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  • Final PPP NH poll: Romney 35, Paul 18, Huntsman 16, Gingrich 12, Santorum 11

    01/08/2012 8:31:13 PM PST · by lilyfreeper · 111 replies
    PPP polling firm ^ | Jan 8th | ppp
    Santorum's so-called surge is all but gone. Huntsman is catching up.
  • John Ziegler On-The-Air **LIVE** Mon. Jan 9, 2012

    01/06/2012 4:09:24 PM PST · by reformjoy · 7 replies
    Broadcast ^ | 1/6/2012 | reformjoy John Ziegler ON THE AIR **LIVE* Monday January 9th, 2012 9 AM- Pacific Time Noon - Eastern Time Interviewed by Kim Goldman & Jackie MacDougall Listen LIVE at the Link ! ** Does the personal life of a potential elected official impact whether you vote for him/her or not? Do you care what happens behind closed doors? MONDAY: We talk about the politics BEHIND the politics with author, commentator and filmmaker John Ziegler. PLUS, we're taking your live calls! 866-404-6519 ** (from Broadcast - Live Internet Talk Radio)
  • Is Mitt Romney taking the high road during this GOP nomination cycle?

    01/04/2012 7:55:29 PM PST · by Laissez-faire capitalist · 22 replies
    1/4/2012 | Laissez-faire capitalist
    Though Romney is personally not working with any pro-Romney super PAC(s), can Romney at least tell them or ask them to cease any potential negative attack ads aimed at Gingrich or someone else? If he doesn't, is he still taking the high road? Secondly, how could pro-Romney forces ask pro-Obama forces to do the something if they won't? How can pro-Romney RINOS and CINOS berate Obama surrogates for saying something about Romney if pro-Romney surrogates do the same to GOP candidates?
  • Why They Destroyed Cain in the Primary

    11/29/2011 6:21:30 PM PST · by willk · 109 replies
    11-29-2011 | willk
    I've been wondering why they brought these allegations against Cain out during the Primary and not the General Election. After reading about a poll showing most of Cain's supporters will go to Newt it came to me. First of all they gambled that Cain will not win the primary (even without the allegations). Obama and the MSM fear that Romney would have the best chance against Obama. With Cain's voters going more to Newt this is their way of getting a candidate who is easier to beat (notice too how Cain initially suspected Newt and not Romney).
  • Path to the nomination: Did Cain’s end yesterday?

    11/01/2011 7:09:51 AM PDT · by DBCJR · 154 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 08:45 AM ET, 11/01/2011 | By Jennifer Rubin
    Herman Cain was in the center of a firestorm, largely of his own making, yesterday. He knew before he entered the presidential race that he had a sexual harassment settlement in his past. He knew, ever since Politico started questioning his campaign, that a story was afoot. He knew he had to get the story out quickly and truthfully. And yet, by the end of the day, the business executive peddling his leadership skills and know-how looked somewhat like the hapless PBS executive who eventually got ousted for screwing up the Juan Williams firing. ... Iowans don’t need to believe...
  • Herman Cain's Foreign Policy

    10/16/2011 5:30:33 PM PDT · by shortey22 · 32 replies · 2+ views
    Foreign Policy ^ | October 16, 2011 | Daniel W. Drezner
    It took me a couple of hours of reading, cogitation, and regurgitation to critique Mitt Romney's foreign policy positions. Clearly, I didn't think it was perfect, or even all that good in many places. But, I had to assess it, mull over the content... you know, think. Now, I desperately want to be an equal opportunity blogger, and at this point Herman Cain appears to be the co-frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination. Sure, I've had my fun with him in the past, and he has no shortage of foreign policy gaffes, but I figured that impromptu utterances during debates...
  • Gallup: Perry emerges as Romney's main rival (Palin numbers very interesting)

    07/27/2011 6:19:11 AM PDT · by winoneforthegipper · 51 replies · 1+ views
    The Hill ^ | 07/27/11 | staff
    . Palin's ideological divide. This is weird. She actually scores better with self-described "liberal" and "moderate" Republicans (14%) than with "conservative" Republicans (11%). In fact, she doubles Bachmann among liberals and moderates, and Bachmann beats her among conservatives.
  • Ann Coulter Dismisses Rumored Palin/Bachmann Tension As Liberal Sexism

    06/29/2011 8:24:18 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 16 replies
    Mediaite ^ | June 29, 2011 | Frances Martel
    The media treatment of Rep. Michele Bachmann’s several gaffes this week have raised eyebrows on the right from those that have followed President Barack Obama’s supposed gaffes. Among them in particular is Sean Hannity, who put together a montage of Obama gaffes in preparation for his guest, Ann Coulter, tonight. Coulter argued there was a double standard for conservatives, and blamed “sexism” on the left for rumors that Rep. Bachmann and Sarah Palin are feuding. “Let’s hear what she said and reason backwards,” Coulter explained the logic of liberal commentators trying to evaluate Rep. Bachmann’s statements. The recent mini-controversy involving...
  • Game On:Michelle Bachmann Is For Real

    06/14/2011 2:07:48 PM PDT · by kevinaw2 · 19 replies
    Ward World ^ | 06/14/2011 | Kevin A Ward
    It is always quite amusing to hear the pundit class talk about the respective electability of the G.O.P. candidates for President. Sarah Palin is routinely ridiculed by the punditocracy largely because she's not part of the club. Last evening's debate was an intriguing forum with telling results. All of the candidates look good and no one made a fatal mistake. Here is my assessment of the candidates. Herman Cain started strong and speaks forcefully on the economic issues,however he loses his step on matters outside his greatest strength. He lacked specifics for all his passion and that is something he...
  • Romney, Bachmann dominate gracious GOP debate

    06/13/2011 11:04:25 PM PDT · by South40 · 75 replies
    Mitt Romney easily survived his first debate of the 2012 primary with barely a nick to his early frontrunner status. Tarred as a flip-flopping phony during his 2008 White House bid, Romney looked at ease during the two-hour live forum, and none of his lesser-known rivals made him squirm. Eager to make pleasing first impressions on a national audience, they all passed when handed opportunities to attack Romney. A picture of the former Massachusetts governor and corporate executive in an open-collared shirt and tie -- posted on Twitter just minutes before the debate in an obvious attempt at campaign image-making...
  • Bin Laden Bump Gone, New Poll Shows [Romney 21% Palin 17%]

    06/07/2011 4:29:31 AM PDT · by GonzoII · 35 replies
    National Journal ^ | June 7, 2011 | Steven Shepard
    Bin Laden Bump Gone, New Poll Shows By Steven Shepard Any political benefit President Obama received from the death of Osama bin Laden is gone, according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll that shows Obama facing a tough re-election battle against former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. A slight plurality of Americans now disapproves of Obama, a significant drop since a one-day poll conducted the day after the bin Laden killing showed Obama's approval at a robust 56 percent. Today, just 47 percent of Americans approve of Obama, while 49 percent disapprove. A majority of independents, 53 percent, disapproves of...
  • Just one question for each Republican presidential candidate

    06/06/2011 5:50:38 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 44 replies
    St. Petersburg Times ^ | June 6, 2011 | David M. Shribman, Pittsburgh Post Gazette
    ....if I had a chance to pose just one, here's the one I'd put to some of the major Republican contenders: Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House: ........Why do Republican officeholders shy away from you in such numbers and with such fervor, you combine a second-class personality with a first-class intellect? Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts:.....So: Do you compete in Iowa? Tim Pawlenty, former governor of Minnesota:......Did your actions as House majority leader and then as governor ease or exacerbate the current fiscal crisis in Minnesota? Jon M. Huntsman Jr., former governor of Utah:.....How could you serve...
  • It almost pains me to say this, but Romney is sounding good on Greta. Almost as good as Trump.

    04/25/2011 7:17:22 PM PDT · by Cringing Negativism Network · 133 replies · 1+ views
    Right now, Mitt Romney is on with Greta. And he's knocking it out of the park about our failed trade policy. Hat's off to Mitt, even for when Greta set him up to criticize Trump with a total gimme, he moved the subject back to issues. IMHO the 2012 race is off to a pretty good start.
  • Whores for Trump

    04/23/2011 12:05:52 AM PDT · by EternalVigilance · 104 replies ^ | April 23, 2011 | Tom Hoefling
    “An honest politician is one who, when he is bought, will stay bought.” – Simon Cameron, U.S. financier and politician, 1799-1889 For more than a century this has been accepted as a truism in American politics, one that is, sadly, generally acknowledged as such with a rueful chuckle and a resigned sigh. Poor Mitt Romney. There are just so few honest politicians left in the country these days. Over the last five years or so he’s spent a considerable portion of his children’s inheritance, and his friends’ fortunes, buying political hacks throughout the formerly grand old party. And now...
  • Is Sarah Palin Getting Trumped?

    04/20/2011 1:29:38 PM PDT · by PSYCHO-FREEP · 46 replies
    Pajamas Media ^ | 04/20/2011 | Myra Adams
    According to the latest polls, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s political popularity trajectory is heading south. It was inevitable given our 24/7 fame-obsessed culture which feeds on new personalities and controversy to fuel the celebrity media machine. Once Sarah Palin resigned from her office as Alaska governor, she left that respected “higher platform” reserved for our elected leaders and crossed over into celebrity jungle. There, she willingly subjected herself to the unforgiving forces of media pop culture, where the masses are easily bored. And now, without a new hit show, movie, book, clothing line, charity cause, or fragrance, Palin is...
  • Club for Growth blasts Trump

    04/18/2011 8:31:42 AM PDT · by Clairity · 37 replies · 1+ views
    Washington Times ^ | April 18, 2011 | Seth McLaughlin
    The Club for Growth, an influential anti-spending group, is warning its followers that potential presidential candidate Donald Trump is a wolf in sheep's clothing - calling him just another "tax-hiking liberal" and a "king of protectionism" who doesn't deserve conservative support in the next election. Mr. Trump has flirted with a presidential bid for several weeks, leveling stiff criticism of the Obama administration and riding doubts about the president's birth certificate, reviving the so-called "birther" controversy that many have considered a dead issue.
  • Clown's Credit (Trump)

    04/18/2011 8:11:46 AM PDT · by Hojczyk · 30 replies
    John Batchelor Show ^ | April19,2011 | John Batchelor
    The clown's mask drops to reveal the clown's mask named Donald Trump, and, while it lasts, this display of vanity, loopiness, garrulousness, and aimlessness is what little entertainment is left in modern politics. Trump is no more serious a candidate than his hairstyle. What continues to puzzle is whether this favors the Democrats, the Republicans, or the so-called TV news media. John Fund tells me that Trump registered as aa member of Ross Perot's Reform Party in 1999, then became a Democrat in 2001, then became a Republican in 2009. In sum, Trump is a simpleton about Party discipline. There...
  • THE TRUTH REVEALED: Sarah Palin May Not Have Been Born In The USA

    04/11/2011 7:34:10 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 91 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 04/11/2011 | Henry Blodget
    After reading Donald Trump's logic about why he thinks Barack Obama's presidency may be "the greatest scam in the country's history," we spent much of yesterday getting up to speed on the issue. Until yesterday, we actually hadn't looked at the birther question in detail, because we assumed it was just ludicrous conspiracy theory cooked up by folks who are desperate to do anything to have Barack Obama un-elected. SNIP SNIP do we really KNOW that Sarah Palin was born in this country? Or Donald Trump? Or Mitt Romney? A few weeks ago, Donald Trump made a big show of...
  • Fashback: Massachusetts Governor Signs Film/TV Tax Incentive Bill Into Law [Mitt Romney}

    03/30/2011 10:13:24 AM PDT · by Right Wingnut 2 · 32 replies
    Right Speak ^ | 3/29/2011 | Right Wingnut
    I came across this article, and wanted to share the good news. If Mitt Romney ever decides to proceed with Mitt's Massachusetts, the producer stands to receive a generous tax credit - provided it's filmed in Massachusetts. On Wednesday, November 23rd, Governor Mitt Romney signed the tax incentive bill that the Boston AFTRA/SAG office, along with numerous other industry members, have been working to enact in Massachusetts. The new law puts the Bay State in the spotlight as a competitive venue for motion picture and commercial production, and not surprisingly is already garnering interest from motion picture studios that would...
  • Newt Gingrich Poised to Run: Why the 1990s GOP Icon Struggles for Respect

    03/04/2011 6:26:22 PM PST · by bimboeruption · 67 replies
    Politics Daily ^ | March 4, 2011 | Walter Shapiro
    Newt Gingrich moved toward launching his first presidential campaign with all the grace of a suitcase falling down a flight of stairs. It all began with conflicting signals from aides about what Gingrich actually would be announcing Thursday in Atlanta (correct answer: A website called "NewtExplore2012"). Then, in an odd one-question press conference, Gingrich proposed a Tenth Amendment Implementation Act (a vague project to return federal responsibilities to the states) while he simultaneously unveiled the exploratory White House candidacy. Finally, there was the embarrassing glitch when a liberal group pointed out that the flag-waving crowds in the background on the...
  • Palin barely tops muddled national GOP presidential picture

    12/08/2010 4:43:50 AM PST · by techno · 52 replies
    public policy polling ^ | December 8, 2010 | techno
    Overall: Palin 21% Gingrich 19% Romney 18% Huckabee 16% Conservatives: Palin 24% Gingrich 23% Romney 15% Huckabee 14% Men: Palin 23% Gingrich 23% Romney 16% Huckabee 11% 46-65 age category: Palin 21% Romney 18% Gingrich 17% Huckabee 14% 65+ age category: Palin 23% Romney 19% Gingrich 17% Huckabee 17% This is the first time that Palin has led in any national PPP poll of GOP contenders and among these categories. Could this be a preview of coming attractions? Yes, there is no frontrunner right now as Karl Rove suggests. But could Palin become a clear frontrunner by the end of...
  • Can Sarah Palin beat President Obama in 2012?

    11/18/2010 9:07:07 AM PST · by techno · 91 replies
    hot air ^ | November 18, 2010 | techno
    10 Yardsticks to Measure where Palin stands in relation to Obama: Regardless of whether Sarah Palin runs or not here is where President Obama stands: 1)Only 40% of the electorate feel that Obama deserves to be re-elected while over 50% would vote for a generic GOP nominee or someone else. 2)Yet any re-election campaign has been proven to be a referendum on the job performance of the incumbent regardless of who it is. Obama will be no different. The question is not whether Palin or anyone can beat Obama in 2012 but whether the American people will permit Obama to...
  • Christine O'Donnell: 'I Dabbled in Witchcraft'

    09/18/2010 11:49:47 AM PDT · by Michel12 · 487 replies
    ABC news ^ | September 18 2010 | RYAN CREED
    Fresh off her victory in Delaware, GOP U.S. Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell is riding a wave of campaign cash but also internet infamy, thanks in part to her controversial statements -- most notably on masturbation -- in the late 1990s on Bill Maher's "Politically Incorrect." Christine O'Donnell says one of her first dates occurred on a satanic altar. On Friday, Maher released on his new HBO show, "Real Time," an unaired clip of O'Donnell admitting to a brief dalliance with witchcraft.
  • Delaware and NH General Election Number Preview

    09/13/2010 6:14:42 PM PDT · by speciallybland · 59 replies
    Public Policy Polling ^ | 09/13/2010 | Tom Jensen
    Just finished the general election numbers in Delaware and New Hampshire. Not going to release them until Wednesday when we have nominees but in one case the conventional wisdom about who's more electable was confirmed and in the other it was not: -In Delaware Chris Coons polls 26 points better against Christine O'Donnell than Mike Castle. Castle's net favorability is 25 points higher than O'Donnell's. That electability gap is even wider than what we saw a month ago when Castle did 20 points better against Coons than O'Donnell.
  • Palin Edorsement of New Hampshire Hopeful Draws Ire of Conservative Paper

    07/21/2010 3:47:17 PM PDT · by neverdem · 165 replies · 3+ views
    Politics Daily ^ | July 21, 2010 | Tom Diemer
    Sarah Palin got some push-back Wednesday, but not from one of her liberal critics in the "mainstream" media. No, it was a conservative -- and influential -- New Hampshire newspaper that tartly dismissed the former Alaska governor's recent endorsement of U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte. In a front-page editorial, New Hampshire Union Leader Publisher Joseph W. McQuaid wrote that Palin's endorsement should "neither surprise nor upset the other campaigns" since voters in the state are "rarely impressed by what outsiders have to say." Better pay attention: in a state that traditionally hosts the first presidential primary -- and will again...
  • What we do (and don't) know about Sarah Palin and 2012 (A View from the Left)

    07/11/2010 6:15:01 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 93 replies · 1+ views
    Salon ^ | July 9, 2010 | Jonathan Bernstein
    If she does run for president, her path will be more complicated than her true believers realize. Andrew Sullivan has a good roundup of some of the recent punditry about Sarah Palin and the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. I've given my position before: Anyone who thinks she has it locked up is nuts, and anyone who thinks that there's zero possibility of her winning is also nuts. But that does raise the question: What can we know now? What should we ignore? And by the way, how does the nomination process work, anyhow? First: We can't know what's in any...
  • (Video) Sarah Palin On The O'Reilly Factor: Illegal Immigration Crisis & Stopping Obama

    07/10/2010 4:48:59 AM PDT · by MaxCUA · 74 replies
    Sarah Palin On The Factor with the annoying Bill O'Reilly. He asks & interrupts President Palin discussing Illegal Immigration & Stopping Obama
  • The tea party's least favorite Republicans (McCain tops the list)

    03/13/2010 4:42:27 PM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 98 replies · 2,409+ views
    Politico ^ | 2010-03-13 | Kenneth P. Vogel
    The tea party movement exploded onto the political scene in 2009 as a backlash to the agenda pushed by President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats, but a little more than a year later, a POLITICO survey found tea party activists unhappy with many of the biggest names in the Republican Party. And that could complicate GOP plans to harness the energy of the tea parties as they head into the November midterm elections with hopes of rearranging the balance of power in Washington. In a survey of more than three dozen grass-roots tea party leaders from 29 states, the party’s...
  • Mitt Romney on Health Care Overhaul (Your World with Neil Cavuto)

    03/05/2010 11:17:37 AM PST · by GOP_Lady · 99 replies · 1,282+ views ^ | 03-05-10 | Neil Cavuto
    NEIL CAVUTO, ANCHOR: More closed-door meetings on health care. The president and members of his own party now pow-wowing in private over the very next move. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney telling me they’re doing it all wrong. And he knows. He overhauled health care when he was running Massachusetts and says that his plan was nothing like the president’s now. More of my chat with Mitt Romney and his wife, Ann.
  • Give Scott Brown a Break, OK?

    02/26/2010 5:14:48 AM PST · by Kaslin · 76 replies · 881+ views ^ | February 26, 2010 | Douglas Mackinnon
    After Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., voted in favor of a jobs bill endorsed by President Obama and the majority of Senate Democrats, I immediately heard from a number of Republican friends in and around Washington, D.C. who knew I am a conservative from Massachusetts. The questions were rapid fire and the anger was surprising. “How dare he side with Obama?” “Is he just a Kennedy Republican?,” and “Where do I go to get my donation back?” My response to all was, “You have got to be kidding me. This guy has not been in office a month, he’s only taken...
  • Ordination of Meg Whitman?

    02/21/2010 8:21:00 AM PST · by SmithL · 128 replies · 1,367+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 2/21/10 | Debra J. Saunders
    This month, former Gov. Pete Wilson sent out a letter calling on good Republicans to "unite" behind former eBay CEO Meg Whitman's bid for governor. A largely Democratic effort had been formed to raise $40 million to defeat the billionaire candidate, which Wilson argued forced Team Whitman to launch its general election campaign early. It was an arrogant move - calling the GOP primary before a single voter has cast a ballot in the June 8 election. Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner is still in the race. No wonder Poizner recently told me, "She wants to be ordained." After pouring $39...
  • Sarah Palin is definitely no fool

    02/20/2010 5:16:41 PM PST · by CharlesWayneCT · 16 replies · 1,382+ views
    Manassas News/Messenger ^ | 2/16/2010 | Charles Reichley
    Last week, this paper ran an editorial attacking ex-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, saying "If there was ever any doubt that Sarah Palin is a fool, she has removed it." ... the paper's editorial was off base, short on facts, long on innuendo and did a disservice to her considerable achievements. ... The editorial said Palin was partisan and predictable when attacking Rahm Emanuel for using the word "retarded" as a pejorative. ... The editorial misses the bigger point. Rush is a private citizen commenting on a talk show. We may not like what he says, but he speaks for himself....
  • Sarah Palin and Qualifications

    02/20/2010 11:49:54 AM PST · by techno · 89 replies · 1,251+ views
    February 20, 2010 | techno
    Since the beginning of 2010 there have been umpteen articles or polls regarding questioning the 'qualifications' of Sarah Palin for President of the United States. Here is a statement by Matthew Dowd, ex-Bush aide in the fall of 2009 that puts the topic in perspective: "No sitting President of the United States in the 60 year history of the Gallup poll has failed to be re-elected going into the fall campaign if his job approval number was above 51% and no president with below 47% has been re-elected." "The 2012 election will be PRIMARILY about our current president and whether...
  • Romney Assaulted on Flight Leaving Olympics

    02/16/2010 6:36:30 AM PST · by Red in Blue PA · 165 replies · 3,465+ views
    Foxnews ^ | 2/16/2010 | Staff
    Mitt Romney, the former Republican governor of Massachusetts, was physically assaulted Monday by a fellow passenger on a flight from Vancouver, Canada, to Los Angeles. Romney, a 2008 presidential candidate and a potential 2012 contender, asked a passenger who was seated and reclining in front of his wife, Ann, to move his seat upright during take off. "The passenger became physically violent. Governor Romney did not retaliate, but instead let the airline crew respond to the incident," said Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom.
  • Romney 2.0: Mr. Fix-It

    02/12/2010 8:14:17 AM PST · by NoRedTape · 70 replies · 892+ views
    Los Angeles Times ^ | February 11, 2010 | Johanna Neuman
    "Now, two weeks before publication of "No Apology: The Case for American Greatness," Romney is pivoting again -- this time pitching himself as a problem solver whose background as a successful financier makes him the ideal candidate to rescue the ailing U.S. economy. But the real problem, said the paper, is "the real Mitt Romney — Harvard MBA, political scion, hard-working businessman, super-wealthy master of Wall Street offerings, devout Mormon — might not be what Republican primary voters actually want."
  • Obama Beats Generic Republican by 2 Points (Obama 44% Anyone But Obama 42%)

    02/11/2010 7:32:32 AM PST · by coaltrain · 40 replies · 1,080+ views
    NRO (and Hotline) ^ | 02/11/10 | Jonah Goldberg
    I'm no psephologist, but my guess is that's not where Axelrod wanted to be at this point. From Hotline: A generic GOP candidate would run virtually even with Pres. Obama in a hypothetical WH '12 matchup, according to a new Gallup poll released today. The poll was conducted from Feb. 1 to Feb. 3, surveying 942 registered voters for a margin of error of +/- 3.2%. General Election Matchup Obama 44 Generic GOPer 42 Meanwhile, ex-MA Gov. Mitt Romney (R) leads the field among 490 GOPers and GOP-leaning voters (for a margin of error of +/- 4.4%), but other big...
  • EDITORIAL: Abandon all hope ye who support Palin

    02/10/2010 10:54:16 AM PST · by CharlesWayneCT · 86 replies · 2,723+ views
    Manassas News & Messenger ^ | 2/10/2010 | The Editors
    If there was ever any doubt that Sarah Palin is a fool, she has removed it. Once the governor of Alaska and a vice presidential candidate, Palin has left the confines of public office for the more sympathetic offices of Fox News. She has also been acting as something of a de facto leader of the Tea Party movement. Unfortunately, her new roles have not lent her the gravitas she was lacking as a politician. ... Palin has consistently shown herself to be thoughtless, uninformed, impulsive and opportunistic. If these are the qualities people look for in a leader, then...
  • Tea partiers attack convention

    02/06/2010 6:23:54 PM PST · by Nosterrex · 102 replies · 2,927+ views
    Politico ^ | 2/6/10 | Kenneth Vogel
    Tea partiers attack convention
  • McCain: GOP willing to start over on health care (snatching defeat from the jaws of victory)

    01/24/2010 2:08:30 PM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 98 replies · 1,906+ views
    CBS / Politico ^ | 2010-01-24 | Alex Isenstadt
    Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Sunday that it was time to start over on the health care debate - and that Republicans would be willing to try to meet common ground with Democrats on several key issues. Appearing on CBS's "Face the Nation," McCain said Republicans should "say we'd be willing to start over from the beginning," saying the party would like to address malpractice reform, and transportability of coverage across state lines. "There are many things we can do," McCain suggested.
  • Win Points to New GOP Strategy

    01/23/2010 8:53:04 AM PST · by GOP_Lady · 47 replies · 1,016+ views
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | 01-21-10 | GREG HITT
    Republican Scott Brown portrayed himself as independent of the national party. But his successful bid for a U.S. Senate seat received big support from the GOP leadership in Washington and from the political machinery of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. For Republicans, the Massachusetts win points to a strategy that could help the party bridge the split between grass-roots activists and the national establishment. Mr. Brown effectively ran against Washington and repeatedly vowed to be an "independent" thinker if sent to Capitol Hill. The message appealed to disenchanted voters, especially independents. At the same time, without fanfare, the Republican National...
  • Understanding Romney: One size does not fit all

    01/22/2010 6:06:18 PM PST · by restornu · 291 replies · 2,813+ views
    THE HILL ^ | - 01/22/10 | By Bernie Quigley
    As The Wall Street Journal points out in an opinion this morning, this is a good day not only for Scott Brown, the new senator from Massachusetts, but for Mitt Romney as well. Glenn Beck doesn’t trust Brown, he says. But with Brown toting friends like the popular former governor of Massachusetts, William Weld, John McCain and Romney around on his bus, it might not be such a good day for Glenn Beck. The WSJ’s Kim Strassel pointed out that Romney’s closest aides flooded to Mr. Brown, bringing with them the savvy of his national operation. “From a perch atop...
  • Scott Brown, Just in Time

    01/22/2010 4:12:14 AM PST · by Kaslin · 42 replies · 1,044+ views ^ | January 22, 2010 | Suzanne Fields
    Scott Brown arrives in Washington driving his famous truck, and he looks like a million dollars -- Jimmy Stewart playing Mr. Smith. President Obama polishes his State of the Union Address and suddenly he's looking discounted to more like a few thousand dollars. The two events are not unrelated. The president will speak to the joint session of Congress next week as his approval ratings have fallen from a high of 70 percent a year ago to less than 50 percent, proving once more that in politics nothing recedes like success. At this time last year, Obama was President Possibility,...
  • Women ponder Mass. glass ceiling (Croaky lost because of sexism alert)

    01/20/2010 2:14:18 AM PST · by Zakeet · 44 replies · 1,606+ views
    Politico ^ | January 20, 2009 | Jeanne Cummings and Erika Lovely
    Before the votes were even counted, her fellow Democrats had compiled a list of reasons why Martha Coakley had struggled: anemic retail politics, a blind-eye to shifting momentum and an inexplicable appearance on a sports talk radio show that led her to misidentify a Red Sox star. There was truth to them all. But they also glossed over an obstacle that received far less attention in her losing bid for the Senate: a glass ceiling that remains almost impenetrable, even in the blue state of Massachusetts. To get an idea of how mind-bending the gender dynamics in this campaign were,...
  • Schmidt calls Palin claims 'total fiction'

    11/14/2009 1:47:49 PM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 68 replies · 3,375+ views
    WASHINGTON (CNN) - John McCain's former presidential campaign manager Steve Schmidt is the latest McCain adviser to cry foul over accusations Sarah Palin has penned in her yet to be released memoir "Going Rogue." Excerpts obtained by The Huffington Post characterize Schmidt in an unfavorable light, particularly in reference to the prank phone call Palin received from someone pretending to be French President Nicolas Sarkozy. "Right away, the phones started ringing," Palin writes. "One of the first calls was Schmidt, and the force of his screaming blew my hair back. 'How can anyone be so stupid?! Why would the president...
  • Vanity: If Mitt Romney "purchased" the Tea Party Movement

    09/13/2009 6:35:38 AM PDT · by yongin · 96 replies · 1,799+ views
    Sept 13, 2009 | yongin
    Yesterday's 9-12 Project and the local Tea Party rallies were roaring successes. The Tea Parties are much more effective at voicing opposition to Obama's policies than the hapless GOP leadership in Congress. With the success of the Tea Parties, it will be only a matter of time before GOP politicians and especially potential 2012 candidates to attempt to make the Tea Parties as their own. Mitt Romney is a man who might try to "buy" the Tea Party movement. With his vast wealth, Romney could open his wallet and fund Tea Party rallies across the country until 2012. Under such...