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Jeremy Corbyn Reminds Me Of David Ben-Gurion And The Capitalists Banned Guns In England
Nextrush Free ^ | 3/28/2018 | Nextrush/Self

Posted on 04/01/2018 5:55:00 AM PDT by Nextrush

"...true Zionism involved emigration to Palestine, working with out own hands to 'redeem' and build up the country, and create there a model society based on social, economic and political equality...."

"David Ben-Gurion Looks Back"-In talks with Moshe Pearlman published 1965

"For united we stand, divided we fall"

As sung by "The Brotherhood of Man" (1970)

Jeremy Corbyn, the socialist style Labor Party leader in the UK reminds me of what "Labor" and "Socialist" parties used to stand for. The people who work for a living were deserving of protection from big business and more communal way of living was an option.

Just like Israel's famous leader, its first Prime Minister and devout socialist-communalist David Ben-Gurion. Ben-Gurion helped to create the "Jewish Labor Party" when he was still a young man in Poland back in 1905 and 16 years later helped to create the "Histradut" labor union.

But nowadays fake "Labor" and "Socialist" parties have to follow the lead of the money funding them from big business and big banks and use it to fund fake politics involving emotional distractions instead of caring about working people and their wages and benefits and living conditions etc. etc. etc.

In Israel itself, they don't even call it the "Labor Party" anymore.

These emotional distractions help advance the cause of the crony capitalists instead of the working people.

Some examples of 'emotional distractions'.

1. "Diversity" as in LGBT rights. The big banks and corporations get to look good embracing this even as they cut wages and benefits when measured against inflation and the devaluation of currency in the last decade. We are for LGBT people and gay marriages etc. etc. so you like us and will buy our products and work for us at lower wages and with less benefits.

On the matter of race, the money has been and is being passed from corporate coffers to the likes of Sharpton and Jackson, Black Lives Matter, the Democrat Party's front group NAACP and others to buy off and pacify people.

In the past the "equality of women" was big win for big business in the West not to mention the former Soviet Union on the other side. Having both the husbands and the wives in workforces justified overall lower pay back in the USSR from its beginnings and in the West in the 1970's and 80's when inflation was messing with normal monetary values.

And its good to keep paying lip service to that, too, playing to the rage of women who have real or imagined hurts in their lives and distracting them from the lower wages and reduced benefits they receive in today's workforce.

2. "Multiculturalism" is one of the best because it enables the capitalists who buy politicians to move the cheap labor across borders wounding the living standards of entire nations and peoples.

3. "Climate Change" when you cut through the crap is designed to scare people into paying new taxes to "save the planet". Taxes on things like their utility bills and gasoline for their cars. Taxes that impact the little people more than the big people.

4. Last but not least the "Gun Violence" rage blaming guns for mass murder incidents with business-banking pressure being applied towards the sales of firearms in stores, the manufacturing of firearms in factories and the National Rifle Association.

Another emotional raging distraction from jobs that offer less to working people than they used to receive.

Fear of Corbyn undermining crony capitalism and its control of politics more than anything else drives this "Anti-Semitism" crock dumped at his doorstep recently.

Corbyn is a thorn in the side of Globalist and Corporatists with his refusal to participate actively in campaigns to undermine Brexit (millions of Labor voters supported it) and his recent momentary deviation from the "Uniparty Line" regarding Russian involvement with the nerve agent incident added to his pariah status with the One World Capitalists.

If there are any in the Labor Party who have contributed to the increased incidents of Anti-Semitism in the UK and Western Europe, it is those forces Corbyn displaced, the crony capitalist Tony Blairites. The Blairites in the Labor Party who oppose Corbyn are the biggest supporters of big business and open borders for cheap labor including Muslims who hate Jews to move across.

When Israel fought for its existence it was led by socialists like David Ben-Gurion, Moshe Dayan and Golda Meir. Soviet controlled Czechoslovakia sent guns.

In the early 1950's when Winston Churchill of the UK and Dwight Eisenhower of the USA, the 'conservative pro-business" leaders, were unwilling to supply Israel with jet aircraft to meet the Soviet ones going to Egypt and Syria socialist Ben-Gurion turned to socialist led France.

The French Socialist Prime Minister Guy Mollet provided Israel with modern jets used with great success in the 1956 war.

When the Kennedy's were assassinated in the 1960's, journalist Howard K. Smith was put on ABC-TV to offer instant commentary and both times Smith brought up the English way of dealing with firearms.

What Smith who was an anti-capitalist crusader as an Oxford student in 1939 being elected President of the Labor Club (the first non-British leader of the group) didn't realize is that the gun laws of the UK were enacted in 1920 by fear of anti-capitalist anarchy.

There was fear of Communist revolution after the then recent events in Russia that led the capitalists of Britain and their political lackeys to enact legislation that moved the UK away from its unlimited Second Amendment style of gun ownership.

Perhaps the capitalists of the Liberal and Conservative parties were onto something. There would be a minority Labor government in 1924 and a general strike in 1926 in the UK. They disarmed the general population perhaps in the "nick of time".

The fake forces of the "Right" like the Republican Party and its front groups (Conservative, Patriot, Oathkeepers, III Percent, Second Amendment etc.) all want you to see the Left as the big bad problem constantly dishing out the propaganda trashing and attacking the Democrats-Left as so nasty you end up thinking the liberal RINO business bought Republicans are better.

Those business forces put their money into the GOP and its front groups whose propaganda suckers millions every election cycle into passing the blame to the Left when its really business forces that want to disarm Americans so they will not be a threat to Globalism.

Business buys the politicians, their allied special interest groups and supporting media outlets to create the Left-Right fight.

Maybe its time we stop being suckers for it and be sympathetic to anyone out there including people different from us like old guard socialist Jeremy Corbyn who raise objections and undermine the Corporatists-Globalists who try to exercise a vise grip on politics.

"United We Stand, Divided We Fall" to me means standing with anyone anywhere who questions the ruling elites.

When we unite and stand up and stop fighting each other, forces of the Left and Right may yet stop the "New World Order" from overcoming and enslaving both our generation and future generations.

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There's a lot of stuff in here that's worth writing about because our political system has no real Left or Right in it, just a pretend Left and Right financed by corporate-banking cash to distract us from who's really running the show.

Corbyn offers the world some sort of real socialist belief for better or worse, so I have sympathy for him, though not always agreement with all of his ideas.

I was reading a "Wall Street Journal" article this weekend about the ranchers being put out of business by federal rules and regulations.

The forces that the Bundy's have withstood at great personal cost have been able to push others into bankruptcy through legal fights "in the system"

The environmentalists and the recreation industry are the forces behind the rules and regs and do the "Green" forces really care about the environment or do they just front for the moneyed people who's end game is land development.

1 posted on 04/01/2018 5:55:01 AM PDT by Nextrush
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To: Nextrush
Oh,please! All these explanations? You know,sometimes a banana is just a banana! The Greens support land development? No,they're on the outside,red on the inside.Respect for Corbyn? Do you respect Saul Alinsky,Jane Fonda and Bill Ayers as well?

Wake up,friend....this country's Maoists aren't nearly as complicated as you seem to think they are.

2 posted on 04/01/2018 6:13:06 AM PDT by Gay State Conservative (You Say "White Privilege"...I Say "Protestant Work Ethic")
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To: Gay State Conservative

Rage and hatred are out there to be sure from the Left and Right but did you ever consider what ultimately fuels the rage and hatred of a political activist.

I have my own story to tell, but not here and now.

One important part of the story is the use of my bitterness, resentments and rages towards others by political operatives and political parties to get me supporting politicians who never did anything to move things in a right direction.

That’s because the big money from big banks and corporations was driving the show, not the conservative wordsmithing, speechmaking, talking heads on “Fox News” and so on.

3 posted on 04/01/2018 6:30:07 AM PDT by Nextrush (Freedom is everybody's business: Remember Pastor Niemoller)
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To: Nextrush
Corbyn offers the world some sort of real socialist belief for better or worse,

Socialism - effects

universal wage and price controls
increases in quantity demanded
decreases in quantity and quality of supply
endless waiting lines
massive black markets
failure of centralized planning and bureaucratic management
anarchy of production
socialist quota system
technological backwardness
economic chaos in distribution and production
decreased or paralyzed individual initiative to make improvements
economic stagnation decline and decay followed by economic collapse
increased exploitation and powerlessness of plain citizens
tyranny, forced labor, terror, and mass murder
aristocratic privilege and court society for leaders and their favorites

4 posted on 04/01/2018 6:35:31 AM PDT by mjp ((pro-{God, reality, reason, egoism, individualism, natural rights, limited government, capitalism}))
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To: Nextrush

Red Corbyn deserves respect, because his liberal/labour opponents are extremely repulsive.

5 posted on 04/01/2018 6:45:34 AM PDT by granada
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To: mjp

Sounds as scary as the stuff that’s published about Vladimir Putin, who’s planting nerve agents at everyone’s front door right now/ sarc.

It is precisely your fear of socialism message that took away the Second Amendment rights of people in England back in 1920.

The socialist policies are not the best, but its also bad that the capitalists have bought out socialism-progressivism in our society so the capitalists always win.

Wages and benefits have been cut in real terms and there needs to be a little more for the little people out there.

Not schemes to make them pay more in climate change taxes, health care reform and so on.......

6 posted on 04/01/2018 6:45:44 AM PDT by Nextrush (Freedom is everybody's business: Remember Pastor Niemoller)
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To: Nextrush

It IS the left vs. the right. Biggest problem is how many leftist put R next to their name.

The one worlders are leftist fascist elitists who will remain profitable and extremely rich as they redistribute the wealth of the working class to whomever they want to influence. The left loves central rule, the right loves liberty.

Oversimplified? Maybe. Cut and dried to me.

7 posted on 04/01/2018 7:10:33 AM PDT by Blue Collar Christian (Socialism is for losers.)
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To: Blue Collar Christian

I see problems from all sides.

A raging mob like the one that said “crucify him” can come from any direction including a Republican Party one.

After 9/11 the W Bush led Republican mob passed laws to define Americans like Dwight and Steven Hammond in Oregon as terrorists for lighting a backfire to protect their land.

Those men still in a federal prison under five year mandatory terrorism sentences.

The Iraq war and others since beyond the Bush presidency are wars for Saudi Arabia.

President Trump insists now that Syria is about Islamic State and we are getting out soon.

But he has denounced Assad for a humanitarian crisis in the past.

Assad fights Saudi Arabia’s Al Qaeda jihadists in Syria and our involvement there is driven by many “Republican” voices that claim Assad is the bad guy, repeating Al Qaeda propaganda.

Bolton has said it, Nikki Haley has constantly said it as the UN.

The US should not be on the side of those who perpetrated 9/11 like we are when we claim Assad is the bad guy in Syria and his opponents are the victims.

8 posted on 04/01/2018 7:18:55 AM PDT by Nextrush (Freedom is everybody's business: Remember Pastor Niemoller)
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To: Nextrush

I have no sympathy with him. The man sees the West as the enemy. His actions are quite clear about that - from the IRA, the Cold War to the Falklands. He is about as far-left as it is possible to go in mainstream British politics. He is a dangerous man, who has some extremely disgusting bed-fellows.

It is usually a good idea to ensure that you are on the opposing side of Corbyn in any major national dilemma.

The man’s an atrocity of a politician.

9 posted on 04/01/2018 9:47:20 AM PDT by Savrola
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To: Savrola

Peter Hitchens thinks that Corbyn is pretty good on foreign policy but has noted his leftness on the IRA who are by tradition Marxist.

Nigel Farage says that when he campaigned for Brexit he had the DUP and even a Sinn Fein member with him on occasions but nowadays Sinn Fein signs the song of corporatists and globalists in favor of the EU.

10 posted on 04/01/2018 1:54:26 PM PDT by Nextrush (Freedom is everybody's business: Remember Pastor Niemoller)
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To: Nextrush

I concur.

The Republican Party is not the right. It is comprised mostly of one worlder fascist elites, especially once they drink the water inside the Beltway.

11 posted on 04/01/2018 7:37:42 PM PDT by Blue Collar Christian (Socialism is for losers.)
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