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08/14/18 #1862-1864 PS fired, Netflix, Uma Thurman, defense bill, Kerry whines, Jenny Moore aka "Task Force" RIP dear warrior, FBI vs. Antifa, unmasking law, Hannity/FoxNews/Roseanne, real collusion in TT meeting setup
08/13/18 #1855-1861 BOOM - NBC - tweets, Omarosa, the Streisand effect, threats against POTUS, WARNING: creepy stuff & satanic stuff, more Haiti
08/12/18 #1839-1854 stolen planes, MSM, JA, the humor of Bill Maher, BC & media consolidation, more plane stuff, missiles, IRON EAGLE, resignations, Maher going down, NBC panicked, Comet Ping Pong basement
08/11/18 link repair ORACLE SUPPLEMENTAL EDITION: update to fix broken link
08/11/18 #1831-1838 planes in Little Rock, HRC & Haiti, Nunes & voter ID, Cyber-kerfuffle attack on Q: Q lays trap - DS takes bait - Q catches Derpie - all is well in Qville
08/10/18 #1826-1830 coordinated MSM attack on Nunes, Comfy? SHOWTIME!, lots and lots of initials in a wiring diagram, plants, Clinton Foundation and human trafficking - BOOM
08/08/18 #1825 battling MSM propaganda, drama in FReeQville, the many loves of Bagster, a nod from JR
08/07/18 #1821-1824 FISA, DS propaganda, Ministry of Truth, US economic power
08/06/18 #1818-1820 Clinton uses/hates blacks, trip code update.
08/05/18 #1816-1817 Bagster eats crow on RR stance, FISA, FISA, FISA, "See something. Say something.", It's coming......
08/04/18 #1806-1815 MSM attack on Q, Amazon, WaPoo, FBI MYE personnel, FBI coverup, FBI/media graphic, so many sealed indictments!, decodes needed on DOJ info, reddit, successor server
08/03/18 #1795-1805 Q goes mainstream, PA rally, Crazy "Q lady", assassination attempt, DS/lib attempts to portray Q supporters as not just kooky but violent, election integrity
08/02/18 #1785-1794 Q is trending, Sarah Sanders Question, Reddit breach, FISA! : Pay attention to it!
07/31/18 #1774-1784 CNN sucks, Manafort/Mueller/[RR], #AskTheQ, **1776**, the Pen, #3000 breads, T. Podesta, what are fbi/cia hiding?, Q at rally / pic request, Q VIPs, pedo Steyer - post removal request, THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO CHANGE
07/31/18 #1762-1773 JA & Wikileaks, Schulte, Yay Autists/Anons/Patriots!, MSM & Q, pedos, more Avenatti, U-access, NCTC, CA fires
07/30/18 #1748-1761 Huber, reddit cheerleading, banning Q apps, Avenatti, buckle up!, FISA, [MSM], missile
07/28/18 #1741-1747 Antifa, P Srzok's wife MH/FB, list of progress, something BIG
07/27/18 #1719-1740 still more FB, Twitter, missiles, CBS, Trump jr. and Mueller, UK spy stuff, device tests
07/27/18 #1711-1718 more FB, Trust Sessions, RR?, optics, steganography, Colossians 3:5
07/24/18 #1693-1710 FB, BIG drop, RR, UK sabotage, EU deal, the Fed, PRAY
07/24/18 #1682-1692 DS PANIC, Q encouragement to patriots
07/13/18 NO Q Drops Strzok testimony, POTUS NATO visit, UK visit, Bagster freed
07/08/18 NO Q Drops Imperator Rex thread unroll
07/07/18 NO Q Drops new Oracle look; House supoena date passes; jobs report
07/05/18 #1681 July 4th; walking man; disinformation necessary
07/04/18 NO Q Drops errata: HK street address
07/04/18 NO Q Drops new look to top of thread
07/03/18 #1671-1680 Scott Schools resigns; Awan plea deal; AF1 distorted lamp;
07/03/18 #1670 Cohen/Daniels tie-in
07/03/18 #1666-1670 Michael Cohen; Five Eye; Nunes calling more testimony; "We have the server"; SS clearance
07/02/18 #1651-1665 Dems logo/1933 Germany; ICE; Gowdy; NSA deleting calls; Q being attacked; sealed indictments; Huber; investigation stages; Manchurian candidate
07/01/18 #1645-1650 POTUS_Schedule; Reagan speech; Trump speech; DOJ/FBI gone; No Name; Gowdy
06/29/18 #1617-1644 RR; newspaper shooting; MK ultra; Q coming out; House supoena; ND rally Q shirt; Obamas join Netflex; JA; MZ; CIA Mockingbird; Freemasons; General Kelly; Jason Bourne; security test; violence against Trump supporters; forcing the question
06/28/18 NO Q Drops SA/Germany/Iran
06/28/18 #1602-1616 Justice Kennedy retiring; SC on union dues; Bolton/Putin; Iran revolution; Peter Strzok transcript; Dems for impeachment; ND Trump rally; Hillary associate arrested
06/27/18 #1588-1601 Travel ban upheld; Curt Schilling for Q; Jet Blue wrong code; DOJ texts undisclosed; threats; SA; JA; plane photo seen from car; Wikileaks; chatter