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JEFFHEAD.COM ^ | 10 June 2011 | Jeff Head

Posted on 06/10/2011 12:39:27 PM PDT by Jeff Head

OR...OH HOW THEY HATE HER! By: Jeff Head, 6/10/2011


If you didn't need any more proof to the contrary, the left, the mainstream media (who in large represents the left), the DNC, and many establishment, RINO politicians are scared to death of Sarah Palin and will do anything in their power to keep her from becoming President of these United States, or even intertaining the prospect.

Witness the actions today, the 10th of June, 2011, of three major news media outlets enlisting their own readers to help smear her.

In the run up to today's events, they have smearing her since the 2008 campaign, they have intruded into her family's difficulties and personal lives, they have lied about her and her record, they have camped out on her door step, in her town, and hounded her every step when she is traveling...literally stalking her 24x7, everywhere she goes.

They have done so in a heated, angry, viscous manner...using what they themselves would call, "hate language," threats, inuendo, name it.

Why do they do this? The answer is simple.

As stated earlier, they fear her. They fear what she represents. Here is an extremely talented, extremely successful, happily married woman who has done very well financially, politically, and in almost every endeavor she puts herself to. She has the full support of a loving, hard working husband. How can the left, the DNC, the press, and the RINOs...the so-called "champions" of women's rights fear and literally hate this?

Again, the answer is simple.

She is a conservative Christian, dedicated to the founding principles of this nation, wouldn't abort her down's syndrom baby, large, traditional family, woman. As such, she puts the lie to all of their entitlement, "you must have our help" politicians and ideologs who really do not care for women's rights, but who are driven by ideology and power to control others into thinking they are...and entrapping millions of poor souls into believeing it so they can use government to impower themselves and use the government and all of our treasure to control those whom they can fool into following them.

And they want to fool ALL of us into doing it so they can gather absolute power over this nation...thereby fundamentall transforimng and changing it (funny, haven;t we heard this song and dance before? As most lately in the 2008 Presidential election?).

So, here in June of 2011, as Sarah Palin is traveling about the country on tour speaking xonservatively and, perhaps considering a Presidential run in 2012...the left, the DNC and the Press are, without a shred of shame, consorting together to stop her at any cost. Here on June 10th, 2011, three (and the number is growing in what is obviously a concerted, orchestrated effort) major news media outlets, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times, are releaseing something on the order of 24,000 emails they have gathered from Sarah Palin's days as Governor of Alaska, and enlisting their own readers and the public to pour through them for those outlets (in other their work for them) and find any email, any shred of what they are calling "Interesting and Newsworthy" information they may find in them.

NY Times asks readers to help dig up 'Interesting and Newsworthy' Palin emails

LA Time to Post data base of Palin email

"Help Analyze the Palin emails"


All three outlets (and probbaly many more before the day is out) happened to do this on the same day? Really? They want to use the public at large to try and join them in their smear tactics? Really? They have done this to so many other politicians, particularly democrats?


Smells like shades of Dan Rather to me.

But, as Dan Rather failed in his own attempt to use fraud and deceipt to discredit a sitting President, they too shall fail in their attempts against Sarah Palin.


Precisely because Sarah Palin represents so ably those very things the left and these pundits and poiticians are so afraid of. tradiational American values. Honor, integrity, moral values, a belief in and reliance upon God in Heaven, and a dedication to the fundamental principles that underly the Constitution of ths land...all of which these people are so devoid of and seperated from by their own ambition, averace, dis-honor, and lack of moral integrity.

They cannot fathom how her traditional, down to earth, unsophisticated manners and rock solid values appeal to a growing number of Americans...and in numbers I will wager, that will crush them at the polls.

But they fear she might...thus the prolonged, viscous nature of their vitriol against her.

As Air Force poliots are fond of saying...You know when you are directly over the target because that is when you take the most flak!

All I can say is...GO SARAH GO!

God grant that she does run, and God grant us another monumental, crushing victory in the one that occurred in 2010...over the left and any whose aim is the detruction and fuindamental change of America and these United States and the way of life and liberty she has created, defended and preserved.

“The lamestream media is no longer a cornerstone of democracy in America. They need help. They need to regain their credibility and some respect. There are some pretty sick puppies in the industry today. They really need help.

“I have lost all respect for the ‘mainstream’ media because they lied; and still lie. And they abuse America’s freedom of the press — because with freedom comes responsibility. My son chose to put his life on the line to defend that freedom, and I feel like his, and every good soldier’s, efforts are thrown in their faces when the press takes advantage of their sacrifices instead of respecting the freedoms they’re willing to die for,” Sarah Palin, July 2010



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The MSM, the left, the DNC and Rinos will do anything, say anything, try anything to stop Sarah or cow her into not running for President. I, for one, pray she runs anyway. After talking to a number of people who know her personally and have worked with her, and after listening to her closely the last 3 years...I am convinced she can inspire the majority of the people in our nation to a turn around towards our fundamental moral principles and our constitutional foundation and roots...a turn around we desprately need.
1 posted on 06/10/2011 12:39:36 PM PDT by Jeff Head
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To: Jim Robinson; DollyCali; joanie-f; Dukie; Squantos; JohnHuang2; RobFromGa; k.trujillo; ...
Hang in there Sarah! Do not let them deter you.


2 posted on 06/10/2011 12:41:19 PM PDT by Jeff Head (Liberty is not free. Never has been, never will be. (
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To: Jeff Head; unkus; JLAGRAYFOX; sheik yerbouty; rxsid; seekthetruth

How about the Conservative media asking its extensive audience to sift through Obama’s entire life and find his dirt? Oh, sorry, they’ve already done that and Congress is ignoring all the evidence.

3 posted on 06/10/2011 12:43:53 PM PDT by ExTexasRedhead
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Comment #4 Removed by Moderator

To: Jeff Head
All the emails show is how hard Sarah worked for her state.

State-controlled media is deeply saddened.

5 posted on 06/10/2011 12:44:27 PM PDT by E. Pluribus Unum (If Sarah Palin really was unelectable, state-run media would be begging the GOP to nominate her.)
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To: Jeff Head

Breibart suggested that we all go and comment on their website. I put up a quote of an Obama lie.

There seems to be quite a few people who don’t like Palin but think the Washington Post is sleazy for doing this.

6 posted on 06/10/2011 12:44:59 PM PDT by 30Moves
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To: Jeff Head

Well, that’s a great way to fire up the base and encourage support for Sarah Palin.

I’m sure our Freeper friends who are so concerned about Sarah Palin’s lack of “electability” will visit us shortly along with all the other anti-Palin campaigners, and try to use this as another “indicator” that she can’t win.

The usefuls are out in force.

Fortunately, Sarah Palin’s not a wimp, and measure her decision based on what direction the wind’s blowing.

7 posted on 06/10/2011 12:47:05 PM PDT by This Just In (In America, RINO's belong in zoo's, not public office)
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To: Jeff Head

If they think she has no chance, why are the MSM spending so much time and effort on her?

8 posted on 06/10/2011 12:49:36 PM PDT by tennmountainman
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To: Jeff Head

Question? A tad off topic but not too much. I want to friend Palin on facebook so I can comment, is there a special way to do it then the norm “friend me”

9 posted on 06/10/2011 12:51:15 PM PDT by GoCards (RUN SARAH RUN)
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To: ExTexasRedhead

Obama is a man who hates America and all that it stands abject marxist ideolog.

10 posted on 06/10/2011 12:52:16 PM PDT by Jeff Head (Liberty is not free. Never has been, never will be. (
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To: Jeff Head
I think it is a great idea~!!!

This is exposing the libtard media more than WE EVER COULD~!!

And we get to ask them: OK Let's compare all of Sarah's emails to all of Obama's... Got those handy MSM?

11 posted on 06/10/2011 12:53:02 PM PDT by Mr. K (CAPSLOCK! -Unleash the fury! [Palin/Bachman 2012- unbeatable ticket])
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To: Jeff Head

I think Sarah has the ability and cojones to defeat whatever the MSM says about her. It looks to me like she is running all over them!

BTW, Jeff, how’s life treating you these days? I haven’t seen an update in a while, but you continue to be in my prayers.

12 posted on 06/10/2011 12:53:48 PM PDT by basil (It's time to rid the country of "gun free zones" aka "Killing Fields")
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To: E. Pluribus Unum

They will end up getting a lot of people to use this to find out a lot more GOOD about Sarah than the MSM will themselves tell them. Truth will turn this for the good, as will the Hand of Providence.

13 posted on 06/10/2011 12:54:09 PM PDT by Jeff Head (Liberty is not free. Never has been, never will be. (
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To: veritas2002
Let’s start a campaign to spray paint all their newspapers on newstands where ever we can find them so they are unsalable!Q

Seriously I think the best thing to do would be to sign up and send them an email for each email in the release included so that they can do their own work by actually reading what's in there.

14 posted on 06/10/2011 12:54:24 PM PDT by bkepley
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To: This Just In

Amen to every bit of that!

15 posted on 06/10/2011 12:55:02 PM PDT by Jeff Head (Liberty is not free. Never has been, never will be. (
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To: This Just In
This is a good lesson for conservative women. Do not run as a republican. The geezers who control that sinking ship will not only abandon you they will in some cases lead the charge against you .
16 posted on 06/10/2011 12:55:30 PM PDT by fantom (,)
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To: Mr. K
And we get to ask them: OK Let's compare all of Sarah's emails to all of Obama's... Got those handy MSM?

So now the Obama-Soros nexus has to start making oodles of emails that make Zero look savvy and leaderesque.

17 posted on 06/10/2011 12:56:03 PM PDT by bvw
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To: tennmountainman

Exactly...they know she will clean their clock so they are trying to keep her out of the race, IMHO. The left, the DNC, the MSM, etc. will pull out all the stops. Be prepared for more sleeze, more hate, more fraud, more abuse, and more illegal tacts by them than we have ever witnessed in any election if Sarah gets in.

18 posted on 06/10/2011 12:57:08 PM PDT by Jeff Head (Liberty is not free. Never has been, never will be. (
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To: Jeff Head
“that which does not kill us makes us stronger”

They thought they had finally got Sarah Palin with her Paul Revere comments. That failed to defeat her. This will too.

19 posted on 06/10/2011 12:57:59 PM PDT by McGruff (Ed Rollins. About as a political dirty trickster as there is.)
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To: Jeff Head
I'm at a gathering of girl cousins for our annual reunion, and I mentioned Sarah in conversation. One of the gals, said "yeah, I like her, but did you hear that stupid remark she made about Paul Revere?" I proceeded to tell my cousin that Sarah was absolutely right; my cousin was stunned, and asked "Why didn't the news say that?"
Why, indeed? I'm just glad I was able to tell her that, so she could pass that along to others who may have heard the MSM's snide comments, but not the truth.
20 posted on 06/10/2011 12:59:44 PM PDT by SuziQ
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