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  • Blitz: Trump's War on the Left is Just Getting Started = Greenfield

    07/10/2020 9:03:08 PM PDT · by Louis Foxwell · 18 replies
    FrontPage Magazine ^ | Daniel Greenfield
    Blitz: Trump's War on the Left is Just Getting Started David Horowitz's new book takes us behind the scenes of the real war. Fri Jul 10, 2020 Daniel Greenfield 68 [David Horowitz's new book, Blitz: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win, has made the NY Times Bestseller List. Order it: Here.] Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism. As the country seems to be spinning into chaos with cities burning and businesses shutting down, one question is on the minds of the...
  • Teachers’ Unions Rebuff Trump Push to Reopen Schools

    07/10/2020 6:06:48 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 105 replies
    The Washington Free Beacon ^ | July 9, 2020 | Collin Anderson
    Teachers' unions across the United States are resisting a push from the Trump administration and House Republicans to reopen schools amid the coronavirus pandemic, instead opting for remote learning that experts say presents major risks to children. President Trump on Wednesday threatened to cut federal funding for schools that fail to reopen in the fall, echoing a recent bill proposed by Reps. Jim Banks (R., Ind.) and Tom Tiffany (R., Wisc.). Multiple states have followed suit—Florida announced Wednesday that it will require schools to hold in-person classes beginning in August, and Gov. Ralph Northam (D., Va.) in June unveiled a...
  • More Than Ever, It’s Time to Unleash the Power of ‘No’

    07/09/2020 7:02:51 PM PDT · by bitt · 25 replies ^ | 7/9/2020 | KURT SCHLICHTER
    For way too long, too many conservatives and other normal people have failed to deploy our most potent weapon in the defense of free thought and expression – the utter refusal to go along with the demands of the carnivorous left. As has been said before by me and others, we need to introduce these spoiled brats to the concept of “no.” This is a critical moment, and how we react now will determine if our future is citizenship or serfdom. The Democrats’ kinetic operation that was the rioting has failed, the violent thuggery egged-on and enabled by half-wit MSNBCNN...
  • Defund the Police? How About We Defund the Universities

    07/07/2020 7:47:13 PM PDT · by ransomnote · 31 replies ^ | Jul 07, 2020 | Philip Carl Salzman
    Our universities have nurtured and foisted on America and Canada an extreme radicalism that vilifies American and Canadian history, society, and culture. This radicalism stems in the first instance from identity grievance studies programs, such as feminist and gender studies, gay and queer studies, black studies, Hispanic and Chicano studies, indigenous studies, and ethnic studies, which have adopted marxist theories popular in sociology and political science.This far left ideology has diffused throughout the soft subjects of the social sciences, humanities, education, social work, and law. Far left radicalism has been adopted with enthusiasm by administrators and imposed on any laggard...
  • Just Say ‘No’ to the Revolution-It's our turn to #Resist

    07/07/2020 9:45:05 AM PDT · by SJackson · 17 replies
    FrontPage Magazine ^ | Jul 7, 2020 | Mark Tapson
    As the militantly ignorant shock troops of a new Cultural Revolution rampage across the United States of America in an orgy of statue-toppling, cop-killing, and flag-burning, they continue to be met with a stunning lack of resistance. President Trump’s stirring Independence Day speech aside, the country’s leaders are worse than useless: Democrat politicians support the chaos, and Republican politicians generally are too feckless to take action. Conservative citizens are too law-abiding to fight fire with fire, and so the mob, stoked by the activist news media and facing no consequences for their anarchy, tears down America unopposed. Instead of...
  • The Left's Soviet Insane Asylum for Non-Mask Wearers

    07/06/2020 7:30:18 AM PDT · by SJackson · 8 replies
    FrontPage Magazine ^ | Jul 6, 2020 | Jamie Glazov
    Progressives' faithful devotion to socialist-style “psychiatric” disposal of political dissidents. Editors’ note: On July 2, 2020, The Huffington Post published an article by Brittany Wong titled, The Psychology Behind Why Some People Refuse To Wear Face Masks. The subtitle was: "As coronavirus cases spike, those who refuse to wear face coverings remain as firm in their choice as ever. Here's what psychologists say is driving their behavior." There wasn't much of a surprise where the piece went with it all: a handful of psychologists (clearly of a progressive disposition) are quoted giving their specious views on what is holding many...
  • 5 Ways You Can Fight Back In The Cultural Civil War; Practical Ideas on how to oppose the radical agenda of the woke left

    07/02/2020 7:54:13 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 23 replies
    The Federalist ^ | 07/02/2020 | John Daniel Davidson
    Last week I wrote about how we’re in a cultural civil war and it’s time for conservatives—and really, anyone who’s not on board with the radical anti-American agenda of Black Lives Matter and the rest of the woke left—to fight back.But how? I was light on specifics, and subsequently heard from a number of readers who wanted to know what they could do, personally, to push back against the leftward lurch of the culture. Many said they feel powerless and overwhelmed, and with good reason.Silicon Valley, Hollywood, academia, the mainstream media, corporate America, and the entire Democratic Party (along...
  • Police ‘Reform’ and the Making of a Racism Narrative. This narrative is driving the nation to ruin.

    06/28/2020 9:07:59 AM PDT · by karpov · 5 replies
    National Review ^ | June 27, 2020 | Andrew C. McCarthy
    Have you seen that mountain of evidence that Derek Chauvin is a racist? Me neither. In that regard, I’m like the Wall Street Journal’s fearlessly fact-driven Jason Riley. Did some shred of racial animus motivate the since-fired Minneapolis police officer’s killing of George Floyd? For the moment, we have no proof of that — just a racialist narrative built on the happenstance (no reason to believe it’s more than that right now) that Chauvin is white and Floyd was black. These days, alas, mere happenstance is enough to tear this nation asunder. As an old investigator, I am intrigued by...
  • “I have made it my mission to protect that statue”: Woman defends Emancipation monument to protesters

    06/27/2020 1:44:30 PM PDT · by C19fan · 18 replies
    Hot Air ^ | June 27, 2020 | Allahpundit
    The statue was supposed to come down last night. It did not, but reading through this thorough Examiner write-up of the gathering and what preceded it, you get the sense that it’s a matter of time before a serious attempt is made. The organizer of the tear-it-down group is Harvard student (of course) Glenn Foster, who leads a group called Freedom Neighborhood. According to the Examiner, the group’s advance planning for bringing down the monument went as far to involve “human shields” while the act was done. (“[W]e need white people to be willing to put their bodies between the...
  • Something I asked a Liberal/Dem the other day: Where is the Democrat Leadership?

    06/27/2020 12:28:56 PM PDT · by GraceG · 22 replies
    I was talking with a liberal/democrat the other day during a business transaction, ( they don't know that I am a conservative and I have pretended to be middle left before when dealing with them, they are a lot further left than what I am pretending to be ). And I brought up the point that "Where the hell is the democrat leadership?" I said the anti-Fa and BLM are running around tearing down statues of confederates, and that is perfectly fine ( again playing the part), but now they are goign after statues of Abe Lincoln and other abolitionists...
  • The Left Wing (A parody)

    06/25/2020 7:47:13 PM PDT · by bitt · 3 replies
    youtube ^ | 6/25/2020 | The United Spot
    so funny - 1:38 min
  • Mexican Man FIRED for Making White Power Sign

    06/24/2020 9:01:47 PM PDT · by Pining_4_TX · 28 replies
    The Blacksphere ^ | 06/24/20 | Tiffany Lane
    San Diego Gas and Electric employee was fired after a stranger posted to Twitter a photo of the man making the white power symbol with his hand while in a company truck. Emmanuel Cafferty says he was just cracking his knuckles, but he was suspended and a few days later, fired. It all started about two weeks ago near a Black Lives Matter rally in Poway when Emmanuel Cafferty, a San Diego Gas and Electric employee, encountered a stranger on the roadway. The stranger followed Cafferty and took a picture of him as his arm hung out the window of...
  • The Soviet Plan for ‘Ideological Subversion’ Describes Our Current Turmoil

    06/22/2020 4:44:32 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 6 replies
    American ^ | June 22, 2020 | Eileen F. Toplansky
    A good friend of mine who fled the Soviet Union many years ago recently sent me a most chilling interview on You Tube. Under ten minutes long, it needs to be seen by every American who wonders why the country is unraveling before our very eyes. The interview features Yuri Bezmenov, a former KGB spy and state media propagandist who defected to Canada in 1970. Bezmenov cogently explains how "ideological subversion" is an essential method used by communists to undermine and destabilize Western countries. His explanation crystallizes so much of what has happened in America in the last 40 years....
  • Mannequin in police uniform, pig mask hung from I-95 overpass

    06/21/2020 8:20:04 AM PDT · by kevcol · 19 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | June 21, 2020
    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Motorists saw a startling scene Saturday morning as they drove along a Florida interstate: a mannequin dressed in a police uniform dangling from a rope at an overpass. Emergency crews in Jacksonville, Florida, were dispatched shortly after 6:20 a.m. to investigate a possible suicide. But when they got there, they discovered a mannequin hanging from an Interstate 95 overpass wearing a pig mask and dressed in what appeared to be a New York City police uniform.
  • Warning to all who respond to comments

    06/20/2020 4:14:28 PM PDT · by jonascord · 80 replies
    VANITY | 6/20/20 | Jonas Cord
    There seems to be a new memo out, withing the last 24 hours, to all the Leftist trolls who are assigned to harass Conservatives on the various news sites and blogs, like Newsmax, and social blogs covered by Discus. Suddenly, all the trolls are threatening that they DEMAND that the IP of every Conservative who triggers them, "threatens" them, micro-agresses the Left, be released to the DoJ, (Lord help us), so that legal action can be taken.The same DoJ that won't stop cities from being burned, but... A word to the wise. Is it for real? Hellifino. I believe it...
  • Free Speech is Under Full Assault

    06/19/2020 6:44:24 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 3 replies
    American ^ | June 19, 2020 | J. G. Carter
    Increasingly, we see people holding unpopular views being attacked and refused a forum in which to speak. Through the threat of force and censorship to control people's speech, free speech is under full assault. History is replete with others using similar tactics. As in the times before the Nazi rise to power, the Soviet gulag era, and Mao's revolution, similar trends are prevalent today. Freedom of speech is engaging in unrestricted speaking of one's mind without fear of retaliation or censorship. It is the freedom to use one's natural rights to engage in complex thought and speech. This is not...
  • Our Totalitarian Moment

    06/17/2020 3:47:00 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 30 replies ^ | June 17, 2020 | Ben Shapiriro
    <p>That's because it is.</p> <p>There are two ways to achieve unity in any group. The first is to set up a few serious standards of conduct, policed with the absolute minimum of compulsion, and then allow freedom in all other matters. This was the founding vision for our federal government. In this vision, we agree not to infringe upon one another's life, liberty and property, and we create a government capable of preventing or prosecuting such infringements. Then, so long as we abide by those simple standards, we are free to pursue our own paths. Diverse ways of life can coexist within this broader group membership. Governance becomes largely a matter of localism -- places with homogenous values setting further standards for their group membership. But our broadest-group membership is easy to obtain and easy to maintain.</p>
  • Re-Educating Whitey--What do the race-mongers really want?

    06/16/2020 6:55:39 AM PDT · by SJackson · 41 replies
    FrontPage Magazine ^ | Jun 16, 2020 | Mark Tapson
    Mark Tapson is the Shillman Fellow on Popular Culture for the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Recently I called out a female “person of color” on Twitter for the blatant anti-white racism she was proudly exhibiting in her tweets. A white female ally of hers chimed in, chastising me for not knowing that “people of color can’t be racist.” I needed to educate myself about racism, she insisted. This is a common refrain in these times of even more racial unrest and sensitivity than usual: that white Americans need to educate themselves about the racism that Barack Obama declared is...
  • Meet the Gun Club Patrolling Seattle’s Leftist Utopia

    06/14/2020 1:59:46 PM PDT · by familyop · 47 replies
    The Daily Beast ^ | June 14, 2020 | Kim Kelly
    Seattle’s bustling Capitol Hill neighborhood has long been a hotbed of gentrification, but right now, the streets surrounding Cal Anderson Park are undergoing a different kind of transformation. Over the past several days of its remarkable existence, the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) has captured radical imaginations across the country, and struck fear into the hearts of conservative politicians and right-wing media pundits (including the president). Also known as the Seattle Autonomous Zone, the six blocks surrounding Seattle’s now-abandoned East Precinct have become a virtually cop-free space, populated instead by a diverse congregation of activists and community members who have...
  • From the lockdown to the destruction of statues, these febrile weeks show the pillars of our freedom and civilization are rotten. As the Left now controls every lever of power, we face nothing less than regime change

    06/14/2020 4:35:24 AM PDT · by C19fan · 6 replies
    UK Daily Mail ^ | June 14, 2020 | Peter Hitchens
    What we now face is regime change. That is why these strange crowds have begun to gather round ancient and forgotten monuments, demanding their removal and destruction. They do not know what they want, or understand what they are destroying. But that no longer matters. They think their moment has come, and they may well be right. This is why the memorial to Winston Churchill, and the Cenotaph itself, were shamefully boarded up on Thursday night – an act of appeasement if ever there truly was one. That is why police chiefs kneel like conquered slaves to the new gods...