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FReeper Weekly Recipe Thread(March 31, 2012)
FreeRepublic Cooks | March 31, 2012 | libertarian27

Posted on 03/31/2012 7:09:21 AM PDT by libertarian27

Welcome to the 17th installment of the FReeper Weekly Recipe Thread for 2012.

Looking for something new to make or made something new that came out great? Please share a 'tried-and-true' recipe or seven- for fellow FReepers to add to their 'go-to' Recipe Stack of Family Favorites!

Here's the place to share and explore your latest and greatest favorite recipe.

(All 2011 FReeper Recipes are on my profile page as an Online Cookbook Thread Link)

TOPICS: Chit/Chat; Food; Hobbies; Reference
KEYWORDS: cooking; food; recipes; weeklyrecipethread
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I need to post and dash - will update thread later. Off to the races....
1 posted on 03/31/2012 7:09:34 AM PDT by libertarian27
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To: libertarian27; FrdmLvr; TN4Liberty; Daisyjane69; HungarianGypsy; SouthDixie; illiac; EQAndyBuzz; ...

Weekly Recipe Thread Ping
(please contact me to be added/deleted on the ping list)

Last week’s thread

(I will post those recipes at a later date - busy weekend)

2 posted on 03/31/2012 7:12:35 AM PDT by libertarian27 (Check my profile page for the FReeper Online Cookbook 2011)
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To: libertarian27

Homemade Mayonnaise

1 raw egg
1 teaspoon acid (lemon juice, lime juice, apple cider vinegar, etc.)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup oil (peanut, sunflower, safflower, olive, etc.)

Place ingredients in a wide-mouth pint canning jar. Use stick or handheld blender to blend. Start at bottom of jar, when mixture starts to turn white, slowly bring blender up, moving it up and down until all oil is incorporated and emulsified. Cap and refrigerate.

Usual caveats about using raw egg.

Recipe can be doubled in a wide-mouth quart canning jar.

Other herbs and spices can be added to make flavored mayos.

After a week, toss any that’s left and make fresh.


If mixture doesn’t turn as thick as storebought mayo, add another raw egg and repeat blending process.

The fresh made mayo might taste too salty. After refrigerating a while, the flavors blend it doesn’t taste near as salty.

I use peanut oil. I tried olive oil, but it was too strong for me. Next time I make it, I’m going to add a few tablespoons of olive oil to the peanut oil.

I use organic, cage free eggs and sea salt. I usually use lemon juice, but if I’m out, I use organic raw apple cider vinegar.

(This mayo makes the best tuna sandwiches ever using very low salt tuna with a dash of dried dill weed on homemade bread. Yum.)

3 posted on 03/31/2012 7:44:54 AM PDT by HoneysuckleTN (Where the woodbine twineth...)
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To: libertarian27

Please add me to your ping list when you get a chance. Thanks!

4 posted on 03/31/2012 7:46:50 AM PDT by HoneysuckleTN (Where the woodbine twineth...)
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To: HoneysuckleTN

Funny—I’ve been daydreaming about tuna salad for the last few days....

5 posted on 03/31/2012 7:52:03 AM PDT by Silentgypsy
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To: libertarian27

I’m not a big fan of sea food, but pick the right recipe, and it’s heaven on earth. Like this one


1/2 stick butter
1 red bell pepper, chopped
1 small onion, chopped
4 tbsp. flour
2 cups milk
2 cups crabmeat (or 1 cup shrimp/1 cup crabmeat)
1 tbsp. Tony Chachere cajun seasoning
1/2 tbsp. minced garlic
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
Bread crumbs

Preheat oven to 350. Spray baking dish with non-stick spray.
In a large skillet, melt butter and saute bell pepper and onion until tender, about 5 minutes.
Add flour and milk, then add crabmeat, garlic and seasoning. Cook for 10 minutes on medium heat.
Transfer into baking dish and sprinkle cheese and bread crumbs on top.
Bake at 350 until cheese is golden.
Serve with a dinner salad and French bread.

6 posted on 03/31/2012 8:24:19 AM PDT by NavyCanDo (You can take an idiot out of Chicago, but you can’t take the Chicago out of an idiot!)
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To: libertarian27

Just made a coconut cake with 7 minute frosting. The cake part came from the recent issue of Saveur magazine. I had to destroy the kitchen the save the cake. I am not a neat or agile cook.

7 posted on 03/31/2012 8:32:31 AM PDT by miss marmelstein
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To: libertarian27; All

What is everyone planning for Easter dinner?

8 posted on 03/31/2012 8:34:42 AM PDT by kalee (The offenses we give, we write in the dust; Those we take, we engrave in marble. J Huett 1658)
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To: kalee

I might take a ham from the freezer but we normally don’t do anything special for Easter. Maybe do some deviled eggs in honor of the bunny.

9 posted on 03/31/2012 10:26:54 AM PDT by bgill
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To: kalee

I agree with your handle and I am trying so hard to be Christ-like in my old age. It will just be me and MawMaw this year and as soon as we get out of church we are packing up for the shack in the mountains so that we can spend a few days there away from the world. I have ham cooked already so we will probably pack that with some potatoes and fresh veggies. I have been watching the thread for some time and have decided to share my recipe for potato soup. I made this up based on what my wife had in the pantry the year we got married. This stuff will stick to your ribs and it totally rocks, just ask anyone who has ever eaten it. I do ask that you title this one Grandpa Bagby’s rocking tater soup!
6-8 medium potatoes peeled,3 stalks of celery,a hand full of carrots diced, 1/2 onion, 1 tablespoon of garlic (U can use powder if you don’t have fresh). 2 cans of Campbell mushroom soup, 1/2 to 1 pound of ham,1/2 to 1 stick of margarine, one to 1-1/2 soup cans of milk. MAKE salt based corn bread too!!!
Combine potatoes, Celery, onion, carrots and garlic in a pan and boil until almost done, Cook ham if it is uncooked and dice into 1/2 inch pieces place mushroom soup, milk and ham and margarine into a crock pot to cook while you are prepping the potatoes,once the potatoes are done, drain and place into the crock pot with the other ingredients on low temp, If you are in a hurry put it on high and stir frequently. Add salt and pepper to taste. This can cook all afternoon and is actually even better then next day as the flavors combine. Serve with a sprinkle of colby cheese in the bottom of the bowl or on top and a salt based cornbread. It is awesome in early spring, fall or winter. This will serve at least 8 people and can be frozen in a zip lock for later use. If you try it and like it send me a private reply. I think you will. I grew up with my mom’s Irish potato soup which was pretty much boil the taters with onion and garlic, drain until you have a little water left then add milk and simmer for a bit. I think you’ll like mine better. PS sometimes I add more butter and it is always made with LOVE!!!!
Combine Potatoes, celery

10 posted on 03/31/2012 10:52:47 AM PDT by Ab Alius Domitor ("In the end; the winner")
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To: Ab Alius Domitor

Are the potatoes cut up before boiling?

11 posted on 03/31/2012 11:19:24 AM PDT by Red_Devil 232 (VietVet - USMC All Ready On The Right? All Ready On The Left? All Ready On The Firing Line!)
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To: Ab Alius Domitor

This sounds like a must try. Thanks

12 posted on 03/31/2012 11:57:08 AM PDT by Bizzy Bugz
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To: kalee

Roast leg of lamb.

We bought a whole, home raised lamb from a neighbor, and have been saving this roast for the double occasion: it is my second,extremely rare Easter birthday.

Happened in 2007; otherwise the last time Easter fell on April 8th was in 1917, 49 years before I was born.

Doesn’t happen again until 2091...and I better not still be in this flesh body for it!

13 posted on 03/31/2012 4:11:14 PM PDT by ApplegateRanch ("Public service" does NOT mean servicing the people, like a bull among heifers.)
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To: kalee

Here is a recipe (from our church ‘cookbook’) I made for the 1st time last Easter. The directions are a little vague so I made myself some notes for next time & looked for variations online .... all of which ended up in the notes to myself at the bottom of the recipe. This has become a go-to potluck recipe for my SIL’s mom who asked me for the recipe last Easter & I suspect she’ll bring it to our family Easter lunch this year.


1/2 cup butter
40 Ritz Crackers (crushed)
8-10 oz. Velveeta cheese

Cook broccoli & season to taste.
Crush crackers & melt butter, mix together.
Cut cheese into cubes.
Place broccoli in baking dish & add cheese.
Cover with cracker mix.

Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until cheese is melted.

Made Easter 2011 (2 people asked for recipe).

Note 1: Used two family-size packages of broccoli, steam-in-pouch. These were broccoli cuts, picked out stems so use all florets next time.

Used 11x8 Pyrex pan.

Note 2: Other recipes with the same ingredients melt Velveeta with some milk to make a smooth sauce to pour over broccoli. Cheese tends to melt in chunks when cubes used. Velveeta also comes in packages pre-grated which might work to more evenly distribute cheese than cubes.

Also, quite a few recipes take 1/2 crackers & mix w/ broccoli & put the remaining half on top.

14 posted on 03/31/2012 8:08:42 PM PDT by MissMagnolia (Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't. (M.Thatcher))
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To: MissMagnolia

My aunt usually makes that for Thanksgiving. I love it, Velveeta and all. :)

15 posted on 03/31/2012 8:48:13 PM PDT by kalee (The offenses we give, we write in the dust; Those we take, we engrave in marble. J Huett 1658)
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To: Bizzy Bugz; Ab Alius Domitor; libertarian27
"This sounds like a must try. Thanks"

No doubt. I just bought a half ham and have been thinking of uses to put it to.

L27: Thanks for the ping. Wasn't there something last week about Skyline (and even possibly Verde) chili tips being in the offing?

16 posted on 04/01/2012 4:20:33 AM PDT by Flotsam_Jetsome (If not you, who? If not now, when?)
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To: miss marmelstein
You shoulda made this.

Easy Sticky-Toffee Dessert
Nigella Lawson, 2007 / Episode: Slow and Steady

CAKE Combine scant 1/3 cup dk br/sugar, cup+2 tbl self-rising flour. Pour in combined 1/2 c whole milk, egg, tea vanilla, 1/4 c melted butter. stir/combine w/ wooden spoon. Fold in 3/4 cup+2 tbl chp, rolled dates then scrape into buttered 1 1/2 qt baking dish (may not look full; rises as it cooks). Sprinkle w/ 3/4 c dk br/sugar; dot with 2 tbl sweet butter. Pour over 2 1/4 c boiling water. Bake 375 deg 45 min (may need 5-10 min more). Top should be springy and spongy; butter/sugar/boiling water turns into rich, sticky sauce.

SERVE with vanilla ice cream, or creme fraiche, or poured heavy or light cream.

NOTE Would be extra-good w/ my impossibly rich and delicious pour cream: Mix cream cheese, sour cream. Add h/cream from carton to make pourable consistency.

17 posted on 04/01/2012 8:37:43 AM PDT by Liz
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To: Liz

I love sticky toffee pudding! I have all of Nigella’s books, too.

18 posted on 04/01/2012 12:13:02 PM PDT by miss marmelstein
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To: kalee

We’re thinking of a nice pink ham with roasted sweet potatoes and spiced peaches. Coconut cake for dessert. If leg of lamb wasn’t so damn expensive, I’d go with that.

19 posted on 04/01/2012 12:15:48 PM PDT by miss marmelstein
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To: miss marmelstein

So teddibly, teddibly British.

20 posted on 04/02/2012 2:33:56 PM PDT by Liz
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