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Collapse: “It Will Be Sudden and Very Painful”
SHTF Plan ^ | 8/4/11 | Mac Slavo

Posted on 08/04/2011 12:39:17 PM PDT by Kartographer

While it’s too early to tell whether or not the destruction in stock markets will continue as it did in 2008, one thing is for sure – when the bottom finally falls out of this economy it’s going to come as a surprise to tens of millions of people who have been bamboozled by their trusted politicians and corporate elite.

Today’s Dow Jones collapse of 350 points is but an indicator of the severe volatility and unmitigated destruction we can expect as this crisis enters the next phase. Former comptroller general of the Government Accountability Office (GAO) David Walker warns that it’s going to hurt:

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Business/Economy; Government; Society
KEYWORDS: beprepared; bhoeconomy; dollarcollapse; economy; emergencyprep; getreadyhereitcomes; obama; obamadepression; obamanomics; preparedness; prepperping; preppers; prepping; survival; survivalism; survivalping; thecomingdarkness
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To: Kartographer

We’re prepping! All my kids are, we have plans. F the gov. We’ve gone Galt.

61 posted on 08/04/2011 2:38:54 PM PDT by Indy Pendance
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To: Psalm 73

We’re on a well, we bought a hand pump. We can live without electricity, we can pee and poop in the woods. We have plenty of wood fuel to heat our house. F the gov, we are engaged. We’re set and ready to go, we got ammo and the gumption to engage. City people are going to be screwed. They won’t have the fuel to get to us to they’re planned failed plan. Americans won’t relent. We are going to win this commie battle. This is our 1776.

62 posted on 08/04/2011 2:52:29 PM PDT by Indy Pendance
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To: SueRae

The nicest people on the internet are here. Ive been prepping for some time but I’m a long way from being ready for TEOTWAWKI.

63 posted on 08/04/2011 3:15:06 PM PDT by outofsalt ("If History teaches us anything it's that history rarely teaches us anything")
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To: Kartographer

bump prepare

64 posted on 08/04/2011 3:33:38 PM PDT by Taffini ( Mr. Pippen and Mr. Waffles do not approve and neither do I)
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To: Kartographer

After reading this thread, I am in trouble

65 posted on 08/04/2011 4:14:47 PM PDT by DollyCali (Don't tell God how big your storm is... tell your storm how BIG your God is!)
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To: Indy Pendance

Where did you find a good hand pump ,, the ones sold at Harbor Freight and Tractor Supply are absolute cr*p ,, I have shallow water (only 18’ down) that ends in a spring about half a mile away ,, good and clean ... (lots of springs in my area) ..

66 posted on 08/04/2011 4:36:59 PM PDT by Neidermeyer
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To: MrB
"...if the LEOs show up to confiscate your stuff, you give them what’s currently in your house and still have the majority of it in your caches."

In that situation, I'd more likely shoot them.

67 posted on 08/04/2011 5:12:03 PM PDT by 10mm
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To: MrB

Living in earthquake country, I have my emergency supplies stored in different places throughout my home and garage (and car...can’t guarantee to be at home when “the big one” hits.)

68 posted on 08/04/2011 5:19:39 PM PDT by Churchillspirit (9/11/01...NEVER FORGET.)
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To: Neidermeyer

There are tons of places on the internet that have good decent hand pumps. Our well is deep, every household is different, research your specific needs. Our well is over 200 feet deep. You’ll probably spend $300 at least. But, we’ll be able to get water. Living on a well is so beneficial. 18 feet seems kind of shallow. 18 feet?

69 posted on 08/04/2011 6:44:08 PM PDT by Indy Pendance (3)
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To: Indy Pendance

Our shallow well went dry during a prolonged drought....our NEW well actually had to be drilled down to 600 feet. And boy oh boy, you don’t EVEN want to know how much it cost. I really need to get on the ball with some kind of hand pump system......

70 posted on 08/04/2011 9:08:27 PM PDT by VirginiaMom
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To: Kartographer

Oh Cr*p!

Hubby, who is very non-political, said tonight, out of NOWHERE, that we should buy a shotgun.

This, after yelling at me to stop yelling about Obama, the libs, etc. on our trip home.

And all of a sudden he’s on about getting a shotgun.

To which I said “I don’t want a gun in the house, I can’t have a gun in my house, I will use it to shoot the wrong person at the wrong time for the wrong reason.”

I’m all pro-second amendment, etc. I once even belonged to the NRA, but I know my limits as a person.

But he was rather adamant about it.

I’m going to have to get him to focus on the water, etc.

It really scared me though. The only other time he ever said anything remotely like that was on Sept. 11, 2001.

71 posted on 08/04/2011 10:07:49 PM PDT by jocon307
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To: jocon307

Listen to your husband.

72 posted on 08/04/2011 10:09:30 PM PDT by 38special (troubling, isn't it?)
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To: Kartographer

Looks like a lot more than $100! But we all need to get what we can for sure.

73 posted on 08/04/2011 10:13:18 PM PDT by fabian (" And a new day will dawn for those who stand long, and the forests will echo with laughter")
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To: Kartographer

“don’t like what I am seeing trending with LEO’s lately in the news.”

Good point. I don’t like it either and I’ve always considered myself a very pro-cop person. Of course, I did grow up in NYC and those cops are very good.

I once heard a man on the radio (I have no idea now who it was, but he was some kind of authority) say that there are only 2 really good police forces in the entire world, Scotland Yard and the NYPD.

Now, I always knew some cops were quite bad, but lately the whole “jack booted thug” thing seems to be increasing, but it is also coupled with the “swat team hiding in cover” thing that was seen at Columbine, and then there is the unionized work force problem that seemed to be brewing in Wisconsin recently.

So yeah, the cops might end up being part of the problem in some total societal collapse.

But, if it was a total collapse, then there would probably be a lot of good cops that would be on our side, so there’s that.

I’ll just close this post with a warning given to me by my Irish grandmother many years ago.

She told me there were 2 types of people to avoid at all costs: priests and policemen.

Of course I was horrified and wanted to know WHY? right away.

And she explained it was for the same reason in both cases, because they are NEVER around when you need them, but always RIGHT THERE when you hope they are far away.

(And it is totally true that my own grandmother told me that when I was about 10 years old. Maryama would have LOVED FR and the tea party!)

74 posted on 08/04/2011 10:17:42 PM PDT by jocon307
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To: jocon307
List to him. Get some training both of you. Better to have it and never need it, than to die wishing you had listen to him.

Shane:" A gun is a tool, Marian; no better or no worse than any other tool: an axe, a shovel or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that." Shane 1953
75 posted on 08/04/2011 10:17:50 PM PDT by Kartographer (".. we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.")
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To: jocon307

You don’t want a shotgun in the house and you think that focusing on water etc will be enough? Let your husband handle the gun!

76 posted on 08/04/2011 10:22:27 PM PDT by little jeremiah (Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point. CSLewis)
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To: stentorian conservative

“I actually had to look up TEOTWAWKI.”

I’ve seen that like 3 times today, and figured it out right before I hit google.

But I did have to look up FUBO!

That’s some play on some clothing-line name, isn’t it?

77 posted on 08/04/2011 10:22:45 PM PDT by jocon307
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To: DollyCali
"After reading this thread, I am in trouble"

Don't fret - start small - a little is better than nothing.
Guns, ammo, water/water filtration, food basics, med. supplies, barter goods (silver, ammo, etc.).
You don't need to bury it - just don't keep it all on your front porch........

78 posted on 08/05/2011 3:40:45 AM PDT by Psalm 73 ("Gentlemen, you can't fight in here - this is the War Room".)
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To: 10mm

I have a different idea about confrontations with authorities, if it ever comes to that.

If you’re one of the first, your priority is to live and remain free to “put the balloon up”. This is the reason for caching. You cooperatively surrender what is right there in your house, get the word out ASAP, and re-arm yourself from a cache.

Then, you and your network can get together to decide what to do next, and that next will probably involve either guerrilla tactics or ambushes of the “second wave” of confiscation.

IOW, engage them on YOUR terms, not theirs, where they have 50 ninja suits with full auto weapons coming to confront you and the mouse in your pocket for backup.

79 posted on 08/05/2011 5:13:14 AM PDT by MrB (The difference between a Humanist and a Satanist - the latter knows whom he's working for)
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To: MrB; 10mm
Good points MrB. I'm glad there are folks around that think like that.

I'm still going with 10mm’s action fire.

Afterward, folks in the area will know what's going on.

80 posted on 08/05/2011 6:59:52 AM PDT by appalachian_dweller (Live each day as if it's your last. It might be.)
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