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  • Small but feisty group calls for sanctuary status for Boston, state

    12/05/2016 8:38:25 PM PST · by ConservativeStatement · 15 replies
    Universal Hub ^ | December 5, 2016
    About 250 demonstrators - split between BPS and college students - marched from the Common to the State House and City Hall today to urge Gov. Baker and Mayor Walsh to formally declare sanctuaries for not just undocumented immigrants but other minority groups, including lesbians, gays and transgender people as we move into the Trump era.
  • Is This The Death Blow For The Dakota Access Pipeline?

    12/05/2016 8:39:15 AM PST · by bananaman22 · 38 replies ^ | 05-12-2016 | Irina
    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has refused to grant a permit to Energy Transfer Partners for the construction of the hotly contested section of the Dakota Access oil pipeline that would have passed through Standing Rock Sioux lands. Hundreds of protesters who have been camping at the construction site for months now have celebrated the decision as a victory. The decision to withhold the permit was made by the Assistant Secretary of Civil Works Jo-Ellen Darcy, who said she made it because there were alternatives to this specific route of the Dakota Access section that could be discussed with...
  • Feds halt construction, deny final permits for Dakota Access pipeline

    12/04/2016 2:31:55 PM PST · by cowpoke · 52 replies
    The Hill ^ | 12/4/2016 | Devin Henry
    Federal officials have denied the final permits required for the Dakota Access Pipeline project in North Dakota. The Army Corps of Engineers announced Sunday it would instead conduct an environmental impact review of the 1,170-mile pipeline project to determine if there are other ways to route the pipeline to avoid a crossing on the Missouri River...
  • [FLASHBACK] How will Trump supporters react if he loses?

    11/25/2016 11:17:46 AM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 20 replies
    The Washington Post's Monkey Cage ^ | October 25, 2016 | Pippa Norris
    What will happen if Hillary Clinton wins the U.S. presidency, as is widely predicted? Will Trump’s supporters raise pitchforks and torches on Nov. 9, rejecting the results — or will they accept the loss? Donald Trump has ratcheted up claims of voter fraud, alleging that the Nov. 8 election may be “rigged” against him, and he has refused to pledge that he would accept the outcome if he loses. This stance has shocked the country, including many leading Republicans. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) remarked: “A concession isn’t just an act of graciousness. It is an act of respect for the...
  • Activists plan repeat of Mag Mile Black Friday protests

    11/24/2016 7:01:11 AM PST · by KeyLargo · 20 replies
    CRAINS ^ | November 22, 2016 | Brigid Sweeney
    Activists plan repeat of Mag Mile Black Friday protests Brigid Sweeney For the second year in a row, protesters are planning to block shoppers from entering stores along North Michigan Avenue on the day after Thanksgiving, the busiest shopping day of the year. The effort, planned by a diffuse network that includes Black Lives Matter, the Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression and area churches, seeks to draw attention to a wide range of issues, including police shootings, racism and economic inequalities that keep Chicago's South and West sides mired in poverty and violence. The organizers say they hope...
  • O'Hare workers to strike on nationwide 'Day of Disruption'

    11/23/2016 9:32:24 AM PST · by Lorianne · 32 replies
    AP ^ | 21 November 2016 | CARLA K. JOHNSON
    A strike by hourly workers at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago will add another dimension to a nationwide day of protests by fast-food employees who have been pushing for a $15 hourly wage and union rights, organizers said Monday. The attention-grabbing airport strike is "going to cause complete disruption in travel plans for the day and maybe days to come," said Kendall Fells, national organizing director of the Fight for $15 campaign. "Four decades ago, airport jobs were jobs you could live off of. Now airport jobs are just like fast-food jobs. We're all standing together." The Service Employees International...
  • DOJ's Civil Rights Division Actions Since October 15, 2014, May Be Void

    11/22/2016 2:31:40 PM PST · by KeyLargo · 23 replies
    RNLA ^ | Nov 21, 2016 | Richard J. Kisielowski
    Monday, November 21, 2016 DOJ's Civil Rights Division Actions Since October 15, 2014, May Be Void Hans von Spakovsky recently published a commentary calling into question the validity of all Vanita Gupta’s official actions. Ms. Gupta is the acting head of the U.S. Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division and apparently has been working in violation of federal law for more than a year and a half. The result—it may render all the official actions Ms. Gupta has taken during her entire tenure, including lawsuits, demand letters, and hires, “void” and of no effect. Under the Federal Vacancies Reform Act,...
  • Two Americas

    11/22/2016 3:53:56 AM PST · by Macoozie · 6 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | November 21 at 8:52 PM | By William Wan, Tanya Sichynsky and Sandhya Somashekhar
    "... Should one stay angry and resist at all costs the idea of normalization? Or should one reach out, listen and understand ... "
  • I’m Already Sick of the Liberal Tantrum Over Trump

    11/19/2016 4:43:33 AM PST · by Kaslin · 57 replies ^ | November 18, 2016 | John Hawkins
    Even though I was #nevertrump, I’m already so sick of listening to liberals whine about Trump that I’m tempted to throw on a “Make America Great Again” hat for no other reason than just to piss them off. You’re upset about Trump winning? Well, guess what? Conservatives were upset about Obama winning twice. Welcome to the party, pal. Oh, but liberals are special snowflakes whose feelings are more important than those of regular people. They need safe spaces, blankies and pacifiers to cope with trauma and they’re getting them at colleges across America. Therapy dogs were offered to traumatized students...
  • Activists Plan ‘Non-Peaceful’ Action At Trump’s Inauguration

    11/18/2016 5:08:04 PM PST · by PROCON · 68 replies
    voctiv | Nov. 17, 2016 | James King and Jacob Steinblatt
    Linky only.
  • Who's Behind The Portland Riots?

    11/17/2016 1:27:53 PM PST · by F105-D ThunderChief · 42 replies
    ZeroHedge ^ | Nov 16, 2016 2:45 AM | Tyler Durden
    Two months ago, Charlotte police confirmed that 70% of those arrested during the riots were from out-of-state. 18 months before that, as the riots flared in Ferguson, George Soros spurred the protest movement through years of funding and mobilizing groups across the U.S., according to financial records reviewed by The Washington Times. And now, amid more headlines of Soros' involvement, KGW reports that more than half of the anti-Trump protesters arrested in Portland were from out of state.
  • Protests filed in Bladen and 11 other counties over alleged fraudulent absentee ballots (N.C.)

    11/17/2016 3:24:24 PM PST · by SMGFan · 28 replies
    WBTV ^ | November 17, 2016
    Formal protests are now being filed in 11 additional counties to challenge potentially fraudulent absentee ballots cast for Roy Cooper and other Democrats, according to Governor Pat McCrory's campaign.A formal protest was filed with the Bladen County Board of Elections to challenge several hundred absentee ballots, alleged to be fraudulent on Tuesday. The initial evidence laid out in the protest suggests a "massive scheme to run an absentee ballot mill involving hundreds of ballots, perpetrated by and through the Bladen County Improvement Association PAC," a political-action committee funded by the N.C. Democrat Party and other prominent statewide Democrats.  In addition to...
  • NC Gubernatorial Recount: Protests Filed In 11 More Counties Over Fraudulent Absentee Ballots

    11/16/2016 7:44:04 PM PST · by conservativepoet · 36 replies
    Townhall ^ | 11/16/16 | Matt Vespa
    Cortney wrote earlier today that there could be some funny business with the vote counts in Durham and Bladen counties. Now, McCrory’s campaign site said they’ve filed election protests in 11 more counties:
  • Trump Protestor Rioted At 2004 RNC Convention

    11/16/2016 9:07:16 AM PST · by Kevin C · 9 replies
    Red Broward ^ | 11/15/2016 | Tom Lauder
    Following her arrest at Sunday’s anti-Trump protest in Fort Lauderdale, Marah Lieberman wants to play the victim. She claims police mistreated her and falsely claimed she attacked pro-Trump folks. According to The New Times, Lieberman claims she was yelling a people chanting “build the wall.” “I didn’t put my hand on anybody. I didn’t touch anybody. I was just shouting,” Lieberman told New Times after posting bond Monday evening. “I got tackled on the ground. My back hurts, my wrists are sore, and my thumbs are still numb.” Video of the arrest shows a handcuffed Lieberman refusing to stand up...
  • Revolutions Aren’t What They Used To Be

    11/16/2016 6:13:07 AM PST · by NOBO2012 · 2 replies
    Michelle Obama's Mirror ^ | 11-16-2016 | MOTUS
    You say you want a revolution Well, you know We all want to change the world You tell me that it's evolution Well, you know We all want to change the worldMost revolutions, including the American, start out with protests. The concept being to attract attention to your cause and gain support.It’s curious then that the Portland protesters demanded that media crews NOT film them, and occasionally going so far as to attack TV crews with a baseball bat if they refused to comply. You say you got a real solution Well, you know We'd all love to see the plan...
  • Why Donald Trump and his supporters want you to think protests against him are manufactured

    11/15/2016 10:25:19 PM PST · by Freedom'sWorthIt · 166 replies
    Washington Post ^ | November 14, 2016 | Phillip Bump
    One out of every 40 people in America lives in New York City. The area's population is 8.4 million, more than in 39 other states. For every vote cast for Donald Trump in the city last Tuesday, more than four were cast for Hillary Clinton; she earned 79 percent of the vote. In the wake of Trump's victory, thousands of protesters crowded the streets of Manhattan (where Trump got fewer votes than he did on Staten Island, where the population is a third smaller) outside Trump Tower. It's hard to know how many were there, but let's assume it was...
  • POLL: Who are the anti-Trump Protesters/Rioters

    11/15/2016 12:06:16 PM PST · by Jeff Chandler · 8 replies
    Headline of the Day Poll (CHECK EACH THAT APPLIES) Who are the anti-Trump Protesters/Rioters Concerned citizens expressing their displeasure Hired thugs Emotionally stunted snowflakes
  • THEY Are Determined To Destroy America – Not A Chance

    11/15/2016 8:34:59 AM PST · by Starman417 · 5 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 11-15-16 | James Raider
    The “scorched earth policy” has been used in conflict as long as mankind has been arguing.  Russians burned their own nation against Napoleon and Stalin used the strategy again during Hitler’s invasion.  Since the night of the Presidential elections we have witnessed the left and the Democratic Party invoke a hard “take no prisoners, torch the land and poison the wells,” retribution against the Nation.  The vengeance is not only against all who voted for Trump, but is reprisal and recrimination on all of America, which Democrats are convinced is not listening well enough. The barrage of insane accusations is not letting...
  • More than half of arrested anti-Trump protesters didn't vote in Oregon

    11/15/2016 6:14:36 AM PST · by Buckeye McFrog · 16 replies ^ | November 14, 2016 | Kyle Iboshi
    Portland, Ore.—More than half of the anti-Trump protesters arrested in Portland didn’t vote in Oregon, according to state election records. At least sixty-nine demonstrators either didn’t turn in a ballot or weren’t registered to vote in the state. KGW compiled a list of the 112 people arrested by the Portland Police Bureau during recent protests. Those names and ages, provided by police, were then compared to state voter logs by Multnomah County Elections officials. Records show 34 of the protesters arrested didn’t return a ballot for the November 8 election. Thirty-five of the demonstrators taken into custody weren’t registered to...
  • The Stupid Cow Theory

    11/15/2016 5:21:32 AM PST · by NOBO2012 · 3 replies
    Michelle Obama's Mirror ^ | 11-15-2016 | MOTUS
    Good news: The cow family stranded by the New Zealand earthquake has been saved.The patch of grass was surrounded by deep ravines of collapsed earth, trapping the animals A valiant farmer told Newshub about the rescue mission which successfully saved the lives of the bovine family.“We managed to get a track in and bring them out,” he said.“They desperately needed water, cows don’t like living without water so that was the first requirement.”He said a fault line had run along the farm, killing many cows, and that fourteen had been saved in total. Not so lucky: the cow family in...
  • The Clintons and Soros Launch America’s Purple Revolution

    11/14/2016 5:06:47 PM PST · by Enlightened1 · 44 replies
    Defeated Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton is not about to «go quietly into that good night». On the morning after her surprising and unanticipated defeat at the hands of Republican Party upstart Donald Trump, Mrs. Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, entered the ball room of the art-deco New Yorker hotel in midtown Manhattan and were both adorned in purple attire. The press immediately noticed the color and asked what it represented. Clinton spokespeople claimed it was to represent the coming together of Democratic «Blue America» and Republican «Red America» into a united purple blend. This statement was a complete...
  • A Revolution Has Started

    11/14/2016 11:40:39 AM PST · by samovar123 · 20 replies
    So once again, the “peaceful Democracy” progressives, disguised as Democrats take to the streets to cause chaos, to pull Trump supporters out of cars and beat them and to destroy property to show that they are peaceful and disagree with the majority of Americans about the direction of this country. The display or rioting and violence, mostly in the urban areas of BLUE states shows the pathetic desert that has become the progressive agenda. There are many in the media and the Democrat party ( but I repeat myself) that had their panties in a wad because Donald Trump did...
  • 'People Have to Die': Unhinged Leftist Protests Greeted by Media Silence

    11/14/2016 5:19:59 AM PST · by SJackson · 29 replies
    Frontpagemagazine ^ | November 11, 2016 | Joseph Klein
    'People Have to Die': Unhinged Leftist Protests Greeted by Media Silence Awaiting the condemnations of anti-Trump protesters' culture of extremism and violence. Leftist groups wasted no time organizing protests in cities and campuses across the country, with marchers cursing the election of Donald Trump and yelling slogans such as “Not my President.” In some cases, the protesters went beyond mere strident rhetoric. They turned into mobs, threatening and assaulting people whom they thought were Trump supporters. They threw bottles at police. They set fires and defaced property. While President Obama and Hillary Clinton have made general calls for unity in...
  • Turkey Warns Citizens Against Travel to United States Due to Violent Protests

    11/13/2016 9:03:31 PM PST · by Olog-hai · 12 replies
    Jewish Press ^ | November 13th, 2016 | Hana Levi Julian
    Turkey has warned its citizens against traveling to the United States in an advisory on the website of its Foreign Ministry posted Saturday. The warning comes in the wake of the coast-to-coast protests by supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton that have taken place in some two dozen major American cities following Tuesday’s election of Donald J. Trump as the next president of the United States. The ministry said in its warning, “It has been understood from protesters’ social media accounts that the protests will continue for a while.” The ministry also advised Turkish citizens to be “calm”...
  • Diamond and Silk discussion Rioters. Where is Obama? Donald Trump's cabinet picks.

    11/13/2016 8:22:57 PM PST · by Freedom'sWorthIt · 33 replies
    Diamond and Silk Video copied by Famous People account on You Tube ^ | copied November 13, 2016Today,Nov13,2016 | Diamond and Silk Diamond and Silk Video copied by Famous People account on
    The latest from Diamond and Silk. They nail the protesters and who they are, showing Mexican flags, get your country right, get your a** legal. Obama needs to be speaking out to shut these rioters down... Now saying Donald Trump's supporters spewing hate - I tell you all to stop it if you are doing that. Don't be out there in the streets. Talking about the KKK doing some sort of demonstration in NC - but you're not going to manipulate, intimidate, with your hate. People on the left are making this stuff up. We are on the Trump train...
  • The Millennial Plan of Action to Take Trump Down

    11/13/2016 5:53:51 PM PST · by InHisService · 38 replies
    Kirchhoff's Law ^ | 11-13-2016 | Mary Kirchhoff
    Oh, the unfairness of it all! My candidate, Hillary Lying-piece-of-crap Clinton, was not voted into the highest office of presidency! What shall I do? Well, first, We’ll help contribute to a social media firestorm. We’ll organize a bunch of like-minded buttheads and it will be epic! Bonus: The teachers where I go to college are only too glad to help! They cancel classes, give us hot chocolate and tissues, and remind us there is therapy dogs every other Wednesday to help our bruised ego’s cope with the outcome we did not expect! We will then riot in the streets, break...
  • Anti-Trump protesters the real deplorables

    11/13/2016 12:30:58 PM PST · by MtnClimber · 13 replies
    Boston Herald ^ | 13 Nov, 2016 | Howie Carr
    Can I have the bullhorn please? I would like to address all of you rioting hippies, fifth-generation welfare leeches and assorted illegal immigrants who are currently looting, burning and carjacking your way across the college campuses and free-stuff districts of America. First of all, can we describe these civil disturbances for what they really are? These are not “anti-Trump” riots, they are “pro-Hillary” temper tantrums. Tuesday was the revolt of the working classes. Now we have an ongoing insurrection of the non-working classes.
  • Possible Trump Defense Secretary: ‘Paid Anarchists’ Are Infiltrating Anti-Trump Protests

    11/13/2016 8:32:43 AM PST · by nhwingut · 45 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 11/13/2016 | SAAGAR ENJETI
    Retired Army Gen. Michael Flynn believes some of the people protesting President-elect Donald Trump are “paid anarchists,” he explained Saturday at a gathering for the Young America’s Foundation. Flynn elaborated that the explosion of protests to Trump’s election nationwide represent a “sickness in our system,” and emphasized that a defining characteristic of the U.S. is the “rule of law.” He lampooned protestors labeling themselves progressive, telling the audience “progressive equals socialism.”
  • On This Day! Google search. (Vanity)

    11/13/2016 5:58:29 AM PST · by loucon · 1 replies | 11/13/2016 | loucon
    Engine:google Page:1 Search:obama protests Custom Date:Nov 8, 2008 (E-Day+4) Sorted by:date Los Angeles LDS Mormon Temple - Gay protest takes on one guy ... Video for obama protestsâ–¶ 9:21 Nov 8, 2008 - Uploaded by vintageyellow71 Los Angeles LDS Mormon Temple - Gay protest takes on one guy. Join the Impact ... No on 8 supporters had ... Obama Team Weighs What to Take On First - The New York Times Nov 8, 2008 - Advisers are trying to decide which of Barack Obama's campaign promises need to ... Protesters Take Anti-Trump Message to His Doorstep, and Plan...
  • Get a Grip, Losers

    11/12/2016 5:42:08 AM PST · by Kaslin · 42 replies ^ | November 11, 2016 | Michael Reagan
    It's all over. So why are people still arguing about something Donald Trump said three weeks ago? Why are protestors milling around the streets of our cities holding up misspelled signs and promising revolution? The argument ended early Wednesday morning when the votes were counted. Trump won. It was shocking, amazing, impressive, historic ---- all that and more. The billionaire with no ideology except egoism, the ex-Democrat no one thought had a chance, turned everything upside down and made fools, losers or incompetents out of both major political parties, the liberal media, the pundits, the pollsters, the financial markets,...
  • The Clintons and Soros launch America’s Purple Revolution

    Defeated Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton is not about to «go quietly into that good night». On the morning after her surprising and unanticipated defeat at the hands of Republican Party upstart Donald Trump, Mrs. Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, entered the ball room of the art-deco New Yorker hotel in midtown Manhattan and were both adorned in purple attire. The press immediately noticed the color and asked what it represented. Clinton spokespeople claimed it was to represent the coming together of Democratic «Blue America» and Republican «Red America» into a united purple blend. This statement...
  • Anti-Trump Protests Funded By Left-Wing ‘Charity’

    11/12/2016 3:09:44 AM PST · by ColdOne · 30 replies ^ | 11/11/16 | Peter Hasson
    A left-wing charity organization with unknown sources of money is providing the funding for protests around the country — some of which have turned into violent riots — that have threatened a divided nation’s ability to unify after a contentious presidential election. The Progress Unity Fund is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization — the same classification as the Red Cross. The group’s mission is to “provide a progressive alternative to mainstream charities,” according to its IRS filings. The fund provides the financial backing for Act Now To Stop War & End Racism (ANSWER) Coalition, a left-wing activist group that began organizing...
  • Navy Jack - Operation HYPO; Infiltrating the protests against the President Elect.

    11/12/2016 5:11:37 AM PST · by knarf · 40 replies
    OATHKEEPERS ^ | November 11, 2016 | OATHKEEPERS
    Our covert operatives continued to provide reports of planning and logistics activities that we now know are being directed at fomenting these violent protests against the President Elect of the United States. The intent of these activities is becoming clearer with each passing day. A petition that has garnered over 2 Million signatures is being used to encourage protesters to expand their activities. This petition reads:
  • Anti-bullying advocate charged with assault after NYC anti-Trump protest arrest

    11/11/2016 11:13:11 PM PST · by matt1234 · 63 replies
    Fox News ^ | 11-11-2016 | unknown
    A 23-year-old woman who became an outspoken anti-bullying advocate after a brutal beating in high school is facing assault charges after cops say she shoved a 74-year-old man to the ground during a second night of anti-Trump protests in New York City. Cops say Clinton supporter Shacara McLaurin, who had once auditioned for “American Idol,” and the man got into a heated dispute about who should have won the election that boiled over as demonstrators gathered outside President-elect Donald Trump’s skyscraper in midtown Manhattan Thursday night. “She was yelling ‘Black lives matter’ and he started yelling ‘All lives matter’ and...
  • Left-Wing Bigotry And Hatred Is On Full Display After Trump Win

    11/11/2016 5:32:37 AM PST · by IBD editorial writer · 34 replies
    Investor's Business Daily ^ | 11/10/2016 | Staff
    2016 Election: There's nothing like an election to bring out violent hatemongers, the narrow-minded bigots and the just plain intolerant extremists. And no, we are not talking about Trump supporters here, but the legions of left-wingers who are showing off their true colors. According to the current vote tally, Donald Trump secured 60 million votes. Exit polls show that 42% of women cast ballots for the Republican. Nearly half (49%) of independent voters backed Trump. So did 14% of LGBT voters. Trump did better among blacks, Latinos and other minorities, as well as lower-income voters, than the ultra-noncontroversial Mitt Romney...
  • Trump adviser urges Obama, Clinton to speak out on protests

    11/11/2016 6:10:08 AM PST · by metmom · 49 replies ^ | November 11, 2016
    speak out on protests Published November 11, 2016 Facebook Twitter livefyre Email Print Now Playing Anti-Trump demonstrators take to the streets in many cities Donald Trump’s campaign manager took to Twitter Thursday to call on President Obama or Hillary Clinton to speak out against calls for political violence, as unruly post-election protests broke out for the second night in a row in cities across the country. Police in Portland, Ore. declared that a once peaceful protest was a riot after demonstrators were seen attacking drivers and committing acts of vandalism during their march against Trump’s election Thursday night. Kellyanne...
  • BREAKING – Guess Who Paid For the Anti-Trump Riots In New York?

    11/10/2016 3:54:24 PM PST · by NYer · 45 replies
    Angry Patriot ^ | November 10, 2016
    Riots have broken out across the country as people are protesting Donald Trump winning the presidential election fair and square. Since his victory, hate has been spread all over the country by the so called “love spreading” liberals. Now, on Craigslist, they are trying to rent people to show up and protest Donald Trump. And guess who is organizing it? George Soros, Hillary Clinton’s major donor and supporter, as per call for rioters was organized by, which is gathering in “peaceful” protest of the so-called bigotry many Americans believe Trump has.Do these factions of anti-Trump black, Hispanic, and LGBT Americans really think...
  • They found the buses! Dozens lined up just blocks away from the Austin protests.

    11/10/2016 6:06:35 AM PST · by maggief · 170 replies
    Reddit ^ | November 10, 2016
    erictucker @erictucker protestors in Austin today are not as organic as they seem. Here are the busses they came in. #fakeprotests #trump2016 #austin 6:43 PM - 9 Nov 2016
  • Students march on SF’s Market Street to protest Trump election

    11/10/2016 11:56:00 AM PST · by artichokegrower · 30 replies
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | November 10, 2016 | Sarah Ravani
    Hundreds of students from at least ten San Francisco public schools walked out of classes Thursday morning and clogged Market Street to protest the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States.
  • (SF) Bay Area High Schools Stage Walk-Outs to Protest Trump Win

    11/10/2016 11:01:07 AM PST · by blam · 31 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 11-10-2016 | Daniel Nussbaum
    Daniel Nussbaum November 10, 2016 Approximately 1,500 students and teachers at Berkeley High School in northern California staged a walk-out Wednesday morning in protest of Republican Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election Tuesday. According to NBC News, students at the school walked out en masse Wednesday morning, with some holding Mexican flags and signs reading “F*ck Trump,” and “Not our president.” The students reportedly marched to the campus of the nearby University of California Berkeley, where they were joined by students from other nearby schools and by some teachers. Students at Oakland Technical High School, the Bishop O’Dowd school...
  • 5 people shot in downtown Seattle; search for shooter is under way

    11/10/2016 7:12:43 AM PST · by rktman · 12 replies ^ | 11/9/2016 | Paige Cornwell
    The rally turned into a march and was proceeding down various streets in town at the time of the shootings, according to witnesses. Merner said the shooting is unrelated. “It’s not related to the protest at all,” he said. “It appears to be some type of personal argument.” To ppl worried about gunman at large: "This is not random," SPD spokesman. "It was an argument that escalated very quickly with gunfire"
  • Multiple people shot in Seattle during anti-Trump protests

    11/09/2016 7:22:53 PM PST · by TigerClaws · 99 replies
    According to social media posts by KOMO-TV and other sources, multiple people were shot Wednesday in Seattle during protests over election results. At least five people have reportedly been shot and all are said to have critical injuries.
  • BREAKING: Republican HQ vandalized, interstate blocked as over 1000 march in Richmond

    11/09/2016 7:42:49 PM PST · by tcrlaf · 193 replies
    NBC12 ^ | 11-9-2016 | NBC 12
    LIVE: Anti-trump protesters shut down I-95S in RVA Hundreds of anti-Trump protesters have gathered in Richmond a day after the presidential election. Protesters flooded the street, shutting down roads and chanting anti-Trump messages. The Republican headquarters in downtown Richmond was vandalized, with windows smashed after someone threw a pumpkin at the door. The doorbell was also broken, and graffiti was painted on the building. Protesters then marched onto the interstate, blocking southbound traffic.
  • America on Edge: MoveOn Organizes Anti-Trump Protests Around Country

    11/09/2016 6:38:11 PM PST · by Anti-Bubba182 · 192 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 11-9-2016 | Breitbart News released the following press release Wednesday afternoon: Americans to Come Together in Hundreds Peaceful Gatherings of Solidarity, Resistance, and Resolve Following Election Results Hundreds of Americans, dozens of organizations to gather peacefully outside the White House and in cities and towns nationwide to take a continued stand against misogyny, racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia. Tonight, thousands of Americans will come together at hundreds of peaceful gatherings in cities and towns across the nation, including outside the White House, following the results of Tuesday’s presidential election. The gatherings – organized by and allies – will affirm a continued rejection of...
  • Protests break out following election results (Oakland, CA)

    11/09/2016 12:29:35 AM PST · by RightGeek · 44 replies
    KTVU ^ | 11/9/2016 | Uncredited
    Protests are breaking out in Oakland following Donald Trump winning the Presidential election. Many gathered on Telegraph Avenue and continue to march. (videos and photos at link)
  • Vanity: Organized Freeper protests and heckling at Dem events nationwide on a daily basis.

    10/09/2016 12:52:14 PM PDT · by Az Joe · 10 replies
    October 9, 2016 | AZJoe
    I propose we organize, on a state by state basis, using the locale app and PM app on this site (with Jim's blessings of course) protests and heckling of ANY appearance in your area of Clinton surrogates or the candidate herself. That means Slick Willie, Obama, Biden, Chelsea Clinton, Kaine, Warren or anyone else of note that supports the lying, crooked traitor. Several individuals, planted early at the events, staging disruptions on a continuous basis for as long as possible. Keep it non-violent, but make it a long process to remove you. Pass it on.
  • FBI Director: 'We Will Build a Nationwide Database' to Detect Implicit Bias in Policing

    10/03/2016 11:57:18 PM PDT · by Olog-hai · 84 replies
    Cybercast News Service ^ | September 28, 2016 | 9:04 AM EDT | Susan Jones
    Testifying at a Senate hearing on Tuesday, FBI Director James Comey agreed that it is hard to address the issue of implicit bias in policing when there is no reliable data on the races of the people involved in police actions. “This is one of the most important issues we confront in the FBI — I think we confront as Americans,” Comey told Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) who raised the issue of race and policing. “Every conversation, in my view, about the use of force and race and policing in this country is uninformed.” But Comey plans to change that:...
  • 7 arrested during monument protests at Jackson Square

    09/24/2016 4:58:56 PM PDT · by BBell · 41 replies | The Times-Picayune ^ | 9/24/16 | Wilborn P. Nobles III, | The Times-Picayune
    The juxtaposition of drumbeats and chants of "No justice, no peace" filled the air on Saturday afternoon (Sept. 24) as hundreds marched toward Jackson Square in an act of protest against the four New Orleans monuments honoring Civil War era figures. For more photos from the protest, click here. Take 'Em Down NOLA arrived at Jackson Square at 2:17 p.m., where a horse-mounted New Orleans Police patrol blocked access to the Andrew Jackson monument. At one point, protesters could be heard chanting, "We can't get no satisfaction until you take down Andrew Jackson," and some threw liquid-filled balloons at the...
  • Charlotte Leader Warns that Violence Will Not Stop Until Things Change

    09/21/2016 9:38:51 AM PDT · by rktman · 82 replies ^ | 9/21/2016 | Justin Holcomb
    Religious leaders in Charlotte, North Carolina are no longer condemning violent protests, but instead are warning that if things do not change between the government and African-Americans, more violence will ensue. One pastor also called for an economic boycott throughout the city. "We are watching a modern day lynching," he said. "If we don't get justice, this is what you see (referring to the violent protests Tuesday night) and you are going to see more of that. And we are not going to tell are brothers and sisters to stop."
  • Live streams of the protests shutting down I85 in Charlotte

    09/20/2016 11:52:14 PM PDT · by Dallas59 · 16 replies
    Live streams ^ | 9.21.16 | Live streams