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1 posted on 08/14/2008 4:12:33 PM PDT by rhema
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To: All "VIDEO: OBAMA WON'T CALL FOR KWAME KILPATRICK'S RESIGNATION" (Note: Video included.) (August 14, 2008, 12:10 pm)

ATLAS SHRUGS - blog: "3rd 'Palestinian' Brother/Donor Exposed! Osama for Obama! 'Gazan' Contributions Flagged by FEC, Obama Never Reported" (August 10, 2008)


Link "WE DEMAND A NATIONAL APOLOGY FROM OBAMA" by Dr. Laurie Roth (August 8, 2008) "ARABS DENY OBAMA CAMP RETURNED ILLEGAL DONATIONS Candidate's staffers insist Gaza brothers refunded, but men say, 'We did not receive any money back'" by Aaron Klein (August 6, 2008)





Topic: Obama (Archived links; Post #6) (August 3, 2008) (CLICK HERE.)

2 posted on 08/14/2008 4:16:44 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: All
ARTICLE SNIPPET from the article in post no. 1:

"On March 30, 2001, Obama was the only senator to speak in opposition to a bill that would have banned the practice of leaving premature abortion survivors to die. The bill, SB 1095, was carefully limited, its language unambiguous. It applied only to premature babies, already born alive. It stated simply that under Illinois law, “the words ‘person,’ ‘human being,’ ‘child,’ and ‘individual’ include every infant member of the species homo sapiens who is born alive at any stage of development.”"

3 posted on 08/14/2008 4:18:37 PM PDT by Cindy
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To: rhema
“I couldn’t let him die alone,” she says.

But apparently Obama could.

God Bless this child, and the woman who comforted him in his brief life.

4 posted on 08/14/2008 4:20:22 PM PDT by T. Buzzard Trueblood (If we are the ones we've been waiting for, why do we need Obama?)
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To: rhema

[Doctors had no ethical or legal obligation to treat these premature babies. They had passed the bright line of birth that had effectively limited the right to life since the Roe v. Wade decision, but under the law they were non-persons.]

I have come to hate the politicians of the world and pray that the Lord Jesus will return soon and replace courrupt world government with His Kingship. Articles like this make me sure the time is very close and Israel in the land began the fulfillment of latter days prophecy.
John McCain is stupid and Obama is stupid and the GOP is doomed to destroy themselves, I am looking for a change in a third party candidate who will stand on the now obsolete once conservative but now liberal platform.
And if Obama or McCain is elected, well , buckel down for coming years of economic and moral depression as stupid Americans run into the wall they can not see.

5 posted on 08/14/2008 4:25:23 PM PDT by kindred ( Third party conservative,the lesser of two evils is an unacceptable evil.)
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To: rhema

This has to be the saddest thing I have ever heard about. My daughter gave birth to twin boys seven weeks premature. Obama’s opinion of them at the time of their birth would have been that they were “non-persons”. Well, those two little non-persons are the light of our lives.

Politicians have disappointed me many times, but Barack Hussein Obama has to be the biggest disappointment of all...and that’s bad because I never liked him to begin with. But I never would have expected someone, even Barack Hussein Obama, could have an opinion like the one he shared regarding this.

The man is evil.

7 posted on 08/14/2008 5:42:09 PM PDT by truthluva ("Character is doing the right thing even when no one is looking" - JC Watts)
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To: Coleus; nickcarraway; narses; Mr. Silverback; Canticle_of_Deborah; TenthAmendmentChampion; ...

Pro-Life PING

Please FreepMail me if you want on or off my Pro-Life Ping List.

9 posted on 08/14/2008 6:01:20 PM PDT by (A Catholic Respect Life Curriculum is available FREE at
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To: rhema

Simply put, ABORTION IS MURDER, if you support abortion, YOU SUPPORT MURDER! OBAMA = MURDER

10 posted on 08/14/2008 6:04:44 PM PDT by blondee123 (NO-BAMA for President in 2008!!!)
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To: rhema

A new wing of the military: 81st StillBorne. Motto: Death from O’bove.

17 posted on 08/14/2008 6:38:51 PM PDT by Defiant (Democrats complained that the war was for oil. Now they make war ON oil.)
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To: rhema
This issue has legs, folks!

Life with Obama: Abortion champion
Knighting the Catholic Vote (K of C urging Catholics to vote pro-life)
Linda Chavez: Obama’s Catholic problem
Catholic Voters and 2008
Barack Obama Supports the Murder of Newborn Infants

Obama Lied About Abortion Record
What Barack Obama defended three times: Live Birth Abortion
[OPEN] Supreme K of C Calls for Real "Change" on Abortion and Catholic Revolt against Obama Nation
Obama's Catholic Problem ( Linda Chavez )
Obama’s View on Abortion May Divide Catholics ( "May Divide?" )

Obama loses 26 points among Catholics
Barack Obama's Wife Michelle to Join Hillary Clinton at Pro-Abortion Dinner
OPINION: Senator Obama and the Wall of the Womb
Barack Obama's Pledge to Overturn Every Pro-Life Abortion Law One Year Old
Obama Worse than Clintons on Abortion Says National Right to Life Leader Interview-SCOTUS Critical

Roman Catholics for Obama '08
How can Catholics for Obama rationalize their support for the pro-choice candidate?
Obama’s director of Catholic Outreach ‘dodges’ opportunity to reach Catholics
Barack Obama Slams John McCain For Opposing Abortion, Activist Judges

Catholics and Obama
COMMENTARY: Quandry for Catholics At Election Time
The Latest Refinement (Obama on Abortion)
CNN Runs Biased News Story Covering Up Barack Obama’s Pro-Abortion Record
Jill Stanek: Obama's biggest lie about supporting infanticide
The Battle for Catholic Voters

New Report Indicates Voters Most Interested in Barack Obama’s Position on Abortion
Deal Hudson: Obama and Infanticide?
Ad asks Obama: ‘If fatherhood begins at conception, when does life begin?’
Embryonic stem-cell research immoral, unnecessary, bishops say
Catholics should not vote for Obama
Catholic Caucus: It is a sin to vote/support Obama/DNC [abortion]

More Catholics leaning towards Democrats, poll reports (really not Catholics)
The Catholic-Obama Problem (Pope Benedict XVI instructs Catholics about pro-abortion candidates)
Obama's Abortion Bombshell: Unrestricted Abortion....
NARAL Catholics Line Up for Obama
Editorial: Disagreeing with Doug Kmiec One More Time
State-Funded Embryo Research "Makes Taxpayers Complicit in Killing", say Bishops

McCain Meets Privately with Fr. Pavone - Says Constitutional Right to Life Applies to Unborn
Faithful Citizenship: “Catholic Vote” is very sought after
Has Obama dissolved his Catholic advisory council?
Commentary: Faithful Citizenship and the Formed Conscience
Catholic League: Where's Obama's 'Catholic Advisory Council'? [Not to be found!]
Right-wing Christians beginning to lean left (Misleading headline)

Catholics Debate Obama Vote
US Bishops Urge Voters to Give Priority to Life [Ecumenical]
Corralling the Catholic vote: Political necessity or pipe dream?
DOUG KMIEC: Catholic Reasons for Hope in the General Election
EDITORIAL: Why This Catholic Dreads the Campaign
The Catholic-Obama Problem (Pope Benedict XVI instructs Catholics about pro-abortion candidates)
Thoughts On ‘Roman Catholics For Obama’

How Obama's Catholics Will Dodge the Infanticide Question
Catholic Pro-Life Leader Feuds With Barack Obama's "Catholic" Backers
McCain and the Pope: McCain cannot win in November without the Catholic vote (Reagan re-visited?)
Catholics Cannot Vote for Pols Who Support Abortion, Except for Morally Grave Reasons: KY Bishops

19 posted on 08/14/2008 9:09:32 PM PDT by Salvation (†With God all things are possible.†)
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