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  • The Murder of the Weekly Standard (Good Riddance)

    12/15/2018 3:38:01 PM PST · by Kaslin · 34 replies
    Commentary Magazine ^ | December 15, 2018 | John Podhoretz
    The Weekly Standard will be no more. There is no real reason we are witnessing the magazine’s demise other than deep pettiness and a personal desire for bureaucratic revenge on the part of a penny-ante Machiavellian who works for its parent company. There would at least be a larger meaning to the Standard’s end if it were being killed because it was hostile to Donald Trump. But I do not believe that is the case. Rather, I believe the fissures in the conservative movement and the Republican party that have opened up since Trump’s rise provided the company man with...
  • 'We are Still in” Totalitarians Dominate Katowice

    12/15/2018 2:44:16 PM PST · by Kaslin · 16 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | December 15, 2018 | Paul Driessen
    The 30,000 alarmists gathered in Katowice, Poland expected to slam-dunk their report proclaiming a planet-threatening climate crisis, finalize rules for implementing the Paris accords, redistribute infinite billions of dollars from industrialized nations to “climate victim” countries, and solidify their control over people’s energy, jobs, living standards and liberties. It didn’t work out quite that way.They got blindsided by millions of French citizens angrily denouncing their government’s plans to carbon-tax them into worse poverty and joblessness. They were furious that the US exhibit profiled the benefits of fossil fuels – and outraged that the United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait...
  • 2019 Is The Year Pharma Pays

    12/15/2018 1:14:46 PM PST · by Kaslin · 24 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | December 15, 2018 | Mytheos Holt
    If any lobby in Washington can be said to lead a charmed life, it is the pharmaceutical industry. Having co-opted everyone from Cory Booker to frequent Trump ally Chris Collins, the industry enjoys wide bipartisan support, despite frequently slicing away at every conceivable protection Americans can use against being priced into ruin. And, of course, then proceeding to do precisely that once those protections are gone.Again, this is an industry that most of Washington is afraid to cross, even though they have done such politically nigh-suicidal things as bleeding cancer patients dry for their money, testing opioids on children in order to maintain...
  • Don’t Believe Media Misdirection. Here Are the Real Reasons Obamacare Enrollment Is Down

    12/15/2018 12:34:45 PM PST · by Kaslin · 36 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | December 15, 2018 | Justin Haskins
    Thanks to President Donald Trump’s slashes to the federal government’s Obamacare advertising budget and his administration’s “sabotage” of Obamacare, hundreds of thousands of clueless people have been left in the dark and aren’t enrolling in Obamacare—at least, that’s what countless reporters and pundits would have you believe. However, the truth is this issue is far more complex that what many on the Left suggest.There’s no doubt that 2019 Obamacare enrollment has dropped compared to enrollment figures from one year ago. The Associated Press reports enrollment in the federal Obamacare exchange—the health insurance exchange used by 39 states—has fallen by nearly 20...
  • All is Fair in the War on Trump

    12/15/2018 12:15:35 PM PST · by Kaslin · 23 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | December 15, 2018 | Michael Reagan
    It's not like it was something we didn't already know. But what the FBI and Special Counsel Robert Mueller's did to President Trump's former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is fresh proof that there are two kinds of justice operating in the Washington swamp. One kind - the mean, devious, throw-the-book-at-'em kind - is used for prosecuting Donald Trump and his people. The other kind of justice - the nice, easy-going, so-what kind - is used for not looking into the law-breaking email fiascos of Hillary and the financial fishiness of the Clinton Crime Syndicate. Hillary continues to skate...
  • Federal Prison Reform Comes Right Out of Sen. Kennedy’s Playbook

    12/15/2018 10:20:18 AM PST · by Kaslin · 6 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | December 15, 2018 | Pastor Darrel Scott
    Since the start of the Trump administration, the calls to reform America’s outdated prison and sentencing policies have grown into a massive chorus that transcends partisanship, race, and class. Thanks to President Trump’s leadership and willingness to work with elected officials across the political spectrum, we are closer than ever to passing new policies that will equip inmates with the skills necessary to enter the workforce while also ensuring our communities remain safe. This can be the most significant legislation for minorities since the 1964 civil rights bill Federal prison reform comes right out of Sen. Kennedy’s playbook Of course,...
  • Hating The President Is Not a Strategy, As Bill Kristol Just Learned*

    12/15/2018 9:47:09 AM PST · by Kaslin · 45 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | December 15, 2018 | Jeff Ballabon
    Going all in on attacking President Trump isn’t proving to be a particularly effective business strategy for media outlets.The Weekly Standard, a 28-year old neoconservative institution, is reportedly headed towards dissolution after its founder, Bill Kristol, devoted almost three years of work to attacking the President and his supporters.It’s not just Kristol. The entire world of clickbait Trump-hate seems to be in jeopardy, including sites that cater to the liberal base.The same week that The Weekly Standard’s troubles broke, Vanity Fair dropped a bombshell report about the struggles faced by those hip, millennial-targeted left-wing rags with the cool names...
  • Wanted: New Conservative Fighters

    12/15/2018 6:29:02 AM PST · by Kaslin · 87 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | Deptember 15, 2018 | Sheriff David Clarke (Ret)
    Let me be blunt. It’s obvious to me that the political right needs a fighting force—an organized ground level force built for the political conflicts of the 21st century. Politics has become a contact sport. This force must be unlike many GOP political figures who want to avoid contact and seem obsessed with being admired by the left and the editorial boards of the New York Times and CNN, rather than pushing back against the people seeking to destroy them. Who was it that said, you can’t fix stupid? The left aided by the liberal media has declared war on...
  • Too old to run? Biden wrestles with age as he eyes 2020 run

    12/14/2018 8:40:08 PM PST · by Olog-hai · 78 replies
    Associated Press ^ | December 14, 2018 | Thomas Beaumont, Meg Kinnard and Bill Barrow
    <p>As he considers running for president, Joe Biden is talking with friends and longtime supporters about whether, at 76, he’s too old to seek the White House, according to several sources who have spoken with the former Democratic vice president.</p>
  • How Nancy Pelosi put down a Democratic rebellion in bid for speaker (white privilege)

    12/14/2018 5:56:51 PM PST · by Libloather · 8 replies
    Washington Post via Tulsa World ^ | 12/14/18 | Mike DeBonis, Robert Costa
    WASHINGTON — Rep. Nancy Pelosi's opponents knew they had an opportunity. But what they really needed was an alternative. This past summer, they thought they had identified the perfect candidate to replace Pelosi, D-Calif., as the party's House leader: Rep. Karen Bass, a respected Californian who once served as speaker of the state assembly. At least two of Pelosi's rivals suggested to Bass that she pursue the post, and they left meetings with her encouraged. But it was wishful thinking. "They had hoped that I would consider it," Bass said Thursday. "I was clear: I would never challenge Pelosi."
  • Andrea Mitchell: Trump Admin 'Blaming the Victim' After Child of Illegal Dies

    12/14/2018 4:56:49 PM PST · by Kaslin · 56 replies
    Newsbusters.org ^ | December 14, 2018 | Brad Wilmouth
    On Friday's Andrea Mitchell Reports, host Mitchell asserted that Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was "blaming the victim" when she correctly warned that it is very dangerous to cross the desert illegally in reaction to recent news of a child dying of dehydration after her father crossed the desert illegally from Mexico. Correspondent Jacob Soboroff suggested that the Trump administration is "forcing" illegals to cross under dangerous circumstances through the desert because of long wait times at legal ports of entry. And, in the segment that lasted eight minutes, no one got around to clarifying that the number of detainees...
  • Breaking Down the Rat’s ABC Interview and Trump’s Deal with Pecker

    12/14/2018 3:37:18 PM PST · by Kaslin · 5 replies
    Rush Limbaugh.com ^ | December 14, 2018 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: “Donald Trump was the third person in the room in August 2015 when his lawyer Michael Cohen and … Pecker discussed ways Pecker could help counter negative stories about Trump’s relationships with women…” Trump’s relationships with women? “It’s impeachable, Mr. Limbaugh! It’s criminal. We’re on the verge…” It is? “According to documents supplied by the SDNY, Trump and Cohen had a meeting one year before,” not 2015. It was August of 2014 they met “to discuss this arrangement.” Again, the memorandum from the Southern District of New York says, “In August 2014, Chairman [Pecker] had met with Cohen and...
  • We Are Where I Warned You We Would Be

    12/14/2018 2:49:25 PM PST · by Kaslin · 35 replies
    Rush Limbaugh.com ^ | December 14, 2018 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: And here we are, right here in the EIB Network, Rush Limbaugh, the nation turns wary and concerned eyes to this program for answers and reassurance. And I say that because I’m getting emails from people: Rush, it all seems like it’s falling apart. What can you tell us? JOHNNY DONOVAN: And now, from sunny south Florida, it’s Open Line Friday! RUSH: What I can tell you is — and I’m gonna go back and do it — that I predicted all this. And I’m not making this about me. Don’t misunderstand. I know a lot of hosts try...
  • How Many Votes Would Hillary Have Lost If We Knew What the Hell She Was Doing?

    12/14/2018 2:27:02 PM PST · by Kaslin · 19 replies
    Rush Limbaugh.com ^ | December 14, 2018 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: You know this question, “How many votes would Trump have lost if people had known about the payments to these women?” They already knew about the Access Hollywood video. So, arguably, it wouldn’t have mattered. How many votes would Hillary Clinton have lost if it had been known that she paid for the Trump dossier? How many votes would Hillary Clinton have lost if it had been known that the entire Russian collusion story was a hoax that was perpetrated by an FBI and a DOJ which had implanted spies in the Trump campaign? How many votes do you...
  • Kasich reconsidering quixotic primary run?

    12/14/2018 10:55:54 AM PST · by Kaslin · 30 replies
    Hotair.com ^ | December 14, 2018 | JAZZ SHAW
    It was only a few weeks ago when outgoing Ohio Governor John Kasich said he was seriously considering a 2020 primary challenge to President Trump, if only to “send a message.” (Who that message was intended for remains unclear.) But hey… the guy is going to be unemployed come January so he needs something to keep himself busy.But now, with Christmas fast approaching, something seems to have changed. During an interview with the Associated Press, Kasich was striking a decidedly different tone. Clearly, if you’re going to mount a primary challenge, you need to believe that you at least have...
  • President Trump's Imaginary Wall (Enormous Hurl and Barf Alert By A Never Trumper!!!)

    12/14/2018 8:30:16 AM PST · by Kaslin · 20 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | December 14, 2018 | Donald Lambro
    WASHINGTON - Throughout Donald Trump’s campaign for the presidency, he repeatedly promised to build a high, impenetrable, concrete wall along America’s nearly 2,000-mile border with Mexico. And he further promised that it wouldn’t cost American taxpayers one red cent, saying he would make Mexico pay for it. “Who’s going to pay for the wall?,” he asked legions of supporters at his campaign rallies, who yelled back in unison: “Mexico!” How could a U.S. president force Mexico — a sovereign nation and a major trading partner — to pay for it? Trump didn’t say, and his supporters didn’t ask, even though...
  • When 'Misinformation' Is Named the Word of the Year

    12/14/2018 8:14:22 AM PST · by Kaslin · 4 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | December 14, 2018 | Suzanne Fields
    This has been a rough year for news junkies. Changing stations for network and cable-TV news reveals not coherence but alternative realities. It's easy to be confounded when caught in the middle of a muddle of polarizing differences, as social media spreads interpretations of the theology of what Flip Wilson, a popular comic of an earlier time, called the Church of What's Happening Now. Today, the abundance of sources enables the news to fit personal prejudices and predispositions. It's the famous slogan of The New York Times, "All the news that's fit to print," distorted to "All the news that...
  • What Lies Behind the Malaise of the West?

    12/14/2018 7:49:32 AM PST · by Kaslin · 40 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | December 14, 2018 | Pat Buchanan
    Is it coincidence or contagion, this malady that seems to have suddenly induced paralysis in the leading nations of the West? With lawyer-fixer Michael Cohen's confession that he colluded with Donald Trump in making hush money payoffs to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, America's stage is set for a play that will run two years. As Democrats test the waters for a presidential run by savaging Trump, the establishment Trump detests and defeated in 2016 will use every weapon in its considerable arsenal to break and bring him down, as it did half a century ago to Richard Nixon. By...
  • America's War of Independence, Civil Rights Movement Were Part of the Same Revolution

    12/14/2018 7:34:29 AM PST · by Kaslin · 13 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | December 14, 2018 | Scott Rusmussen
    Many of our political differences today stem from different perceptions of American history. On the surface, it appears as if there's a lot of common ground in understanding that history. Ninety-five percent of voters believe that the founding ideals of freedom, equality and self-governance played an important role (including 74 percent who consider those ideals "very important"). There's also a broad recognition that there are many other strands of history that helped define the United States as a nation. Eighty-eight percent believe the tradition of pragmatic problem-solving played an important role. Seventy-eight percent say the same about the Protestant work...
  • Pelosi and Schumer Show Their Colors (Don't they always?)

    12/14/2018 6:38:05 AM PST · by Kaslin · 13 replies
    Townhall.com ^ | December 14, 2018 | David Limbaugh
    Contrary to liberal media reporting, the Oval Office meeting with President Trump, Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was a win for Trump, both in substance and in tone. The meeting gave people an opportunity to see who fears transparency, who's misrepresenting his/her position and who is being the aggressor in the border debate, and it's not Donald Trump. Instead of listening to the media's version, watch the video. President Trump set the tone of the meeting, and it was decidedly cordial, saying it was a great honor to have Pelosi and Schumer there and...