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The democratic party, what a swell group
The Reality Check ^ | 14 February 2006 | Alain

Posted on 02/17/2006 5:37:04 PM PST by Lando Lincoln

The democrats are one of our two major political parties, and certainly the loudest.

I am not promoting ANY party by sharing this, but I am showing you the truths of the democratic party, as seen through the uncorrupted and simple eyes of youth.

My young nephew asked me the other day just what it meant to be a democrat, what they believed in.

I told him, go look up their web sites and study them and tell me what you find. I was very curious what he would come up with. He is the sort of child who cannot help himself from blurting out the obvious about something or someone, no matter the social etiquette. He is absolutely NOT politically correct, and would not even yet grasp the principle of saying something that is considered wrong to avoid hurting some ones feelings.

He came back later with a list, and I tell you, he seems to have nailed it on the head.

The democrats are the Left.

He is really bothered by this, and wonders how such a thing can flourish in our great American Republic.

The Left by definition favors socialism, which has for the last several decades been the polar opposite of what has made America the shining beacon of freedom and success for the world.

The democrats historically supported slavery and racism.

He was very surprised to find out that the democratic party has historically been against minorities. They were in favor of slavery, segregation and all the aspects of prejudice. He was extremely surprised that the Republican party came into existence to rid the world of slavery because he always hears about democrats calling Republicans Racists.

The democrats support the reproductive rights of women in all forms.

He noted to me that he figured out that since the killing of unborn children became legal, one third of the American population was murdered. One out of every three babies are being killed.

The democrats support the redistribution of wealth.

He really was upset at this. He told me the democrats favor taking money away from those who work hard to acquire it, and hand it to those who do not. His biggest question on this was, "If the democrats give me someone else's money, why would I ever want to work hard to make my own?"

The democrats promote the gay lifestyle

He was very perplexed by this. He recently learned about the dangers to those who participate in this kind of lifestyle. He could not understand how any group could actively promote a lifestyle that will on average shorten your life by a couple of decades.

The democrats believe there is no place in America for God

He came to this conclusion by the fact that it is always the left groups trying to take God away, and the democrats ARE the political party of the left.

I then read the bottom of his paper where he had written a summary of sorts.

The democrats are against freedom and against America

This conclusion stunned me when he said it. I asked him why he felt so.

He told me that the democrats support killing our children who deserve the right to Life according to the constitution. They promote destroying more people by promoting to them the gay lifestyle, which will kill them of sooner. They want to take away the money from people who work hard (Making them not want to work as hard, why bother) and giving it to people who DO NOT want to work hard (Making them never want to work hard to get ahead, why bother). They want to take God way from Americans, making them hide Him in a closet where He is never mentioned in public like something to be ashamed of, yet God is where all our freedoms and great blessings originate. And he ended his summary, they are historically bigots, even having current leaders who were once proud members of the KKK.

Anyone who supports the killing of millions of Americans, who works hard to make people die younger, who destroys the very reason America is so prosperous, who "Disses" God and are historically bigots, ARE NOT GOOD FOR AMERICA.

Too many of you out there this appears as a simplistic conversation, missing many points and areas. Well, if I go to the store to buy some fruit and see an apple that is rotten on one side, even though it is still good on the other half, I will not purchase it.

This is a simple view, and I am extremely proud of my nephew for coming to the conclusion that he did, and as he grows older I hope he continues to study and lean the truth about ALL political parties, their good and their bad. I want him to select what party stands up for America, what party supports his views.

By the way, my nephew who figured all this out on his own, from reading material on democratic web sites, is in the 5th grade. For those adults out there who are not bright enough to see the truth of the democratic party, think about how a little child has more wisdom than you do.

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1 posted on 02/17/2006 5:37:06 PM PST by Lando Lincoln
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To: Lando Lincoln

LOL, good read. The kid is smart.

2 posted on 02/17/2006 5:54:52 PM PST by McGavin999 (If Intelligence Agencies can't find leakers, how can we expect them to find terrorists?)
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To: Lando Lincoln

Well said!
The problem we have is that half the people in the USA are also corrupted, otherwise the Dem Party would not get the votes it does.

3 posted on 02/17/2006 5:56:53 PM PST by OldArmy52 (China & India: Doing jobs Americans don't want to do (manuf., engineering, accounting, etc))
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To: Lando Lincoln

The democrats are a fun. Have you ever tried to clean one? Eels are even more fun.

4 posted on 02/17/2006 5:59:27 PM PST by Rapscallion (Democrats: Once a party; now a hate group.)
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To: Lando Lincoln
That youngster is flat brilliant. His writing is all you need to know about the Dims. VERY WELL DONE!
5 posted on 02/17/2006 6:41:48 PM PST by Nuc1 (NUC1 Sub pusher SSN 668 (Liberals Aren't Patriots))
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To: Lando Lincoln

Brilliant kid. Give him a gold star for acknowledging the sad truth of the Dems.

6 posted on 02/17/2006 7:03:57 PM PST by Falconspeed (Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others. Robert Louis Stevenson)
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To: Lando Lincoln

States the problem.

7 posted on 02/17/2006 7:12:31 PM PST by Graymatter (Yes and...what are we going to do about it?)
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To: Lando Lincoln
This is one of the most offensive fakes I've seen around here in years. Nothing from the DNC would lead a novitiate to those conclusions. It is counter-intuitive and irrational to believe a youth would start out by saying the Democratic Party is to the Left...

Left of what?

Pile of garbage, but I thank you for posting it so I can write this particular fraud and tell him to find a new hobby.

8 posted on 02/17/2006 7:19:28 PM PST by harrowup (Born perfect and humble about it.)
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To: harrowup
"Left of what?"

Oh, gee. How about to the left of liberal democracy?

9 posted on 02/17/2006 7:27:46 PM PST by Reactionary (The Moonbats Need an Enema)
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To: harrowup

"Nothing from the DNC would lead a novitiate to those conclusions."

I agree....its avery likely a pile of garbage. I would have liked to have seen quotes from the websites the kid looked at, and his analysis of these statements that led to his conclusions. Kind of like a math us your work so we can see how you got the answer!

If it was that obvious for a fifth grader then dems would be landslided in every election...but no, the public is still fooled by them time and time again.

10 posted on 02/17/2006 7:47:14 PM PST by fizziwig (Democrats: so far off the path, so incredibly vicious, so sadly pathetic.)
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To: harrowup
Pile of garbage

I don’t think disputing the author diminishes the message to garbage. However, if you are able to refute any, or all of it, please do it here; I would love to read it.

11 posted on 02/18/2006 10:50:32 AM PST by MosesKnows
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To: Graymatter
States the problem.

Here is what I discovered when I became interested in politics.

The Republicans are the party of the rich.
The Democrats are the party of the poor.
The Republicans want as many people as possible to be rich.
The Democrats want as many people as possible to be poor.
Which would you rather be - rich or poor?

The rich are rich and the poor are poor because of the same reason. They both keep doing the things that make them what they are.

12 posted on 02/18/2006 10:55:42 AM PST by MosesKnows
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