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Chilling Dash Cam Video Shows Officers Saving 6 Year Old Girl From Savage Dog Attack ^ | JUNE 7, 2014 | STEVE STRAUB

Posted on 06/15/2014 9:57:41 PM PDT by ransomnote

Cincinnati police dash cam video shows, for the first time, exactly what happened and what police saw when officers were on the scene of a vicious pit bull attack that put 6-year-old Zaniabou Drame in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.


WLWT reports that the district attorney is waiting to see if the child survives before filing charges against the owner of the dog. In a unrelated case the dog’s owner was arrested and faces weapons and drug charges.

This video shows a professional police response to a crisis situation where somebody was in grave danger of being killed. I was impressed by the speed of the officers response, do you agree?

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: Local News; Pets/Animals
KEYWORDS: dogattack; doggieping; pitbull; pitbullattack; pitbullattacks; pitbulls; pitbullsattack; viciouspitbull
Mercifully, I found the video low res and the part described on the 911 call (pit bulls killing a child, dog has her by the face and is swinging her around) was not video taped. The description is disturbing enough. I'm sure we'll learn that the dogs "got out" and that's why they were hunting small game in the neighborhood. I've never had a dog that instinctively hunted people but then I've never had pits before. Note according to the video, the child's tongue was ripped out by the dogs...

Note that pit nutters show up en masse in the comments insisting that it's not the dogs, it's the way they were trained. I wonder how the owner trained the dogs to hunt little girls? Maybe someone should check and see if any other little girls have gone "missing" during the training period? In other breakign news, pit nutters are incapable of understanding that dogs bred to fight and kill produced offspring that fight and kill.

Note the comment regarding weapons/preparedness for self defense: Charlie Paul says: June 7, 2014 at 7:55 pm Something else that bothers me. Why do people call 911 and wait? Years ago the entire neighborhood would run and grab the dogs off her. Is it because they were all unarmed sheep?

Another comment about weapons: Noal Mitchell says: June 7, 2014 at 8:21 pm Shame..the only person in the neighborhood who was armed and capable of putting a stop to this was the dope selling gangbanger who owned the F-ing dogs…

I am always revolted when pit nutters equate small dogs to pits. This is particularly revolting because the film footage indicates the child's face was ripped away and she doesn't have a tongue anymore, but that's not going to stop a pit nutter from saying the following:

Pricila Moroni Chen says: June 7, 2014 at 9:05 pm It really doesn’t matter the breed, it’s the owners who teach this behavior. My sis worked in a vet and this little dog actually bit down on her hand and wouldn’t let go, now her thumb doesn’t have full movement. I was also attacked by a small breed, while at a friends house, luckily she only manage to nip me before the owners locked her in a cage.

1 posted on 06/15/2014 9:57:41 PM PDT by ransomnote
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To: ransomnote

Okay I missed this response to that last idiotic comment from the article:

Carol says:
June 7, 2014 at 6:45 pm
Of course she only managed to nip you before the owners could put her in a kennel. That is because she was not a pit bull. If she had been a pit bull. You would be talking out of the side of your crooked mouth right now and probably not able to type your comment because you would be missing a hand.

2 posted on 06/15/2014 10:00:41 PM PDT by ransomnote
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To: ransomnote

It takes a lot of work and affection to properly train any dog. I’m not entirely sure that Pit Bulls can ever be gentled down enough to be around kids. Obviously, the drug dealer wanted mean dogs and he got them. Too bad you can only put the dog down. The community would be better served if you put the owner down.

3 posted on 06/15/2014 10:07:34 PM PDT by JimSEA
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To: ransomnote

The child is alive at this point, following 6 hours of surgery and needing many more surgeries, but docs think she may never speak again - they don’t think they can save her tongue. Prayers up!

4 posted on 06/15/2014 10:15:28 PM PDT by ransomnote
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To: ransomnote

2013 dog bite fatalities statistics.

5 posted on 06/15/2014 10:21:37 PM PDT by Jack Hydrazine (Pubbies = national collectivists; Dems = international collectivists; We need a second party!)
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To: ransomnote

I can’t go watch the would be far too upsetting to me.

I hate these f@#king dogs, I hate the fools who keep them.

I speak as someone who had to face down a mad pit bull. It was no match for the 45 that I had the second time we met up.
I had to carry the 45 for a week just to safely go into my own damn yard.

6 posted on 06/15/2014 10:26:19 PM PDT by Bobalu (What cannot be programmed cannot be physics)
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To: JimSEA

By now I’ve read countless stories about pits raised gently in a family killing a family member without warning.
Pit bulls were bred to kill.

Here’s a 6 minute video titled “How to stop pit bull attack.”

First part advocates knives - the rest of the video shows one unprovoked pit bull attack after another. People walking down the street, people walking their dogs. Pit bulls take ‘em down like they are chew toys. Pits waging their tails gleefully while they kill someones dog, cat, attack people. These aren’t the worst videos of pit attacks I’ve seen, but they are still utlimately revolting. The videos really show that pits should be considered wild animals. Yes - you can get a cougar to walk on a leash for awhile, until instincts kick in.

7 posted on 06/15/2014 10:30:33 PM PDT by ransomnote
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To: Bobalu

I do understand your reluctance to watch the video. Doing so and watching the second video I posted have pretty much ruined my evening.
That’s the part that gets me - this girl was in a quiet little community. I’ve read pits attacking a man taking the garbage out (can’t do that!), an elderly man doing yard word in HIS yard (can’t do that!), children walking down the street, playing in their living room with grandma (prohibited!)etc. I’ve recently read about a woman walking by another person walking a pit on a leash, as the two passed each other the pit simply latched on to the woman’s thigh and wouldn’t let go. It is bizarre that the pit nutters are incapable of caring that people are hunted on their porch, in their yard, walking on a public street. NOPE just doesn’t matter. They are comparable to wild animals, full blooded wolves etc. and should not be permitted in any civilized society.
On a happier note, I’ve just read that the UK has an unconditional pit ban! YEAH! Faster please! We need one here!
According to a recent study titled “Mortality, Maiming, and Mauling by Vicious Dogs,” a pit kills someone every 14 days (on average), 1 person loses a body part every 5.4 days to a pit attack, 2 people are injured by pit bulls each day, and 1.5 pit bulls are shot to death every day.

Further, in the past 4 and 1/2 years, fatalities resulting from former shelter dogs are as follows:

23 pit bulls
7 bull mastiffs
2 Rottwielers
1 lab/possible pit bull mix
1 husky

8 posted on 06/15/2014 10:44:53 PM PDT by ransomnote
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To: ransomnote
I despise Pits because so many "mokes" (punk Hawaiians) love pits as a status symbol. The drug growers and dealers all have them, so the punks want them too.

Now, mix that in with a state that refuses to allow citizens to defend themselves with CCW. Just bought a machete, need to read up on the legality of that in my car, just in case some pit comes charging up.

Wonder if my cats would eat chopped fresh pit?

9 posted on 06/15/2014 11:08:51 PM PDT by doorgunner69
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To: Bobalu

Did you miss every day?!?!

10 posted on 06/15/2014 11:19:55 PM PDT by Axenolith (Government blows, and that which governs least, blows least...)
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To: JimSEA

Friend of mine was a dog trainer and his family dog was a pit. It was a playful gentle dog. Never hurt anyone. That was not my only experience, I knew a drugdealer who trained his dog to fight, though I never saw it in action, he described what the training entailed. It was enough to turn your stomach.

In England, in the late 1800’s pits were called the Nanny Dog. Parents would leave the child in a stroller, tie the pit to the stroller and kill an hour walking around the park. Raised properly, pits are very protective.

I have never had a pit or Doberman but I have had most other breeds and have never had one of my dogs attack anyone other than me. I tried once to break up two male German Shepherds that I had raised from pups who were fighting over a female, I thought they would not hurt me. Wrong. Reached in for a grip on a choker collar and got 5 or 6 stitches for my efforts. Not the dog’s fault it was mine for being stupid.

I helped my friend train dogs from obedience, guard, to attack work and never did any breed harm me in any way. When wearing the padded suit and given the order to attack they would do just that, after being called off they were pets again.

From my experience and after hearing of how the dogs are trained to fight, I can see how the attack could occur. I do not believe these dogs are dangerous or evil, their owners sometimes are.

The drug dealer I mentioned earlier had a rather severe disruption to his business and was forced to relocate, far away from me. He realizes now that there are people who you should not tell of your mistreatment of animals. Let us just say that we don’t exchange x-mas cards.

11 posted on 06/15/2014 11:55:08 PM PDT by Foundahardheadedwoman (God don't have a statute of limitations)
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To: ransomnote

There’s a very simple but critical difference between Pits, Presa Canarios and similar breeds to other ones.

These are dogs that once they latch on to someone, you cannot get them to release them without killing them, which is difficult to do without a firearm and dangerous to do with one.

12 posted on 06/16/2014 12:27:52 AM PDT by expat1000
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To: ransomnote

When she gets better take her to KFC for some fried chicken.

13 posted on 06/16/2014 4:49:34 AM PDT by Uncle Chip
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To: Bobalu

Have a small apartment about a block from my office, not in a very good neighborhood.

For about a week a year ago I had to carry a baseball bat back and forth to work. White trash family had a couple of pit bulls that “got out” regularly and terrorized the neighborhood. Had a couple of fairly tense confrontations with them, but I think they sensed I wasn’t a good target to tackle.

Cops and animal control never seemed to be around when they were out. Eventually chewed up an old black woman down the street, not too badly, and were hauled off. I think some of the “minorities” in the neighborhood got together and chatted with the owners, as they moved away about a week later.

14 posted on 06/16/2014 5:21:02 AM PDT by Sherman Logan (Perception wins all the battles. Reality wins all the wars.)
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To: expat1000

Yes. I like this guy’s definition:

Pit bull “refers to a type of dog. and by type, i mean function – herding, retrieving, pulling, pointing, racing, guarding, tracking etc. in the case of “pit bulls”, that function is GRIPPING. gripping dogs were bred for fighting and baiting. gripping dogs were bred to perform dangerous, violent jobs and refused to quit; APBT, american staffordshire terrier, staffordshire bull terrier, the original boston bulldog, bull terrier, dogo, presa, and yes american bulldogs and alapaha bulldogs. at one time boxers and great danes would have been included in this category but they are now only bred as companions and lack the physical prowess for their original function.”

I’ve seen so many videos where pits run up to a person while wagging their tales. They aren’t barking and they don’t look afraid. They speed up a little as they get really close (instead of slowing down) to the person and, wagging their tales, seize an arm or leg and start to thrash like a shark in an attempt to rip muscles and limbs from the body. That shark like thrash would not be effective if they let go.

15 posted on 06/16/2014 10:31:40 AM PDT by ransomnote
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To: Sherman Logan

One hopes a baseball bat is sufficient. The child’s mother hit the dogs with a bat repeatedly but they wouldn’t let go. Too bad no one stronger took over bat-duty.

Sad that the dogs in your neighborhood “got out” routinely and cops/animal control did nothing. It’s got to be someone getting “chewed up” first? Gotta get the medical bills, trauma and blood flowing first? Anymore, I’m delighted if someone comes away from a pit attack with life and limb intact but it has to be horribly traumatic - believing one will probably not survive but will die screaming while torn apart by dogs.

16 posted on 06/16/2014 10:49:58 AM PDT by ransomnote
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To: ransomnote

Based on the viral video from a couple weeks ago, maybe we need more attack cats to defend us. :)

17 posted on 06/16/2014 11:03:12 AM PDT by Sherman Logan (Perception wins all the battles. Reality wins all the wars.)
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To: ransomnote
That shark like thrash would not be effective if they let go.

That thrashing is by no means unique to pits.

My wife's Chihuahua goes bezonkers about twice a day fighting with and playing tug of war with us over a sock.

He thrashes around like crazy breaking the sock's neck. I can see how much fun it would be to have a powerful dog locked on and thrashing around like that.


18 posted on 06/16/2014 11:07:26 AM PDT by Sherman Logan (Perception wins all the battles. Reality wins all the wars.)
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To: ransomnote

Thanks. Yeah, doing what comes naturally, I guess. But the behavior/character of the breeds is only part of the problem.

The other thing is those jaws. A poodle can give a nasty bite, but will not tear off a kids face and tongue and nobody who isn’t armed can do anything about it but scream.

19 posted on 06/16/2014 5:20:52 PM PDT by expat1000
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To: expat1000

Yes. It’s as if domesticated people used to domesticated dogs can’t or won’t accept that, when it comes to pit bulls, they are dealing with a dangerous, unpredictable, killing machine that can’t be stopped without weapons. I think that’s why first responders and witnesses report high levels of shock - they simply can’t accept that a “dog” could do “that” to a human.

You may have already seen this quote from “dog whisperer” Cesar Millan, who advocates for the preservation and “understanding” of pit bulls.
“Yeah, but this is a different breed…the power that comes behind the bull dog, pit bull, presa canario, the fighting breed – They have an extra boost, they can go into a zone, they don’t feel the pain anymore. … So if you are trying to create submission in a fighting breed, it’s not going to happen. They would rather die than surrender. If you add pain, it only infuriates them…to them pain is that adrenaline rush, they are looking forward to that, they are addicted to it… That’s why they are such great fighters.”
“Especially with fighting breeds, you’re going to have these explosions over and over because there’s no limits in their brain.”

The blogger using this quote wrote a good rebuttal here:

The article is 2 years old, at least. Pit nutters showed up to deny reality in the comments. I liked this part of a comment below the post:

Jaloney Caldwell poodleman • 2 years ago
Yep after you are a mauling victim or a family member has a pitbull attached to their face and several grown men beating the dog cannot get it to let go. you will speak differentlly. All of the people losing legs, faces, lives.. mean nothing to you because you are playing the “it can’t happen to me game.”

A pit nutter brings out the old propaganda - pit bulls supposedly have “proven” to have better temperament than Labradors and chihuahuas blah blah blah. And my favorite commenter begins his rebuttal thusly:

Jaloney Caldwell Melanie Stayer • 2 years ago
The American Temperment test is owned by a pitbull advocate and administered by pitbull advocates for the benefit of pitbull owners. The test even added a disclaimer after several pitbulls that passed the test mauled people. The test rewards aggression. If you could ask Darla Napora or several other dead pitbull owners, or one of those who lived, you would learn that your sweet pitbull can suddenly turn on a dime and you and I know when and if that happens you are no match for a pitbull.

20 posted on 06/16/2014 6:09:41 PM PDT by ransomnote
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