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  • Liberalism Is Dehumanizing

    03/22/2019 4:10:50 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 9 replies ^ | March 22, 2019 | David Limbaugh
    Liberal ideology is rife with inconsistencies, but none is greater than how its supposedly animating motivation -- human compassion -- is contradicted by its devaluation of human life. Liberals have long claimed superior compassion and demonized conservatives as being uncaring. This has always been untrue while superficially appearing to be true, and liberals have evangelized countless young minds with this seductive canard. It's difficult to convince embryonic liberal activists that individual liberals may be compassionate but their governing ideology and the inevitable consequences of their policies are not. It's also difficult to make them see that conservatives are compassionate and...
  • Facebook blocks Trump’s social media chief: 'Why are you silencing me?'

    03/18/2019 6:27:21 PM PDT · by Revel · 73 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | 3/18/19 | Paul Bedard
    Facebook abruptly censored the account of President Trump’s chief social media guru, blocking him for simply responding to a question from a reader. Dan Scavino Jr. said on Facebook that his page was blocked without notice. “AMAZING. WHY ARE YOU STOPPING ME from replying to comments followers have left me - on my own Facebook Page!!?? People have the right to know. Why are you silencing me??? Please LMK! Thanks,” he wrote today. Scavino is responsible for several of the president's and White House's social media accounts. He has been with the president for years. His accounts have a tremendous...
  • Leftism Eradicates Character

    03/13/2019 2:38:44 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 6 replies
    The Daily Signal ^ | March 12, 2019 | Dennis Prager
    Every year, many thousands of American parents find that the son or daughter they sent to college has been transformed by college into a leftist. For left-wing parents, this may be a blessing, but for parents who are not leftist—not to mention conservative—it is often painfully jolting. It is jolting because their beloved child now holds America in contempt; prefers socialism to capitalism; regards all white people and police as racist; believes the Bible, Christianity, and Judaism are not only nonsense, but dangerous nonsense; no longer believes men and women are inherently different—or even that male and female objectively exist;...
  • Science says liberals, not conservatives, are psychotic

    03/10/2019 3:42:22 PM PDT · by SaxxonWoods · 29 replies
    New York Post ^ | 06/092016 | Danika Fears
    Turns out liberals are the real authoritarians. A political-science journal that published an oft-cited study claiming conservatives were more likely to show traits associated with “psychoticism” now says it got it wrong. Very wrong. The American Journal of Political Science published a correction this year saying that the 2012 paper has “an error” — and that liberal political beliefs, not conservative ones, are actually linked to psychoticism. “The interpretation of the coding of the political attitude items in the descriptive and preliminary analyses portion of the manuscript was exactly reversed,” the journal said in the startling correction.
  • Ocasio-Cortez owes back taxes from 2012, ignored notices, but wants Americans to pay more taxes

    03/10/2019 8:00:23 AM PDT · by Zakeet · 51 replies
    Business & Politics ^ | March 10, 2019 | Samantha Chang
    Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants Americans to pay more taxes, even though she hasn’t paid her own back taxes from 2012. A book company AOC founded in 2012 to publish children’s books in the Bronx still owes New York State over $1,870 in corporate taxes, according to public records uncovered by the New York Post. The state dissolved her company, Brook Avenue Press, in October 2016, presumably due to its failure to pay corporate taxes or file a tax return. In typical socialist fashion, Ocasio-Cortez’s little "book-publishing company" got cheap office space as part of a city-subsidized program. However,...
  • Majority of Millennials Seriously Considering Leaving California

    03/10/2019 7:50:08 AM PDT · by Zakeet · 79 replies
    FrontPage Magazine ^ | March 10, 2019 | Daniel Greenfield
    California's socialists are burning through money like there's no tomorrow. And tomorrow might not be coming. California leads the nation in outmigration, and has experienced a domestic outmigration decline since 1991, according to the California Department of Finance. According to a recent survey, 53 percent of all Californians, 63 percent of millennials, and 76 percent of residents in the Bay Area say they are seriously considering leaving the state.
  • 7 Reasons Conservatives Are Losing the Culture Wars

    03/05/2019 8:57:40 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 56 replies
    PJ Media ^ | 03/05/2019 | John Hawkins
    Every experienced political observer knows that polls of adults are much more liberal than polls of likely voters. What that means is that for political purposes, a poll of adults doesn’t mean much. On the other hand, it also means that the culture at large is significantly more liberal than the group of people that turn out to vote. This is reflected in our culture, which by every measure imaginable is considerably more liberal than it has ever been. Some people may think, “Gee, that’s just how it is. Cultures ALWAYS get more liberal over time,” but that’s not true....
  • New Global, Orthodox Identity for United Methodists Surprises Many

    03/02/2019 3:53:06 PM PST · by xzins · 25 replies
    TGC ^ | MARCH 2, 2019 | Mark Tooley
    The late Richard Neuhaus once recalled that in the 1970s it was widely expected among religious cognoscenti that United Methodism would be the first of America’s historically liberal Mainline Protestant denominations to abandon traditional Christian sexual ethics. After all, it was the largest and most Americanized of mainline churches, and it wasn’t protected by strong traditions of liturgy or ecclesiology. Its experiential theology often seemed muddled. When Neuhaus shared that recollection in 2005, the Episcopal Church and United Church of Christ had already surrendered. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Presbyterian Church (USA), and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)...
  • Three generations of equality made women miserable, suicidal, infanticidal and crazy

    02/26/2019 9:24:34 AM PST · by Paal Gulli · 91 replies
    blog ^ | Feb 23 2019 | John C. Wright
    Schadenfreude Amy Butcher at Literary Hub penned an essay titled MIA:The Liberal Men We Love. If you are curious about a psychology that is totally unselfaware while being totally self-absorbed, it is worth reading; or if you have a load of popcorn uneaten, and you need some idle diversion for a while while you enjoy it. It is also enormously funny, but only if you are in a cruel mood, which, unfortunately, may indeed be the proper mood with which to greet an era dominated by unrepentant and utterly unconvincing liars. MIA-The Liberal Men We Love Here is an excerpt:...
  • Workism Is Making Americans Miserable

    02/25/2019 6:28:14 PM PST · by daniel1212 · 72 replies
    The Atlantic ^ | Feb 24, 2019 | Derek Thompson
    For the college-educated elite, work has morphed into a religious identity—promising identity, transcendence, and community, but failing to deliver... In his 1930 essay “Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren,” the economist John Maynard Keynes predicted a 15-hour workweek in the 21st century, creating the equivalent of a five-day weekend... In a 1957 article in The New York Times, the writer Erik Barnouw predicted that, as work became easier, our identity would be defined by our hobbies, or our family life... These post-work predictions weren’t entirely wrong. By some counts, Americans work much less than they used to. The average work year...
  • United Methodist Traditional Plan Advances (Church exit, also. Historic Christianity being affirmed)

    02/25/2019 2:22:35 PM PST · by xzins · 57 replies
    Juicy Ecumenism ^ | 25 Mar 19 | Mark Tooley
    Delegates at United Methodism’s General Conference in St. Louis, meeting as legislative committee, endorsed the Traditional Plan by 56% to 44%. The plan, which would strengthen the church’s policies defining marriage as male/female, will be voted on again by the delegates in plenary tomorrow. The One Church Plan to liberalize the church’s policy on sexuality was rejected 53% to 47%. It is now defeated unless there’s an attempt to bring it tomorrow’s plenary as minority report. Also approved were two petitions allowing congregations who can’t abide the church’s marriage teaching to leave the denomination with their property. Potentially some liberal...
  • Liberals outnumber conservatives in only 6 states, down from 9

    02/22/2019 7:47:43 PM PST · by EdnaMode · 22 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | February 22, 2019 | Paul Bedard
    The number of states where liberals outnumber conservatives has dropped more than 30 percent, with just six now in that category: Massachusetts, Hawaii, Vermont, Washington, New York, and New Hampshire. According to the latest Gallup survey, in every other state but California, where conservatives and liberals split 29 percent to 29 percent, conservatives lead. Nationally, those who identify themselves conservative hold a nine-point lead. Before conservatives start to cheer, Gallup said the gap used to be 21 points and a handful of the state numbers fall in the margin of error. But the survey still shows a large swath of...
  • Dennis Prager: Leftism Is Not Liberalism

    02/21/2019 1:46:07 AM PST · by RoosterRedux · 7 replies ^ | Dennivs Prager
    What is the difference between a leftist and a liberal? Answering this question is vital to understanding the crisis facing America and the West today. Yet few seem able to do it. I offer the following as a guide. Here’s the first thing to know: The two have almost nothing in common. On the contrary, liberalism has far more in common with conservatism than it does with leftism. The left has appropriated the word “liberal” so effectively that almost everyone — liberals, leftists and conservatives — thinks they are synonymous. But they aren’t. Let’s look at some important examples. Race:...
  • JUSSIE SMOLLETTNOW A 'SUSPECT'... Grand Jury Hearing Case

    02/20/2019 2:48:13 PM PST · by maggief · 95 replies
    TMZ ^ | February 20, 2019
    Jussie Smollett is now officially in the crosshairs of law enforcement, because Chicago PD said he's now "officially classified as a suspect in a criminal investigation ... for filing a false police report." The cops say detectives are currently presenting evidence to a Cook County Grand Jury. If Smollett is charged the felony carries a maximum 3-year prison sentence. We're told the 2 brothers are at the courthouse now and are expected to testify ... most probably today.
  • White Progressives Are Polarizing America

    02/20/2019 10:31:15 AM PST · by EdnaMode · 33 replies
    National Review ^ | February 19, 2019 | David French
    [snip] Only a minority of black and Hispanic call themselves liberal. Moreover, the liberal surge is driven primarily by college-educated white progressives — the exact people who occupy the commanding heights of American media, the academy, and pop culture. This white-liberal surge dovetails with other data, including the comprehensive “Hidden Tribes” study identifying left-wing polarization as being primarily driven by a “progressive activist” class that is disproportionately white, disproportionately college-educated, and disproportionately secular. The secularization of white Democrats is obvious from other sources as well. Pew Research Center data indicates that only 32 percent of white Democrats believe in the...
  • Smollett threat letter called "enormous mistake" ...Federal charges "certain"

    02/19/2019 1:45:50 AM PST · by Trump_the_Evil_Left · 112 replies
    CWBChicago ^ | February 18, 2019 | staff
    Late Monday, CWBChicago received confirmation that the letter case has been before a federal grand jury and multiple subpoenas have been generated over the course of the investigation. In a conversation on Feb. 8th, before police met with brothers Ola and Abel Osundairo, a leading source within the Smollett attack investigation called the hate crime a "false flag" and said “There is a direct line between (the letter) and (the purported attack)." In the same conversation, the source hinted at what was to come: "This is not a whodunit. It's a how-many-people-dunit." Whoever mailed the letter "made an enormous mistake,"...
  • Hits Keep Piling Up Against Philadelphia Soda Tax

    02/15/2019 4:00:07 PM PST · by NRx · 11 replies
    Political Calculations ^ | February 15, 2019 | PC
    Two years after it first went into effect, the negative fallout from Philadelphia's controversial soda tax continues to pile up. Here's a short summary of the news that has broken since we last reviewed what has perhaps become the most unpopular tax in the City of Brotherly Love. A Philadelphia ShopRite convenience store will close, with the owner citing lost business related to the city's soda tax as the primary reason for its closure. The store is located near Philadelphia's city limits, where local residents appear to have taken a good portion of their business across the border to avoid...
  • Dan Rather-gate Remembered on Twitter

    02/15/2019 12:04:59 PM PST · by Trump_the_Evil_Left · 20 replies ^ | February 15, 2019 | Steve McIntyre
    one of the great things about the internet is that we can hear from an actual expert in destructive testing of gas cylinders in a controversy where condition of gas cylinder is of critical importance. Not just from NGOs and neocon think tanks. Dan Rather's downfall came because (as I recall) a typewriter specialist was able to recognize that fonts in forged document were not available in 1970s. An expert in relevant narrow topic observed detail that eluded the news reporters and think tanks. outing of Dan Rather was cool and one of first examples of outside eyes on establishment...
  • HUH? First ALL-GIRL 'Boy Scout' Troop Sworn In...

    02/14/2019 8:05:20 AM PST · by montag813 · 49 replies
    24News ^ | 02-14-2019 | Sheri Urban
    by Sheri UrbanWe have officially reached peak P.C. insanity. An all-female troop of ten attended a ceremony on Tuesday to be sworn-in as Boy Scouts in Arkansas. In other words, the Boy Scouts of America have become so "inclusive" that they have basically become the Girl Scouts. According to Texarkana Gazette, the ten girls of Troop 19, ranging from 11-17 years old, were sworn-in alongside Boy Scouts of Troop 17 at a Methodist church in Bryant, Arkansas. "The group became the first all-girls troop chartered by the Quapaw Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America. The Quapaw Area Council is the largest council in...
  • Portland Residents Call 911 Every 15 Minutes To Complain About Homeless People

    02/10/2019 10:53:35 AM PST · by jazusamo · 24 replies ^ | February 10, 2019 | Timothy Meads
    Officials in Portland, Ore. recently estimated it will cost $640 million over the next 10 years in order to help adequately prevent homelessness in the area, but a report out this week shows that many citizens from the City of Roses have simply resorted to calling the police on unwanted vagrants. In fact, authorities say that more any other problem, residents are calling the emergency hotline to complain about homeless people even when immediate danger is not present. Katie Shepherd of the Willamette Week reports that the Portland Police Bureau receives a call from the public on average every 15...