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10/10/18 #2376-2380 Iowa rally, corn, K wrap-up, Haley, Yates, RR, DiFiChiSpy, ethanol, 3 Chinese cities, RR, slow justice
10/09/18 #2366-2375 Walmart, NWO, [RR], baiting POTUS fails, D playbook, already calls for K impeachment, DECLAS, Soros dirty money from taxpayers, Nunes, DiFiChiSpy, Social media hackery and lies, more DECLAS, more on Google data breach, [Yates]
10/08/18 #2361-2365 K, echo chamber, Twitter Purge, street brawl, DS hit job on helicopter pilot, wet pants, Reagan quote, Nunes, ValJar, Clinton Foundation [ ], Pompeo - NK
10/07/18 #2353-2360 K confirmed!, Death threats, Issa, #Walkaway - homophobia is ok if you're a liberal, New Narrative, Congrats Justice K!, Celebrate Patriots!, D Midterm Playbook, NP smear, Fake News
10/06/18 #2344-2351 anti-Q nuts, K vote today!, critical path, China, DiFiChiSpy phone present, DECLAS coming, the Q will be answered, RED OCTOBER, new Russian sub, Russia Russia Russia, sub sub sub, Pence speech, 4 BOOMs
10/01/18 #2299-2300 K, New NAFTA deal, tribunals, Red October, R - D - meaning?
09/30/18 #2296-2298 Hatch to Wray, 2 front doors, Grassley, HPSCI, K, Trump WV rally, conspiracy theory, RED OCTOBER, social media blackout, who's on (the plane) first?
09/29/18 #2295 lexiQon, committee vote on K, Ds Midterm Playbook, BAIT
09/28/18 #2275-2294 K, doxxing Rs, [DiFi], Ds, DiFi-Murkowski, SCOTUS security, Trump tweets - lying liars and their lies, photog or attorney, Red October, Red Tsunami, 11.11, warning from a teeny tiny resistance, D5 45, Graham on fire, Panic in DC, Hive Mind, Ryan - DECLAS, Graham - K - tribunals
09/25/18 #2274 K, RR, 0vomits both campaigning - PANIC
09/24/18 #2272-2273 K, font issues, FISA, Notables, baiting POTUS: fail, Trust Grassley
09/22/18 #2226-2246 LV rally, Project Veritas video 3, Mueller, EOs, Nominations, cyber security, Flynn, Downer, SCOTUS - Ohr - Brennan - Clapper, planned protests, the Nasty Woman, Baker-Comey-panic, Q proofs, Baker turned, more Q visibility, 10s of millions in the Q army, USMC, K first then RR, the Greatest MI Op of All Time, Sara Carter - FBI memos, Rally - Be vigilant, Allies don't want FISA DECLAS!, VIP anon, DS panic intensifies
09/19/18 #2205-2209 troll infestation, unrecusal?, McCabe & Strzok, Project Veritas, strangeness regarding Kavanaugh accuser, more panic in DC, memes are uncensored, Holder and Swalwell, Schiff, 0vomit EO, Horowitz, Goodbye Mr. Rosenstein
09/18/18 #2187-2204 September Qth, the PANIC edition, POTUS orders Declassificaton, Launch the Memes, Anons are smart, Cooperating Witnesses, WWG1WGA, stick to the Q threads, Goodbye RR and RM, Activate ]Sessions[, Q traffic stats, D's trying to negotiate - Bwahahahaha, Blackmail, Attacks on POTUS, Lynch talking, Sessions and Huber meetings, Unrecused!
09/17/18 #2177-2186 Kavanaugh, Adm. Rogers and NSA, Flynn, Renegade, Russia hoax, Nunes, Q proof, 911 Q proof, FB AI meme screen, John Solomon no proof, FB lacks NSA tech, EBS test on Thursday
09/16/18 #2171-2176 legal stuff, audits, O'Keefe, fires in MA, Podesta, LOCK THEM ALL UP, Presidential Alert, Q people, Flynn, Panic in DC, DECLAS
09/14/18 #2164-2170 Kavanaugh, NYPD corruption, DS panic, Reddit ban on Q, Fager fired, 8ch comms, POTUS draining swamp, Big Tech Antitrust
09/07/18 #2096-2104 Kavanaugh hearing, Sarah Sanders vs. NYT (Sarah wins), DECLAS pressure, NWO, Montana rally, Fed prosecutors have been using GJ for months, 1/Billion, NEAS test, attacks on Q, AJ, Corsi subpoena, Panic on the left, VIP patriots
09/06/18 #2086-2095 Q aggregator sites down, paid protestors, NYT "op-ed", sleeper cells, Microchip - Posobiec, Fox crash, S&B, plane quarantine, Dorsey testimony, Clinton Cash, Kasich freudian slip?, Mad Max and Uranium 1, sHitlery + tweet storm = ?, Corsi subpoena, bagster out of fat jokes, DECLAS, LOAC, Graham/Kavanaugh primer on criminal/military law, TREASON?, Trust the Plan
09/05/18 #2076-2085 Alex Podesta, Huma - Graham, Kyl, HRC ghostwritten twitter - talking points - Kavanaugh, Rahm, Sarsour - no name - terrorism, satanic cross - Clintoons, @Jack, shadow banning, DECLAS, HRC and DJT play football
09/04/18 #2066-2075 H in Hanoi, POTUS cancels Labor Day Trip, funeralpalooza, LexiQon on NR, DECLAS - House and Senate in SESSION, Pepe - Here it Comes - Sessions, blasts in Syria, DOJ scorecard, FF? - bad news about to break for (them), Clickbait vs. the Plan, news: Trump blasts Sessions, FB outage, NP: Nick Pickles, compromised home email
09/03/18 #2056-2065 JA and associate, Iran - Soros ties, Derps and apps, more on white rabbits, HA - LG incident at funeral with a sideshow of HK - Mattis and Kelly aware, Ezra Cohen-Watnick, Derp Lieu, DARPA, DARPA and tech, DARPA and control, Operation Specialists, ST6, Magic Sword
09/02/18 #2052-2055 no name week, Syria, white rabbit, POTUS - National Preparedness Month, C_A is EVERYWHERE, Derps - Cone of Silence
09/01/18 #2026-2051 satellite takedown, Utah, fake polls in the fake news, Trust Sessions, Mueller team, Huber, Congress in session on Tuesday, bullet train, CA budget and corruption, VOTE, the world, no FISA hearings on C. Page, Judge Collier, Justice Roberts, LL, Special Approval, Derps running for Congress, Sessions - watching and waiting, Hatter, Marty Torrey, pervs, wonderful military video
08/31/18 #1996-2025 Trump rally, fake polls, spooks are spooked, N. Ohr, Gohmert - Huber, Snowden2, 7 Dwarves, Austria, CORONA, BIG BIRD-9, DDoS, GCHQ Bude, Horizon, lack of charts on Q thread
08/30/18 #1981-1995 secret pardons, HRC server - China access, QAnon search results, testimony pattern, Kortan and Priestap, Huber - Ohr, Ugoretz, #StopTheBias, Gohmert press release, wedding music
08/30/18 #1961-1980 Seattle missile - ordnance, Rouhani, NM terror camp, China - CIA - HRC, China - Feinstein, Barsoomian, Payseur, military plane crashes, treason, Hannity - Ohr, Huber, Trump tweets, Huma Weiner, mathematics of justice, PDB
08/30/18 #1941-1960 FISA, Iran, PEOC, treason, QAnon deemed hate speech, GOOG, Rouhani, Iran payments, Pope, We the People, Iron Eagle, Antifa, history changes, China access to HRC server, We are part of history - Never before attempted
08/29/18 #1933-1940 funeralpalooza, Swordmaker's winning chart, HRC server China access, leaks and whistleblowers, Ohr and Ohr, clickbait, sheep no more, witch hunt, Mark Meadows tweet, treason pipeline and firewalls, HOOAH, Nazims & Antifa
08/27/18 #1932
*** NO NAME is DEAD ***
08/22/18 #1931 dossier, PDJT says "Q", CF conspiracy explained
08/21/18 #1930 the FED, Brennan, Jenny Moore aka "Task Force", Bowser and Brazille at hospital with Seth Rich, Comey untethered
08/20/18 #1925-1929 LiveFreeOrDie2001 gets engaged. Congrats!, SR & hospital visits by Brazile & Bowser, Derp State psych impairment, prison plan, 3 movies, AG Sessions video
08/16/18 #1905-1924 Xbox, Snowden, INSCOM, Comey, Derp State MSM attacks on Q, pervs in religion, Andrew Kauder, planes/bombs/emergency landings, BBC mocks Q, parade delay/timelines/budget
08/16/18 #1884-1904 Brennan clearance yanked, Bill Nelson (D-Liar), islands, WW trafficking shut down, Ephesians 6:10-18, Somalia, Yemen, Sara Carter, Combetta Gmail, JAIL, Firewall, HAM comms, other comms, NBC nothing but crap, CNN Cooper Zucker, G. Vanderbilt necklace, Podesta travel, pools
08/15/18 #1865-1883 AJ & InfoWars, NBC, Q has the ball - offense the whole time, Derps in full blown panic mode, DOJ plane in Arkansas, Seattle plane, billionaire islands, probabilities, [GEO-T], WL Podesta dump, 5000+/day, MOS, setups, Gmail drafts, Snowden, XKeyscore, PRISM, [SIRI]/FB/GOOG/Twitter/DARPA, Judge Backus, pedo priests, Haiti, Tim Ballard, NBC+BBC, inspirational vids
08/14/18 #1862-1864 PS fired, Netflix, Uma Thurman, defense bill, Kerry whines, Jenny Moore aka "Task Force" RIP dear warrior, FBI vs. Antifa, unmasking law, Hannity/FoxNews/Roseanne, real collusion in TT meeting setup
08/13/18 #1855-1861 BOOM - NBC - tweets, Omarosa, the Streisand effect, threats against POTUS, WARNING: creepy stuff & satanic stuff, more Haiti
08/12/18 #1839-1854 stolen planes, MSM, JA, the humor of Bill Maher, BC & media consolidation, more plane stuff, missiles, IRON EAGLE, resignations, Maher going down, NBC panicked, Comet Ping Pong basement
08/11/18 link repair ORACLE SUPPLEMENTAL EDITION: update to fix broken link
08/11/18 #1831-1838 planes in Little Rock, HRC & Haiti, Nunes & voter ID, Cyber-kerfuffle attack on Q: Q lays trap - DS takes bait - Q catches Derpie - all is well in Qville
08/10/18 #1826-1830 coordinated MSM attack on Nunes, Comfy? SHOWTIME!, lots and lots of initials in a wiring diagram, plants, Clinton Foundation and human trafficking - BOOM
08/08/18 #1825 battling MSM propaganda, drama in FReeQville, the many loves of Bagster, a nod from JR
08/07/18 #1821-1824 FISA, DS propaganda, Ministry of Truth, US economic power
08/06/18 #1818-1820 Clinton uses/hates blacks, trip code update.
08/05/18 #1816-1817 Bagster eats crow on RR stance, FISA, FISA, FISA, "See something. Say something.", It's coming......
08/04/18 #1806-1815 MSM attack on Q, Amazon, WaPoo, FBI MYE personnel, FBI coverup, FBI/media graphic, so many sealed indictments!, decodes needed on DOJ info, reddit, successor server
08/03/18 #1795-1805 Q goes mainstream, PA rally, Crazy "Q lady", assassination attempt, DS/lib attempts to portray Q supporters as not just kooky but violent, election integrity
08/02/18 #1785-1794 Q is trending, Sarah Sanders Question, Reddit breach, FISA! : Pay attention to it!
07/31/18 #1774-1784 CNN sucks, Manafort/Mueller/[RR], #AskTheQ, **1776**, the Pen, #3000 breads, T. Podesta, what are fbi/cia hiding?, Q at rally / pic request, Q VIPs, pedo Steyer - post removal request, THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO CHANGE
07/31/18 #1762-1773 JA & Wikileaks, Schulte, Yay Autists/Anons/Patriots!, MSM & Q, pedos, more Avenatti, U-access, NCTC, CA fires
07/30/18 #1748-1761 Huber, reddit cheerleading, banning Q apps, Avenatti, buckle up!, FISA, [MSM], missile
07/28/18 #1741-1747 Antifa, P Srzok's wife MH/FB, list of progress, something BIG
07/27/18 #1719-1740 still more FB, Twitter, missiles, CBS, Trump jr. and Mueller, UK spy stuff, device tests