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  • Meet the Rules Committee: 112 people who may decide the Republican nominee

    04/12/2016 7:03:20 AM PDT · by GIdget2004 · 38 replies
    CNN ^ | 04/12/2016 | Tom LoBianco
    The Republican National Convention Rules Committee is the most powerful group you've never heard of -- it will set the rules of the convention and could potentially keep John Kasich off the ballot, open the battle to House Speaker Paul Ryan or create a dozen other different scenarios that decide the result. Its power is only limited by the political constraints of Republican Party leaders worried about the long-term effects of Donald Trump winning or losing the nomination. "He who writes the rules, rules -- as the old saying goes," said Gary Emineth, former chairman of the North Dakota Republican...
  • Thousands Sign Petition to Allow Guns at RNC Convention

    03/25/2016 5:05:52 PM PDT · by Enlightened1 · 21 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 03/25/16 | AWR Hawkins
    Thousands of individuals have signed an online petition seeking to nudge Ohio Governor John Kasich (R) into allowing concealed carry firearms into the Republican National Committee Convention in Cleveland. The convention will be held in Quicken Loans Arena, which currently bars guns from the premises. The petition–which can be found at Change.Org–calls on Quicken Loans Arena to suspend “their policy preventing the open carry of firearms on the premises of the arena from July 18-21, 2016 to coincide with the Republican National Convention.” The petition also asks the NRA to join the fray by issuing “an immediate condemnation of the...
  • Best Moment of the Republican Convention

    09/24/2012 6:54:01 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 5 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | September 24, 2012 | Bruce Bialosky
    Even though Ive been fortunate to attend a few national conventions, I still get a thrill when I meet (for the first time) a favorite politician to whom Ive donated money, or one of pundits that I read on a daily basis. (My wife would stop at nothing to get a picture with Bret Baier of Fox News.) Or it may be a particular speech. But at this years convention, my most special memory was a movie. Who would have ever thought that, for a guy from Hollywood, schlepping to steamy Tampa would elicit a big screen moment? We were...
  • Despite Convention Distractions, It's Still All About the Economy

    09/07/2012 12:52:46 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 3 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | September 7, 2012 | Scott Rasmussen
    Mercifully, the political conventions have ended. The political press will keep buzzing over whether Clint Eastwood's unconventional speech helped or hurt Mitt Romney and whether the snafu over Israel and God in the Democratic platform will do any lasting damage to President Obama. Republican reporters will think former President Clinton talked too long, and Democrats will note that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie talked more about himself than about Romney. But they are missing the point. The campaign is about what's happening in America, not what the politicians are saying. At the beginning of 2012, it was easy to note...
  • Amid 2012 Race, Lots of Politicking for Next Time

    09/05/2012 6:08:55 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 5 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | September 2012 | Byron York
    South Carolina is not a swing state. Solidly Republican, it will vote for Mitt Romney by a large margin this November. With so many other states hanging in the balance, Team Romney doesn't need to spend any time campaigning in South Carolina. So why would Gov. Chris Christie, a top Romney supporter and surrogate as well as the GOP convention's keynote speaker, take time out of an extremely busy schedule to visit the South Carolina delegation at the Republican convention in Tampa? It wasn't easy; the delegates stayed in a hotel far, far away from the GOP gathering site downtown....
  • Carmel stands by Eastwood after speech

    09/01/2012 3:23:27 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 43 replies
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | August 31, 2012 | Benny Evangelista and Kevin Fagan
    When "Dirty Harry" interviewed "Invisible Obama" at the Republican convention Thursday night, Clint Eastwood gained a new kind of fame, as the butt of jokes all over the Twitter-verse. "Idea for a cable drama: Clint Eastwood is a hard-boiled cop that sees his dead partner in every empty chair. It's called 'La-Z Boys in Blue,'"read one tweet. "Give Clint Eastwood a break. ...The RNC asked him to speak about ObamaCare and he thought they said ObamaChair," read another. The actor's mock interview of an empty chair purportedly representing President Obama turned into one of the most-talked-about events of the entire...
  • Play Clinty For Me

    08/31/2012 12:32:00 PM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 55 replies
    National Review Online - The Corner ^ | August 31, 2012 | Mark Steyn
    ...Clint is a brilliant actor, and a superb director of other actors (and I dont just mean a quarter-century ago: in the last five years, hes made eight films). Hes also, as Mr Gavin observed, a terrific jazz improvisor at the piano and, in film and music documentaries, an extremely articulate interviewee. So I wouldnt assume that the general tenor of his performance wasnt exactly as he intended. The hair was a clue: no Hollywood icon goes out on stage like that unless he means to. John Hayward writes: >>>The intended recipient was not Mitt Romney, the convention delegates,...
  • The Ryan Vision: Let's Get This Done

    08/31/2012 5:13:41 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 2 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | August 31, 2012 | David Limbaugh
    The Democrats and their mainstream media cheering section can huff and puff at Paul Ryan's convention speech, but they can't blow his house down. It was built on a solid foundation. So powerful was the speech that the liberal establishment is reduced to wailing about alleged lies the speech contained -- dishonest and easily refuted allegations. Ryan delivered a substantive indictment of the Obama administration's failed record and a content-rich, realistic plan for putting this nation back on track to economic growth and fiscal recovery, a plan that includes "protecting and strengthening" Medicare, not "raiding" it. Don't listen to the...
  • 5 Reasons "Negro Spotting" At The Republican National Convention Is Stupid

    08/31/2012 5:06:31 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 27 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | August 31, 2012 | John Hawkins
    Have you heard of "Negro Spotting?" It's a liberal game on Twitter. Libs see a black person at the Republican National Convention and they laugh and laugh at the hilarity! Why, there aren't a lot of black people there! That must mean Republicans are racist! Ha, ha, ha! This actually tells you a lot about how liberals think -- or more accurately, don't think. 1) "Negro Spotting" is a sign of how little racism the Left can find: Most liberals believe deep down in their bleeding hearts that conservatives are evil, bigoted racists! Yet, there's no racist rhetoric coming from...
  • The case for Romney in two words: Paul Ryan

    08/30/2012 11:57:01 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 68 replies
    Telegraph - UK ^ | August 30, 2012 | Daniel Hannan
    Paul Ryan had never before struck me as an inspiring speaker. I mean, I like the fellow: he has sound ideas, he's charming and he has a demotic, boy-next-door quality which is unusual among cerebral politicians. But his chief appeal has always been as a policy specialist rather than an orator. Until last night. Ryan's speech to the Republican Convention in Tampa was a masterpiece. As Roger Kimball observes, 'His manner is open, confident, but somehow also humble. There is nothing swaggering, nothing of the braggart or narcissist about him. He seems impressed, not by the sound of his own...
  • RNC protesters looking worse for the wear

    08/30/2012 11:08:58 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 92 replies
    St. Petersburg - Tampa Bay Times ^ | August 30, 2012 | Marissa Lang and Kim Wilmath
    TAMPA The heat, the chanting, the marching: It was all becoming too much. Protesters, who were scheduled to occupy companies owned by Mitt Romney's Bain Capital empire all day Thursday, were having a tough time mustering the gusto. The plan was to start at a Domino's Pizza, about two blocks away from unofficial RNC protest headquarters Romneyville in downtown Tampa. But after lunchtime, the tents were looking pretty cozy. It didn't sit well with one Occupy Wall Street protester, a 21-year-old woman who would only identify herself as Ducky.
  • Yes, Paul Ryan Spoke the Truth About Obama's Fiscal Record at the Republican Convention

    08/30/2012 7:30:55 AM PDT · by Qbert · 29 replies
    Forbes ^ | 8/30/2012 | Avik Roy
    Progressive bloggers and TV personalities are up in arms about Paul Ryans speech at the Republican National Convention last night. Several of their accusations revolve around Paul Ryans own fiscal record, and his description of President Obamas. I asked my liberal friends on Twitter to send me an itemized list of Ryans alleged lies, and they kindly obliged. So far, Ryan appears to have the better of the argument. [Snip] Dave Weigel of Slate compiled a useful list. (For a longer one, visit ThinkProgress.) Wrote Weigel, Ryan plowed through one of the more impressive strings of whoppers weve seen at...
  • Romney's Big Night

    08/30/2012 5:33:41 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 9 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | August 30, 2012 | Hugh Hewitt
    His "whole life has prepared him for this moment to meet serious challenges in a serious way, without excuses and idle words. After four years of getting the run-around, America needs a turnaround, and the man for the job is Governor Mitt Romney." When Paul Ryan declared this last night he reiterated what Ann Romney had declared the night before. Together these two speeches have prepared the ground for Mitt Romney to accept the nomination of the GOP and to make his opening argument to the American people: That he is ready to take over for this failed president...
  • Media Chief Fired - Romney Happy to Throw a Party With Black People Dying"

    08/29/2012 2:27:11 PM PDT · by Kfobbs · 21 replies
    Examiner ^ | August 29, 2012 | Kevin Fobbs
    When is it ever hilarious that the thought of dozens if not hundreds of black people desperately clinging for life as torrential waters batter their children, mothers or neighbors ever funny? David Chalian, a former political director with ABC News thought it was fair game to use a hate-mongering attack against Mitt Romney and Republicans gathered at the RNC Convention in Tampa, Florida on Wednesday. In his vicious racist attack he said, Romney is, Happy to throw a party with black people dying. Chalian, who was recently the Washington Bureau Chief for Yahoo News was fired for his online remarks,...
  • PolitiFiction - PolitiFact cant be trusted to get the story right

    08/28/2012 2:38:52 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 11 replies
    National Review Online ^ | August 28, 2012 | Editors
    The website PolitiFact is going to be truth-squadding the Republican convention speakers this week, delivering verdicts on which claims are mostly true and which deserve a pants on fire rating. Our advice: Pay no attention to those ratings. PolitiFact cant be trusted to get the story right. Its recent rulings on Medicare have demonstrated the point thrice over. PolitiFact said that Romneys comment that Obama had robbed Medicare of $716 billion to pay for Obamacare was mostly false. Among its reasons: The money was not robbed in any literal sense of the word. So if Romney led anyone to believe...
  • Brandon Darby: Anarchists (Occupy) Plan to Take Down Emergency Medical Services at RNC

    08/27/2012 6:50:38 AM PDT · by Qbert · 31 replies
    Breitbart.com ^ | 25 Aug 2012 | JOHN SEXTON
    Yesterday, I interviewed my co-worker Brandon Darby as he was traveling toward the Republican National Convention in Florida. The interview focused on strategies used by anarchist protesters at the 2008 Republican National Convention and how those strategies will be used once again next week by the Occupy movement. In addition to trying to shut down bridges to prevent delegates from reaching the convention center next week, Brandon has learned that a subgroup of Occupy is looking to shut down EMS communications throughout the city. The video that goes along with this interview is one Brandon took at the RNC convention...
  • What will the Democrats do in a region flooded with Republicans? - "Prove Dems are in FL"

    08/25/2012 2:35:59 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 30 replies
    St. Petersburg - Tampa Bay Times ^ | August 25, 2012 | John Woodrow Cox
    ...... Soon, tens of thousands of Republicans will descend upon Tampa Bay, but this area's Democrats say they aren't going anywhere. Their schedules are packed: protests, rallies, vigils, press conferences, a visit from the vice president and even a secret-but-not-so-secret "counter-convention." "We don't want to ruin the convention for delegates," said Ella Coffee of the Hillsborough County Democratic Party, which opened its Tampa campaign office Thursday night. "We just want to be able to have a conversation." Preparation for that conversation starts today with a protest training session in Tampa. The Code Pink-organized gathering, which many area Democrats are expected...
  • Drone maker Raytheon target of first RNC-related protest

    08/24/2012 1:39:19 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 24 replies
    St. Petersburg - Tampa Bay Times ^ | August 24, 2012 | Leonora LaPeter Anton
    Pinellas sheriffs Deputy Ed Diluzio asks CodePink and St. Pete for Peace protesters to move off private property in Largo. ARGO Seventy-five protesters, many dressed in pink, gathered outside the local production plant of Raytheon on Thursday, denouncing the defense contractor for its role in drone warfare. The demonstration, organized by the groups CodePink and St. Pete for Peace, marked the unofficial start of protests surrounding the Republican National Convention, set to kick off Monday in Tampa. "Raytheon, shame on you," they chanted. "Children die because of you." The director of the Young-Rainey Star Center was not happy to...
  • Organizers say 5,000-person march set for RNC first day - respect "diversity of tactics"

    08/23/2012 5:38:53 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 63 replies
    St. Petersburg - Tampa Bay Times ^ | August 23, 2012 | Richard Danielson
    An alliance of more than 60 labor, peace, student, immigrant rights, gay and lesbian and other groups says it's ready for a 5,000-person march on the first day of the Republican National Convention. "There will be nothing that will stop us from marching in the streets to demand good jobs, health care, affordable education, equality and peace and to oppose the party of legitimate rape," said Corey Uhl of the local chapter of Students for a Democratic Society. ...........Protesters are expected to come on buses from as far away as New York, Minnesota, Illinois and the state of Washington, organizers...
  • New Republican Artur Davis coming up on Larry Elder show, KABC Los Angeles

    08/22/2012 3:11:50 PM PDT · by doug from upland
    KABC RADIO ^ | 8-2012
    LISTEN TO LARRY'S SHOW Davis seconded Obama's nomination four years ago. He got off the plantation, became a Republican, and will be speaking at the Republican convention.
  • RNC protesters have to sleep sometime, but where? [Scramble's on for protesters]

    08/20/2012 2:23:36 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 26 replies
    St. Petersburg - Tampa Bay Times ^ | August 20, 2012 | Kim Wilmath
    TAMPA They've painted their posters and planned their marches. Now the question is, where are the 15,000 protesters expected to come and shake their fists at the Republican National Convention next week going to stay? ....City rules prohibit just crashing on the sidewalk, and Hillsborough sheriff's deputies have asked local residents and sanitation workers to look out for signs that protesters are illegally squatting in vacant homes. ....... Urban camping:... Closest to the action is Romneyville, a hive of mostly pink tents set up behind the Army Navy Surplus Market on N Tampa Street. Bruce Wright, who runs the...
  • GOP Rule Wont Block Gingrichs Chances

    03/22/2012 11:07:20 AM PDT · by Josh Painter · 25 replies
    ABC News/The Note ^ | Chris Good
    If Newt Gingrich fails to win five states, he might not be eligible in the first round of voting at the Republican National Convention. That doesnt mean he cant be the nominee, and it may not even complicate his chances any further than they already have been... [...] If no candidate wins on the first round of voting, primary and caucus results will matter progressively less. Some states delegates are bound by primary results only through the first round of convention voting. Others are bound through the second and third. If Gingrich enters the convention ineligible, he can still win...
  • Scarborough: Conservative Leaders All Tell Me They Want Brokered Convention

    01/20/2012 5:02:10 AM PST · by governsleastgovernsbest · 77 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    "I've been talking quietly to the most powerful, I think, conservative movers-and-shakers in Washington over the past couple weeks, trying to get their read. Are we really going down this path? Every single one I've spoken to is trying to figure out a way to get to a brokered convention." That was Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe today. For good measure, Scarborough also stated as a simple fact that Sarah Palin wants a brokered convention. View the video here.
  • FBI serves terrorism warrants in Minn., Chicago

    09/24/2010 7:43:23 PM PDT · by Kartographer · 80 replies · 11+ views
    AP/YahooNews ^ | 9/29/10 | STEVE KARNOWSKI,
    The FBI said it searched eight addresses in Minneapolis and Chicago as part of a terrorism investigation Friday. Warrants suggest agents were looking for connections between local anti-war activists and terrorist groups in Colombia and the Middle East. FBI spokesman Steve Warfield told The Associated Press agents served six warrants in Minneapolis and two in Chicago. "These were search warrants only," Warfield said. "We're not anticipating any arrests at this time. They're seeking evidence relating to activities concerning the material support of terrorism." The homes of longtime Minneapolis anti-war activists Mick Kelly, Jess Sundin and Meredith Aby were among those...
  • 2006: Gumbel: Lack of Blacks Makes Winter Olympics 'Look Like GOP Convention' (Video)

    02/14/2010 1:22:34 PM PST · by profyana · 56 replies · 1,646+ views
    LiveLeak ^ | 2-13-10
    This is a video of Bryant Gumbel lamenting the fact that we even have a winter olympics.
  • Brandon Darby foiled terror attack against 2008 Republican Convention win recognition

    01/16/2010 4:44:59 AM PST · by Ronbo1948 · 12 replies · 1,010+ views
    Daily Caller ^ | Matthew Vadum
    Youve probably never heard of Brandon Darby. The former community organizer who saved American lives by undermining a left-wing terrorist plot at the 2008 Republican convention used to be a proud member of the radical left. He called for the overthrow of the U.S. government. He hated cops. He consorted with eco-terrorist tree-spikers, radical feminists and black nationalists. He was approached to rob an armored car and asked to commit arson to fight gentrification. He mouthed politically correct slogans about the Bush administration. Government didnt care about people, and he thought the botched response to Katrina proved it. When he...
  • FLASHBACK: Text of Zell Miller's speech, GOP convention 2004

    07/20/2009 1:42:09 PM PDT · by Badabing Badablonde · 17 replies · 666+ views
    CBS News ^ | 9/1/2004 | Jarrett Murphy
    (AP) Below is the text of Sen. Zell Miller's keynote speech as prepared for delivery at the Republican National Convention: Since I last stood in this spot, a whole new generation of the Miller Family has been born: Four great grandchildren. Along with all the other members of our close-knit family, they are my and Shirley's most precious possessions. And I know that's how you feel about your family also. Like you, I think of their future, the promises and the perils they will face. Like you, I believe that the next four years will determine what kind of world...
  • Austin man posts bail after mistrial in GOP bomb plot case

    02/03/2009 12:33:54 AM PST · by trumandogz · 15 replies · 659+ views
    Austin American Statesman ^ | 2.3.09 | David Hanners
    MINNEAPOLIS David Guy McKay walked out of the federal courthouse, felt the sting of a 4-degree temperature and a wicked northwest wind and declared how great it felt. McKay, 23, of Austin, had reason to feel elated. He was getting his first taste of freedom an hour after a judge declared a mistrial when the jury deadlocked on charges that he made and possessed Molotov cocktails during last summer's Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn.
  • Ejected at 04 Convention, a Protester Gets $55,000 (code pink minion...Obama rewards his "staff")

    11/15/2008 5:25:35 PM PST · by Syncro · 30 replies · 1,648+ views
    www.nytimes.com ^ | November 15, 2008 | COLIN MOYNIHAN
    Ejected at 04 Convention, a Protester Gets $55,000 By COLIN MOYNIHAN Published: November 15, 2008 During President Bushs acceptance speech in Madison Square Garden at the 2004 Republican National Convention, a San Francisco woman briefly interrupted the proceedings by standing on a chair and unfurling a banner that accused the president of lying. That protest set into motion a chain of events that has ended in one of the more unusual legal resolutions connected to the four days of the convention, during which more than 1,800 demonstrators and bystanders were arrested, most of them in street protests. Hundreds of them...
  • Fake Ambulance Spotted at RNC

    11/13/2008 3:46:15 PM PST · by BCW · 32 replies · 2,512+ views
    EMS Responder ^ | 31 OCT 2008 | DAVE LONG
    Numerous Minneapolis-Saint Paul area EMS agencies, headed by the U.S. Secret Service, undertook special preparations to handle EMS operations during the Republican National Convention held Sept 1-4, 2008. Following is an inside account of the experience along with some lessons to take away for future events. Fake Ambulance Spotted On Tuesday, the second day of the RNC, a Twin Cities Paramedic spotted an "ambulance" with unusual generic markings in the city of St. Paul. The medic had attended RNC briefings on the need for heightened awareness, and as an Iraq War Veteran, he was well-educated and possessed a keen eye...
  • Two Texas men indicted in plan to disrupt RNC (MN)

    09/24/2008 8:05:21 AM PDT · by ButThreeLeftsDo · 14 replies · 168+ views
    StarTribune ^ | 9/24/08 | Tim Harlow
    Two men from Texas who are members of a group that planned to disrupt the Republican National Convention have been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of possessing an unregistered firearm, possessing a firearm without a serial number, and illegal manufacturing a firearm, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Minneapolis said. David Guy McKay, 22, and Bradley Neal Crowder, 23, both of Austin, allegedly possessed firearms that were not registered in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record and possessed firearms that did not contain serial numbers as required by law. The alleged actions took place Aug. 31 through...
  • Poll: GOP brand making comeback (New PEW poll, 46-46 LV)

    09/18/2008 3:19:49 PM PDT · by Chet 99 · 40 replies · 534+ views
    New polling suggests that the Republican Party is beginning to regain some of its luster and, perhaps as important, is experiencing a surge in excitement among its political base. A new poll by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press reports that independent voters have an equally favorable opinion of both parties, 50 to 49 percent, a one-point edge for the GOP. That compares to an 18-point Democratic advantage as recently as August, a wide gap that had generally held for more than a year. And half of registered voters overall now have a favorable opinion of...
  • Editor Protests Son's Arrest for 'Terror' Plot ["Nice Jewish boy" is anarchist]

    09/18/2008 1:36:23 PM PDT · by Alouette · 37 replies · 493+ views
    Jewish Exponent ^ | Sept. 18, 2008 | Eric Fingerhut
    Mordecai Specktor says his 19-year-old son, Max, "has never been in a fight" and is "not a violent person." "He's an anarchist," said Specktor, the publisher and editor of Minnesota's Jewish newspaper, the American Jewish World. He's also "a University of Minnesota student, Jewishly educated." His son, he said, is "a wonderful guy." Max Specktor is also now branded a terrorist after his arrest earlier this month, along with seven others, on charges of planning to disrupt the Republican National Convention in St. Paul. He's been charged with conspiring to riot "in furtherance of terrorism" and could face up to...
  • Caption these Code Pink hags getting arrested at the RNC (barf alert)

    09/17/2008 4:36:15 AM PDT · by redstates4ever · 48 replies · 1,046+ views
    me ^ | 9/17/08 | me
  • GOP delegate's hotel tryst goes bad when he wakes up with $120,000 missing (Doh!)

    09/16/2008 12:04:22 PM PDT · by MplsSteve · 73 replies · 303+ views
    St Paul Pioneer-Press ^ | 9/16/08 | David Hanners - Staff Reporter
    He met her in the bar of the swank hotel and invited her to his room. Once there, the woman fixed the drinks and told him to get undressed. And that, the delegate to the Republican National Convention told police, was the last thing he remembered. When he awoke, the woman was gone, as was more than $120,000 in money, jewelry and other belongings. The thief's take stunned cops. "It's very, very, very rare," Minneapolis Police Sgt. William Palmer said. "I can think of a couple of burglaries where we had that much stolen, but it's the first time I've...
  • Palin Wows Indians at Convention; Jindals Stock Soars

    09/11/2008 11:34:22 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 12 replies · 517+ views
    India-West ^ | 11 Sep 2008 | RICHARD SPRINGER
    Alaska Governor Sarah Palin tore through the Republican National Convention like a lead sled in the Iditarod dogsled race, while Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who chose to forgo a scheduled convention speech by staying away to deal with Hurricane Gustav, catapulted to the top tier as a GOP presidential candidate in 2012 or 2016. Indian American Republicans who attended the convention Sept. 1-4 unanimously raved to India-West about Senator John McCains vice presidential choice and Palins stiletto-like jibes at Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama in her acceptance speech. She sent a vibrant message to Middle America that she connects...
  • More Code Pink ID Theft: Obama Bundler Jodie Evans Stole C-SPAN Pass, Medea as Christian Reporter

    09/11/2008 8:06:50 AM PDT · by kristinn · 18 replies · 1,237+ views
    Thursday, September 11, 2008 | Kristinn
    Top Obama fundraiser Jodie Evans stated she used C-SPAN credentials without the cable news outlet's knowledge at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul last week.Also, her Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin bragged to the press at the Democratic National Convention that she had convention press credentials under the name of a Christian radio netweork.Evans, who has been a part of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama's campaign finance operations since the beginning of his run for the White House in February 2007, charged the stage when Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin was making her acceptance speech. She claimed to...
  • GOP Increase in Party ID After Convention Not Unusual

    09/11/2008 5:50:59 AM PDT · by bcatwilly · 9 replies · 182+ views
    Gallup ^ | 9/11/08 | Jeffrey M. Jones
    For Freeper poll watchers, this is an interesting article about party identification. This is really the reason that Rasmussen has not shown the same gap for McCain that Gallup has recently, as Rasmussen is weighting his poll according to a full 90 days prior survey of what he believes the makeup by party will be come election day. I guess that we will all find out on November 4th, but I personally don't think that this is a traditional situation where the increase in Republican party identification or leaning will decrease to levels that Rasmussen is currently weighting his polls...
  • RNC Suspect Investigated For Texas Mansion Arson

    09/09/2008 3:28:24 PM PDT · by devane617 · 28 replies · 429+ views
    cbs11tv.com ^ | 09/09/2008
    A man arrested during protests during the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota is now being investigated for arson at the Texas governor's mansion in June. The story was first reported Tuesday by CBS 11's sister station WCCO in Minneapolis. Bradley Neil Crowder, 23, of Austin, is charged with one count of possession of firearms not registered to him after his arrest Sept. 1 in St. Paul. Prosecutors believe Crowder and another man, David Guy McKay, made Molotov cocktails which could then be thrown into a St. Paul parking lot where law enforcement parked their vehicles. A high-level source...
  • Courting Catholics (Republican Convention Targets a Key Swing Vote)

    09/09/2008 11:24:15 AM PDT · by NYer · 17 replies · 236+ views
    NCR ^ | September 14, 2008 | Tim Drake
    Democrats tried to attract Catholic voters in Denver. Republicans tried to attract them in St. Paul. As the excitement at the end of the Republican National Convention affected Catholic Republicans as much as it did other delegates, they may have succeeded. Polls and TV ratings suggest Sen. John McCain of Arizona and his vice-presidential candidate running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin ended the convention way ahead of where they started.In his acceptance speech, McCain electrified Catholics by speaking about a culture of life, funding for private schools and Americas newest Catholics, immigrants.From the boy whose descendants arrived on the Mayflower...
  • A Mighty Wind blows through Republican convention [Most rabid Palin derangement meltdown ever!]

    09/09/2008 10:10:00 AM PDT · by Alouette · 112 replies · 938+ views
    CBC,ca (Canadian taxpayers paid for this screed) ^ | Sept. 9, 2008 | Heather Mallick
    I assume John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential partner in a fit of pique because the Republican money men refused to let him have the stuffed male shirt he really wanted. She added nothing to the ticket that the Republicans didn't already have sewn up, the white trash vote, the demographic that sullies America's name inside and outside its borders yet has such a curious appeal for the right. So why do it? It's possible that Republican men, sexual inadequates that they are, really believe that women will vote for a woman just because she's a woman. They're...
  • Caption time - one last encore - moonbats getting arrested outside the RNC

    09/09/2008 8:47:25 AM PDT · by redstates4ever · 48 replies · 358+ views
    me ^ | 9/9/8 | me
  • Schwarzenegger has no regrets about missing convention

    09/09/2008 9:01:58 AM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 49 replies · 399+ views
    Sac Bee ^ | 9/9/08 | The buzz
    In an interview published Sunday with the German mag Der Spiegel, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said he didn't miss going to the GOP national convention because it lacked "bipartisanship." He compared the "hard core" who run the national party to California's GOP leaders: "I have almost no contact with them none. Because they're just so out there." That should help round up those GOP votes for his budget proposal
  • Republicans Falter in Outreach to Blacks, Hispanics

    09/09/2008 7:12:49 AM PDT · by forkinsocket · 34 replies · 110+ views
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | September 5, 2008 | JONATHAN KAUFMAN
    ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Blacks are scarce here at the Republican National Convention. Of the more than 2,300 Republican delegates who gathered this week, just 36 -- or 1.5% -- were black, the lowest portion in 40 years, according to a study by the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a Washington think tank that focuses on black issues. That is substantially below the figure in 2004, when a record-setting 6.8% of Republican delegates were black. The number of black Republican candidates running for federal office also has fallen sharply, to about seven from a high of 24 in...
  • Ft. Wayne RNC Delegate Gets I-D Stolen by Protest Group (Obama's Code Pink Bundler Jodie Evans)

    09/08/2008 4:20:44 PM PDT · by kristinn · 9 replies · 278+ views
    21 Alive ^ | Monday, September 8, 2008 | Jeff Neumeyer
    It turns out a protest aimed at disrupting events at last week's Republican National Convention had a Fort Wayne connection. Fort Wayne realtor Annie Eckrich says her stolen identification was used by operatives to illegally gain entry onto the convention floor. Eckrich, who was an alternate delegate to the Republican Party extravaganza in Minneapolis- St. Paul, says she didn't know anything about what happened until a reporter called her, asking if she'd handed over her credentials to protesters. The story has gotten national attention on several political blogs. One of those blogs has displayed a picture of a simple badge...
  • [RNC] Convention Protester Mugshots

    09/08/2008 4:28:37 PM PDT · by Daffynition · 89 replies · 404+ views
    CBS11TV ^ | September 08, 2008 | staff reporter
  • Center of the violent RNCC protests: U of M

    09/08/2008 10:41:56 AM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 10 replies · 231+ views
    hotair.com ^ | September 8, 2008 | Ed Morrissey
    Minnesotans may want to have the legislature investigate this report from the Examiner about University of Minnesota staff involvement in violent anti-Republican protests during the convention in Saint Paul. According to Ray Robinson, key meetings were held on the U of Ms Twin Cities campus, and involved staff from both the university and union leaders of the AFSCME local that represents them: University of Minnesota staff were key coordinators of the recent violent protests at the Republican National Convention (RNC). The university employees are also members of the local clerical union of the American Federation of State County and Municipal...
  • AFLCIO reps coordinated anarchists for RNC

    09/07/2008 9:08:38 PM PDT · by rogpits · 21 replies · 380+ views
    Examiner ^ | Sep 7, 2008 | Ray Robison
    University of Minnesota staff were key coordinators of the recent violent protests at the Republican National Convention (RNC). The university employees are also members of the local clerical union of the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees. The AFSCME is part of the AFL-CIO union. Protests turned violent at the 2008 RNC located in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Police have arrested hundreds of demonstrators for violent attacks on police officers and bystanders and other more nuisance crimes. The Saint Paul Police have identified an anarchist group called the RNC Welcoming Committee as being at the center of the violence....
  • Drawing a Bead on the Press

    09/07/2008 8:03:58 PM PDT · by Gondring · 60 replies · 170+ views
    The New York Times ^ | September 7, 2008 (Print: September 8, 2008) | David Carr
    Before Gov. Sarah Palin came flying in from the wilds of Alaska for the Republican convention in St. Paul, there was a lot of sniggering in media rooms and satellite trucks about her beauty queen looks and rustic hobbies, and the suggestion that she was better suited to be a calendar model for a local auto body shop than a holder of the second-highest office in the land. Ms. Palin, unwilling to be rendered as a caribou-skinning cartoon, stepped to the microphone on Wednesday and punched back. [...] In the press galleries at the convention, journalists wrinkled their noses in...
  • Protesters Say They're Proud Of RNC Acts (anarchists well organized - will now meet @ a potluck)

    09/07/2008 1:01:23 PM PDT · by Libloather · 46 replies · 374+ views
    WCCO ^ | 9/07/08
    Protesters Say They're Proud Of RNC ActsSep 7, 2008 12:20 pm US/Central MINNEAPOLIS (AP) For two years, demonstrators had been looking toward the first four days in September -- when they'd take to the streets of St. Paul to speak out against the war in Iraq, the Bush administration and the Republican agenda. **SNIP** She pointed to Thursday night, when hundreds of people stayed on the streets of St. Paul, even after police told them to leave. Nearly 400 people were arrested, including Sundin. "I think it made a very strong statement," she said. **SNIP** "We think we were able...