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  • IBM mainframe, tech’s ‘dinosaur,’ turns 50

    04/11/2014 2:02:45 PM PDT · by AngelesCrestHighway · 37 replies
    Market Watch ^ | 04/11/2014 | By Benjamin Pimentel
    The IBM mainframe, the drab-looking refrigerator-size machine that was once the symbol of computer technology, turned 50 this week. It’s been portrayed as a technology dinosaur, out of place in an era where computing is about being small, fast and mobile. But in half a century, the mainframe has remained one of IBM’s IBM-0.02% most successful flagship products. In fact, a decade ago when the mainframe celebrated its 40th year, Big Blue even embraced the ‘dinosaur’ label, unveiling the latest version with a catchy, defiant code name: ‘T-Rex.’
  • Walking Dead Hiatus: The Last Man On Earth

    04/06/2014 4:48:43 PM PDT · by Vince Ferrer · 19 replies
    YouTube ^ | 1964 | Ubaldo Ragona
    In order to prevent zombie withdrawl, here is a good dose of zombies. Vincent Price's Last Man on Earth. (1964) This was one of the three versions of Richard Matheson's novel I am Legend, on film, and was credited by George Romero as being his inspiration for the Night of the Living Dead. The zombies in this film don't obey the rules set down by Romero, they are actually more of a cross between vampires and zombies. They are still intelligent, and can talk. This movie has one of the creepiest scenes ever in a zombie film, at least for...
  • OBAMA: Paul Ryan's Budget Plan Is A 'Stinkburger'

    04/03/2014 11:59:13 AM PDT · by AngelesCrestHighway · 26 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 04/02/2014 | Brett LoGiurato
    President Barack Obama compared the Republican budget plan unveiled by Rep. Paul Ryan this week to a "stinkburger" and a "meanwich" during a speech Wednesday afternoon in Michigan. Referencing his own trip to a local deli in Ann Arbor earlier in the day, Obama offered his suggestions for the name of the GOP budget plan. "If they tried to sell this sandwich at Zingerman's they'd have to call it the Stinkburger or the Meanwich," Obama said. Obama's trip to Michigan served as a chance to promote a plan to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10. The President seemed to...
  • Are You A Fool?

    04/01/2014 6:58:03 PM PDT · by kindred · 6 replies
    The Ignorant ^ | April 1, 2014 | DJP I.F.
    Today in America we have no shortage of fools. That is an obvious no-brainer. A fool is - in the Biblical sense - a stupid, wicked (especially impious), or vile person; fool (-ish, -ish man, -ish woman). A scoffer, blockhead or reprobate, a despiser of Almighty God and all that is truly good. The secular definition of fool is: one who is deficient in judgment, sense, or understanding. In both cases we see that the fool is a sound rejecter of the Laws of Nature, and of Nature's God. What is Foolishness to Whom? Conservatives, conservatism, and the adherence to...
  • Soylent Green becoming a reality?

    03/29/2014 7:15:07 PM PDT · by jsanders2001 · 15 replies
    Has anybody else heard about this. I want to think its satire but it sounds like a company is growing meat in a petri dish from celebrities's DNA...
  • Urgent Prayers Needed for RedMDer's Beautiful Wife, Lynn [Update 214 & 269]

    03/28/2014 8:10:53 PM PDT · by onyx · 299 replies
    Free Republic | Friday, March 28, 2014 | onyx
    Our good friend, RedMDer's beautiful wife, Lynn is in ICU at a hospital in Baltimore, MD. Yesterday, the news RedMDer received from two doctors was grim, but today, another wonderful doctor said that he thought her condition was "treatable." PRAISE GOD! According to the note I received from Steve just a little earlier tonight, he thought they might start Lynn on chemo tonight!!! I am not privy to all the details and it's not my business, but please, please, pray for Lynn's complete healing, and add some prayers for RedMDer(Steve) their two, beautiful adult daughters and their two darling...
  • “Alright, Goodnight” – Does Malaysia Want To Know What Happened To Flight MH-370?

    03/27/2014 2:51:33 PM PDT · by BonRad · 48 replies
    SOFREP ^ | March 22 2014 | Sean Spoonts
    On March 8, a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER departed from Kuala Lumpur with 227 passengers and 12 crew members. It departed at 12:41am (1441 GMT), and was due in Beijing at 6:30am (2230 GMT) that same day. It hasnÂ’t been seen since. This report attempts to debunk some of the theories about that disappearance and make a new assertion about what might have befallen the passengers and crew of that ill-fated flight. Flight MH 370. Conspiracy theories donÂ’t hold water because they ignore certain things that have to happen in conjunction with those events in order for them to be...
  • Dude, Where's My $500 Million of Obamacare Ads?

    03/24/2014 7:35:00 AM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 8 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | March 24, 2014 | P.J. Gladnick
    As we approach the 2014 open enrollment deadline for ObamaCare in a week, have you noticed how the airwaves are absolutely flooded with $500 million of commercials by health insurance companies plugging that program day and night? What, you haven't seen a thing? Yes, apparently Tinker Bell sprinkled Pixie Dust upon all that money and made it, poof, disappear despite assurances last December that such promised ad buys were proof that insurance companies were so positive of the ultimate success of success of ObamaCare that they had committed so much money to promoting it. This supposed all in commitment by...
  • Jane Fonda To Be Honored As Example Of Using Fame To Do Good In The World. JANE. FONDA.

    03/23/2014 8:19:12 PM PDT · by absentee · 49 replies
    Right Scoop ^ | 3/23/14 | dunestar
    This week I read that Jane Fonda is being honored by the USC School for Dramatic Arts. "The Robert Redford Award for Engaged Artists honors an individual who has used his or her fame to significantly bolster public awareness of important social issues," Madeline Puzo, dean of the USC School of Dramatic Arts, said in a statement Monday morning. "It is our hope that this award will inspire students to be socially engaged in their lives and through their art." I happened across that information online. It made me think back on the many ways in which Fonda has been...
  • Ellen Sucks Up to Obama: Obamacare 'Doing Very, Very Well...

    Ellen DeGeneres was a completely slavish toady to President Obama as he appeared on her show to sell Obamacare -- not to young people, but to mothers. The president made his pitch to "especially all the moms out there who may have young people – 26, 27, do not have health insurance, but they think they’re invincible and nothing’s ever going to happen to ‘em – what we’ve said is you never know what life is going to throw at ya." For example, a president who lies about keeping your plan and keeping your doctor. You didn't see that coming!...
  • Investment & Finance Thread 2014 New Year(Mar. 17 - nexttime edition)

    03/17/2014 3:12:23 AM PDT · by expat_panama · 63 replies
    Daily investment & finance thread ^ | Mar. 17, 2014 | Freeper Investors
    Investment & Finance Thread 2014 New Year(Mar. 17 - nexttime edition)This is the thread where folks swap ideas on savings and investment --here's a list of popular investing links that freepers have posted here.  Open invitation continues always for input on ideas for the thread, this being a joint effort works well.   Keywords: financial, WallStreet, stockmarket.  We still hope to include here a ----so let me know if anyone wants on or off this ping.  Be advised that it gets posted only when I'm not feeling lazy and remember that we now know from studies that sloth is completely genetic...
  • Obamacare's problem: You can't fix stupid

    03/14/2014 7:31:37 AM PDT · by AngelesCrestHighway · 8 replies
    CNBC ^ | 03/14/2014 | Jake Novak
    It was supposed to be the most burning crisis in America: the 30 million, 40 million, or even 50 million of us, (depending on which politician was screaming the loudest), who didn't have health insurance and were clamoring to get it in order to avoid everything from bankruptcy to death. So the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress, gave us the Affordable Care Act. And they did it with such urgency that they didn't care that not a single Republican in Congress voted for it, and they didn't care that it took legislative chicanery to pass it despite the...
  • At Least 35% Of People Eligible For Obamacare's Medicaid Expansion Have Criminal Histories

    03/11/2014 8:32:43 AM PDT · by AngelesCrestHighway · 31 replies
    Forbes ^ | 03/11/2014 | Avik Roy
    If you listen to the President, and other supporters of Obamacare, you might get the impression that the reason why tens of millions of Americans go without health insurance is because these people have pre-existing conditions, and health insurers are too mean to cover them. The truth is quite different. Less than a million Americans lack health insurance because of a pre-existing condition. And it turns out that a good number of Americans are uninsured not because they are sick, but because they are convicted criminals.
  • Nation's First Birthing Center/Abortion Clinic Opens in Buffalo. This Is Huge.

    03/07/2014 12:52:26 PM PST · by don-o · 29 replies
    Slate ^ | March 8, 2014 | Amanda Marcotte
    It's a step forward in the necessary integration of abortion into other forms of OB-GYN care: Feministing reports that the nation's first-ever birthing center/abortion clinic has opened in Buffalo, N.Y. The clinic, run by Dr. Katharine Morrison, offers a traditional slate of gynecological services, including abortion up to 22 weeks, under the name Buffalo WomenServices. But they also have a freestanding birthing center called the Birthing Center of Buffalo, where women who want a nonhospital birthing experience can go while having the benefit of being attended by a certified nurse midwife and an OB-GYN who has admitting privileges at the...
  • Another Obamacare delay imminent on non-compliant health coverage (Just drop it after the election!)

    03/05/2014 10:37:46 AM PST · by AngelesCrestHighway · 7 replies
    Market Watch ^ | 03/05/2014 | Russ Britt
    Obamacare is about to undergo another delay as the Obama administration is looking at pushing back the cancellation of existing, non-compliant plans an extra year, well past this fall’s mid-term elections, according to news reports. The Hill said in a report late Tuesday that the move would avoid an awkward situation for Democrats running for House and Senate seats because cancellation notices on some of those plans that had been extended by one year would go out near the Nov. 4 election.
  • CNN's Piers Morgan questioned over phone-hacking

    02/15/2014 11:26:06 PM PST · by South40 · 12 replies (Reuters) ^ | 2/15/2014 | Kate Holton and Michael Holden
    (Reuters) — Piers Morgan, one of the biggest names in British media and a CNN television host, has been questioned by London police in connection with allegations of phone-hacking at the Daily Mirror tabloid he used to edit. Morgan, a former judge on "America's Got Talent" show who replaced Larry King on CNN in 2011, said in a statement on Thursday he had been interviewed by officers after voluntarily attending a police station in December. The 48-year-old, who has always denied any involvement in phone hacking, was quizzed as part of wider investigations into illegal practices by journalists at Rupert...
  • Long-legged bird meets long arm of the law in Roanoke

    02/14/2014 9:40:52 AM PST · by sevinufnine · 24 replies
    The Roanoke Times ^ | 2/12/2014 | ERICA YOON
    The couple and their five children are fond of unusual animals and urban agriculture. So the couple found an emu farm near Martinsville and brought home a chick about a year ago and named it Zazu. “It’s grown up with our family,” Mike Powell said. It started out sleeping in the couple’s bed. “Not the prettiest creature in the world, but we love it,” Mike Powell said. Today, it’s about 5 feet tall, and looks like a shaggy umbrella on long legs with large, reptilian feet. At the end of a long neck is a head with an expression that...
  • Attack on electric grid raises alarm

    02/07/2014 9:00:43 AM PST · by 12th_Monkey · 61 replies
    LA Times ^ | February 6, 2014 | Evan Halper and Marc Lifsher
    Shooters armed with assault rifles and some knowledge of electrical utilities have prompted new worries on the vulnerability of California's vast power grid. A 2013 attack on an electric substation near San Jose that nearly knocked out Silicon Valley's power supply was initially downplayed as vandalism by Pacific Gas & Electric Co., the facility's owner. Gunfire from semiautomatic weapons did extensive damage to 17 transformers that sent grid operators scrambling to avoid a blackout. But this week, a former top power regulator offered a far more ominous interpretation: The attack was terrorism, he said, and if circumstances had been just...
  • The Squeaky Wheel Complaints (Non-Payment)

    02/05/2014 8:22:57 PM PST · by Technical Editor · 4 replies
    Vanity | Technical Editor
    If you’re moved to click one or both of the following to read the complaint (they’re both the same text) and send an e-mail via that page by clicking where indicated on the red text, I give you my thanks in advance.Mona Gambetta Refuses to Replace Inadvertently Discarded PaymentComplaint 1Rich Dad Poor Dad Owes Me Payment for Copyediting Book Complaint 2
  • Thousands of Potentially Harmful Natural Gas Leaks Found in Washington, D.C.

    01/25/2014 4:05:59 PM PST · by EBH · 29 replies
    ERC ^ | 1/20/2014
    High levels of natural gas are escaping from the aging pipes beneath the streets of the nation’s capital, creating potentially harmful concentrations in some locations, a new study has found. Natural gas leaks pose explosion risks, health concerns, and contribute to climate change. The paper, which appears in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology, also provides information that could help companies justify additional financial incentives for fixing leaks quickly. Robert Jackson and colleagues note that natural gas leakage is a serious problem on multiple levels, including impacts on the economy and climate. Property damage is estimated at $133 million...
  • Rosetta Spacecraft Waking Up for Final Leg of Comet Journey

    01/21/2014 11:35:27 AM PST · by 12th_Monkey · 36 replies ^ | January 20, 2014 | Charles Q. Choi
    Rosetta, the first spacecraft built to orbit a comet and land a probe on these icy nomads, is now waking up after more than two years of slumber, and videos filmed as part of an international competition will help greet the spacecraft after it awakens. Comets are some of the most primitive building blocks of the solar system, with many dating to soon after its formation. Comets also likely helped seed Earth with water and other ingredients of life. By analyzing the composition of the comet, the European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft will help scientists learn more about the role...
  • Officials protest Texas plan to execute Mexican citizen

    01/21/2014 8:29:37 AM PST · by AngelesCrestHighway · 54 replies
    The Los Angeles Times ^ | 01/21/2014 | By Molly Hennessy-Fiske
    HOUSTON—A Mexican national facing execution in Texas this week has drawn support from Mexican officials, a former Texas governor and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who appealed to Gov. Rick Perry and state courts for a reprieve — so far, unsuccessfully. Edgar Tamayo, 46, a Mexican citizen, is scheduled to be put to death Wednesday for fatally shooting Houston Police Officer Guy Gaddis in 1994. Gaddis, 24, had been flagged down near a nightclub by a man who accused Tamayo of robbing him. The officer arrested Tamayo, handcuffed him and put him in the back of his patrol car....
  • Kugelblitz! Powering a Starship With a Black Hole

    01/17/2014 7:17:49 AM PST · by 12th_Monkey · 117 replies ^ | January 16, 2014 | Jeff Lee
    Interstellar flight certainly ranks among the most daunting challenges ever postulated by human civilization. The distances to even the closest stars are so stupendous that constructing even a scale model of interstellar distance is impractical. For instance, if on such a model the separation of the Earth and sun is 1 inch (2.5 centimeters), the nearest star to our solar system (Proxima Centauri) would be 4.3 miles (6.9 kilometers) away! The fastest object ever built by the human species is the Voyager 1 space probe, moving at a speed of 18 miles per second. If it were heading toward Proxima...
  • Asiana victim who was ran over might have been visible to rescue workers, videos suggest

    01/15/2014 1:40:49 PM PST · by GeronL · 43 replies
    Yahoo News ^ | 1/15/2014 | Mike Krumboltz
    Newly released videos obtained by CBS News suggest that the 16-year-old girl who was run over by a fire truck and killed after surviving a crash on ill-fated Asiana Airlines Flight 214 might have been visible to rescue workers, contradicting earlier reports that she was covered with fire-extinguishing foam. Ye Meng Yuan died at San Francisco International Airport in July. One video, shot from a camera attached to an emergency worker's helmet, captures footage of a firefighter shouting warnings about Ye to a driver of a rescue vehicle. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop, stop, stop! There's a body. ... There's a...
  • Simmons sentenced to one year in jail for 2011 assault

    01/15/2014 7:51:52 AM PST · by 12th_Monkey · 9 replies
    The Daily News ^ | January 13, 2014 | Scott DeSmit
    BATAVIA — A judge as required by a higher court officially reduced the sentence for Jacquetta Simmons Monday in Genesee County Court. “It was obvious the sentence I imposed I thought appropriate,” Judge Robert C. Noonan said. “I have no discretion to modify the sentence.” Noonan then sentenced Simmons to one year in Genesee County Jail, with credit for time already served. Simmons served about four weeks before she was released after a judge granted her a stay pending appeal. With good behavior, she could be released after about seven months. Simmons was convicted Aug. 24, 2012, of second-degree assault...
  • "The Savage Nation" Radio Show Weekly Thread - Jan. 13-17, 2014 - 3 to 6pmET

    01/14/2014 8:45:32 AM PST · by SilvieWaldorfMD · 57 replies
    Join The Savage Nation Call Michael Savage at 855-400-SAVAGE 855-400-7282 3pm to 6pm weekdays ET.
  • Minneapolis congregation fosters sun worship of a different sort

    01/03/2014 6:33:36 PM PST · by smartyaz · 17 replies
    StarTribune Minneapolis ^ | January 3, 2014 | Josephine Marcotty 
    Sarah Campbell would like churches everywhere to supplement the cross with a new symbol of hope — solar panels. That, she said, is exactly what the 750 members of the Mayflower United Church of Christ did last week when they flipped the switch on one of the largest solar arrays in Minneapolis as a brazen and public strike against climate change.
  • David Thibault - Elvis - Blue Christmas

    12/15/2013 5:48:09 PM PST · by South40 · 13 replies
    YouTube ^ | Dec 9, 2013
    Click on pic or here
  • You've Never Seen a Snowflake in This Much Detail!

    12/06/2013 9:50:28 AM PST · by US Navy Vet · 47 replies ^ | December 06, 2013 | By Jillian MacMath
    As the saying goes, no two snowflakes are exactly alike. Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov's collection of high-resolution magnified flakes makes this widely-held belief more convincing. The Moscow-based photographer captured dozens of structurally diverse snowflakes, showcasing the complexity of each one against a dull backdrop. "This year I planned to save current temperature and relative humidity, taken from weather sites with all shooting sessions, but previously I [didn't] do that."
  • Harry Reid exempts some of his Senate staff from Obamacare exchanges (From the crap sack!)

    12/05/2013 8:37:14 AM PST · by AngelesCrestHighway · 5 replies
    Yahoo News ^ | 12/05/13 | Eric Pfeiffer
    One of the biggest public supporters of the Affordable Care Act has reportedly decided that some of his staff should be exempted from the new law. CNN reports that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is the only top congressional leader to exempt some of his staff from having to buy insurance through the Affordable Care Act exchanges. That’s right, even House Majority Leader John Boehner and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, who have voted against the healthcare law dozens of times, have told their staff to sign up for insurance plans through the federal exchange. The news will likely provide...
  • Is Obamacare on the rebound? Media turn to positive stories. (Barf Alert!)

    11/27/2013 9:57:38 AM PST · by AngelesCrestHighway · 30 replies
    The Christian Science Monitor ^ | 11/26/13 | Linda Feldmann
    Bit by bit, the media narrative around the travails of Obamacare and its main enrollment vehicle,, is starting to look up. Or to put it more precisely, it is no longer so crushingly negative. After weeks of stories about website crashes and canceled health plans – and an extraordinary mea culpa from President Obama – a competing story line is starting to emerge. Slowly but surely, people are navigating the exchanges and getting insurance – for some, cheaper and better than what they had. Last week, The New York Times and Los Angeles Times touted a “surge” in enrollment...
  • Fox’s Red Eye Announces the Departure of ‘Repulsive Sidekick’ Bill Schulz

    11/22/2013 1:07:28 PM PST · by presidio9 · 62 replies
    Mediaite ^ | November 22nd, 2013
    Early Friday morning on Fox’s Red Eye, host Greg Gutfeld finally broke the silence and announced the departure of long-time “repulsive sidekick” and panelist Bill Schulz. The brief announcement came after a prolonged, unexplained Schulz absence from the show. “A lot of viewers have wondered where the heck Bill Schulz went,” Gutfeld said. “Sad to say he has decided to move on from the show. He’s been a close friend of mine for 13 years, and he’s been a huge part of Red Eye since its inception, and we wish him the best.” No further reason was given for his...
  • Oprah: Racists Have to Die for Racism to End (Whoa! Hard core Oprah!)

    11/21/2013 1:22:41 PM PST · by AngelesCrestHighway · 104 replies
    NewsBusters ^ | 11/05/13 | Noel Sheppard
    Oprah Winfrey, one of the wealthiest people in the world, is throwing the race card again. During an interview with the BBC Friday, she not only said that President Obama is treated with disrespect because he’s black, but also that entire generations of racists are going to have to die for racism to end (video follows with transcript and commentary): WILL GOMPERTZ, BBC: The issue of the civil rights movement, and the way that black people around the world are treated, particularly I suppose in, around the world… OPRAH WINFREY: Around the world. GOMPERTZ: Around the world. Look at place...
  • Creigh Deeds critically wounded; son dead from gunshot

    Former Dem nominee for VA-Gov in serious condition. Sen. Creigh Deeds, D-Bath, is in critical condition after being stabbed in his home and his son Gus is dead from a gunshot wound, law enforcement sources told the Richmond Times-Dispatch this morning. Deeds is being treated at the University of Virginia Medical Center. Authorities said they are trying to determine the sequence of events at the Deeds home in Bath County early today. Further details were not immediately available.
  • Clinton all the rage among Dems (Next enemy socialist on the horizon)

    11/06/2013 7:51:54 AM PST · by AngelesCrestHighway · 47 replies
    The Hill ^ | 11/06/13 | The Hill Staff
    Suddenly, congressional Democrats are catching Hillary Clinton fever. It’s still three years until the next presidential election, but already her endorsements from party leaders are piling up. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) delivered a speech in Iowa over the weekend urging Clinton to run in 2016, and other Democrats are touting her potential candidacy. Democratic strategists say it makes sense for lawmakers to line up behind Clinton — even before she’s announced her candidacy — because she is virtually assured of winning the party’s nomination.
  • The November War (Vanity, Fallujah Battle)

    11/06/2013 4:22:38 AM PST · by EBH
    the November War ^ | 2013 | Garrett Anderson and Antonio de la Torre
    One Day of Fighting. Ten Different Perspectives Fallujah 2004 Garrett Anderson and Antonio de la Torre have been creating digital films together since they met at a high school digital media production class in the year 2000. Several of the students from that class are working in similar professional fields today. Garrett served as a U.S. Marine infantryman from 2003-2007; during which he deployed to Iraq as well as Afghanistan and continued to collaborate with Antonio when visiting home on vacation. The two filmmakers decided in late 2011 to interview members of Anderson’s former platoon who fought alongside each other...
  • Navy SEALs ordered to remove 'don't tread on me' Navy Jack from uniforms

    11/05/2013 9:24:49 AM PST · by AngelesCrestHighway · 21 replies
    KFI News ^ | 11/04/13 | Carl Higbie
    The Navy Jack is the ‘don’t tread on me’ flag, one that has earned a revered place in America’s naval history and a beloved place in sailor’s hearts, through its use for over two centuries. This symbol of America’s naval ferocity has spanned our country’s entire existence, flying from the masts of the Continental Navy during the war of independence, to today’s War on Terror. In fact, an amendment to the Navy code called SECNAV Instruction 10520.6 clearly states that as of 31 May 2002 all ships are to fly the flag throughout the duration of the War on Terror....
  • Trey Gowdy: President Obama's ACA ‘fiction’

    11/05/2013 8:12:18 AM PST · by AngelesCrestHighway · 11 replies
    POLITICO ^ | 11/05/13 | LUCY MCCALMONT
    Rep. Trey Gowdy says President Barack Obama’s latest comments about his health care law could earn him another Nobel Prize — for fiction. “The president already has a Nobel Prize for peace, I think he’s shooting for one in fiction,” Gowdy (R-S.C) said Monday on Fox News’s “The Kelly File.” Gowdy hit the president on changing his language on whether people would be able to keep their insurance plans under Obamacare, after host Megyn Kelly made reference to remarks Obama made Monday regarding existing coverage.
  • The Supreme Court Could Be Ruling On The Safety Of All American Rights

    11/01/2013 6:35:47 AM PDT · by EBH · 22 replies
    Personal Liberty Digest ^ | 10/31/2013 | Sam Rolley
    On more than one occasion President Barack Obama or a top Administration official has lamented that the Commander in Chief is not a king or a dictator and is, therefore, unable to ram his progressive policies down the greater American public’s collective throat as quickly as his liberal supporters would like. And on several occasions, the sole hurdle halting the President in his dash toward liberal utopia—or totalitarian hell, depending on whom you ask — has been a pesky 226-year-old document called the Constitution of the United States of America. But the Obama Justice Department is working to change that....
  • Little Nine-year-old Girl Sings Puccini / Holland's Got Talent 2013 - Amira Willighagen (9)

    10/31/2013 3:29:38 PM PDT · by Main Street · 49 replies
    Holland's Got Talent 2013 ^ | Oct 26, 2013 | Holland's Got Talent 2013
    Amira Willighagen (9) sings opera at the audition of Holland's Got Talent 26th nov 2013
  • Dutch Lady Recalls Travel in Cabin Neighboring the Oswalds Aboard S.S. Maasdam in June 1962

    10/25/2013 10:31:33 AM PDT · by Vigilanteman · 21 replies
    Google Groups ^ | December 10, 2010 | Perry Ver Meulen
    As written by me earlier this month, I came in contact with a lady who travelled from Rotterdam to Hoboken, New Jersey on the ship Maasdam IV, thirteen days in june 1962. Just like the Oswalds did. remarkable: never before was a passenger of the 1962-trip tracked down by anyone. remarkable: she was staying in cabin 471, the Oswalds slept in 473: they were neighbours. remarkable: she saw Oswald a lot, didn't talk to him. She never saw Marina and June. She sent me two pictures: first time we see pictures of the ship during those days in june 1962....
  • Possible New Marines Uniform Dismissed as too 'Girly'

    10/25/2013 8:18:16 AM PDT · by AngelesCrestHighway · 69 replies
    Yahoo News ^ | 10/24/13 | Sarah Weir
    Crank up the defibrillator: The New York Post is having a coronary over what it says is "Obama's plan" to sissify the United States Marines. "A change to the Marine Corps' uniform hats could take the hard-nosed Leathernecks from the Halls of Montezuma to the shops of Christopher Street," gasps the tabloid in what it calls an "exclusive" article headlined "Obama wants marines to wear 'girly' hats." Christopher Street is a snarky reference to the historical and symbolic center of gay life in New York City. The Post goes on to claim that "officials are on the verge of swapping...
  • Pickup driver’s fight with cyclists leads to crushed bike, jail

    10/23/2013 5:20:00 PM PDT · by JSDude1 · 84 replies
    Yahoo ^ | Tue, Oct 22, 2013 12:54 PM EDT | Justin Hyde
    In the past few years, many cities and local governments have embraced bicycling as a reasonable way to use public roads — carving out special lanes, setting up bike-sharing stations and generally making life easier for those who want to travel by two wheels rather than four. But those moves haven't come without complaint about congestion and special treatment, and just as biking clubs have grown for weekend riders, so has anti-bike advocacy and concerns about who rules the road — such as the handmade warning signs above from a pro-vehicle group. In a shocking but not surprising turn, one...
  • Former Oilers, Saints coach Bum Phillips dies at 90

    10/18/2013 9:12:00 PM PDT · by Dysart · 55 replies
    Cbssports ^ | 10-18-13 | Josh Katzowitz
    Bum Phillips, who helped turn the Houston Oilers into a playoff team in the mid-1970s and was a beloved figure in the state of Texas, died Friday at the age of 90, according to his son. Wrote Wade Phillips, the Texans defensive coordinator, late Friday night: After coaching high school for many years, Phillips spent a number of seasons coaching in college, including apprenticing under Bear Bryant at Texas A&M before moving on to SMU and Oklahoma State.
  • The Park Police (This is not Jellystone Park anymore Yogi...)

    10/09/2013 7:46:46 PM PDT · by Route395 · 24 replies
    The Weekly Standard ^ | Oct. 9, 2013 | Johnathan V. Last
    The conduct of the National Park Service over the last week might be the biggest scandal of the Obama administration. This is an expansive claim, of course. Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the IRS, the NSA, the HHS mandate​—​this is an administration that has not lacked for appalling abuses of power. And we still have three years to go. Even so, consider the actions of the National Park Service since the government shutdown began. People first noticed what the NPS was up to when the World War II Memorial on the National Mall was “closed.” Just to be clear, the memorial...
  • Petulant president

    10/04/2013 4:44:28 AM PDT · by EBH · 12 replies
    Pittsburgh Post Gazette ^ | 10/4/2013 | Bill York
    Link only
  • This Is All About a Petulant President

    10/04/2013 4:40:41 AM PDT · by EBH · 44 replies
    CNSnews ^ | 10/4/2013 | Pat Buchanan
    In the showdown over the shutdown of the U.S. government, the Obamaites tipped their hand yesterday as what their strategy is. Taking a page out of Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals," the plan is to maximize the people's pain — to maximize the political damage to the enemy, the Republican Party.What else explains it?Consider this: Asked Wednesday if there were any danger of America defaulting on her debt, President Obama rushed to assure a reporter that, yes, indeed, there certainly is such a peril. Why would a president act in so perverse a manner, were he not trying deliberately to...
  • Panic in DC after female driver with a child rammed barricades outside the White House

    10/03/2013 6:01:54 PM PDT · by Wilderness Conservative · 71 replies
    Daily Mail UK ^ | 10/3/2013
    Terror gripped the nation's capital this afternoon after a woman rammed her car security fencing at the White House and then raced toward Capitol Hill, all with a one-year-old child in the back seat, before she was gunned down by Secret Service agents and Capitol Police officers. The bizarre incident put the White House and Capitol Hill briefly on lock-down as officers swarmed the scene with assault rifles and hundreds of staffers and tourists fled in terror or took shelter in buildings at the political heart of Washington D.C. Multiple news outlets are reporting the woman was Miriam Carey, a...
  • Portraits of Valor; Roy Benavidez

    09/29/2013 8:41:28 PM PDT · by South40 · 10 replies
    Roy Benavidez was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions West of Loc Ninh, South Vietnam in May of 1968. When word that a squad was pinned down by enemy fire Roy Benavidez immediately volunteered to exact their rescue. During the course of the effort he subjected himself to constant enemy fire and suffered numerous injuries, but still led the remaining soldiers to protect and defend their position even after their first rescue helicopter was shot down. Video here
  • Jeff Head Cancer Update: September 29, 2013

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    Self | 29 Sep 2013 | Jeff Head
    Jeff Head Cancer Update: September 29, 2013 So, we've been gone for over two weeks from Emmett, ID. This has been my annual checkup for my Chordoma cancer down here in Houston, TX at MD Anderson. Week before last I had those checkups and they went extremely well. No sign of any new cancer around where my sacrum used to be and that is very good. As good a bone fusion to the bone from my right fibula that they used as a support down there as it can be. Very strong and lots of it. Also strong bone fusion...