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  • The Mythology of HOT Lanes

    12/02/2016 2:11:47 AM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 14 replies
    StreetsBlog USA ^ | September 27, 2016 | Kevin Posey
    In July Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe stood on the platform of a train station in Alexandria to announce that the U.S. Department of Transportation had granted $165 million for the Atlantic Gateway project.While this is a multimodal project featuring rail, bus, and highway improvements, it was clearly the latter that most enthused the governor. At one point during his remarks, he declared that because of the road projects, “Today, the congestion is going to end!”The primary focus of the highway improvements will be an extension of the HOT (high occupancy toll) lanes on I-95 and I-395. The only other speaker...
  • Larsons tunnels: Big plan, even bigger challenge

    11/27/2016 8:28:10 PM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 51 replies
    The Connecticut Mirror ^ | November 15, 2016 | Tom Condon
    Not everyone is thrilled with U.S. Rep. John Larson’s proposal to build massive highway tunnels under Hartford, but Daniel Burnham might be, were he still with us. It was Burnham, the great Chicago architect and planner, who said, “Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably will not themselves be realized.”Larson’s is anything but a little plan; it is breathtaking in scope. It has stirred the blood of some public officials and business leaders. But the concept is so vast, complex and potentially expensive – it would be longer than Boston’s “Big Dig” tunnels...
  • Niccolo Paganini - 24 Caprices Op.1

    01/29/2016 8:29:54 PM PST · by WhiskeyX · 4 replies
    YouTube ^ | Written: 1802-1817; Published: 1820 | Niccolo Paganini
    Niccolo Paganini - 24 Caprices Op.1 24 Cprices Op.1 for Solo Violin Itzhak Perlman - Violin 1st= (00:00) 2nd= (01:38) 3rd= (04:21) 4th= (07:16) 5th= (13:39) 6th= (16:06) 7th= (19:35) 8th= (23:28) 9th= (26:06) 10th= (28:38) 11th= (31:03) 12th= (34:30) 13th= (37:18) 14th= (39:50) 15th= (41:53) 16th= (44:24) 17th= (45:51) 18th= (49:02) 19th= (51:27) 20th= (54:14) 21st= (57:52) 22nd= (1:00:48) 23rd= (1:03:16) 24th= (1:07:59)
  • Colleges Now Have ‘Fat Studies’ Courses and Groups Fighting ‘Weightism’ and ‘Fatphobia’

    01/13/2016 8:11:51 AM PST · by C19fan · 57 replies
    National Review ^ | January 12, 2016 | Katherine Timpf
    College campuses nationwide are treating fat people as a new protected class, launching “fat studies” courses that teach that being fat isn’t unhealthy and awareness groups that fight so-called “fatphobia” and “weightism.” Yes — “fatphobia” and “weightism” are apparently things now. And it’s apparently a big (sorry) deal.
  • Study: Men Are More Competitive Than Women

    04/23/2015 6:37:18 PM PDT · by presidio9 · 42 replies
    Time ^ | April 23, 2015 | Raf Miastkowski
    According to a recent study completed at Grand Valley State University and published in PeerJ, data shows that even among highly competitive college athletes, men have a slight edge on their female counterparts when it comes to overall competitiveness. The study included 1,147 runners that competed in the 5,000 meter race, an event that is popular among both sexes. While the study spanned runners from all three college-division levels, the results showed that men were driven by their desire for status and recognition, while women were much more team-oriented. The findings are in line with previous research completed by Stanford...
  • Feds won't ban pesticides said to kill honeybees, despite 800 studies

    11/27/2014 5:42:39 PM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 66 replies
    The Washington Examiner ^ | November 26, 2014 | Paul Bedard
    Over 100 scientists worldwide, citing 800 studies, are demanding that the Obama administration follow Europes lead and put a moratorium on the use of a new-style pesticide blamed for the deaths of 30 percent of American honeybees every year. In a letter to the EPA and Agriculture Department, the scientists said there is overwhelming evidence from 800 studies that the pesticide family called neonicotinoids are to blame for the substantial declines in honeybees, bumblebees and butterflies, all pollinators needed to help farmers produce billions of dollars worth of food every year. The 108 signers of this letter therefore urge you...
  • PIV is always rape, ok? (Idiocy. Pure and simple.)

    08/06/2014 5:14:39 AM PDT · by servo1969 · 86 replies ^ | 12-15-2013 | witchwind
    Just to recall a basic fact: Intercourse/PIV is always rape, plain and simple. This is a developed recap from what Ive been saying in various comments here and there in the last two years or so. as a radfem Ive always said PIV is rape and I remember being disappointed to discover that so few radical feminists stated it clearly. How can you possibly see it otherwise? Intercourse is the very means through which men oppress us, from which we are not allowed to escape, yet some instances of or PIV and intercourse may be chosen and free? That makes...
  • A Shortage of STEM Workers?

    05/23/2014 6:54:09 PM PDT · by ObamahatesPACoal · 17 replies
    Alex Nowrasteh at the Cato Institute and Philip Wolgin at the Center for American Progress (CAP) each comment on, but don't really try to refute, a new report that I co-authored on the lack of a shortage of STEM workers. The American Immigration Lawyers Association's Paul McDaniel also comments on the report at the association's American Immigration Council website. Like Nowrasteh and Wolgin, McDaniel doesn't really try to refute the report. He cites Cato and CAP and also repeat a number of the points from our report. Let me address Cato's blog first because both Wolgin and McDaniel partly rely...
  • Feminists Fail To Brainwash Girls: Boys Being Jerks Is Not Sexual Violence

    05/07/2014 11:37:29 AM PDT · by Moseley · 7 replies
    American Uncensored News Network ^ | May 5, 2014 | Jonathon Moseley
    The Feminist world and their liberal media friends are all upset that todays generation of girls wont mis-identify boys being jerks as sexual violence or sexual assault. One of the scams committed by feminists for decades is to torture the English language so as to count any discomfort between the sexes to vastly expand the statistics about rape. The report highlights that is, some of their best evidence incidents such as: During one interview, referring to boys at school, a 13 year-old girl states:They grab you, touch your butt and try to, like, touch you in the front,...
  • So Many Studies, So Little Credibility (California)

    05/07/2014 8:30:51 AM PDT · by aimhigh
    Fox & Hounds ^ | 05/07/2014 | Kevin Dayton
    Policy organizations on both the Left and the Right receive commissions and funding from foundations and other non-profit organizations established as social welfare organizations. But the Left in California gets two additional sources of funding: union-affiliated labor-management cooperation committees and public agencies. Public agencies seem eager to fund projects that will justify spending more taxpayer money and increasing government authority. For example, consider the $1,590,000 in grants awarded by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (of the San Francisco Bay Area) on February 5, 2014.
  • American Studies Association President-elect holding 'secret' anti-Israel conference at NYU

    02/23/2014 8:06:49 PM PST · by Nachum · 4 replies
    Israel Matzav ^ | 2/23/14 | Carl in Jerusalem
    If you're not busy this weekend, Lisa Duggan the President-elect of the American Studies Association, is holding a 'secret' anti-Israel conference, the agenda of which she published (above) on her Facebook page. But the most curious part is that this conference is supposed to be a secret.... And for those of you - like me - who are solicited multiple times each year for donations to NYU, the university is apparently sponsoring this conference. It is unclear whether this conference is officially sponsored by NYU itself. The registration webpage says all questions should go to NYU, implying that this...
  • Feds Spending $13M on Anti-Smoking Studies

    09/21/2013 4:38:50 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 20 replies
    The Washington Free Beacon ^ | September 20, 2013 | Elizabeth Harrington
    The federal government is spending more than $13 million on studies designed to determine how a variety of groups can learn to quit smoking.This month the National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded a five-year study to Butler Hospital in Providence, R.I., to examine how exercise can get depressed smokers to stop. The first grant amounts to $581,991.The depressed are not the only ones to receive attention.The agency is currently funding cessation studies for American Indians ($2,899,954); Chinese and Vietnamese men ($424,875); postmenopausal women ($4,151,850); the homeless ($392,322); Korean youth ($94,580); Schizophrenics ($266,554); Brazilian smokers ($174,637); Latino HIV-positive smokers ($223,265); and...
  • In gun debate, lots of emotion but little solid research

    03/10/2013 6:55:34 AM PDT · by TurboZamboni · 29 replies
    pioneer press ^ | 3-10-13 | megan boldt
    Do guns make people safer or more susceptible to violence? Does banning assault-style weapons or expanding background checks save lives, or are such measures merely inconveniences for law-abiding gun owners? These are just some of the questions in the debate over gun control, with advocates and foes lobbing a dizzying number of statistics and studies to make their case. Often, those facts and figures contradict one another. The lack of objective research on gun violence has become evident as Minnesota and the nation grapple with a slew of proposed changes to gun laws after the Newtown, Conn., school shooting that...
  • Juicing the Generation Gap

    02/06/2013 1:04:34 PM PST · by Academiadotorg · 1 replies
    Accuracy in Academia ^ | February 4, 2013 | Malcolm A. Kline
    On traditional versus alternative marriage, several decades of proselytizing, aided and abetted by the mass media and popular culture, have borne fruit. There is a generational divide on this issue, according to CBS News. Young Americans (those ages 18-29) are some of the strongest proponents of allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry. Seventy-two percent of them support it, as do a majority albeit a smaller one of Americans ages 30-44. However, support for same-sex marriage drops to 44 percent among those who are age 45-64 and even further to just a third of Americans age 65 and over. In...
  • Flame Retardant Studies Flag Mother-Child Dangers

    11/28/2012 5:46:21 AM PST · by ExxonPatrolUs · 16 replies
    Women's eNews ^ | Wednesday, November 28, 2012 | Molly M. Ginty
    (WOMENSENEWS)--Since two of her children were born with special needs that may be linked to environmental pollution, Melissa Wolfe has worried about flame retardants in her home. Today's release of two studies in the journal Environmental Science and Technology indicate that these chemicals are prevalent in couch upholstery and dust, and raise Wolfe's level of concern. "One of my sons is a thumb sucker, and this news makes me even more nervous about what he is putting in his mouth," says Wolfe, who lives in Brentwood, N.H., and is a board member of the New Hampshire Learning Disabilities Association. Flame...
  • Sleep apnea can raise risk of cancer, studies indicate

    05/21/2012 6:27:08 AM PDT · by carriage_hill · 22 replies
    Fox ^ | May 21, 2012 | NewsCore
    <p>Two new studies indicate that people who suffer sleep apnea have a higher risk of developing cancer.</p> <p>Due to be presented in San Francisco this week at an American Thoracic Society conference, the findings have been touted as "striking" by researchers, the New York Times reported.</p>
  • Avastin can stabilize tumors in ovarian cancer, studies find

    12/28/2011 7:30:15 PM PST · by Nachum · 4 replies
    L.A. Times ^ | 12/28/11 | Amina Khan
    Two independent groups working with advanced-stage cases say the drug extended the period before the disease worsened by more than 3.5 months. Avastin can stabilize tumors in women suffering from advanced-stage ovarian cancer, extending the period before the disease worsens by more than 3.5 months, according to the results of two large, international clinical trials conducted by separate research teams. The findings, published in Thursday's edition of the New England Journal of Medicine, come less than a week after the European Commission approved Avastin for treating women newly diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. The drug, known generically as bevacizumab, has...
  • Tucson's ethnic-studies program violates Arizona law, judge rules

    12/28/2011 9:39:48 AM PST · by Beowulf9 · 1 replies
    Los Angeles Times ^ | December 27, 2011 | Stephen Ceasar
    Tucson's Mexican American studies program violates state law, an Arizona administrative law judge ruled Tuesday, paving the way for the program's possible demise. Judge Lewis D. Kowal affirmed a prior decision by the state's schools chief that the Tucson Unified School District's program violates a new law prohibiting divisive ethnic-studies classes. John Huppenthal, the state superintendent of public instruction, had deemed the program in violation in June. Among other things, the law bans classes primarily designed for a particular ethnic group or that "promote resentment toward a race or class of people."
  • Results of medication studies in top medical journals may be misleading to readers

    08/27/2011 12:20:05 PM PDT · by TennesseeGirl · 5 replies
    Eurekalert ^ | 08/25/11 | Enrique Rivero
    UCLA-Harvard study highlights 3 types of confusing outcome measures Studies about medications published in the most influential medical journals are frequently designed in a way that yields misleading or confusing results, new research suggests. Investigators from the medical schools at UCLA and Harvard analyzed all the randomized medication trials published in the six highest-impact general medicine journals between June 1, 2008, and Sept. 30, 2010, to determine the prevalence of three types of outcome measures that make data interpretation difficult. In addition, they reviewed each study's abstract to determine the percentage that reported results using relative rather than absolute numbers,...
  • Nice guys really DO finish last... Nasty people earn $10,000 more a year, study finds

    08/17/2011 12:09:56 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 33 replies
    The Daily Mail (UK) ^ | August 15, 2011 | Paul Bentley
    It is a common saying that nice guys finish last - and when it comes to pay packets, at least, research shows the genial really do end up at the back of the queue. A study which looked at the link between personality and wages has found that 'agreeable' workers earn significantly less than their meaner colleagues. The gap is particularly telling when broken down by gender, with the difference in pay between mean and nice men almost $10,000 a year. The study, titled 'Do Nice Guys - and Gals - Really Finish Last?', examined levels of 'agreeableness' attributed to...