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  • Woman Singled out by the TSA, Cuffed to a Chair, Her Ticket Ripped up

    11/10/2010 8:18:34 PM PST · by citizenredstater9271 · 118 replies
    Youtube ^ | GeorgeDonnelly
    The TSA chose Meg McLain for special screening. They wanted her to go through the new porno-scanners. When she opted out, TSA agents raised an enormous ruckus. When she asked some question about what they planned to do to her, they flipped out. TSA agents yelled at her, handcuffed her to a chair, ripped up her ticket, called in 12 local Miami cops and finally escorted her out of the airport. Listen to her story as she told it on radio show Free Talk Live last night. Things are truly getting scary.
  • The UN Rights of the Child. The reality check

    11/05/2010 12:33:29 PM PDT · by mainestategop · 1 replies · 2+ views
    Youtube ^ | Mainestategop and Mac Houlton UN RIGHTS OF THE CHILD TREATY IN A NUT SHELL... 1. First of all, the government (unelected in this case)will be the parent not you. Dont like it, you lose them. 2. Your child has a right to be forced to go to a communist indoctrination center (school) to be dumbed down, and conditioned to be a loyal marxist who will never question authority and grow up to be an illiterate factory worker 3. Your child has a right to grow up in a marxist country with no freedom of speech, freedom of the press and has the right...
  • END THE FED: The Fiat Currency Resistance. Dollar Collapse-Like a thief in the night

    10/22/2010 5:01:46 PM PDT · by citizenredstater9271 · 1 replies
    Youtube ^ | VictoryIndependence
    Don't let them control you. Rate this video, comment, Re-post, share, and most importantly. Get out of the dollar before its too late. "Free your mind" Morpheus
  • Act of 1871

    10/22/2010 2:24:36 PM PDT · by wolfcreek · 13 replies ^ | unknown | Lisa Luliani
    The United States Isn't a Country; It's a Corporation! In preparation for stealing America, the puppets of Britain's banking cabal had already created a second government, a Shadow Government designed to manage what the common herd believed was a democracy, but what really was an incorporated UNITED STATES. Together this chimera, this two-headed monster, disallowed the common herd all rights of sui juris [a natural person possessing full civil rights -- you, in your sovereignty].
  • The War Against Capitalism

    10/20/2010 8:51:57 AM PDT · by Stoutcat · 2 replies · 1+ views
    Grand Rants ^ | 10-20-10 | Stoutcat
    It’s a very subtle ploy, that statement, ”already making more money than most will earn in a lifetime.” Does it make you feel good? Glad for those billionaires, and proud of their enterprenurial spirit? Or does it make you feel slightly envious that these young kids will make more than you’ll ever see in your life? Yeah, me too. The ongoing repetition (only slightly unpalatable in single instances) permeates society these days. It’s in the press, on television, online… all the time. Captialism is evil; tax the rich; make the rich pay their fair share; they’ll make more than you’ll...
  • On ‘Demand Side’ Economics: Why Spending Cannot Improve the Economy but Freedom Can

    09/13/2010 6:00:30 PM PDT · by Rebam98 · 9 replies ^ | 9/12/2010 | Amber Pawlik
    Quotes from On ‘Demand Side’ Economics The average person works and accumulates savings over 40 years in order to retire. From the time they start to the time they finish, assuming only 2% inflation per year, prices will have risen by 221%. Keynes gets the problem of economics completely backwards. The problem of economics is unlimited demand with limited supply. The implicit argument of Keynes is that the problem of economics is limited demand with unlimited supply. Politicians want to have their money and spend it too. Of course, it makes sense for the Federal Reserve to define their purpose...

    10/21/2010 11:04:51 PM PDT · by citizenredstater9271 · 27 replies
    powerlineblog ^ | October 21, 2010 | Paul
    It's a question I'm frequently asked these days. I'm far from an expert on the Tea Party. Accordingly, my answer is limited to stating that there is a division among Tea Party members, with some tending towards an interventionist position and others tending towards isolationism. I avoid opining on what the breakdown is. One way to get at the question is to look at the positions taken by prominent Tea Party candidates in this year's election. Scott Conroy of Real Clear Politics has undertaken that analysis. He finds the same division that I posited exists within the rank-and-file. Marco Rubio's...
  • Bernanke Wrongly Calls "Bizarre" Allegations Cited by Ron Paul

    03/08/2010 4:23:31 AM PST · by IbJensen · 8 replies · 2,210+ views
    The New American ^ | 3/6/2010 | Charles Scalager
    On February 24, Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas), at a hearing held by the House Financial Services Committee, asked Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke whether he was aware of allegations that the Federal Reserve had been complicit in the Watergate cover-up and in the illegal funneling of billions of dollars in loans to Iraq’s Saddam Hussein: "It has been reported in the past that during the 1980s that the Fed actually facilitated a $5.5-billion loan to Saddam Hussein. And he then bought weapons from our military-industrial complex. And also that is when he invested in a nuclear reactor.... "Also there's been...
  • What Would Milton Friedman Say About Fed Policy Under Bernanke?

    10/20/2010 5:13:39 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 11 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | October 20, 2010 | DAVID BECKWORTH AND WILLIAM RUGER
    Four years after his death, Milton Friedman's thoughts on monetary policy remain as relevant today as they were 30 years ago. Even Fed Chairman "Helicopter Ben" Bernanke (whose nickname comes from Friedman's famous "helicopter drop" idea for overcoming deflation) has referenced the Chicago don as an inspiration for his actions. However, Friedman's views may not be well understood even by those who would claim him as their intellectual fountainhead — which could be problematic for policy-making. So what would Milton Friedman say about our current monetary policy? First, low interest rates do not necessarily mean monetary policy is loose. Friedman...
  • Freep This Poll

    10/19/2010 11:46:38 PM PDT · by funfan · 20 replies
    NY Daily News ^ | october 19, 2010
    If Tea Party candidates win a bunch of races in November, will you
  • Tea Party Express IV To Be Streamed Live--Every Rally!

    10/16/2010 11:49:45 AM PDT · by Syncro · 35 replies · 1+ views
    TeaPartyHD.Com ^ | 10-16-2010 | Staff
    Click Here To View The ScheduleLIVE STREAM PLAYER: (3) different sizes of Streaming Player available from Tea Party Express IV Tour. STEP 1 Choose the size that fits your website STEP 2 Copy the code and paste it into your website for LIVE coverage
  • Dying of Money: Lessons of the Great German and American Inflations

    10/15/2010 10:37:25 PM PDT · by DeaconBenjamin · 15 replies
    Ludwig von Mises Institute ^ | (1974) | Jens O. Parsson
    Foreword Most of us have at least a general idea of what we think inflation is. Inflation is the state of affairs in which prices go up. Inflation is an old, old story. Inflation is almost as ancient as money is, and money is almost as ancient as man himself. It was probably not long after the earliest cave man of the Stone Age fashioned his first stone spearhead to kill boars with, perhaps thirty or forty thousand years ago, that he began to use boar’s teeth or something of the sort as counters for trading spearheads and caves with...
  • Vote in our Poll: Should Sarah Palin run for president in 2012?

    10/08/2010 8:21:16 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 142 replies
    GOPUSA ^ | October 8, 2010
    Rumors have ramped up recently concerning Sarah Palin's activities and her political plans for 2012. As always Palin is a controversial figure. She continues to draw huge crowds wherever she appears and many, but not all, of her endorsements have paid off the candidates in the primary season. Some say she has no chance, she's too divisive, they won't support her. What do you say? Please leave a comment to explain your reasons for your answer. Rush LImbaugh had some comments yesterday about conservative candidates who are controversial. Should Sarah Palin run for president in 2012? Yes No Unsure
  • McCain to NH vets: Won't run for president again

    10/02/2010 10:45:43 AM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 45 replies
    AP ^ | 2010-10-02
    NASHUA, N.H. (AP) — If John McCain hadn't made it clear before, he's leaving no doubt that the presidency is a dream gone by. Addressing a veterans rally for a Republican Senate candidate in Nashua on Saturday, the Arizona senator was reminiscing about his presidential campaigns in New Hampshire, where he won the Republican primaries in 2000 and 2008. He told the audience of 200 that "this may surprise you, but I will not be running for president again." He promised, though, that he will do everything in his power to make sure New Hampshire maintains its first-in-the-nation presidential primary...
  • Rand Paul Suggests Economic Decline Could Lead To A New Hitler

    09/22/2010 12:57:56 PM PDT · by blam · 73 replies
    TPM ^ | 9-22-2010 | Evan McMorris-Santoro
    Rand Paul Suggests Economic Decline Could Lead To A New Hitler Evan McMorris-Santoro September 22, 2010, 2:02PMKY Sen. candidate Rand Paul (R) More goodness from Jason Zengerle's tasty profile of Rand Paul in GQ: The Republican nominee for Senate in Kentucky just wants you to know that, with the way things are going these days, a new Hitler could be in America's future at any moment. It's probably a good idea to keep an eye out for that, folks. Here's the long quote from Paul that Zengerle snagged on the trail with the candidate: "In 1923, when they destroyed the...
  • The U.S. Will Go Back To The Gold Standard (If history is any indicator, it will happen by 2013)

    09/11/2010 1:36:21 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 167 replies
    Forbes ^ | 09/10/2010 | John Tamny
    French economist Jacques Rueff once said "Tomorrow, to save man, we will give him a real currency." For a world that has suffered nearly 40 years of economy-retarding currency instability, that tomorrow is very near. If history is any kind of indicator, by 2013 we'll return to money defined in terms of something real. No currency in history has lasted longer than 42 years after its intrinsic backing has been abandoned, and it was 39 years ago that President Nixon severed the dollar's link to gold. Over the ensuing decades the U.S. economy alone has suffered three dollar-driven oil "shocks,"...
  • U.S. Monetary System Is In Serious Trouble

    09/12/2010 7:10:38 PM PDT · by blam · 76 replies
    The Market Oracle ^ | 9-12-2010 | Bob Chapman
    U.S. Monetary System Is In Serious Trouble Interest-Rates / US Bonds Sep 11, 2010 - 01:20 PM By: Bob Chapman There is no question the US monetary system is in serious trouble and the situation continues to deteriorate. The smug elitist owners of the system are not getting the desired results and there is great consternation among the players. Since 1913 in running US monetary policy the Fed has had one recession after another and two depressions. The second one is the one we are now in. The Fed’s creation was mainly to end recessions and depressions, something obviously they...
  • Democrat Jack Conway Trailing Rand Paul in Kentucky by 15 Points in New Poll

    09/05/2010 12:05:41 AM PDT · by Talkradio03 · 33 replies
    hotairpundit ^ | 9/5/10 | hap
    More trouble for the Dems and more evidence of a wave election, in new Survey USA poll in Kentucky for the retiring Jim Bunning's seat, Conway is now behind the Republican by 15 points...
  • Gold Reserves & Money - coast-2-coast AM 09.04.10 1am EDT

    09/04/2010 2:11:52 PM PDT · by Perdogg · 25 replies
    Is there real gold at Ft. Knox? According to Rep. Ron Paul, the answer may be "no!" Monetary historian Andy Gause joins Ian to talk about the implications if Ron Paul is right
  • Muslims in New York Desecrate U.S. Flag (More from the 'Moderates')

    08/25/2010 9:04:01 PM PDT · by Titus-Maximus · 41 replies
    youtube ^ | July 2007 | b34nzzz
    Muslims making a spectacle of desecrating the American flag.
  • More Bad Economic News, Yet Here Comes ANOTHER Wall Street Bailout

    08/24/2010 3:01:57 PM PDT · by JohnRLott · 26 replies
    Fox News ^ | August 24, 2010 | John R. Lott Jr.
    Americans may be extremely upset about Wall Street bailouts, but President Obama isn't listening. Come September 7, President Obama will have Wall Street investment banks lining up for another huge bailout. But such a bailout will do little to stimulate the housing market and offset the latest 27.2 percent plunge in existing home sales. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) will offer financial institutions holding mortgages worth more than the value of the houses, so-called "underwater" mortgages, a guarantee on 90 percent of the mortgage value if the institution will write-off 10 percent of the mortgage. These risky mortgages have been...
  • Believe It or Not, the U.S. Is In Worse Financial Shape Than Greece

    08/19/2010 2:00:27 PM PDT · by JohnRLott · 31 replies
    Fox News ^ | August 19, 2010 | John R. Lott Jr.
    In Ohio on Wednesday President Obama announced that Social Security "is not in crisis" and that only "modest adjustments" are required. He has long promised that his health care plan will not add "one dime" to the deficit. Yet, a new report from the International Monetary Fund concludes that, long-term, our government is in worse financial shape than Greece, and that this problem is driven in large part by both programs, particularly the new health care plan. Greece has built up so much debt and so many financial obligations that the difference between all future expenditures and revenues, the so-called...
  • Obama vs. America

    08/16/2010 2:24:40 PM PDT · by La Lydia · 25 replies
    The Corner National Review ^ | August 16, 2010 | Peter Kirsanow
    President Obama’s statements regarding the proposed Ground Zero mosque are the latest in a series of indicators that we are at a very peculiar pass: We have a president who doesn’t get America. For the first time in history we have a president whose default setting is in opposition to the general sensibilities of the American people. His behavior too frequently suggests that he’s playing a cosmic joke on Americans’ essential decency, considered patriotism, and belief in American exceptionalism. You don’t need to have been a lecturer in constitutional law like Obama to know that the mosque’s backers have a...
  • Vanity: Let's have a rational discussion on Ron Paul and the Liberty Movement

    08/16/2010 12:09:43 AM PDT · by citizenredstater9271 · 94 replies
    I want to have a sane discussion on Ron Paul and the growing Liberty Movement. Every time I or other freepers bring up we get people telling us Dr. Paul is crazy or we are crazy to support him and other constitutionalist politicians. When I posted a video on the success of the Free State Movement in New Hampshire ppl responded with "your crazy" and hinting the movement had failed. How could ppl say the movement failed when they've had numerous successes? I see liberals and commies such as this weirdo mock us which I would expect but why the...
  • Work for the Collective or Starve (and then starve anyway)

    08/14/2010 11:05:18 PM PDT · by citizenredstater9271
    Youtube ^ | Individualistico
    Marxian socialists and anarcho-communists, and the like, want to collectivize the means of production, meaning that they are owned in common by everyone in society, such that the individual has no opportunity to own his own means of production and operate his own enterprise as he alone sees fit. This puts him in the position of having to work for the collective or starve. I can't fathom how anyone who desire individual freedom, autonomy, and self actualization would find being in the position of subservience to a tyranny of the collective appealing. To the contrary, it sounds suffocating.
  • PPP poll: Sarah Palin leads GOP field — among Republicans who say they’ve smoked pot

    08/14/2010 8:04:38 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 111 replies · 1+ views
    Hotair ^ | 08/15/2010 | AllahPundit
    Who was it, remind me, who was ahead of the curve on this? Who was it who called on her to gently appeal to the legalization crowd weeks before she ended up dropping that mini-bombshell on Napolitano’s show about marijuana laws being overenforced?C’mon. I have, like, three good ideas a year. Give a man some props. Among Republicans who say they’ve smoked Marijuana:Palin 25 Gingrich 22 Huckabee 17 Romney 17 Paul 8Among Republicans who say they have not smoked Marijuana:Huckabee 24 Romney 23 Gingrich 21 Palin 21 Paul 3 The sample size was only, er, 83 people, but even so,...
  • Minnesota Under Attack From Sharia Law

    08/14/2010 9:40:07 PM PDT · by citizenredstater9271 · 49 replies
    This is one the best, clearest-cut examples of how Muslims are attempting to convert America to Sharia law. It is a bold, overt, and aggressive campaign to change the fiber of American way of lfe. The sad part is that it appears to be working.

    08/12/2010 2:54:39 PM PDT · by American Dream 246 · 25 replies
    APNews - DRUDGE ^ | 8/12/10 | MARCY GORDON
    WASHINGTON (AP) - The $700 billion U.S. bailout program launched in response to the global economic meltdown had a far greater impact overseas than other countries' financial rescue plans did on the U.S., according to a new report from a congressional watchdog. Billions of dollars in U.S. rescue funds wound up in big banks in France, Germany and other nations. That was probably inevitable because of the structure of the Treasury Department's program, the Congressional Oversight Panel says in a new report issued Thursday. The U.S. program aimed to stabilize the financial system by injecting money into as many banks...
  • Ron Paul: Obama 'deserves an F'

    08/06/2009 4:34:27 PM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 20 replies · 1,260+ views
    Politico ^ | 2009-08-06 | Andy Barr
    Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) said Thursday that President Barack Obama deserves a failing grade for his first 200 days in office. The libertarian-minded Republican ultimately graded the president at a just-passing “D” when asked to rate Obama’s performance during an interview on CNN’s “American Morning,” though only because he decided to factor in extenuating circumstances. “I’d probably give them a D. He deserves an F, but I give him a D to make one point is that he's not responsible for this mess,” Paul said. “The last administration has a lot to do with this. The Congress has a lot...
  • What are the Benefits of Closing the Federal Reserve?

    08/11/2010 5:08:14 PM PDT · by citizenredstater9271 · 14 replies
    Youtube ^ | August 11, 2010 | Raisingdemocracy
    After the Fed is dead our private property will be better protected from the easy money, scarce money mortgage rip offs that private bankers have used for generations to swindle away the farms, homes, and businesses that we and our ancestors have worked so hard to acquire. With the Fed dead and gone every family will be better able to establish a hearth and home from which family stability, security, and prosperity can grow from generation to generation. With the Fed dead we can use our common money system to begin building new roads to prosperity. When individuals and families...
  • Re: The Mad (Republican) Tea Party

    08/02/2010 1:46:57 PM PDT · by citizenredstater9271 · 18 replies · 6+ views
    Youtube ^ | fringeelements
    The tea party movement shouldn't deviate from their original ideology of free markets and re-birth of the Constitution.
  • Hyperflation Nation part 2 of 3

    08/01/2010 1:43:54 AM PDT · by citizenredstater9271 · 7 replies · 2+ views
    Youtube ^ | RONPAUL2012PRESIDENT
    This video provides shocking details about the future of America's economy. It's a MUST WATCH.
  • The Ruling Elite Called

    08/01/2010 11:04:28 AM PDT · by anonsquared · 35 replies · 3+ views
    Financial Sense ^ | July 30, 2010 | James Quinn
    I just got off the horn with the Ruling Elite. We had an emergency conference call and to tell you the truth, they ain’t happy. You little people are not responding the way you are supposed to. A significant portion of you are not getting more optimistic because they tell you to. Instead of just reading the headline on Bloomberg that durable goods orders skyrocketed in June, you actually read the details that said durable goods orders plunged. It is getting difficult for the ruling elite to keep the masses sedated and dumbed down. These damn bloggers, with their facts...
  • Romney continues to lead in NH

    07/28/2010 8:27:12 AM PDT · by speciallybland · 45 replies · 1+ views
    Public Policy Polling ^ | July 28, 2010 | Tom Jensen
    Mitt Romney continues to look like an overwhelming early favorite for the 2012 New Hampshire primary but the most surprising thing about our newest set of numbers there may be that Ron Paul's in third place, outpolling Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin (albeit by small margins.) Romney leads the way with 31% to 14% for Newt Gingrich, 13% for Paul, 12% for Huckabee, 9% for Palin, 3% for Tim Pawlenty, and 1% for Mitch Daniels. Observations from the numbers: -Among voters who are more likely to support a candidate endorsed by Sarah Palin...Romney leads...with 29% to Palin's 21%. We've written...
  • Ten Things You Should Know about Rand Paul (For one, he knows he blew the Rachel Maddow interview)

    07/14/2010 8:29:13 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 19 replies · 1+ views
    National Review ^ | 07/14/2010 | Kevin Williamson
    I spent some time yesterday with Rand Paul, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate from Kentucky and the son of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul. He dropped by National Review for a long interview with the editors and then did an event in the evening at Webster Hall in New York. I found him surprisingly impressive. A few thoughts: 1. Rand Paul cares about the national debt. It’s his No. 1 issue. It’s also his No. 2 issue and his No. 3 issue. 2. Rand Paul is willing to go after his fellow Republicans on spending: “They didn’t balance the budget...
  • Amnesty By Executive Fiat

    07/31/2010 4:25:48 AM PDT · by afraidfortherepublic · 125 replies · 14+ views
    The American Spectator ^ | 7-30-10 | W. James Antle, III
    The Obama administration is considering it. The idea is to have the U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) just start handing out green cards to illegals. USCIS, a part of the Obama administration, outlines the ideas in a draft memo that includes the possibility of issuing green cards to tens of thousands who entered the country illegally. "In the absence of Comprehensive Immigration Reform, CIS can extend benefits and/or protections to many individuals and groups by issuing new guidance and regulations," the memo advises.
  • Economic Reductionism is Good

    07/30/2010 12:37:05 AM PDT · by citizenredstater9271 · 10 replies · 4+ views
    Youtube ^ | fringeelements
    fringeelements | July 08, 2010 The fashion is to say "economics can't explain all political issues" - which is an absurd idea based on a simplistic view of economics. Economics can explain all purposeful action toward a given goal. What of these goals and how do they come about? That's the realm of psychology. But beyond that, economic reductionism FTW. No need to speak of "social forces" independent of economics as if King Ludd is a giant cell and men are his organelles. Solving problems by breaking them down into individual actors... is good.
  • Report: Romney nudging Graham to strike immigration deal before election? (Grahmnesty and Mitt)

    07/30/2010 5:44:38 PM PDT · by GOPGuide · 121 replies · 5+ views
    Hotair ^ | July 30, 2010 | Allahpundit
    A tantalizing bit of 2012 gossip dropped way, way down in an otherwise fun piece about amnesty shills boo-hooing over having (temporarily) lost McCain. Note to Politico: This is what’s called “burying the lede.” Their hope now is that Republican presidential candidates and former operatives under Bush, a reform proponent, can convince GOP congressional leaders that the issue needs to be dealt with before 2012 — or that they could risk alienating the burgeoning Hispanic vote in the crucial swing states of New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and Florida.Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, a front-runner for the nomination, has signaled...
  • Ron Paul Considering 2012 Presidential Run in Another Third Party Campaign

    07/09/2010 5:49:12 AM PDT · by mnehring · 81 replies · 2+ views
    U.S. (ChattahBox) – Be prepared for more annoying copy/paste ‘Vote Ron Paul’ comments on every forum, message board, media site, and news source. Ron Paul has announced that he is official considering a 2012 run for president, CNN reports. The Texas Republican Rep. has run in the past, and he hasn’t gotten far. Though having a small group of extremely loyal supporters, most of which are Independent or Libertarian voters, he is unable to garner enough support for a GOP nomination. As for running on a third party docket, that has never gone well for any politician. It is doubtful...
  • Judge Blocks Parts Of Arizona Immigration Law

    07/28/2010 10:29:45 AM PDT · by edpc · 478 replies · 16+ views
    AP via Yahoo News ^ | 28 July 2010 | JACQUES BILLEAUD and AMANDA MYERS
    PHOENIX – A judge has blocked the most controversial sections of Arizona's new immigration law from taking effect Thursday, handing a major legal victory to opponents of the crackdown. The law will still take effect Thursday, but without many of the provisions that angered opponents — including sections that required officers to check a person's immigration status while enforcing other laws.
  • Economic history repeating itself

    07/21/2010 11:06:45 AM PDT · by horsappl · 8 replies
    Inflation Fears Grow After Fed Prints $1.2 Trillion Amendment Slipped Into Health Care Legislation Would Track, Tax Coin and Bullion Transactions Flashback: The Gold Confiscation Of April 5, 1933 On June 5, 1933, the United States went off the gold standard Tracking wealth allows its confiscation, by means of taxation. Taxation is a disincentive to own property, and create wealth. Marxists create economic distress. If history provides evidence of failed solutions, repeating those solutions must be intended to bring about failure.
  • McCain Dumps $10 Million On Primary (PANICKING, DESPERATE RINO ALERT)

    07/23/2010 4:04:26 PM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 148 replies · 2+ views
    National Journal ^ | 2010-07-23 | Sean Sullivan
    Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) spent more than $10M on his primary battle against ex-Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R), according to his 2ndQ campaign finance report, leaving him with a much narrower financial advantage in the GOP primary than he once enjoyed. McCain has spent a total of $15.7M this cycle, according to FEC reports, and he has just $1.78M left to spend before the Aug. 24 GOP primary. Hayworth had $922K in the bank, his reports showed. "Senator McCain takes every campaign seriously, and this race is no exception. Senator McCain is proud of the statewide support he's received from Arizonans,...
  • In Defense of "Sweatshops"

    07/17/2010 2:01:17 AM PDT · by citizenredstater9271 · 36 replies · 2+ views
    Youtube ^ | AntonBatey
    Liberals and socialists like to cry about "sweatshops" and claim they show the "failure" of capitalism. That is false. This video explains it.
  • Milton Friedman Hits A Home Run!

    07/06/2010 8:28:50 PM PDT · by ObamacareFail · 13 replies
    Milton Friedman explains why spending other people's money for Obamacare or any other welfare payment never works. Click Here to see him explain.
  • Poll: Voters' support for ‘capitalism’ loses ground (Commissioned by US Chamber of Commerce)

    07/14/2010 11:35:43 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 22 replies
    The Hill ^ | 07/14/2010 | Jordan Fabian
    Voters support the idea of "free enterprise" significantly more than they do the concept of "capitalism," according to a poll released Tuesday. The survey, conducted by Republican pollster Steve Lombardo’s consulting group, showed that 78 percent of voters have a very positive or somewhat positive view of “free enterprise” but that only 57 percent have the same thoughts about “capitalism.” Nineteen percent of respondents viewed “capitalism” very negatively or somewhat negatively while only four percent had the same views of “free enterprise.” The poll was commissioned by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, one of the nation’s most influential business groups....
  • Bilderberg Group Role In Economic Collapse?

    07/11/2010 6:21:26 PM PDT · by kindred · 20 replies ^ | unknown | unknown
    For years, whispers of the secretive organization of world leaders known as the Bilderberg Group were considered fodder for conspiracy theories, but in the wake of massive economic upheaval, Europe's mainstream has joined the clamoring to find out what kind of financial wizardry has been going on behind the Bilderberg curtain. Daniel Estulin, author of the hot-selling book, "The True Story of the Bilderberg Group," has even been invited to present an unprecedented speech before the European Parliament in Brussels June 1 on the subject of the secretive cabal. "In Spain, Bilderberg is the 'it' topic," Estulin told WND. "The...
  • Federal Bill Puts Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the Crosshairs

    07/09/2010 2:47:58 PM PDT · by topher · 14 replies · 1+ views
    Friday July 9, 2010 Federal Bill Puts Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the Crosshairs WASHINGTON, D.C., July 9, 2010 ( – Pro-life pregnancy centers, which focus on providing free resources and information to women in crisis pregnancies to allow them to keep their babies, are facing a new attack from pro-abortion groups, and this time through Congress. U.S. Rep. Maloney (D-NY) and Sen. Menendez (D-NJ) are sponsoring a bill that would demand the Federal Trade Commission develop advertising rules that would restrict the ability of pro-life pregnancy centers to reach out to women with crisis pregnancies.   Maloney’s "Stop Deceptive...
  • Amnesty: The Largest Voter Registration Drive in US History

    07/04/2010 8:45:55 PM PDT · by starczar66 · 63 replies ^ | 7/02/10 | Rush Limbuagh
    ...The Democrats have lost millions of votes since Obama was immaculated. They want to try to get some of those votes back with amnesty, one way or the other... Look, I don't like saying this stuff. There's an ongoing effort to define the entire issue. We're gonna become the lowest-common-denominator country. The lowest-common-denominator country is equal to Democrats in power in perpetuity, and that's what this is.
  • Bush Was a Statist, Not a Conservative

    04/12/2010 10:30:40 AM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 172 replies · 2,300+ views
    CATO @ Liberty ^ | 2010-04-12 | Daniel J. Mitchell
    A former White House speechwriter, Mark Thiessen, has jumped to the defense of his former boss, writing for the Washington Post that George W. Bush “established a conservative record without parallel.” Even by the loose standards of Washington, that is a jaw-dropping assertion. I’ve been explaining for years that Bush was a big-government advocate, even writing a column back in 2007 for the Washington Examiner pointing out that Clinton had a much better economic record from a free-market perspective. I also groused to the Wall Street Journal the following year about Bush’s dismal performance. “Bush doesn’t have a conservative legacy”...
  • Poll: George W. Bush still blamed for economy

    04/08/2010 9:57:18 AM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 70 replies · 1,558+ views
    Politico ^ | 2010-04-08 | Andy Barr
    Former President George W. Bush gets more blame for the country’s economic troubles than his successor or the Democrats who control Congress, according to a Harris poll out Wednesday. Thirty-one percent of the 2,344 adults surveyed said Bush deserves the most blame for a rough economy, leading the second-place Wall Street by 6 percentage points. Democrats in Congress were blamed by 16 percent of those polled, while President Barack Obama was blamed by 14 percent. Republicans in Congress were blamed by 9 percent of respondents, and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke was blamed by 4 percent. A majority of Democrats...