Since May 11, 2004

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Activism 101 (Worth a read)

Aliens Cause Global Warming (an excellent Michael Crichton lecture)

Chilling Effect (Political Thuggery's danger to America)

Defending Freedom (and incidentally why Kerry should not be elected)

Democrat Quotes on Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction

Environmentalism is the religion of Urban Atheism

HILLARY'S SECRET WAR released! (Foreword by Jim Robinson)

How Tyranny Came to America

Impeach the President (for lying about WMDs)

Reality check -- Altamont Pass' windmill bird-kill numbers crunched

The Arab Mind -- a short summary (excellent book)

The Fanatics Who Tell Us the News (the lyin' left news media) [Orson Scott Card]

The Iranian Deception [Mr. Bush, stand with the people]

They Thought They Were Free

[Anglican] Kenyan Anglican Bishop Attacked for Opposing US Homosexual Appointment

[Bush should be in] Solidarity with Iran

[Iran] Those Friendly Iranians

[Iran] To the Leaders of the EU and People of Europe [protest from an Iranian woman]

[Iraq - Abu Ghraib] Did the Arab "Street" Get a Message We Didn't Mean to Send?

[Islam] Clash of Civilizations

[Islam] In Search of Authentic Islam

[Linux] The Luxury of Ignorance: An Open-Source Horror Story

[Tech] How to Prevent Offshoring From Taking Your Job -- A guide for the thinking technologist