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Americans Buy Enough Guns in Last Two Months to Outfit the Entire Chinese and Indian Armies ^ | 1-14-2013 | Jim Hoft

Posted on 01/14/2013 6:28:42 AM PST by servo1969

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To: Carry_Okie

...and this isnt an attack on you, its just a problem I have with recent Christian teachings....I dont understand where the idea that God is going to just step in an make it all right comes from. It doesnt matter how much you truly believe. God is not going to smite anyone directly for you, God is not going to send anything to you. You have to get off your ass and make it happen, then there might be some form of support on the way. Anything else is just singing hymns on your way to the welfare office.

151 posted on 01/15/2013 12:27:58 AM PST by gnarledmaw (Obama: Evincing a Design since 2009)
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To: yldstrk
“There are 2.29 active members in the Chinese Army.

Typo? Ya think?

According to the Wikipedia, the PLA numbers 2,285,000. And the Indian Army is 1,325,000 strong. Close enough for this thread.

152 posted on 01/15/2013 12:47:47 AM PST by cynwoody
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To: PGR88

Exactly. The Communists were never going to win by marching in with red armbands under Hammer and Sickle flags. They realized it would be much easier to win from within under the ruse of Hope and Change.

153 posted on 01/15/2013 4:35:48 AM PST by corlorde (forWARD of the state)
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To: gnarledmaw; Twotone

Do a google is just one of the many things you will find...

The Borax Conspiracy - How the Arthritis Cure has been Stopped – by Walter Last

And btw, diatomaceous earth kill insects. Food grade DE is safe and effective for live stock, pets and humans. Among other things, it kills intestinal parasites, something we all have if we don’t deal with them.

The point of the comment about DE is that many things kill insects, but are safe for humans. Table salt, is poisonous, if you consume enough. Sodium tetraborate decahydrate is safer than table salt, sodium chloride.

Breathing pure oxygen can be deadly...we need some carbon dioxide to trigger the breathing reflex. Water can be deadly...even drinking too much.

And while we are on the subject of ‘deadly’, many, many pharmaceutical drugs are deadly, even at prescribed doses...and these have FDA approval. Think about it...I would be very careful about taking ANY prescription medicine.

Boric acid has many uses too, including being used as an eye wash. For internal use, Borax has a much lower toxicity than Boric Acid.

154 posted on 01/15/2013 5:05:47 AM PST by GGpaX4DumpedTea (I am a Tea Party descendant...steeped in the Constitutional Republic given to us by the Founders.)
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To: houeto

I have indeed!

We haven’t bought .410 slugs. Logic is, weapon will shoot a .45 Colt slug (cheaper than .410 slugs) or the 4 (000 buck) .38-sized slugs. Why buy .410 slugs?

What do you think?

155 posted on 01/15/2013 5:35:53 AM PST by FrogMom (Chicken Little is coming, and he's right!)
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To: servo1969

I am opening up my own business locally of a specialized gunsmith service center specifically aimed at the modern defensive style weapons such as any AR, AK, SKS M1A, Saiga or other shotguns.

Services will be full action ultrasonic tank cleaning, lubrication specifically designed per weapon requirements and for Alaska extremes. Custom ceracoke, camo, aftermarket accessories from lasers to thermal imaging.

I don’t plan on being another Red Jacket unless the demand is high, mostly my services are periodic intensive cleaning, lead and copper removal and lubrication, because many new buyers are unaware of what their recently purchased black rifles require, some need dry lube, some grease and such.

And I am trying to create a logo of the Sagittarius archer aiming an M14 for a company logo.

156 posted on 01/15/2013 5:43:50 AM PST by Eye of Unk (AR2 2013 is the American Revolution part 2 of 2013)
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To: cynwoody

You are the only other one that caught it, lmao

157 posted on 01/15/2013 6:06:30 AM PST by yldstrk (My heroes have always been cowboys)
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To: snippy_about_it

Thank you! I’ll put it on the list of guns we should look at.

158 posted on 01/15/2013 8:19:42 AM PST by Twotone (Marte Et Clypeo)
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To: servo1969

I know plenty who bought new guns

159 posted on 01/15/2013 9:01:02 AM PST by wardaddy (wanna know how my kin felt during Reconstruction in Mississippi, you fixin to find out firsthand)
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To: gnarledmaw

Just a cautionary note regarding Carrie_Okie, something to help you avoid cognitive dissonance.

That FReeper really is more ‘woods wise’, both practically and on a theoretical & historic level, than you probably can realize. FR is an Internet site where premise revision is the main course. Carrie is one of the best known ‘cooks’ on this site.

The real advantage of FR is that it gives thread readers/participants access to cutting edge ideas and analysis. When an obviously informed /experienced person presents an idea, I try to take advantage of the offer and consider whether that idea may be of use to me.


As to Carrie’s preconceived ideas, both he and I have revised our original ideas so often that we have, so to speak, taken to attaching ideas into our brains with Velcro - to make moving or replacing them easier.


I recommend visualizing ideas as being similar to ice cream, canned food or helicopter blades - all have time limited usefulness and need regular inspection and/or replacement.

FR - where ideas are always on the table.

Happy revising!

PS Wilderness is an enviro created myth used to socialize America.

How can I say that? Because I was a member of the Florida Sierra Club’s Florida Executive Committee, A.K.A FLEXCOM. I was once a real, live, walking, talking FLEXCOMMIE.

Then I realized they were really just socialists masquerading as environmentalists and left.

160 posted on 01/15/2013 9:34:00 AM PST by GladesGuru (In a society predicated upon freedom, it is necessary to examine principles."..)
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To: brownsfan
I just ordered a Glock 26 (the 9mm baby glock) from Buds, but haven't received it yet. They still have some in inventory.
161 posted on 01/15/2013 10:52:53 AM PST by RoosterRedux (The 2nd Amendment is our defense against tyranny.)
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To: yldstrk


162 posted on 01/15/2013 1:37:30 PM PST by DeoVindiceSicSemperTyrannis
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To: DeoVindiceSicSemperTyrannis

you got it too lol

163 posted on 01/15/2013 3:20:26 PM PST by yldstrk (My heroes have always been cowboys)
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To: servo1969; All

har har har
China’s PLA - People’s Liberation Army -
“The PLA is the world’s largest military force, with approximately 3 million members, and has the world’s largest (active) standing army, with approximately 2.25 million members. “ (wikipedia)

NRA membership - almost 5 million

But these are dwarfed by the REAL “largest Army in the World”
(Keep in mind these are only the ‘registered ones’ in this ONE area - in ONLY 4 states, outnumbers the PLA)

There must be more than double this number that own guns - and many more in other states that are registered hunters -

And together, they ARE a STANDING ARMY - per the 2nd Amendment. Make these 2 videos go viral - people will GET IT.

164 posted on 01/15/2013 3:24:52 PM PST by maine-iac7 (Christian is as Christian does - by their fruits)
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To: muir_redwoods
I truly hope this is accurate because not a one was purchased so that a gun owner would have something to turn in

GREAT statement.

And the gun-grabbers must realize this - maybe they're falling asleep at night praying not to wake up in the morning with a horses head on their pillow - "Compliments of FREE American Citizens"

165 posted on 01/15/2013 3:30:20 PM PST by maine-iac7 (Christian is as Christian does - by their fruits)
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To: servo1969

Think we have enough guns for a little war eh... unforutnalty their not the right kind of guns. An armed population we could have with small arms, but not nearly enough skill & training.

Gun clubs and sports hunting and shooting competition training is the next step. Maybe when we have a gun culture we will have the raw materials necessary to build a REAL Citizen army to stand in defense of liberty.

166 posted on 01/15/2013 4:56:21 PM PST by Monorprise
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To: servo1969
"And two of them were mine!"

Well.....until that awful boating accident.....

167 posted on 01/21/2013 2:40:17 PM PST by RightOnline (I am Andrew Breitbart!)
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To: El Laton Caliente

prices have put the items out of reach for many.

I hope the accessory backlog fades so those prices come back down to earth.

168 posted on 01/22/2013 10:16:15 AM PST by longtermmemmory (VOTE! and
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To: hoosierham

Police agencies, especially ellected police, have a “let the judge sort it out” and just violate the law attitude. Remember Katrina? Police KNEW they were in the wrong but did it anyways. They figure they can always appologize to the judge and get away with it. The prosecutors (all hacks) just want the arms forfeited to make any trunped up charges, they know are false, go away.

In the event of evacuation or natural disaster FEMA prohibits the second amendment in shelters.

169 posted on 01/22/2013 10:27:52 AM PST by longtermmemmory (VOTE! and
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To: longtermmemmory

The few reports I’ve read out of the shot show say thing are going to settle down in this quarter and should be more normal by the second quarter.

170 posted on 01/23/2013 5:43:42 AM PST by El Laton Caliente (NRA Life Member & Moderator)
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To: longtermmemmory

FEMA is ANOTHER federal agency that SHOULD NOT exist.

Too many people for too long have been conditioned to believe it is the governments’ job to fix everything even if we must give up akll our freedoms to make it happen.

171 posted on 01/23/2013 10:05:23 AM PST by hoosierham (Freedom isn't free)
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To: Mr. K

Your friend might have been looking at the same gun I have been thinking about. It’s a nice size little hand gun and it uses 45long or 410 ammo.

It’s called the judge public defender. I haven’t ever considered owning a gun either and I am older than your friend. When I went to the local gun store, I told them that I thought a 12 gauge was a perfect weapon for self defense, except that the barrell was too long for the modern hallways.

I told them I wanted it for self defense only, and something that I could use, even though I likely would not have perfect aim for a while, and certainly didn’t want the kick that a 12 gauge would have.

So the judge is what he advised me to get. He didn’t have any in stock, but had some coming in a couple of weeks. I told my Hubby that he still owes me a Christmas present and that is what I want.

However, there would be a background check, and we might not want to get on anybody’s radar. We don’t go boating, so couldn’t use that boating accident excuse.LOL

172 posted on 04/12/2014 11:04:13 PM PDT by greeneyes (Moderation in defense of your country is NO virtue. Let Freedom Ring.)
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To: servo1969

Following Gun Grabber logic, wouldn’t this rash of Gun buys result in Millions of Gun Related Deaths?

I have a nice small collection, but I aspire to own an Arsenal some day. That day isn’t going to happen as long as I live in CA though.

173 posted on 04/12/2014 11:14:44 PM PDT by Kickass Conservative (Nobody owes you a living, so shut up and get back to work...)
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To: Mr. K


Impossible to verify, but tragic still.”

I’m pretty sure those “Bitcoin” guys lost theirs in a boating accident as well.

174 posted on 04/12/2014 11:15:01 PM PDT by 21twelve ( 2013 is 1933 REBORN)
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To: 21twelve

Bitcoin? did you say Bitcoin? We was hacked!

175 posted on 04/12/2014 11:19:53 PM PDT by TsonicTsunami08 (SEND BITCOIN 1CYfujvffxKKPHKvrQvLP3CDb3Z5Lu7LwM)
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