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  • The Kagans Are Back; Wars to Follow

    03/19/2017 7:54:49 AM PDT · by slumber1 · 16 replies ^ | March 15, 2017 | Robert Parry
    Exclusive: The neocon royalty Kagans are counting on Democrats and liberals to be the foot soldiers in the new neocon campaign to push Republicans and President Trump into more “regime change” wars, reports Robert Parry. The Kagan family, America’s neoconservative aristocracy, has reemerged having recovered from the letdown over not gaining its expected influence from the election of Hillary Clinton and from its loss of official power at the start of the Trump presidency. Former Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland, who pushed for the Ukraine coup and helped pick the post-coup leaders. (She is the wife...
  • Cuba's Dissident Leader on Cuba After Castro

    11/29/2016 4:25:35 AM PST · by se99tp · 1 replies
    Perth Herald Tribune ^ | Nov 28th, 2016 | Jose Daniel Ferrer
    Soon, the regime will be on the hunt for hate speech of individuals who have lost their relatives by the dictatorship, either shot or killed in prison, or also drown in the Straits of Florida. These understandable demonstrations will serve the regime to say that the “Miami’s Mafia cave people” rejoice at the death of a man.
  • The Regimes “Cyber Action Against Russia” isn’t about Russia

    10/15/2016 12:47:15 PM PDT · by ShivaFan · 27 replies
    opinion | 10-15-2016 | ShivaFan
    The OBAMA-CLINTON-BUSH plans for an “unprecedented cyber covert action against Russia in retaliation for alleged Russian interference in the American presidential election” has nothing to do with “Russia”. There is an entire movement, sometimes called advocates for “Open Docs”, or “Full Disclosure” and advocates of open access to public information, around the philosophy that all political donations including those currently illegally practiced but not disclosed, all donations to so-called “foundations” and “charities” linked to politicians and those in political power and office, all meetings between government officials and lobby based organizations or lawyers or corporations or private interests or foreign...
  • Analysis: Turkey's Erdogan Shattered Even If His Regime Survives

    07/16/2016 4:09:09 AM PDT · by Biggirl · 110 replies ^ | July 16 , 2016 | Aaron Klein
    Turkey is in chaos and the future does not bode well for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his allies regardless of whether Erdogan can wrest control from an army group that announced on Friday it has taken over the country.
  • Dummy Hellfire missile mistakenly shipped to Cuba

    01/10/2016 5:30:21 PM PST · by LonePalm · 21 replies
    Miami Herald ^ | 1/7/2016 | Bradley Kapper
    WASHINGTON -- A dummy U.S. Hellfire missile was mistakenly shipped from Europe to Cuba in 2014, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday. The inert missile did not contain any explosives, the Journal reported, but there are concerns that Cuba could share the technology with potential U.S. adversaries like North Korea or Russia. The Journal report was attributed to anonymous "people familiar with the matter." A U.S. official with knowledge of the situation, who wasn't authorized to speak publicly on the matter and demanded anonymity, confirmed its veracity to The Associated Press. According to the Defense Department, the Hellfire is a...
  • United States held secret communications with Assad's regime for years in a bid to limit violence

    12/25/2015 5:05:43 AM PST · by Libloather · 16 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 12/24/15
    United States held secret communications with Assad's regime for years in a bid to limit violence in Syria, officials claim U.S. officials held secret communications with members of President Bashar al-Assad's government for years to try to limit the violence in Syria, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday. President Barack Obama's administration explored ways to encourage a military coup in 2011 as the civil war in the country got underway. American intelligence officials identified army officers belonging to Assad's minority Alawite sect who could lead a coup, but they found few weak spots to exploit, the Journal said, citing...
  • Syrian Regime Unleashes the Barrel Bomb's Big Brother

    07/11/2015 5:15:40 PM PDT · by Eleutheria5 · 13 replies
    Arutz Sheva ^ | 11/7/15
    Syria's regime killed at least 28 people, mostly civilians, on Saturday when its warplanes dropped massive makeshift bombs on a town held by the Islamic State (ISIS) group, a monitor said. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the bombs used in the attacks on Al-Bab, in the northern province of Aleppo, were three times more destructive than so-called barrel bombs, which have already drawn widespread international condemnation. "The army used 'container bombs' which are three times more powerful than 'barrel bombs'," said Observatory director Rami Abdel Rahman. The barrel bomb was previously joined by the elephant rocket, another crude...
  • Iranian Dissidents Criticize Obama’s Nuclear Diplomacy

    03/27/2015 6:12:52 PM PDT · by nuconvert · 11 replies
    Washington Free Beacon ^ | March 17, 2015
    Claim White House ignoring human rights, working with murderous regime A group of Iranian dissidents and political prisoners have lashed out at the Obama administration, lambasting its ongoing diplomacy with Iran, according to two open letters sent to the White House in recent days. In each letter, the dissidents—most of whom are currently political prisoners in Iran—criticize the White House for ignoring the issues of human rights and democracy in Iran as they push to finalize a deal with a regime that the dissidents says is murderous and untrustworthy. Iranian reformers and those seeking a change in the country’s leadership...
  • Iran’s Coming Leadership Crisis

    03/24/2015 7:04:07 AM PDT · by nuconvert · 5 replies
    WSJ ^ | March 22, 2015 | Sohrab Ahmari
    Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has cancer. After him are men even less likely to comply with a nuclear deal. ********************** Negotiators from Iran and the P5+1 powers led by the U.S. are racing against a March 31 deadline to conclude a nuclear deal in Lausanne, Switzerland. Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters on Saturday that negotiators had made “genuine progress” but that “important gaps remain.” Yet what happens if the Iranian leadership that the U.S. and others are dealing with now is not in place to implement any agreement? Two recent developments suggest that the Islamic Republic may be...
  • The Demise of the Clinton's Political Power (VANITY)

    03/05/2015 10:50:20 AM PST · by RetSignman · 36 replies
    Me thinking outside the box | March 5, 2015 | RetSignman
    The woes of Hillary and her run for president and are growing with every day that passes but I'm going to go outside the box of conventional thinking and posit my opinion of what could possibly be the truth behind her mounting political problems. In my opinion, the Clinton Machine and all their untold hundred of millions they have available is not going to enough to stop the disclosures of their carefully hidden corruption activities from the public.
  • The Left's Base Motive: Vengeance

    01/01/2015 11:35:58 PM PST · by Cincinatus' Wife · 63 replies
    The American Thinker ^ | January 2, 2014 | J.R. Dunn
    American leftism has gotten an awful lot of mileage by monopolizing the moral high ground. It is the sole force in American that favors the poor. The sole enemy of racism. The sole comforter of rape victims. The sole protector of defenseless Muslims. The sole guardian of the environment, and so on ad nauseum.It all falls apart eventually--with friends like the left, nobody needs enemies. But often overlooked is that fact that it’s bogus from the start. Any prolonged glance at the left reveals it to be an ideology of power, its major tool violence, its goal revenge.Leftism has always...
  • Ethnic Cleansing of Jews in Turkey

    12/19/2014 8:00:04 PM PST · by george76 · 17 replies
    Gatestone Institute ^ | December 15, 2014 | Uzay Bulut
    Now that the ethnic-cleansing campaign of the Turkish regime has been "successfully" completed, and there are only two Jews left in Edirne, why is the governor of the city still so angry? The sweet little secret in both Turkey and Europe is that anti-Semites do not need the existence of a Jewish state to attack or threaten Jews. Hatred of Jews did not start with the re-establishment of the state of Israel. The truth is that those who carried out ethnic cleansing of Jews are the last persons who should whine about the non-existent Israeli "occupation." Israelis are not occupiers...
  • Obama Regime: 2.5M People Losing Their Jobs Just A “Small Percentage of the Economy”

    02/04/2014 6:14:24 PM PST · by Nachum · 34 replies
    Tammy Bruce ^ | 2/4/14 | Tammy Bruce
    The Congressional Budget Office says ObamaCare is a job killer. But we already knew that, and have been saying so for four years. Now the Fed is catching up a little bit, yet losing 2-2.5 million jobs is the tip of the iceberg. “President Barack Obama’s healthcare law will reduce American workforce participation by the equivalent of 2 million full-time jobs in 2017, the Congressional Budget Office said on Tuesday in a report…” What does the White House think of this horrible reality for at least 2 million people and their families? It’s just a “small percentage of the economy.”...
  • Will Sen. Cruz or Lee file an injuction with SCOTUS to protect 60 % of Legal Voters from Obamacare?

    10/16/2013 6:53:02 AM PDT · by Graewoulf · 25 replies
    Graewoulf | October16, 2013 | Graewoulf
    Hear ye, hear ye: Be it known that 60% of American Legal Voters do seek, and with historical reason, do expect protection from their US Federal Government from the devastating harmful effects of the Democrat's cruel unfunded mandate of Obamacare; AND since no effective leadership in the US House of Representatives has existed to serve and protect 60 % of American voters from the Democrat's cruel unfunded mandate of Obamacare; AND since only US Senators Cruz of TEXAS and Lee of Utah have shown a consistent understanding of the great harm soon to be imposed, by the very rapid total...
  • About that New 'Moderate' Iranian Cabinet...

    08/15/2013 7:39:44 AM PDT · by nuconvert · 2 replies
    WSJ ^ | Aug. 6, 2013 | Sohrab Ahmari
    Hasan Rouhani's inauguration as Iran's president has renewed the Obama administration's dreams of rapprochement with Tehran. In a Sunday statement, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney expressed hope that "the new Iranian government will heed the will of the voters by making choices that will lead to a better life for the Iranian people." Should the Islamic Republic choose to engage, Mr. Carney added, "it will find a willing partner in the United States." Mr. Rouhani has already been "making choices" that the U.S. might want to take into account before becoming a "willing partner" in dealing with the regime....
  • With lure of religious classes, Iran seeks to recruit Latin Americans

    08/11/2013 5:50:42 AM PDT · by nuconvert · 6 replies
    The Mexican law student was surprised by how easy it was to get into Iran two years ago. By merely asking questions about Islam at a party, he managed to pique the interest of Iran’s top diplomat in Mexico. Months later, he had a plane ticket and a scholarship to a mysterious school in Iran as a guest of the Islamic Republic. Next came the start of classes and a second surprise: There were dozens of others just like him.
  • Israel Hints: We'll Strike Syria Again

    05/15/2013 1:40:31 PM PDT · by Eleutheria5 · 14 replies
    Arutz Sheva ^ | 15/5/13 | Gil Ronen
    A senior Israeli official signaled on Wednesday that Israel was considering further military strikes on Syria to stop the transfer of advanced weapons to Islamist Hizbullah – and warned President Bashar Assad against any kind of retaliation against the Jewish state. The New York Times quoted the Israeli official who said, “Israel is determined to continue to prevent the transfer of advanced weapons to Hizbullah. The transfer of such weapons to Hizbullah will destabilize and endanger the entire region.” “If Syrian President Assad reacts by attacking Israel, or tries to strike Israel through his terrorist proxies,” the official said, “he...
  • I'm Already Sick of the Wealth Envy Crowd

    04/12/2012 8:00:54 AM PDT · by Marathoner · 17 replies
    Neal's Nuze ^ | 4-11-12 | Neal Boortz
    Not only is Barack Obama a liar but he is a coward. Yes, I will continue to call the Oval Occupier a liar so long as he insists on this asinine concept that the rich aren’t paying their fair share. And I will also throw in the word “coward” because his focus on the evil rich and the Buffett Rule is two-fold: It is a distraction from the true failures of his presidency and it demonstrates his unwillingness to reform our “broken” tax code. His own administration admits that it is “broken.” So their solution is the call for taxes...
  • Obamacare Oral Arguments Don't Appear to be Going Well for the Regime

    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: The Supreme Court, what's going on. It doesn't appear -- and you really can't make any judgments, final judgments on this. But the oral arguments do not appear to be going well for the regime. The regime's solicitor general is being laughed at on occasion, and the justices are poking holes in many regime arguments up there. But, as I say, oral arguments, you never know what indicator they are. It's like trying to read a jury. But still, it's entertaining and it's instructive and we'll pass it all on to you. BREAK TRANSCRIPT RUSH: Oral arguments...
  • Report documents Iran's efforts to quell opposition heading up to elections

    02/29/2012 8:04:35 AM PST · by nuconvert · 1 replies
    MSNBC ^ | Feb. 27, 2012
    Iran has arrested filmmakers, bloggers, minorities and lawyers and imposed limits on the public's use of the Web to try to squelch dissent and contact with the outside world ahead of the country’s parliamentary elections on Thursday, the human rights group Amnesty International reported Monday. Iranian authorities have detained more than 10 journalists, writers and bloggers, as well as members of religious and ethnic minorities since campaigning began, apparently to dissuade people from criticizing the government or participating in protests to mark the anniversary of "Arab Spring" uprisings around the Mideast, Amnesty said in a 71-page report. The authorities also...