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DESPERATION! Winning at what cost; Will President Obama, sacrifice American lives to win?
Dad, Chef, Author. ^ | JUNE, 4 2012 | Carlo3b

Posted on 06/04/2012 4:31:30 PM PDT by carlo3b


Winning at what cost; Will President Oboma, sacrifice American lives to win?

We were told, in 2008, that Candidate Oboma represented a bridge to a future reconciliation of the races in our nation. That was then, and this is the reality.. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Oboma administration has, almost from the start of his term in office, purposely chosen to fracture our nation down race, gender, religious, and socioeconomic lines..


Most recently, the administration has, with the aid of his loyalist in the mainstream media, and a cadre of the usual suspected race-baiters, elevated a two week old tragic local story, to a racially charged referendum, of national prominence. A neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman, confronted an unarmed teenager, Trayvon Martin, with a confrontation between the two, resulted in the fatal shooting of the 17 year old.. Eyebrows were raised when the MIA, Attorney General Holder, himself ducking his own congressional investigation for, among other things, the missing documents surrounding the failed Fast and Furious fiasco, declaring that the DOJ was looking into the Zimmerman case, mysteriously call a WHITE-HISPANIC MURDERER, vs AN UNARMED, SKITTLE CARRYING, INNOCENT, BLACK CHILD. The agenda became even more obvious, when the WHITE-BLACK PRESIDENT, personally injected himself into the debate by calling the bereaved Martin family, declaring that, had he had a son, he would look like the young Trayvon. Pleeeease !!

NOW, George Zimmerman, without his presumption of innocents, carries a bounty on his head, thanks to the NEW Black Panther Party.. When/How will this end? RACE RIOTS?


The now infamous War on Women, became a cause celeb, when the House Democrats convened an unofficial hearing, soliciting the testimony of the perennial student, Sandra Fluke, a 30 something, Georgetown University law student who’d been troubled by the outrageous inconvenience of having American Women, fork over $9.00 a month for their own contraceptive protection, without the aid of the government teat. The Republicans were made to pay a price for comments made by conservative talk radio commentators, that crudely lamented about the frugality of the overtly sexually active collegians, claiming the stress of buying the equivalent of3000 condoms yearly..

After the President Ramrodded Gays over the objection of the Military brass, he suggested putting Female soldiers on the front line of battle, which was quickly backpedaled, when he heard from the mothers of military personal. DUH!

All of this gay persona was followed by his Gay marriage, Epiphany, brought about by VP Joe “Blowhard” Biden’s declaration of approval of unnatural unions. This hasn’t been very well accepted by his Black clergy or their narrow-minded petitioners. Well, they’ll vote for him anyway, 92% and counting, but they don’t contribute like his not so gay, gay donors who fork over millions. Talk about PAY TO PLAY.


If the Government won’t pay for the sexual appetites of today’s liberated women, then all private insurance carriers MUST be made to accommodate those needs, even CHURCH affiliated institutions, against their moral objections. Not to worry, if they don’t pay then the morally superior bigots will have to tolerate the sex selected offspring, who survive the late-term abortions.. UGH!

The conundrum facing the Democrat party in general, and a Dem. President, in particular, is that the party is a loosely assembled group of malcontents. Finding common ground is especially difficult when these groups are, by nature, single issue constituencies. That is not to say that this cacophony of chronically dissatisfied people do not share any adhesion, they all need a giant, strong, central government.. Socialism, Communism, Marxism.. etc..

With the big win in 2008, the Presidency, and a majority in both houses of Congress, the decision for the new Democrat President was what to do first. Perhaps, suffering from the misreading of the reviews written by a sycophant media, this neophyte politician chose to reach for the ever elusive brass ring of Communism, a massive overreach for Socialized Medicine.. Another earlier misstep, that took a bite out of his tarnished image, the Payback to Contributors, the phony shovel-ready stimulus. We all now know, what that shovel was really meant to be scrapping up..

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KEYWORDS: bhofascism; democrats; election; elections; government; obama; oboma; vanity; vote

1 posted on 06/04/2012 4:31:48 PM PDT by carlo3b
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To: carlo3b

Sacrifice?? He would feed babies into a wood chipper to get re-elected.

2 posted on 06/04/2012 4:36:58 PM PDT by Bryanw92 (Sic semper tyrannis)
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To: Bryanw92

Thats if he would feed them at all! :)

3 posted on 06/04/2012 4:40:05 PM PDT by carlo3b (Home, is where the heart is..)
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To: carlo3b
This vile pig of an empty suit has broken his Oath of Office to support and defend the Constitution, has lied repeatedly and incessantly to Congress and We The People, and cannot even legally hold the office he usurps by the virtue of the fact that his father was not an American Citizen.

There is nothing that his "Presidential" pen has signed into Law that has any enforceable bearing, creating the most massive and potentially devastating Constitutional Crisis in the history of this Republic.

That this will eventually end in another gruesome Civil War is both O'Bunghole's most fervent wish and, at this point, likely inevitable.


4 posted on 06/04/2012 4:45:52 PM PDT by Gargantua ("All men ARE 'created' equal--but 21 years later... well, 'nuff said...")
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To: carlo3b

Obama is the ideological - biological issue of 1960s Marxist-Alinsky campus radicals (spoiled brats).. he knows about breaking eggs to make an omelet.

5 posted on 06/04/2012 4:46:49 PM PDT by WilliamofCarmichael (If modern America's Man on Horseback is out there, Get on the damn horse already!)
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To: carlo3b

One of the rules of socialists/communists - “the ends justify the means”.

6 posted on 06/04/2012 4:48:44 PM PDT by Twinkie (Isaiah 53)
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To: Gargantua
WHAT? Are you suggesting that Obama is ILLEGAL? If this is true, the headlines will report this TOMORROW! RIGHT?.. :)
7 posted on 06/04/2012 4:50:09 PM PDT by carlo3b (Home, is where the heart is..)
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To: Twinkie

His ending will be justified.. See you at the polls in November!

8 posted on 06/04/2012 4:52:11 PM PDT by carlo3b (Home, is where the heart is..)
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To: carlo3b
You can sacrifice only that which is dear to you.

The same concept as not caring about something you were given as opposed to something you worked for.

zero has NO affection for America, thus .. it is no "sacrifice" to use, abuse and kill/have people killed that serve or do not serve a purpose.

I'm not sure folks here in FR have a true concept of "evil" when I refer to zero as an Evil entity.

9 posted on 06/04/2012 4:54:21 PM PDT by knarf (I say things that are true ... I have no proof ... but they're true)
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To: knarf

He is truly a frightening person.. The real question is WHAT WOULDN’T HE DO TO GET RE-ELECTED?

10 posted on 06/04/2012 5:03:03 PM PDT by carlo3b (Home, is where the heart is..)
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To: carlo3b
11 posted on 06/04/2012 5:27:59 PM PDT by carlo3b (Home, is where the heart is..)
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To: carlo3b

What does he care? He’s not an American!

12 posted on 06/04/2012 6:01:20 PM PDT by The Sons of Liberty (Sworn to Defend The Constitution Against ALL Enemies, Foreign and Domestic. So Help Me GOD!)
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To: carlo3b
Oh, my... did I say that?

Uuuuuuhhhhmmmm... yes, I did.

I, like you, am sure we'll read all about it tomorrow...


13 posted on 06/04/2012 6:17:42 PM PDT by Gargantua ("All men ARE 'created' equal--but 21 years later... well, 'nuff said...")
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To: carlo3b

OK, see you at the polls. If I have to crawl over broken Black Panthers to vote, I will, God willing.

14 posted on 06/05/2012 8:01:23 AM PDT by Twinkie (Isaiah 53)
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