)

    12/26/2007 7:09:10 PM PST · by Liz · 5 replies · 167+ views
    Federal Election Commission ^ | 12/26/07 | ORLANDO SENTINEL
    Find out who in your area contributed to which presidential candidate. Candidates for President must register with the Federal Election Commission and file quarterly reports to disclose campaign finance information. This database provides campaign finance information for the current front-runners for president. Search your community's contributions for the 2007-2008 Presidential Candidates. Source: Federal Election Commission: Itemized individual contributions from the first three quarters of 2007 SEARCH PAGE: Presidential campaign contributions by zip code http://www.orlandosentinel2.com/data/campaign2007-2008/
  • Correction: Romney on stem cell

    10/24/2007 5:10:31 AM PDT · by Quiet Man Jr. · 11 replies · 37+ views
    Oct. 24, 2007 | Vanity
    I stand corrected and apologize for my previous alert. Mitt Romney apparently thinks he is endorsing a way of getting embryonic stem cells without killing embryos. See excerpt from his own article next: http://article.nationalreview.com/print/?q=ZmY2OTUxMTgyZmM0ZDkwMGRmMzhkYjAxZmMyOWZlM2U "I studied the issue for many months, and entered into conversation with experts from across the nation who were looking for consensus solutions, like Stanford’s Dr. William Hurlbut. In the end, I became persuaded that the stem-cell debate was grounded in a false premise, and that the way through it was around it: by the use of scientific techniques that could produce the equivalent of embryonic...
  • Dr. John Willke Endorses Mitt Romney [Deadly Compromise Alert]

    10/22/2007 7:30:16 PM PDT · by Quiet Man Jr. · 163 replies · 126+ views
    Newsmax.com ^ | Monday, October 22, 2007 11:28 AM | Newsmax Staff
    The doctor known as the founder of the pro-life movement has endorsed former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination. Dr. John Wilke, an original member of Senator Sam Brownback's Exploratory Committee, has thrown his support to Romney in the wake of Senator Brownback's withdrawal from the race. "Unlike other candidates who only speak to the importance of confronting the major social issues of the day, Governor Romney has a record of action in defending life," Dr. Willke said. "Every decision he made as governor was on the side of life. I know he will...
  • Florida Presidency IV Predilictions

    10/18/2007 7:18:44 AM PDT · by mission9 · 9 replies · 195+ views
    vanity ^ | 10-18-07 | Ranger
    The Republican Party of Florida is conducting its premiere event of 2007 this weekend in Orlando - Presidency IV. Every Candidate, from Giuliani to Thompson, will be there. On Saturday, there will be lunch speeches and socials. On Sunday night, there will be a Nationally televised debate. No candidate will be left behind, and all will have a full opportunity to plead their case. As many are aware, the leadership of the Florida party is moving to the left, in a calculation to triangulate support from disaffected Democrats. As led by Governor Charlie Crist, in a major change from Jeb...
  • Clintons Plan Will Flatline

    10/11/2007 11:38:50 AM PDT · by Leigh Patrick Sullivan · 1 replies · 136+ views
    Rants from the Moderate Separatist ^ | October 11, 2007 | Leigh Patrick Sullivan
    I’ve been watching the Democratic race with….alright, so I haven’t really been keeping up with it. It is hard to feign interest in a race whose top candidates are so lacking of charisma. With their number one issue being Iraq for so long that they have actually managed to make a debate about war boring, Hillary and the gang just haven’t created much of a buzz. That was until I learned of Senator Clinton’s health care plan....
  • (Vanity) Political Limerick 9-29-2007

    09/29/2007 8:44:50 PM PDT · by grey_whiskers · 130+ views
    grey_whiskers ^ | 9-29-2007 | grey_whiskers
    See for example this thread first. It's the end of the road for Gingrich And he won't run to challenge the witch Who to vote for instead? Duncan Hunter, or Fred! Don't fall for Guiliani's sales pitch!
  • Fred Thompson interview on KSEV Radio 5:00 pm CST

    09/19/2007 2:16:31 PM PDT · by Syntyr · 3 replies · 170+ views
    KSEV Radio ^ | NA | NA
    Fred Thompson Interviewed by Dan Patrick on KSEVRADIO.com 5:00 pm CST
  • Kucinich: The U.S. Must Pay Reparations to the People of Iraq

    09/09/2007 2:17:51 PM PDT · by SeattleTiger · 55 replies · 1,035+ views
    full titleU.S. Congressman and Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich: The U.S. Must Pay Reparations to the People of Iraq Transcript hereKucinich: "I crafted my peace plan with the help of people who served in the U.N., including peace-keeping missions over the years, who understand that not only must we stabilize Iraq, but we also must pay reparations to the people of Iraq for the great human tragedy that has been caused."
  • Democrats Set To Join Parley of Tort Lawyers

    07/13/2007 7:18:36 AM PDT · by MrLegalReform · 8 replies · 912+ views
    New York Sun ^ | 07/13/2007 | Josh Gerstein
    Five Democratic presidential candidates are planning to pay homage to America's leading trial lawyers' group, the American Association for Justice, by turning out at its annual convention in Chicago this weekend. Senators Clinton, Obama of Illinois, and Biden of Delaware are scheduled to speak to the lawyers on Sunday, as are a former senator, John Edwards of North Carolina, and Governor Richardson of New Mexico.
  • Calamities Future - Pestilence and Hillary Clinton

    06/08/2007 8:42:18 AM PDT · by mission9 · 8 replies · 575+ views
    Associated Content ^ | 06-08-07 | Ranger
    The Book of Life, the Akashic Records, out in the ether, beyond our conscious life, the permanent library of all that has ever been done, and all that will ever be. The great religions, east and west, bear testimony to this shared psychic knowledge of humanity, alluding to them in different ways. Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet of the early twentieth century, referenced these records in his predictions and observations. Of all the professed prophets practicing today, only two claim intimacy with the Akashic records, and these two are one. Terry and Linda Jamison ....
  • New Video Working to Expose McCain's Immigration Stance

    06/07/2007 3:45:06 PM PDT · by Joe27 · 2 replies · 554+ views
    Youtube display, friend created ^ | 6/6/07 | Joe Williams
    My friend put together a video to take on McCain immigration stance. Let's keep up this effort to shut down the Kennedy wing of the Republican party. Please check it and give tips which I'll pass on. I told him to add a soundtrack and a bit more narration or much less (only to end it). anyways, please enjoy and link wherever you can so we can get some attention to the Cornyn ammendment that failed thanks to Senators Like John McCain. Disgraceful.
  • Q&A with prospective Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson

    05/08/2007 10:16:14 AM PDT · by America_Right · 9 replies · 744+ views
    OC Register ^ | 05/07/2007 | MARTIN WISCKOL
    NEWPORT BEACH – Actor and former Sen. Fred Thompson may be many conservatives' great hope to run for president, but he's keeping his cards close to his chest both in terms of his plans and in terms of specific policy positions. After his speech to the Lincoln Club at the Balboa Bay Club on Friday, I sat down with him to see just where he stands in terms of throwing his hat in the ring – he hasn't yet – and on some key issues. Below are excerpts. You can find the full transcript at the Total Buzz blog, blogs.ocregister.com/buzz/...
  • McCain focusing on Fmr Senator Fred Thompson's 2000 Endorsement, Digging Dirt?

    05/01/2007 12:27:24 PM PDT · by MUCollegeRepublican1 · 41 replies · 1,739+ views
    Gop3.com : The Triumvirate ^ | 5/1/07 | Brandon Henak
    As Former Senator and possible Presidential candidate Fred Thompson continues to build momentum towards a 2008 presidential campaign, other candidates are beginning to take note, and prepare. Thompson’s sterling conservative record is hard to dispute so, it seems that his primary opponents are already looking to temper and dilute his record through affiliation. A friend of mine in DC recently notified me of increased focus from the McCain campaign on Fred Thompson’s 2000 endorsement of John McCain...
  • Debate Night

    04/30/2007 7:05:39 PM PDT · by HouseofChin · 132+ views
    Me | 4-30-07 | Chin
    I and few others have started a new blog, "Heading Right".... [URL=http://headingright.com/]Heading Right[/URL] Notables (I'm not included, because I'm not notable) include: Captains Quarters Fausta's Blog Atlas Shrugged bRight and Early etc... (full blogroll available at the site) Although the blog has been up for a week or so, we'll be kicking things off in style on debate night, May 3rd. We'll be doing a live blog session during the debate. Followed by a round-table 'after action' show on [URL=http://www.blogtalkradio.com/default.aspx]Blog Talk Radio[/URL] following the debate. Current contributors for the after action show are: Ed Morrissey: Captain's Quarters Kit Jarrel: Euphoric...
  • The Presidential Pre-Season

    04/27/2007 5:50:06 PM PDT · by bsaunders · 107+ views
    Beyond the Cusp ^ | Friday, April 27, 2007 | Beyond the Cusp/B. Saunders
    The Presidential Pre-Season Here we are at the start of another season with the run for the Presidency. This is the preseason, which lasts until July of next year. During the preseason we have the veteran stars, the regular players, the high priced rookies, and the holdouts. Over the next months of the preseason we will see some rise, some fall, some quit and others jockeying for positions either moving into the elites or seeking positions allying with the leaders. So let’s get right to it and look at this year’s players and prospects for the Democrat League and the...
  • Brownback rescinds immigration bill support

    04/26/2007 5:58:39 AM PDT · by 3AngelaD · 38 replies · 913+ views
    THE WASHINGTON TIMES ^ | April 26, 2007 | Stephen Dinan
    Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Sam Brownback said yesterday he no longer supports the immigration overhaul bill that he helped pass in the Senate. "I would not vote for the same bill," Mr. Brownback told reporters yesterday morning, saying that after the bill passed the Senate he had a chance to study its effects and decided it led to too much immigration. It's a major reversal for a man who is listed as one of seven original sponsors of the bill, along with Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat, and Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, who spearheaded the bill... He said...
  • What Fred Thompson Did to Newt Gingrich

    03/14/2007 1:25:44 PM PDT · by MUCollegeRepublican1 · 70 replies · 2,633+ views
    Gop3.com : The Triumvirate ^ | 3/13/07 | Daniel
    The Gingrich Strategy, if you could call it that, for 2008 was pretty simple: Wait until September 2007… if Rudy has faltered, McCain has failed to excite the conservative base, or Romney has failed to gain traction, through your hat in the ring. Wait and see if a void developed, and if so, fill it. All of a sudden, though, the Fred Thompson boomlet is trouble for Newt. We have seen...
  • Front-runners aim to avoid backfire Analysts point to probe risks, fickle voters

    03/12/2007 9:19:54 PM PDT · by doug from upland · 1 replies · 196+ views
    boston.com ^ | 3-10-07 | Milligan
    Front-runners aim to avoid backfire Analysts point to probe risks, fickle voters By Susan Milligan, Globe Staff | March 10, 2007 WASHINGTON -- Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton determinedly presses her colleagues for early endorsements of her presidential candidacy, touts her appearances before sold-out and influential audiences like tonight's "100 Club" dinner in Nashua, and refers to her plans in terms of "when" and not "if" she is elected to the White House. Her identification as the Democratic front-runner is partly beyond her control, the result of high name recognition and decades of fame. But like her Republican counterpart, John McCain...
  • Romney Gets Key Conservative Endorsement

    02/07/2007 3:49:26 PM PST · by rodomila · 34 replies · 715+ views
    Evans-Novak Political Report | 2-7-07 | Robert Novak
    "Mitt Romney: No matter how much credibility McCain gains with conservatives, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney appears to be winning their support much more. Romney unveiled the names of his 22-member congressional whip team, and among them was Rep. Tom Feeney (R-Fla.), head of the House Conservatives Fund and a key player in the Republican Study Committee."
  • Giuliani's... filings don't lend hints to... run - he hasn't... checked the Republican box

    02/02/2007 7:07:49 AM PST · by sitetest · 146 replies · 1,533+ views
    Newsday ^ | February 2, 2007 | CRAIG GORDON
    WASHINGTON - Republicans looking at Rudolph Giuliani's campaign for president always ask two questions - is he really running, and is he a "real Republican?" They're probably not going to like the answers found by Newsday in Giuliani's government filings. The ex-mayor still is holding back from submitting the simple one-page form declaring himself a possible candidate, despite raising $1.4 million to run. And asked what party he belongs to on a different form, Giuliani didn't say - he left the answer blank.
  • N.M. Governor Enters White House Race

    01/21/2007 7:05:17 AM PST · by edpc · 51 replies · 756+ views
    mywayapnews ^ | Jan 21, 9:33 AM | AP
    WASHINGTON (AP) - Gov. Bill Richardson, D-N.M., said Sunday he is taking the first step toward an expected White House run in 2008, offering extensive experience in Washington and the world stage as he seeks to become the first Hispanic president. "I am taking this step because we have to repair the damage that's been done to our country over the last six years," said Richardson, a former congressman, U.N. ambassador and Energy Department secretary. "Our reputation in the world is diminished, our economy has languished, and civility and common decency in government has perished," he said in a statement....