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  • Major survey finds record low confidence in government

    03/12/2015 8:56:40 AM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 9 replies ^ | 3/11/15 | Emily Swanson - AP
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Americans' confidence in all three branches of government is at or near record lows, according to a major survey that has measured attitudes on the subject for 40 years. The 2014 General Social Survey finds only 23 percent of Americans have a great deal of confidence in the Supreme Court, 11 percent in the executive branch and 5 percent in Congress. By contrast, half have a great deal of confidence in the military. The survey is conducted by the independent research organization NORC at the University of Chicago. Because of its long-running and comprehensive set of questions...
  • Gun Ownership at Lowest Level

    03/10/2015 8:00:31 AM PDT · by Paul46360 · 78 replies
    The Newser ^ | 5-10-15 | Newser Editors and Wire Services
    " The number of Americans who live in a household with at least one gun is lower than it has ever been.."
  • Psychedelic drugs ‘not linked to mental health problems’

    03/08/2015 5:15:46 PM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 46 replies ^ | 03/08/2015
    TRONDHEIM, Norway, March 8 (UPI) — A new study from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology has found there is no connection between psychedelic drugs and mental health issues. The researchers analyzed data from the U.S. National Health Survey (2008-2011). The data includes over 130,000 randomly selected adults, including nearly 20,000 psychedelic drug users. The analysis showed people who use LSD or psilocybin mushrooms do not have an increased risk of mental health problems.
  • Survey of Men at Abortion Clinics Reveals Their Thoughts

    02/03/2015 12:20:31 AM PST · by Morgana · 3 replies ^ | September 10, 2012 | Tech
    Researcher Arthur Shostak surveyed 1000 men waiting at abortion clinics while their girlfriends or wives were being aborted. He discovered that: 42% of the boyfriends had offered to marry the woman 25% of those who did not offer to marry the woman offered child support 39% of the men believed that life began at conception or when the nervous system began to function 26% believe that the abortion was the “killing of a child.” The study found a range of emotions among the men. They feared for the woman’s health, felt guilty about the abortion or the pregnancy, felt self-doubt,...
  • Uninsured Balk at Obamacare Bite

    02/02/2015 4:32:31 AM PST · by rootin tootin · 19 replies
    American Spectator ^ | 2/2/2015 | David Catron
    When it became obvious a couple of years ago that Obamacare would accelerate health care inflation, the law’s boosters began claiming that cost control was never its primary goal. PPACA’s promoters had previously promised that it would reduce annual health care expenses by $2,500 per family while improving access and quality of care. But the facts forced them to abandon that pledge and adopt a safer party line. As expressed by the New York Times, the new story goes thus: “At its most basic level, the Affordable Care Act was intended to reduce the number of Americans without health insurance.”...
  • Public Sees Religion’s Influence Waning [and much more]

    01/13/2015 1:57:02 AM PST · by daniel1212 · 29 replies
    Pew Research Center ^ | September 22, 2014 | Pew Research Center
    Nearly three-quarters of the public (72%) now thinks religion is losing influence in American life, up 5 percentage points from 2010 to the highest level in Pew Research polling over the past decade... The share of Americans who say churches and other houses of worship should express their views on social and political issues is up 6 points since the 2010 midterm elections (from 43% to 49%). .. It finds a slight drop in support for allowing gays and lesbians to marry, with 49% of Americans in favor and 41% opposed – a 5-point dip in support from a February...
  • Gun Rights Outweigh Gun Control In New Pew Survey

    12/30/2014 12:06:22 PM PST · by catnipman · 6 replies
    NPR ^ | 12/10/14 | Bill Chappell
    The most dramatic shift in opinion took place among black Americans, according to the nonpartisan Pew. In December 2012, only 29 percent of black respondents said owning a gun helps protect people from crime, but this year, 54 percent said so. Many women also changed their view, Pew says, citing the 51 percent who said owning a gun protects people from becoming victims of crime in 2014, compared with only 40 percent who said so in 2012.
  • A third of UK children don't know Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus, says survey

    12/10/2014 8:08:16 AM PST · by servo1969 · 12 replies ^ | 12-6-2014 | Mail on Sunday Reporter
    A third of children in the UK aged between ten and 13 do not know that Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus, according to a survey. What’s more, half the population considers Jesus’s birth irrelevant to their festive celebrations, while only one adult in ten can correctly state four facts about the Nativity. Critics claim the research shows schools are becoming too politically correct and are not putting on Nativity plays for fear of offending people of different religions.
  • The Pew Foundation's Estimate of Illegals Was Close to 70 Million More Than 5 Years Ago

    11/21/2014 6:58:47 AM PST · by Stayfree · 21 replies
    Stayfree | November 21, 2014 | Self(vanity)
    Several years ago, the Pew Foundation (very liberal) did a detail survey and determined that the number of illegals in the U.S. at that time was at least 55 million and more likely up to 70 million. Since then, many millions more have sneaked into the U.S. and since then, every family has been creating anchor babies every 9 months which means that there are probably over 100 million illegals here...not the 11 million first mentioned during the Clinton administration. Our local elementary school is about 3/4 Hispanic. The Los Angeles City scholl system is estimated at over 90% Hispanic....
  • The State of Theology [Poll of 3,000 Americans about God and the Bible]

    10/28/2014 4:53:38 PM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 11 replies
    It is Ligonier's desire to serve the church in fulfilling the Great Commission. This survey has helped to point out common gaps in theological knowledge and awareness so that Christians might be more effective in the proclamation, teaching, and defense of the essential truths of the Christian faith.
  • Voter roll call survey (vanity)

    10/23/2014 3:49:28 PM PDT · by tired&retired · 6 replies
    Self ^ | 10/23/2014 | vanity
    I just received a robo call voter issue survey from "Voter Roll Call" in Washington DC, phone # 1-202-800-5532. I Googled the name and found all the surveys were sponsored by "MoveON.Org. Political Action The questions were worded in a manner that they ask you your political party, senate candidate you support, opinion on Obama...... It was an automated voice and they asked questions with corresponding numbers for the answer. 1 Are you a registered voter? 2 How likely are you to vote? There were about 30 questions which were designed to give a clear profile of which value issues...
  • The survey that proves the republic is unsalvageable

    09/20/2014 1:04:25 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 65 replies
    The Washington Examiner ^ | September 19, 2014 | T. Becket Adams
    (VIDEO-AT-LINK)One in three Americans can’t name a single branch of the U.S. government, according to a poll from the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania. The survey, which was conducted from July 8 to 14, and published Sept. 17, found that only 36 percent of respondents could name all three branches of government, while an alarming 35 percent of survey respondents couldn’t name a single branch. The poll, which contains a margin of error of plus or minus 3.06 percent, surveyed 1,416 U.S. adults aged 18 and older. The report also found that only 27 percent of...
  • Government Releases First Large-Scale Health Data on Gay Community

    07/17/2014 10:02:03 PM PDT · by Innovative · 31 replies
    Boston Globe ^ | July 17, 2014 | Denali Tietjen
    Less than three percent of the population identifies as gay, lesbian or bisexual (GLB), a new federal health report shows. According to the survey responses, 96.6 percent of adults ages 18 years and older identify as straight, 1.6 percent identified as gay or lesbian, and 0.7 percent identified as bisexual. These numbers are significantly lower than most American’s estimate. A 2012 Gallup Survey shows that U.S. adults, on average, approximate a quarter of the population to be gay or lesbian.
  • Conversations with Reagan

    07/09/2014 12:45:22 PM PDT · by Kaslin ^ | July 9, 2014 | Donald Lambro
    WASHINGTON - Barack Obama was named the worst president since World War II, according to a survey of the American people who were asked to rate the nation's chief executives over the past 69 years. The Quinnipiac University Poll released last week found that one third of its respondents picked Obama as the all-time worst, ahead of George W. Bush in its disapproval. Obama's unpopularity will come as no surprise to those who've been closely following his big spending presidency. But the really big news was the man who topped the best presidency list: Ronald Reagan. Reagan championed entrepreneurial...
  • IU survey: U.S. journalists less satisfied and have less autonomy

    05/08/2014 9:17:11 AM PDT · by Paul46360 · 9 replies
    "Most see journalism going in "wrong direction." Six in 10 journalists (59.7 percent) say that journalism in the United States is going in the wrong direction."
  • Obamacare: They Shoot Horses Don´t They?

    03/31/2014 5:27:59 AM PDT · by rootin tootin · 17 replies
    American Spectator ^ | 3/31/2014 | David Catron
    A new survey reveals that public esteem for Obamacare is continuing to plummet, hitting yet another historic low. According to an Associated Press-GfK poll released last Friday, “President Barack Obama's health care law is languishing at its lowest level since passage of the landmark legislation four years ago, according to a new poll.” The AP survey shows that a mere “26 percent of Americans support the Affordable Care Act.” When the law was passed, 39 percent of the public supported it. But the President, along with his accomplices in Congress and the media, assured us that this percentage would rise...
  • 30 Survey Results That Sound False But That Are Actually True

    03/29/2014 7:49:39 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 29 replies
    TEC ^ | 03/27/2014 | Michael Snyder
    You will be shocked at what some Americans actually believe. For example, close to 90 percent of us believe that we are eating a healthy diet, and yet more than third of the population is officially obese. 65 percent of all Americans say that they are dissatisfied with the government, and yet nearly a third of us would be willing to submit to a "TSA body cavity search" in order to get on an airplane. As you will see below, Americans are angrier and more frustrated with government and with their lives than ever before, but we also exhibit almost...

    02/26/2014 6:10:47 PM PST · by ebb tide · 3 replies
    At the beginning of December, I announced in these pages and in a letter sent to all of our parishes and missions that our diocese would welcome any input from the faithful as they might wish to the questions sent by the Holy See at the request of Pope Francis on marriage and family life in our day. Over 6,800 people responded, taking time to fill out the survey, often taking significant additional time to add comments to the online version or by filling out the survey on paper and submitting it (written submissions were subsequently entered into the online...
  • Survey: Nearly half of CFOs plan to cut jobs over Obamacare (Pelosi knew)

    12/12/2013 6:00:30 PM PST · by Libloather · 12 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 12/12/13 | Chuck Ross
    A new survey of 400 chief financial officers in the U.S. finds that nearly half of companies plan to cut back on employment in response to Obamacare. Despite more optimism about the U.S. economy and their own companies, the quarterly survey, conducted by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and CFO Magazine found that “48% of US CFOs say their firms are considering reducing employment in response to the Affordable Care Act.” Twenty percent of CFOs said that they may hire fewer workers in response to Obamacare. Ten percent said that layoffs were a possibility while 40 percent of CFOs...
  • Polling the Laity is Always a Bad Idea (Polling of Catholic Dioceses)

    11/15/2013 2:28:46 PM PST · by NYer · 30 replies
    The Catholic Thing ^ | November 15, 2013 | Austin Ruse
    Polling is one of the great tools of modern political campaigns, and one of the banes, too.Polls can be wildly inaccurate. Look at virtually any poll prior to any vote on same-sex marriage in the many states where it has been voted down. They uniformly showed traditional marriage would lose.  But with only one exception, traditional marriage has won, even in liberal states.Polls rely on many intangibles that can sway the person answering: the wording of the question, the sample size, and where they are drawn from.The results of polls are often used not to find out what people are...
  • Survey: Most Uninsured Americans Aren’t Flocking to (wealth) Exchanges

    11/10/2013 5:44:02 AM PST · by Libloather · 29 replies
    Wall St Cheat Sheet ^ | 11/09/13 | Meghan Foley
    **SNIP** To function as intended, the marketplaces need a broad, healthy risk pool to keep staggering rate increases from occurring. The premiums of healthy, cheap-to-insure people cover the big bills for the relatively small number of sick people. So if the exchanges do not “enroll enough young, healthy people, insurers will have to raise everyone’s premiums,” wrote the New Republic’s Jonathan Cohn in May. “In the worst case, this could create what actuaries call a ‘death spiral’: Rising premiums prompt people to drop out, causing premiums to increase even more.” Because the reform was aimed at bringing coverage to most...
  • The worst survey in the world

    11/06/2013 4:32:03 PM PST · by ebb tide · 8 replies
    LMS Chairman - The Chairman's Blog ^ | November 6, 2013 | LMS Chairman
    Most worrying of course are the questions which seem to be aimed at getting people to say that the teaching and discipline of the Church needs to be loosened somehow.
  • 'We may be able to watch dark energy turn on': U-M involved in unprecedented sky survey

    09/03/2013 4:20:57 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 5 replies
    U-Mich ^ | 9/3/13 | Nicole Casal Moore
    ANN ARBOR—Moonless nights outside the Cerro Tololo astronomical observatory in Chile are so dark that when you look down, you can't see your feet. "You can't see your hands," said David Gerdes, physics professor at the University of Michigan. "But you can hold them up to the sky and see a hand-shaped hole with no stars in it. It's really incredible." From this site in the Andes over the next five years, an international team will map one-eighth of the sky in unprecedented detail—aiming to make a time lapse of the past 8 billion years of a slice of the...
  • Two-thirds of small businesses aren't ready for ObamaCare, survey finds

    07/17/2013 8:46:31 PM PDT · by Nachum · 8 replies
    U.S. Chamber of Commerce ^ | 7/17/13 | Ben Goad
    Less than a third of small businesses say they’re prepared for the regulatory mandates under ObamaCare, a new survey from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce found. The business lobby's quarterly survey of small firms found a concerns over the law have increased by a double-digit margin over the last year, and by 4 percentage points since the first three months on 2013. “Excessive regulation is having a crippling effect on job growth among small businesses, as our latest small-business survey makes clear,” said Rob Engstrom, the Chamber’s senior vice president. “In fact, the only thing that scares small businesses more...
  • Survey finds most men wait until last day to pack for vacation

    04/25/2013 2:38:10 PM PDT · by JoeProBono · 47 replies
    upi ^ | April 25, 2013
    WASHINGTON, - Women vacation more than men, and half the people going on vacation wait until the day before they leave to pack, a national travel survey indicates. Women go on vacation every 10 months while men go every 12 months, a survey released Thursday by Springhill Suites by Marriott indicates. Fifty-four percent of the men queried said they wait until a day before departure to pack. Only 46 percent of women said they procrastinated that long. Some 85 percent of those surveyed said they would be willing to give up something during their vacation if it meant they could...
  • Entrepreneur Survey Ranks Michigan Among the Worst In the Nation For Small Businesses

    04/11/2013 11:05:49 AM PDT · by MichCapCon · 3 replies
    Michigan Capitol Confidential ^ | 4/5/2013 | Jarrett Skorup
    A new survey of small businesses across the nation gives Michigan a “D” in overall friendliness, ranking it among the worst in the country. According to Michigan entrepreneurs who participated in the survey, the state scored highest with “ease of hiring” – though only grading as a “C+.” It was given a “D+” or lower in five of the 10 areas ranked, with the tax code, zoning and regulations scoring the worst. As a result, Michigan is rated the sixth worst state to do business among the 42 states ranked. “While many of the agencies that are in existence to...
  • HURT: We’re from the government and we’re here to learn everything about you

    03/20/2013 8:32:10 AM PDT · by Texas Fossil · 32 replies
    Washington Times ^ | March 19, 2013 | Charles Hurt
    Rage over the waste and injustice of agents sent by the federal government to bang on doors of law-abiding citizens to ask probing, creepy questions is normally something that bubbles up only every 10 years. But ever since the federal government became a cancerous leviathan, the outrage is now an annual occurrence. The first census in 1790 asked a bare minimum of questions essential for establishing congressional districts of equal populations. Despite the abhorrent practice of slavery at the time — and the counting of blacks for purposes of their fractional apportionment — the whole endeavor was aimed at fairness.
  • Survey: Right Overpowers Left 55-17 (Israel Jan. 22 Election)

    01/08/2013 6:50:49 AM PST · by goldstategop · 5 replies
    Israel National News ^ | 1/08/2013 | Israel National News
    Most Israelis define themselves as “right wing,” according to a new survey from the Israeli Democracy Institute. Another 21% self-define as centrist, and 17% term themselves leftists. Regarding voting, 50% said they plan to vote for right-wing parties, both religious and secular. Thirty percent said they plan to vote for centrist or left-wing parties. The rest were undecided.
  • Obama falls out of favor with tech execs

    10/17/2012 10:52:00 AM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 7 replies ^ | 10/17/12 | Andrew S. Ross
    Add tech executives to the list of the well-heeled who have fallen out of love with President Obama. Two-thirds of them think his re-election would not be the best thing for their industry, and would prefer to see Mitt Romney in his place. However, three-quarters of them don't think they'll get their wish, according to a survey by the tech-heavy law firm DLA Piper. How the tables have turned. In 2008, close to 60 percent of tech leaders in a similar DLA Piper survey said Obama "would have a more positive impact on technology development and investment" than his opponent,...
  • American Community Survey/Census - Vanity

    10/14/2012 8:15:29 PM PDT · by Saoirise · 49 replies
    Vanity | 10/14/12 | Saoirise
    Has anyone else received this survey in the mail in the last month?Allegedly it's from the census bureau and dept of commerce. The form asks very intrusive personal questions such as: "What time do you go to work? What time do you return from work? How much income do you earn?". I had never heard of this survey before so I didn't respond. A stranger showed up at my door and has left a couple of notes asking me to contact him to complete the survey. Get this - this alleged Government worker even contacted my HOA's Management Co and...
  • Disregard the 'twofer' Marquette Poll that showed Obama up by 14

    09/20/2012 3:35:04 PM PDT · by Policlectic · 4 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 9/20/2012 | policlectic
    On Wednesday, Marquette University released its latest poll of the battleground state of Wisconsin. Their last poll, taken in the middle of August, found Obama will a slim 3-point lead over Romney, 49-46. This poll, however, found Obama moving into a commanding 14-point lead among likely voters, 54-40. The poll also found that Tammy Baldwin, Democrat candidate for Senate, who has trailed in every poll, moved out to a 9-point lead among likely voters over Tommy Thompson. Curiously, this poll was unlike every other poll Marquette has conducted this year. The last three polls Marquette has conducted of the presidential...
  • Books That Shaped America 2012-Which Books Shaped America the Most? Library of Congress Survey

    09/18/2012 5:39:04 AM PDT · by TurboZamboni · 23 replies
    Library of Congress ^ | 9-18-12 | TurboZamboni
    Please look over this inaugural list of Books That Shaped America, as determined by the Library of Congress. These books were written in America by Americans, and had a profound impact on our nation. Which THREE of these books do you think shaped America the most profoundly?
  • Parents' outrage after popular drama teacher handed out SEX SURVEY to high school students...

    08/30/2012 4:12:32 PM PDT · by Libloather · 27 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 8/30/12 | Snejana Farberov
    Parents' outrage after popular drama teacher handed out SEX SURVEY to high school students on first day of classBy Snejana Farberov UPDATED: 11:45 EST, 30 August 2012 **SNIP The two-page survey starts out with innocuous questions like ‘Do you consider yourself and extrovert or introvert?’ But towards the end of the questionnaire comes the five-question section labelled ‘sex.’ Among the racy questions the students were asked to answer were: ‘What form of seduction do you like the most?’ and ‘What's the most sensual or sexual part about you?’ Davidson County School District Public Information Director Donna Stafford told the Daily...
  • Freerepublic survey?

    08/24/2012 9:49:58 AM PDT · by GQuagmire · 23 replies
    8/24/12 | GQuagmire
    I just clicked on a link a FR article and was directed to a "Freerepublic survey" It had an audio component asking questions too. I closed it immediately. Anyone else get this? I am logged in, beebers are stuned, weasels are sporked, etc
  • French Admit They Are 'Rude, Stroppy, and Slothful'

    French admit they are 'rude, stroppy, and slothful' The French have admitted they are "rude, stroppy, and slothful" in a new survey about what they think of their own behaviour. The poll revealed 97 per cent of Paris public transport users believed fellow travellers were "ill-mannered" and lacked civility. The biggest gripe was people forcing their way onto trains before other passengers had got off. Other irritations were passengers talking too loudly on mobile phones, and people sprawling over two seats in packed carriages. Also included in the list of annoyances were queue-jumping at ticket counters, leaping over barriers without...
  • Times Out - New York Times Insufferable Survey Analysis

    06/25/2012 1:05:56 PM PDT · by guyshomenet · 3 replies
    Cowboy Confessional ^ | 6/25/12 | Guy Smith
    It is a rare and wonderful day when the New York Times gets something right. Today is not one of those days. When it comes to partisan or ideological media (which may be a redundant phrase), the New York Times has no peer (I omit MSNBC which is not a news organization with propagandist tendencies, but a propaganda organization with news tendencies). New York’s news yuck not only dervishly spins news items to the left, but often misses obvious realities and non-subtle facts. The Old Gray Lady lapses into senile dementia more often than articulating lucid thoughts. In this week...
  • "You are required by U.S. Law to respond to this survey"

    04/21/2012 10:54:33 AM PDT · by pabianice · 76 replies
    US Government Department of Thuggery | 4/21/12
    Several weeks ago I received a letter addressed to "Resident." Inside was a 28-page American Community Survey form in which I was supposed to reveal to the government every detail about my life. Today, "Resident" received it again along with a threatening letter requiring me to complete the survey. I intend to chuck this one, too. Has anyone else had this experience?
  • Survey gets a grip on dark energy (the BOSS project - Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey)

    03/31/2012 3:07:36 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 20 replies
    BBC News ^ | 3/30/12 | Jonathan Amos
    Astronomers have measured the precise distance to over a quarter of a million galaxies to gain new insights into a key period in cosmic history. The 3D map of the sky allows scientists to probe the time six billion years ago when dark energy became the dominant influence on the Universe's expansion. No-one knows the true nature of this repulsive force, but the exquisite data in the international BOSS survey will help test various theories. The analysis appears in six papers. These have all been posted on the arXiv preprint server. "This is an incredibly exciting time to be working...
  • Survey on Mormon Disbelievers to be Released at UVU Forum [74% point to theological concerns]

    03/29/2012 5:37:17 AM PDT · by Colofornian · 20 replies
    Salt Lake City Weekly ^ | March 28, 2012 | Eric Peterson
    John Dehlin first started the Open Stories Foundation as a means of giving Mormons with questions of faith a neutral resource for questions. Now, after having polled more than 3,000 doubting members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Dehlin will release his survey results at a conference at Utah Valley University on Thursday. “I went through my own struggles with my testimony 11 or 12 years ago when I was seminary teacher,” Dehlin says. “It was really painful and hard for me...” Since that time, Dehlin has started a podcast, Mormon Stories, that runs in conjunction with...
  • How Miserable Are Teachers?

    03/26/2012 2:45:35 PM PDT · by MichCapCon · 27 replies · 31+ views
    Capitol Confidential ^ | 3/24/2012 | Tom Gantert
    More teachers nationwide are unsatisfied with their jobs and more are likely to leave the profession, according to the MetLife Survey of the American Teacher. The survey, which was released this month, reports that one of the “most dramatic findings” was that teachers have the lowest level of job satisfaction in more than two decades and there was a large increase in the number of teachers who are likely to leave the teaching profession. However, the sheer number of applicants for teaching jobs in Michigan casts question on just how miserable a profession teaching can be. For example, Davison Community...
  • Caucus-Win Coattails Propel Santorum into Effective Tie With Romney in California

    02/13/2012 10:14:35 AM PST · by TexasFreeper2009 · 43 replies
    Survey USA ^ | 2/13/12 | staff
    4 months to the California Primary, but fresh after caucus wins in Colorado and Minnesota and in Missouri's non-binding primary, Rick Santorum draws to within a whisker of nominal frontrunner Mitt Romney, 33% for Romney, 31% for Santorum, effectively even, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted for KABC-TV Los Angeles, KPIX-TV San Francisco, KGTV-TV San Diego and KFSN-TV Fresno. Santorum leads Romney among seniors, among evangelicals, among pro-life voters, among Tea Party members, among those who say they are "very conservative," and in the Central Valley region of California.
  • “How You Like That Pay, Soldier?”

    01/26/2012 9:06:12 AM PST · by rotstan · 4 replies
    Time Magazine Battleland Blog ^ | January 26, 2012 | Mark Thompson
    Troops get paid in lots of different ways. There’s basic pay, allowances, bonuses, incentives and assorted housing, health and retirement bennies. Is this the best way to compensate U.S. military personnel? In other words, are we getting the biggest bang for the taxpayer’s buck with this rucksack of options? Defense budget pro Todd Harrison of the independent Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments is trying to figure this out. He’s launching an on-line survey to see what the troops think.
  • Take a Florida Presidential Primary Survey

    01/25/2012 10:22:10 AM PST · by Doors · 3 replies
    BizPac ^ | 01/25/2011 | BizPac Review
    BizPac Review is a conservative political news and opinion website in Florida. It's getting close Florida. Out of the four candidates left, who will you vote for? Take the BizPac Review survey.
  • Vermont fraternity chapter closed indefinitely over rape survey

    12/19/2011 6:29:33 AM PST · by Libloather · 46 replies · 1+ views
    Fox 8 ^ | 12/17/11 | LISA RATHKE
    Vermont fraternity chapter closed indefinitely over rape surveyLISA RATHKE - Staff Writer 9:53 a.m. EST, December 17, 2011 MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — A University of Vermont fraternity whose members are accused of circulating a survey that asked who they would like to rape has been closed indefinitely. The national Sigma Phi Epsilon made the announcement Friday after an internal investigation and lengthy discussions with the university in Burlington. "Without suggesting that every member had knowledge of this questionnaire, the questions asked in the document are deplorable and absolutely inconsistent with our values," said Brian Warren, executive director of the national...
  • Hot Air Presidential Survey: Halloween Edition

    10/31/2011 7:33:53 AM PDT · by Hojczyk · 5 replies · 2+ views
    Hot Air ^ | October 31,2011 | PATRICK ISHMAEL
    Hot Air Presidential Poll: Halloween Please vote only once. Your ballot should take less than a minute to complete. We'll announce the results after voting has concluded. As always, double voters will be removed from the final tally, so no cheating
  • Clarifying Occupy Wall Street Survey

    11/01/2011 8:01:39 PM PDT · by StoneAccount · 11 replies ^ | 11/01/11 | Stone Account
    No one seems to know Occupy Wall Street's stances or demands, especially them. So maybe they just need a little help? We asked 50 Wall St. Occupiers (of the approx. 200 there) these 20 agree/disagree questions, hoping to clarify this quagmire. There's good news for the occupiers! Nearly everyone at the protest can agree something; hating capitalism and free-market economics.
  • Pete Stark Polluted Poll

    10/07/2011 12:28:01 PM PDT · by guyshomenet · 7 replies
    10/07/2011 | Guy Smith
    Our favorite psychotic statesman, Pete Stark from the San Francisco Bay Area, has a rigged poll (analysis of rigging here) to which he invited his socialist-leaning constituents to respond.Might be worth providing your opinions.Drop by the survey site ( and when asked for your zip code, use any of the following zip codes which are in Pete’s district.9408394536-9453994540-9454694552, 94555, 94557, 9456094577-9457994580, 9458794603, 94605, 94614, 94621950029503595132, 95134, 95152
  • UNHCR and government t launch major survey on Afghan refugees

    09/15/2011 8:33:19 PM PDT · by musarratullah ^ | 16 September | MusarratUllahJan
    Peshawar, 16 September 2011, survey of the world's largest refugee population has been launched by UNHCR and the government of Pakistan. The survey aimed to capture extensive information on the challenges faced by two million Afghan refugees in Pakistan, as well as their contribution to the country's economy. By responding to questions on their livelihood, health, social conditions, legal and other issues, Afghan refugees will have the opportunity to influence government policy and programme designed to manage a refugee situation that goes back more than 30 years. Population Profiling Verification and Response (PPVR) survey is being carried out by UNHCR...
  • What do the Arabs of East Jerusalem Really Want?

    09/08/2011 12:16:20 AM PDT · by jerusalemjudy · 3 replies
    The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs ^ | September 7, 2011 | david pollock
    According to face-to-face surveys conducted according to the highest international standards, more Palestinians in east Jerusalem would prefer to become citizens of Israel rather than citizens of a new Palestinian state. In addition, 40 percent said they would probably or definitely move in order to live under Israeli rather than Palestinian rule. 44 percent of the Palestinians in Jerusalem say they are very, or at least somewhat, satisfied with their standard of living. This is a very high percentage compared to other populations in the Arab world. Only about 30 percent sympathize with either Fatah or Hamas or with the...
  • National Survey: Moms spend 1150 more hours parenting than dads

    09/07/2011 5:45:18 AM PDT · by WOBBLY BOB · 9 replies
    national examiner ^ | Gillean Smith
    Equality in parenting is still a pipe dream. Nearly half (48%) of working moms say they spend more time each day parenting than on their careers, more than double that of working dads (19%), according to the "Moms Who Do More" National Report, commissioned by VTech®. Because moms are picking up so much slack at home AND at work, most moms agree "me time" is nearly extinct. Nearly 70% of working moms have an hour or less to themselves each day. And more than 20% report that they